Dirt & Sprague Thursday April 20th, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, April 20th

It's national high five day, do you still high five?...The Blazers lay a giant egg in game 2 against the Warriors, and the conundrum that is Russell Westbrook on display in game 2 of the Thunder-Rockets series.


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Third and sprayed on Jenny don't slam most importantly we we coming out to win the series whether people were offended by. This is so playoffs we commissioned a dirt and spray. He presented I've read tells golf centers Brington sale starting Friday April 20 president defended it twenty bed where you can save up to. 2% on everything dolphins get 50% about this country to visit golf Rendell dot com Wheeler back on the floor. Meaning there it's down low out of the last pit after the break point play. And then there it goes to the great roller derby and spray gun 1080. Artist while love to run around city and it's time for Barron's Craig here on 1080 the fair and Portland sports leader Brandon spraying alongside any Dirk Johnson. Happy national high fives today. That's the day were certainly aside as national hi five days and join me go for twenty and any of us probably the more prominent day on a day like today. I don't know if it still means as much you think those two go together. I would imagine so yeah high five high it's like Heidi and high 5 day is I am buzz no doubt about it you guys high five guys have a bit of a high five guy. I'm trying to make the guy I've put this. I'd don't like high fives outside of my children or playing pickup hoops OK so leg and in the office somebody hit him with a high five and on onboard with that there are four people in my personal life and my work life. That I don't know why but for the life to meet all they wanna do is give a high five. And every end bleeping time you can't go too far you can't take a high five to a streaming instead edges out Aussie like when my cousins one of the four. Hey what's up man hey hey. OK and I and I eight straight it's almost I want from the office. Hello dad I heard a good else. Need deed to say hi good design can block and just needs a high it there's also like there's a guy that does a handshake it's too hard then there's like two Hart high five guys it's like all right that's that stung. I didn't need that walking into the studio for the show it's almost like yeah you said the handshake thing like we're the guys squeeze right as you wanna show your money now I want like a firm grip is okay but when they need there is there's extremes that you take like I'm Amanda and break your other CNET right yeah you get your right you get that with iPods where guys will go in and they will make in the ski in skiing emulate what why did we need to do that I do is take a pre work out or symptom what's going on me I didn't even want the high five to begin with and now you're just making me regret it even more nickel down on the on the five hour energy their chief high fives are almost the whole thing for me. Just in how people go about using utilizing them when they use some. And they kind of go hand in hand with handshakes I think too because some people turn the high five. Intel like a weird handshake yet that it I did tell my five mile I'm on board with a good time are playing softball and they get a hitter some then you see you back in the dugout. Give you a quick drive five uncle with that you know but it's not even like I'm gonna go towards you you go towards me it's more about I'm just putting my hand up yeah and just kind of happened on the way over will make contact with the skin in the normal line I'm more Maxey a big let Zach tapped clubs guy going into that I know Willis makes a play earlier tap glove guy ha yeah I'm just I am not but never really been a high five guys at one point two or did the fist pump. Got. I don't know a road the stature of the high five and knuckles knuckled knuckles started to come out and I think it really downgraded the high five and American society I think when germs became more of a big deal was it germs germs was the cause of knuckle all I'm just by means giving my opinion can I can't I don't know why he does fist bump is a big thank you -- got a lot cooler than the high five the -- -- was like for old people the knuckles was for like the young cool that people I eat I know pulled a double who used to work here and sometimes we see human events maybe they're listening so apologies for kind of calling you out without seeing your name and I know people that like high five me. And then put the fist out. They get a high five yeah and they always say no among them both know I I don't I don't like doing both and I it's a very back and forth life for me where he. I have a pretty diverse group of friends. And one set of friends. That I know they don't do the fist pump any other sat. They will fist bump and a half the time on gas used in half like are you gonna put your fist aren't here we do sly way dads for my hands to my side I don't know what I'm doing here at. Estimates and an end to knuckle bouncer a little over used do. I think the aria I thought I fives in knuckle bumps are both overused but it it's all about a time and a place if you knew in the in the right time in the right place to feel good I'm aboard what is worse for you personally if you are any work setting. The guy that high fives you or they guided slaps you on the back. They got this they got the worst thing as a slap on the back don't touch me but if you high five me leave me you leave me the option. If because I can't not well because my five year