Dirt & Sprague Thursday April 20th, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, April 20th

The guys debate who should be drafted first Christian McAffrey or Leonard Fournette...relive some of the most memorable NFL Draft busts...plus the beneficiaries of teams panicking in the draft over marijuana scares with players.


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's playoff to and I think I get into the back thanks Jeff and enclaves and and good crew. Last month so I thought I really like the position we're going into the playoffs this is a playoff week a nation of dirt and sprayed. You presented by Rhett tells golf center's spring tent sale starting Friday April 20 fact it's Sunday the twenty bed where you can save up to. 2% up everything golf and get a 50% bonus on trade and visit golf red tailed dot com. An eight ball over by the blazers. Motivated. By the three of every new durden spray gun 1080 I know. I've played here assailant. I welcome endurance break here's second hour and 1080 the fan if you missed any of the first check it out at 1080 the fan dot com less Schwab tires podcast. At some point may be at 2 o'clock hour. We'll have to discuss with how the NFL is just getting railroaded on their schedule release. So that's going to be a big deal tonight they're gonna like two hour specials on ESPN in the NFL network about breaking down the schedule Campbell we basically already know what it is I mean the Packers whole schedule has leaked online you concede out on Twitter if you wanna go searching it. We know the opening game we know some of the things giving games. It's not going well so BL snot everybody's gonna see this of the TV shows will still be relevant but it'll cannot be very pleased with our. I leaking it goes through this it's not as big a deal. As did how bent out of shape they worry about people leak in the draft picks like right before they happen which shall become a thing next week but. Because I think a lot of people are a work there it it's like. It's like the whole Twitter sphere so it's all over the place it's not like four or five main guy and Iraq but he's dialed in so people still wanna tune in and get the whole rundown and end times in which games there's Sunday night Monday night that sort of thing but yet it is getting pretty comical right. It's all over the place speaking of the NFL let's get to this. I was reading an article about the NFL draft and some of these prospects and Chris McCaffery well a lot of people come mine. And just what his physical skill set is of a running back. Also kind of a slot guy back that comes out of the backfield. Special teams impact type player. He's crazy range of ability right. What you look at running back you were just talking sheer running back. Leonard for net and there's a really good and have read about him I wanna say it was on MM QB. About letter for and that's kind of been this prodigy. From eight grade and the way that they have treated his life from where he's raised. Has been exactly that they've looked at him as kind of LeBron of his area where he came in as a freshman. And there were seniors on his high school team that openly admitted. They never wanted to participate in tackling drills against him because he looked like he was a 35 year old man as a freshman ice was that big and that strong and he lived in a rough neighborhood in all these you know mentors and big Brothers and everybody around knew this guy has its. We are not gonna allow him to succumb to the streets of where we are and he didn't that even he lived and terrible area. And then he goes to LSU and he has all these amazing highlights and an amazing short career. Seems like the obvious pick for the first running back rank. Now according to some of these mock drafts were started missing Christian McCaffery for some people. Move ahead of Leonard for net now and I'm I'm just wondering if that's surprise you at all and who you would choose if you were taking a running back for your franchise doesn't really surprise. No. When you're talking about what running back you wanna take it all depends on what system Yemen place right I mean I mean it in the this is what I said about McCaffery throughout the entire draft process as what is your offense looked like I mean there's teams like New Orleans that come to mind. Carolina comes to mind a Green Bay comes to mind. Teams they can move the ball through the air teams that are already pretty well structured in terms of that and a chance to win next year and you don't need a running back to come in. And carry the ball 2530 times a game that's not we're offense needs and if you're one of those teams I think Christian McCaffrey's a home run you plug him in right away. He be handed to him ten times a game you could put him in the slot in 45 catches a game. Haven't returned punts and return kicks he's much more first at all. In Leonard Fred that's not a knock on for nets versatility but it's just a fact of what Christian McCaffrey can bring to your football team. That the difference between the two Obama is I see Ford had been every being an every down back in the NFL McCaffrey just doesn't have that pedigree I don't ES the size the strength. And he took a lot of Wear and tear on his body when he was at Stanford he carried the ball lot he was their offense for the last two years. So all depends on when a team in my opinion is willing to take a running back and I don't think people are gonna fall into. The Ezekiel Elliott trap them when I