Dirt & Sprague Thursday April 26th, 2108 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, April 26th
It's NFL Draft day, but Sprague is more fired up for his Braves, the disinformation out of the Browns continues, and we get the experts picks for the first 10 selections in tonight's 1st round.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's not sitting here. This is dirt in his. Right it's that people don't talk to another team. Go to work equally with the the browser to the big baker lake you'll quit and injured Johnson and Brendan spring. Dirt and spray gun Jenny yeah. So soon. I'll ride it is 1202. In the rose city it is time for certain spraying dom Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Branded Sprague and Peter Johnson in live view on this gorgeous. Gorgeous Thursday afternoon. At. And you know sunshine aside I am feeling absolutely amazing today built amazing that is NFL draft day look. No no that's pretty cool OK okay pretty cool now bam. Our draft party out Intel lad tap house eyes against who could be out there and go drink some Beers why guards all suited and booted you are ready to go ready to begin Dell today again. I've got all the GMs are gonna be out there have a good time. I'm actually not excited about about the draft I'm excited. Because. It's about time that a team that I liked. Tanked. And gave me a reason to be happy about it and yesterday they do it. As the Braves called up Ronald. That's not add any of finally made his debut yesterday against the red that's are restarted Saturday some hot Atlanta Braves talk well we are to dive into the Braves per say they have the toughest schedule Neeon in the MLB are higher it's a nice. But it's just nice to me because we've we brought up tanking. And then I was able to catch a little bit of ha ha. And because in my body has the package a guy. And I was just thinking about our conversation in like those are the moments where you go. Yeah 23 years of being crap in not really competing. Feels good now it's all worth an art to me they may not be a playoff team there hovering around 500 their struggle with the reds. But it's nice to see a guy that everybody is calling like. Maybe Mike Trout level right out right come up there and I know he didn't. Hit home runs twice in a game but man he came close a couple times in the end single. It was just nice to see that it paid off a little bit there a baseball's unique sport that way because there's such an epic build up for guys making their debuts especially especially your top prospects because. Ill in the NBA in the NFL when guys get drafted is usually right away like the number one overall pick the top NBA prospect he's in the lineup from day war on. And you just know you pencil amended right after draft night you know Taylor's is starting shooting guard and not insert city here next season. He's gonna play a lot same thing happened tonight we'll get doubled the draft and most of these rookie quarterback to play next year are all the different you know us Barkley is gonna play Nelson's gonna play. Is Gaza be inserted right into the a lot of the baseball you have to wait and it's tough as a fan to do but it builds it up and I. I just even as a giants and I will never forget the debut as. Of some of the bigger named stars of the last 1520 years I'll never forget when Lincecum got called up. And be a Jack to want to be based on a Sunday night game against Philly and it got Jewish yelled but he had like eight strikeouts. They are there's Larry gave up seven runs but it. Struck a bunch of guys out this little guy thanks guys gotta love all Bartlett there's like that would baseball guys make their debut there's something about it because you've been waiting to see them for two or three years and they're always listed as one of the top prospects but. Nobody watches Minor League Baseball so you literally never get a chance to see them. Intel spring training and and they make their debut it was Connick. Last night an and I reason brace in the baseball's kind of fun sport where. You know unless you like the Yankees most people are okay with you talking about the team. Did you see that Al Beason Acuna both in the line up. It was a two when he and when he wandered when he won and how many years old out youngest teammate since 1978 which is pretty kick ass out visa's been really fun at Castel like bringing young guys upland imply gas it's of some balance because then you you get the added benefit of if you don't do good. Yet another high draft pick to the mix also made me think Portland little bitten. And we aren't team every time I watched his palate collar in your debating when you call a mob like everybody was summit with the Braves should they bring up this phenom to start the year brazenly and we're gonna send him down and then bring them up later. To build up but it's a process that civilians are patiently waiting for you finally getting its Harris as best know especially recently now we've had a couple of guys in the case of getting sent back down just to keep the arbitration years and Jack. That he don't play the first hand for the weeks of the season the club gets another year of control on you you saw the supposed front. But Chris Bryant when he was supposed to make is he was just shelling everybody in spring training is the top prospect in baseball