odor he could but yes slap on the back as it went really eat you needed to cause me pain on my back he had to do that one. This is another valid point to is and this happens a lot. Vienna games. Don't like the high five guided sits in your section. There's always that gotten to within a couple of seats idea you know touchdown score goals scored in hockey era big you know big played a blazer game. The guided turns around and immediately searchers are high fives everywhere you know in his vicinity since that happened to me to Nebraska org engages everybody's assertion high fives and I don't. It's like yeah so Zain have you he would yeah Sergey goes to peace be with you everybody well you don't always have to in the second half when you when your brother you and your brother ended up sitting in different C tonight at sitting actually in a really initiated area. Then Nebraska fans around me. When they made some key stops down the stretch and skewered the game could lot of high five guys live pylon hype I. Yeah whereas now it's also a man is this like OK our grant them. I actually ignored somebody's high five in the office last week it was Luke. Oh you just want east is still won't get hot heat he has no one knows he's one of the four Eagles and quite a high fiber body did you act like you didn't see it did you acknowledge the high five and move on neuro I saw it was pretty clear and what I did was I use an excuse to get out of it like god dude just touch something with pants so I did like an elbow an awkward L Obama and walked right past I think Ed is cutting yet is. I just don't need high five every time you know LA RJ says -- my section and Dotson high fives all around everyone you can reach after every touchdown catch you know you just gotta have as many hands as you can read how much of that is you wanna do the high five verses boos are in play and then they admit literally the next text reads I find that the drug drama sporting event the more high fighting as more out go right Gloria the more willing you are to reach around and touch completely. He's just limited to a lot of high fives are Wilson Billings last night so bowling. Are on I five down. It seems to be I'm not necessarily. But it seems to be the thing down there you just kind of you know go with that you don't be rude a big show big strike happens lately Gaby turnaround I found guilty and upper key spare so you're not seeking it out your moral bug go with the flow and if it's there that day yeah and then usually at hockey games on goals you'll yeah because you always throw your cell nuclear arms birdie up there and then you're a high five and the people next in the stand. I would contend though I still think the most high fives to sport is football. Yes led and a Holler ranked basketball no I think in the power ranking up high fives idol football. Is how will what are you high five and basketball great shots due defense to play coming back to the huddle I don't they got a high five almost every I don't know a lot of dog died of an audience ends in this day you know I'm yeah speaks our grief she's coming back into the huddle turnaround is trying to give NFL players they've gone by the guys at five. No it's reserve football it's got to be football right although I've never been an NHL game. So to be honest and I don't know if I've ever high five somebody in a blazer game. Well that's probably not I have but I just there's not many high fives and stick out from basketball games current let's find out what's on today's show. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and the need to be writing there's a lot of sporting an easy sale I gotta go do that this is what son Jeff. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the bleach blonde Jenny yeah. That's right what's on tap is Iraq doing the thing about pelican brewing company and obviously we're gonna get to be massacre that was last night's game two between Portland and Golden State that we have to. Yeah I think we do things. I feel like going into game three. The time to bring out the brooms are you still gotta hope that correct city. We'll turn it around we into the blazer game Russell Westbrook had names of my element night. And both are good and bad way at that he did and the narratives are interesting to read to listen to about less Brooks fourth quarter yesterday and summed up this whole season a little bit didn't it. It's kind of paradigm that is Russell Westbrook I think. We're gonna get it cement about draft stuff we really wanted to talk NFL draft but with the playoffs and everything the way it's kind of gone this week women able to so we're gonna dive into it a little bit. As the NFL draft is next week and of course will be even more coverage. But we're gonna talk. Draft busts. A surprising player may be emerging over a player most would consider veteran now. And we're gonna tie for twenty in with the NFL draft I promise it'll make sense. So why yards Melissa's probably give me some really kind of like what they really talking about it seriously it will make sense and Mike friends Cessna. The most successful Sports Radio guy of all time in New York. Yes he had a gem of an audio drop that we're gonna bring few weeks the NBA playoffs. And who was the most influential. Athlete because time magazine has their 100 most. Influential people and there's some athletes on said list Ron to order actor and Sprague at Peter Johnson that. In act Brandon spray are coming up next. How are you feeling after game two this actually ties in with our poll question the other poll question I do have the poll question out of every master and spray what is the poll