Dirt & Sprague Thursday April 19th, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, April 19th
The guys are so glad Spring has arrived in Portland to distract them from what may happen to the Blazers in New Orleans tonight, plus the other NBA Playoff storylines tonight.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Durbin spray gun attending the Sam Burgess. This this is a playoffs we condition of dirt in spring. Prize you buy it red tailed off and it's pretty intense out Friday but when he had been spending money back it up to 50% off everything else. Is it not red tailed dot com for more details. Willard back problem. There it's down low found of massive chance at a break point play. Improved game at circuit built for the week roller derby in spring begun 1080. The Australian. I even as well those two in the were. I was city it is time for dirt Sprague on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Great it's great indicator Johnson in with you on this beautiful Thursday afternoon opening day is going well I am mentally prepared for a blazer laws and I won't care because the sun is out. That about sums it up right even if they lose tonight and ill and Yemen advisable to do they've fallen to a 30 hold just go look at the next ten day weather forecast right and I'll play a ride out and and I think well you know you mentioned this before and I really don't you didn't jinx us I might have I might reversed reversed after this thing you might a dirt in the line. I hope this is the turning point as you had a you had a really astute observation. Real original thought. I don't know if I can go back to the other weather is now we have like a 67 days in a row of this sunshine and 65 to seventy. I don't know if I can handle emotionally going back to what it was now in the forties and fifties and rain this is that this has to be yet. Weather gods don't screw us over I was I mowed the lawn last night when I got home or yesterday afternoon when I got home and then I I aid. Started putting my patio furniture around I uncovered the barbecue that is a risk I would not like it because you've got to put patio furniture away open it to the side make sure it's not get rain on all that stuff it's it's all set up my tables ready to go patio is decked out in in summer. Summer motor right now and if I again have to move it out of the layer put the cushions back in the house I am. I'm going to be depressed Lombardi excited because I'm watching them blazer game tonight and my brother in law's house. And he's got this sick on in that he put in his backyard it's perfect like the sun comes in just perfect spots. And then he's got the barbecue right by the sliding door with a big street right inside and so we're watching game their. And my father in law. I mean I ate I easily have the best in laws you can ask for public brag people complain about in laws are really genuinely feels sorry for you because my in laws are so lost some. My father a lot comes home yesterday. A big packer rib by stakes are now he's rate and no no he goes here ego. He does team on Needham he'd just been buys them for us you kid may I said. God I love you that not penalized for that sounds like a pretty solid Thursday evening. Yeah Audrey. It's Eric you just can't go outside and stared at the law. Or for a little bit wild around Oregon live like conveniently putting up say a list of a best 45 out two were restaurant borer periods. An inauguration silly one number one is always going to be. You know my house I'm always one or number one. It's nice to have those lists out while I can't use my front deck until my guys finish painting the siding so I'm hoping with a dry weather visit the dudes can get out there all got to do is paint deciding at this point and I don't get beat up a little bit and I get my I have my front deck back. Now somebody texting don't you guys know GIG we knew Aries you guys are from here I know I know we I am wholeheartedly concerned we will run into rain again how it's gonna happen we live in Portland. I just hope that it doesn't. You don't you realize when I was younger. Having lived here there was a little bit and this might just be me I took a lot of pride in the range and I need more of this in my life in your humble brag it when he gets especially when he Californians that move up here in the droves and then they complain about it and you kind of want awareness of badges of honor I don't want an umbrella I screw you you analyze the rains all right that's why everything's green in the summer that's why we have such a beautiful climate for like five months out of the year. But then internally I think we all agree with them like this kind of socks you guys probably have better weather down there you handle daddy. You hit that all Asian and Janet are beginning of February super February got teased picked out of it again what it was only sixteen for a weekend and we all got out and play golf for most of us got up golfers sub and I was like OK let's go and then martz was that Thursday or Friday that you were gone for the masters week. We got like a seven army team and Saturday we had like a seven 75 degree day here. Let's like this is unreal. This is summer weather and then that quickly evaporated inept at backing the bill. When ride out the window yet not yet. Knock it off lord make implants to star plant in the garden this weekend knock it aligns it could be a little risky. I did it too early last year and I gad I plan and everything in in like the week after I plan we had a hail storms for the two and everything frozen it just was disasters back a little bit my my farmer's almanac Clinton. I'm not thinking about roll the dice on Sunday you read the farmer's almanac I do not but I kind of wouldn't I kind of liked him so I I don't know if this is if people are