Dirt & Sprague, Thursday 1-11-18 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, January 11th
Matt Bowen joins the show for his weekly hit and talks NFL (obviously), the guy's talk about the matchups, and UCF wanst Bama!

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. When they some of the kids from the neighborhood carried my mother's will use all the way home you know one. It was better respect. This is stirred and spread the most important thing in business. CR what John is. Andy Dirk Johnson and Brendan sprayed them. I looked it shows them a little. Especially in the week a woman alone again and dirt and spray gun 1083. It will oil. So soon. Sports leader. 1080 the fan I hope you guys are during a Thursday afternoon we are and where excited because we get docked map falling. ESPN NFL analyst on tour at an apple and 41 former player. And fantasy football expert guy has hello resonated joining us all NFL season. And now we're onto the divisional round in the playoffs and he's on the worn now good to have you back on was Matt before we get to the divisional round. I wanna know something because you're you're a former player your coaching in your off time. I know that. Kareem hunt didn't get enough touches I know that is a non football expert. Tell me and tell the listeners what is it about any read in the post season that changes to the point where he goes from being a phenomenal regular season coach. To having these struggles in the post season. I think sometimes that and it ended up against every offered to play well there's I it's cool cars and pros I think. Oftentimes think you're either too aggressive. Okay or. They want to showcase some that would an apartment when there's more movement what Jack replied. Whether it's taking. Shots on the field we don't need to especially when rockets quarter took a big lead. Sometimes it can be you know it is true round looked. In order to calculators for example bishop runner so I don't Kramer. Or 12 o'clock stern is here to wanna throw a ball rural West Coast. Went wrong. So ball flat or little stick from the Tokyo to tighter. Your ultra aggressive at that point McCain Java so political that's. Its discretion or play couple while. Once asked me what Terrell so it's a winter periods noted that there is you don't like turner report somewhat groups style points don't matter that they. A lot of terms. It is my personal and it helps here at the circuit market ordeal that talks notes to WW. OK we and its a couple of stops and because we got our logistics to report term extension the Russians would start game where tolerant with. You know we'll it and adds a really dwell on the things you said this I got to me and in injury caricature your last couple weeks is you set I wanna say three or four weeks ago Atlanta was a team you didn't wanna face layoffs as some. What they accomplished lasted a firepower they have on offense maybe some guys getting healthy on defense experience. And here we are you brought it up last week the rams no playoff experience Atlanta had the experienced when he 613 a final. It warriors thoughts on the way that game played out Atlanta's game plan and how scary they are moving forward in the NFC picture. Are they the opportunity partners and really what they are now here. Talk about syndicate what is your notre molecules we talk a last week as well actually read children that will play in. You know Matt Ryan has withdrawal from unstable platform because that church and a light. Drops followed me out actually grateful reflect restitution but they're a ball control to what we have right now. You know they're very Ellison opposite one of uncle Walt purse of one particular issue actually prevalent when they can't admit it and you saw indicated. They don't Lyoto dessert cup. Here is an outsider gronkowski atop spectrum when you're so. Really like to Wear arts is Peter's piece of their property per child to play action first look at how they tackle making. In the big screen certainly did this year as they inspection the passing in a global tour to tiger and Ernie let creep right. When taco a couple of orchard or not it was catch tackle. And type attack on top one wrap up to Bolter in the grass look at their second here. Carr played ball then that's what they were eclipse or an epic drought. This clay that's been taught you don't displaced people expect to be on the field and claps and William and as well as probably terms. CO RR call to order to check points. If you get a hamburger knock the ball. What are very arm place in very specific it was still stared out at thirteen speak they're not return. On that play a lot orbit around Paris. It'll definitely covered reluctant to. It put an accurate throw it right you got this guy at this. That particular. There's no caps a lot of routes poke checked that limit to confusion and medication errors as some secrets is that particular rely on your economist and unlock their. Logic here we have enough guys up front too rushed past super impressive progress is stopped like it or you're all set. You Duperreault subtle efforts will restrict all o'clock or pull or poke the turnover took drastic recipe that she got shot. Mina died and they were just so aggressive against the rams to which I would map Owen ESPN NFL analyst onto route map on 41. A former players join us all NFL season now we're on the divisional round. Let's stick with the falcons now because they had to Philadelphia right in and they get the Eagles. And it feels like almost everybody is taking the falcons here like that the Eagles stand no chance that they'd end their season particularly well. And nick falls I did it can be hard to trust. I'm kind of feeling the other way I don't know I would kick elected to lose. But there's something unsettling knowing everybody thinks that this is an immunity konduz what do you make of this matchup. Well understood what you were doing that it was that we shouldn't do it America. And other guys who lost her was like six or not throwing in