that year. And height of an easy under armour ideas like remember about whatever company money in Maine is under under our they put you know he's a deed as the does that put a big billboard right outside Wrigley Field that was supposed to be their for opening day. And all this anticipation but in the cubs announce their sending him back down. Because they could column for like three weeks so they can have that extra year so this billboard of a kid who wasn't even playing was just right outside Wrigley Field it's amazing and it's what did you to a brings you in every single time and I. Yeah Astros fans realizes slash you're watching that team win the knowing how bad they were for four straight years. But she get that payoff with the championship thrive again the brazen knock it went championship but now just seeing that go down that way you're like all right. This was all worth going in the right direction now at a young guys give this a look forward to they do to get in there no hope that at least or something I want to races aside for starting the show Atlanta Braves baseball tock it's a guy did not see that coming today I got a gun Cosby putting on an island. The lot of NFL draft it is all a whole bunch avenues to gun down and you went braves will get to the NFL draft I mean I'm a candidate. Cadillac DT speaking of which four we get to what's on tap up rounds GM the browns Sheehan tonight for our mock draft. Party a gave the fans the fans brown India yet if via. He's saying what's the dress code and only he wants to pull Spragan showed super cash. I think you should show on super cash it's 85 degrees rocket T shirt and flip flops they are right now Isaac Brock will be wearing next to nothing as you know I don't know the for the GM's whatever you're comfortable it's like are is the only one addresses up yes he's taking on a roll is the commissioner he's got his dress up for this right everybody else I need to do some things to a crystal that's Haram Lake Oswego for a of the do. Account or the other night outs shout out crystal it's still he does the station. So yes no yeah. Is she really. A did you get the nice neck massage ire at a Devin got that got the little Sam Aurora man and hand little flecks Knology sort of thing with the most moisturizer right there hot towel I bet I don't have to go out as much my sister in law cuts my hair Jesus. Air stylish. So I you don't have to spend new label when I go out. I will say I don't know how guys don't go get there cut. India getting that Heidi docket how how right right right EJ academic most places I go now they just do it automatically. Without asking you know yeah did he tell them I only want the America like if you're that I worry I got like twenty minutes I gotta give in and I am right but there's some places they just to have for that charge extra for that they just finished the cut and a slap down hot towel on your neck in holy smokes it's a feel good -- you get that meant champ who. Kind of bubble and I had a little bit and in the Robin and I I don't care who they are. When they look like there's nothing more ironic than that feeling I I've said this for years and I stand by at I'd love to getting my head checked for lice as a kid I did to him and I'll ask you is uncle is a go to this kind of rub that they'd have to comb through everybody to make sure nobody had lice it was like a free had sought looked every bit of them at me in my friends loved to and I had about the heat to it he was ahead of me in line and he southerners. Egos. Well. I really like well ice is if you give me lies like eight years old think what are we saying right now I would add to what's on tap. What's growing I'm not page to be told by McCain to be crying there's a lot of swearing in as he sale I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Toward my intelligence for. Our government more and had the breach on Jenny yeah. That runs with a fan buys pelican brewing company boarded the beach on line at pelican brewing dot com. And it is NFL draft phase so of course we are gonna talk about the NFL draft we've got a fun when today's so at 1230. For. Every single year in the overdraft weakness top ten mock draft. And what we do is we do the top ten picks. And we bring on a media member Jason swagger works the phones. Any dials up ten media members. From the ten different cities. And we intro it in you know Roger Goodell style with the fifth pick in the draft so and so's slacks. And the in the individual gives the thick of the teams he thinks. Who he thinks the team is going to take and it's usually somebody if not always somebody that covers sixteen. That's coming up at 1230 S it's a lot of fun and you do a lot of work on this and I emails raised. Turns out great every year also you would be surprised to make you witnessed how many NFL beat writers still have AOL email. You know Leila still existed 80% of my counted that's a tank had AOL email. So that we come up at 1230 is instant messaging still exist and you know still do that that cease to exist about a month ago. Remember that story not it would not talk about today officially signed off comply with your name do you remember your name yet was pimp daddy if we're twenty who thought up. All right I was ten years old now I see I knew no meaning of I don't I hear those three things I remember my