Dirt & Sprague Thursday August 17th, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, August 17th

The guys are already seeing signs of the Eclipse apocolypse coming to Oregon, wonder if season tickets will soon become a thing of the past, and wonder if and when Aaron Donald will report to Rams training camp.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. These men were. Senator. It's okay. This is dirty and spray them. What can be under Johnson and Brendan spray. Dirt and spray gun 1080. All right Venus to two in the rose city it is time for during Sprague on Portland sports leader. 1080 to being great it's great alongside and leader John Sinn. Are we doing on this Thursday afternoon at least not stuck in traffic driving frank have been rampant. You know I've done it man I'm buying the high glimpse. I'm Ryan is he's already started all go into a central Oregon has already. He begun makes some people buying into certain conspiracy theories. There is a small portion me to believe the world was gonna end on the end of the Mayan calendar but. We really I'm Dublin down on this one you bought into the mine in one I we've been over this before I cite History Channel show it piqued my interest it was late night at a few cocktails and I said you know what combined with the solid prejudice can be dangerous nevermind the fact that they just stop doing their calendar it will and they want to send the world was and and why did they stopper and they were all about Matthew in a strongly trivia you know I might have some more Mayan calendar nuggets for you coming up this afternoon I'm looking forward to that but I know I'm by an on but this is going to be the apocalypse I'm telling you what this is get it. ET. Disaster I was a body mind that sent me an article today and I was reading about. Does all that crap that's gonna go wrong. And there was an article whether it's like state officials saying the way they will view this as a success is not traffic gridlock being low it's not people being stuck in a car. Is it everybody makes it out alive. That's another viewing this event doesn't he says find an article that says that don't you worry are right they just whenever. They just when everybody to make it out alive that's what they're trying to do it should be noted that traffic to prime bill is not for the cliffs is a festival going on. Yet there's also of evacuations going on right I believe in sisters for a fire over got to fire to states to evacuees and by the way sisters is out of gas just ran out again. Yes people are stuck on the side roads are getting eaten by bears well lions. That you. Boy you really are buying into this and the world's it was only like two or three gas stations in sisters. Yeah I know but still like that sucks for people that like we have a couple co workers are going to black Q you think about the people that are going think we always talk about folks that are on the coast for it is there's a lot of people going eastern and for the yeah. They haven't even started leaving yet some people might not to be had not there this week category out of gas and highways are shut down cars pulled over on the side of the road. I'm actually getting worried from the sense of not only is is going to be a cluster half. 'cause our city already is when there's not a million people traveling here. But I'm actually worried that it's gonna kick in tomorrow. So my mom calls me today the one that thinks I'm on 1180 the fan welcome back to eliminating the sample and sports leaders. My mom listens every day still goes to 1180 the fan that's close enough she got a couple the numbers she calls needed me I you know somebody sell well like to parents or maybe significant other and you can just tell what they're going to say I why they called. Did you call this he's got that. Hi did Dylan and typed on a flight eventually she's gonna tell you she's canceling her plans with you a guy I was waiting earth waiting for her to get there is gonna come at some point and some basic G gets to that she's like I'm not going to work cons on Friday. Where I can be able to move on Saturday knocking we'll move on Sunday tissue lives in wash Google he had stuff anyway you know and I and I understand that. And then she's are tyrants and also I zoned out Furman and assert painted. I think we're gonna get the brunt of it Friday after the show body all you think that's going to be the worst time tomorrow auto show me the worst but I think it's going to officially start in our city. Tomorrow around the time we hit the highways now we're biking in to work on Monday. Like if it's already backed up for a festival sisters is a mass. More people are going to be landing in Portland today tomorrow I'll wolf as all the wolf kids are and they got their big country music festivals in Houston and Brownsville have been buying marvel haven't country music festivals going on this weekend existing because everybody's now going well it's going to be busy. We need to get to our destination earlier than everybody that can be Julia and everybody's gonna end up leaving early Saturday may be late Friday think they're getting ahead of it when in reality a lot of others are thinking the same thing as somebody it's accidents and I'm working in bend until tomorrow last night many of the gas stations were out of gas and ended or is if somebody said I'm in let's CNN band I had to go to three different gas stations on Monday after work before I was finally able to fill my tank. There already running out of gas over there I was having this is a good times. You guys have no clue I remember in the late seventies