Dirt & Sprague Thursday April 26th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, April 26th
Dirt, Sprague & Swag offer up their top 10 mick draft picks hoping to outduel Mel Kiper, Jr. tonight, plus another bag of Swag's Plums and who will be the locks and sleeper picks from this 2018 NFL Draft in the coming season.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. And what's cooking utensils are talking about a couple of weeks there's any kind of. If you wanna talk about any kind of say creates fans camped on a table and fantasy tale me. This is his dirt and Sprague. I went into petting zoo and a I went into a mental note unchanged if promised he wouldn't get men and it is this kind of thing Amish. Andy leader Johnson and Brendan spurted one timer kind of fire plan buyouts or it's. Some parts to our. Durden sprayed on Kennedy has must sell it can carry on the golf or how high. Now please don't change the tiny little. I don't status. Howard Stern is spraying here on the fan. Classic gets earlier in the final hour of the shelves beautiful beautiful Thursday happy NFL draft day everyone. Coming up bottom of the hour a lot talk about our locks and are sleepers coming up in ten minutes we got slack slums some final thoughts on the draft. We got a time needed to hear in the final hours show but. Let's begin so this is a new addition this is a new thing we're trying to out here on the show cash. Without this idea a couple of days ago and we thought it would be fun and we wanted to try Errol mock draft for regal snake style the three of us making bags. Amber to see how many we can get right in it for Smart than Mel Khyber. And Mel Khyber will be a part of this segment so we had more again earlier before -- -- is out predetermined draft for garden she picked a number and then we all just a number I happened to end up the closest I'm calling shenanigans I think she went with the shortest person of the bunch is as the cahoots and -- I think -- makes -- and I picked day I picked her number okay cyanide. I am I hit on the head there okay share so then slab was next closes in the spring so the order is gonna snakes on and on myself so lags Sprague in the Sprague will double pick. Snake back rounds lag meet double picks wag Sprague metre close and out of ten right so because I have the number one pick I also have the honor of having four picks like you guys on the M three a guy so I have a bigger chance your bull this horror. Help us beat a kayaker got this our goal that's the goal I thought about gloat about you know he was writer he was right this Donna simply isn't teeny gas rules of the group effort let's beat Mel hyper juniors mocks the Sousa who we would take this is a delete even the best player this is it where we think they're going to go. A trades are obviously part of it could stay shakes things up but. Was the first pick in the 2018. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns lacked Sam Arnold quarterback USC. No country junior. Player profiles on. After all if she thought Sam thought it was going to be clearly. Without question number one pick overall no doubt about that he begins the season it's good fashion but then late September Washington State game then the Notre Dame game then culminating with the Ohio State game Major League struggles there are a lot of unforced errors turnovers got in some bad habits he's a kind of recreate what we saw two years ago that he can do that Sam doorway updates on a very strong pro day had a chance to be franchise quarterback but. The concern right now it's canny break some of those bad habits he picked up this season due to the losses and be offensive lineman and his top receivers led by futures mission to. You know what the hell does al-Qaeda Purnell anyway it's all right and come August crap but all my number one pick did he say war sheen's in his TOB or Jeanne -- guy could have if he's up there he's from Merrill. Here Mali's never now what happens when you pumpkins I every day and never met on a front office a thing about CM Donald that doesn't get enough fighting conversation he did have his struggles for what his expectations were. They started good season. And has offensive line was almost nonexistent because of injuries and still warning and four as a starter you write a pleasant like you lost those games last outside and I feel vindicated out exhibit all the rumors of for the Schiller baker may have killed I've been thinking all day gold may feel like O'Donnell you know Rapoport she knows staff narrow lay it all those are rumors have been shot down the people close to the browns now are saying yeah give me a break he's not taken mayfield number one all kinds. All right will be as second pick the New York Giants will take sick one Barkley. Running back Penn State. University. I bring you here. Player profiles on. In the caliber with Todd Gurley physique Eliot Leonard report that he's certainly as good as any of those guys coming out in terms of rating he's a tremendous run or would you rate lower body strength is a very good receiver who you put in the slot and create