gonna get. Guess if you get upset about weird things. I actually go to Home Depot every year. And I find the farmer's almanac is picking up no I read what our weather forecast is an and I put it back down I never thought come on man they grind all year to put that thing out you just pick it up put it back due to drained all year I had no clue how they put together a farmer's almanac I don't either but I'm very thankful because I tend to turning to see what they're forecasting for the year for a fun little summer segment get somebody on from the farmer's almanac does this work I think in theory that would be fun segment and then it would happen if you locally falling asleep nobody body models do you study and put together farmer's almanac that segment would turning to do dinosaur guy for mrs. doubtfire. Bracken and there. Dinah Shore for. Yeah I am on crossing my fingers man I hope I didn't reverse jinx him but the next ten days are looking pretty solid you need to plant vegetables that don't take anything like it can't get on yellow light is green onions and I Israelis in lettuce is pretty solid and it takes a lot around some lettuce. A proud man hold off on like the hot tempers gonna get hot peppers goal when he got a plan is open now ma'am are let's find out what's on tap. What's growing I'm not page to be bold and they need to be crying there's a lot of sporting and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Ford by intelligent. Our government more and had the breach on 1080 yeah. That's right. What's on tap project in the fanned by pelican brewing company boarded the speech online at pelican brewing dot com. But he gassing in glee had changed the name of the show and uncle bombs gardening program that. Indeed we have a command coming up next we'll talk about green onions. Coming up the two of our our thought Ross is gonna hop on as to how you're pitted that was mountain that's best pic of that I don't know what there was an ESP NL Major League broadcast. I was last week I just randomly caught it. And so they have the Adam Wainwright they were talking to him that put the headsets on him in the portals open. And he's just started talking about the huge Gordon that he had and former mob. Bert Brazilian minutes and the cardinals Robin a rally goodies like I'm talking implants for the next gone gaga lands until he. It was fantastic. Per Jane was if it was hilarious. Out of you working on that curve ball no but I'm working on those those radish. Goes into what I heard you find a chunk of that somewhere but for the into the show all right going to be fun we got a good one today blades are. Game three. Real simple question. Any given up hope for the blazers. 55305. We'll talk about that yes next segment yes I'll. Because she took it. Tell me your opinion one more firmly for god. Oh into that we'll get to some NBA playoffs. Interesting thing happened last night LeBron James was asked about death. Loud you got upset about that one but LeBron defended the question and a reporter. Popovich is not going to be coaching today is not tasting game three understandably so I. If he takes game four off yeah I stand up please go until on perspective though is inching up people handle situations like that and then Ben Simmons is getting a lot of love. Worries me a little bit as basketball fan. We will get some NFL as one analyst is resurfacing. And he is making a bold claim that this quarterback. Right now is better than eight all time great. Who came into the draft but nobody is sharing that sentiment. I'm so wit that baker may feel that a pretty funny story involving his draft situation. Will give that to you loss Alaska who has the most pressure on them of the four quarterbacks mark Jackson's and it. But he's also kinda night of the four quarterbacks the big ones. Who is the most pressure on them coming into the league. I'd be stunned if anybody voted outside of Josh Rosen that's seems to be an animal vote getter and there's also another controversy rob baker made field it just makes me chuckle okay I'm ET just cannibalism. At 130 I have no idea how this is getting killed at 130 we're gonna have a guest in studio a magician slash comedian who's going to be performing helium comedy club. Name yes. The magic dragon. He's got a dog named mr. pitiful some were all cross our fingers and mr. couples makes appearances duty be quite upset within mr. pencils is not in town or in studio with and I kind of appease and cost him because he wears like a dragon costume during his stats he was on America's Got Talent he was a semi finalist soul he better. NB bring the dog so he would join us in Studio One thirty and then at crunch time we've got to get to a story for you parents out there. You high school parents. This is a little bit alarming what potentially could be looming. In high school football. And we'll explain more we get to that of course who got wags plums. And Ron Twitter actor and sprayed. At Peter Johnson an apparatus breaks that's what's coming that's what's on tap for today show appear join us Thursday your sunny Thursday afternoon we will start with the blazers. Have you given up hope that they can come back in this series 55305. We'll go their next are and sprayed with you on the fans. 1217 on the fair welcome back here and game number Trace for the blazers pelicans back in the Big Easy. Pelicans up too low. And now I know game two wasn't pretty game one was frustrating in surprise seeing. Is there anybody out there was hope that they can still come back in this series I know too low is pretty statistically and historically defeating especially when you lose the first two at home there are teams and write a comment losing two on the road and and you come back and you have games or your home floor but this almost feels like gay outside of the die hard