Dirt & Sprague Monday September 25th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, September 25th

The guys go through the entire weekend of Pac-12 games, and then get the thoughts of Pac-12 Network's studio host Mike Yam....Kevin Todd made his regular Monday night visit to discuss the odd weekend in the NFL and how to assess the Monday night game between the Cowboys and Cardinals.


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirty and sprayed. He now as you go my. How fast your bills. Yeah 63 is handy under Johnson and Brendon Frey you got to understand them I don't come up with this stuff. I just forwarded along to you wouldn't arrest a guy who's just delivering drugs from one go to another durden sprayed and 1080 PH Wilkins. I. Craig's argument made gains in its class doesn't mean. Let's do this follower and spray on a Monday every Monday is an old all right rob Portland sports leader. For 25 years eighty decision last thing I'll do I I get it people just bear with me here for a second I ninety give the round of applause or quake. Do you love Fox News. Jeff Smith the sadness it's being framed as players attacking the anthem troops in the flag that's not what they're doing and where complicit. But that Shepard Smith on adopt a little but that's all I'm asking except Smith. I think he's for I mean they call themselves fair I think he's about as fair balance is they get on those roads sometimes lead to ensure a show up about sometimes Shia had (%expletive) off the right side in well Andrews is it is your shops. You know you don't get a lot of us from MSNBC at 2 AM clinch the dust gambling coming up bottom of the hour our boy Kevin -- gonna be on the line and just really interesting couple weeks and we're looking back at some of these spreads now the we have you know. Monday morning hindsight of saying once it was at the spread and even in the upcoming week organs a great example that I huge threat against say as you. Huge threat against cal despite the outcome in both games so won't accept gambling. I get some thoughts from him on the money ninety and the Mikey M of the pact on network. Well join us coming up in ten minutes from now but it wasn't sixty weekend in the pac twelve. Three games that I wanna talk about I don't really care where we starts only to choose your own adventure. Even the U dub Colorado a USC cal or UCLA Stamford. Well you know what's the most interest sinks toward Landry for the factually USC cal was a means a close is ball game ended and have been pretty good when I was impressed by Justin Wilcox but I want to start with you dubbed because based -- -- Brad was asked the whole game that well this first half was a color does -- label on the first did you feel like Colorado was winning that game no but I was either but it was ten to seven at the house armed and then that was I mean it wasn't a great performance in the second half they got the offense going. A Browning didn't have to do a whole lot because the running game was so dynamic they ran the ball for 254 yards Gascon at 202 yards himself. Dot a dynamic performance from Washington in the second half the outscored 27 to three after being top a she'd be up ten to seven in no ice at Friday's break. I felt like they needed a a statement land. Discuss there's not many of them on the schedule this year we don't know we Stamford is really organ might not be ranked by the time the plane we don't know where they're going to be at Utah. Close win over Arizona again not quite sure who they are. So there's not many big wins on the schedule from Washington may be into the apple cups and when you get a opponent that people respect. You have to Bay Area men and they did in the second half. Yeah I mean it was them. Colorado was able I guess score wise to hang on but that U dub defense man Colorado came in one of the better running teams and I that they did a good job like containing. For the Lindsay and two point eight yards per carry equal and they they also. The one highlight that I was interceded and I wanted to see them do this if they were going to win was. Makes Stephen Monty has beats you and guess what didn't happen he threw three interceptions he couldn't be you dobbs so. I think people call routing for the backs against the wall and eventually you just keep running it down the throat it's like Marshawn Lynch said it's. You keep punching a dude and his face over and over and over and over again. You Wear him down and that's exactly what happened I was really impressed boulders not an easy place to play when Colorado was a good respectable program. It was wet it was soggy. And they went in there and they play their style of football they won convincingly now and they really did 37 to ten was the finals on that bogging down without a playoff queued up to me that lets you dubbed playoff do we were wondering how big it is either a performance and really play much and on conference and we did in 3710. The final score blob another