Dirt & Sprague, Thursday 1-11-18 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, January 11th
NFL Challenge! Raiders probably broke the Rooney Rule, and when nature calls, you got to go.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. The. Bird grab bag and blah blah I've done more liberal and this is durden spray your big man comparable property what they're doing cars. Well known Jack thank you god does not stop doing what what does endangered Johnson and Brendan sprayed tonight thank. I can lead to the south and our president durden sprayed on an AV. I want to the future with Donna turned on the past Babe Ruth was nothing more about all man with a little girl like. You shouldn't. It has its final hour there is spraying honey Thursday as the Thursdays are on while things idealism Portland sports leader Denny the fan give his follow on Twitter entered spring we will fully back him against report questions today. Coming up here the final hours and NFL coaching news or getting into at some point and names circulated would be giants' opening. It got people excited. Excited so called Marvin through on it but we'll talk about that also did the raiders. Break protocol and hiring John gruden as it's not looking good for normalcy with the NFL punishment might possibly be but we'll get to those. Hey but it's 20 sevenths and after two it's time. For the NFL challenged. And he goes and presents a little trip around the national football yeah simple plays. Executed with a maximum about putting my game our hosts are ready to make their picks against a murderer's row that is above and they're stat. Juniors and genius. And yeah the mighty brand listener. This is the fans NFL challenge brought to you by encore audio video. They'll play in the big word the NFL challenge we have dirt and spray gun ten AB it's go time. It's trail. God that we need guys that me let's make some NFL picks soundly today to defend outcome is reading go pick on violate. Marmalade no longer in the lead. Marley his season long grasp of the number one spot has been relinquished he lost its heels playoffs man the plans the current account for far right there by the way. You had a hell of a par laying I beat you and picks you did again. I I. You did spread I also do not mean to pick buffalo. I took Jackson little went on the show but I clip buffalo for some reason. Had been out I don't know why am a player does but it feels like it discuss it yet and I sounds like how I guess for I picked. Jacksonville. Nodded I think Tennessee when I've taken a cover and I did to Carolina to win we know that benefited or had. Loans. He would he meant to buffalo. Yeah we argued about that that's right so rob GE 44 you owe him. Is the new leader that's a duck fan VOA's got a one point lead on marmalade some cartilage still makes it that's correct okay. Jump right into it Saturday it's the same slate this weekend in terms of later gain and an early game so Saturday it's a later start 135. Is the first can't. Atlanta. Williams I did get right last week and they went on the road beat the rams. They are now going on the road to take on the fight nick folds him Philadelphia hosting Atlanta 59%. Of people going with the dirty birds. Yeah I mean this is just been what everybody's talked about his Atlanta beating LA and now they go to Philly and even if it was LA that had beaten Atlanta I felt like I either wine people we're gonna sit there and say well they're going the NFC title game. I'm nervous about this pick I'm gonna take Atlanta. But I really just I have a hard time completely dishonest or got no idea what you're gonna take the dog. I'm I take the dog in a batting purpose I don't know no Sagan to win on the money line Nemo no. Outside the dome team. Good defense and for the most part that's been a very inconsistent falcon team. But I'll go the falcons here because of Nichols. Yeah honestly I bulls once you get pressure on and he is not very good I think outside of that. 47 and two season with Chip Kelly his career stat line is 34 touchdowns this when he seven picks. That's and that's not very good cell. And manly in his defense even shown out the last two weeks they lost week sixteen of the saints but played well against the Panthers. Played well against the number one offense in the league last week against the rams. I hear you spray you don't wanna kind of dismissed the Eagles are still a good team but. It's hard when you don't have a possible NDP plan so fungal falcons as well. If Phillies nasty up front that's the one thing you don't wanna forget about them their defense is still solid cars and west and play defense but the problem there is are they gonna Wear down if nick falls can't stay on the field and dozens sustained drives may be they have some success in the first happened does a breakdown for them in the third fourth quarter. And and the one thing that I she really like this game interns in Atlanta for it's not even just the Naples matchup at the knicks bulls matchup against that Atlanta's secondary. I just in terms of units that you watched as the senior most impressed with. Atlanta at Atlanta's secondary had to be up there for me the way they cover those rams wide receivers they get alarmed breaking tackles on the turf was bad but. That's finding a group that feels like it's healthy offers playing good they didn't have