crazy die hard people this feels like consensus the series is done. Let's get you understand math and you understandings were against you now one positive is New Orleans is not a great home court advantage you've highlighted that throughout this entire series and I believe as of yesterday maybe even today. There are still tickets available if you wanna go to game three New Orleans and I'd sell it's not going to be a really tough place for them to play a considering what the alternatives were. And the playoffs I you know what I say that they're done. Mainly from my own sanity. You know we went into this series with expectations. We tried to caution folks that it wasn't to be a cakewalk. Against New Orleans because New Orleans is a good basketball team but I did expect Portland to win the series we all did whether it was a seven games and you guys picked hitter or six games like I picked it. And I believe most blazer fans had an opinion they're gonna win this series so. When you did fall into an 02 hole it it it sucks even more because you had the expectation that went along with itself. That's just more on that mentally I'm I'm not expecting an inning positive to happen from here on out. What I'd be shocked if they wanna game tonight not at all yeah they played terrible in game one and they had a chance to win at the end. Did Hillard was awful in game two CJ didn't do a whole lot in game two and Turkish did really show up. And he's still had a chance to win game two so. Did the blown out the first two games of the series I would be shocked if they want right I'm just done expecting any thing that a positive to come with his team of the playoff bowling game one. Were five and a half point favorites. That jumped up a point game to. And now in game three the pelicans are only three and a half point favorites. So here's the thing about this series. I mean obviously if he told me who we evenings gonna win I'd project opens obviously. But I think the point you just product is interesting. It's not like they've lost by fifteen to twenty points. They have just not gotten some loose balls New Orleans has New Orleans has dramatically been more prepared than them. And Damian Miller camp by about it right now even when he is open or if he's being double teamed they're really struggling in some regard. But what's the number that Damian Miller has to hit for you. Where you go oh yeah I think they're gonna win game 330 points so PS thirty points tonight you anyway should walk away with a win I do. I do at that that that's what they haven't had yet in this series is you looking game line it was a monster performance from Anthony Davis is that I was crazy. And in game two it was true holiday they've had a star players step up and carry the team you get impact from other guys Rondo has been great Mirotic is knocked down some big threes. Ben story Ian Clark knocked down some shots in game one but. There are whole effort was started by a superstar in game one. And a star game too liberal does not have one of those games yet yet I think the style in which New Orleans has played Portland is obviously frustrating on you can you heard from Damian Miller post gaming to any quick asked him. And he's I just feel frustrated right now as he understands that the stage is he's been on that stage so big moments. But he also how memories emotions last when he got swept you're there you receive and five feet from him he was this you never seen that dejected and angry and I think he's feeling a lot of that. So maybe the way New Orleans is played. We'll put some other players in a mental state that is not ready to compete. But I'm not ready to completely give up hope that they can maybe send this back to Portland not that they win this series that seems like a pretty tall order right now. But to give them a shot to win a game and knocked it swept and you know as people pointed out it's so cliche but in the NBA and in sports in general it's a true. You do have to take it one game at a time game one didn't go your way. And you were downed wire and that one. Game two did not go your way they may just that they made the plays necessary when that ball game and you didn't and now iron onto bowl. It's not Rio. And adding that's the important thing for everybody to remember here. If it's 30 this series is done I'm not even spending very much energy talking about this game now in game four will be meaningless right game four would be done and if they won game four they're done and father not coming back from three L. They're down to low. And with that possibility of going on the road and maybe just having one great team from Damian Lil heard. I'm not completely ready to be either yet there's a big part of me that says New Orleans continues to do what they do they are gonna be up 30 after tonight. But there's that other side of me that's watched a lot of basketball. Too quickly justice instead of just dismissing a great player like Damian Miller saying I ominous at downing give this chance one more time yeah. I guy and and that's Ron how many get a wall Margo tonight and if you lose as you mentioned nobody in the NBA is ever come back from a 30 deficits and there's no point. It even talking about that I mean you know we might of our. Ridiculed elements and his team socks and skipper to guys and they want a thirteen game winning streak so. It would be very blazer he of them to cannot find a way. Until when this game and it's just it's gonna have to come from Damon CJ at that that's just where this whole thing is gonna start if you get a performance like you dating game morning game to. I your two stars you don't stand a chance to win in the clip you just don't have enough help around the roster. Eagle back to game two where you had. A good night from amino you had a great night for mark was off the