early eighties when dad sort of get a gas shortage you don't. Yet your parent only played Illinois in the her shirt and I totally remember the last time yeah I the last time our members up like that happening was I'll never forget after September 11 I was I would at a football game that day and I remembered like looking around and there are a couple of gas stations around the feel that we're playing out on that afternoon. And every gas station had lines like surrounding the block waiting for people to get in and and trying to fill their tanks. Don't the one thing that I have thought about. In regards to this whole clips business in traffic and somewhat chaos. We are totally screwed when the gas goes down. Whether that's zombies we treasure our nuclear war we're totally panic whatever the case at all what we're screwed like in the sense of you're not gonna be able to move around. Everything will be gridlocked. People will panic people will overreact. And it will turn into. A series doomsday and whenever that happens then maybe we don't even live to see it. But this is Disney a glimpse into humanity. Cannot handle chaos at a or uneasiness we are just completely. If we can't handle a if we can man on in a clips for like 72 hours were not going to be can't be able to handle an epidemic the same I got her 12 co worker today who pointed out the gas shortage in sisters. It came up it was just free can now. But there's no death I'm not going I'm not now I did I'm down I look at this doubt this effect. It's going to be OK so many RJ who were sure passcodes that are passed on mend is been doing over a million dollars a day in sales. Sunday Marty what do we do this weekend people are loaded and unlike Joseph hang out on any other popular. Freeway interchange or something. He does load up on in just dole out that. 400% mark that's actually a really good idea to make some quick money over the weekend ugly all the bottled water is probably already gone but yeah you guys and they'll always taken out are Larry and as a as a clip somebody's at a market and I clinic we are literally planning for absolute chaos on Monday Africans that's what I'm saying and this is just for a solar eclipse and it's only gonna last what. Two minutes and four seconds I think is the estimated time a minute 52 won't get those details later today I get that's all it is it's for two minutes. And then it's over well sky like my life it's a big build up in just disappointment. But when I think about that as I mean imagine an announcement that China is coming. Out now alone you know. Are let's find out what's on tap for today show. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and McCain to be writing there's a lot of scoring and it's you sale I gotta go do that this is what's on tap out toward my intelligence. Our government more and had the breach on Jenny yeah. I try what's on tap rocking the rim by intelligent brewing company just let's say about half felt I went to their website. The first thing that pops up as they solar eclipse update. Since a lot of people are going to the coast. They say don't hide Amanda these solar eclipse they're not accepting reservations burglary two hours from between August 18 and 21 slam and all. So you know take it easy on the oh wonderful lovely people that fell again. They're just going to be trying to make sure they can pour beer and surf through fast enough sense but it will be good out. It's going to be slammed from start to finish there judged everybody that we're creating anxiety for right now I'm sorry just. And I don't I don't read and see what's gone on to you know god as is just gotten comical to me at this point I'm so glad I don't have anything important to do going out and I again. I buy my insane moments not in the world for me it the other part of the students funny is that there's a lot of people that aren't buying it. Thank a lot of people are controlling this not lobbying Roth is one of live. Yeah we who brewers we had a conversation with him on his way in the studio our way out do you think we talking about us are gonna be a big deal he's got a half an hour huh. Posturing all find out who's. The mrs. and I tomorrow we're gonna head down to the outlet shops there would burn. Oh good luck the fast so. I might sell them and give you traffic got a headache there might be okay that way though nobody's going back Salem but it fits the brits know a lot of people are going to Salem. Because that's writes in the that's right it's right there is highly T got Larry you do in that. Welcome clear Friday often need a few things here and once next week starts there's there's not a lot of free time this way itself. But he also asking how much we'd used to be sold this weekend. I mean a lot of we need to get a one thing I I pride myself on trying to find ways to make a couple extra box. I really dropped the ball late this is one of the bigger drop the ball moments of my entire life you look back on it likeness and on Apple's stock yeah I yeah it's kind of what I've been doing the last couple days I don't know why didn't register my house for an air VE MB. Or listed. I would've made at least 330 dollars a night at the minimum of renting out a house I have a buddy now buddy but a neighbor. Who's writing out his house just. Up the road from my house and he's getting 380 dollars a night and I as I said demise of what what it may not think of this for. Now I don't know hundred include John Allen yeah just just a little bits like on my dad didn't rent out his house chambers in the US over the lane opened he had a request an excited about yeah c'mon man