name down and aim name it we try to make coolest name as his big deal like I had one. If there was one friend of mine just the most suburban white did you ever met in his was like thug master you think you could get it at the at bat. But they have is usually. A lot of messaging was bee's knees and I really as the RV baby. So like 1230 we'll do our NFL mock draft. We have another mock draft we're gonna do on the show today with us three. We're in the top ten picks between us and what we're gonna do is we're gonna try to beat milk paper Deborah were aiming to beat melt so we've taken milk paper's top ten mock drafts and we've made Carroll picks according to what we think the team needs and who the Tate. And we're gonna have Mel chime in with each pick that we may. And we're gonna compare tomorrow and see how we get against milk diapers march and the top ten so we had to promotions goddess morgue and she picked a number between one in ten that we all guest at number. Whoever was close as the lead we have deciphered the round of the top ten the order emirate go snakes now so it goes. Myself and swagger venue and we'll snake all the way to the top ten. We'll make our pixel do that today at 2 o'clock we will talk about the NBA playoffs LeBron James hitting a game winner also missed goaltending call. And I can actually defended the missed call source or that and that we brought Wes or are Russell Westbrook yesterday and then of course he goes off. And now scores the Utah Jazz by himself in the final twenty minutes of that is damn incredible comeback. Rubin foster's case in San Francisco taken inching turn this morning. And then we got wags plums at 215 we got a good show today were on tour actor and Sprague at Peter Johnson an app Raymond Sprague coming up next. Let's be cautious. When we choose to judge. These athletes are explain more Dexter sprayed on the fan. We got some low questions. Actor Sprague. And about eleven minutes we're gonna get to our NFL mock draft top ten picks and top ten cities. With ten different beat writers who get their thoughts where they think their team that they cover is gonna go tonight. In the NFL draft Jason swagger has its fingers ready to dial mall up. And will put a mall appear on our phone lines and a firearm away but before we get to that. I wanna pull out to pull questions that we have the first is are the Brown's gonna screw this up yes or now. Because think everybody's thinking it's gonna happen so far 87% of people are saying yet know bleep Sherlock there and there does this thing out okay and the second poll question this is something maybe we get to later on in the show dirt. Because I think this is a pretty big story it's a non sports. Take yourself back 35 years. Right take yourself back 35 years cap if I told you at that time. Bill Cosby was gonna die in prison. And OJ Simpson would be thought of as. A martyr. Which would have been more surprising to you. And some people can't dance and act as anywhere -- 35 years ago and I you know history you know popular of these two guys were who they were considered in there was somebody in the office and that didn't know any of this stuff about bill caused nine. She's I think what what happened Bill Cosby she is 23. Series we're going four of you Ben for five years that's kind of what I was thinking too but today he was found guilty today so that's a poll questions and senator kospi which ones the more surprising one if you were to go back 35 years ago. So we'll maybe talk about that a little later on Josh Allen is. You not have a great day night could start to his day no he's the LA army tons all of this year if you will Jesse as of late stuff leaking ripe for the draft somebody in nobody knows who went back in notice that some old tweets from Josh Allen when he was back in Moses high school would have been I think they were circa 2010. Yeah so I did this might even have been before 'cause he's what 21 years old you don't back totals thirteen so maybe middle school right. That Josh Allen was tweeting racially insensitive words. And very controversial things for somebody probably of his aged between the wrong things to be tweeting. And now people are wondering this is gonna knock him off the draft board for a lot of teams. And without having to say we know that these things are wrong to say. Let's be let's be honest about this. You and hiding grow up as children. With Twitter. No we did not and god blessed because there would be words that you can no longer saying that I say all the time jokingly with friends. That you would kills probably final weeks of the mine what is stupidly sent out as of fourteen year old absolutely and so I get that those things don't reflect well on him right now moments. But let's also remember how old people are when they're doing this this is kind of what this is now a social media. It's around you know nine. A lot of these athletes nominee going pro they're likely you mentioned thirteen fourteen years old they get on and they say dumb things as thirteen and fourteen year old and we really don't mean to destroy the guy as a 21 year old now going Proehl. For being idiotic at thirteen and fourteen gala Eddie DNC lately with some it's an effective today if citywide any right or sunlight also tweets and Edwards. Yeah I in any innocent stuff about females in on you know that