mean by that is just say a team willing to go on the top five or top six and take a running back I mean you have to remember what Dallas. The offensive line and they have in place not to say Ezekiel Elliott is in a stud and a great NFL running back. But he's behind the best offensive line in the NFL many churn out 1000 backs like it's not that you could plug and play back there he's good plays a product of that offensive line in my opinion. None of these teams in the top 678910 how an offensive line like that who I'd just been struggling Carolina has that ability Carolinas and OK I'm a little programmers and out of Dallas offensive Wynonna or an yet to remember what Carolina they have Jonathan Stewart who's still a mini still play at a decently high levels are eager to take a running back like from that. To immediately replace him and that's why I think that the reality of McCaffery going before for Nat. Is is pretty realistic I really do you just. He is so dynamic fell where he wowed some peace he wowed some leased out to become mind that. There were some suggesting he may end up being more of a slot receiver than actual running back Italy I don't know if I buy that quite yet. He has he has an incredible ability to find that hole in that speed when he burst through. I mean pactel fans how many times did you see that firsthand. That we we know we has the ability uniting that can translate to the next level sometimes we can get enamored with the national spotlight. And Sammy Chris McCaffery got a lot of pub especially his last season. But it still felt like the big package the big highlights the big games. It was more Leonard for that and so when you dock workers McCaffery kind of jumping him in that order. To me it's a little eye opening just because of we know the size we know the speed we seen the strength. We solace for now I can do in the SEC where most people consider you playing the most NFL type ready defense of talent. And Chris McCaffrey was in the pac twelve which. Wasn't as great last year had some really good teams is not as great last year and the Panthers actually dirt are that team for a lot of people. Of Carolina does have Jonathan Stewart and but is the end of the road coming for Jonathan Stewart is my idea now back to be a real wildcard in this thing in the jets those of the two teams in the top ten that you say. Taken a running back. The jets can be looking to find a playmaker like for netter McCaffrey and some viewing the jets would take pursue McCaffrey just because he's more dynamic for tar balls. And the Panthers would be a really really interesting one to follow. I saw Chris Collins worth came out and said I I can't believe there is a great shot a great shot. Leonard for Ned could slip to the Carolina panda T imagine Cam Newton in letter for Nat and and Jon Stewart for another year to your only option situation you don't think you on that one yet no I think it. It just sit in a lot of it also we will with where running backs villages to bonds and other top ten stacks up and in terms of how many teams are to take quarterbacks that you just look early in the draft Cleveland's not gonna go running back at one. Sam Disco was Carlos cited at number two I don't expect them to take a running back they might trade out. And that number to take an in Chicago in Jacksonville a bigger problems in the running back position and I don't see Leonard fanatical and three or four Tennessee said at that spot. The jets probably take a quarterback you know the chargers maybe go there at number seven so we could be off the board. At that point. But it is it's going to be fascinating to see where. Not only for neck goes not only were McCaffery goes but we're some of the other guys go because really it feels like the draft stock of a lot of these guys. Is start to slip a little bit Dauman cook is deal was some stuff right now people aren't quite as high on him as they were when they cared either it was a really character issues out and car coming up Joseph Nixon is the same thing were some NFL teams are just like you know what now it's not worth that is words aren't good enough and and his story about what happened in being remorseful. Isn't good enough for us are really it feels like a two guy race where. A you know a month or two ago we were talking about how many skilled players aware deposition and now it's down to basically McCaffrey and for nappy in the top two guys Dauman coach saying I. I understand the character concerns judge Joseph makes in in the headlines a lot with. Which team's gonna take the risk can take Cho mix and teams are more conscious of the outside noise easing in the background with some of these players they looked into it. I saw a story with mix involved he might have hit another girl in high school all nine east teams are heading into that story as well. So I get a butt dialing code red if we're talking football players and there's nothing outside of what happened to him in college. I don't know how he slept in Brett bull I think in Christian McCaffery for netter cooked to me they can be all the same player I think coach is gonna be stun NFL player who guided his amazing to get a steal in the second round of their third round of one of those got a bit vaguely if you just throw out the off the field stuff from their personalities and things that they've done away. From football and you just focus on their ability in between lines somebody's gonna get a steal in the second or third round Ellis is an assist