those matchup but badgers down the field and what really is key for me for rookie running back is an outstanding blocker usually less plot a defense. We'll hold up well and protection. Ford your quarterback also brings a great attitude great approach hopefully Barkley follows in the footsteps of -- Eliot but I afford that and toddler. Yet it feels like a no brainer pick swagger artist yeah I think the worst thing that can happen for the giants is if somebody other than Sam darn old right goes number one. Yeah because the giants have to take Arnold if he's there right. Supposedly all the rumors and reports were firm Gelman and everybody vet. The Arnold was the only quarterback. They believe is worthy of one day taken over for Eli. Sophie is gone this makes it super and it's not like they haven't needed a running game for I don't know how. A year Utley takes free trade that pay. No babies Barkley is stacked kind of talent we against and everybody's saying about it. And you give like for first round picks on match yeah. It's hard to sane on that yet that's. As tough as it is the with the third overall pick in the NFL draft the New York Jets select. Josh Rosen quarterback to UCLA. No hybrid junior. Player profiles on. We'll DeRozan throwing the football very artistic throws to tight spirals pros accurate balls very special pool balls. In the 357. Step drop situations he's idea always pro ready all that the concern but Josh Rosen has two straight years of injury shoulder two years ago missed half the season. This year concussions 32 days to crush protocol not able to play in their bowl game. Is he guy will galvanize the team because they got to the teammates will gravitate to would be the first one in last one out all these different things from an intangible standpoint and the injury issue that's why it's a debate that clear cut number one number two pick overall you talked about a guy right now who's left to prove some things what's his in the NFL. I think the jets leveled ideal. You mad just him and that New York media market doesn't it feel like it's destiny. Thought I think general I I think this has a lot to work because I think Todd bulls is one. Who had it as a head coach does everything with purpose and that's the most important thing for Rosen. Rosen is a guy who. Is in there is like to just explain to me the purpose and give me an opportunity to if I don't believe if I believe there's a better way to do it. And there's a get an and a back and forth and if he has that aunts and bolt strikes me is the guy. That they can do that they can disagree at the end of the day. Rosen understands he's the head coach we wanted done this way. And go out and do it but I I think it might work better there than a lot of people think so. I would love that picture number three for the jets I didn't I I've said before I think grosans going to be the best this bunch and look maybe all the suck in all of our great. That's my two cents on it and if he's there at number three get a chance land him I think I think that's a home run to take the. You give but he totally out with the fourth pick any NFL draft table in the path owns a hopefully don't trade take Bradley shy of odd defense event. Don't hybrid junior. Player profiles on. Bradley jump Mario Williams era Mario Williams when he came out of NC state number one pick overall Bradley shelf not quite as dynamic. But overall talent is Mario Williams was but close enough to be a guide it is one of the elite players in the strip and certainly I think the best defensive player in this thread brings it every play is not a defense undertakes plays all four paces himself or enforce public game. He's a tone setter at eight. Rape worked out in conjunction with the productivity makes Bradley jobless guide you would view as an outstanding player moving forward in the NFL. This is a sub par about a number four pick is you have the option of trading it probably get no bubbly tonne out of it because he's there probably 82 quarterbacks left on the board likely at that point Allen may feel Rosen depending on how it shakes out maybe Darrell knows. So you got a chance to get a lot out of it but you also can get a lock of a prospect in Nelson to bolster your offensive line. With the retiring of Joseph Thomas or you can take child who everybody's saying you can't miss defense of lyme prospect and you put that next a miles Garrett. Yes see I apply young they had to pass rusher I think the people that are gonna want the teams they're gonna want quarterbacks. Might be too far down for them to slide riot they are really liked job and pairing him with Garrett. Departing that your quarterback so it's not like it you know what do you. If you can't give an equivalent to Chubb pat. Twelve for sixteen I don't whoever multi lied my body hair whenever right I think I think it's more likely than not that they go ahead and use this number four pick for themselves and with scared man a ticket come. Ten minutes there we like this if you're out with the fifth day. In the 27 team 28 team pardon me NFL draft the Denver Broncos. Select