luggage as you mentioned it's easy to say this stuff is inexcusable because it is. But I tend to agree with you that it's hard to. Fourteen year old or dobbs and I think we can all agree on that that he just he just take is a back to where you were at that age and if your your stupid kid and I've I've put this in the line. Of a lot of these other criticisms that have come to the other quarterbacks in this year's draft class you know grant that is what happened a little bit earlier than the stuff that happened the other kids but. I don't view this any differently than a college kid in baker mayfield get drunk and and deciding to run from cops are. Josh Rosen put hot seven is room is an eighteen year old freshman at UCLA think an it was a funny thing to do war. Be an outspoken about certain things they. When you're that young. You're going to make mistakes and nobody knew any of this about Josh Allen there's never been anything room understand about him in the way that he feels. Mom you know about certain races and then it comes out of nowhere. That the you know one of the things that I I thought when I first saw the story was I don't I you don't have a team in this day and age. That goes back and scrubs this kind of stuff who was the kid that went off for Villanova in the title game. What was his name think it says sixth man a male job. Drainage and so yes right so he had some two right after the title game people's scroll back on his Twitter account to like 2011. And by the way just how long you have to thank I don't study your life is too wanna squirrel that long to go all the way back it is it. Come Ike at I don't I don't there's an odd in this day and age so these guys haven't learned their lesson and just scrubbed it could act and white this stuff off because I'm sure there's I'm sure if somebody wanted to take the time he could schools did the FaceBook is probably the earlier segment I was August what are wasn't around back then. I'm sure is an eighteen year old freshman in college I says some pretty dumb stuff on FaceBook and I haven't deleted. And I was I've got a reminder I'd seen when I NF I was an up or if that was a more prominent figure and somebody wanted to I'm sure you could go scroll back and complaints of the guys said. And pointed out show it to an employer show it to somebody you know ahead of a big job interview. All you people are stupid at that age it doesn't excuse what he did what he said is not right. He's apologized for it and I think we need to be careful and just not labeled Tennessee has a racist and on and say is not only complaint and a focus people are going national I. This stupid I just think it's so dumb to me that we we we hold these things. Over these these players head so often it's it's ridiculous and yet you wake up and I see is story he's got two weeks. And I guess I'm just to a point now because you've got a few athletes do is mention of Villanova I totally forgot about him. I mean that was almost instantaneous it was right after they'd won it he was on the podium. And if I'm not mistaken I think somebody asked him about what the tweets because somebody went and found him and made them all public. He's just I don't know man it's tough for me to sit here really judge somebody like where you wrong and talking like that of course sure. But again most of us one's listening in us talking we didn't have this in our life. We grow up with this this was then it's normal for us we talk the way we talked when nobody else is around but the people we trusted. And it wasn't put out there for all the world to see I remember getting caught one times saying ass and my mom got me and that feeling you got when your apparently catchy saints on you know you shouldn't that like Texas pity your style may key music. Right you lose all the air. That's not a good feeling site IA this is just amplified because now the whole world saw you say that one word that. One time Brian England somebody said he did scrub it apparently he deleted stop and somebody ED did it about a month ago. And on somebody's screen shot of tweets all it was a team for sure trying to either get a hair. And that's why wonders who did one that's right go back to Josh Allen like even and you go back a year ago and Josh alum was on the radar for people when you know he was starting to be mentioned going in alas your fly only was like next Cam Newton for some folks that's why there was intrigue. Around the lie only here or any games so this kid knew we was gonna go to the next level. And end a exist in this should be a teaching point for future athletes to go back anything before. A certain point just delete stuff for just delete your carrot in general and start a new one if you've had the same account since you were thirteen years old NASA Josh Alan wakes up in every bit. Finds old tweets from when he was a teenager. And they're trying to bring him down the NFL draft boards we'll see if this change in thing I. I still maintains probably team. And they you know this doesn't surprise me the way that that league operates. May keep working your benefit put it out there he slides a little bit you trade up boom you've got the guy he wants Koch Allan. And you never tell anybody I let's do our NFL mock draft top ten picks. In the top ten cities so coming up next we're gonna do is we are gonna line