get the beavers on Saturday. So we'll see how our audio track kicks and good luck my cousin of the U double up and have fun make is go into that good to and I know getting into. Messed it up let's go to let's go to USC count because this was a game I was pretty surprised you asked me on Friday and they cover the spread in its. I I said no I felt like USC was gonna find a way to DelHomme out. And this was neck and neck until the fourth quarter was thirteen thirteen at to have sand Arnold again was not overly improperly 223 yards Heathrow peck. In the end zone as they were driving in the first half but it was cal miscues that helped to now Bob bowers and thrown four picks for cal. I evenly threw for 300 yards and four interceptions led to some Trojan points and an appointment thirtieth one yet and you know it I'm not surprised that USC wins I really love Justin Wilcox and that coaching staff getting those kids ready M top and actually going out and executing for the most part minus their quarterback play. You're right there in contention with one of the best teams. In the nation as of right now and I think if your cow you're incredibly proud about that especially in a year when nobody thought you win more than maybe two games out. And I'll give adjustable Cox some more credit on their cynicism like something you can use from the game. It felt like it how game when Jeff Ted for was there and they were a good team. But it was packed the environment was good it was a little rowdy loud people showed job. It's as it was nice to see cal back to that respectable level because it been a few years since we've seen that from cow. So for Justin Wilcox Tim to Rooter with the old ball went all come out there and have them boys ready to play USC. Am jobless I was pretty. I was pretty surprised and also he's heard a little more respect from me and I already had the utmost to Wear that coaching how to get another challenge to be on the road in Eugene on Saturday we'll talk to big broad head coach on Thursday maybe Friday when we're trying to work it out right now be hopefully Josh is gonna join us later in the week gotta have Josh -- in Albania Burrell verses of the station twice this week I became a primetime tomorrow that important to be a lot of fun so callous these surprise performance will be closed USC are you are aware is much designed complementing cow are you worried about USC I'm still not gonna go there yet I'm still not I think that was as you mentioned the atmosphere was great for cal and I still love the coaching staff I think they're much better. That we give them credit for coming in of the year that's been a surprise the conference so far. I'm still not willing to say and I think that's the kind of football team US he's going to be a team that plays up to competition in the big games. And then a team that is is could eke out a lot of ball and he just can't trip up as long as you want and it's all that matters and perform well and that's a stat that matters so they sneak out. Of Khaled the win thanks to four interceptions the last one up about this pactel after dark use seal it was up by ten points at one point in this ballgame over Stanford. Bit of losing 58 to 34 they gave up fifty points to an offense that could not move the ball against San Diego State. I kid I KJ Costello how about that name coming off the bench for Stanford. Throws to tie sounds Bryson global as the story he ran for 263. Yards eight point eight yards per scary qaeda's herself she burst down one Curtis camper. And I and I think we're now asking the question how long is Jim Morgan alas to UCLA I. Does he make it out of the season a regular season you out given the season I say he makes it out of the regular season they let him get the ball game. But here's the other part is that the defense. We'll Hauser team not better Josh frozen through with a 480 yards and three touchdowns they had 600 yards of offense are we are we convinced though that he really is gone. But more yes show ID but where's the money coming from I don't know but you gotta find itself board get his ass and disease scrutiny by the buyout in you do vodka 600 yards of offense and fifty points to Stanford they've never been good defensively. No but you need to be better than. Yeah citizens Stanford doesn't really have much of quarterback situation that they ran a ball for 405 yards. Hey maybe they found a guy though and Costello David they did they kept going back and forth that's finally did you just. Leave one of them in please David John yeah I didn't sandbag coaching Costello did that get in and moments I think anybody at this point can look at against these DG CLA south San Diego State said holt might beer. I'll show you that defense. Any state was likely gristle Bryce love down Ali's smokes four or five yards fifty points for Stanford's an hour asking with a real Stanford stand up they host Arizona State on Saturday. Before going to Utah home against work and I think