for net scares me almost too good to be true. He's been protected is a life seems like a big injury is looming just a gut feeling. He did suffered the injury in college last year which sidelined him for will he miss the bowl game on purpose yeah game Zeum missing college and I look up his game law did get hurting college last year and it in his final season I don't know finance 12. Three through four games it looks like is that counting the ball without the ball that is not counting the bowl game OK itself so five total then yeah. And really I mean really the impact that he had was pretty diminish outside of the Ole miss game last Syria 284 yards against Ole miss he started strong early 138 against Wisconsin but didn't late in the year after he came back from the injury 35 yards against Alabama. And 98 against Arkansas and only forty yards and that loss to Florida wolf the thing you got to remember too damn quarterback know they stack the box of 99. Up there and again we dare you to beat as for the past the investors that the versatility I just think it's changing landscape of the NFL I really do that just it. A not to take anything away from for nap but you just. You have to be able to impact the game and a bunch of different ways and there's no doubt that Christian McCaffrey can do that better than any other running back in his class let's change and for America's we got to running backs potentially in the top ten of the NFL draft something that just a couple years ago you didn't see that anymore they'd moved away from that have. We're gonna stick with the NFL draft coming up next who wanted to get to. Draft busts and not in the way the necessarily thinking when I say that. But just out of curiosity. Top 34 players that come your mind when I say what are the biggest NFL draft bust you can let us know Bridgeport peers takes on 55305. And we'll explain what we mean by draft bust that's next on offense. It. Coming up in twelve minutes. How we'd is impacted the NFL draft. Yes weeds. Marijuana. As 420 today men happy fourth when he I guess. We'll get to college football rule changes at crunch time. Mike friends Cecil was an audio jam. Ethnic. It's going to be moments like the clip we play you where I tell you Mike friends Sosa makes at least ten million a year to do Sports Radio. And you're gonna legit go how does anybody listen to that once I promise you yes yeah. He actually was offered more than sixteen million a year to stayed WFAN. And he didn't wanna negotiate he's a non done here. I'm dawn all comes on to good life manhunt is a good lives still being paid from some aerials also lifetime released their most influential people. May be read a couple non athletes in any athlete. Involved in court before the court is this. For the year is this all time is a civil for the year for the year you know it's for the year yet it the year 2100. Yes I've got hundred most influential people it's not all time discard Catholics on the list. So it's got to be just for that related to crack the top 100 all time no not quite but let's continue with some draft talk and will will continue and actually ten minutes but I wanted to get on this one. So draft busts. When you when I say draft busts. What does it geezer universal name for that is that Ryan leaf as Brian media and I would imagine some pretty big one is an orange jamarcus. Tomorrow's number one are all back while Tony Mandarin enrich. Was supposed to be your. Pro Bowl is supposed to be Joseph Thomas of his generation yeah I place for fifteen years ten Proehl bulls anchor the left tackle position and yeah. Bosworth I think is another one we we've Ornette Texan in Basra soft against product and I was I actually agree with you that. For mod my jamarcus Russell's the bigger bus at the quarterback position I'd look at Riley was a bus to don't get me wrong. There's couch was a huge buzz couch was he but I do when you remember jamarcus also coming out LSU how big he was amended the stories of him like throwing a football 85 yards from his knees slinky was supposed to revolutionize the position yeah I those deep from his knee right hit if social. It was a whole new new brand of quarterback any NFL and and I don't know locally remember usually for two years. I believe I think it was I think he was he was drafted and like 07 any was out of the league by late 2009. It was only had they give me it was a little blip on the radar image is so easy and he was out of the NFL and I NFL stats let's see this JaMarcus Russell was in the league for. Drum roll three year three years okay he played twelve known and we played four in 07 his first year. And the next year he was a starter played fifteen yeah. And then in 09 he played twelfth when he was done and that was it. Every try to come back as well member I was it was last year the year before he was like come make it to come back yeah idea what he's most known for the purple drank amid this yes is life when it's not just. The big arm in the size. He was really successful in college a great college cork and he is a classic example along with a guy like Ryan leaf that people just. You never really know what it is I mean we we we kind of jazzy it's clearly between the ears and college not know work and not anywhere near the NFL level obviously with a playbook. And the new ones but. He was really good played anywhere in national to I don't know issue with Saban I can't remember if I don't where he was an hour and a by a year I think he was behind that was no one Fiesta