up ten beat writers. With the teams who have the top ten picks me up a draft and we are gonna rapid fire lighted up like yet at the draft and they'll give us their thoughts. On the players they think that team they cover is going to take our NFL mock draft is next for back. All right 1230 to welcome back to endurance race with you gives follow on Twitter actor is spray we do this every year we get a lot of fun out of it up. Jason Zweig art works his butt off the gum lined up right now they're on the lord it's our NFL mock draft we are gonna the top ten picks. And we're go to the top ten cities. And have a beat guy on every single team give us their thoughts on now where they think the team is going to go. With their pick are gonna change a little bit this year process of elimination Ian Baker mayfield stake in. Somebody else cannot take him after he was selected so here we go we're gonna start in Cleveland with our guy Zach. Jackson of the athletic he's on Twitter at Akron Jackson and with the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select. Famed colonel quarterback USC they've needed a quarterbacks since I was in elementary school. And seems like twenty years old Smart guy mobile guy there's no perfect prospect. In this draft but he is the most sensible and may be the only acceptable until maybe the browns finally get this right Truex dark. Could using their back up visits a of this city changed their mind you Cleveland Browns on everybody who would the second option be ready number one. That's a great question I know they like bigger mayfield there's a lot to like about big should open up that your retaken the strategic. FFF are right there you go I Zack are you good to hang around you know we'll get back to you with the fourth pick. I'll be right here all right cool there goes Zach Jackson the athletic browns beat Breyer at Akron Jackson. Are you move on to the second stick with our good friend Jerry slowly the giant insider dot com on Twitter at giant in Saturday in the fall for all things New York Giants would be second pick in the 2018 NFL draft in New York Giants select. So on Barkley running back and stay at odds some sand base and it was. I think most of them under and I think he's been the consensus favorite for awhile there are some time and so I believe wanna quarterback they wanna kind of move on from Eli. A couple of years and and kind of have that guy ready. Some like child but I I think for the most part. And fans want to give Eli another shot at doing something and there'd be nothing like giving him a running game and right back into the caliber of a Barkley. Do you think they try to go star quarterback a leader in the draft. It depends on what they feel about Davis collaborate so right now he's got all the great things that that the coach had this kind of pile on him. Based on his work ethic it would not surprise me if the giants traded back into the first Republican Mason Rudolph for Lamar Jackson if he were to do move like that I guess they were that could be adjusted in the not the second tier of quarterbacks but after that after it was him Allan Donald and mayfield. You know Rudolf and and Lamar Jackson legislative somewhere below them were shocked me stated that worked were there into it they were taken by. I don't think the giants would do anything to force the issue I think if they don't take a quarterback at two and enter does that mean they're. To believe mile and a place for at least another two years and that they're pretty Heil David slept. All right there you go Jerry's Foley senior editor giant the giant insider dot com on Twitter. At giant insiders think you might estimates for the time Jerry and I'll maybe ducky next year with the giants because they're there. Trevor mantra here. All right always nice to get double an old friend in Darryl Slater is just that for dirt and Sprague is the jets beat reporter at the mall in Jersey fans media and actually Darryl Slater and he joins us now thanks for joining us Darrell with the third pick in the 2018 NFL draft to the New York Jets select. The jets at least in my mind what I would who has that would take judge throws which hand are off the board at number one truly. Were the browns and sick on Barkley on second to the giants I don't think the jets will consider Josh Allen. There I think Rosen has the best option. Over baker may feel a slight edge there but what I think the jets will do you I I could even taking mayfield I would take Rosen but I didn't taking mayfield. Let's say Cleveland kind of throws a wrench in this thing because Zach Jackson said they're gonna take to Arnold's let's go away let's say they surprise everybody they go Josh Allen milk diapers right. How does that shake it up for the jets in your opinion. According to Natalie fascinating that happens because I enjoy it doesn't seem dark available for the giants number two the giant could use a quarterback it sure looks like are set on taking sick one Barkley. But I think each. You need to be thinking there is vacant block to the Jetsons or local and take Arnold what you come up to number two and come get on it as a picker suited to make the move. The jets well they call the block parents say no we think you're taking Barkley or will they make them move to make sure they get Arnold. Or will they you know will they just stay