that's almost a a little bit of a terrifying. Thing to throw out into the pac twelve because if Stanford can come out. And play their style of football and get it convincing win against a issue. I don't know how you don't have the opinion of maybe Stanford has figured to sound a little yeah. Mean the San Diego State let's give San Diego State some credit cards it would team to rocky long knows what he's doing visualize in Arizona State game and how they play at Utah out of the image to yeah I mean those are three straight good test for Stanford and trying to get back to respectability symbols Stanford and UCLA or two into coming out of the weakened willow wasn't adjusting week enemy gets a big matchups coming up what does Mikey M of the pactel network make them talk to him next on 1080 the fan. It's our some gambling governor bottom of the hour thirteen minutes weird lines weird spreads take a look ended cowboys tonight can they cover in Arizona Kevin Todd will join us we'll talk about the game ourselves to close at shell but the largest items of pac twelve football so let's keep the Golan. With friend of the show Mikey Emmys the boys the packs on network let's be honest he give a follow on Twitter at Mike underscore. Yam Mike are you doing today man. Doing great actually it's the total picture of how public he gets in China back it's it's been too long we need to revisit does that mean like you don't call it right now particular picture not a must not coal. Well my my carrier pitching got shot down nearly ten so this is really tough for me having gone through alive Tom do you get any sleep during football season I feel like you're on every show on the actual network in the did you always interviews. You know it's actually great card counting our development opportunity. Schedule. That's an indication of of how often I'm out work and yeah. Can't you added the short answer is yes almost feel like. I love it. You give a bedroom at the end headquarters there. Don't you don't we do all that we watch all the games and Mercury. Are eat touchdown or. Miners died in the future candidate acquittal quite a minute cat. Pinch encounter group regroup and get ready for show and had happened. You know the number of times until my girlfriend into a sitting around watching football all day Saturday sending his work she still doesn't believe me she's. That is job you know although it's between your Catholic when you're paying rent and like you realize that like the checks come from somewhere like you kind of have to. Right right it's hot I'm literally getting paid for this I promise an outline about a little outlets I mean we were talking about that this weekend's slate of games and ever few existing ones I just ask you. This coming up this past Saturday and Friday if you wanna throw on Utah and Arizona. What was the biggest story I guess from Mikey M out of this weekend in the pac twelve. And meet its I don't on the people would agree with me but I think it's huge and potentially be Connecticut dictate. It at least has an impact on who wins the league and I think it depends who you ask them before that he could start I actually got a legitimate chance at winning the pac twelve now when I put them in my top two. No but I. But errant conversation you know if it was a few doubt it was actually U dub dub and eat. Ya I think there was a real corrections Stanford at Washington State being that next squad. And because so many issues that Stanford Patton look again at last see your teams in the country so yeah no embarrassment there. Polluted and Andy Garcia I think really caused. I think even casual fan to Stanford football or people run out they are in did you happen it's one of those years that. I didn't see that I think what we saw KG Exelon AP Geiger Keller Chris obviously goes doubts backing him against UCLA. At a prominent effort at all to want is move the missile plot arc. They have. Good god I would argue it is probably top three or four in the country most exciting exports players embrace what they don't want to be giving it attention Q. And yet they bring in cage excel at least potentially record string quarterback. Does with him in the game they scored eight consecutive drives seven touchdowns and local government. Conduct a alt field which route cities and you could say well usually that's not without and I get debt. But can beat the big story line in what happens which it current. Is this again it sparks them and it KG Costello is going to be their quarterback the torch and he's got to count that as well to beat. Like Kevin Hogan won a couple of years government want you to go protest that's starting quarterback the offense looked very similar these first couple weeks of the you'd like it did back. And they answer Kevin Hogan and insert it stolen this season MVP got stuck deterrent went down in an immediate changes potentially the last week. Well in UCLA might I mean it does Stanford ran all over him they dropped 58 points