question what was your emotions. After watching the blazers give blown out last night you have four options anger. Disappointment embarrassment. Or regret all right there you go that's what's on tap for today show and proxy on with him I told him brewing company born at the beach online at pelican brewing. Dot com and that's where we start the blazers lose by 29 how are you feeling about it. Bridge for Beers excellent 55305 we'll talk about that next curtains break on 1080 the fan. But Tony and I employees. One denying points the fourth worst blazers playoff loss in franchise history. And Golden State did it was clay and stuff combined shooting seven of 35 and dream on just shot a five times and no there was no Kevin Durant missed that. That was terrifying in those three guys combined to go thirteen of forty. Yeah each and they still won by thirty they won by thirty points I mean. Am I we're ready to serve with a game I don't know where I'm just I mean it was a it was a complete breakdown yet from every player every disease there was not one guy that you walked away from and did you know what the team played like crap but he gave stump than he showed me something and they'll deem had his worst playoff game of his life yeah zero assists for the first time his playoff career heated awful do a thing. CJ was four of seventeen he finished with eleven points combined they only shot seven threes. Myers at one point in the game. Didn't even log an official game minute and went into the half as a minus two just won a point that one out yet that happened. Mo heartless and ebb and Evan Turner had us a little stretch. But then that didn't really matter at all and they ended up going away Al Farouk Aminu didn't do any thing. It was there's really nowhere really to start other than to say it was a complete breakdown it was one of those games that got out of hand in the first quarter. They clawed their way back cut it to within wind. And many did America's Golden State just blew the doors often JaVale McGee finished he. I did he finish with a missed shot I don't believe he was seven for seven economists women by Zaza combined were ten for ten in the game now. So even though claims staff did nothing dream on didn't do any scoring needed things. Didn't matter no Kevin Durant not a big deal we still won by 29 points yeah look I think. That there's a lot of things that unpacked from a game like that and and first off it reminds me down some of the stuff we were sand last week about this series when people thought you know you guys are being negative on the blazers insane and then had a chance to win in. I I always tried to back that up with a note saying Portland doesn't have a chance to win this series. Is 99%. Due to the fact a Golden State's a damn good basketball team and I mean we just forget that sometimes and this is I don't know how well I don't know how it I don't know what I don't know how our wide but it feels like when we say that it does not have to do with Portland. Sucking it's more about bold statement talent that they have and if Golden State was in a playoff series against basically 28 teams in the NBA. Our analysis would be yep they're probably get a sweep alarm went in five that's just how good Golden State is and that was summed up. Again last night in and Hillary at a quarter after the game that I thought was out and I do agree with that. You never want to get to hire two lol from games in an in it was something that I was trying to be cautious about Monday because there was a lot of hype about the way the blazers played in game one. They you know known her kids and they were in it and tell midway through the fourth quarter and they were hang and the guys combined for 75 and all of a sudden there was this renowned you know optimism about this series and you never want to get too hard too also I didn't look at that game and simple that meant David CJ Mercury combined for 75 points in every game moving for order. That if they had American say win this series or take them to seven. And I'm not gonna do that after game two Portland I think can still compete potentially in game three game four and win the series. But they're not thirty points were somewhat Golden State was that was the situation. We're literally everything went wrong they could not make a shot an outside of what would you say at three or four minute stretch in the second quarter they were dominated they were down sixteen in the first they clawed back into it that small stretch in the second. Found themselves down nine at the half Golden State started the second half on a seminal Ron. And it's bye bye turn out the lights that's all she wrote yeah and it was a third. Quarter really did just put the exclamation point at the end of this game for the warriors go up too well they outscored Portland 28 to twelve and Terry Stotts after the game doctor Alexis what happened in the third quarter. Does best record team Italy and you know you're down nine and I think how is your library team is really no. Turn out the screws and third quarter and take a ten point lead or nine point lead and give it to. Fifteen or whatever and and make it more difficult game and that's what they did we get into. There were in Finnish couple baskets they converted right away in the lead went from you know went from nine to sixteen pretty quickly. And dream on after a 29 point when you think OK they did without TD they did it was out. Clay and staff doing much of anything that statement made right well not according to dream on. No I don't think you're serious muscle movements whose. What do we know loses one game you know that doesn't