Dirt & Sprague Thursday Apri 20th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, April 20th

The guys marvel that Mike Francesa is still on the air, wonder if there were any clear omissions from sports figures in Time Magazine's 100 Most influential people of 2016, is the NFL missing the mark on the opening game of 2017 season, and one more look at Game 2 of the Blazers-Warriors series.


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Playoff basketball is a different game weird position. We've been. Missiles questions. Want to perform. We'll have a regular season the Rangers to back losses to good wins whoever returns maybe feel good club going to pull. A solid most of this is a playoff week a nation of dirt and spray. Presented I've read tell golf enters spring tent sale starting Friday April when he crashed defended its when they would you can save up to. 2% of everything golf and get 50% bonus on trade in visit golf red tail dot com Boehner. Durden spray gun ten AB. And there's still this final hour turned spray on a Thursday. But Thursdays ago alone. Coming appear in the final hour with talk more about the blazers and warriors haven't had that since the first hour. I got ugly down in the Bay Area last night. I'm more playoff games going on tonight's. An interesting twist in the Aaron Hernandez story mean you'll get to Ian talked my know much about that yesterday. And got a hodgepodge of topics coming up here I do wanna start with this audio demoted to the NFL opener in the the most influential athletes. According to time so Mike French SI. And then get right as I close and it closes on us close closer man has caused so I if that's your mic Menem in Islamic Menem and I just we just have words we can't say right so that he was. Doing it and a segment today about parsing it's the zinger. In new York and there were some issues in New York about parsing his disease skip to is this an exit interviews he has bounced that a town. And a lot of people took it as a sign like is dizzy went out to see demanding a trailing everybody New York got got concerned right. So we did this segment about that today and just enjoyed. Don't worry sorcery and nick this is a imposing his will love him. Says that program of New York a lovely you know. Yeah. Okay stumps also be unified in putting him so more of an inventory and they'll hold a press conference next week in his hometown. Did formally announces that poses a taste for participation on the Latvian national team. OK a fun. Says that program of New York a lovely dog. OK so says that program in the autumn of me you know. Oh. OK so. That last one was looped in but no yeah you look at last that it really did it live they lose to the third one and said man can you imagine what this is he makes ten million dollars a year. Probably more counting endorsements but you have somewhere around that number. At appointee just seem lead get away with. These phone asleep in the middle of an interview on air so I think he's been testing that are. Maybe. No different than an hour or turtles. It is joining themselves on a little churlish you can you can cut that out and that we can bring the turtles sex sound back. And then see if we can you tell the difference between the wanted to do that Taiwan strait was trying to do is segment on parsing is and does this sound it was me he was reading the article in real or read it before the show maybe that was the set like he was the highlight new sexy. I want you the problem is he all. No. The show was five and a half hours daily. Poncho and so I think there's only so much prep that he does and heat this is a regular thing for him but I have a producer like highlighting tricky things Brent LC oriented you know get right Calvin Pace and do an email may be this way does he reads a mid segment you're leading no where near post article. And vegetables and knowing how would he rate in Portland awful. Meetings I don't east coasters do not translate to this market he would do. Liddy yeah eating so yeah there's there's a very different style radio I think from ease coast to West Coast and he is very East Coast and I don't think it would transits this market at all and you can't sit on Jared does read like no indeed Yemen and I'm not knocking enemies is a pioneer reason arguably the best radio host of all time in our in our field. But no at this point he's old do you people forget how old is used like 6364. You dummies get not they're well in his contract in the end of the year they're saying that he might end up actually reunite eating with Madd dot yeah. And serious would give him made. All load in my they would write him basically up a point blank check whatever you want just can do to show again animal game the only name. How to hand that. Yeah what a difference and that's why it was such a fascinating showed the difference of the mad dog in the way he yelled to add to. And fallen asleep on the airs on some of these of that motor boat and some of the habits and Lisa how do people listen that. May