quarterback baker may fields of Oklahoma you know. Male tiger junior. Player profiles on. Competitiveness and desire to win. Who excel believe. Players welcome coach as well baker mayfield they about baker mayfield indicates he can't be a really good quarterback in the NFL super accurate throwing the football or on the move in the pocket doesn't matter Kenny via Drew Brees Russell Wilson might we shall see the skeptics have to then he's got to be the seat go to football team did what got to overcome two things the lack of ideal bite and the fact that he's got to be a professional. Focused CEO that does everything right boy and off the field. CN ANC's god and man candidate in those antics Finland and MVP year get to a suitable you do is you can't Atlantic says a quarterback any NFL just doesn't work that way how close is our draft coming up to the people we had on earlier so far we are in lockstep with the male athletes before out there they did a good chance unless John Elway is absolutely in love with baker may feel that we could see a trade at five there are all sorts of reports the the Broncos are open for business but I think he -- speaker mayfield in big LA goes -- I -- doesn't trade down he's been the one player that it's come out like even before the Senior -- -- in fact -- -- with -- ARE. And case Keenan is how long term is he going to be four yeah. Right right is at the long term answer he had two and five are going to be fascinating with giant steel and Broncos do. Let's break this thing in half shelling out hopefully your your not so bored to death you entertained by our my draft for trying to be no piper. We have Dix six through ten coming double push lads plunged down in the bottom of the hour 'cause you gotta get plums and on Thursday. So the colts the Buccaneers bears the niners raiders you're on the clock in it's coming up next on the fans. Coming up bottom of the hour we're in the midst of our NFL's dirt Sprague mock draft 2018. Addition. By the way you wanna see what's like or looks like the commission Israeli ago. Glad tap pass tonight and draft party yeah got pictures up acted in the sand on his program and answer any of the fan on Twitter if there's ever Roger Goodell. Biopic I hope you actually you legitimately. Fly to LA and trap for the raw desire to roll I they need to have that role the commission is ready to look what's lag that I like and I can go stone wall with the best. And check it out stop by Atlanta thousand I've Sandra parties can be a lot of fun we are five picks and here's rat. So I had the number one pick it went to Arnold to Cleveland swagger the number two pick when Barkley and the giants. You had a number three pick and you would Rosen of the jets he also had the number four pick and you had child to the browns. And the swagger the number five pick it went mayfield of the Broncos so that means. And as of our picks again trying to be milk diaper the Indianapolis Colts are on the clock ends up with the sixth pick. An NFL draft the cold selects quickly Nelson offensive lineman Notre Dame. No kind Riggio here. Player profiles on. Ball or a destroyer is what what Nelson is love compared him since the get go to Steve Hutchinson was a great offensive guard at Michigan. I hall of fame career in the NFL think he's that type of player. Big strong. Physically brings a linebacker mentality the offensive guard spot I think there's gonna be a temptation to try and tackle if not only does it doesn't matter he will be a phenomenal guard. For a long time. Yeah I don't know where they're gonna go under I love this today I think when you got in your luck coming off of an injury that's held ML fur almost two years. You do whatever you damn well can to protect him and job lets you dame may whiff on him but there hasn't been. This is a pretty big consensus feel of this kid maybe the next future hall of fame offensive lineman in the NFL. Yeah you gotta take him I think gets six it makes a lot of sense for what you're trying to do and terms of bringing Andrew got back from his injury. I don't get the connection defense I know they need defense they a lot of pieces that calls are not a good football team but this would be Lima especially if quit Nelson falls numbers say it's because a lot of people's minds he is the best player in the strata Steve Hutchinson work for Seattle right. So I. But the seventh pick in the 2000 ain't seen NFL draft Tampa Bay Buccaneers select. Derwin James safety Florida State. No tiger junior. Player profiles on. Or when James and then that can chancellor of all the way to look for athletic get the injury a couple of years ago come back from a Florida State. Six what they have 215 pounds long arms tremendously under 45 really strong tremendous athletic ability of forty vertical eleven broad. He got to be kidding me that this is rare talent. Break big safety who got a place like a linebacker at safety skills. So this is what how unfit Willy wise in today's NFL is a multi dimensional athletically. Gifted. Safety liked her when James out of Florida State I think you'll get a feel like this. For