bench you hide Collins with a career night with twelve points and 22 minutes little bends towards. You've got stuff from your role players but you didn't get anything from your two superstars and her which was a no show. And you just you can't have that equation. And the playoffs but. The optimism in me says played a law of averages I tried to play after game wanna burn me because I set I don't think Damian Miller in the back to back games like this especially on this stage. A guy who loves to perform a moments like this any did he was bad in game two. So if you wanna be optimistic to play the law averages again Damian Miller does a phenomenal NBA player he's gonna finish in the top five in the MVP vote this year deservedly so for what Ali didn't get first arrived and he didn't because of what he did the regular season deserving they sell. Are you willing to gamble on him having three straight bad nights and being suffocated defensively for three consecutive games or does he bust out of it. It's tough because of how good they are defensively because of the double and triple teams that they throw at him but he's still gonna have opportunities for the open looks those enough on the arm. The other thing to you know win game one ended in some people who walked away with the conclusion that hey they came back they should of won that ball game. I did not feel that way I thought they had incredible rally but New Orleans won the game and they should've won the game the way they played a most of it. And then in game two going into that I remember having people allow it easy response here outages cracked a couple of things. That worried me because I thought other players on the pelicans could play a little better and you know what going into game three. I still kind of feel that way I still think our guys on his pelican team that can play better I think yet perhaps he was he another thirty point game at Anthony Davis had 22 points in game two right I think true holiday could probably put up 25 to thirty points. I think E'Twaun Moore could randomly have eighteen point term Darius Miller could hit four threes he had not done two in game two right they have Ian Clark you may Beagle for fifteen big house guys on this team. Some have had big games others have really not done any time yet. And so now you're playing at home and I don't think the pelicans at least this isn't as I kind of view and they don't strike me as a group. That goes to New Orleans feel little fat and happy. We did it we won the first two I think that group and actually see it in the way that they play specially to holiday. They've got a lot of fight in them where I think they get on that plane and they had to the Big Easy. And they're thinking it's close out time. We're not joking around we're not messing around. We want more we're not just happy with the first win membrane to Dave's got its first playoff winners like hey its first playoff win I loved his reaction. That's great gnome but. I'm not just here to get a first playoff win I wanna be in the playoffs trying to I want them to look past the first round. I think that's the mentality you'll team. And so even if I give a a slight hope to Portland to come out because again games one and two we're not blowouts and damion really to get his shot going in New Orleans. I don't look at New Orleans and sale of the pelicans are gonna kinda. Just feel good about being too low I think they're going for blood I think they are going for the kill tonight. To go up 30 so it it's no doubt about it to me it's going to be a huge fight for them to try to get a win in this series young. And and I think the driving force behind that is their leader on the floor and and it's Rondo I mean playoffs Rondo is a real saying the numbers when you look at it he is points per game rebounds per game assists per game. Steals per game all up from her they were on the regular season to his post season numbers. This stuff blew me away most playoff games and history the NBA with at least fifteen assists. The only guys with more than Rondo or John Stockton and Magic Johnson lead with his seventeen assists in game one he tied Steve Nash now has eleven games in the playoffs. With fifteen or more assists in how about the stat that he is not lost a playoff game since 2015. There are some teams you worry about you get to an all your fat and happy member of the blazers correct me if I'm wrong when they were up too low on Houston I believe they came home and lost game three. And then they won game four. Las Haas five and they can back them once they you know they slipped a little bit in the series eventually ended up going to six games. When you have a guy like Rondo who's a leader on the floor. 88 I just I don't see him allowing the team to go to them and. Stay yes somebody says being down 20 I feel like the pressure's off when game three gains momentum. Into the rest the series that very well me and that's a possibility you you can have momentum back on your side if you went again I I understand why so many people. Are so surprised. And just kind of dumbfounded by the way this series and for the compared to what they expected. And there's they're expecting a New Orleans win maybe is sweep. But I I don't get the whole notion of you completely write off a player's Grey's steamy Willard and this team. And I just I've seen too many times in this league I think we've seen too many times in sports in general right when you think now they're done. The other team responsible was a series last year with Cleveland. The Cleveland in Yankee series yeah everybody. There are serial it was done everybody series is done yankees' comeback they go to the ALCS and eventually lose the Houston Astros. So we deceit is in sports too many times reader really proclaimed this thing is done the matchup is