say much support literally be deceived into locate the they're still gonna come awfully hard in game during give all they've got whether we have caved in. And that goes for anybody else in the you know when you say to. It is a confidence booster for us you know bill to go out there when light though dollar. No we don't learn don't they don't don't belong in over that same town things do not like to cap. And you know. He goes or. Or anyone else other guys got to register upload a contributor and you know knows how was this game and had everybody stepped up into tributes. And want him to win when we did it in there. And I've played that cut aside from just you know breaking it down what they are without TD. I think the beginning of that cat sums it up really the most realistic invest for people for. For the differing folks out there fans of man I wish they would have done this sort man this is embarrassing their man I'm glad they made the policies everybody feels a different way right. He sums it up present kind of the whole approach and attitude in my opinion to the series. Now that was a statement like the rack they they really look at it and now this was never series to them knowledge the 18 match up there and have a lot bigger goals and arresting Kevin Durant and deemed too because will they can do what they did without Kevin Durant against a team like Portland. And I just think his tone really sets how it really is it's a reality of that's how far away you are where they can win by 29. Have three of their four best players play like crap. And still dominate you and does that matter. Map not a big deal to us we expected that to happen anyway righted and at this point for curb would you bring to ramp back and zero I wouldn't blame game three I would need to I would. If you lose game three and insurer may be blaming game four but after watching the way they won and end you know considering there's a potential donor age doesn't play again there's no reason in hell they should bring. Iran back I think that the two biggest of disappointments for me last night. Worry. Then just the role players and you know dram on talked about it they are we gave me the stat line drain among green clay Johnson and staff curry. Combined they go thirteen of forty that's bad. None of a mad goodnight street money mention was one of five clay didn't really get anything until the third quarter restarted knocked down a couple of shots staff was fort Walton three. They held all three of fumble twenty points and you think if you do that he should be able to get a handle on Golden State it was everybody else everybody else that that filled up we mentioned to Zelman. Coming out to go in seven of seven you mention Pachulia was five of eight from the floor David west's three of five Clark comes off the bench it's a couple of shots to meet everybody's found a way. To contribute and I think that was again the disappointment for me in Portland that. You're gonna have Damon CJ eat off nights that they just they just happen every team goes through it just like Golden State did with their best players. Where was Evan Turner when he needed somebody else to step up where it was Allen Crabbe once again going three attends one of our listeners points out. To even make the trip to Oakland I was 31005. From three. More close was final fourteen he got off to a decent start but ended up 105 from three didn't have a huge impact on the game. Nor bombing was a blip on the radar one of three with three points and I think that's where it's highlighted the difference tootsie Michael Satan Portland is that. The defensive focus goes against Willard in CJ. They're the guys that they're gonna get all the defensive attention in the same thing for Golden State you'd you'd defend them to stop play defend them to stop. Curry you defend them to stop drain Mon greet everybody else has to take advantage of that in Golden State players do their left open there slobs or dunks there's open lanes. And they take advantage of the opportunities and when Portland has those. Itself from Al farouq Aminu jacking up a bad three original heartless clank and a shot or seven turner turned the ball over. They don't have guys that can take advantage of no opportunity telling aides is. Points to what the roster is I mean in jas go back and forth with a couple other media members on Twitter and in some fans on Twitter into just. We needed a game like this people to stopping intentional fourth quarter are detects and I was watching breaking bad menu through the third quarter I turned off in the fourth quarter I think a lot of people get to apple is I don't wanna watch them lose by thirty says not fun. Yeah I was going back and forth on Twitter on this of late. This is what amazes me. I I am all for people having different feelings in levels of fanned and right if you the most optimistic person great catch you if you're. If you think you're realistic thing rate that you if you think your pessimistic well then fine. I get that. This is just another reminder formulate where in my shock today lost between a no no because we talked about this series about Golden State and it was like. Yet if you don't have Americans this is it much of these series. And so is just a reminder of how truly god awful they were three nerd kid and this I'm even amazed that there is. Even one person one human being that breeze oxygen. That forgot about that that green Eric ditch would calmly not America H this is a team that was two games from a top five worst record in the NBA. And then they Witten got to ride it changed everything for them up and you sit dame great face of the