today's NFL he has perfection in the defensive secondary. Danny's a hometown kids see you keep them in town Mikey did you Amos Winston. And you just hope that he can live up to the hype and projections that people have for me was really good college football player. On the when you sixty M chance or only more athletic. Than hell of an expectation to put or bid. Yeah they need some secondary held their secondary it was awful last year the box or an agency went too because they have multiple needs an they could trade down I think when you get that bottom part of the top ten. The bills it especially depending only Denver does right. Buffalo Arizona Miami's been rumored a lot of these teams to be still have two or three quarterbacks on the board likely not three but maybe too little pistol on the board at that point. Or at least one. The somebody gamble and trying to get in that range take Josh Allen. Are with the eighth pick. In the 2018. NFL draft the Chicago Bears select Mika Fitzpatrick safety. Alabama. Al-Qaeda her junior. Player profiles on. We look at make Fitzpatrick does that the explosive athletic. Testing numbers. Little in the field with them had soul and great versatility like quarter slot safety which he did all three at Alabama played for Nick Saban as a defensive back guru with that theory very sophisticated scheme. And I think from a knowledge standpoint from my NFL ready standpoint Nick Saban McGovern he's the smartest defensive back whatever coach that means a lot and he's a true playmaker who goes out that his business of professional matter when the ball's in his aired as a chance for interception he comes through with turnover. And I think that last comments the most important thing you know Chicago win in free agency. That portion tried to get some more targets for Robiskie upfront. Now that defense if you can get somebody who can teach you an extra possession or two for true biz ski. Now I think the bears can start to think about putting together an entire team. And and making a playoff push don't know we'll get there this next season never I don't know we NC the rams jumped and yet there's always those couple teams that seemingly come out of nowhere but the bears were a tough out for for teams that some surprise wins there may be Pittsburgh beat Pittsburgh in NC got Howard they are at running back that everybody seems to like cell. I think this fits in really well with what they're trying to accomplish. The ninth pick in the NFL draft the 49ers select. Linebacker row Kwon Smith out of Georgia. No tiger junior. Player profiles on. Once that they tackling machine sideline to sideline to vendor great range. 45 speed can play inside or outside very instinctive football player gets all blocks through traffic very easily he is a guy in the NFL what double digit tackles and every game he will be the centerpiece the foundation these all of your defense whether Diaz and inside linebacker or an outside linebacker with his coverage skills his range does that put a system isn't that he's an every down performers. But to be a home run pick for the niners' home run they added to the defense obviously the room process does got to figure itself out Solomon Thomas it'll more consistency. But I love broke on Smith there's a lot of posters NEC's the perfect NFL linebacker for this era both Foster can give back on the field and out of the legality situation I think he puts Smith next to him. And then you forty bolstered your defense of line I think you look and a hell of a front seven situation. And I know the niners are a complete team but they're gonna add to it through that terror of the draft and other spots. I think with a talent like that I really like broke once meant I think they go broke on Smith here. I last all of the tenth pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Oakland Raiders select. Dean Avaya defense of alignment Washington's. Bill heidrick junior. Player profiles on. In the mold me today is up home loading not formally or again first tropical Baltimore Ravens great career in the NFL he's that got a guy with that. Rare physical talent 64347. Pounds really quick and athletic for a big man. 41 wraps become quite remarkable stretch he's the guy can be disruptive by the shack got big get into that back field because destructive quarterback. Makes a run stopped behind a line of scrimmage he's up inside you can help that linebacker to a linebacker who will now be watched more freed up. As a supplement and no lawyer Greg Ellis is mine today Cali I NFL defense. I liked Iran paying more okay lines you know him the linemen from Alabama I just think this is what Oakland's can delegates are reached for lacking opens actually in a trade down the right radical idea but I don't think it's a stretch for grew and like pain more from dammit they need Avaya could be I like pain better but I just I rolled dice what was Thabeet is a god is going to be guy for man that's right some are trying to be an archive for here is our official mock draft top ten we went and this order Arnold Barkley Rosen child Alan Nelson James