Dirt & Sprague Monday September 25th, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, September 25th

The guys go through all the action on the field Sunday with the NFL Whiparound, and then offered their points of view on the comments of President Trump and the resulting responses from NFL teams, plus Melo picks the Thunder over the Blazers.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Problem both men have is they don't know how to talk to win. This is dirt and sprayed you know what my problem is I am not interesting. Which handy under Johnson and Brendan spring when. We'll see how to magic and I'm an accomplished until it was dirt and spray beyond 1080 I hope I am. Three imperialists Helio master. Mold. Delegate as there aren't going yeah tell me could hear they don't yell it's. Today welcome back in our Q during spring would you importance Ford's theater 1080 the fan. If you missed any of the first hour. You can check it out a Tinny and thin dot com lists like tires podcast. Somebody had text earlier. And I can appreciate that but I really tan that does some recent thanks for not just talking about in the protests. You know what we didn't really wanna leave with that. I just didn't. What talked about it though that's got to be disguised after after the date that we saw yesterday the National Football League you can yell at sports writers radio hosts or athletes about sticking to sports for this one was not. It was not put in our camp this now. Forced on us by a political figures Jose stick to politics moment. Yeah I was kinda look at the other way weapon on them so I will talk about that I put a FaceBook post up which was probably dangerous idea but I did it anyway just for fun I can't wait to read those comments yeah we'll read some of the comments to you but we'll get an app but it's time for NFL whip around. This frozen. Tundra. VDs. Down generators they don't deserve it he answer you get your yens and you get for betting against Kurd urged angina stimulus shot the yeah shot when you don't like that camcorders was the last night I was impressed let's actually start their solid reads them into your real quick. Michael Crabtree one catch seven yards a Marty Cooper one cats six yards Josh Norman how do you feel about that duo first person. Although in in the tails look. People's person. I mean you first first and foremost you don't come in here say what you gonna put up on somebody to idealize. Do you kids to box. So please what do you do not bring them up you are secrets that extra work on Sundays because until. The York here we rate. Yet just Norman. You shot up. A Mari Cooper and Michael Crabtree by the way he also went on said Richard Sherman was completely right on Michael Crabtree. Soft bigotry I've been decked out you know it's a long cut but at the end of it he he adds that sentiment and dad he's right and I'd pick the raiders 'cause. A lot is their pass defense is 28. Washington's in the NFL. And it didn't matter because Derek Karr was garbage and so as the rest of the greater ally I think a lot of ninety S he would pass rush they got after car in the wasn't comfortable on the clock L 980 was sacked four times and you know the Redskins clearly took that as a challenge and they played well I think this was probably the biggest surprise of the weekend. That's a fact of Washington won the game but the fact did how dominant Dave were mean it was fourteen up in Oakland and move the ball the first half. On you they were lucky to get to ten points and they had this is a dominating win from start to finish cousins. At three under 65 yards and three touchdowns only five in completions against that defense. Offer what out what was in the water in Washington DC yesterday that they were dialed in and he looked in impressive last night all right let's go to Chicago where big upset happen. Didn't say enough about. Greg Gumbel and Trent Green CBS Chicago beats Pittsburgh. In overtime and they re played the two Rico one run who the plate the plate previous. Busted off a big and got to the end zone he said he stepped out they showed that replay he didn't step out that should have counted but. It doesn't matter Jordan hours the next play takes in from about fifteen out. And yeah makes the Steelers and at a higher as a Mac category games you're not supposed to lose test for us lose the bears it's their first win of the season you mentioned that then the back tandem of power Cohen and you know combined for over 200 yards. For Chicago blended into leaning Ileana passing yards on the day did throw peck. And and again lay beyond bell struggled to really get gold only fifteen carries 61 yards for him so. It felt like it's the second half went on this was a game that Pittsburgh was gonna finally back and find a way to win. Because they were down 177 at the half led. Credit goes to Chicago for stick to what that I think this is gonna be the kind of Pittsburgh team we see all year I'll play up to competition played down a competition you mentioned big surprise in Washington and Oakland this one really surprised me Minnesota and Tampa Bay. How do you respond when the guys are going instant fan as he gets 37 from tiger plane and you have Stephon digs go for 37. Baby that's how you do have a Minnesota morale of stamp. As Thom Brennaman and Chris field and on fox sports for the cost 3470. A couple of main take away from me in his game was once again down in cook looking good which my fantasy team benefited from under Minnesota offensive line. We were wondering how improved are they they were great case Keenan did not get sacked. And in speaking on the other side didn't make could not run the football. And never the issue with the box especially watching hard knocks as Winston and turnovers can't for the ball over if you wanna be one of those playoff teams you gotta cut down that number. Winston