Dirt & Sprague Thursday April 19th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, April 19th
The guys work through a few more nuggets and updates regarding the MLB to PDX movement, then Swag is in with a new batch of plums, and the guys offer their predictions for Game 3 of the Blazers - Pelicans series tonight in New Orleans.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Playoff basketball is a different game got numbers of sick push it. Doesn't give it up. Laying this is a playoff week a nation of dirt and sprayed. Tracks you buy a red tailed us Dennis Green tents down. Friday April 20 and sending the 22 half to 50% off everything. Visit golf Battelle dot com for more details. Third and spray gun ten navy. For them. Status final harder this brag on a Thursday at Thursday's are all well thanks BM that's riding around Portland sports leader 1080 sand beautiful beautiful dated. Yeah I'd say every single day that it's sunny on the shell announced here on out. Great day for an afternoon baseball game yeah I think we keep doing that until the day we have a baseball team marais day imagine a day baseball game today Sammy yeah you know would be interesting is if they got the PPS building. And their over their by the demoted senator. I wanna know the boats situation on the Lam it here yeah let the visibility is how many people are gonna be out there during games Yang and I just wanted to know if it picks up and then like what that looks like. Now could you would imagine it it's over their don't they do something to where they can highlight downtown. Out from the ballpark you have to that's definitely an arrangement that they are the most sense is that's where to go out minute that's legal ballpark that's the direction you face now and I know a lot of people still don't buy and that's you know that's fine I I did and I lived here my whole life which are. The one thing I'm looking forward to. Sketch renderings. When that step happens I just wanna see what they're thinking if they can ever get to that point of building it right what they're imagining it looked like and I wanna see up close it is to when I'm hoping it looks like yeah a couple of quick updates on up by the way because we're gonna and we wanna keep talking about that story there's just not a whole lot new that comes on and a day to day basis with that. All but basically will we continue to hear from folks involved with the group because one of the main concern has been where you get all the money to build you don't buy the land built the ballpark. And then one about buying a team are paying an expansion fee because that's a whole another set of of costs and basically folks from the group of continued to come out here creators had some stuff in his article today where. Everybody around them is saying just don't worry we're not revealing names in and and folks were behind it right now financially. But they're just trying to copy the dogs they don't we got this figured out there at the money is there that's not the project angers I don't. Know how many people saw this yet put curators and write a piece about it and I mean he thinks it's gonna be up to a billion for the land in the stadium itself initially he notes that because of the way expansion in. If you don't go relocation. As soon eagle expansion way teams having guy you'd. They're looking at this as the possibility of another billion. So you're looking at two billion dollar price tag which sees everybody around here going yeah you're not getting this much my billion dollars coming from. He he says that he is talked to enough people that are involved are close to it. They seem to have no concerns they have. All the money they need to make this thing happen yeah I and which is a great side because I understand what that was a big hurdle folks thought he would after across and but see that needs to get out their because we had. Tubs in the building currently led would you want to as pre show and said TG WG a poll on this. And said basically do you want it in the ESCO area do you want it where by the Mota senator PBS building ESCO or or do you not want baseball and he says what he DC 26% said no baseball and in the response is who were basically like. You're not getting any in my money. You need to start telling your friends or your family or whoever if they ever come back you with me we're not giving them a dime. It needs to be put out their more this is private money and I know that they're gonna try to make their rounds or release information when they can ya. But we need to be aware this now. That we all of us can be on board and be okay with this because of it doesn't caution would dime. There's nothing you need to care worry about ready can hate baseball you can boycott going to games are on file with that. But they cost you nothing why do you care. That's an area and it's not even being used right now haven't threw that one out around rat nest over there so if they can get a stadium there and it's privately funded in a team has brought here expansion or relocation. And that's funded by itself privately. That is the only concern people that are against it have and it's a knees he put out there more this is a pride bit. It's situation they've got. Yeah and and you look there's going to be some city involvement at some point on whether a zoning issues or six in the traffic patterns. You know Max lines if you're going