on a minute in a hot C year for Jim Mora. It doesn't just feel like kind of lame duck I just don't know what to make of UCLA and really well what that performance. You don't look at how to feel about it is. The timing to place Stanford UCLA rock Eminem would be now. I don't like 2008 cycle goes on Jim Warren. Coming in was it was when what he still has delegates except matchup against it shot they don't get that victory yeah. I don't look like goes far Elaine duct tape that I still think the biggest issue is. Defensively and we've we've. We Brooke Davidge hip pop couple harsher. Tone that it would want it's what do. Oh but we we Brooke dedicated sometimes you can structure and catchy. And skeet and not get after the ball and giving up Potts played exactly where the concern is that for at UCLA. It got talent. Here it is every side it horse show Ed Moore is. Feel like the better classes in the country if not second class. In conference call. And hot piece the last couple years is a huge dividends or. And we can critical their lack of wide receiver play and yet every week this week or whoever we took our jobs through the heart and putting them did you get right now. Now Kursk's. Defensively. It's surprising to me that at times. Which he breakout. Bought this kink in your talent and considering the level that caliber players they've been able to try to get the last couple easy to beat in the biggest concern and well the dirt on his time or only sport we get out. Obviously a lot against that is what angry at Stanford but. I guess I'd be concerned about feeling bad and I would that chopper was on T eat you still got a punch chapter understand what it. Yeah I even though us big east Aladdin went close to 500 fasteners snagged him it was crazy unbelievable tie in the Mikey M deep voice the fact of never fun and all of the pact to never give a follow on Twitter at Mike underscore that yup I got what a what message about USC and cal does that was a good game that I didn't I I thought USC would be able to cover it and there was tied at halftime in the third quarter and tell the trojans ultimately pulled away. Because of interceptions to that game tell you more. I guess about USC and and just being an up and down tennis season for them or did it tell you more about towel. And in the kind of program that is turn into a year 100 Justin Knox. They've got learn more about how it would get Shia stop was obviously. Al that he'd bet that I had to be forty streak should sample it it's like absurd outlawed that and could meet. At these athletes uncle interest here in caustic stage we want targets which machine there's. You're cool schemes where you can open it actually gets to be a juggernaut yeah I get that good. How likely better than that we second and lucky yeah a lot of ought. To take a good question and make sure and yet. I watched cal defeated chart this year you know and Erin. It. There's. You know external first from the bears could talk about it. Results costly. Interception there but that's what I give credit it went under that defense according USC and we talked about from the looks that he get or give. Not to Dirk is one of our our analysts. On actual networking repeated break out score I was really Kelly you know he had aluminium arm are watching this game would have tripled. Coverages and a political act Saddam. And that you think it would grow pot and a lot. I've spent you know basically part subscribe to the deck on defense got the DC. Former coach and coordinator shelf can have problems picking up the defensive coverages what would trust hours post op why. You know so I. I think as he's done a terrific job disguising some of their defense is on the Internet act that you got in Paul and I don't laugh at they can do is afford to go to Dow. Double digit points or less Washington State to start you don't wanna get into sheet out execute to our. Are really good football I still wonder about but it orbit. I think it could be held match. Well and in Tempe Mike you had the ducks coming in for our three you know top top five in the country and they lose a a tough one to close one at the end against Arizona State a team that. A lot of people out here in the state of organ I think it docked to the ducks were better team than any loss. So we were going back and forth of is statistics couple credible mistakes. Or is it something that should concerns fans long term would you kind of chime in. You know I get to desperate team and ask you so I've read chock part of that up exceed that I thought it was the best effort we've seen this double this year. The fact that Morgan goes one of eleven on third downs. Again the peer networks are terrific on third down deep and that your if there aren't a 129. And coming into backing him. That to me is where. But at the at the same time I'd say there's always the potential for those types against each. Couple years the last few years they've had problems pat each Indonesia hole got a little