Modesto. Willie weeks at which it's typical Chris so I can get so. Think dirt street soccer war martyr this one. Under polls that are not there yet trouble the ball closer and secrecy. Really. There's a couple throws that you resources lakers' you know we talked our records Nazis and special referred to respect. To the press dollar write English and become apparently cared at all. Where result from the scene route let's talk strips. Nicole can make you agricultural. Jamaica throw. Great that's sort of where regular season and I took over the play outs against her because it is called bop its aggressive they tackle a lot of local. That's what people have doubts beat relatively. You know total is best for their top run defense in the N. The grass supports sometimes too aggressive you see on film. And that's the Perry earlier cultural or. Are itching go or go there are so rushed the quarterback position that they jump routes that peace and opportunist or where the most part. I think really coax. Right now until. An old quarterback center for accuracy that you know we play that are going to destroy all trust where. I'll start which energized their running at bats a game plan to focus our efforts have to control temple mount. Public quarterback and much more Drupal Jewish. Not a war or against in speed that rhetoric that secondary incurred a plus got a little truck terms that a little programs it would. In the game of the week most eggs out of four is is New Orleans in Minnesota I just I love Minnesota the way that they play any case Keenan has been an awesome story this year. In the league defensively they're great in a New Orleans and Indian Drew Brees last week was unbelievable make him there are a big play on that was a great game against Carolina. When you look at that match up by live first part would be how big is that Pete injury for New Orleans and their ability to run the football because they struggled in that. Against Carolina and then Minnesota's offense we know how good their defense is but. There's always question marks about new quarterbacks and unknowns like these key items in the playoffs where is the trust level in New Orleans running game and up Pete and then in Minnesota's offense. Walker target has improved over what happened lots welcome Mark Ingram and yeah. Of the total production Williams senior at all ultra receipt. And that's tomorrow in the past in the slow and number in the casket in a report that he's or he has to be. When the support your work but it's called the routine here is going to be productive on most or whatever it Edgar Gupta. It doesn't act because you don't put it back up their there has played with the entire Google sees an outsider perspective there operative on. News the most important account communication becomes a client what they got next support our play next you'd be successful truck. Alitalia. Well you're up to when I recruit at least at her reasons awesome. Boss you're decrypt the bracket so most throws and several sports you know record covers it took a factional. Why can't make their plight of an inside and approached the group read these eager all throughout of course the football game. I'm also distilled. Good or beacons. The deeper richer under outside protect our token output of contract. We'll talk to deeper into a struggle here there's a particular color which it looks rational thought. Here are totally in our roads regards neighbor wrote quote. Eric. So is going to be challenged or are still light mobile game I do. I do but it is going to be a challenge especially in an offer or. Put border and restaurant that runs in the popular and accuse cute little I don't he's been. Fantastic deceased. Fantastic event kick in Tuesday's total say about all of them. Some like a quarterback makes a mobster to a place there on everything works to drop off or never does she quarterback can't spew your replies. Desperate move out on the pocket he's got a great. Troubles Opel platform you can run and they can do. You know and gave some great required over the top at a field has been fantastic to see. Or what did you do slot corporate outlooks only helped out a position they don't go according to. Other Arab. Went out uncle went down it was on the so called immigration and Clint Black quarterback on the loose you know one of the popular we're we're back here cult or Potomac it is very. And here which in turn here to their ball skills. And glory straight don't know we can give you a little bit Texaco is is most children screen do. Map on ESPN is our guest in Jacksonville Pittsburgh. It's it's an interesting match up in the sense that yeah Mike Mitchell has already come out and said that. He Daryn tees are going to be the patriots when they play the patriots been Roethlisberger has come out in. I really wanna play Jacksonville again because they played earlier this season he had five picks they got to pick sixes on him and they dominated that match up in. Well quite frankly Blake portals was terribly more rushing yards and yet passing yards and my on the lark seats are not Malarkey I'm around basically said after the game that is you can't have that kind of play quarterback. What do you think about this matchup in Jackson and going to Pittsburgh and get an upset. We look deeper girl was capable competent decrypt creature feels great scoring opportunities in the score and saw a lot. Click on the pumpkins are deepens as they agree to score first order they look at what each in the a lot that what they do that that they really do. Joseph went to a top popcorn Liguori did you boarded the other quarter in lot Q did what they can do to pass trucks are. They're not that it's an object or because they're not. Just want to thank. Welcome to direct 21 overall in total of legacies and it just wrong. What they can do in terms of public closed with a beard that's what happened at first. Iraq surprised and ball crossed no purely chipped in August so sure we're those going to beat. Cornmeal doctor territorial problem. Britain you know