over you know to the on non downtown area. Other there will be city concerns but it's not going to be publicly financing a ballpark which I think is important to note and we are after turning and it sounds like it will happen. Early next week we have reached out he says he's down to come on having city commissioner nick fish come on the show I talked to him before the show a little bit on the phonies really nice. On the and he couldn't do take a scheduling conflict but yet he said early next week you love to come on site I'd love to bring them on so we'll ask him about it is kind of the city's perspective on things what his thoughts are and settled in sitting at dared take on occasion brought up a good point we knew we talked about this pre show. You had the point of you know the perception of the whole thing in and how people are viewing this and people when you say a price tag two billion instantly go. Well who around us has to Billy about paying for that filled nights not gonna do is running organ. Right that's fine this doesn't have to be a local person the group in Seattle and I know they eventually will get a basketball team and a hockey team is coming. But the group in Seattle that almost got the kings to relocate from Sacramento Chris Hansen. He lives in California the prime keys as Seattle guy and that's why I was he has a tighter wanting to sonics back but he is a California resident. So you can go down to Silicon Valley. And I bet you it is group knowing you know they did the due diligence and if they're putting you know what was reportedly a hundred million dollars that land whatever that price tag is yeah. If they're putting enacted it's because they know who they need to have. Actually on their side in ready to go when the need that person or people or group whatever. And I I'd be willing to wager if that person's not from here that's not a concern it's probably somebody whether it's California ease coast midwest. May have some tie here arrived and few and feels just as strongly emotionally. About. Bringing baseball to port. But it doesn't have to just be that too it could just be a great financial opportunity forum united rob had that guy he was talking to some folks on assuming ever connect him with the group and and he was hearing and carry acres reiterated this reiterated the sentiment that. Other uses some big money in the Bay Area that was involved in this as well ironically did they might be stealing a Bay Area team. All but there's just some folks down at his son as a financial opportunity and investment. Maybe they like the city of Portland for whatever reason but. They are that they're throwing some money behind this as well and an end. It did amazing an effort from the group that is reassured me of my optimism about this whole thing because every time he gets brought up you get the generic this is a pipe dream stop dreaming guys not to happen. But I have maintained from day one especially all the steps we've heard in the latest is putting and he offers to by the two parcels of land. On the offer was what eighty million dollars funding for the PPS building might have to go up north of a hundred million incidents of selling. In the group has reiterated this of that. We're not doing this kind of stuff that everything else figured out are there are not taking these level of steps to buy a huge chunk of land and downtime and automotive center right if you don't have ballpark renderings knowing we're all the money's gonna come from. Knowing how many seats he want Nolan whether there's a retractable roof. Knowing whether you talk to be you know baseball officials about expansion. Or relocation. Knowing the money's there are two by a ball club to bring it or pay for that expansion feet. They they have all said everybody in the group that Brad doing this unless we have all that other stuff figured I'd like to take a step and offer eighty million dollars for a piece of land. Just kind of hoping it all falls into place they they've ironed all of those Alan listener says it's Elon Musk. And he's gonna have hyper tubes to the task. Acting out a pretty thick as it happy and everybody has like little hubs depending on where you and your work day out and there's a line like there is for a busy Max and you just wait your turn to go down to the attitudes to the ballpark. And ideals as maybe spray gets some picks right experts on her access to ease thank god man a right enough money I'd got no problem being a part of that group and as winner take. Did think I wanna I wanna get across to sign old there is a really decent chunk of people that just shaking their head when we bring this topic up. And they were refused to believe this until probably it's a reality. Why we have to live that way. I love the city. I don't wanna have to move I wanna be Sports Radio here if I can do this for thirty or forty or fifty years I'd do it I love sports a lot of talk about sports I wanna be here. And as long as I'm here I want more for our city there are a lot of conditions and this is what I was joking about yesterday with Ted Wheeler. I would love to talk to Ted Wheeler I look for anybody in our season to talk Ted Wheeler the one thing I think we can all agree on whether you're right last voted formed it whatever. That dude is made in created something for sports fans. Where both sides don't care about their affiliation. This city is not perfect. This