ball. And yeah back to pre years ago it would be forty years ago defensively girl would gonna be what it takes you can't. A little luck against work in Todd Graham super aggressive and backing it and we don't act that Richard. Mark. To me is a little urged to consider excellent scheme. I think aren't taught Chris well done a lot has terrific you've seen high scoring output for Morgan this year which is what you get used to the last ten years. Good to be doing a little bit differently that it. At this scheme. Running down field. You know it's not so we'll look explosive plays at least seen in the past races gonna mobster. Am I worried about organ right now. I am not now and got nothing to panic button which. This thing that would concern me is. Do we hate to ourselves because of that story you know start because we know worry just once in a couple years and get to the national championship game. Now did we have. And we set the bar Q why are we leave your one because they're star. It they want supposed to be this great team and he's discussion on defense men and he. Think that they were gonna be but at the same I would caution ahead at your outlook here. And well executed say human and because they were struggling. To. I think there's still out. But. Of course he. Now he had good stuff Mikey M voice the facts of network of a follow on Twitter at Mike underscoring M Mike thinks that we always appreciate the time and a let's not wait so long before the next time. And he. Becoming got in engineering. They got Mikey at good stuff thanks man of the pac twelve. Network judging level headed approach and and that's good that's a good response from mica of disdain remember what Iraq coming into the year don't let the three and I'll start clouds on May be what your expectations weren't. The rocket to over your skis keep things in perspective as the year yeah absolutely. I I agree with a lot we've seen about cal USC as well and and we organ one is insisting to me as did expectations may be reached a little too I changed because of the three and start after three you know and now. Remembering its right to defense at times is going to be this inconsistent bunch against talented offensive teams in. You know let's not also forget origin is dominant offensively is eighteen NB they went to reals per slashed her with a truly struggled with a ball. And we saw that against issues while men and I didn't policy on the announced back this weekend against cal good stuff there from ya Mike yelled impact on the market what's up with some of these lines early on in the NFL season Vegas seems to have a great day and it's terrible day. We can't figure out some of these teams in batting album talk to that went to talk about that with Kevin Dunn also. And the cowboys covered tonight Monday Night Football Kevin Todd next on the champs. It's a one year anniversary as evidenced sports talk about battles a look at Monday Night Football coming up here in ten minutes but I'm really excited we always bring along on Friday's and Monday's slightly after 230 for. Our boy Kevin side of the sports brokers dot com what's up Kevin I was your week mam. Well they got a good weekend and I actually didn't. Quite well in the NFL because we had a lot of the dogs as for what I've been reading and listening to my sources. The big ears just built like three hotel. Yeah if that's kind of where what is starting as Erica just draws us is that the wild weekend and it if Fella he's neighbor just stealing money from everybody over the weekend. You learn something like this doesn't happen. This early in this season I haven't seen it this early this season a very long time usually happens right after a week eight or nine. Where that dog just really start accommodating but this is an unusual week in this at a time when people really need to give me a call like it helped them at 180220. 0626. Due to let me tell you tonight's match up. Is not that easy as well. You know this this game I you know I. I said the same thing about Tampa Minnesota I thought the same thing about Oakland Washington at this point I would have no. Surprises at all flaw if Arizona comes out in some Dow's but I want you two cents on this Kevin from Ike he's been doing this awhile now. It feels like Vegas is missing on a lot of these lines like I'm looking at some of these national college football games in these NFL games. And we're singing we're seeing it swings from one team being favored by thirteen to ten points and then their losing by twenty does that feel the same way to you. I shouldn't solicit. The odds in Vegas guys are based on public. Perception and held teams play the previous week and the previous weeks so they they have an idea of what the public. Is going to bet they're not so much worried about the sharps. And they're professional guys like myself. Because our money doesn't offset. The public money aware that a professional gamblers probably wagered that say. Three million dollars. In