still of the State's gonna be the biggest what if visit of his life Palin got a good show today farming it's what's on tap for the radio program. So lags palms we got Donald's why guard in studio today local. And award winning scientists now. He's gonna talk about eclipse with us we'll get some details on that I am curious about a couple things so I Donald's why guards and join us in studio and if you're. They swipe card yes it's there just is live. And up that we may never get him on the show for a long time now. Allah is actually I saw last that is actually. A little villages like rehearse as likable for her don't want it well I'm not gonna ask him a question of suspecting. I know that I told him that yes let's face it he's all that all be blown to bits in the first two minutes and let the sign typical measurement of what's small juncture in my. Go easy on him he had he had after out of out of his dental home videos and they did is Smart I was like his seven judge he knows that's come into insists I'm more worried about that and he is scrappy we got to know his child's lack lie but he had done a few. Kind of explanations. Presentations at the wall library for people that wanted to but he's used to having you know kind of a lab so he can have some vision was trying to figure out okay how to present this without any help visually. So that was as big thing. Okay so he'll be in studio at 230 today slides funds at 215 Jim Leavitt spoke about organs defense which will lead one of our poll questions. We'll bring that to you Jim moron speaking a weed how high it was Jim Mora when he gave an answer to this question. There is an NFL team that you're not gonna want. Touchy disk canceled out now they're done they're doomed the season doesn't matter stay away from them they are completely screwed and we'll tell you why. We've got some blazers news the jail blazer documentary under way filming. Courtesy of Bonzi Wells and organ state. Really close to a terrorist attack. Just insane that was a crazy story this morning no doubt about it so we will I'll pass on that along that's what's on tap for a show with Roger in the fanned by our friends pelican brewing company born speech on my coach him brewing. Dot com to a technical questions real quick we do have to pull questions today you mentioned the organ defense they are ranked basically last of not second to last in every piece defense of statistic last season in the pac twelve KM they'd jump into the top eight we ask statistically. I yes I trust in Jim Leavitt or know the talent still Sox. And an X one has to do with how you buy tickets as a sports fan a noticeably a Saudi do it or use season ticket older. Do you pick and choose the games you wanna go to or do you no longer attend games in person there ego which leads us to our first. Big sports segment of the day. Do you do fans still buys season tickets 55305. We'll explain more next to doctor Sprague on 1080 the fan. Well it's funny welcome back into Portland's undisputed number one Sports Radio station the one that doesn't play any jokes on listeners. Or make stupid decisions so your Thursdays going well today. I'd outrun an interesting read and I'm curious your thoughts on this third. And this comes from a a sportswriter who wrote a discount on almost an op Ed piece on the ringer. And he's a die hard sports fan in his phantoms started when he was young and he went to Washington football games with his stepfather. And they got season tickets they got really good seats and they went for years and they built a relationship. They became die hards. Known in their section right. Well he didn't build that up he's still a fan he bought those season tickets from his stepfather. And then he lives in LA so he bought clippers tickets season tickets to go with his kid he wanted to build the same rapport with his kid the way that his step dad did. Well I am not being able to go to any games 'cause there's 730 starts on Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday's school nights. So he wrote a piece just basically how old season tickets in the way that people actually purchase tickets easy ball. And he gets into the sport that ticket broker business about he could go to Washington football games nor did he go to most of the clipper games. And he'd try to resell them on the secondary marketed in he just gives you an I an understanding of how difficult it is to kind of be a ticket broker. But he also comes to a conclusion that says 80% of NFL teams and 70% of NBA teams. Would say season tickets are as high as they've ever been right the dirty little secret and won most leagues don't know even owners don't know. Is that this is not true. This is actually ticket brokers buying your season tickets up and then selling them for profit on the secondary market. And it kind of got my wheels turning because the way that we watch sports now and that whole conversation. It seems to be affecting that we season tickets to purchase now where there's one more ticket brokers. An actual fans that are willing or do purchase season toys especially with. Evolution of secondary market some of them sanctioned by league some of them not sanctioned by leagues and I mean even if you just take into consideration the normal sports fan by season tickets are not a ticket broker. Things come up things happen in life and you're not going to be able to go to every game whether it's the NFL. NBA knows what 41 home games. Major League Baseball jerseys and taken out that's 81 games a year if you buy full time season tickets nobody. I can make it to that many no matter how passionate or are diehard