Bowl did me ES and they they beat Notre Dame Notre Dame yes so he had a really good college career. And he goes in the NFL and the last three years late. That's switching it was some of these guys it's it's it's the reminder that now a member a week away. From this is just the reminder that you you never now. And we can sit here and feel away about a guy eight and say he's gonna be the next mysteries gonna be the next that ended just eat you never know in for whatever reason some guys just don't pan out like in every physical too that you possibly need he had everything. From the arm strength from the size of the it everything you needed to succeed in the NFL but there was just a blockade that he couldn't get over. Lot of it was probably between the years some that was probably off the field stuff and it's it's amazing how quickly an NFL career can derail Actel we will Texan at 55 purify the Bridgeport Beers tax line that Vince Young should be thrown into that category that sounds a rookie of the year. He was totally against our beliefs yet and I also do whatever it is I just brought up jamarcus Russell's college stats is a look atom. He was a starter for two years and LSU my com didn't play much in 04. ESP and still says that he went to Oregon. Member although it's still on there we talk about that a long time ago yeah we've randomly JaMarcus Russell came up on the show when we looked up his numbers the college if you go to espn.com a look at his player profile. It's still says college Oregon. Was he commit. I can't remember now I don't know had anything to do with Horry played three years at LSU humanity committed or not is it still hasn't as the world and label him a dot dammit come on now bad enough the you have acutely Smith Joey hearing and we get to quarterback draft bust to begin with the donate a third one will what I mentioned when the bus is not just tying up players that didn't pan out I wanted to actually point in the peninsula little bit. The mic cheneys that high hers the CBS boards. A lot of guys that give mock drafts and they project this player looks just like got player he's gonna go to the next level man he's got a really make an impact. Well that doesn't always happen for those guys do they have quite quite a few blunders Johnny Mann Zell. Being one of home who there were three continents in 2014 when Johnny Mann Zell was going into the draft. That said including milk hyper Johnny man's cell. Hasn't number one overall talent pro. To translate to the NFL some cheeses how do you think Robert Griffin the third will go down because he did is. I was a rookie take Washington to deploy army did in any Arab a lot of that was an injury that's a bust is so on it whether it's an injury or not I think he's still considerate playoffs season was great but that was also the rookie year the NFL figures you out they clearly did he got injured he wasn't the same he will go as a bus it's also fine to me to the weight way we personally view bust because if I have an opinion I'm a guy going in the NFL and I'll think they're gonna translate I don't view was Abbas like I don't consider Johnny men's all draft last. We never don't you know I as a -- I never thought he was going to be a good NFL quarterback he was small you know great arm strength like he was a freak athlete and great for the college level. I just never saw that translating to the NFL so I never just lose a draft another guy that pun in its going into the draft because I don't wanna just label the players here. Pundits really jump on these kids to and hide mob which leads to less labeling boss is because of the projections. Five continents including milk hyper. Eric curry that name ring a bell so now they ask Ben Ali Aaron Curry 2009. Wake Forest linebacker. Five pun in said this is a can't miss prospect his speed his ability. Will make him almost unblock global. Yep rent Seahawks fans of earlier generations from sure you've seen a few Rick Meyer may be hammering my area reminds us there is okay and yup that's a pretty go. I was in Seattle. For an internship when they made that pick and I stayed in touch with a lot of buddies in my when I left Seattle. I wanna say it was six or seven games in the the everybody in that city knew he'd be was done like three sleazy guy busts but it's this one of the most fascinating things in all of sports you can what we can all watch a guide to college level you know they did Eric you're -- a good example let me watchman colleges to stud. The real indicators when he was playing college that he wouldn't transit to the next level. It's just fascinating to meet them without weakened eyeball a guy we can all agree is a disguised going to be legit and then he goes the next low when he can't do with another one it was a really good a piece on USA today about. Was Charles Rogers who were Charles Rogers deal wide receiver Michigan State. He was this done right Smart political awful war so Eric overall second pick overall to Detroit I mean it was one of the wide receivers and a long line of wide receivers taken by Detroit. And the first round but. Remember watching him look like he had size and he could jump out of it now off the football field and beat guys DP SP and run good routes good hands in everything is good news started the next level and a couple injuries a couple of drug problems boom next thing you know he's out of the NFL guys out there to sorry go on I was gonna say another one that three putt mincing mock actress seems to include