franchise CJ okay they're he's good he's a great player. There were no matter at all in the grand scheme of what this season was. You had to go get a guy like use of generic ditched to completely. Change that the tide in future of your franchise for this year. And without them that's what you were and that's why last night I sat on my couch in. I have to answer of course I was embarrassed us frustrated at death and all the above I was angry I was having regret in my mind I kept thinking about my old you know taint in that whole conversation a little bit right. But I didn't sit on my couch shocked I didn't use the word shocked. Because this is who this team is without use of market is just reality that day and it was a reminder of what this team look like from what fifty games sixty games. Until they made and are constraint it was like I had a member nepalese team yet they look familiar. Now a lot of people dicing in the Bridgeport pierce techs I've 55305 how they feel about how to read some of these texts that are coming in hot in heavy. At 55305 also coming up next. Are we gonna get swept. The brooms coming out Mota senator. Are they gonna push it to five would you rather just be over in four or does five mean anything to you like about a net. It's in a row and back again coming up in fifteen minutes Obama Russell Westbrook. You're not as bad for the blazers man Russell Westbrook he's getting the easiest serrated on a national level. Both in. Blog posts in radio and TV shows as sums up this whole season last night's performance did you have a mall some may have to bring up his outfit. Well yeah was what was going on there on the post game press is a lesser growth but IT went into elder barges so trunks from like tonight into losers in Atlanta and yet he likes to dress like that so well we'll talk Russell Westbrook in the know for a top of the hour rush you get the info draft a little bit we wanted to talk about the draft this mentioning Engles who wanted to discuss its a week from today it is a week from today we still around today will talk draft at the end the top of the second hour we talked in blazers in just. In a kind of last night do you happen now the poll question up in front he liable bring it up early to resolve a hole in our poll question if you're just tuning in by the way actor and Sprague is how did last night make you feel it is the four options were anger disappointment and embarrassment or regret and currently 6% say they are angry okay. A tie between disappointment and embarrassment at 40%. And regret got 14%. Yet and great regret is an interesting one just on what you define as regret what do you mean my regret regret would be regret reading that this is the situation that your hand you I'll Wear it easy on gold and it's not I must say it's more resignation. Bed it's kilogram no headaches again I'd but it is something I tech I don't think it's apathetic because. I think everybody was genuinely you know they thought the this season to rewrite the middle of tanks Buffett the end of February you know area and the 225 games left there and she's so out of the fifth worst record yeah EA belie his. The whole. The reinvigorate Shin Bet you use of Turkish trade brought to the team. I think what's real and what we saw. Down in those games with the use of from the team I don't think that was a facade. I think there's definitely potential certainly Nielsen has his work cut out trying to. Create some sort of space on the roster to get a different sort of pieces that can work with you know what's gonna stay. But but Yad I think. Then as they got towards the end in my to have this false we will we were inundated with that stat Portland had the second best record in the NBA since March 1 right it would thirteen and three in a month Marge yet and so I think there was a bit of false hope that that they had turned some. Giant corner rather than cattle going around the cul-de-sac remain at a couple. Pretty big wins with Americans should be okay Earl DC twice daily on the road maybe Miami who Miami was one of the hottest teams after their release oh start. So they were presiding they were drastically different team this isn't. I think our show or anybody on this show saying. This team is is it wasn't legit they were when Americans they are entirely different team which is why I was really open he's starting game one and played in the series but. I I'm I'm just gonna go Arnold and he's not gonna play in a series I'd. I was feel that way after the releasing game one really Sergio now into game two and I'm pretty convinced now after last night. They're not gonna bring him back which is I'm OK with that. There's optimism for me for allotted for reasons three of which are deemed CJ in circuits for next year for a full season. Especially on the cheap for you sift CDs contract will kick in. And because of that contract taking in your right Neal has its hands full this summer and what moves he's going to be able to make. But we do we do this a lot in Portland and I I've noticed this even going back to him when I was a teenager. We'll like to fall in love with story lines. Probably a little too much where if a guy on the team has this stretch. Or the team plays a certain way for a month we think now that's the team and that's how it's going to be. And I don't know quite why we do that other than the other than a guess of is it because it's really are our baby our big sports team of pro sports in this city. Maybe it is yeah buying we did that a little bit with use of America's word yes they they were legit and played well. But once the injury happened it was just like. We lost perspective