difficult I thought that going into the this series. And clearly New Orleans has the advantage. But you just need game mile to have one great night and CJ McCollum to just be CJ McCollum when your open Marcus is healthy too and can give you some good numbers in the starting line what I imagine yet the rotations going to be a little bit different now. I know he's giving you good moments. On our most it was kind of just hoping that Evan Turner doesn't play tonight aim absolutely get to give other people more minutes and see what they can do spread the floor you got other shooters that are better than Evan Turner out there. Pack comets and on the floor I'd rather have him be open for three and Evan Turner chairman be Napier is back in the rotation tonight whatever it is just open it up and see which you can do in game three. A lot of text like you'll feel on a couple different ways about this or read some of those thoughts and then we'll get to. Ben's sentence a lot of people proclaiming Ben Simmons in the 76ers. Even though they just lost game two in Philadelphia so we'll talk more MBA playoffs and. Yeah a lot of the end of the feelings of kids excited 55305. Or just basically that the blazers in Damian Miller cannot overcome what you were. Thrown at them. There were a little I changes that were made to free up Damian Miller exactly will wrote about that yet again in a piece on espn.com. Any use video examples is just you know little back cuts little screens here in the air to try to free of Damian Miller and then even in some stats. If Lilly wasn't free stock to design a little things to week. To try to get other guys open shots and sometimes they made them and other times they didn't look like they were very organized earners with step at a set was supposed to be. And we'll see if that's gonna work for them in game three but there are a lot of people that are feeling like this series is done being down too well. On I need to aegis understand it because of everything it's now stacked against you you need to win basically for a five ticks to go on to win this series and it just doesn't happen very often in the NBA it will be interesting if they find a way to win tonight. How much different the feeling is in this stadium with a fan base just from our audience tomorrow. Because if you when you make a series two to one and then as you go back to this day ridiculous cliched it's true love one game at a time because if you could win game three. All the focus goes to game four and you have a chance to ultimately tie this thing up but. I just I I I get every some point worm. The expectations stuff I think is what kills fan bases emotions because. When you go in thinking one thing and it doesn't end up happening that's when you really disappointed like last year when they got bounced in the first round Bible state. Nobody cared about and I know why surprised because we knew it never gonna get smoked they had no chance to win that series they give you glimmer of hope in the first half for game three outset of that. They're kind of dominating the game one was kind of on hosting game on Damon's feed January lights out game two I believe they got blown now than they gave you glimmer hoping game three in the nobody showed up by the date then Damon game four but. There was no emotional strain on that because he didn't expect an ending that's where. This is a little bit different and if you went right emotions maybe go back and people are willing to believe again what is somebody like you because I think you NIA we might be a little different in the way we view this series. Why is what does somebody like you say tomorrow on a Friday show if the blazers were to somehow win fifteenth. You know for all the great defense and was let's just it's a hypothetical price and goes out CA goes on 35 CJ gives you 26. Is active GT and near kids plays decently Aminu gives you four threes and heartless is marquis and they win by double digits what are you saying tomorrow. I I'm still not willing to completely buy back in because you need to even up the series he need to get home court advantage back on your back on your side. And so if you went tomorrow at least it at the the optimism takes up just a tad. But I'm not gonna go there because you could lose game four you're down 31 in the series and is it a negative dependence. Win three straight when they're down three to one if you lose three of the first four games of the series. So low lying I'm totally waiting for Saturday now and starts tonight as we listen I your your fish and all the series is over but if he went tonight I'm still not I'm not willing to go there mentally Intel I watched game four on Saturday and he showed that usually the you can duplicate that performance and it was a one off yeah I mean it really does boil down he got when foreign five and a and I guess the team that's played she's so tough defensively. And give me so many problems. Taxes that's a tough line you just you you have to avoid a bad quarters at that that's what Portland has had a mean you go back to the first half of game on I believe. It's were what eighteen points and playing these points orders in each of those first two quarters and and you going to game two. Where you actually were playing pretty good the first added 23 points in the first quarter which was up tick of where they were. And game one the blazers were 36 points in the second quarter of game 236. Outscored 36 to 29 in that quarter and it took the lead into the half. That one happen. He came out for whatever reason sleep walking in the third quarter you were outscored 33 to nineteen and then you tied up 2424. In the fourth quarter. It was just simply that start the second half I don't know what was and why they were emotionally ready for whatever reason if you take away. That's 67 