they get horrible acts of their cheeks but looking back to Jack to recruit ordered in the Arctic Ocean. He had sent some production at quarterback position where Turco left. What they get it world last week in manipulating off our secure routes but first there are what I call early down per second down play action that's what you can view. You know are gonna have malt O Carter go to reduce our triple stack the stop workforce at the plants. What that does like borrows pressure quarterback struggling to get defiantly they're open. It looked. The slipped going to be here in the pitching hurt squared abuse she has got to be either to show what an eccentric and rip cord you can do their target a lot though. I mean. Uptick record for a bigger wasn't picker for. The governor got back up first and what do we do what we activities that are actually Alter or adapt our game plan. Could be more careful with the football under attack from Berkeley Tokyo that it touched so. It will entail and as a meta in regards a non playoff team and so we talk lot of ideas and it was Seattle's decision to move on from Darryl beveled and arm options corners is 2011 Tom Cable out quarterback coach Gagne just seems like declared house little bit. Our from a cushy sample and outside of Pete Carroll. Each year you're the general manager there you're in charge of hiring an offensive coordinator Russell Wilson's your quarterback what should it look like and how different from from Darryl doubles offense would you want ago. Walker's first on their unknown there will go a long time is in step and green that it browser Green Bay Packers what are what are potential bridge. University of Wisconsin. Or as a senior has got to meet hero applause you know what stops a quarterback at the school triggered world has torn the woeful but outside of that. I'm sure what that move and that's what happened was here alternately or you turn on election who has. To business accordingly don't went to balloon drop it's unfortunate but that's their mr. It's and chart the putting together. Our system to Russell Wilson a lot of not beer. There'll bubble but I want some of those aspects are you wanna see I'll try to carrots to want to keep him on the move toward uses so or use our past option elsewhere you'll controller which. That's personal soccer season can never took since we run the football they can never consistent protect their quarterback that's a lot about personal as well. Okay it looked at a personal column being taught how Libyan developed in terms of what's natural world and it's a modern political. Okay that's what it look what came to city to that would Chicago district. There aren't that great project. Why couldn't quarterback position. All in which to this cooperative and much more favorable position cater more to the culture. Working out shotgun and pistol and actually get help territories that it that you look at Ross well. Yes of course aren't sure there is complete player. There's got to get a proper scarcity in a unique skill set. That's Robert. What does it say that we didn't even talk about Mario at a New England at a we're in Oregon we followed Mario and you've written pieces about Mario and late wordy against like I'm already passed the clock as should be letting you go now and it just occurred to me weeding even talked about Tennessee and doing political. It feels like a foregone conclusion to Meehan and look Mario it was good in the second half mad but were. I mean is is basically just going to be would Vegas thinks it's gonna be of a big blowout. It's overconfident when NAFTA or if there was no question about it I agree about our second that's a custom task to back. Okay it was a great example on. How elevated his game isn't it real talk not a monopoly cute doctrine straight. Culp received a little too critical little pocket inside. The solvency architect of great walker in a critical game ball. What he did you play with the likes and Eric get to Europe parts I think. I guess when there aren't particular to stick to make Oscar too polished to. Do those type of things that are kind of outside the box perhaps you're speaking especially when they're very undercut our puppet depicting here is Erica. And you soccer care are. You know I think he's a quarterback I think he has that policy amounts to buckle or the user to crack prosecutor. This took the extra intricate you can run the ball going to run the ball in the when normalcy. It has to be the first but the course who aren't there wouldn't be sent to the candidate Corey interior surrogate pregnancy test you. He captured yet Norway and AMP yet since. You get to Albert just on the pocket where. You want to live their cock he's a master pocket he had to disrupt them a little bit at the Chernobyl receivers out you know the pleasant prospect out. But they don't have a masterpiece from Robert Frost at toward become a beacon score how would stop grow. Oh yes stop how to stop a little field trials. Where are singing a square shall cross we take here away. And that's a breather bigotry trapping heat of these how to trick where those metal you'll pros especially in the gurkha. Go back to root so port. I'm not saying murderer has to play the best he's ever played discovered critical. Yet to. He's gonna ask to be termed ready in Foxborough. He just where crystal ball here. And he gets ugly I think they can send a thank you card directly to your colleague Seth wicker sham for pissing off the new name patriots this week I did a good stuff map bowing out onto her at Matt Bowen 41 joins us every Thursday during the NFL season. Greased up mammals or talk to you next week. Are you I'm there you go for our buddy Matt Boland we got him two more times is football season. Always really in depth insightful stuff for the NFL's divisional round let's talk about that limit was around this weekend. The next important sports leader 1080 defense. This durden sorry the number 1080 also. It was funny and I didn't mean for that happens. And we ask about every