have been get a one point but I haven't heard one good clip from a book that is Jeremy we do pull obviously we play clips of him on our show we went all the bad one yeah he does have some funny like brands where he goes and athletes and coaches. And he's not. Equal to go Adam and just be the level of seriousness that he takes was Sports Radio. I think is what I enjoy so much when he has those classic rants and they're pretty good if you want if you wanna Google another one of him recently good listener calling him Michael he was not happy about Colin Mike Michael six times Kobe put it on its he would go to Europe and the guy kept going about the World Baseball Classic yeah it matters who Odyssey Michael magazine it does it matter it. What what happened in the final line and watch the final. I'm sorry my daddy my legal aid but the guy in his place is kept on Michael he got up Dick Armey got annoyed by him it was pretty good let's get to time wandered so they'd do this list of your time magazine does the 100 most influential folks. Out there. They made it very difficult so it's not like I always felt like it was a one through 100 kind of thing and on a website at it there's not like an order you gotta like go through the whole thing of course there's nothing that's that makes sense right. Maybe to save and after a magazine I wanna. But we were curious what athletes showed us a lot of the top 100 most influential people of the last calendar year. In the the world the names that showed up from the sports world weren't announced the emcee for the missing any every agree with all these folks who showed up. Connor McGregor was on the list. Theo Epstein. LeBron James is Tom Brady. Simone miles. And I mean I don't know much is a very domestic rolled on and I rung on that is that is he influential. I don't know I don't know follow the gymnastics rolled very close. Couldn't tell you. So really you'll face a reactions. Megan monologues or listeners or dragon disagree without I'm sure if she's the Olympic gymnastics gold medalists so the big dealer. Certainly in some circles that's a big deal Colin capita. And name Mara. The only soccer players showed up unless was named Maher. Sport in the world one of the bigger players I don't know much about name or anybody influential did not make the top 100 list from time magazine. Look at our bowl. Where's Lamar ball out we're docket influential right. The letter from ninety city was the worst thing to happen in basketball the last 100 years you know that exact its first Hoyt said it's. Raveling went toward traveling for Verizon's data is he's again it says he's getting backlash from people. ABC knows he's search out the Nike executive me becoming George raveling if he's the worst thing that's happened. People are bashing go all would you prefer fatherless kids that you can. Convince their mothers to do whatever you want. The basically the ninety exact they're sticking up for Lamar ball on the situation dear lord it's always a defining influential. And it MS top and and that's you know I'd just as name are right influential I don't follow soccer close enough I can tell you much about Myanmar. Xavier put him on influential as you're telling you crossover from your sport yet that is not just what you're doing on the field you transcend the sport can pay cap Bernanke is influential all you idea whether you agreed or disagreed he was one of the most talked about figures in America last year Connor McGregor same saying. Brady. He did feel what I Dana once fascinating to me to Theo Epstein is it is. I mean look at he can't take away what he accomplished and what he's done in his life and baseball in Austin now in Chicago. And maybe that's just the case of the fact that since he broke a 108 year curse for Chicago that's why. I don't know how relevant COM Steen is outside of the world baseball. And if you did if they don't win a World Series is he on the list. No he's not now and yeah I mean Sandra can affect anyone but. Yeah I just that in the known name recognition there I think for people. Now I think they got for the most part they had a right encompass many s.'s says he dog unless he dodged a nominee to listen for Jordan to meet us. He we have to find those are the videos and play them on our show. He's got one about Utah the utes and the utes we may have played Africa how winning him when he joins us next. Jordans we did as Simone miles on on that just 'cause we we don't know how little influential. He says she was an orphan and raised in a poverty situation and so she may crossover for. Well for a lot of people yeah I may say I just I don't know much about a back stories I appreciate the idea but there's so goes the folks that made. The time 100 most influential folks out and as of athletes kind of McGregor Theo Epstein LeBron James Tom Brady it was Roger Goodell the mall allows company can name are no Roger Goodell sprint has won no Roger Goodell Robert Kraft Nobel ballot Jack. Did not many of the names and I would think of the transcend