you fought last year in the playoffs. And of their secondary play the way today dead pitfalls can have a decent day but it's not going to be enough to win. Philly's gonna have to try to get the running game going but Atlanta's gonna know that that's coming. I think Atlantic can score enough given the falcons. On the road to get the win I'd just it's hard for me to seed broke really quickly when in a game yet roku for him the next game I would just say a side note here. If Philly runs the ball well. Don't forget the rams are able to establish a run game they did their little game in Amman enough possessions and time to keep pounding the rock. That might be something that might change completely from Philadelphia they also can't make mistakes like a Ramsey can't fumble pick out some punts that indeed that. It's ball game in August into chance in the form factor on next one up this is no shocker the highest. Discrepancy in pegs. Tennessee big comeback went down 313 of the chiefs they when 20/20 one shut out Kansas City in the second half they move on in the division around Marcus Mario and in the fight titans. Who on the road thirteen in 32 in the 93%. Of people. Going with patriots. Yet put me in the 93%. Here you know map Collins steak and a claim of how Tennessee might be able to hang around and even with a guy that's. Pretty well reasoned and map fallen this felt like Stephen he noses is probably gonna end up. Not going well for the Tennessee Titans. Thirteen and app point spread pretty much says at all. These are two different teams on two different levels. Tennessee probably. Shouldn't have beaten Kansas City. They did he give democratic you move on but hey no Mario and now you've played a number one seed who has hate hate hate hate hey come off that article of pissing them off. And everything else I'm going New England here and I think ultimately. This capitalism to the billing double blow out fresh out of the player haters all harbor and then. Obviously now I'm I'm buying what you're sound them tight is that policy hater Mario and as well good to know from the fellow adopted team around them all right at the time round and is the problem now to intercept the plane like their best game of the season eight was caused turnovers. I mean I like it's a Dick LeBeau coached defense but it's not the right players and personnel just yet it's still pretty young team. I yeah I just don't buy that they're gonna be able that enough pressure on Tom. So at thirteen and a half that's looking good for the sprint yeah you know I love to go to the problem is to go to now play defense. And Tom Tom Brady's defense is not decorate this year talking about the goat. All of college quarterback I am I I've our time now about an NFL and it doesn't matter that's my pad Thai and other go to Airese eighteen point deficits in the second half and his undefeated in the playoffs Tommy is you guys have extra large Mario to shirts that you sleep in with no underwear on yeah yeah we got cut out the dimples. Yeah about that xxx Al cycle where it has like in nineteen Niger in our on Jimmy you have exactly. No I love doing and he killed. Did that this thing I am wondering about this though is I wonder I as a jury selection to Tennessee's offense against Sunderland the defense for the main reason sounds. What does it do for the AFC title game because that's been a women's issue all year start to finish to spend their defense and predominately their run defense. And that's actually kind of a straight to Tennessee and go back and look at Derek Henry's numbers that would have Rangel for 150 yards deep rail out gives a lot of second half especially in the second half so militant at Tennessee it's it would take a miracle for him to win this game in New England but that's the kind of stuff a model of forest. What does that defense do against Tennessee's offense can't Mario to scramble around to make plays Kazan made that waivers your opinion. And AFC championship game but uphill battle on what the 93% give me New England. Two win at home in advance yet again. TSE touting him OK Saturday games down Sunday games to come is Sprague to stigmatize guns data Jackson Billups said. And I about the game of the week Minnesota New Orleans where he on that one next on the fringe. Still. This is dirt and spray and don't understand that. Shambles ball. Joseph brings up the good point is probably the song that played morals is saying in his teammates. Is trying to do it she just like him have a little fun. Well the locker room believe he did block in the music starts started playing the piano and he just are down belting it out if people are looking around like it was common for a pregame speech or at least it depends on TV moment it is from a lot and he's got a little boom box with a microphone attached to there. No legs that NFL coaching news coming up bottom of the hour we're in the midst of our NFL a challenge we only. Add two more of these to give man next lethal predict the or pick the AFC and NFC title games and then. And I love football season and into the big aim at the big yet we see at the big thing he did you know into the mood. By no I have now match up. Wash out I'll see you the sake don't always say on Santa. So we left off this Saturday and Sunday games Jacksonville but he kick start your Sunday morning back to back weeks of that