a little bit and it I was kind of felt that way about this city where I think we're really Smart fans but then I think sometimes we allow a our Fran numb to clawed. Their kind of clog our. Our sports brains we have a little blazer stupid. Odds are judgments on I think it does at times CIA and I'm with ya on that and you know I love Americans you got to remember it was is you know 1617 game stretch that they played good basketball the NBA seasons 82 games long some really optimistic about what he can bring next year I'm with general. I don't think he didn't that or should play in this series at this point and I you know I wanted to see if there were ways that he could impact. The offense and defense against Golden State may be give you some day and all blueprint I guess and attacking them next year but now that you're down to. And there's just not a point I think this is probably going to be a sweep may be see you pull out of Mara one win one game in the world and and you're gonna lose the series. Ultimately in five games and and we'll have all offseason to discuss the merits of playoffs in culture and in was at the right thing to do and we have the draft is going to be pretty good drafting is going to be a bit big impacted it and that as well but I do think one of the positives of making the playoffs that I will look at and it's positive and a negative is. It it's it shows you and I don't market isn't playing in this series but remember Durant wasn't in the lineup last night your talk and one of the top three or four players in the entire NBA. It it shows you how far away you are from Golden State. Rabid and whether you won this team to tank what he wanted to seem to make the playoffs we all have the same goal in mind and that's for them to get back to him. Where they were last in the late nineties early two thousands of team that could contend and let you know make a push for the Western Conference finals. Without a class may be an NBA finals we all want them to get back to that point as fans we just have different outlooks and how they get their. Boy if you want to get their Golden State's Mateen you're gonna have to go through they're not going anywhere I talked about this last week to amend their young staff curry clay concentrate among green. Maybe Kevin Durant leaves after two years but they've 41 a title without a bat team's not going anywhere. And when you watch this series with or without America did you shows you how wide the gap is. Between new in between Golden State and this is now going to be the second shrink year you've been eliminated by the end of the playoffs if you make it again next year the probably bouncy again next year 'cause they're going to be. Just as good next year is they were this year. That's the team that you're gonna have to overcome some taken it's it's a negative 'cause the gap is very wide. But I also view it as a positive and in a refresher for blazer fan to say you know what we could be as excited as we want about Damon CJ in this peace now peace. The way they're playing here the way the plan there. Ultimately it's you you've got to get over that mountain at some point they're not anywhere close to contending with a home state I would just. The way I use of Sonata playoff team it's pretty cut and dry that way does it matter if they go 45 like eating fans really want the five. Would you rather this series be over this appeals I mean does this feels a lot different to last year where. Even though you were down 02 coming back to Portland you contended in all those game yet those gains were closing yes Seth Curry did not play but still you were close in those games no Katie last night. Drain money clay didn't do anything you lost by thirty. I guess the question is if you sift circuits can going game three and it is. And up of a change in the dynamic of everything vetted it gives me different perspective does that feel realistic don't think he's coming back because I don't think he is our. I have no idea I know I sit back and forth on this since the last two weeks of the season trying to read the tea leaves. And different people different perspectives quick was certainly was going to be back for game one at one point. We had Casey hold all along they said if he's come on back it's gonna be game three my hat. I have no sense of his comments didn't help to may not when he spoke to medium zona based satellite yeah I'm I'm not ready I'm not close to being but again I don't know is if somebody went to use different say hey don't. Let's stop what I want a player I'm closer whatever. Sort of thing I who knows I think. I think one because is it is his you know we we have some fun it's. Has broken English so sometimes maybe it doesn't translate all the same but he's trying to say is announced I think he's very much wants to please. The trailblazers brass in front office and he was so thankful to get out of Denver and come here. He's gonna do whatever they ask him to in this regard right now so I don't even know what I can read in the that's. At this point so. While December sure they'll give back they'll do whatever other testing. They'll get them out there and put him through some sort of you know conditioning drills or whatever deceit if it's gotten stronger and maybe by Friday we'll have an ending you know tomorrow afternoon we'll have an indication but that's the only thing it if he can't go then no nothing's changing. Our let me read a few text of the Bridgeport Beers tax on the 55305. It doesn't matter now and it is what it is but this is why don't thing making the playoffs is better than tanking. But what valuable experience are these