could be a a money generating situation. You have a group that wants no money from you front as a city got. And it's a great opportunity to grow your market even more than it already is. And again we are already not a perfect market without baseball. I'm just tired of living in this what's not gonna happen I'm moving on now I'm not telling your retirement does every day we won't. But and we get news about it we're bringing it up if we here's something we're bringing it up or an estimate is really on the show iPod and I'm not gonna allow all. My dream of having another pro sports teams here in baseball. To just die I'm tired of that way of thinking I'm tired with us just going on the next paying. This is a real group with real ideas and real forward thinking. And I know they haven't given us much info but that is the best part about it I think being know what they're doing and they understand how to go about doing this they have huge hurdles there's no doubt. But I'm not gonna let this die and you can tell me I'm live and a pipe dream and I'm a moron that's fine. But when baseball is here and I'm there and opening day of the year has come tell me and told me I was an idiot but I will get a beer NATO BO cat was there another ever watched some home runs slam and I just refuse to allow that dream and idea to die especially with the group that not only has the finances. But it's all privately funded and they have the same emotion tied into wanting to make it happen. Amen man goodness at a better myself so while open nibble in my trying to carry on because he's pretty connected with this wrote an article about it really good on the Tribune today and done nick fish city commissioners gonna join us likely early next week. We'll talk him about the city's perspective and all this stuff so I will keep yet. Up today were there they would learn about the Major League Baseball to Portland venture. A bottom of the hour back and the blaze is pelicans do you still have any faith that they can make gate but is series on this thing down 02 game three is tonight but. It's been a while since we've had addition of so lags plums and I can't wait to see what he's got cooked up twice club's next on offense. I can't unite team. Bottom of the hour get back into the blazer pelicans series game three tonight. Yeah we do our picks to click again. It's wags didn't hold up let's hear it didn't pan out to be literally tripped on his face the minute exit if Germany became a media ripping committed it out he did should I was surprised you guys didn't mention anything just you know I've looked I've had Spragan line militia and not hammering at bat so I kind of sympathize with the is that I'm not gonna bring you an idea listeners are brought it up yeah that was the first Texan got into the show yesterday's two a great picture -- yesterday. When you when you pick the patriots in week one of a survivor pool and you lose on the opening night of the NFL season you tend to let predictions like that slide from time to time so involved and just right away Baldwin trade I had doubled down doubled down a ball and like debt also a tickets for sale in the NFL draft. Which has as how much is the cost would do that close on the show and if can afford it and a boost to an playoff team potentially tonight. Close the show there's two things but so explodes as closets and have one of these we've had mics blondes and rust lawns and Joe's law that lets so first so I don't know who who had the best crop of plums who's who's. Cyprus. This is a controversial thing everybody had a different strategy would apply I understand Mike hasn't won palm Mike does one global global league for the segment outages. Drones yeah rust basically just tell you what national data is there's like fifty albums. But now I cannot I'd I'd I'd. The reason because I do have something a couple in here but hot take Dominic Rhodes show I've filter. And he just plunge of the best Scott coupons just mixes and you never know where Joe's comment from concedes a little younger so. You know you got your preconceived notions but he he'll surprise you. M Mike's clubs courageous images were not enough of them you we didn't want him line but they were about this too close for good digits it was only add anyway and one line and a car. But we will start. With a couple of national day it is national garlic day April 19 is national garlic can gain a lovely some garlic do not like garlic but garlic and all sorts of stuff. Garlic is a good flavor and I use it. But not very much of it or idea and say how can I mean there's garlic and mostly really jazzy. Well. I buried with the help and let it fly. No lines right you don't forums for your life right if you're robbing yourself of the great flavor. Because I don't like just now I use it I just limited my gas my guts her and I can't do guard too much garlic. I. Like garlic and onions and everything I cook just about. Show us and there. Aren't the the other one is it's national armor rental day. Guess no number auto is. Allman look fewer yea you know. So yes it's one of those their drinks it's good it's funny all these brands now on the east peace. And trying to lost a long. Spirits. Trying to figure out how they can get back in the mainstream cammarata being one of them. Sometimes this is your time not to get back to take time just ask yeah but I can't trust a food and wine a cap and one