threw three picks on the road yesterday yes very weird for team we expect to see in the playoffs Winston was not good whatsoever and that Bucs defense got shredded by case. Genome all right let's go to our former beaver branding costs ended up with a magnificent day himself in New England. Got back the clock because he's the Bob Sochi in Scott's solo act 95 the sports hub in Bosnia and as the patriots have to come back. But a magnificent. Throw by Tom Brady. The brain and cuts to give them the win as Greg is he branding Khatsava breakout performance this was a huge comeback went for knowing that I think there's a bit of a disaster mode if they find a way to lose a home. To both Kansas City and Houston sit here one into these survived a Tom Watson looked great in Munich a couple picks for rookie you're gonna get down on the role but. He was big when his legs in mid 300 passing yards against a not great defense but still good to see. I'll on the road in and out you know we've mentioned coaching. Decisions with the ordinary zona state game I did not give bill Brian Dolan like kicking a field on setting going toward any deicing the game there. Even if you don't get it you make Brady drive that they kick the field will you hand the ball to Brady with two minutes left he's always gonna burn yeah. He had 500 yards 370 yards a fine of five touchdowns and two B 378 yards he can't give him the ball that much time he had just. Get the F fortitude to go four on fourth down don't just go for it he'll get it and you live in that decision but. I would rather live with that than live with Tom Brady in the football on two minutes I let's go to Philadelphia where a brutal ending for the giants leads to a PH an incredible win for the Eagles. This will be a 61 yards drive particularly from the right hands going from right to left no we've just begun we're tied at one. 12 left the criminally it couldn't happen distance. Josh Appel sports USA radio as heard on 910 ESPN Portland over the weekend yes the Eagles get a big play from Winston Jeffrey for nineteen yards. And they're set up at the giant 43 they said screw it let's do it they tried out Josh Elliott kinky 61. Yard field goal in the rookie kicker. Hits it right by the up right that was that was of critical scene in Philly Al when's did not have a great game but came up with a play when his team needed to win as you mentioned need to completion tough blow losing Sproles. I believe I saw you broke his arm and tore his ACL on the same play. On that rolls yeah I don't I've ever seen some like dad and the judgment is too little too late 24 points in the fourth quarter you can't wait until the fourth quarter. To wake up it wasn't your giants can Benicio del back on back to making crazy catches. I'll like we're used to seeing him make another giant throw in three and and that status and then Mac into. A Mac and you guys in even more questions let's go to Green Bay where there was almost a pretty huge upset at Lambeau Field based. As a good bad here that's Tony Roma Jim Nance as Aaron Rodgers it's a big plate is set up the game winning field Logan says Cincinnati and stuff showing off people I love it. Because he sounds like a kid just enjoying life in football I think in two years if he's still doing that in talking over Nantz were really gonna not like him and it's going to be annoying let Nantes have the call that's his job as the play by play react after Meehan stops talking he did it all I mean he was all over the calls yesterday again predicting what was gonna happen it's fun to watch it at least at this point Green Bay menace would have been a shocking loss that they found a way to lose at home. The Cincinnati instead they survive Rodgers has the big game you know it recovers from. Armed and then take six and it was funny there was a moment and play by play to end up where. Romo was calling out things that Andy Dalton was not seeing in Nance is kind of made fun of him for any Dalton Sox. The angles on three is to get out of control all right and finally. Let's go to Nashville where did not end well for the Seahawks. It's a very near sideline being chased furcal. They could put. ST re able Seahawks radio network you heard that team here on the fan Tennessee wins time of possession. And they gassed the C ox a 195 yards in the Tennessee Titans get a good win for themselves and 33 to 27 after a million on and a chance against so Glen -- them in week one I think Tennessee was looking for one of those wins against a quality opponent and they got it. I'm Mario and got off to a really slow start got to go on as the titans did in the third quarter and an open 220 yards and two picks and for Seattle. Really it was the same problem's been all year nothing's changed in all I'm an offensive line Russell Wilson at times running for his life they could run the football effectively. A Chris Carson knew everybody raved about an eleven carries for 34 yards that was it. Russell Wilson and a scramble around for 26 but. They could pick up a first down Intel basically their last drive of the first half and finally I got on the board but in lest they find a way to solve that issue. Ideally I don't see how that that they start when a more games that we we really look at the rushing attempts with coaches and teams 'cause that's what they care about. And I know they got behind big here but this is a pretty telling stat about where they're on offensively right now Seattle. 