guys getting him blowout losses. Tanking became a real thing on social media last night even know a lot of people aren't on Twitter but. I've you know we went back I went back and forth with Jeff Ross Comcast sports and is actually just showed up here O Jeff Jeff don't pay their money and then you know I'd Johnson can make and how he feels about that other fans were Chiming in on it is still a splintered fan base that's not gonna change anytime soon that's a topic that I think when you're losing by thirty it's obviously an emotional point for a lot of people. I no other text that was the game we should have stolen we missed a wide open threes shots we normally they can that's what was so frustrating about last night. Somebody else that I was disappoint about I had to laugh so much kiddies absence opening the door for the blazers easier opportunities that team has to be able to take advantage of somebody set a 100 hours of the blazer game last night a coworker to me the blazers and thirty points with one will you take that bet every time. Somebody else's anyone who thought we did need to make any trades this summer outside demon seed jail of the series a wake up call tell those people agree. Another one after watching that I could have I could not help but think. Tell me why again did they not anything tank the end of the season when they treated American generically changed everything which. Was a big game plan member when they made that trade that was an that was to get another ascent and we thought we regain in the the last search center in that deal when it happened. We thought we were we the fans that I have to do the big thing all yet another first round draft pick that is all the excitement was the excitement. Was not got 31 round draft Dixon Neil shaken we'll deal wheel and deal on draft night exactly that was the excitement and he's gonna have a lot of pressure on him at the draft some meals they came home my son of the game on in the fourth quarter I asked him why was torturing himself he said he still I hope. God bless them. He's only nineteen I've been disappointed for 39 years and know better they won the championship the year before I was born and and I'm convinced that they won't win again until the year after I die yes that would. God would be playing as soon as joke when your life if that happened take it could cause of the kid though for still have a hole and you have. Yeah that's the thing down it's I'm gonna cling to wait and cling to. It's brutal his last night was I mean it just that was bad edges. I that was hard for everybody to watch and now they come back for game three we'll see if they can get a game in the most center of the brooms are busted out by gold in net state coming up next. Russell Westbrook has a brutal fourth quarter. Was it a catch 22 foreign that's next on offense. And has some stuff out with Jeff rustic Comcast sports net yet he's anti tank where we were pro tanking out that that was a long time and yes. And he said summing pretty funny last night it was well I guess we just fanned different. Yes I did everybody fans different yet you've been different no doubt about it as I said last segment and we don't wanna get to the same place were all our goal is always sang here. We do is differ in. You wanna go left and I wanna go right exactly maybe one of the same place if we hope we get to the final decimation 5110. And thirteen was well Russell Westbrook had last sighting deemed too vs Houston and they don't read is that okay he doesn't care about south winds now he doesn't do we do we haven't had crops like Aaron I know I didn't ask for pre show but there's a yeah only Steelers game I don't give a bleep about stat line dating it to bleep it out he dropped an F bomb right away. And that was his stat line vs the rockets but it was his fourth quarter. That's getting all the attention they everybody's right about it everybody's talking about it everybody's. On TV show in the replays and discussing it because he was four for eighteen to terrible shots and his team ultimately succumbed to Houston. And they fall into an 02. Hole after. I mean look at I think that was a microcosm of this season where this that you look at the stat line he had 51 points thirteen assists and ten rebounds and you just take that'd surfaced almost like they gave. I was the biggest triple double or most pointless going to trouble now and a triple double in history that a the playoffs so it is this satellite was great. But what we took too many shots that he forced to many in the fourth quarter and and I think that was this that that's what the debate was about Russell Westbrook all season long as he shoots too much. It doesn't pass announced it isn't helping guys out around him enough juice is rated stupid would you like to point out that he had thirteen says so let's not said he doesn't pass the ball but. 43 shots is too much com but but I I I've always maintain about Oklahoma City this year. That roster so oxidized I'm sorry they Stephen Adams is a good defensive setter like him I you'd be good role player on and on a good team I don't mind him. Lazarus an example that outside of that. When we model all the people was 414. He was like one of eleven in game one who lost you when shooting the ball so yeah forty threes too much but I guess I'd rather live with him taking those shots and civil. I'm curious all I hear is you know the clippers if they. Don't do well with the jazz they can be blowing things up JJ Redick is likely to be moving on JJ well right. Fitting with OK see you seem proud he can pull that off I guess you're gone Blake on back Helm. Has links a