Fitzpatrick Smith Avaya. Campbell put out against milk diapers final mock draft we'll see how many. We get right to announce mean do we beat the NFL draft experts going to be a lot of front nine are you gonna give us the truth what do we do these Ali Larter agreed that Glaus at the show and I hear economy are locked in sleeper picks in 2017. Will also toxin NBA playoffs. And they won a Stanley Cup Playoffs don't forget about that duked close up shell but. Slightly delayed let's get an alum swagger back up plums next. Setting sun as early in his Holmes odd coming up to close out Michelle we'll update the poll questions for it tickled that look ahead to AM boring night NBA playoffs. Game one of the big series this Danica playoffs by the way quick Portland baseball side notes okay you can cite no Amelio all of baseball. I'm gonna read this story because admittedly I did not see this story okay eight but I'm just gonna read the headline and I get more details but there has line is this remember the offer the Portland diamond project yes gave to TPS I didn't 80000080. Million plus the band when he fell million dollar building was funding the local sports. This just stand via Portland Tribune. PP yes agrees to pay out one point four million in racism case. Ha but they can do some money. So maybe on an out there 89 in cash would be nice scare them. Mentioned that are crackpots death redress that we'll talk about them into little bits mop lock and sleeper pick coming up to those shows while but let's get in his blog Shelley. Slightly later the draft the draft went long as it always does look. Nothing nothing to throws things out a lack of more then then NFL draft day. There's very few days first two days of the NCAA tournament and address the NFL draft is one of those days a national signing day for recruiting tends to throw things out of whack there are. And and outside of that it's. Probably the most the biggest disruptions to what we normally act took him totally GAAP. All right you know I'm fascinated with the national days of observation. Several on this April 26 of my favorite is national pretzel bag. And there are differing accounts of the origin of the pretzel. A but it's got a Christian background some believe it was developed by and monks around 6108. An Italian monk invents pretzels as a reward to children who learn their prayers. When he called the strips of baked go folder to resemble arms crossing the chest. Let me sibling pronounces. Pretty old we would be the time which means little awards so there ego. Are you guys soft pretzel guys you block pretzels on silencing got to go sob softly I have nothing against crunchy pretzels lovesick due and a project to my advantage but yet you get a nice big especially like this I don't do many desserts that like when you get like covered pretzels on your gonna blow the chocolate covered Iraq undergo an outlet cover ice cream pretzel karma situation because Saxony that seems a little too complex yes O Michael they say the average Philadelphia consumes twelve times as many pretzels as the national average finish at 80% of the nation's pretzels are made in Pennsylvania. I did you go to you go to any sporting event and I got no hot dogs like the stable at a baseball game not Jones popcorn always pretty relevant. You can never go wrong getting a soft serve a soft pretzel and a and a sporting event he goes up pretzel are you she's a mustard gas cheese cheese I'm more mustard tomorrow mustard guys love me some mustard pretzel. Who has the best pretzels are pretzel Portland. Don't know. Is there somewhere that's known so I'm sure like any doubt that there's got to be a food carton somewhere around this city that that specializes in the pretzel has long maintained that those kind of food items. Need their own likes and needs at a restaurant with gourmet. Food items like thank you make a gourmet pretzels like to assassinate the are causing well may I just did it what it better than you do it regularly sent out you can stop it right political stuff NN he's a mile path inside them the go exhibit wrap your dog's vet who doesn't like it corn dogs. Which can only get those that like the fair I don't I some saves people now and again as that's their problem right. All right like the way I envisioned. Idea of I. No it's president rarely do one of these segments where alcohol is not involved but we do you want to congratulate a couple of local wineries oh. As two different Oregon wines were served at the recent Sunday dinner yet with the with the France with French pres cardinal Emanuel mark cold and we're just making America great again here domain serene I've instead reserve Chardonnay from 2015 was served as well listen domain Bruins Lorraine pinot noir from 2014 so congratulations. And caddie always nice to see campaign. Price on the bottle. No I would be curious to find that now serving at a state dinner that's got to be. Well attended and you know political applauded that I would imagine off the top of my head there people out there I'm gonna match in that Chardonnay goes somewhere in the 35 dollar range