other game and like. We really want to bring up Mario and a New England well millions of all the games and lady ranked him from one through four entry level. Outside local ties him and I can't wait to watch Mario and I got to do hawks game on Saturday nights and DVR net much when I get home. But in terms it is competitiveness Gainey think's gonna be great that's probably the bottom of the barrel. I'm mom. I'm an idea like early kind of feel for one. I have a feeling and I don't know why that Jacksonville's hanging around with Pittsburgh this week are you fell yeah I know we did true Fossett today and he brought that was one of the questions was who wins by. Worse or loses by a worst margin Jacksonville or Tennessee book the steeler fan and we have a lot of Steelers fans out there. Steelers fan is I don't know I don't know maybe year nervous maybe you're not but having Mike Mitchell come out and already talked about the patriots. Roethlisberger I would want them. Part of me that's kind of like be careful. Just be careful with some of those yeah I don't against the grain on two different things as we you're going against the grain on Atlanta Philly I'm not peaking. Eagle I know but you've basically all the said do you think damage a good chance that whining. If I if I showed you when you're doing the same thing with the history Jacksonville if I showed you all the write ups and I played all the audio. In you know a spread you know not that. What would you guess the final score of that game is gonna be based on everything we've heard and and rent of the Pittsburgh and out there in mainland Philly I'll just give me a score what does it feel like the differences 47 to ten. That's kind of how I viewed two and I just don't know with happened really is something and that's gonna happen and go against a great man ally can I took all the dogs last week in my pulled into our in my upper leg. Some Atlanta at LA wasn't a very not laminated grumble or without pay laminated. But they've found a way to let everybody loved LA and their offense when their plan now. I is it then I just I'm not concerned about Jacksonville because Blake for I know my god bless thing I get it I. I get your sentiment today PG data close game defensively they're as good as again in you know when Jacksonville Minnesota probably the two best defense in the league this deal within I'm giving you the finger and I mean two different things by the Beckett media and things. So I mean I get your opinion that maybe it's a closer game just because Jacksonville's defense is tough to score on them. But I. They scored ten points at home against buffalo. Is that as bad as they can possibly play on offense can they play better nobody willing to gamble on them playing better on the road in Pittsburgh in a playoff game not necessarily know so I mean they're gonna score to me maybe it's seventeen and so maybe they covered the spread I guess it's as the pass rush of Jacksonville mixed with the brash. A little irrational confidence of the secondaries in I don't find I don't find the pits for confidence harass I think they're fired up because the weight loss of latency and no I'm talking my Jacksonville's secondary role though like with guys like Ramsey who are studs. It is a little rational the confidence they have so like they're already thinking they're the best. To those in the league now. I believe it. With. Boo EA in they seriously in Ramsey half. Let and the Pittsburgh comets I don't have a huge is she would those that they've always been one of those unique Timmy you last year it was Antonio Brown filming the locker room stuff on FaceBook. They've always had weird stuff going on off the field it's kind of Tomlin part of this is you know I do think guys are gonna are going to be characters I don't mind Roethlisberger coming out in San I want another shot Jacksonville as the worst in of his career. Described headaches I was not I never watch and again I was on the bears sharks this season for me. Was a way to las second homes I don't mind him coming out saying I wanna have a chance of these guys because I wanna redeem myself and the lamp went last as the senator says Big Ben one and four at home against the jaguars. How was status that. A bully people why the last time they played they I don't mean Pittsburgh. Yet it way to the great season I know and and and if they beat them three other times deep where there are one in Pittsburgh in the playoffs. Oh it was at 2007 a seven the next ten years is no I'm not saying that yeah I'm just pointing out that stuff blew me away I'm not gonna lie. One in Florida home all time against Jeb wires. How is that thing. Yeah and Samir says Steele as the league in sacks. Morals character. He's mobile he's he is eight he can't move they call him B mobile. You that ATM Abbie if he is ranked the excitement level for all the games. It's it's it is that I'm actually excited for Jacksonville Pittsburgh I know you are your sick individual. Again I'm not jacked about his Tennessee New England know Simon there at all. The Mariano thing I jazz split I just it's a good first half publicly does that change your mind say it's all it's a touchdown game at the happy you know me I'm all in on the playoffs I want everyone I know I know you are non stop it and having it kind of the only ones that'll make a strong argument for that there is zero doubt about the intrigue for for me is Minnesota New Orleans I can't wait to watch that game oh without a doubt -- he's zero idiotic in my dealing legs your weed out lakers every other -- he got points in Atlanta Philly allowance that falls right was going on their Jacksonville Pittsburgh is like morals you kidding me. Tennessee and let god love Mario and it was awesome to watch that second app and they're going on the road of Foxborough on the playoffs in just you don't win in Foxboro. Against Tom Brady in their pissed off they've had a week off and everybody's been on another diagnoses over that feels like it looks it you know the writings on the