magazine also is website food wine dot com so they had three. Qaeda Palmer I don't cocktails rather than trying to the most famous which is the Colorado sour. Yeah and if you go old school it's fairly complicated because you use and an egg whites in animal thing that's a whole thing so if fewer. There is about a pathetic couple other ones that I thought would appeal to view. I'll one as the Susquehanna. Is so it's got a hundred proof Ryan. I'll Barreto dash of Lancaster bidders who. And the new Phishing with a lemon peel you kind of twisted rabbit. Cervix on in a high ball glass on the rocks and can we changed name has sounds pretty good that's a delicious drink and host Oklahoma I like Indian and then I screwed up everytime I would not say it CIA's says cents a Honda. Why is as that was that was the intermediate three nights in the beginner drink. The easy drink you just go operator and ginger so basically. Shot on Colorado four ounces of ginger beer lime ice bloom nice ring today. That might be either way in because right now Moscow mules are paying up. And if you can splash yourself into the mosque out ginger beer Crowley takes in general I've they're going to be interest people are saying was 7UP a taste good Sammy civil inflaming doctor pepper. Two people in Texas and the flaming doctor pepper kind. Submissive that Coke it's really good keep it simple. Now I alas this is somebody who's never had a if you don't like omens. If you don't like Altman's then you're probably I mean I'm only out on this but it is so it's a little sweeter it's right or alcohol. And a what you were like I I can't do omens. Really and I can't stand the flavor under the de mining and on an outrage you can't have all ministers at which obligates much warning when a nice at all and isn't always put on home ice greens that nobody ever. You literally the only person in the building Neitzel and then it's kind of weird. It's no I don't owns all the time. A little moments all the time even sitting behind me watch me on the seniors to get that these leaders were here analyzing ceding dominance. You like bear claws. Now you don't need Derrek Lee Tony he does not sweets I'm out of sweets guy for the first place do you not a big bear climbed. Trial be curious to see how how strong the flavor is yeah. It's it's different so does have a little sweetness to it but it's not super sweet like root public viewers shame border anything like Brad Stone. But yet you mix it up with a ginger beer there are little slice a lime. As you are figuring out what to do with all of your wonderful afternoons and evenings here next week. Are you drinking today there you go it's national cammarata day okay big news is Sunday night. He season premiere west worlds. Season two HBO's 6 PM I don't like less of Fey and yes you're pulling it Mike Lynch this was his palm last this is an upset from me I would have never paying so my guard is in as Janet miss less I don't like being NSC. Ease into west world. What happened well but it's more based on and what I like good really good. Like involved. With. Roll plot twists you try and figured out sort of I think there is frustrated by these comics you have. Every show that we giving you I'm not into it. And they're all shows that do that the and now says Leo as the world does that which. Game a throw to be the main one nothing throws Maury using human throngs. I just it's medieval but this is this is robots. There's there's a medieval. World of some sort to be plug into whatever everybody's got their thing and I'm that way about zombies everybody has tried to get me to lodge now I and Braun out it's like and I'm not a that's not. He's movie's lead Seton and I just. Times. But apparently according to an article here that the web sites kind of what to expect it. It sounds like total mass chaos. Why did you get into the show. Well I showed you the trailer you would say not into the side fire whenever that is the bike was watching it. And that's what we need to do we know ladies lag initial release wags in she's wag eventually be too drunk to say no to it and then he will you. Yet she worked on me for awhile was allowed to lock up your room and you're tidy white he's drinking and you would you act. Loretta and I think if if if if if if you plug it in some let's world rerun that. So but hasn't. This is supposed to be quite the thing and trailer looks amazing and really look he's an amazing Sunday night. And there's sand is literally all hell get a break loose as the I. I forget what their what's the both. What that the robots called us and I don't ever seen or seen it now I would nursing I've never wants us I've heard great thank you Tom my shows to watch list and not start and I will catch up with the live I'll start Sunday. Well I reunited dive and down and watch policy is to make a promise like the first two in a bomb looked. It will probably catch up very quickly to everybody watching season to end and take very long now it does affect. All right let's have finished wild country to begin. They'll while country's great Alex I cite your dad's friend. Yeah until I kept thinking about when I saw yeah it's like I know I can tell me stories about them when they were eleven shooting pheasants outed some giant grand field somewhere you have to forgive me you know I sometimes you drunk you embellish things a little bit. You realize that you say it. I embellish it