fan you are and I think it'll be itching to watch out there's some balls because this is sending that is really hard to crack down on by teams and by owners. And I don't even know if they would want to because they want to be able to claim look at the season ticket sales that we have taken our renewal rate look at our renewal rate like even this is going on an hour to remember we did this segment two of his last week about how origin individual games the only one that sold out right now is Nebraska and you could still go by individual game tickets but. They were boasting the fact that well basically all of our season ticket holders have renewed the ones that we lost we made up for a wood new season ticket sellers sell. I don't know if they would want a crackdown but there are some cases have been doing I mean that this story that comes to my mind was the Denver Broncos fan and we talked about a while back. Not even a ticket broker they were normal sports fans they had season tickets for 56 years. Things happen in life they could make it's and the games they sold it. The team found out that they sold that ticket to every single game back to back years through the secondary market that is Saturday by market that they sanction by the NFL by the team. And they took their rights of way season ticket holders so. It'll be easy to see it they pick and choose the battles that they want a fight but we've already seen examples of teams. Trying to crack down on some of the situation but C take a blazes is an example here where you have 41 home venues right. That that's just that's a crazy commitment I know some of those fans in. I see him almost every single time on there are no there season ticket holders some of those people make that every time. But adding a big chunk of people are not able to or they'd by him because they get excited and they realize quickly. Holy crap that's 41 games higher right now the profit margin on these tickets if your grade added I'm sure you're able to make couple blocks. But as he points on the article and he was selling NFL tickets. And clipper tickets when they were good on the and that's an NFL market that's in a very passionate NFL mark he was losing money when he was reselling because if Washington socks right your all around making profit on the cowboy game. For the cowboys fans that are in DC. Or may be a big game that may have a wildcard implication on it he was selling Minnesota Vikings tickets and again he's like thirteen rows up. He was selling Minnesota Vikings who gets like eighty dollars thirteen rolls back up his take its normally cost a 130 each track says he was a losing series money on this well and that's the tough part. Of what I think president CEOs of teams are trying to do and I remember talking to Chris McGowan when he first took over here in Portland that was one of the first things that he tried to implement was protecting season ticket holders. Because those type situations happen that you get late in the year of the team doesn't live up to the hype the expectations. You can go on secondary markets and you can buy tickets for dirt cheap to go CA game no matter what market you're in allowed our past and at the fan bases but. If you rope people into buying season ticket to the beginning of the year with the expectations of plays are going to be good squad. They're losing money on the back again I got I've I've been through this even as a sports fan and other markets that. I go use treated to North Carolina to visit my brother in Charlotte every December and we usually trying to get to a Panthers game every time ago. Couple years back the year that they were 781. And they won the division but they weren't that good. We got tickets in the upper level from like twenty box the next year we went back they were fifteen and one they went to the Super Bowl. The tickets for a hundred dollars if you wanted to buy -- 150 bucks if you wanted to Beilin a secondary market. At the top of the stadium and it's really hard with these secondary markets for teams to try and protect the actual season ticket holders because. If you eventually wanna get rid of that you're going to lose money late in the year in less the team exceeds expectations. And you can solemn from more than you bottoms for. This led to a poll question we put up actor and spray onto or how do you buy tickets now was a sports fan season ticket holder. Pick and choose games or our third option no longer in ten games alive. You know we saw I saw video but titans fans in the stands at a scrimmage. And then him getting into. They went fisticuffs they kind to a fight. And I always watch and an icon Alaska is like the first ball too drunk idiots fighting in yelling over something probably really stupid. But this is. It is known never know with football right college or pro of maybe you end up sitting next to the drunk idiots. Ending great now you had your kid with you or even if you don't you still have to be next to too drunk idiots who may end up coming to blows. Football has that. Basketball. I don't I don't get dead. The season dating is tough and basket biologist from the sheer fact if you got the money to blow on it then fine do that you know couple thousands of dollars scrape it for you. But for people out there contemplating it. That's tough for me to buy in and I love the MBA but booking yourself for 41 nights in a lot it's only thirty of 41 to a lot. Now you have to deal and by the way this is real you have to deal with the stress of trying to resell those tickets to tonight's gonna go to waste. Writing is there's games he can't go to he had to drank