wagering why the public. Will probably wager fifteen million dollars in wagers on a weekend so they're more. Worried about the public and setting the light then it. The odd you know the professional guys coming in to play exactly what I saw that TCU like I talked to twelve and ask you bet it. After Wright took the twelve and passed but it kinda games started to wind down tonight and a half. Because they let the public debt. Bet debt debt let the line drive it up did it happen sharks committee put their money in their all sectors remember they used several awards once I more than the other the only whiter right down in the middle so they don't care who wins could they make it 10% stake. Drive average I would Kevin Todd spores from his dot com 1022 of those 66 to. So I can reach him and this is always of course tried to you by my bookie. Dot net to be knees might look easy from local radio in the match depositary 100% bonus visit my bookie dot net. Today any lines out early on the weekend and your arrival on next weekend that you think can be go play. I can tell you right now in the NFL. That if it looks from just by looking at it without having any information comment. It looks talked. Does not one game next week that's that I particularly right now it looks easy done that but technically the only you know looked. Easy is like Seattle to win the game outright over the COLT on the road because that one of the worst road teams but covering that thirteen. I don't know also committed suicide pool. I thought I would take Seattle. That the only thing that really stand out as far as be sure wicket I think every little. It is you know. Is it pretty much dead it's tough and based on the public perception of last week so again I think because public good to be confused. And that's where. A guy like myself Seles get stepped into the picture. They get the information from Las Vegas. This information from New York source sports books which I think to provide to my clients to where I meet the gains looked easy because yesterday the whole. Public. Look open because of that road record they had in previous years. I had Washington pledged to three at my client's question mate saw telling my plate now that are from. You know Portland. And Oregon Portland Oregon we're from pat. You don't don't question me let me do my job. It just make a place because I get the information. And are relying if you don't you just needed to take the place. And play and don't question we also have buffalo it's a winner the only game that we had that was a loser. Which seeing the eagle but listen. You can't handicapped. By turn over that believed they had. No I yeah I haven't had a tennis and want to sound game in the fourth quarter to their their react Evans on the line. All the bulky guys would too and one over the weekend so it was good good bloody weekend for the bull stadium we like to see that you lost the NFL games that you played you gotta feeling one way or another and he got it he got a strong take on tonight. What we got a very strong take on tonight's game and is Arizona. Dallas game like they said Dick Cain. I just by looking at the game that we can tell you with the public is part because it jump on without me seeing anything. Just because of who the teen comedy teams are put folks lessons they do not attempt to play this game under oath you took a beating over the weekend. Peace Smart. You give me a call. 1802206262. I was document at nineteen night into Monday Night Football last year and on this show. I was documented. Seven point 3%. In the country last year and I believe we gave out fifty once election is that correct. Is it I can tell you right now I won't give them ten to one odds nobody. Will ever hit seventy point 3%. With that many selections and a at a very long time because the only games that you give it's very hard to get that kind of percentage spokesman telling you. I'm good at what I do to your shot you need to chance a tour welcomes and Dave comes 1800. 2206262. When you're done written it actually gut value like tonight so we can talk about it on Thursday. Yeah I love it love a good stuff Kevin good weekend man good luck tonight in double we'll talk to later in the week I. All right gentlemen thank you so much. A young Kevin Todd sports brokers dot com and honored to to a 6262 also I checked my my bookie dot net use promo code radio get a 100% bonus. Matching your deposit yeah the I think it was the top four or five teams in the football power index highest percentage to win. All lost yeah and what and it really wasn't us those weekends he looked at launch does it in the shorts a lot this week and when a lot of people less maybe you were. I handicap for somebody familiar with information. These these games I mean you just can't predict him in by the way like the Oakland just collecting his Oakland point it wasn't just that they were going on the road flasher dirt. It was looking at the numbers albeit just two weeks