jaguars bills game in which sick last week and we'll see if they can do it again this week. 1005 AM Sunday morning. Pittsburgh. Thirteen and 387%. Of people are taken the Steelers they hosting tenant six AFC south champion. Jaguars. They get Antonio Brown back from his injury which is incredible news because it's only gonna make them that much more dynamic. Lady on bell came out today is actually Evan during our show. And he is basically made it clear he will either retire. Or not play next year fuse franchise tag he wants that contract and looked I don't blame him at all for what he is done production wise forum. But to me that's not gonna play a factor here this defense for Jacksonville is with jet I think you'd be able to pressure Roethlisberger. I don't see the same thing happening that happened the last time these two teams played in week five. I think Pittsburgh Lindsay really close ball game but I still think Pittsburgh will win this game. Yeah have a hard time. Buying the jags to win this game I say that felt like gotten an anomaly that high interception game. It's just hard to buy into the jags is a real. Competitors like save yourself the jags are going to the AFC championship game. It has happened before it hats but it's 97 right this was any first year second year of existence when and a six and 97 this day and age it just doesn't seem right now I just can't buy into it just yet I mean that defense it does doesn't veterans on their so it's not like it's a completely. Young squad back there. But they're untested in the playoffs. In nearly untested they played the bills last week in Tyrod Taylor might not park itself. I am gonna go with the Steelers I like it being competitive game but they'll probably and it went by like 102 possessions so. He had this line I did Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Steve really unique team from me I've felt for a large chunks of the year they're the best team in the league most complete team in league. Defensively offensively offensive line lady on balance O'Neal brown eyed. But a big fan and I put together now for the last two years and on in my opinion as a really wavered and of some folks are concerned about the comments. The Mitchell's stuff came out today because. It sounded like he was saying stuff like that before she easier went down and then she easier got hurt and it like brought up all these emotions and that's none of those kind of emotional polls are you looking for one of those he was back in practice for the first time this week in a wheelchair. It puts opponents to grandma saying you know I'm so pumped to be background team and as a bit of a let's go win this one for him kind of mentality I think in that locker room. I don't trust Blake portals he's going on the road in the playoffs I think Jack that's African. Smother that Jacksonville running game and they're gonna force him to make throws and third and long situations which is knocking at and now. I think I am I don't see this game being close may be Pittsburgh doesn't score a ton of points. But if Jackson openly scored ten album flown home they're not gonna do more than that. Against Pittsburgh I think the Steelers committed give a two touchdown guarantee on this money to small hole and two touchdowns here as a lead they're down guaranteed dying in the Pittsburgh big and it's now last this the best of the bunch is no doubt about it my mind. Once again by two touchdowns thank you. And this is my noticeable thank god Minnesota Pittsburgh last couple weeks and still stick with the vikings have a Steelers okay Minnesota. 56% of people are on the vikings. After their first round by. New Orleans. Andrews Pete nice his first name Dane Anders feet and draws interest and they did anything spelling. But injuries Pete is done he like broke his leg whenever last week so he's out. New Orleans close win over Carolina allotted five New Orleans thirteen and three Minnesota yeah I mean I. Unless somebody else surprises us I think this is kind of pegged as the game of the weekend right aren't saints can really carry over what they did to negate Camara and Ingram going on the ground. And how the vikings going to be you know getting nabbed by in playing at Minnesota I. I tend to root for the vikings a lot I'm not a fan of vikings but the one of those organizations that come so close as a long time I mean they came so close four times as frank tar content. Dead late run in the late ninety's with with moss. And Cunningham they should of went to this won't 98. And ending game against the C docs from the Walsh miss the Culpepper years that's is a forget the Brett Favre New Orleans France are out of your name riot police face that because they've come so close so many times. I'd like to see them get there once and even hoist a trophy. I think they're going to be able to do it I'm not as concerned with them coming off of biting their little more veteran and ready. Dan now the rams where they were just in the playoffs couple seasons ago. And I really like their head coach I think he is never really good game plan defensively. Michael Thomas is going to be a huge matchup problem but Xavier Rhodes a big cornerback. And if you they shut down Kamal all right Nina and I just don't foresee Drew Brees. Having is similar game Mikey had against Carolina especially on the road and Hoss style