your read on the the only thing that makes more sense especially in a market like this about a blazers verses say a one of the college football teams. As the proximity. If you have season tickets in the blazers and even if you live especially close to the Mota setter. It's easy to get to it's an evening it's not your entire day you go after you get off work but if you're buying season tickets organ organ state. At least a six weekends at a years sometimes seven depending on the schedule shakes out your drive in two hours each way you're get stuck in traffic. You're eating up twelve hours basically on a Saturday to go to one of those games so that's the only thing I know the dates is more of a requirement. Because there's 41 album. But the time commitment on those days isn't quite as much as it would be for a football game now lot of Tex coming in at the end the Bridgeport Beers Tex signed a 55305. On their habits and how they view kind of ticket purchasing in sports were read some of those stocks get some more NFL stuff you doctor and spread we're back with more next. By the Baghdad you're just tuning in is. We were discussing an article that I read last night on the ringer it's kind of an op Ed piece about season tickets and sports and we just weeded out at 1080 the fan it's it's basically just a look at an individual who not only had season tickets from the NFL on the. East Coast but he lives in LA but season tickets for the clippers. And Eads is ties how much of a nightmare laws because he couldn't go do a lot of the games for your kid reasons on weekdays at basketball games and for traveling reasons that the NFL and if it's not as easy as it seems. Like if you gave me Seahawks season tickets are that's buy back exam because it's so good. You gave me. Who's a middle of the road team. You give me Tennessee Titans tickets okay and right we don't know what they're going to be but he generally sees in days I'd probably say okay given to me. And you think you're gonna make hundreds upon hundreds of dollars per ticket every game well they start like. Two in five suddenly those tickets you're losing money yet you're looking at the end of the years in out of land load these exactly so that's basically what he. 61%. Of you. City you pick and choose games 17% is low one. And that is a season ticket option that's a little I mean that's somewhat surprising that there's more again small sample size but there's more people saying they no longer attend live sporting events then by season tickets and I need to budgeted trend never seeing right now and sport now wondering if you tax on this and really get dots at the bridge where appears tax on a 55305. If you are willing to risk it scalping tickets to an average slashed below average matchup before game usually works is the price bottoms out. Take risk on spla. A spot in the time travel if you can't find something. Say you want to get into Lambeau Field for game lions 730 local start time. As a lot of people don't wanna travel late otherwise browns a box games likely won't fetch money for ticks. Another one hour contests I drive all over town every day track now start at address and trash protect thanks and no child sex and already sucks like this one. Trying to buy sell tickets to big games Golden State Cleveland nine of going to eight to ten games for free. I learned by ticks that are cheap enough to sell the good enough there is playoffs it's. At least Texas gets so screwed up yet that. What I'm I think that would make sense because it ease at that that's a Smart way to do but if you buy season ticket you have to be willing to pass on the two big is taken items in the year to make money donated monies so you have to be willing to not go on LeBron James come to town which is on the once a year is on is in the Eastern Conference and and Michael a year like this year. I can remember how the home road split works but I know they only play Golden State three times so it's either only one home gamer too and but yet you're willing to do that is disease and to get older and just go to the rest of the games you I'm sure you can sell. A small number of them at a pretty sizable market up because of the transplant fans in the folks wanna go see a guy like LeBron James I like this in this one I've actually been interested in doing splitting half season tickets for blazer games where you go to ten to twelve games a year yeah you can take it I mean you could do it with Ford is from people you all voted ten games he be doing to people Leon go to twenty both go to twenty games splitting not be have a draft of the weighty take the games. That you wanna go to a farmer to ever buy season tickets to me that's the smartest way to do it to solicitor says family is that organ season tickets since I was five I take those seats over from my dad because I couldn't imagine sitting anywhere else. It makes no financial sense though. Another one RJ who's a big duck fan says attending NFL games live is extremely overrated it's not a fun environment like college football NFL Tom guy fans consume the stadium. And it turns into a Giant Eagle fast yeah I mean I actually don't but I actually agree with Leon not a huge fan of going to NFL games live but. Even my guys don't run into jackass college football needs of there's Jack asses and every sporting event but. Eight and I've I've violate my favorite sport probably throughout the year once in the season gets going his college football. I'm a huge college football guy. I love the atmosphere love being there. But my love of the sport has kept me from going to as many games as I won two. I love