the sport. And wish they participated but those for the names OK I didn't get to the NFL opening game their assault pushed back to next. I do have will tell you what tag team is it's it's the one that's kicking off the NFL season the Vegas line is already out consulates they went baseline is. Listen going down on that tabloid also we gotta get back in the blazers they were blown out down in the bay last night what does it mean for the series. Moving forward and will we or should we see Turkish ordering. The rest of the way next on tending to the fans. It's not crazy Gagne welcome back again to 79 Thursday. Back in the blazes moyers Sears soon unfortunately. Happen that's nice. But you know Orel waiting in the NFL world today. Is the official release of the schedule even though about 95% of it's already been released and we know a lot of the week one match as we know the Seahawks open in Green Bay had to be a good week one game. For seahawk fans a lot of it says starting to trickle out a little bit but. The opener and I. Office does it for people to throw out there right so the last I think two years at least we've had a Super Bowl rematch. Where some semblance of that last year was Carolina Denver they open in Denver is a great game went down the wire. So you know no England's gonna be involved in the opener it's it's a matter of are they gonna play Atlanta do we get that matchup. No. The opener is getting beat Kansas City at New England on Thursday and yeah it's. God I wish. What it. You're excited about Kansas City nearly was just. No it does not have a real sizzle and if you're serious GS the Westgate Las Vegas sports book already has a line announce New England minus seven done. But he's that's a total total is fifty gimme gimme Johnny give me Tommy becomes split eating Tommy's Kennedy could come up week one yet. Alex Smith. Andy Reid. Look instead it's the opener and we won't just be salivating for NFL football Biden then we're all gonna watch by it and found in study not to a super Henry Reyes says they have to play Atlanta that's the divisional match up they get playing away and let out. Is playing New England this had to be the opener how do you not figure that out from the schedule standpoint we'll last year specially even though both teams ended up flailing and not make in the post season. That was one of the better games of the whole year as a great game between Denver and Carolina in the ice the kicker and he missed a field goals great maybe land ends up winning twenty to three this time in seals the deal yet or maybe we getting great football game between two teams that battled the into the Super Bowl. In a pottery tended more exciting and I'd rather watch titans and raiders in week one battled the broken legs yeah Mario does playing the Seahawks this year he's playing this in Seattle notes and tell us in Tennessee and I've seen some reports that the only week three yen on track all reports I've seen some tweets from the Seahawks may busting out all white homeless this year over how about that like white glow go. Knowing everything is all all line everything and I son Danny Kelly works for seven tendency ox stuffy tweet a picture of a big box of CI automates exists and what we pieced together. Yes Seahawks are at Green Bay that's really no matter they get San Francisco week two at home home opener probably go into a one and one at shoot Tennessee Titans week three I think week eleven I saw against the falcons on Monday night Saturday on amiga game. So yeah it's funny today I think is the official releases coming above 5 o'clock 5 o'clock so what's coming up here and a couple hours but it's like it's almost like the draft now they do is they can hold onto it that long since then the third tried to desperately. Water hazy on more us. Means the teams. I mean everything is set to will be this mass. You know so they can get their web sites ready and ticket Promos and all that stuff but. Yet they need to just either. Release it. And then have your share you could still love your show is obviously I mean once you tell everybody what time stuff is. It's all in you know you're guessing your analysts and how all that affects I don't think it affects the shows just. Put it out there at 9 in the morning and then run everybody. Still alive for awhile and get tier shows that night. Had 20% of sports fans are on Twitter. We have to remember that it's such a small easy sliver of sports fans that will not be following this style they were making fun event. People are tweeted out weren't some of us are seated some listeners are talking about it. For the most part most don't they're not on Twitter they don't want anything to do with Twitter. They don't seed is scheduled release so even though it's leaking. The these these TV shows that they have this specials first scheduled release they're gonna be okay they're gonna get fans that are die hard won nothing you know social media. Getting home and ease coast the midwest and tuning into a schedule released. Yeah I did I