in the Pino is probably pop in the fifty to sixty dollar bottle range. Rob that's if you went to the winery and purchased there I don't know what Markakis after that dirt is a big wherever he's acts. He will purchase guy. Like at the masters spend a lot of money yeah man we go to bin dale trail we do you like debris stopped he will go to the store and buy stuff term. Some mostly spent on the bottom line if you did a wine tasting somewhere. Crowd in front by the time to give me a number. You would hand the money over may be reluctantly a drunken mind. Here is just not inclined to war now. Okay yeah I like two hours are different I mean you're just a little one ounce tastings because I'd. They still taste you know four to six winds at any given stop so if you hit three years you know you're feeling good yeah defense if you. I'd probably go for a bottle line. In my and a 500 boxer. Really now how long would you wait for you drink all you would save it for the specialist and occasions. It's gotta have he got to keep it in the right yeah you think Karen and dark cellar at bill. But in the garage but I love finding delicious cheap line since like one of my life goals. I guess I gotta take you guys out in. One country to a few places that I've come to yes the son plays the final line Rite Aid. OK I was gonna say we'd go exist. Epic mega deals member. Anyway we do a little football. Here jaguars owner shot on today. Confirmed he's buying Wembley Stadium yes he did for 700 million dollars sleep. Liked he's got a bio Wembley Stadium any saying this actually only helps the case that they're going to be in Jacksonville. It makes their brand stronger in Jacksonville I'd be terrified by him at Giants Stadium really does determine if the NFL wants to put team their bingo. I don't think so yeah I'll put my team here. I I know another team there my teammate go and pale in the building. How about that what is this that would be dude get all of his money I think he's a realistic real estate guy oh AZ. He's cash on hand eye when oil. I thought he was oil and oil guy. At that killer mustache and make a name where Jerry Jones and oil guys and allay a lot of people texting and pros to. Has great pretzels. OK and that neighbor tavern was texted ends neighbor tavern 7-Eleven was text today. You know what when it's good it doesn't matter right when you're in a hurry Daniel got 89 cents. And we've all been there we've all whenever. Pros favorite tavern to noted Bob finally. Did have you guys made it all through wild wild now break I have watched another episode I. Slackened and what you do when you go home. Well this. It was in the Oregonian does just a couple of days ago this is not really meaning forming our all I saw the door I saw this from April 22. So. And there was a mr. Reid diary. Of Reich knee secrets discovered in a locked file cabinet from from the commune. I had sex everyone's life and if you leash so yeah teenager. Out in terrible on. Was. Try and have fun there was this one black file cabinet that his father bought his father bought a bunch of stuff as they were. And liquidating the entire thing to come up with money and get out of dodge. So there was this one file cabinet. Finally got in but it didn't just look normally there wasn't anything so as they were kind of cleaning it trying to figure out if they can use it or sell later. On the underside of one of the drawers she discovered. A folder. And they believe it to be notes of all the sinister. Conspiracy story. That the salmon no luck spike teen. As the a plot to kill Bob wants doctor all of those sorts of things so they're trying to go through the course. Of verifying if those documents are actual or if they were planted so. And this and this was a bombshell on the story for anybody who's watched it knew about it this was like wait they found that you didn't meet. This is on you spring you've had you've had weeks this is stupid you've had you know it's dumb about this streaming and enjoy watching event forever everybody goes. It seems at one case and if the person that can't go at that same pace. You just leave them behind. The razor what sprigs hosted not wash first round basketball again. Exactly it's a you know what they do that list now. Guy yup Milwaukee got like second and I know Lockheed Boston you only see Greek freaks in the NBA so often now see him for another fifteen years. Not just gonna go home and watching wild wild country with 85 in nicer had a chance and basic daily decay like this however stars ray might get a not to DC residents of eyes iridium. Yeah yeah this weekend. So this weekend's B 57 and raining again was scheduled a breakdown segment for early and really in tune into the sixth round of the NFL draft there on now Saturday morning but what you're missing is I have two children. Actor and my wife started the show Whitney in my solicitous Weaver yeah yeah happy make sacrifices for the show me to death squads to begin with thirty watts of Italian double lots and I don't can't double watch something that scales break Stanley triple stampede double stamp figure this