environment. It seems weird to trust he's keen over breeze chemical. Vikings here beating the saints gas I feel like I'm. Come on this feeling that this week off for the vikings might not be so beneficial to run in the sense that I mean they are kind of riding a wave of momentum to and that season. And they were winning winning winning thirteen and three to finish the year looking dead and then I got a week off. Where is the saints they're keep gone they keep plane and they had a good game against the Panthers granted they let them back in it. But they're kind of now on this wave moments and it's like what we say with NBA I'm in the week off week and a half off tired legs may be. In that vikings team it doesn't have a whole lot of experience playoff. And veterans on their mean cased you Mikey says I am. Might have been in the playoffs as a backup but I mean. That vikings team defense is really good but we saw what happened when. Marin Ingram got shut down last week injuries. Did what he normally does and that's play outstanding to endorse its not cold Minnesota game's gonna be inside. That new stadium that there can their roof open or is it a fool dome I can't remember from what I saw Minnesota on and off they want to open up the roof. If it's possible addition it was snowing really really bad day today south. I like the saints honestly from Angola then they get the win over the vikings. Yeah I just feel like why we can might kind of kind of bite the vikings but here. I love. Minnesota. Did the way they played defensively I think it's an underrated group we focus a lot on teams like Jacksonville is here right please of the defense that they have you look at a lot of the metrics. On Minnesota's right there with them and that's what propelled them to this season that the instant part about them now. This offense to get these runs from quarterbacks are you wondering can you know. How much tradition again like Blake morals you know he gets thrown on the bus because the numbers aren't great. He's Keenan has been really good this year day he's not just being carried by defense he's going out winning football games for his team. And in terms of I know a lot of Columbine in the stat I stood in Anaheim held competed QB IQ total QBR. It is second best in the league this here behind only Carson once so ticked up for what it's worth defense had a Tom Brady announcing veteran Tom Brady. All but because of that I just I trust them offensively they're not one of those teams it's like well great defense but can they score I trust them offensively especially against the saints defense that. Carol I was driving up downfield on a mole game they just couldn't convert the reds on the kick for fuels dropped touchdown pass. And I think that Pete injuries get to be big for New Orleans because they struggled on the Balkans Carolina Minnesota's got a better rush defense in Carolina does. Ed you're playing in their building with all that noise Joseph breeze is the one wild card factor in this game that scares me because he'd just eat you don't know what to make of them. When he goes out he makes plays like he did last week is just so tough to beat him in any proof they still has a lot left in the tank even at his age. But every other factor in this game to meet favors Minnesota playing at home the defense. Their ability to run the football their ability to stop the run I trust case in in the playoffs. I'm taken Minnesota and I think they've in this game go to the Genesee town and what does Minnesota or anybody else to do with case Keno a few wins this game he sent a one year like two million dollar Contra and I'm saying though is he if franchise tag him if not he's getting a free agency will be yep Bridgewater Bradford. If he wins he was super ball into two touchdowns and I think Super Bowl but at least NFC title game. If he can win a playoff game and he had those stats I would take him in I would take him in our appeal not not receding Kirk cousins and their else some teams that they get a quarterback. There are circumstances could change is heathen knew Alex Smith is basically what I'm wondering now. Cut big very welcome big ended and the numbers turn out by keys and never won a Super Bowl. They've been four times in 57 years as a team. Their last trip was in 1977. And this Isner says three times at our contain one with Joseph capsule apologies apnea for nonetheless anyway I think was 707274. And 77 or some might they went a bunch of the seventies and a canal in the last seven or in the NFC title game 2010. They lost the saints Brett Favre threw the interception and I know that how big that was from New Orleans in the saints. Still will maintain eye contact viking team was better and as good team you don't throw that into eaters into rental car to win that game has a damn good team man Saab told from Minnesota they're my Jared Allen rushing after that their my rooting interest in the glasses should be fun to see him get on I think they've beaten once this week aerial an affront challenge only a couple of nine FO challenges left this year would do it next week Freddie conference title games in the of course suitable the end of the year but divisional round of play their Olympic Games and you go pick a line with us at 1080 the fan. Doc on pace of coaching news in the National Football League and the raiders