at three hoped Arnold ball and he doesn't Banco rose an army field. I think we get to be totally I would Josh Allen going number one overall the browns and hoping that Donald falls into their lap at three which certainly could happen. Now there you go Darryl Slater and I entrapment. I always gonna join us yet again Zach Jackson Lee athletic browns beat writer he can find a modular act act green Jackson kind enough to join us for their second taken the first round the Cleveland Browns. With the fourth pick in the when he eighteen NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select. What were auctioning that decade but since we can't really hear every job NC state kind of an operator. Structures are hard side. Or their jobless mild here. It maybe you currently earn her the area of drug burglar. All right there it goes Jackson grounds beat writer for the athletic great stuff from and you can find a month or at Akron Jackson thanks so much of the time. All right let's move onto another team potentially looking at a quarterback Andrew Mason Denver Broncos dot com or Jim blew a 760. In Denver. With the Broncos and with the fifth pick in the 2018. NFL draft the Denver Broncos select. Baker may feel quarterback my Oklahoma but I gotta say you want mayfield and certainly the Broncos they've. Doubt it may feel close with it Kosher with the Senior Bowl populate the come by a huge contingent pro day had he had been. For a bit in Denver earlier this month they've done their homework I'm mayfield and at the draft or falls like this in mayfield is sitting at five. I think he's going to be the thing. Our bronco fans jacked about that move. Are they would be tremendously active. Of course we get down surfing I won't see what happens in the top of the rapid course. There's some rumblings that the eject or is he on baker made note the Broncos would be. Nate field off the court that it is the Broncos went for quite Nelson Notre Dame or something on the defensive side. All right there you go Andrew Mason Denver Broncos dot com orange and blue 760 in Denver he's on Twitter app Mason Denver thanks for the time Andrew. No prompting. All right wolf from one team taken a quarterback let's go to another Hillary has won the Indianapolis. Colts are on the clock. And Tom James Tara how it Tribune star covers the colts he's on tour actress star T James he joins us now. With the seventh pick horse. With T six pick any 2018 NFL draft the Indianapolis Colts select. A lot and met a linebacker in Georgia. What makes them go that route and I need linebacker help ha. Go to a 43 defense you do that the scheme. They need to playmaker is Asian guy you can. Get to the football. That that's something they've been lacking for pearl while on and I know that Chris Ballard the general manager and likewise in the unit coach that's one thing they want to it was the defense they need to cut by some guys you can run our athletic. And it can make things happen and they got one luster and Alec hooker the safety and admiral concept is a guy out of that. I know they really like and he's a guy they pick in command and you know they could impact. Authority. There we go colts beat writer Tom James is on two or actress star T Janes who depict for the Indianapolis Colts thanks Tom thank you. All right now we're winding down to the bottom of the top ten this year with our dirt and Sprague NFL mock draft top ten picks in the top ten cities. And we head to Tampa Bay now to talk to our friend Trevor sickened by you can find him on Twitter at Tampa Bay tray pewter report dot com thanks for joining us some Portland Trevor. Let's go here to do with the number seven pick any 2018 NFL draft Tampa Bay Bucs select. Into the public without a doubt that it can be your gay and it is imported eight due to connection there. Or would it be a boat but they are. And it like that in the diet when the anemic to stand there are currently game it can't be. But it out or attempt at number but it but are there. Merry go Trevor second on Twitter at Tampa Bay trade pewter report dot com is where you can find him thanks so much of the time several ways appreciate it. Right a lot of intrigue about this next team and what they're gonna do in the NFL draft so we got to be a lot of fun to bring in our friend Shane Dreyer in SIX SEVENTY The Score in Chicago always on Twitter at chain underscore rioting joins us now. With the eighth pick in the 2018 NFL draft is Chicago Bears select. Notre Dame offensive right guard Quentin Nelson. There since about that. Well I think there's that it should be absolutely ecstatic. That they are bringing in to the operative line coach throughout college and Harry east. And if you are investing as much. In two mr. Gretzky as they are and they absolutely are. You need whatever you didn't get to protect him in the bears did not have a wonderful offensive line that got revolving door left I'll well. How long is often injured including white players playing out of position I Carty should probably be all pro global senator. And bringing quit Nelson I'm surprised nobody picked them yet. Obviously it's moot courting white hair back there is best positioned senator is shortstop and up and the wind no problem. Yeah I forgot it's been labeled as a sure fire hall of Famer by multiple people own NFL circles it is pretty big surprise. That