think Goodell might at some point they'll have to go full on don't want John fund got to find the league goes. And a talent show after just follow item sheath here again my and forty niner right industry got source Thursday nineteen weeks three. The rams and niners president obvious source had outcasts of Dieter rams and niners we three is Thursday night football that's really the only thing that I mean obviously the ones that stand out dvi and hard schedule easy schedule of the team GDP contended. At this point and at least in the season aren't in the offseason I should say. The other one you look at is dude and the primetime match ups. After they do it for. And and look we can say yeah look at that we sixteen matchup that should be exciting and then you get a couple of teams that the dollar slow out of the gay man up suck and it's not then come the actual season but. They reaction right now I'm always curious what the primetime games look like that's only one I've seen nowadays later in the season is that. Rams and 49ers week three on Thursday night color rush gave no thinking what I mean it was CI team in an awfully long time. I'm really flirting with taking my daughter up for one this year and I'm really wanna see what the home schedules going to be for Seattle back in Ireland those eight games or take the train up for Sunday 1 o'clock kick. Come back Sunday night you know be a long game but. I I really wanna go to a C Hakim this year yet so the opener of the NFL season folks is going to be Kansas City act New England catch the fever alum Alex Smith but. No thanks New England opens his seventh seven point favorite Bruce serving just tweeted this. No Sunday or Monday night game in the town. Oakland will not have a Monday or Sunday night game maybe they're worried nobody's gonna show up next year though I'd be worried about that too and are holding a draft party the raiders announced they're holding a draft party. On Saturday couple days after the draft starts. They're holding their draft party. By the welcome to Las Vegas sign yeah. Name one foot out the door. As they play in Oakland for about two or three more U that a slap in the face the kind fans of open so yeah you bet Grasso have more on that tomorrow will break down the NFL's schedule were all NFL writer on and get get in a Ferraro talk NFL schedule that officially comes out here. On a couple hours but it's legal or Twitter. This afternoon the blazers played last night unfortunately we gotta get back into it they loss and really outside of a stretch final five or six minutes in the second quarter it was a bloodbath they were down sixteen at the end of the first. They cut it down to one in that stretch in the second quarter than they are outscored twenty to twelve in the third. And Golden State ran away with that they want 110 to eighty whining and that concerning east that would be affected Dre among greens staff curry Klay Thompson combined. The goal for thirteen of forty from the field and they still won by those thirty points in our poll question today actors bring on Twitter is in regards to this game. What was your emotion and after watching the blazers give blown out last night the options for you our anger. Disappointment embarrassment and regret and right now but 160 votes in. 39% of you say disappointment 38% say embarrassment. 16% say regrets 7% say angers so not a good day in rip city if they were blown out last night. Oh by the warriors have been tons of teams by 2530 points there's I mean. The players might feel embarrassment I don't know his fans I'm. Anything to be embarrassed about. And that well I'm not sure does play some basketball you did not disastrous couldn't shoot so I'm not really shocked amino high years surprised by that when you don't have to use of anarchy tremor preen circuits this is a non playoff team. Not even close in my opinion maybe top five worst in the league. To show up though I mean that was a complete breakdown from top to bottom from every in every facet of the team had his worst playoff game of his careers CJ did almost nothing. Myers at one point logged zero minutes and somehow was a minus two Al farouq. No impact mall heartless a little stretch Evan Turner little stretch. He's eating did it from anybody and you know what Terry Stotts on the sidelines you just look at and kind of feeling like. There's nothing Terry Stotts can do about it does he looks down his roster what is the aftermath as many here. Meyers Leonard pat content Jake layman. Does nothing so without piece of her kids this is going to be a sweep. Mota Seneca be rocked in on Saturday I'll be at the game three inning you're going to game four. A bullet out use of generic explained this is a sweet this is who the trailblazers are when they don't have the big guy seat free trade. Yeah I've yet to reactions we got to the bridge for Beers Tex signed some he said is there an option for does. It's not the merits and hustles that reassurance for not renewing. My season tickets so let's get into it a little bit wedge would you make of the blazers game last night what was your reaction is they lose 11081. As the final score. Which is your top processed uranium after the game in the year your feeling about the blaze is right now let us know 55. 