wall it's going to be a blow up there. The only one that I just I'm jacked up for and I cannot wait for without a doubt is new ones in Minnesota and just the batting zip. Again I'm not guaranteeing it Jacksonville's beating Pittsburgh I'm just interested in it. I've been picking against the jags all season as have pretty much everyone else they are playing with a huge chip and pin is playing. Like they're already on the awaits New England. Because that's Ellis comments there already plan like we have to simply and apply only to say Mike Mitchell is a pretty big leader for that defense. Any senior same work we will beat the patriots are coming Jacksonville terrorism is playing with a chip they beat the bills ten to three home how's that playing with a chance is very interesting is I feel in most cases are reversed in terms of what we're arguing right now wherever you know going against our normal brain here hey lets just do this let's all agree on this. These give us another good weekend of NFL playoffs as a madrassa mosque I mean I don't Jacksonville buffalo is boring ten to three belies it was close there's a chance or DM buffalo could diet and yet they kept it kept you watch it for the second half that solemn forming gimme all four of these games close going in the third and fourth quarter and I'm finally. Hey Blake portals compare himself to LeBron James. Mean kind of but not really that sort of is it true is up next the first Joe's sports optic. This is durden spray and kept on 1080 of those. Thank coming up top video we got to make our NFL picks. And that's a challenge divisional round there over the Saturday games and you descending games. Also in ten minutes or so ago. As a team out there that once they Emma and I just I love what they're doing. I wish they'd get damaged too because. Now wood and I'm picking up what to put down quite enjoying it and almond will do that coming up here. And not ten minutes by Blake morals. Was he starting quarterback in the playoffs last week. And then in numbers were party is a playoff winning quarterback by the way that he has him in Tim Tebow. And his final line was 122 point three for 87 yards three point eight yards per attempt. Ten carries 88 yards on the ground so we had more rushing yards and yet passing yards and a lot of criticism goes his way just because niceties at a pretty rough year even though the fact is team. Won his division but he did it would they be great defense and Leonard for not having a break out. Pretty seasonable he was talking to the media yesterday Blake portals was and inundated their criticism of him has been and its ongoing ongoing. And he was he was asked about it and here was his response. I can only use sound he. I wish you probably never stop and as to who think LeBron James talks those that have residential real people always think I saw. In the status. That is 'cause quite the quite used her early NFL of people wondering neglect morals just compare yourself LeBron James I wish she would have gone more of the round of you know and within like Jesus right. I got a lot of flak. I see what he's trying to say here I know a lot of people take and is so far contacts and ranked Blake portals even mores and easy target for people and I get an ideal. Com. But here's what is in Tuesday if he goes out and has a good game. Two touchdowns. 200 some yards efficient no picks and they somehow win. He's not gonna get any credit going into the title game does he deserve any. But that's my point oh is when he has bad games are sub par games it's very easy ago. Blake portals LO well. If he goes and beats Pittsburgh and then asked to go to New England for the title games AFC title game we won't be talking on this station or. At least nationwide the conversation won't be. Well here's portals he's gonna knock Tom Brady was of a well that was an anomaly like portals come back down to earth that's usually how it's gonna go. And so from that standpoint I see what he's saying LeBron James can't win. Now it feels like more more people are changing their tune on LeBron as is careers going in he's getting older and still being amazing. But you have a huge amount of people out there that LeBron will never win in their eyes even if he wins the title still not enough. And I see what he's trying to set it I was a comparison was trying to make. And end Ed is a valid London there's some people that always a criticism no matter what happens unless they went I must say lose it it never goes away that there's a reason why Blake morals never gets a lot accredited spitz because he often times doesn't deserve it. I mean is that on the ages throughout CEOs you know fourteen of 2200 yards notes I sense no textile full. But he doesn't lose a game and they went somehow 1714. They went because the defense was dominant like he's not the driving force of Dem winning that football game. And sure may be given credit for you didn't go out there ball if you do go out there and throw two or three interceptions finally lose your your team game and there is a role to be had like that and in the NFL with game managing quarterback said. That you realize we have around you run the football you play defense is don't go out there and screw things up that he got a chance to win and but Boras is kind of an outline this week like if he goes out there and doesn't throw any picks and he can get up to close 200 passing yards did to help out Leonard format. The Jacksonville does have a punters chance because of how good their defense is that's just a question I have is. And and I got it really her Leonard Fredette last week when you have a quarterback that just can't throw the ball down field. We have got this is he's averaging three and a half yards per attempt like that that's his average or pretend. 