the sport so much I don't like missing what happens when you can only DVR like so many games in a five day went in on a watch on how much time you actually have because by the time you get up on Sunday NFL games again underway so I mean you always say all DVR this game back in a vacuum but when you get home mommy do you actually end up watching cell. That's rifle in the category of just picking and choosing especially with college football I would love to get down every organ home game every year but. There's there's always that sense of uneasiness when you're standing oxen or reits or whatever it is. And you CD out of town screw us scoreboard come on them and there's one of those games like a Mobile, Alabama Florida State right now it's it's 3535 in the fourth quarter with 2 minutes left I am I wish I was at home watching that game was so don't like it. Ruin that way. Truth they they illegible it's happening when I went to the civil war in Eugene two years ago like that was a lot of fun and organs say it somehow was able to kind of contend with organ and make it a game at the yen. But I DVR the Washington Washington State apple cup stepped I think he had no idea game ended up being a blowout play right I didn't want it ruined and then my seat just happen to coincide right directly across from the updated scoreboard and thought up yet. There ego whole Washington a thirty OK don't need to watch seller when you know and I have not watching the game what was the point and. To break that crap down Washington state laws by 45 points at a worthless. But no I I I tend to you on the poll question Friday. I tend to fall on the pick and choose games category. One just because financially for me that makes the most sense. And two it's hard for me to commit and after reading this story it just kind of affirms my eight belief. Of selling tickets. It's assistant at a job basically it is I got to go to the website I gotta update this guy talks about how he's selling is Washington tickets. And he's been that some just under what other tickets are listed for. But some of these people are so good it ticket brokering that either have bots that update them. Or they checked it constantly. Every five minutes and if their tickets are higher than somebody else's. They then lower them below that mark and then eventually now you're just battling for who has the lowest tickets yeah. And is I don't I would wanna be apart. That they anxiety that would come with it is it's too much especially for people to care about money and money's important do you believe your rich he is when you get rid of honest not a big deal to you but. If you're somebody that spent a lot of money on those and it was a big financial risk to buy them a lot of anxiety would come late in the year. If you weren't able to go I usually the end of going a granite there's a lot more of them to go to the probably more blazer games. The anything else I lived in Eugene and I was at the University of Oregon I've never miss authority game because you're right there I mean here you're going on 1520 minute walk over to the stadium. And then you go to the game and it's over you don't have a two and a half hour to hour drive down and then a two hour two and a half hour depending on traffic. Drive back at the time commitment issue I think ways for a lot of people that wanna come and go from games. There's no doubt about its changed TV and all the access we have has changed everything. At least for me M and I think a lot of people out thereof you talk about that time commitment well it's what probably two hours twenty minutes to Eugene. On a normal Saturday kick off today. And maybe an hour or in 32 an hour and forty minutes to get to Corvallis is. You add that into with the hold a commitment like the night teams are almost the worst because you have to leave that what. 3 o'clock for now earlier tailgate yes he gonna tailgate. You set that up that's always find lifting you're getting an act demon around midnight and icing you know it's 3 AM right now even if washes over year your Sunday morning if it would be really incidental. We always have that conversation the next professional team coming to Portland it would be brilliant CBC how tickets would work especially in a market like this. Fran HL Timor a Major League Baseball team because we a lot of time in you know I just went to a Seattle gamer I was down an open into an a's game at a few of those tax. San men if there was a baseball team here I would buy season tickets in a hurry investing grandiose idea right seventeen coming your for sure gonna buy season tickets but how long would it take to Wear out. And and what the locals here be the same number of something like a timbers were you have what 101000 people right now waiting for season tickets 151000 people. Waiting to get into season tickets especially if the stadiums. I'll work some of those mammoth once you see around the country yet so last season tickets and sports going down. But the percentages would tell you they're not just ticket brokers man that's what that's what it is now it's ticket brokers buying a lot of season. Tickets are coming up next organ stayed involved in a scary incident. And an interest in NFL blurred to dry out we'll take what that is next on the sent. A lot of second our common for yes and just thirteen minutes. We there it's on this story during the commercial break what we decide actor and Sprague. Ferry injures seeing is we talk about Giancarlo Stanton going for the home run. Paces sixty yelled what is the record to use at 61 or is it 7373. By bonds by the way bonds was sitting coach