he's there innate but that's a hell Olympic by the bears to protect your biscuit every gushing in prior in 670 to score in Chicago gimbal follow on Twitter at chain underscore prior to. Thanks for the time man. All right workout at the tail end of this thing we've got the ninth pick a lot of interest and Dylan at. Di Simone is out he's on the clock right now fourth and nine dot CI always on Twitter at Dillon ADT. Some Mona with the ninth pick any 2018 NFL draft the C Everett Cisco 49ers select. Yeah I think there and take them toward the quarterback out of Ohio State. You pick perfect fit for their crest man scheme. He's a corner from Ohio's state they're very good technique and unique thing about them go war is that. With the 49ers sudden troop boundary corner right now. Where it oh Weatherspoon and and obviously Richard Sherman they can count toward comment. Played nickel. Which is a common practice for our defense and now or on the week which is our our view we also will be prepared for today's senate well. And then the war mobile check out side as they router or aren't certain situations and also go have a succession plan watch Richard Sherman stock. There got good stuff Dillon. All right let's wrap it up the final pick in our NFL top ten mock draft top ten picks in the top ten cities and we will wrap it up with so barber. Raiders beat writer for the press Democrat he can find him on Twitter at skinny underscore opposed. And with the tenth pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Oakland Raiders select. The Oakland Raiders select from Maine Edmund linebacker from Virginia Tech. We're raising their options are it's it's not Jermaine who else did it be possible. Hi they do another option there out I'd say what their. Still ticked off about was that coin flip to the 49ers since those teams actually shares some of the same needs. But at a couple of the possibility IC would be think of Fitzpatrick quickly get a fantastic player he might be better. Overall player than Edmonds in fact I think he probably is but the raiders have such a need it at linebacker especially a play inside that I think Edmonds would be. Irresistible but another couple possibilities would be what smuggling sheet to tackle I don't think he's been taken. In your market. Red raiders definitely give you a little help there with one of their. Probably the best tackle Donald can get nothing years and coming off an injury action and Dan 11 more thought. Would be beat Avaya big Washington defensive tackle cadet is another petition need for the greater. Now we know well here pac twelve countries a heck of a player. It's going to be a senior one with Jon Gruden thanks so much Bill Barber the press Democrat on Twitter at skinny underscore post thanks bill. Take care. All right there you go. And. All done well. Well done an amazing gentleman and well done. I have nothing to do it that every single year and you guys knocking out of the ballpark every single year. Great job so why guard. In my this year is maybe a little easier than last year in terms to get them on the farmer lash really pick where one guy wouldn't answer the phone NF flowed pretty well right there there we too were were certainly get the hang of this after what 44 it is the fourth year we've done that it out. The alleged link. Paula I tweet about the picks or anybody amid maybe tune in late eagles' front mattered Spragan where everybody went I I do like that the number one peck eat in Cleveland there agreeing with me. I'm I'm not fully sold on this baker may feel we have our own mock draft coming up we deal and I have the number one takes on maybe give the end what what sources close to do orders saying he's giddy with the number one pick I I still like Sam Arnold number one. And I wouldn't be shocked if the rest of a kind of flows that way that that big turning points are gonna be the giants obviously two did they take a running backs they take a quarterback or did they trade down. And then I really do think once you get past four action really once you get past three. The rest today can be cracked a wild card as the browns have mentioned they wanna trade for the Broncos a set number five is up for sale. The colts don't need a quarterback and somebody could come in a blown away with a with an offer number six same thing goes to the box bears 49ers and the raiders. You could see a lot of action you know the Justine a quarterback you know the browsing a quarterback you won in three Broncos are potential but they've often depict for trade so. That the top ten could be absolutely crazy tonight we can have all these mock drafts and for the team is mine and I'm taking a different spot. Let me ask this question will go to break on this. The browns history this up 55305. Next on the fan okay. Hey we gotta analog to get you and our number two we'll get to the MBA. As we just Derek NFL mock draft. And down I ask this question for the break with a brown screwed up today the FX one in or baker mayfield picking up a lot of steam he is a favorite Vegas by the way to be the number one overall pick. I Chris mortenson reported that their GM. It is that John Dorsey John rightly so John too easy I know Dorsey but second or is her name. They're GM for the browns this set a month to go to their owner Jimmy hasn't he Almonte the W was taken. Rules. And