30 final read some your thoughts get in into this game a little bit more and take a look to the these series moving forward should Yousef Americans play at this point and it down until injured Steve Kirk like Kevin Durant talk more about this next. They ought to back gander Sprague. Is those last night once an 81 as your final score. There's got a depressing night to be ablaze Faneuil minutes on Sunday gave you some excitement at least in the fourth Korean he had Dana CJ going off. Combine for 75 it's I you know kept it broke did. And last night it was like moment the fourth quarter right just I had day I came into the it is Alex quietly still watching. I question myself like what what I Dolan EMI third quarter was as a rap by the time it was 25 point you know points when a five point lead thick and I can probably find some better to do in my time I was old display at all the Stanley Cup Playoffs wrapped up at that point nine. There's like 920 years something in the evening and there was nothing else really on TV. But I AM it was only an and I will say in all that not a shock and we've had a lot of listeners time that Andy your thoughts are welcome 553 of five bridge for bees text line. About what you saw last night in. That's not a shocker and it goes back to what we say is going into the series that it's important to know how good Golden State is in every time we talked about the blaze is now sitting a chance in this series I always tried to point out the fact an. It wasn't a negative thing about Portland it's about how good Golden State is if they played a series against 4829 other teams in the league. What would we say. Golden State's gonna win in four Golden State's gonna win five really I mean on grass say in the next round outside of 45 teams in the league it's it's gonna be a sweeper a for a gentleman sweet troubled states so. It's not a dot com parlance of the fact that they play the way they did last night and it was the result. I can't say that I'm done that shocked I think the biggest frustration for me. Would just be in it was kind of way this same thing in game one of of the role players not be in the air. And just kind of the reality of what else you have I'm on this roster outside a Damon CJ once again smacking you in the face 'cause. I told you last segment the three bigs in three big guys from all cigarette didn't light. They dream on Korean Thompson combined to go thirteen a forty. The leading scorer of the bunch was Corey you only had nineteen points you think in my and I told Jacquelyn yeah outfitting amanpour has got a chance here tonight is going to be great. It was everybody else I mean so much attention is paid to stopping those guys. Everybody else takes advantage of a David West three of five Mack adieu to a five Iguodala 37 scored six points McGee didn't miss a shot. Clark came off the bench had thirteen Pachulia had ten points. Everybody else found a way to contribute somehow some way to Golden State in when you look at Portland's role players. That's three you just bang your head against the wall mean outside of a decent stretch in the second quarter from heartless and turner. That there wasn't a blip on the bomb I didn't do anything heartless is not a fourteen turner to a seven crap hasn't showed up yet. Meyers Leonard I mean don't even get me started Aminu there's nobody else they can step up and I think that's gonna be the frustration for Damon C did that so much focuses on stopping them. And nobody else is like take an opportunity in Enron and. It's what and it's it's someone apples to oranges considering the way they play but yeah I tweeted some degree affect the last night. JaVale would he's doing what blazer fans wish Meyers Leonard would do and it's not necessarily these long athletic dunks it's. Being active in making an impact in any way your team neat that's what JaVale McGee did now JaVale McGee also has. Owns about five or six years more of experience. Then Meyers Leonard and he went through a rough patch as well but still the point is Meyers Leonard is got opportunity. You've got to make an impact and just like other role players welcome it's not limited to just Myers. Alan crap now you shot more is still work very effective his first shot I wanna say hit nothing but the backboard yet they shot like he would. Give us that it was ugly Al Farouk Aminu still can't dig you only know one way. For as much as people wanted to attacks did and tell us about how great no vale was once use of Americans got here. Because of a five game stretch I'm not seen that seem response would display. Without New Year's American Jesus not the impact player that he was. With you said then it's not a shock that you lose to Golden State it's not even a shock to me that you lose by 29. It's just basically summing