right away and said hey. Let's wags says brand. Does the we're in the life was like what do make wariness. Holdouts lags step down as best as childhood friend gas and. Couple more indications that April 30 could be a huge day if the Supreme Court finally rules on the abetting case with New Jersey. The a Major League Baseball NBA are divesting their ownership. In deep daily fantasy so fanned duel and draftees they are pulling money out. So that's his guts on is in shock that article just went that's a pretty big deal. And then also are are you guys familiar with TVG network it is the horse racing television channel now. So they're based in California and yet you go if you scroll through the nether regions of your cable if you have com you'll. Run into this kind and so they basically to show all the horse races from all the major tracks all around the country and I think there's a way to get an account you can. Wager but they are prepared. There are they've been working with. The company I think in Ireland. I'll on the back in and also other companies that that go into like gambling the technology of the online gambling that sort of thing. And having partnerships. And visit Finland when. The cases overturned and everybody starts gambling for real on sports they'll be prepared they haven't they have leases in their office building their balance Southern California right near and only acts. And there's all this empty space in their landlords been trying to give them up to get other clients and their holding onto it in anticipation. Of. Being ready to go what does that mean for the league's deploy out of of tracking some fear into you. These are ready to go are you good innings they believe those things are going to be viable down and nobody's one place and they don't wanna go down with yeah yeah they don't not to waste money on fancy my would you play Disney fantasy you can actually ban on game yeah and there is needed to be no point. You've been over under is he dues I there's no point. That's the way you would you have me thinking now like a fund. Guys died of just drink gin and watching those horse races. The draw like toy box of personnel on every race got to make sure you have nobody knows nobody knows anything is randomly pick and I I guess he just picked a name you want to 67 album that I got arias is what happened are with that I haven't Kennedy and you can get a Forte cable box now. So there's like another range of channels in the thousands. That's like Forte channels. Other death. The clubs aren't there so they're just so and so it thirtieth is the next day that opinions will be released a Supreme Court of the United States and I think there's a lot of indications that happens in New Jersey cases going to be ruled on that. Eleven days from now it could happen eleven days to about then announced that it. August doesn't expose every Thursday at 215 I was get back in the blazers have pelicans game three tonight down in New Orleans. Is all hope lost with few or we seek we'd see what happens tonight next. About a meg in June 30 sevens as a step to get to the final segment of the shell Elway was some comments on some positive news for an NBA fan base. We've also any office debate and Twitter debate all day actors Craig on is it soda there is a pop. Or is soda pop depends on what part of the country more of the answer I believe on the East Coast it's soda out west of pop it submitted from I believe New England or New Hampshire samarra. Northeast who said I'd been moved here while back we used to call it tonic. I've never heard that lacked not a product is a specific. Is that they are decently called all that stands in the big I had a cousin moved from Oklahoma to the West Coast and it was actually fun it was to make fun of them. He got so irate that we didn't call pop every time. He started crying and yelling and telling us we ingredients. But Wallace like one sorry but do you want any of this soda if he just lost his mind. Some areas as so lie you can set your thoughts and an F 55305. Question Torre on the game tonight's in game three most people seem to resign and the fact that it's it's all but there is some optimism. That's left out there and yet the old cliche take one game at a time he went tonight may be right back in this series. But a question for you just on pressure and a blast. Which of these three guys eating is under the most pressure tonight so you got dame who is played early in the first two games of the series is the face of the franchise he has not shown up you CJ McCollum who's the more criticized of your great backcourt and he has not been. Off some. And then you had Yusuf and Erica chewed disappeared basically in both games he got a little banged up in game two any blame for a big contract. Well he's not gonna get a big contracts I think Bobby marks kind of just. He threw doubted us months ago and I've I've just kind of remained firm in that opinions you may get decently trading negative big contract. This is an easy one for me to know Rainer. Damian Miller has gotten far more criticism than CJ McCollum. I don't know about the local part of that but Nazi right now when you talk about trailblazers nationally it's about how Damian Miller has not played well. CJ McCollum is almost escaped all of the criticism. Locally I think people have been very disappointed with what we've seen from CJ. Just in the sense of Damien has