in this because well he is kind of the draft Keane guy to guy who proclaims all these guys. In front camera three continents. Talked about member this guy Mike Williams UST Pam went to Detroit one of like ninety wide receivers that Matt Millen drafted Cynthia if you Merrill Hodge after they drafted him questioned the pick and set I don't know what the lines are doing this early with that guy. Mel copper retorted. Aussie tennis hall of fame induction. Now to stick up for driver and Mike Williams. I think Mike Williams may have ended up being a better player had he been able to come back to USC members he he was regimen now what's his face from us they they laughed and they couldn't go to the dry cigarette he sat out a year and then they picked him anyway yeah. I did and we all like in India also to be fair I mean. We all have these rattle what was your Edmonds again Stevens a great one out whether your. And analysts are just a fan like I L I almost feel bad if we do this these guys like that's their job is to look at college players say they transit to the NFL like every single one of us does this I don't feel they make so much unless and unless it with a bad but it just it's funny that with the group we do like to harp on the ones that they get wrong they do get a number of route one of the worst ones for me personally. Ever is Brady Quinn. I'm all for like one leg with Don decide what we're watching Brady Quinn Notre Dame I thought he was three I'd feathered that it's gonna be is done in the NFL I buddy at every tangible that you needed. I intangible skill that you needed to play quarterback in that level and no. I'm trying to think of a good one that I had Brady Quinn is a pretty that's a pretty bold stance I know he's get a lot of pub but he was also questionable guy going into the draft. I'm trying to think of a good Matt Leinart and other go on I never son Matt liner flame out common. You know I'll I'll go local. I did think Joey was gonna be lead yet you did I did ya body into the Joey Harrington night. I mean. How do you not watching that career minimum grade organ in beaten up on the pac ten and get on big bowl wins he acts and inning college. You write there's a so many unknowns. You can't really quantify it was just like can you imagine if you had to do it is to analyze college kids and say this is out of gonna pan out the NFL how many graduate with on every year all and I grab and I think it was mild to Japan -- half million at Russ and we have to end. Am so. Or Jake Locker is a good one. When he came out you don't I didn't by Jake Locker for highways I am as an NFL now Iraqi their. Now and I didn't think anybody here did it had to get another arm a lead it was run yet. And take a step further on the other way and I thought was going to be a bus. And he's a stud player but he can't stay on the field because he's a bonehead. Alden Smith. I'll never forget my reaction we are forty or sick all the sort of angle are you kidding me if that tells Alden says stupid defense event and a end up being kind of stupid in real life but ended up was just a rookie of the year yet we ought to eat our words and I do like this guy and still believe in the end disillusioned dreamed a geno Smith will be good. And cling to a man Diana and elevating. Geno Smith all right coming up next it is for twenty today. And we want a look at how we'd is actually impacted the NFL draft for a lot of teams. And in a good way. We'll get to the next. They'll tell you what's out and it's 136. Welcome back again up at Thursday's her own while. It was follower on tour after the spring we will follow you back. Coming up in crunch time today I got some rule changes in college football I also do at some point when a sneak in some tidbits about the NFL's schedule. We did at 2 o'clock we kind of a hodgepodge Andy do you haven't been hodgepodge segment coming up Mike Francesa. I always say Iran and princess Princess Diana princess di Leo and every time I say is estimates is get a ride because some when airlines were probably get a medium and I don't want you McCain Mike friend's ass I sat. You know I'd honesty say his name wrong to his face just to get a reaction from and he had a interaction with a collar last week or two weeks ago they kept calling him Michael. Instead it might make Michael over and over in my like the sixth time he said fifth it was like a calling out one more time and see what happens Kennedy getting hung up on him. I won't do you cut Kolb and Michael avoid do it's more like his thirty for thirty with the mad dog's coming out to lie. I can't wait to watch it just from Marie like a big radio fan standpoint but he is an interesting guy like that's a threat to a human. Call me Judy do you woman had only Michaels stops there Lloyd gold hung out on somebody Jim Everett on Jimmer owner same thing no different OK is Jim Everett actually got up on Roman trying to beat his ass where Mike princess is behind a night with a guy on the phone and I the early days of ESP into a gold. Days yeah I'll tell you what the opening of the MCA you don't look at double talk about your sim but the opening night game who yeah. But it does this just gets out what their listeners are Oz would talk about that at some point and now unfortunately we will get a guy get back into the blazers and warriors. Coming up in the final hour of the show but today is 421 of those folks and if you don't know what that is like I know why every time I bring it up there's like. Eighteen different