up. What you passed along that a slap in the face and nice reminder. Of how far away you war. As use of Americans to me may win you would deem may push it to winning is second at best. But you're not beating this team you're not close to this team. You have a long way to go to get to that point so the off season is when I walk away with and say. It's going to be interesting. What it would kind of moves can name make what can Neal do in the draft with three picks Kinney shed some of these contracts. A lot remains to be seen game three outside abusive and Turkish playing. I'll be there I'm sure Timmy great environment come tip. If you says now playing I expect a lot of what I saw in game two maybe not quite 29 points right right. But somewhere around. A ten to fifteen point loss in your down 03 in the brooms are going to be coming out because I don't by use of is gonna play in the series. Yeah I just it's valid like that and as of right now on our our our Bay Area guys who listens the show attacks and in you guys always forget to understand how great the warriors defense is number two lead number and I'm not I have never dealt regarded their defense as a whole bearing a remarkable unit I disregard certain players stuff curry can't guard a chair yeah he saw that last night and play great team defense it's gone great team it's phenomenal team defense and I also think of that. It just say that's the frustration about the role players because I mean you saw David CJ got game one and they played as good as they possibly cut the combined for 75 points 50% from the floor their season average was combining for fifty. They went for 75 us 25 more points than their season average. All of a sudden Golden State's defensive focus not to say was an on and to begin with the change a little bit and things just didn't come easily for Damon TJ he had missed a couple of open looks there's no doubt about it. But all the pressure was put on stopping them minute and I felt like all night it was crap who had an open look it was Aminu led an open look. It was Evan Turner who they left wide open for some reason he took four threes are less had open looks all night I mean they may. They were sacrificing learning other guys beat it's the same thing we saw the series last year. When they left demean you literally wide open all five games and he couldn't finally just committed and they were gonna say what role will will level with Al farouq Aminu shooting a three. We're not gonna let gamers CJ beat us or let them go off again that was their focus defensively last night. And you have to give them a lot of credits the way they played well this finish was an offensive rating Portland a 58. I'm 58 offensive radio that speaks volumes of just how inept they truly were in game two. And Golden State. I mean you never felt like clay got it going kept missing shots steps same thing dream on shut the college's five times. You still look at that box score and look at the way those three players shot without Kevin Durant and no Shaun Livingston by the way. And you see the outcome in. You cut economies scratch your head and just anybody out there right I don't around may be it was one person. T even suggest. That this was going to be a series. Nice reminder yesterday it really was no Golden State's pretty damn impressive there on another level and you nearly getting in line from a true loser for the show you got dominated by the king of shaft and a fool last night exactly like a guy who's who's been featured unchecked in a fool. Comes out Windows 7 is set by I mean he said audited and hold all of respondents say into you know it's funny is people gave up on median. There's no doubt I mean look being in the right place the right times a huge part of that the year the Javelle McGee's head in the game video last night. Played thirteen minutes is seven shots all the among believer within the restricted area I'll putback dunk if fifteen points five rebounds four blocks in those thirteen minutes and and I I thought it was a good point of that. That's what you want from Meyers Leonard of of just being enacted just hang around who get a couple offensive rebounds if you're standing there and somebody leaves to go it'll help on Jane you'll catch a law Versailles like that. A mom but I will say this from Myers and positive at least at least we got a hard foul out of them as that wasn't that hard wasn't that are being tried to say that oh I don't flagrant it wasn't in -- on had a I think somebody lip read and heard it picked up or something insane admire should be out of it was like if I if that was me at the top selling game three does that. And stuck out just on Meyers Leonard and all three were the same. Out at the elbow in the corner and the top waiting for the ball to shoot a three some audio shoots and what is Myers do. He then crash like JaVale McGee he watches it goes up stands at perimeter ending gets back on defense. Those are the moments I talk but those are the moments I would highlight with a seven foot guy