break protocol. And whose interest it in the New York Giants job next but first here's Joseph sports and. This is third in spray. I'm okay. And I can do 36. That's kind of may not Reyes and says in interviews and it just kind of shocks everybody and incorporate that come from. This happened race they believe it was yesterday. They had Bruce area news former head coach the Arizona Cardinals. Sounds like he's enjoying life now. He was on with Colin Cowherd and they were talking about six Saban and Alabama. And Bruce area's job line of in terms knicks even in the New York Giants there's a job he covers in a happens to be open. But he's got to dynasty right now another dynamite recruiting class coming in why would he do it I don't know. But it would not shock me if he did. And this is sent everybody into a frenzy like we will do it once knicks David's leaving for the New York Giants that's the job he wants the league. And Jay Glazer try to throw cold water on this island there's a picture of him on his ram Powell or Allan John fox and Bruce in transit bar last night. And he blamed it on the vodka he's stepped Bruce variants. Tipped a couple of drinks back it was just basically shoot from the head we areas got drawn comic Colin towered so apparently he had a couple of shots count cards on from nine to noon. Give me on the coats against you know because how words and oh yeah. I don't say maybe areas is on the East Coast calling I don't know he was in studio or not I'm trying to help the guy out navy decides drinker early in the morning I can't blame them. A buddy with extra shot. That's when he said he said it was after a few vodka as aryan said. And I was just mess around with the Saban and the giants stuff so he was just missing out of this mess around. We are pretty stock and says now it sounds like. Matt Patricia is kind of the favorite for the giants game. But if you're a giants fan. Who we draft I'd rather have Saban. I take a shot on save and again tonight would map attrition just because those those Belichick assistants. You all to any thing they have not translated to be good head coaches in the national Polly the one I would bet on him maybe bucked the trend a little bit beer respectable coach. I think we Daniels king. Re sort restoring save some face from what he did in Denver he's ultra one bright but he's he was young he was and now he's back in you learn from your mistakes. For the most part though most these guys don't do much like even bill O'Brien you can double gold priced in the playoffs Sprague. Z and largely benefited from a really crappy division VS VS and talent wise. They finally have a core racks of maybe Jim breakthrough but change has not really helped in the developing part of. Yeah and I saw reports by the way that is if the disaster scenario kicks in the Belichick should leave the patriots in this ESPN reporters Trudy cans and work with these guys anymore that bill O'Brien's are normal and got they would just go get bill O'Brien the patriots where they would wanna laughter bill O'Brien. Bring him and so that was an that was you lose Tom Brady elect without Brad them in his journal would even want that job is like he's got to sell Watson and it sounds like his beef is gone because in and Rick Smith didn't get along the GM of the Texans. Glad to step away because health there's issues I believe his wife the suffering of cancer and so he had to step away and that was old question is it couldn't be Smith anal Brian one of an add ago. The health issue kind of force for xmas now you know the little things like what he did this year at New England for example. I am it to only me all fourth and two you go for a game. He punted and I just like Patricia because of the beard and a pencil. That's what does it for you notice he's never used it never does it as a year but he doesn't use it just a pretentious thing to do it makes it look smarter when used we get a pencil in your ear you automatically look Smart album I'm just saying like west. Brooke and all these NBA players do a lot of flak for their fashion choices. And and add ons that they don't need but they where I think we should be giving Patricia is some flak for rock and a canceled but never using it he's doing over frat for fashion sense. Or because he enjoys being shown on TV with a pencil Nazir who as a talk about how he was a rocket scientist yes Tennessee gets that. And happens cells market depends if. The other Cushing is the National Football League is this could be bad for the raiders we'll see how seriously the NFL wants to take it but they have announced gruden obvious Cesar I coached on ten years and a million dollar deal right. Well. Mark Davis didn't do himself any favors because he let the cat out of the bag that he knew. Back in on Christmas Eve of the Jon Gruden was going to be is next head coach. Now to wanna relayed the timing of that sounds very it is very that's before they fired Jack Del Rio. He apparently had a sit down meeting with Jon Gruden on Christmas Eve and gruden said he was all in to come in come back to coaching in Indian part of the raiders. They've been fired Del Rio later that week basically meaning that they found their guy they didn't go through the right protocol they didn't interview anybody they knew who they wanted. Before they fired Del Rio in on this could be. Going against