had most of the traps and double teams sent at him. Where is CJ is kinda given a little more free rein. And Kaz and done anything for them he had one little run in the second quarter and yak he had a nice fourth quarter comeback but again has done. Hasn't been the CJ McCollum we soft for a lot of this season. So for me is no Ramos pressure. If it's on CJ McCollum Damian Miller from a national standpoint we'll have more. Because he's a talking point for some locally for me I I care more about CJ going out there and being CJ McCollum. And not going out there and being nine of 21 from the field out and looking passive we I'll never for you came for watching that last year. He quit he checked out he said 30 will face in the warriors were done. He's not wrong the Damian Miller went out there and played like a guided to screw this I'm gonna go out with a bang you gave that guy a hundred million dollars. I wanna see CJ McCollum turn this around that's Roh would point. Pressure. I think there's far more pressure on Damien Willard because. That's who he is the headliner. His ability to force the pelicans to do something else then creates everything for everybody else on this team hasn't been able to do that yet. So it may be goes hand in hand with the head coach Terry Stotts to try and figure out. Maybe he's got to be on the ball last may be he can't start on the ball maybe they mean to bring them off screens. Trying lose a couple of those defenders and bring him to the ball later let's CJ let ballpark let's let Evan Turner who's ever going to be that three start the offense. And used dame coming off of its Wii doesn't have as much traffic when he's trying to make moves by. It's all on him that the trail blazers we saw you know we talked yesterday. How much is sacked Collins chemical performance one mole park listed common back from three wood two or three weeks out with injury some of the other stuff. An out of body that it was good a good enemy you know none of that matters if you gain isn't dame. Now add at this trilogy abductors are becoming an F 55305. Because we've had a differing tax in CJ for sure but we don't generally Asia is why can't agree with the game thing I I Sawyer you're not wrong. But I would just say for us. Here in this city. We know who dame is we've seen Dayne B begin the post season time and time again. We know even after this series if they get swept to whatever. If they go in and they had lost we're not gonna suddenly being Damian Miller doesn't wanna play basketball that's on topic this offseason DaVita even if he doesn't play well tonight or Saturday Damian Miller will still be a top ten player in this week. CJ McCollum is the one that we have to be looking right a hundred million dollar player he's not been an all star year. You're GM is completely committed to him doesn't want any part of any idea of separating those two. And he's having just as bad a series but nobody talks about from a national standpoint that's quite CG for me and but apple question to actors rate on Twitter game three tonight in New Orleans is this series already over. 46%. Of people saying now. They win tonight they're at bracken and where do you come down. Our comment on that question also the pressure debated CJ or game talk a little more about game three we also have a draft pick for sale. And some positive news potentially for an NBA fan base that something. Thought comes down. And I for blazer fans game 3 New Orleans 6 o'clock Tim. At a couple other I yelled one and again before that. And that will be going on basically the same time as Golden State San Antonio that's the TNT game tonight yeah we've been relegated to NB ATV I can't blame on visited two probably less than just the Leeson choosing teams may be in a lasts that this has been far and away the best series in the post season. Even with no 11 split yeah these games have been the most entertaining. Bob did the game to game two losing game one socked. Game one would blazing house is comeback in the sport 36 points in the first half Becky was on watchable for three quarters not if you like Anthony Davis. Yeah. I did two is really get argued that that would no matter rerouted for the ages two and it is a basketball fans. Series giving you more entertainment. I got to look at a gimme filly won by like thirty though it on my third mile island is Celtics series game one was unbelievable the game Tuesday apparently kind of had about Washington wasn't getting OK see you talk after game one was a blow out. Not so late and a yen last night you gotta go back and forth game last night as must I was great game game one wasn't mean. At the high paying you the appraisers I have series. That game on socked I watched that whole thing purpose to what points the oval. Yeah I say they let an enclave and try to come back in at that was a brief demo app and all most games have had one good game and one bad game is how I would assess that loan blazers felt like Milwaukee Boston game once been the best game of the playoffs the Middleton shot was right unreal but then game two they beat them by fourteen yeah so I adding you know Toronto Washington game one of that series is really good. And in game two they won 13190. I guess the difference in those games vs the game one from Portland is those teams held on and won by a fifteen to twenty points are pro cornerback had that come back in game and it's on the