88 it boggles everything Deb bogs everything down for your offense he saw woodland in for a 21 carries for 57 yards. There are able to key on the running game so he has to be able to make a couple of plays in the passing game. Just to get the running game going just for them to score points is an offense. And really good point here what we're Peyton Manning's numbers the year he won his Sus second Super Bowl. Second was listing it was a seconds admirably long one and anyone in Denver 12 that's right the year -- against Carolina doesn't get a lot of credit accidentally eating right we try to Denver's defense. When it makes different though because he was one of the all time greats for his entire career in many a year recall from the full let me challenge you with this would he have the worst reputation of those who are winning quarterback or is that still is gonna belong to Dilfer. Or maybe even a different name that I'm not thinking about Brad Johnson C Brad Johnson was baron turned over Fred Johnson was a decent quarterback based in hand. And great but. In his elbow pads and his own hands elbow pads and his long face mask. If plagued portals were too late yet I mean I've been using over and over Dilfer I I do believe over Dilfer out. Is he did have some pretty bad years in Jacksonville. Veto it like a funny thing is they beat Pittsburgh 39 this year that was their regular season win. He has got to just take and take a stab in the dark and what his stat line was a nagging I remember this game specifically. I believe he's he threw for just over a hundred yards and two of those scores of thirty points were pick sixes. So I I don't I'm I I think one touchdown in just over honoree enjoy you my take is doing what is Salman was the reminder they won a game 39 in Pittsburgh and give him the benefit of the doubt safety for at least 200. Okay his stat line at 830 and I went over the Pittsburgh Steelers know I'm Marty. I didn't tell an event yet he was his life. Eight of 1495. Yards and an interception I was close there was one in there somewhere as a member of the ticker decisive in the cutthroat touchdown. And I was eight of fourteen for 95 yards does the reason why he doesn't get a lot of credit is because you win a game like that you want it because get a couple pick sixes in the most dominant defense in the league I can't believe I saw but I side jags fan walked into the apple are we were at the other day. As watch it out this still blows me away there is actually Jacksonville Jaguars he was wearing a jags pull over like a really nice new one yeah not like me flamboyant color bright one but like. I don't know as a universal dark color that all the teams Abbott had jags on it. I almost and I still kicking myself for not doing it stopped and said hey. This happened and pointed to his jacket. What do you think your team you know on a CI I don't mean to one up yet but I got to bodies India pictured the day of the jags game from a guy at a bar also. Any he had like a customized Blake mortal sure where was nothing but. Pictures of Blake board rules. All over the shirt pictures of him at Central Florida and in the red practice jerseys sell a letter to the Central Florida guy though yeah any of my body gases like what what's the deal. Here like the biggest like mortal spirit and churn out Central Florida and jags fan I. To releasing question about bad quarterbacks and wanna symbol would he be the worst. Okay gimme this gimme run second like his. Thank Peyton Manning will come to mind but I you almost give him the benefit of the doubt because of the career he had been name is not going to jump right right if you go back and look at the stat line and not only that Super Bowl but the stats that he put up that year. He could throw a ball like twenty yards that season. I Miette Emmy was banged happy and the injuries I don't I don't blame and honey was old he was he's one of my favorites all time to watch that that year they won. He did he got benched for like six games I drew a. I'm sure like Bob Griese probably serve for like sixty yards in the Super Bowl back in the seventies for the dolphins or something like that you know back in assay data based on about thrown for like a buck 05 okay yearly gain huge gain Bart Starr. Joni myth. By the way name is in that and that super bully when he predicted guarantee he didn't throw a touchdown. And I dosage and it probably did this well before me because he's gonna fail longer. But if you look at stats. Joni is Sam line you worst quarterback in the NF all things he had doesn't jump off the page at chip Len Dawson united stop back greasy Bradshaw stabler. Long get Montana. Guys men. You just recent rule winning quarterbacks or to join analysts are now. And I think this the other day and the only team that came to mind where I Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer and they're still world's best. Since they portals what's he what's the league wide opinion down Joseph Flacco what about Jeff hostetler. Okay he won okay that's not a bad name of the donut day Mark Richt and. Out of Menzies worsened Dilfer yeah I'm looking at this list or if it. It's got to be Lou it's over yeah. Many gets the benefit of the doubt if Manning wasn't nobody is entire career and then when that terrible the way that he did he would be widely considered statistically. He is the worst winning quarterback and his stated nothing in a playoff run or Super Bowl. He would make like four plays a whole game in the teeth but not one of enemy through like ten yard slant to they were big first downs but I was all they were right. Name wise though it it's it's Dilfer and Carter wise and kind. Aussie may neglect morals can etch his name and add history would you rather have Jeff hostetler Trent Dilfer to win your Super Bowl. They're facing each other what that's very that's really that's a really tough question I might just a trend of Africa's I like Trent Dilfer. He bounced around a little bit plays quarterback for the matters for awhile. That's a tough funnels sibling for us get there he compared himself LeBron James cannot really he said of people named LeBron James Sikes is gonna be be able to think I site. Will see if he played better than he did the first time they've faced Pittsburgh eight of 1495. Yards is okay same Doug Williams. That lives I see it like it or was his career stats like beaten what I guess is that careers president is at the window you look at it this season and they had the year that they won the super bull. So the years those are almost two different conversations. You have. Touchdown to interceptions. 