free agent now ablaze and a salad blazers. Equity and be out of a lineup not when their offense is still in great shape he was with the kind of free up six of those contracts getting what is due to setup the the practice squad against the hoops summit team when he we're here when they're play and I saw Matt in that game piano he was running and with all you know some of these other local high school and college kids he was the point guard running against the hoops Summitt practice squad for team USA. And I was again Blake Griffin yeah I have I writer Steve Blake. Oh and nausea is Blake Griffin the Oklahoma tied Abbie you grew up there and this is Russell Westbrook and oppose him somebody asked him what he thought of his impressive triple double. So how are doing great when you look at your line and about score or degrade or hunger that are drops. It is that made life I do like the people in Jesse also brought up the pointed out I watch a large chunk of that game before the blazing start and they were up like twelve. They SATA minute second quarter and that lead evaporating even the same thing it badly end of the third of the start of the fourth day out I think they still I'd like an eight or nine point lead he goes out things that happens I won't and is now a race that's what I want went to me like okay. You guys all the listeners know pew listening. You know I'm a more or less for Jimmy -- I lean that way over hard hard and I held a sees a great year. Its regular season MVP had just won a point that out because a lot of people now want to take potshots about what this is why we should delay devoted see who the real MVP is. Its regular season what happened regular season. But it's him you can't of you can't watch acumen not come to an opinion that he played he didn't play terrible he did he was god awful in the fourth quarter. And I'm a huge LeBron guy. And part of what makes LeBron soul uniquely. Great all time great. Is what west Brooks Westbrook did not do his inability last night the fourth quarter and that's in certain situations. You've got to pick your spots and you have to rely on your other guys now what does he have. Let him up I had done a much though people was terrible. Roberson candid a three Doug Ling the pockets has been terrible ties Gibson's pretty consistent. Outside of that he just doesn't have a lot but still you how to. You have to ignore the thought your brain that I have to take this shot every possession. I wanna say he went seven straight possessions without making a budget chemistry mrs. sounds about right you have to and he had moments where Jeremy gray and his open only. Throw it to a and B shoots it you just told. LeBron does that's so well and relies on team basis step up and if they don't. He's okay but cats team gay and he'll take the criticism for exact call for Russell Westbrook. Was so fishy going into the fourth quarter he knew is he'd shot 25 times they were up double digits. And you guys pointed out he goes to the bench two different times of the twelve point lead in the nine point lead what happens. So to me it's almost it's actually two of you can't play that way in the fourth quarter playoffs that is inexcusable and that actually gives the argument to Harden being the MBP over you. But. You kind of look at what happens when he doesn't play in it just shows the true measure in value of what used to that team. Because they don't have anybody else I can step up and meet him when he's sitting that's why it's such a tough issue and and you understand both sides of the debate right like I sent on a tweet last night sandy you know it just reminded tonight how much hot garbage surrounds Russell Westbrook on the floor in the first response to tweet was. You know what else is not garbage scoring 51 points on for taking 43 shot it's terrible right and it's like it is identity was seventeen of 43 was two of eleven from three in the fourth quarter just stuck out like a sore thumb. But it is just like constant like go around a circle of what most important to do 'cause there's not much talent. And Oklahoma City and it in the editing that I learned last night elegant we're gonna have our lines up where we believe the MVP is hardened to LeBron was ripped everybody has there stands a penalty that's gonna change or shouldn't change at least two games into the playoffs. But just watching last night to help the James Sargent art was seven to seventeen it was as usual boring beetle when he free throw performance res grabbing guys arms and gold line and it drives me nuts they need to address that the house is his eyes and offense I can't stand watching him he grabs the arming yanks it up with and look what he got from Beverly six and nine in the woody got from Eric Gordon eight to 1436. From 322 points Lou Williams off the bench eight of 143 of four from 321 points they had fifty bench points. Fifty bench points out and I think the thunder starting line up outside of Westbrook combined. For close to forty points and that's two from two players off the bench so. It just shows you how much more talent he has around in a mass that was a reminder that for me is like to get to an hour to college football changing things up a bit to could be a good thing for the game or maybe we hated we'll discuss that the impact that for twenty years had on NFL franchises. Yes we are gonna take it their folks because it is April 20. But we're gonna start with some NFL draft talk is something Christian McCaffery. Could be picked ahead of Leonard for net which one would you take you taken a running back eating Internet McCaffery first that's next turns break on 1080 the fan.