and say sure you might not go seven for seven in thirteen minutes. That's asking a hell of a lot nobody saw JaVale McGee doing that. But goal try to disrupt and do something. Just something. And I like the stakes at 55305. I hope the blazer fans who were anti taken wanna be eight seed to play goal newspaper's front didn't tune out early last night. They would have missed this blazers. Gain valuable playoff experience. And and that's that's ultimately the tank stuff we don't have to get into that again it. That was my whole point though was if you were to miss the post season. It's okay you don't have to push for that the playoff experience thing is absolute. Garbage you gain no experiencing getting swept by four games and losing by 29 will you don't wanna be a bunch a losers. You know a team I'm not talking about today. I'm not talking about Minnesota we're time and how bad for the loss is too great feel lost by 29 points I probably getting swept what experience in my gaining from this I will ask this question briefly about the series moves toward do we see either American George Iran the rest of the way you see Durant. To get ready for the next series. Known markets. I've read the tea easing game one started to believe that now he won gonna play game two he too many of the comments and not really ready to play I'm not gonna play for game two. That led me to really does believe we're not seeing news America H. They moved everybody around they wanna give people hype for the home playoff game and what to get thirty sold out they've already announced that. But you also got to worry about season tickets are selling those those packages wrapped in trying to convince people it's just an excitement factor to me. We're not gonna see use of. Heritage for the blazers lose last night game to buy a final score of 11081. Game three back in Portland on Saturday game four. It will be on Monday nine game five will be next Wednesday if that is necessary we'll have more on game three of this series. I'm coming up on the show. Tomorrow. Tiger Woods back in the news for the wrong reasons in a look ahead to tonight's action close on the show and annex on 1080 the fan. Think Jonathan twelve minutes. Coming up on the show tomorrow. I must have been using these deals commend the Aaron Hernandez thing. JB longs could join the show pactel network is also the color analyst for the rams the LA Graham's doctor about the cal spring game with the rams are gonna do in the draft yet you know towel they may not be very good this year but Justin Wilcox and towel beau Baldwin the OC. Second on the cal bears had just on the story this year great what is the offensive line coach Morgan he's got himself relevant staff down there put a great group together so we'll talk Jamie long on tomorrow on the show also you won't believe the bears did their season ticket holders because it's quite comical as O'Brien when horse we also Bryan little horse on the show tomorrow that's right. I forgot about Brian one Morris when Israel's tees maybe that's not. OK okay it's always a very positive thing you may positive thinking Brian when callers will be the deaths were in discussions trying to find a time that works for everybody will be on the show at Dublin is not Somalia early next week but tell yet that's what's coming up. Tomorrow couple games in the NBA playoffs tonight it's rapid reaction if you gentlemen rainy for this Cleveland and Indiana the god we got to 30 lead for the cavs tonight. Yeah raptors and bucks game three of that series at Toronto bounce back. I'll our original Sox now fear the deer fire they dear all together the bucks so be boosted by. Being at home I worry about the beginning of that game if they fall behind by double digits in the luckier Toronto Milwaukee bloody just on the sheer emotion of a home playoff game getting the split in Toronto on trial coming into basically saying go hold on a second. Milwaukee settles down get back to get it done and also the other nightcap is probably going to be the most entertaining. You do not excited for them now grizzlies fans react if his death comments about my shirt CF I 30000 dollars against shirts ready. This. Is like that data. I guess I'll watch other games officiated it can be boring I'm curious Xeon that things officiated GC does does comment today she around what he's stated they were time out there and he was asked about who why Leonard and just what quiet season has been. He said in the last game coli was standing right next to him. And he didn't hear him breathe one time not a nothing there was autorad sound medical why Leonard egos I didn't know the NBA was allowing robots to play. Take. He's got to turn it of the star the playoffs so far I'm enjoying phase dale. Ayman join him at a road does not go rook us spurs won by double digits on that a media that's that'll happen for sure town outcome Leon. Yes I've got out to that to me to those of the three games in the NBA playoffs tonight this story. Not a real shocker at a lower all the sports