100 touchdowns to ninetieth critics and his career. Now to it's the sixteen almost 171000. Career yards and a cool 495. Completion percentage. That would be Smart way to personally Tiffany rag on Cam Newton for BMX 57%. Now who takes adjusting. I was the worst quarterback generally suitable 55305. We'll simply porous and get their with another label maker enough Olympics by the lake on the top of the Japanese somebody. Once bam. A lot of necks on offense pressures on. Just was different from past masters executing crunch time it was preliminary heat when. And win this greatest criminal element of news that's the lowest in world its current stunt and look at the hottest topics in sports. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Expressed rusty by crunch fitness always dynamic couple months so why would you ever pay more free membership you can find out more. A restraint ever got to press dot com NFL picks coming up in ten minutes start with a Saturday games move on the Sunday games. A little bit or news here first before we get to the we want bam on the latest to throw their hat that ring. We were asking earlier in the show because mark coverage is higher today is the offensive coordinator. Of the Chicago Bears and their wondering well how is that working because he had a buyout from orient house pay structure shape and out there. Let's ideal look like well as part of duck territory is reporting they got the scoop on this than mark health rage and organ. A greed to an eight point one yeah Melian dollar lump some M last some day saudis after the firing has been. And the buyout eight point one million dollar lump sum Samarco for Jen has subtly point one million dollar check put in his account yeah I'm not bad they're all blob. Not a bad paid pay marked U eight million instead of like dragon this thing out to a lab in. Yeah I'll do we got Asher I'll probably it is the eight million in my bank account tomorrow will be great and into his account I think our coverage is going to be OK one way or the other this have been telling me that he'll be all right NFL offense coordinators make a decent amount of money to -- made a decent amount of money with fox last year tank has Lennar. Real quick piggybacking off our last talk of quarterbacks yes very quickly. May command should have been brought up as well SE five bears spewing Chad brought that one up and I just want people to remember this because I'll never forget it. Roethlisberger. And the first one. With the very first one he won in year two. He was nine of 21. For a block 23 and two picks and they won the game he threw no touchdown passes and we did everything he could lose the game and they won neck that was big game for Willie Parker it. Fast Willie Parker parents and that's a member of Vasily partner last pass you know we threw a touchdown pass and I came. And longer and well two on Lorenzo now skip and in the end zone and they were so they'll end on Randall's fund player to watch the rest posts yeah rest candidate to Seattle. In our to Pittsburgh. About that now that's what people forget about him nine at 21 for boxed warning to takes up on awful that's bad that's bad thing it'll the end that we won bailout thing has gone on for awhile now orient fans got lots of this for awhile we want bam and it's a thing the floats around this year if you're up and coming college football program it's kind of the moniker you take on. If Rihanna some success right I'm pretty sure like assist great team. After their championship somewhere even like was like we hammer has I joke now and I really isn't they we want they'll bring on bam Huskies and she edited two years ago in Eugene when they're being an docs did they really ya how ironic and in blues in Alabama. Won't yeah my cousin who is a husky alone was is shaking his head shop shop you realize for the wealthiest play them you don't want that team. Nobody wants down but. The latest team to throw their hat into the we want Baylor ring Central Florida. That you're wondering have they done this 37. Fans. Have raised 1665. Dollars and they go funny page and what that page pay for. Is a billboard in Tuscaloosa right by Alabama stadium that's rates and the band. Is that it's a picture of a sack against Auburn an impeachable UCF sack against Auburn. And it reads congratulations Alabama. How about a home and home series with UC have. Which I love. Keep trolling. They will never do this which is unfortunate. Because Alabama does not to home and homes would go play that one random game against a team at a neutral kind of what neutral site. And then they'll play Mercer in the Louisiana mineral and the citadel and Baylor school for the blind and the rest they're non conference games. To this is never gonna happen but it should be noted you know who has the all time. Series lead between UCF and Alabama. There's some there's a series there's Sirius common I don't really hold a series I'm guessing how many gains you know you're gonna say CF one -- and nothing is it they have played one time you see if they play 2000. Could you see a flit in and beat them. In Tuscaloosa. In the year 2001 that we're just 38 was the final score that was in the middle of them being crappy Alabama bragging rights David Wright they're undefeated all time no wonder Babbitt doesn't wanna play under scared I do wish. They're being more pressure applied to some of these teams this is kind of piggybacking on tests on the playoffs and ranking talked. I wish teams like gamma would be asked or at least. Penalized for not playing home and now welcome we don't paneling c'mon can't penalize alum I will but. You know. Michigan State does home and homes