and Washington wasn't a good pass defense team now there are a lot of the worst in the league and Oakland according to football outsiders out. Is the number one most efficient passing team going into that game and they passed for a 120 arts now macondo well is is sometimes. You don't know what you're gonna get as a deity of the NFL though isn't not on any tune in every Sunday and in your just gonna get those Pizarro weekends late nineteen cities should be winning or not or not covering this in terms of culture and consistency. I equate grandma and Baltimore with Jacksonville on Vanderbilt now and what happened gamma of course goes in there and steam rolls them. Jacksonville goes in there and steam rolls Baltimore. Yeah sell crazy weekend in gambling. In addition Xeon plays on a Monday night for probably talk about that to close out the shell cowboys on the road against Arizona that we feel like they are going to bounce back and cover a big one for Bruce areas also. The one year anniversary is something happening in sports it's next on tending to the age of 47 as it's coming up thirteen minutes. Yeah organs one of those teams is speaking of Vegas and lines and our. Got up right at thirteen and a half right now them. Thirteen and a half after only count play halfway Oregon played to huge breath I think it's important note to dirt that. It opened at sixteen everybody jumped all over zoo like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa loyal to both only on counseling and bent down three points and 24 hours. I mean I I guess the home field advantage and I I guess I get that led. And high cycle that's right if I'm taken organ is ten and even an antenna a little nervous I I just think how has the offense. To move the ball on the defense and it kind of be like in Arizona State game yeah -- a little talk about it more is -- some -- -- indication of those weird lines and in the one -- Kevin pointed to that that I -- -- -- was to TCU's Brad and didn't make any sense to me there that big of a -- against Oklahoma State you've -- high is I think policy was fourteen and how and I dropped to thirteen and half and then eventually did twelve I didn't see -- to test out when become a normal whatever they and it went -- but just sadly a -- neighbor a two touchdown dog. That's a good defense on the road they not only cover they dominated Oklahoma gas and any he made it makes perfect sense what he's saying about. The weighted they figure out spreads and everything they don't have a biased here but. Even the ones that they they picked the favorite in the favored ends up winning like take Mick take Mississippi State in Georgia's an example. Georgia was a six point favorite they won 32. Through every birdie when he traded dominated Mississippi State Mississippi State was coming out that they went over LSU is weird what teams are going to be able to -- donors six point spreading game like that a lot of the we're taking this to be state is a plus 6 dog am ending for sure where hey allocates the money making it nearly one seconds on us really sad happen a year ago today and I I saw this coming across to her. On united gent and Palestinian puts up not his eyes seven a monster year this year and end it reminded me that a year ago today. Jose Fernandez passed away. All the boat accident was a year ago at the age of 24. Years old. Now he passed away today I decided I don't remember how much of a study was say is so much fun to watch any was one of the best young pitchers we've seen a long time had just one of those just right arms that did. Got a crime cover on every 1015 years and edge and I'd I'd forgotten about that one element 24 years old that happened a year ago today yeah I wonder where they're going to be yet she was an organization they just sold to the Jeter group he's firing people left and right right now. Is Don Mattingly next. Did a trade Stanton I just added I think the Marlins are one really weird organization and yeah what you what your future look like yeah that's that's for sure just wanted to point that out. I'm remind folks signs via tragic story a year ago today. In base right Monday Night Football ten IE to pits a couple of interesting teams cardinals won one they got a went over the colts which she should be able to do a lesser to Cleveland Browns. And the cowboys who look great week one bit now a lot of shines come Oscars about that the giants have played. And they had smoked by the Broncos on the road last weekend cowboys committed this game three point favorites and a lot of folks seem like them. A bouncing back especially considering the cardinals are still trying to find their identity is an offense that David Johns line I would I. We caution those that loved cowboys minus three to be careful I thought the same thing against Oakland but this does feel a little different on the it's the home opener for Aron. Oh no no dinners a night did you try go to Arizona was at a Detroit now that was a Detroit says