way back into it will Vegas is trying to flab title of this is the Al weak home court advantage of neurons do at a forum but Vegas has the pelicans. As a four point favorite tonight. So let's roundtable this bad boy without your keys of the game will save them for. Another day yeah let let's see outcomes and I did they get letters and a 30 hole what's spread a we're not doing picks Clay County where you can get your pick to click if you would like to get we have to do you think declared I'll doubled optimistically I give your pick to click your winner and your ears spread cup. Well. Have a big night because I think the pelicans. Are still focused. Of the belief and it's worked so far if we throw everything at dame. They don't have enough fells to beat us I think most big tonight. My pick to click is going to be. CJ McCollum. Your goal with a guy you just. How about that's and then knowledge that they went yeah and I can't win another make it's it went I'm a way not super confident yeah. Except at bats billion I want to gain in Willard to have the bounce back performance tonight a double down in game two I was wrong endowment a triple down on this thing and it's eight. That is that he finds a stroke at last time is a New Orleans event forty point game huge fourth quarter comeback. So maybe it's a bit of a comfort zone for handsets emergencies 31% the darn series. That's his taciturn around at some point and it does tonight this game is on Comcast right yes. That's the only chance you go watch a Youkilis and MBA yeah ambience that is still blacked out and local markets so you only have one off Indiana I guess it does NB ATV even have a national broadcasters and they pick up the feed. When they show play out on a museum their own a gun yeah I here's here's the turner guys. I can say others are takes game is tonight's we've taken away nights like. I'm I'm taking a pelicans and tokens and I'd see something significantly different that gives me faith that it can sustain. You know outside of the blazes is going dessert from three point range but. There is a no evidence that. That's likely. The guides it will take New Orleans I've given Apollo I hope I'm wrong because it would make the show a lot more enjoyable tomorrow only would be looking forward to exit interviews and will they. What they get swept there'll be a gentleman sweep in the make new loans fly back across the country but I a lot of NFL schedule breakdown tomorrow it's if there until and his game. And Lance had no doubt about coming up next what's the summer all for the TrailBlazer and game four is in a day he had one other one and to put onto about the MBAs late tonight I've seen this couple differently as a shams I think was first maybe him and he would beat him but I Jolo island beat. Expected to play tonight yet he's probable. He against Miami he says quote he's expected playing game three barring any setbacks he likely will Wear a mask and goggles who who's going to be out to look at my family opera was goggles that on top and thirty Phantom of the Opera though I've been back. Apparently his instead Graham rants after losing game two about being frustrated because they were baby him. They've worked and he's back on the floor and yet to the point where he took the old answer imposed he scratched off most of his original and he said no longer allowing to be babies tonight. So he got his way I like that's that's up to keep in mind there is little added intrigue for game three between Miami and Philly that by the way is the first game of the TNT doubleheader 4 o'clock. On and then that has followed by Golden State San Antonio no Popovich tonight is why it's such sadly passed away yesterday so Popovich is out tonight for San Antonio. I should be an emotional night for that team but they are down in an 02 hole. On gone back home for game three. One other note on this just the sports world in general today I we saw this earlier we just kind of chuckled and it's a double track in the coming days. Bomb and we just wondered what's the what the cost is John Elway came up. Dead Broncos of the number five pick in the draft. He said number five. Is for sale. Yeah I guy I know it's been mentioned before but. I think usually they say it's like up for grabs are willing to trade out to say it's for sale maybe you wonder is their price tag for this in the fans how much what's the cost you can be by attitude by the number five pick just go by like. A guard at another debris and the station article fund me cam broke quick any thing and what you think we get for go funded by the fifth pick in the NFL draft. Lot I think we get six figures. He raised from fans right now. A chance in hell no details now than before for so lucky to work out that you know four figures Ali area. Now that. Well let me got a positive show tomorrow. Either way as we opened the show with Waterloo is for the blazers tonight if you get down in the dumps into thinking about once again. Being stuck in NBA purgatory in your season being over. The lock around your backyard is that because it's going to be beautiful tonight it's gonna be beautiful tomorrow's. There's always a silver lining folks did miss an avalanche up tires podcasted independent commentary can find it included an actor is Reagan entered into the fan as well we will talk to you tomorrow known as the department Thursday number one is next this into ten easy to fans.