the Rooney rule and now the Fritz Pollard alliance is calling on the NFL to investigate whether today. Violated the Rooney rule. I and hiring and saying it let you can't cannot save founder guy on Christmas Eve before you fired rather coach. Then act like he went through the right protocols. Interviewing Ian the coaches that you're supposed to interview. Before hiring your head guy they knew all along in the Rooney rule was clearly broken in this case the Oakland Raiders I tend to believe most times the Rooney rule is broken like if you if you don't have. A minority candidate of any kind in mine. Most time you know who it is right and then you have to go through this whole charade of acting like you want to interview these people like when C when Mark Davis. At the press conference. Said yeah we comply with the Rooney rule we interviewed I forget one guy's name but T Martin. That right there told me an party felt this way but dat right they're told me they're not comply with the Rooney rule they are in the literal sense out. They are considering anybody else. If gruden was getting a hundred million dollar contract I think this ports to a completely correct I think that this deal was done before even Del Rio was fired cage John. We have a lot of expectations were underachieving. Weaning you're the guy for the game are you up for sure. All right just stay tight and then they have to go through everything. I've always kind of believe the Rooney rule was a joke. You wanna force teams to hire. Minority candidates but you don't really hold them accountable when they make a mockery of it. So it's a rule but it's a loosely based. Ryan what was the punishment in and they take it seriously this is your prime example in the right out of there was they violated the rule they did having gambled it Davis himself let the cat in the back he said he said I knew we told me on December 24 he was only and that's before they fire Del Rio so that the owner or admitted to it he'd. It he was the one that stepped into the trap himself and there was actually inching column missy at last week's end especially in this case like the raiders. Of an and it went back to an old baseball manager that went through something similar is saying that. He what he was curious why guys just weren't turning down the interview knowing that the only reason that it was taking place was to Philip quota of having the interview because everybody knew for two weeks out that John gruden was gonna be their coach the raiders we to go to the song and dance in San wells they're shall we don't know even downs last telecasts on Saturday. San well I don't know maybe I'm not gonna coach many power arm as you know nothing's official. We know for two weeks that this is going to happen in Davis let the cat out of the bag that yes this was confirmed on December 20. The only thing I can think of from the minority standpoint is some individuals may think it reflects better upon their name. If they're highly consider for a job or they give an interview visage for a job you know they know they're not getting it going in. But they get to go and flaunt around their agent K this team was looking at me I have the right stuff to good use of leverage I would follow up this. Is it needs is it worked. Accused an NFL is is it been beneficial to the NFL to implement it to implement the Rooney rule. I don't know I knew him seriously until I hit. Because there's a part of me that says. Hire the right person but I get why the rule exists it's just I don't like that it exists and then we make a joke out of it or not we but today righted team breaks the protocol nothing happens to them right so here's your fans been broken several times Abdullah abdominal organs Ayers chance if you take it seriously want this to be ruled that. Teams don't make a mockery of policy with the punishment is for the Oakland Raiders because they confirm themselves. That they hired John gruden before interviewing anybody if you want hue Jackson for Mike Tomlin or her mad words or in the Houston Texans GM spot Rick Smith. In your son a minority candidate if you want them and you think to the best candidate in great. But this rule to me is. I don't know I'm probably saying this without some kind of really deep diving I don't know if they're really. Is benefiting league making it better. Because what if you tell me the league is lacking in giving minority candidates a chance. Okay wool fair. Would he do to fix it well let's implement a rule making every team have to hire our interview at least one would think you have a raiders' situation. They comply with the rule. They're not giving any minority can an actual shot they know they want and they have with eight. Yeah they hire their guy before right process began so what is the benefit there now and a staff. I'm my policy of the NFL those mirror it's its going to be easy to see getting handled his situation because you don't often. That there's often conspiracy theories well did they. I mean did they know who they wanted the whole time Mark Davis admitted it and that's the strange part here when you an owner of the comes ads as we knew on December 24 that he was our guy. Before they fired their previous head coach. He'd be stepped right into but he admitted it mosey with the NFL. Does about a commodities tax I'm I'm kind of agree with some of the