reasons why today's the day that it is it's and that we de LA right effort like eighteen million different reasons of why today's weed day I don't know but today's we day. I didn't contribute I write attributed so I should say to the weed I smoke in college in just tell you I can't remember why 420 is the day but hey. It's there it was always a funny in Eugene this is also they yearly reminder we get from corporate yeah pay don't promote it don't promote it. Don't advocates for smoke get mad. It's dangerous can stay away we live import I don't think we need to say anything well I just you found this article and I think it's a good time and for a day like today about. The the fear factor over we'd in the NFL now the prime the most up prod the most recent example this you guys are Matthew Burke. Laramie tons of last year what was it two hours before the draft the value just released of him smoking with a gas masks I think. All of us and he's like outside of the top Denny could go on number one overall draft that picture was releasing a sellout like. Everybody nobody wanted to touch Laramie tons of positional Wheaton College which my brother text me who smokes alliances do you have done that I can't tell you how much better the high asthma and it's a the end of slipping all the way to fourteen that's 30 medical fourteen to Miami Kosovo a lot of money. About a seventy and a half million dollar gap apparently between Jerry golf. Who went number one overall and where he went and fourteen so there's this big fear right and so the SP nation put together a list of the number of times that NFL teams have gotten burned. Literate on those little play there by eight their fear of marijuana. The did the probably the most prominent one. Would be Randy Moss it's easily Randy Moss to think if you don't remember any mosque but by the way great 3030 under any mosque but the remember he was kicked out a Notre Dame kick Nike doubly good you can hang around Notre Dame Florida State can work out and have Colin. To Marshall. And there were all sorts of concerns about his is marijuana use positive drug test is out this guy's gonna character flaws. Randy Moss arguably one of the best wide receivers and history the National Football League. Fell all the way to the twentieth pick in the NFL draft players like Kevin Dyson Robert Edwards went before him he went number twenty. In the NFL draft some the other big ones Warren Sapp was a guy. And some marijuana concerns coming out of Miami Heat fell all the way to number twelve in the draft a couple of no neighbors were taken ahead of him as defense alignment. Ends up being one of the best. Players and teams away from drafting him if you watched the 84 draft thirty for thirty when it was was a Marino to Elway and then they threw in Jim Kelly and that is well. Watching the Dan Marino slippage because the guy had a really fun time in college he went 27. I just laugh it it's so stupid to me that these teens and I give the NFL stance on marijuana and where they are with it. You're not gonna take players like Randy Moss because he likes to smoke weed they Dallas Cowboys did that. What happened on Thanksgiving he Randy Moss courts don't for lack of better word. Went deep three times and a Thanksgiving game and just made Jerry Jones sit in a press box. And have all kinds of regrets Laramie tons all another class example just last year yes the picture leaked to the worst possible time. Should teams really not take a player LeClair me tons of you who is an incredibly young talent. On a key position because he smokes weed or how to gas Verizon smoked weed and read somebody released a picture an hour before the draft started. Here that was so weird last year I had today I'd forgotten about that does artery in his article yet. Marvin dumber odd them off is a Marino's a Ginny came out to get people last that they looked at it there's a group of guys that at that they dissent too much of a good time. And they thought they party too much in college it scared him away the worst part about all this stuff going back all the way to Marino is that how many of these executives and scouts smoked wean themselves and break. Yeah I was watching the local news of the day in the did this new stud Q where. Six hours it was 63% of parents admit to smoking weed Dodd we've known that thinks for finally coming out it admitting it it's as if c'mon a year and executive years out here on the road a lie you're you're watching these college teenager in little towns like Corvallis. Of course is decent percentage rumor smoking weed. Don't judge a kid if he's incredible football player take him don't sit there and tell me because he smokes weed you don't wanna drafted yet three. More prominent examples here recently tyrant Matthew of course memory was that LSU suspensions drug test failures he fell into the third round of the draft Arizona took a chance on him he got was literally from LSU crew right Didier deadly the end of didn't kicked off the team another one to Norris Jenkins memory any fell all the way to the 39 taken into doesn't fall draft. Because he was. Ticked off the program for possession of marijuana at Florida. Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston he's a four time pro bowler. He ended up going in the third round because he tested positive from we to become my cap and somebody and it isn't a point you just talked about draft busts that there are concerns. And you draft the mini bus GMs get fired not picking. Is is is what fireball I I get that. I mean but we're talking like different. Things here right I rivals say too there are examples the other way Randy Gregory we know that name well on this on this show Randy great and it was how many games he played and it as a cowboy. Physically or reading. I think and is currently in his career. He's played fourteen used after the 34 years ago Aaron Hernandez another one coming in character she's in college and he played well not to get a big contracts were inside the murder people Yang himself and then and then it went the wrong direction so there aren't you know I just to make corporate happy there are examples of guys who like character issues and those character issues came back. Condominiums else let's executives do low now week. They are wrong drug their money may have picked me up yet is that bit about the Laramie tons of one I'll never forget that the Michigan certainly sees gone from number one overall he falls all the way to fourteen everybody was freaked out they don't wanna touch Indians have gone the dolphins and you just wonder. With the with the way the league is expanding and evolving with you know obviously laws going into place in different states what their stance will be in the future. Lady on Belgrade example ya it cost him four games last year. But he's still smoke we know we still smoking it in house at turning up it's still take him as a running Mac you know you would. No doubt about it I face a major role changes came to the college football landscape last week and they mostly mix and scratch send us next on 1080 the fan. Pressures on the grass. What's different from. In the past masters execute in crunch time in history Illinois each. When you win this event is phenomenal all of them when you lose it's the lowest on the wall it's. Current stutter move a look at the hottest topics in sports Brian do you mind crunch could. Is 995 per month or so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. A crunch time rented by crunch fitness always not running five months so why would you ever pay more. For gym membership I was at the S and had a glorious housing games. My trainer Scott in my small lawn. I was out there this morning a morning hasn't bright and early work on analogue Nestle 5 AM 1 AM when our life now spent take advantage and it's. I top of the hour let's say let the opener is for the NFL season end after you degenerates out there the storyline Nichols along with the game all I know morning Lincoln who. The hardest tasty action coming for the NFL season and it's like eight months away. But one of the things that we it just sometimes you have a lot of topics you wanna get too and then things can push the back burner in the nation be leftovers the next day and he does can end up punting on some topics. One of those for us was the the rule changes they came to the college football landscape. Last week not necessarily with the on the field stuff the more off the field stuff in terms of recruiting. Adding and actresses and coasted times in which you can sign guys. Hello little older halted to the rule changes on terms of recruiting. In the not a lot of them are no where they were pretty ending it would you agree three OK with all of them there weren't any that dead enough other animal Morgan. Talk about the really stuck out Tia well the one that I will be and should to follow. The you have to wait a couple of years on this one the early signing day. And and how that's an impact college football's adjust is a reference David shot. He told the media on early signing gays being implemented that he thinks it'll be catastrophic. For the sport and he wants is seen to date pushed back. Who do with it Justin Hopkins that set programs like organ they won't benefit from this it'll be the big time programs like Texas. Florida the Ohio State's they will benefit from the early signing period because they need these kids locked up earlier. And they won't deep commit and say you know I actually do wanna take a visit they'll sign I'm a lot earlier so. So I'm obligated Sully I know some ambled seem to believe the early signing here could am have an effect on the smaller programs and the blue bloods but want to find out. One though that we thought was really interesting was a rule this is a part of all the rule change the team how was that prevented. It hired to be made. Of the high school coach. Who has been involved or associated with the prospect. Within the last two years so basically if they call it I AWP individuals associated with him prospects. And it does not allow college to hire a high school coach if they've recruited a player from set high school within the last two years. I think it also. Would does that also affects. Like parents family members say it does and I had stages of being associated with the prospect. I like this and I also don't so there's an example right now going on an organ this would be not allowed to Michael Johnson hardee's there wide receiver coach. His son Michael Johnson junior believes name is the normal one dual threat quarterback for the 2019. Class yet just took a visit this last week and he said he loved it and obviously as were saying there's a connection with the prospect organ would not be allowed to make a hire like that they're they're basically trying to tip curtailed teams from. Hiring a high school coach and in order to. Laura recruit to central its its fence sitting but it's hard to mean not too because if you're if you're gonna take let's say Michael