their home opener. I Carson Palmer two touchdowns to four picks know David Johnson and JJ Nelson who lion fantasy this week he's questionable. On C not really sure the impact he'll have. I do like Dallas end and into the to cover the spread here just of simply getting Dallas is not going to be as bad as they were against Denver. And there's something funky there's something amiss with Arizona this season aryan is always been a blunt honest guy. But he's called out Carson Palmer. He's eating kind of crotchety little crotchety old guy lamb we Diaz Diaz and I I just I don't really like to make of that T I could be wrong but I like Dallas to respond from the Dem. Orlando Scandrick beamed back for the cowboys secondary will help them quite a bit he's veteran guy who'd get a more organized than they than they looked. Last week and I expect the offensive line to. Be a bit more. Authoritative than they were able to be against the Broncos. I think this might be a quick game and I don't think it's going to be a shoot out but I think Dallas wants to control time of possession help their defense out by keeping the ball. And coming exerting their will on the offensive line. Him mention finished in game there's no doubt about it the football power index gives Arizona these slight edge to win this one so. And a Vegas loves the cowboys going in tonight but the pop up our index. A likes the cardinals ideas at Arizona and jury's still out the way that they played against the colts all in only only 1916 to thirteen again and easily. I could have laws they ended up scorned you know some some late touchdowns in the fourth quarter to tie and he said it's overtime they're down thirteen to three going into the fourth against the colts. Why don't they looked okay this weekend but I mean come on their plan the browns. And and so Arizona I think they were still trying to figure out who they are offensively as a football team Palmer's dimension has not been great. And neither the first two games 1936. Last week they couldn't run the ball against Indianapolis. And they're still trying to figure out who they are without David Johnson saw I am gonna take Dallas tonight. On to win and to cover the spread is just hard to see Arizona with a path forward. But they do what they do look impressive. The NFC west is gonna get weird is against Seattle sit there one into the rams aren't two in one and the niners I don't wanna game and if the cardinals went to elicit the cardinals wins and they look good they they proved me wrong. An edited sitting there at to a one ahead of the Seahawks in the standings and you know I was sick or the rams have been seen and yes you astray and I. I that would be weird I'm not ready delivered a world where the rams the best team in the NFC west. Because of the golf opinion or just because it's like last year now so bad they were just so bad last year also the goth opinion and I'm so not only to go there until they play each other even other ends of other number that was engineered golf when he knows games in Seattle you had an interesting day where Kirk hers looked amazing doll was it'd. The worst quarterback in the world to say I was his average you know average quarterback self. As a monster. And he was slain in and around them man he's gonna takes the chance says it's not as a defense is out to get up thirty points cac not as going to be all right you forgot to mention the boy Alex Smith is three and now undefeated. You have Aussie left right. Yeah. Only undefeated team. No the falcons are three and a attache to shape falcons it's like you said they could be one until it's right there he's the commitment to find those only due. Yes that's got to be at his Denver lies. Yep pats lost the first pass Aaron defeated. And that's it chiefs and falcons suitable collision. Here we go Atlantic Kansas city's youth oriented. Alex Smith vs Matt Ryan. And nobody else. That. Not everybody. Pray that Chris Johnson does not go off for 27 points and Elena fantasy matchup I appreciate that they have up by thirty Andy's got Larry FitzGerald Dolan night fits only needs. Two or three touchdowns and he's right there Fullerton and snag an avid Carson Palmer as any tests on some last year and a half. Fact sometimes you say things and cocky either voice and it kind of makes you root against you that's gonna come back to buy a New Hampshire if you miss it did acidic as it less front tires podcaster an independent come in my PM on the pactel never tomorrow. It's quicker rate ago. I haven't heard I text him yet okay we Hopkins though we do we got Phil Steele on the shot about 1230 is delivered Tuesday. At that time and Justin Hopkins tried ducks roundtable at moma talk to blazers it was there media data they would of the guys have to say. And you hear from all the players the coaches and GM's president you name it all that tomorrow on the show. Ali it's not due to modern day to be apart of our Monday in a more his next listing to 1080 defense.