but sad for some fringe golf fans are hoping to see him here shortly and some of the majors this summer. Does concede the back you on the back I think imminent when the bad in about a year out I don't know if he's coming back next year's their final year of them are bad but that Tiger Woods. Had surgery on his back forth back surgery in the last. Two and a half years or some like that oral surgery until now appearance and released a statement today said the surgery went well I'm optimistic this room believe my back spasms and pain. When healed I look forward to getting back to a normal life playing with my kids competing in professional golf and living without the pain I've been battling for sole. Long i.'s agent told ESPN that this procedure was something dramatically different than he's done in the past the apparently consulted. A number of specialist. About back spasms as the pain continued the worst is a it is and this is the best and only way to having healthy active last out to be able to play with his kids play golf. Not be in paints a Tiger Woods Jacko had no scratch amount of year the rest of your golf season and knocked out bodies that we spot how I didn't mean it sounds idea Allen and make a whole lot of sense and the guys are really in the media and own party in May VM I was in his dissent. OK okay. Yes or no Tiger Woods in the major tournament all of these days yeah that's a six month recovery settings nominees double CM maybe next year last year and a master October. Now it's just retire. He does it is no anything different he hasn't found any other what you know he was. I don't like that excuse he's been out for two years he's played like one tournament you're building courses are doing stuff with Nike is an ambassador. You have something. It's is only identity yes I heard him I'd ridiculous if I were him I would drop off the face of the earth for two years. My just I mean they just do it not suing and I mean that's just swing loosely but. Do you suffered just failing get away from golf as you don't worry about it private islands I'm sure it is always gets his surgery and then he's trying to rush back to get ready for the next tournament he tweaks and then again and I'm not saying taken two years off solves the problem because we all know back issue that is. But adjust gamma what's the running because guys can compete and often all the tiger now. Four to 42. Each become back when your 44 mil of Freddie couples is did the masters a couple of weeks ago in his jacket when I was 44 Jack one or six saw in the masters so. I've just watched that Jack peace they did after the masters on the Golf Channel he went through a stretch kind of like tiger now with injuries but with struggles he couldn't putt. He couldn't putt and he could in hit out of the rough so he took like two young years and hired a coach in the game back in dominated again yes some resiliency Tiger Woods play golf for many many many years golfers are just different. I guess it just has to give himself time to heal. It's always a rush like don't have this BR for six months and immediately be playing and the first tournament available next year now mom with young that has some phenomenal wrong again police circles the masters every year as our and that's where I'm coming back Campbell came I mean that gives him an extra five months after the six month recovery time. He just he doesn't he's. Game hasn't evolved to help them back. This is why he continues to weekend. He can't play old man golf he's got to Seattle mango off. I do that's Ozzie a problem for him and a putter and along the fairway with the launch of 319 yards Tiger Woods for surgery in six years man about that BI got warmer air we made about five years ago are now four years ago that Tiger Woods would not win a major for five years. I'm going on four strong years next year the year number five. Glitz the vet the disappointing part. Is that if I would've won said that you would had a PD your whole body LA dodger we we Jersey Hannah and happened. I think sit never apologize for the bloody job we love it. And I love to see probably rank it if it. Highlighting bacon and football now artist go on road may face being a part of our Thursday folks if you miss seeing you show less rubbed tires podcast Canadian the fan dot com as Regan trying to we talked a lot about the blazers didn't get to let this value unless I did get a last and they'll say we talked about that a lot of talk about the NFL draft bust. You name it you can find it there also Atherton Sprague. On Twitter tomorrow talk a little bit of iron Hernandez Marty till certain come out about that situation with the bears did to their season ticket holders look ahead to the weekend. JB longed to join the show may be Brian and when wars may be I don't know we'll see scheduled suicide schedule Aaron Hernandez possibly possibly also needs a break down the NFL's schedule as a whole as we find out what it is. And I once acted tomorrow at noon number one it's next listening to 1080 the fan.