they've been in a playoff and I mostly everybody does all the all the people taxes goes to US seeded you Roman home I'll always just a moment Ohio State Oklahoma Ohio State a great point eight. I don't like that damn is. I'm happy above reproach with this stuff that they don't feel like the ever have to play our home and home was somebody going to somebody's ability to be among their own against you know I get pumped when damage Boynton played Florida State and was at Dallas they usually play those games in Dallas or Atlanta that's cool right that's a big game but give me Alabama having to go to death Tallahassee or give me MM to go to Columbus or some. Because they're fans travel so Wallace not a it's not a road game meant that those those fan bases are always majority Alabama line those neutral site games finance have just been an actual home game dissident nicer place in Tuscaloosa apps and their fans would still travel well no matter where they're playing absolutely they will but it's different when it's going to somebody's building and beat them stopping discouraged one the other part of the city gets me frustrated in and then not a rational conversation and who gets in who doesn't the one of the Boise you brought up in other folks are brought up was. If you gotta go scheduled teams if if you're such authority to the schedule is Houston as the one that people brought up the beat Houston last year. They scheduled Oklahoma they beat on I think that was a new years ago two years ago right no no that was in Houston was in nice Texas Stadium so as in their own backyard. But this does that even if they had gone undefeated it would of worked out from the tough part is when your team like UCF now. Who are they going to be able to scheduled inexorably years I don't even know what amount of talent they have coming back and all their staffs going to be gone sky process consulate knows what they look like. But let's say they return a big chunk of players is anybody gonna wanna play him. Nobody is illegal to use yes at this point they have to travel in and play like Al Ohio State around Oklahoma bubbles of those teams already under schedule. Looked out I believe the other quarterback back was named Milton he played really well that yeah am I love that lesson don't know and Josh tight pool. They're new head coach you're not wrong Boise State suffered from this after awhile and they blew it a lot of those who's had to go to places and play people but yet they went on to Atlanta I didn't let Georgia they went too -- the Virginia Tech at Washington Redskins true BM leg in their backyard and I believe they won one if not both of those games right there global problem. You have to do that though and fair not fair when you're in on our five if you really want in a conversation the Reza it was a joke this year im sorry it was him more top fifty wins and Alabama well. But it's. Power fibers on our five and if you're not power five and you won in you do have to do that go to Michigan and be Harbaugh. Go to Ohio State MB of Buckeyes if you do that it's no different when he's into when they beat Oklahoma. You win one of those games you run through your schedule you win your conference. You probably end. Because you earned the respect to the committee by beating one of those top notch power buy program and funerals is doing those big non conference games to the next can be yours is Auburn Auburn old and other neutral sites and a home and homes that Auburn opens Washington next year is that that. Believe it husky fans tell me I believe it's in Dallas. And then we will disclose everything again now and then the year after that organ nominal in the season for the next two years auspreys Allen and out I believe it's in Dallas is well the next two years Auburn opens with pactel teams Washington and organ. At least at least as the ducks and you get to say that my team has a neutral site Timor's organ state says. We're the program has to go to your Seattle on ascended to cite in I'm Eminem I realized you game was 90% LSU fan anyway Andy without it is in Atlanta is indeed oh it's an Atlanta buried underneath that's the kind of the new and that's or Alabama Florida State played this year that's going to be home game proper guides me c'mon folks. Could travel distance there's a UCF. A bunch of fans went out body. A billboard in Tuscaloosa spent about sixty on a box on it says congratulations Alabama. How about a hole and all series with UCF UCF one and L all time. Against Alabama the tighter doc on men and don't play a day is how long have neutral site teams been like a real thing though I feel like in my in my youth. I I always remember like Miami going to Washington outside of the humble. Which was Ali always Texas and Oklahoma right always play that at the neutral site right. Outside of that the and a in teams always go to other teams doing this is more of a modern creation because of these huge billion dollar stadiums Rai TV money you know like crap right. Yeah I had a really good points it's more of a modern thing in college I'd much rather prefer watching these teams like famine go on the road it just makes it that much more excited she come out west complaint pac twelve team and Campbell go to Tuscaloosa play at Stanford play a U dub wanna. League lead doctrine from. That's right got to go primers are in Duncan from Eugene. It's not that he beat Alabama I. They IDC after they want Bannon go ahead you can have him president Reggie by Frenchman is always 995 a month why would you repeat more free gym membership to find out more about our spread an average out a press stuck out outlets to get to any final hour of the radio program of Rooney rule. Update from Oakland is that situation. Could get interesting the giants are updating their coaching search one name has been brought up but as cold water thrown on it and see what people think about that. Ever gonna make or both nexus of the division around the NFL playoffs that's horrible start the final hour next on Kennedy the fan.