Johnson's. You wide receiver coach. He's clearly a football guy that has the acumen to be a coach on the college level. You're don't want I'm wooed the parents and convince them to kind of be somebody in the year to get a kid to go to your college. Are you really get a chance hiring a wide receiver coach that you're not circuit actually coach football just for one player. I don't know if I buy that. On so I. I I don't like the ability of taking that away some of these high school coach is really he worked our ass off. A stab a success and yes they me create we're not create but have. One or two prospects that they develop an help produce to a level where big time programs. Wanna recruit jump right. I don't know if I like taking away that ability of those coaches to move on to a higher paying job in doing something that they love but turn it the other way. Don't we feel a little weird about this when players are programs are tied together with an assistant coach I nod to your nose and organ state fan for basketball. There's a little bit of of of weird just a little it's a little weird feeling. Like the three biggest prospects organ state have gotten has traced Hinkle. Stephen tough Stephen Thompson junior and now Ethan Thompson is all my sons of they're all sons of the coaches so I think the coaching staff is a rethink is really good at their job. But there is a part of that that I don't like it it's a fence sitting on the topic but it's hard for me not to I mean the first senate comes the minutiae eighty college athletics Rennie we just went through this from the Michael Porter situation his dad gets tired at Missouri the next day or two days later however later was his kid commits them. Missouri ME need to do is there it reeks of shady ness. I do think it's important to note that you can still higher these guys. You just can't recruiting kids from their school so like give Morgan wanted to hire Michael Johnson is the wide receiver coach they could recruit is can't you be so make higher. You just can't then recruit is get in the same thing goes of the high school coach of if you haven't recruited a kid from his school in the last two years you say man this guy's got a great Miami really want to hire him. You just can't record delay from the school when you can still make that higher so I guess malls on is a prime example this 'cause he was a high school coach Natalie Rosen through the ranks now is that coach Robert. He came out with a posting this will this rule will in essence be the death sentence to any high school coach wanted to coach the college game it's putting an end to it. And it's not fair well you can go to smaller level right big time he's right and that to me is a little extreme though like. You don't you don't have to recruiting kids from his school and just that in pour or you could fire coaches had a lot of success he said and we haven't recruited anybody from that school we can still go hire this guy but if you look at Dorgan let's take organ is he sampled and since we have the quarterback we have the coach. You're telling me Willie Taggart not only views Michael Johnson senior as a good football coach that he trusts to be on a staff. But you tell me he also doesn't view that as an opportunity to wait for sure does he for shirt was I see where ICC were decimals honest coming from just this year effect of these high school coaches that get these big time jobs. Our trials is another example is high school coach who want to acknowledge Yang work your way up. If they're going to programs and high school decent programs. Chances are they've produced incredible talent. John you bring in the guy because you'll like him what he does which are also using it as a as a recruiting absolutely did that tactic it's apartment and found out about it so that you we thought that was a pretty fascinating rule change from the college landscape he can't. Hire somebody is a college program they column I EWP's. Individuals associated with the prospect. Within the last two years and dad's gonna apply so it it could change the way coaching hires remained a well thought that somebody did ask at at the bridge for Beers Tex sign. Willie Taggart son is an example can he recruit Willie is only is this kid a highly touted recruit new and I am just I don't know I don't know. I would but as an example could that happen that I don't know 'cause he's -- worry that coach so this is just from making a higher of somebody if he's already in place is to head coach I guess is probably did write it would be different if they you know somebody hired Taggart is the offensive coordinator and then they start a majority of the skin idea it would be afterwards but I I don't know that. As fact Russia and brought to buy crunch fitness always 995 months so why would you ever pay more. For gym membership to find out more about restraint now work out. At crunch dot com lots on the docket here coming up in the final hour Michelle we'll start with the opener of the NFL season does that game give too jazzed that we already got to Vegas line fort. So an annual spring the line on the NFL opener in the next segment we already we get some good radio audio. The played Florian who are the most influential athletes of the last year. Look ahead tonight's playoff action in the NBA and of course and unfortunately we'll get back in the blazers are blown around down in Oakland last night what does it mean for the series moving forward motive are out in order rate on 1080 the fan.