sentiments on it too yeah. Yeah it's it's it's an mentioning issue album reads it owes us an insight also companies are gonna get to and the final segment. What's his 32 ad gonna cost the Super Bowl as awesome numbers on that. And Alabama player almost missed or he did he miss the game winning touchdown why we'll tell you next on the fan. Read them it. This is just dirt and spray and John Kennedy both Sudan. And look they're. As it's coming up top of the our wrong. They're missing anywhere import your life easier to go to the bathroom and have a meeting right after this in Vancouver and I really after the then they'll long. It's just sit and hang out okay that's a sitter ran out they did use. As they make today and I Jon Gruden said. This happened to get this that's what they have the when he was born maybe that's why named and his agent stuck on the toilet Monday ONEOK is. That happens in childbirth some women induct using our houses a mystic as he was on the Toyota's are pushing everything out of their body. As native physically can't outlive us government is bad is different sets up is that's how it starts out. And let's say so angry with so much weight. This this avenue and Alabama player to make a Fitzpatrick is one of the better defenders he announced by the way today's going to the NFL he'll be a top say it isn't a long line in Alabama defenders who will be first round picks and NFL draft law. That crazy ending a national championship game the 41 yard touchdown pass he missed it. Any missed it because when you gotta go. Yadda you know kind Jurassic Park learned that he was stuck in port not Stuckey was in a Porta potty. Going to the bathroom any heard the stadium erupt. Realizing that they had won the national championship. Depending on comfort comfort you have to ask him. Did you pinch or did you say that's cool but he didn't he did clarify kick in after the situation right now to be fair you not clarify if it was a one or two so they could've just been only you know some time is kind of during the main main imagine him running. On the field with like toilet paper attached to Italy. Celebrating palm then in March it was Jorge to stands a pencil around the ankles so I think. What is that like yeah. And mr. raised its. Ads is this really happen to make of Fitzpatrick your pants as a team and guiding them instantly seeing this story going you used the hands sanitized there there right and we shook hands I've found alive after that game was over telling you were clean on that one did you grabbed my basins and we're national champs. And I quite enjoy that is somebody spends a lot of time in the bathroom I quite enjoyed link of Fitzpatrick missing the game winning touchdown pass. In his final college game to find out they re winners and national. Championship while he was in a Porta potty once he found out he went to the bathroom again Jeff maybe just staying I think a little bit and rushing back and I might oh initial thought when I saw this story was what if it was a number two. And let's say Alabama ties it in it goes to another overtime. What do you don't have league of Fitzpatrick on the field for second overtime can he's. Think he's in a port apart is his turn now mean that happens what is money he can do about it and you can do. Right album anyway how to save and react to deceive really legitimately choose the kid out into leveraged its next Abe and obviously. You get me coach tournaments was subdued in the situation and he is red ass out there cycle and until March Larry I think you just go to Scotland and it's right. I quite enjoy that idea guy's gonna take a guess at what a 32 spot. For the upcoming Super Bowl costs if you wanted to buy a 32 ad on NBC during the Super Bowl three million and jump. A month ago on a price is right in goal form and well a little up. It's five mil I'll call hole NBC executive came out for all the doom and gloom of the NFL nobody's want to look at all the money they're losing NBC is going to make five million dollars per. 32 ad during the Super Bowl and a fine. Million dollars one had to keep and. An eye out for Cindy Crawford is recreating her Pepsi commercial from Mike the ninety's. Yes and she still could sit across are still has to go one on Washington's. Zone I know that's at least one. I'm are we stoked for maybe poppy monkey baby parts it. And land of the Monday that it really like I was an end of that thing don't like sick as he drinks rocks are. Yet that is I mean that's right of people like Jim's Alley and I think that's a dew commercial RA I feel like Joseph Lyons and poppy monkey he's got to have a hunky David they had his roommate thought in my view maybe that's a studio and nobody pays half the rent and put him motivated. Our poll question results to Genevieve Chris without Chris Paul making a last second lay a 51% said yes no need for it. 49% said no and then I did mark health for Jesse better suited for the NFL. But others a 5050 schools that while enough to get that in 64% of you do not want me to beyond. The jury of your court case ninety petty letters my feelings you're also guilty. I date of this initiative as front tires podcast and into the fanned out come. Actors reacting to the fan we'll tune it out as well thanks be a part of our Thursday we will talk to you tomorrow at noon. Number one is next to listen to 1080 the fan.