last year in Miami. So they ask stay in this and said hey what do you think the record is. He told the sun sentinel it doesn't matter the record is the record but personally I do. Think 761. Is the record. A lot anti war kind of stunned wrote it down he walked away they walked away ten minutes later he walked back to the group of reporters which is something he reportedly never does. And he did a stab at questioned again having thought about it and said he's at a crossroads. Internally. About how to feel about the whole home run record because if PED users like bonds McGwire and Sosa Neeon gastric by their name. He said sodas Babe Ruth since he only faced white pictures now so the record for Stanton is 61 but he has a big internal debate about the whole. Home run record by adding incident local bar for everybody is that it's always hard to compare eras in any sports us especially game like baseball and look I I respect him. Voicing his opinion I have no problem with him coming out in saying 61 is the record I is not the first got to do this I mentioned we talked about it a few days ago Chris Davis a Baltimore. Also said the same thing he got off to that great start and everybody was wondering the for the all star break that he gets his sixty some home runs. When a CNN with 54 that year because he. Faltered a little bit late in the season but he came out early year and said the record 61 that divide 62 I view that as being the single season home run mark in. My advice to stand would be the same that I said about Chris Davis when he had those comments is. When you say something like that you just better avoid any connection PD's the rest of your career. Has that then it becomes I have no problem with him having an opinion but if you have got to dating and then you're connected to TDs later in your career. That's thrown some rocks and glass house my friend yet how well I know that that's that's the I think that's the part about is like well all right well. You better and and have done anything that you better make sure that you're clean if you wanna have sixty wanted to record at school you had 62. A lot of people will view that is the single season record there's no doubt about it. There's always there's the Marines about guys and a big home runs but never any factual evidence that you can point to that he's he's done any performance enhancing drugs. Yes Stanton holds the record in his mind at 61. Still on pace for sixty home runs this is an interesting thing to keep and I am in the NFL the rams are gonna be very good team. But they've got some pretty good players and they may have the best defense of player in the NFL. And that man is Aron Donald. Who statistically speaking pro football top pro football focus. Hasn't measured out as the number one interior defensive line in the NFL. And I'm not sure it's it's close in terms of the impact that he makes but the rams aren't any good so people would tell you on that's just silly. He's a beast. Right now he's holding out for money as contracts coming up pretty soon and he wants an extension wants to be paid fairly. Well according to Adam Chester he is willing to miss regular season games. Until he gets his way until he gets a contract extension. And where you don't often see holdouts go under the regular season the last one of the prominent player that sticks out in my mind is can't chancellor for two game for two games and that ended up written Seahawks they didn't allies say is sort of one and one girl in tool I can rest up I have but Danny eventually came back. I need finding got his contract extension and was looking for here this offseason. I don't blame Aaron Donald at all for having his stance seized 46 years old he's gonna make one point eight million dollars or wanna say this year. Next years gonna bump up to close to seven million dollars in his is fifth year option which they're gonna pick up but. This is a guy has been a dominant force on the dip and that defensive line it's been an organization it's gone through a clock. A lot of down moments over the last couple years and he's been one of the few bright spots and he wants to be paid for his production which is as good as he gets in the National Football League and sometimes you gotta do this is what we say about the upcoming collective bargaining agreement that these guys want more money they want or guaranteed money they wanna be hot pay higher salaries. That's fine you can say is. But are are you willing to stake your money where your mouth as in Saint Bernard gonna play games were gonna sit out and -- it's hard to tell at this point if it's Erin Arnold Aaron Arnold and his agent saying Donald knows he's gonna keep. Get mixed up Eric is Donald's and his agent just saying. We're not gonna do this because they're trying to pressure the rams. But if he believes that the if you're LA at some point if he misses a couple of games she got off to a bad start that's a bad PR battle and I think he'll eventually win well. That's a tough thing. For him is if you wanna do this will cool. You're the only going to be able to miss up to eight teams Macs because of the Joey Galloway ruling that happened years back when Joey Galloway and in a similar instance. You're just losing money here you don't gain anything from this that that's always been the existing one with the NFL and I get Al players feel. Shafted the way to pay structures set up no guarantee contracts. And guys you heard during commercial break O'Dell making one point three million dollars he's may be the best receiver in the NFL right these guys feel underpaid undervalued. They always want