minute stretch to start the second half. The teams were neck in neck even the entire game you have to avoid a stretch like that game three gas of the blazers. Game three tonight against New Orleans will see what they can do if they can respond with a win or does New Orleans simply have their number two holidays gonna play like a maniac. And Anthony Davis continued to dominate along with playoff. Rondo. There's a lot has gone on the NBA playoffs you talk got to win last night against OKC. And our good friend frame for Sheila one of the nicest people I've met media like national media members and for Shelley is awesome he missed an interview with us to promote a senate last year. He came up to us profusely apologizing. And said any other time I'd still like he came up to us and it's are you need to do that we ended up getting him on the show I think the next week or so did he was fantastic he had a really good tweet that I saw. And I wanted to read because Don Mitchell had a really good game he outscored you seated at playoff totals in the first two games he's the number one rookies out. He taught Michael Jordan if he scored 55 point sitting in his first two games brand Fischler said after Donovan Mitchell's work out for the jazz they're GM Denis Lindsay. Threatened every jazz down at the work out with firing. If they have leaked out how well the work out when I owl fired you will be fired if you leak this work out which is worked out well for I'm sure did got to keep that Stefan house menu is changed the trajectory of that franchise you lose a superstar new landing got. Well tech was C. Thirteen thirteen so you land a guy like that middle and he closed in the first round either text please can you just you do you don't catch a break like death very often where you see the end of of of a star air and Hayward who just walks away in free agency they went to the same thing Portland did LaMarcus laughed. You don't get anything in return then you land Donovan Mitchell and achieve their innings he was all odd. Tell me how Detroit feels today they pick a loop canard down now yup. On the leak monk went to the hornets took an arsenal hornets with Don and Natalie in the of walker good luck didn't. Stops there the Dallas Mavericks shows Dennis Smith junior an OK year one great the knicks going. What is it that frank. I would say I was calm nick Tina all. Went what was his last name and a French guy yet the French kid they throws him with a eight pick is a point guard under the containers and under underrated rapper he is I like thinking speak of deer and fox is going to be good player and lakers obviously on the ball number two but Tom. If he all the way to thirteen of them and they get a road win two that was issue that was a shocker to me last not a knock penalized Mitchell was banged up the licensing hurdles plays dailies according game time decision we talked on the show I think Indiana's season and to give it a chance we'll see if it works. And then I saw the stack as I was flipping back and forth watching some others stand atop an and the giants game in the NBA playoffs and I believe this that was Paula George Russell was Purdue Carmelo Anthony when he combined was all for fourteen all for fifteen something along those lines in the fourth quarter. Wolf part of a playoff isn't a three stars do that crunch time yeah well another series you've got going on is on Miami and Philadelphia as they head down to Miami as Dwyane Wade. Who ran the sixers out of a jam in game two they tied the series 11 expect Miami in this series is he dead probably gonna be wrong because Philadelphia is supremely talented they get a bead back hopefully at some point does sound like tonight though when you see the report. If he takes a major blow to his face is doctors are concerned he legitimately what have I problems in his left eye the rest of his career he got like vision problems. So there's a reason Philadelphia is navy's second guy just can't catch a break now he's amazing to watch but Dan Simmons and company had to Miami. And you know Colin comes on before us. And I'm always interest it sometimes when he how he views certain players and he like he has this thing where he says pins Simmons. Is the only player in the league that gets him to wanna wake up and why cherries the only player that he cares about in. That's an interesting dot to me because I I really liked and Simmons I think he's a fantastic talent. And can be next level if he works on some aspects of his game. The like this this love for Ben Simmons mandates it's going through the roof. It's gone to another level I don't know some quite willing to go he's more entertaining than LeBron because like on LeBron TD level for people rated people watch LeBron James last night. You see video outscored another team by himself from the first quarter it basically once I mean without him they date one night a game by himself. So. L let's let's pump the brakes just it's out it is it's been fun to watch and this year I think he's the next wave of superstar in this league. They comparisons are understandable because of the style that he plays got a great outside shooter but he's a phenomenal passer he understands the game and all that kind of stuff that is. It is fun to have a a young team. That is tackle all watch and win and I'm I'm there with silly you know I their fans Wetherell hardly. Global eventually gets the point of arguing was that a Smart strategy or not depending on what to scorer for the sixers can accomplish. Because if your pro tank that's the team you're gonna watch in and one point two at the end of pointing it NBA championship let. I think it would be fun to see a team like tackle on a bit of Iran NB will be back at some point the playoffs. If they don't find their way to an Eastern Conference finals situation