he'd let the owner know and distillate hue Jackson know two days ago. And so he's really kept this one close to the best but. It kind of got out Mary Kay Cabot I'll give her credit she's one of the best FL beat writers out there and she's covered browns for a long time for the Cleveland point plain dealer. She got a report that they were looking at Allen in mayfield and people were scoffing that are non there's no way that it may be to Arnold. But right now I mean Vegas has him as the favorite to be the number overall pick baker may feel that is. It it's kind of an upset for me it's almost out of left field if you would have told me six weeks ago that he would be the Vegas odds on favorite day of the draft to be the number one pick Elena said you're crazy I don't see that comments like crazy than now India. Know all why I think Josh Allen is the worst of the four that are gonna gonna gonna gulf at least the top five top Tamils see round ends up being picked but. It just it just is a shocker because they're didn't seem to be as much buzz around him as the top prospects there's some outlets like pro football focus who have long maintained. He's the best prospect they've seen a deposition in a while they have you know numbers to back it up and some of the throws. That he made in college and I go back to what I said now for a couple weak side is I wanna know how much of this is trying to control the message how much of this is trying to fool other teams. And how much is just trying to. Keep everybody on their toes because if you go back three weeks ago. It was you know folks close to John Dorsey he's told his friends the Josh Allen as the number one pick. Or for a long time that was it's a no brainer Sam Arnold is a lock to be the number one pick in the NFL draft and now right now on the eve. In on the last 4872. Hours before the drafted is that baker mayfield likely going to be the number one pick in the NFL draft. And now he's the odds on favorite vague as we've for three different things over the last month and a half. And in I just it's hard to decipher what is real and what is downright just simply trying to throw people off their trail it see here's the thing. It's so we lose talked a little bit about that right teams that are. Trying to change the thinking of other teams and that's not unusual that's been happening in all sports drafts. What do they benefit by having an out there at baker mayfield. Is going to be taken one. They could be with the number four to trade before they have evidence of Eric package for four you think I got in made I think that's their big play here I I'm I'm not shot I believe him but he says he knows we once animal all eyes now on front I always thought that yeah I did this is all to me about the number four pick because teams played it and look this is gonna depend on what happens at two and three it giants don't take a quarterback especially. There is gonna be so much value and that number four tickets they are going to get a crazy offer thrown at them if the bears are willing to do alas here from Mitchell Robiskie. Somebody's gonna be willing to do it freed the Rosen if he's still there may feel to be still there. Allen or Helen if they don't take it in a may be it Sam Arnold it's still there right at number four sell this to me is all about a play for the number four OPEC are gonna try and pick up a handful of first. You know obviously moved down a little bit this year it's the first round picks and drastic come. That back to me is their long term play in this all right so well it's a little bit more draft stuff later on the show warranting a break from the NFL draft yet of what I say this or could you ask a question on the break are they gonna screw it up yeah. And I'm I'm make if you I gotta keep doubling down every single year. This is the year they don't I don't think they show up this year is the last draft they had we said they didn't screw it up look at this growth last year. Army took a Kaiser first first round and they. Finally Keyser was a first round pick Fuzzy I know again miles Garrett was there I'll start with Ginn is an Alabama anyway also banged up they reach for a quarterback in Edmonton to be a skier my homes are. Maybe should take it wants him but it was Kaiser sec around. And I got to go back and I thought it was late first I thought it good name back in and got a and that's what I thought I'd always of them are gonna do the final hour of the show us a last year on draft day we wrote down our lock. Our boss in our sleeper pick in the draft did you find don't I have a gentleman freedom of the final hour of the show who has the most ridiculous one. Rosie is great is you dial on the hills lied to I Keyser was my sleeper pick and an end up going to the damn browns and as I Ireland grader goes his rookie year a case that we thought we got our mock draft will do that at 2 o'clock with. Insight by we know and other than Mel paper junior. But let's let's get to a loaded second hour Bill Cosby is going to jail. A crazy zapping him back thirty years ago. We'll get to crunch time Ruben fostered his case is change we found that out this morning. Russell Westbrook has an answer for all the critics and the Brian James has may be degrees goaltender of all time that wasn't called legal ten hour tutored sprayed back with more on the fan.