more. The sitting out really send a message. That oh you better pay me or else why you won't play. That's Sox but ultimately I don't know how that helps you verses being in camp. Keeping up with your leadership mentor and some of the young players still being a dominant force and being one of those franchise guys it goes say. I wanna get paid I'll keep this quiet. Please make me happy here. I that goes a lot further in the NFL and so I'm sitting out. At some cases it does. It they look at became JS or one I know him holding Al -- more but he ended up coming back Canadian get a deal done until this year double that was a year resist his money you're restructuring Contra restructure the contract but he didn't get the extension no he did not do what he wanted on any yelled out for two games so I I think everybody has a different philosophy on how they wanna go about doing it and I think every organization as a different philosophy on how they handle this stuff. And that the rams are a peculiar situation because they're not. Expected to do much this year and may be aired our Aaron Donald occupancy Arnold -- Donald will have a better stance if they were legitimate Super Bowl contender and they needed a week in and week out. But they're they're not expected to accomplish much this season so you take him off eagle from what the fifth worst team to the worst team in the National Football League. You know lose a lot without a mid it at some point tell one of the size has divides and maybe he just doesn't think being in camp is gonna accomplish anything from a contractual stamp. On some ways is the rams are going to be garbage with or without them they may as what is calls bluff and that's that's the other part to its. The ugly little secret the NFL you can have a player like Aaron Donald. He's not winning a game for you. He's a he's been a beast his whole career. Andy is still such a result it hasn't mattered he's he makes you get impact on a couple tackles for losses. Though drug couple offensive linemen to get doubled team. But for the most part he's not an impact whether you won or lost the game. And that's how the NFL as that's why I thought the JJ watt it was dumb I think JJ watt is phenomenal talent we'll see how he is now that he had the the surgery. But even before all that when he was prime GGY. How many games the honestly win for you. The Indiana houses built around having a successful quarterback got a good quarterback played a lesser or collective defense even last year and he is an animal on defense the National Football League precisely. They gave him a lot of money there is she's remains as they kept trying to quarterback but. What our dealers for example pointed the it would the NFL these guys won't get as much money as they can in case a career injury happened I I don't blame the players for wanting more money is just the approach. The whole dollar approach doesn't seem to work does it. Do you think it does because I don't I think teams has let him go fine. You miss time that's on nearly as money now. Eight app and it's a bad PR moment for them though because he deserves a contract extension I would argue that they give you ask most rams fans they would say in in if you miss him for the first seven weeks of the season GAAP. They'll be grumbling from rams fans are saying are you kidding me why are we paying this guy but look at the best run organizations in the leak. How many key players they have pulled out. They don't. Because it's around it's a well oiled machine either take care of the players where they dump on mr. the patriots do this all the time how I think you and a man in Amendola wrong whoever. Big name players in that organization they go to the eagle Robert Kraft directly they don't leak stuff they don't threaten holdouts. They negotiated neither did it take care of or the patriots are the kind Tina says and we don't wanna pay that but by yet it's a lot easier to operate billion number twelve under center. And and you know I don't I you know you can Risley is a guy wants all -- once more money they eventually just trade and they does that with a defensive lineman Collins a couple of years ago he wanted to big contract agent traded him seal later and I have a lesser of the brown last year they got rid of them peace that you can do that when you know yet Tom Brady you know you're gonna win the AFC every year but I I think that's part of our a well run organization is there a point there's a culture created theirs you know what you're going to be getting with the lead and I would s.'s because our data bringing up what what other leverage would players have. Well that's not doing I'm Jack cross does is they don't have any Evelyn this is said not to lay up is the only real leverage because I don't think it is. Depends on how much the rams value his presence in camp and in the first 67 weeks of the season what if he misses four games they still don't give him anything what does he do then to keep missing games ago and eight and then what you have to go back now. I it is the only leverage at best the crux of the argument right is what is the best way to get your leverage now you'd think putting up stats and being Erin Donald would be enough but. For teams like the rams it is not we got a loaded second hour we got some good news for diehard blazer France one coach. Convinced his quarterback is there to stay. Don't know about that and this team is the favorite for bettors in Vegas so stay away from them. Both start hour two with our favorite angry Nick Saban dirt and spray back with more Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.