against weather's trawler label owner. Allow the match of the breakdown in the second and third round. I think people are rooting for them a ripple question just what team in the east 3.4. In Philly was the overwhelming vote getter just a fresh faced young team guys to watch this with a lot of enthusiasm. But I'll Boise on Ben Simmons I don't know if he's quite to that superstar status he feels like he's being anointed it's had a wrongly or any. He's an amazing player he may win rookie year but less misses just a little bit wait like two years. You know they may get to the Eastern Conference finals. Payment loses first round series against Miami they could they lose Simon is split at home not going to Miami for game three you're going talent I think Phillies got the better roster but Erik Spoelstra. And some of the veterans on that team you can't overlook parts of that natural playoff basketball's about. Jobs of the NBA playoffs continue game three for San Antonio and Golden State in San Antonio. And Greg pop it's not going to be different unfortunate news that came out yesterday. LeBron James was asked about the death of his wife. We feel about that also Kevin Durant was well I've I 305 is fans act signed we'll get an ad and then we'll get the NFL as out one analyst. Says this quarterback coming into the NFL. Way ahead of where Peyton Manning was telling you bring those outtakes as the next on the fans it's. Yeah I'm getting to Greg topics here this doesn't completely derail a segment but I solace and right. I feel like ice pass along. As a responsible radio host these sports fans out there okay. So the NFL schedule release has been a big deal cut Ella 5 o'clock tonight I believe chaos yet start illegal and IMAX kind of exciting because I'm trying to plan a trip. In like September October wearing go down to the bay Tennessean niner game down Garcia Jimmy G game may be organ state playing Stanford the same week in and become a cool modernize some trying to get their ass kicked but you know let it be cool nonetheless. And schedule releases a big deal for a lot of people. I care I don't care about it I mean you look at the prime time games well and that's were ongoing there is a leak coming out from a lot of different publications right now. You wanna talk about the relationship between football and ESPN. Boy I think it's about his frosty is it's ever been because their first Monday Night Football game may be in New York Jets at Detroit line. I'd be their first Monday night's ballgame can catch fever now I know he has pin normally does that double header thing down day at. They usually get to some legitimate though get a East Coast game and that'll West Coast and those two teams are playing that means it's the first game and your probably have not crazy high ex charger aliens Bram is innocent of the guys routinely lies a band of raiders chargers the second gamers something and a niners have been on and a couple of times. So I had sent out that's six holes the Eagles game will be the Thursday. Whoever they end up playing I can't remember if that's been announced. Oh yeah it's they play and in Minnesota. Does not think so match of the that was a rematch so that's the first one for workers goes in there and rips their hearts out on nylon Allah and let me know the Sunday night games can they did. Some then bring out huge bill AZ private patriot just those two networks in those games they're getting. This is gotta be sending huge red flags to ESPN that that's the game there. Little bit that they're the ones able content with Thursday night's always a big one because it's the opening night of the NFL season so I think no matter what the network is your knock and his schedule like let's say ESPN had the rights Thursday night football you're knocked in a schedule. Jets and lions for that game but when I account with that desire remembered tracking this has two years ago we did a segment on there isn't a football sucking. Yes and the average score was like two touchdown difference is they just weren't good games. And I don't like Thursday night football particularly it's not uniting there's too much. But if you look at the schedule last year vs mind in a football Thursday had better games. They don't rematch of the agreement means the Monday Night Football ESP Indiana filler not on good terms right now another not. And a game like data from ESPN is this like really. We're supposed to get people excited for jets fly it up people are gonna. Watch it though they will end they'll won the argument that they would use for and excitement value. Is he one of them I believe the first Monday night game of last year. Was Minnesota and New Orleans I you can argue New Orleans carries some weight by. What do both those teams have in common they warn of the playoffs the year before. So if you want an entertainment value that's what you reduce able last Jimmy picked up the season of vikings and saints neither of them are playoff teams. Sam Bradford was quarterbacking Minnesota and the saints were pretty bad the year before. Phil will all these rookies nobody was expecting much from them so there wasn't a ton of buzz around that game and look where those two teams ended up ginger breeze and often skewed view intrigue though. Little bit Abbott would be could you said about Stafford Detroit. That's the same level but. I don't know man I mean about it I could lead so that's drug giant's other game is yet Stafford is at least an exciting quarterback who can't win big games when he needs to and the jets could potentially have jets were bad last year than they were coached up pretty well insert rookie quarterback here. Potentially starting his first game Carolina football whoever yet however they end of taken in the draft he now. So I timing I guess that's that's it gets a fair point