crap out. Display in new so yes so there's some some actual physical tangible evidence is so all the spirit every Jeanne did you finish it. I yes while and so I blew through this thing. Started away after we started to do that. Way after but I was when we had to he'll move into my mom's there's so they were in the middle of it so it just got it got and that's just got older I just love my kids aren't really surely knew that. It's. Just hearing what you're Zeta meet her knowing. You were just able to watch this whole thing in one day as could jump you spent six. Great act of births of zinc and hold the hockey series we make we make different life choices OK we are where we are all right you're right it's. I don't go out that I've got to watch while luck had treatment I'd next week we'll break down great great addition as lags slums as always okay. Our Lockett are sleeper pick from the 2017 NFL draft I will re read dental make fun of each other we'll do that we'll also give our picks for. This year's NFL draft in multiple questions next on offense. The magazine's 51 Isaak can sit on and on top of the hour lively glad tap house. Expand draft party at that and I'd stop by say hello good luck to all the GM's participating. Chance to win big screen TV. Gonna be a lot of fun. Let's get to our 2007. Locked in sleeper picks chalet in 20072017. Is you don't act or 07 I JaMarcus Russell has had to do doesn't have a draft as a sleeper pick as you and inflated residents have down so I last year he aura lock picks and draft. Mine was John and Alan. So AJ actually was go any hourly played sixteen it's bad for Washington ran six games again Ernie mr. as the years so it's not horrible real it was a lock for succeeds going to be much worse you live with cam Robinson offensive lineman Jacksonville and a pianist started I think the story left tackle all year. You have the right Jack has Albert whatever he retired on a stuffing came back in the an upstart Ken Robinson earlier I'm OK with that area that and slack for his locked into the draft last year with Christian McCaffery. Not bad. Not bad costar but not bad not ready and OK there appears are locks are bad year one doctor okay year one are locks are okay are sleeper picks and. And it is John Kaiser think. I pop pop industry drafted by Cleveland. Connecticut says dummies here Kansas and since all millionaire didn't do a good system I'm not an adult cannot tell you guys are nine WI. Ural as the project was Patrick. Holmes yeah. Own your juries and being alone being in less discerning that are not east. Does not deem worthy what do you gain whip Wendell win big win a game any NFL talk OK and did they win the one game of the year he started and Oakland. In week seventeen I think they did it did you know only one NL undefeated is pretty good if I remember reading it is yeah I. That does not count as a sleep OK now it's a blank and swagger sleeper pick any you know public criticism request circle park our energy. I may epic not even knowing that she's for gonna trade wade hello to go get him I'll I don't. My main nine not think it was gonna go to the damn Cleveland Browns aren't a ground and you and gagged. And swagger sleeper pick of the 2017. NFL draft. John Ross. Not not a great start for them last night even play he got hurt and he missed like all the season so those are our picks last year let's do this Yemen and around them quickly gentlemen your lock pick in your sleeper pick in the 2018 NFL draft baker mayfield. Locke yeah K I'll dial on the maker mayfield hill I know some people disagree and he has been a a lightning rod of conversation but I'm gonna go baker mayfield lock. In this year's draft. Tse Kuan Barkley. He goes to the giants fees can have a thousand yard season are you you're practicing a team it has and matters you know I I think you're way I've. But I mean all yeah all intent who just looks like he's going to be a lock keys in every every down back. And rookie running backs about a good trendy Alaska appears related girly look a delicate last year for nabbing these guys are coming and Eminem back right with. Smile our face to be durable and James were we not let the boring offensive lineman Alan not Bill Clinton Nelson because he's easy like in your sleep perfect gentleman. Rock once Smith says sleepers tucked epic. I'll go on Sonny means shell from Georgia. I love him and he's going to be great NFL running back dial Calvin Retief and Lamar Jackson. In like four years. Couple I dig it. Like man I like it. We had multiple contrast today we had our analysts come on from every city you can find on an anti cast we also that are on a murder to see if we beat no Khyber tonight. A flick goes well for us enjoy the NFL draft. It should be a lot of fun we'll see craziness in the top ten. Enjoy the weather outside watched the draft photo lab tap house to look and have a cold one. Hey Alan sands could be on some nights that an oppressed folks from the city of atlas truck tires podcast 1080 the fan. Dot com we'll talk due tomorrow afternoon and a number one is next you're listening to 1080 the fan.