it's a good point it could be a good game knows can be two playoff teams Bryant if you ask me right now. On what April 19 gathers. Now thanks not a lot of buzz and that's a funny party because you're gonna see it tonight when the schedule comes out as everybody will argue who has the easiest schedule which primetime game is the best in. You always have to take with a grain of salt remember the fact that what's the eternal verb factor in the NFL playoffs every year just like always for fun half almost takes. The teams that last playoff six and 86 writes a half of the playoffs didn't make it the year before so. We always analyze these big Thursday night's NN Monday night on a Sunday night they flights in later in the year but. You always analyze them based on the perception of last season and that doesn't always end up coming to fruition. The Eagles and Eagles were scheduled on a Monday night game last year. At this point at a county that's gotten pumped. OK but it's some NFL fans probably wouldn't have yet person lands sherbet nobody was expecting them to win the Super Bowl I guess the thing with Stafford the lions he is he can be fun to watch he can also be very frustrating to watch because you know how talented he is. Com Blake. Your cell and meet with the egos are Sony wins your tee with wins who is Carson went setting get to watch a whole lot of wins let's see year to discipline salon I did say wins a lot. Whereas they see jets and lions and I tend to wince a different way of life. A I'm not excited about that one to what a five wood affected you Josh Rosen starting for the New York Jets you've got me a packed I'll change my tune in at tactic will tees they gave before the day of that game I was say. You know but I made fun of that April now they Ambrose and he's gonna start. Yes you got me in being on the road in Detroit or New York or how they teams being played. I'm interest it. I'm not gonna catch a whole game singles game started for right I never guess the first the first was always an early one but I will watch most if not all of the second half of that one yeah one of the teams against street over that says it's been leaked out as Jackson does lose and a big home game under the gas and I can see why jags fans are pretty it was a silly or they played a night game. I international and I'll yeah because that it was like a game where set their fans are front and excited in Philly I have fans are funny sad about their team and that was when you're hoping you get a good home date in Allen like November other season yet it's got a sounded a season ticket prices went out. And you lose a home game in that situation right. And they just rebrand it they're Younis and out of all black helmet with the jag logo they actually really nice to find Everett of the technicolor helmet they needed to get him any good choice there. So I think I can understand why people are fresher by that that's what the running game can do to a fan base. Up by win listeners saying Florio a pro football caucusing it's Eagles falcons not yet but just popped up report out of the Eagles reporter for Philly dot com that's pretty good opening night game that's a good Thursday game in Philly those and they're going to be nods yes super oval might raise the banner and all that stuff that Eagles jaguars from Wembley Stadium October 28. That's frustrating. Sissy he bought season to get singing all we're gonna have Eagles could you saw your opponents that's the tough part series because you always we always it feels like send London a crappy games that's a really good games that haven't Beckett and have been a huge game and later on UN FL for doing that their London games aren't that bad this year Seahawks raiders first. Titans and chargers. And Eagles jaguars three consecutive weeks in October what I feel like titans chargers going to be 63. And the charges are gonna find a way to lose that game Mario have 97 passing yards the charges and missed a field goal on the final thirty seconds to tie the game you'll be half a way to neglect what's going on here has is not carried the football. Yeah okay well we derail the LeBron interview segment we will get to that he was asked about Gregg Popovich is wife and her passing I don't know why people were so offended by that I don't get it when I asked LeBron and LeBron kind of located so doesn't that make it okay yes she Alley the force was asylum reporter she went up to him whispered in his you McCain Popovich is wife passed away is okay if I ask you about as. He basically gave the clearance and said sure that he wanted to wish him now on TV announcers with wanted to send us thoughts and prayers and I. In of people were thinking that you know AT&T was trying to capitalize for ratings and it's a basketball community Popovich is probably the most recognizable coach in the league is quite rightly or changing your ratings acknowledge something it is it's ridiculous and when you just watch the way everybody responds that sums up why it was a topic I mean Popovich is beloved around the NBA and everybody just wanted to send their thoughts and prayers to them now are we got a loaded second hour a lot to get to (%expletive) The magic dragon gonna be in studio he's a magician comedian combo. People in the office talk about the slow but it was lock and always look to go around. Have so much that I still be in Studio One thirty Alabama's introducing something in high school football they should worry some here. In the state of organ at least concerns me and running have a high school to. Child so we'll pass that along at crunch time but coming up next an analyst. Resurfaces. And says this draft quarterback. Coming into the NFL. Way better in Peyton Manning when he came in the NFL why is nobody else thinking this that's next hour tutored sprayed on a fan.