22. Rush attempts now. 49. Pass attempts that does not balance of that team wants at all not in Tennessee is a good team on nightly say you scored 27 points so he had an offensive explosion that he had seen through the first two weeks this season but. Just watch enough for is just ugly. They think they couldn't do it and make those three and I bid for both teams it was three out three and out three and out punt back and forth back and forth. Ended up exploding in the second half points but they got to get that figured out I got a bunch and a full NFL factoid from this past weekend. Don't know we'll have time to get to a today we actually got to get to a tomorrow there's some really crazy stuff that. Went down in the NFL this weekend of wild weekend there's earn a Philip brown every Monday app one all right Donald Trump called out NFL owners and players at a cynic rally in Alabama. And the NFL on their players coaches and owners responded that's next on the fan. I won nineteen on the stand. Stick to sports. It's what they always say stick to sports. Very true but this weekend somebody and stick to politics. Is not our fault. Blame the leader of the free world because Donald Trump at a senate rally and Alabama I don't even know how he gets on to some of these grants 'cause I don't. Don't watch a lot of political TV just goes off the cuff studies Donald Trump PP finds ways into different conversation having he's put this into his speech. I don't know fee has a speech. He's out of how far the teleprompters at their Danny's got a little screens firefights revived his truck have a speech or bullet points. I think he's got points thing is people say hit on these pleas and there's enough there's an NC America and they don't look at it a go. Is boring and what about the NFL let's talk about in India NFL but it is man it and CEO we don't have the kind I don't know why we don't have the cut but Donald Trump and his senate rally goes off on the NFL owners and players for kneeling and he calls them sons a bitches says GC get those sons of missions off the field. And they should be fired yes or kneeling gearing the national and on the just adding more fuel to an already Haas style topic. Which then in turn of course leads to the reaction from players coaches owners etc. and what it was a wild weekend. I mean and and this is a even mentioning that he also said the game was soft. Said the you don't have haven't Helen Thelma head to the collisions it's taking away from the enjoyment of the game and a cell wasn't just a kneeling taken any also had the stance against Jeff Corey and Golden State Warriors so it was quite an interesting weekend. From a sports or political landscape and I understand. The the argument of some one seeing these two issues to be separate I totally get it. But I don't know if whoever gonna go back to that from what with the current climate to Brad. The way players are speaking their minds on the fact we have politicians like to present in the United States having become a city has you know I don't think you're ever gonna be able to separate the two. Especially moving forward after this weekend. And you know like it. My main thing was and I felt this way for a long time. I don't like when the political side as saying gets involved with sports Eagles it's a fun hey throw out of first pitch if it's a welcome it's into the White House. It'll bomb into the bracket play and that those dirt is not a normal topic anymore they'll as the environment in an and I get that but I'm saying those kind of sports and political connections I have no problem but when you have. These kind of things going on my comments like this about players kneeling or the I you know with the direction of the NFL without as many head to head hits. And it reminded me honestly of of when congress spent all that time trying to figure out who took steroids who didn't take steroids I might my immediate reaction is. Don't we have bigger fish to fry here aren't there bigger issues facing us both and the United States and internationally right now. The weather around NFL players are taking any before the game. I and and that was the frustration for me was not only. It was a reminder of how divided we are as a country when comments like this come out and you see the response from both sides but also. If ever there was a stick to politics moment for me that don't there's so many issues going on right now. It's beneath the office of the president to be speaking about players kneeling or helmet to helmet hits and so. I was. Found a very inching doing reading and hearing differing of the a different people's opinions on this of where they fall in and you know one surprising me the most. Because this all stems from stuff curry and the warriors don't want to the White House and any calls most of curry he's just angry with the NFL and NBA right now LeBron call them a bomb. He Tweety your about ninety you know what's funny about that to mean. I've seen more people outraged and test. About LeBron James calling him a bomb and anybody remotely caring about the way the president of the United States of America. Talks about other people it's amazing to me up you know I'm real disappointed on the bronze is come on LeBron it's it's disappointing. Really. For no reason other than his own decided our president decided to go to a rally great go advocates for you Republican senator and Alabama you've got your job right you wanna get more seats. But for no reason other than his own choice decided to randomly rail the NFL and the players kneeling at and here's our take is a further. Not only did I think it's it's well beneath what that title is and I'm a 100% in agreement with few. Why the hell is that even discussed. Miser on the top one why is it even a topic of top thirty things the American public truly cares about a deal for us in Portland and it's easy presents is he's radio to talk about it play. And I it is eight made no sense to me I care way too much about other issues more than I do his two cents. On the players viewing party knew his opinion on it because he did this with calling cap predict when that was going on. And by the way think about for a second the crowd he's talking to you this is what it's also hilarious to me of this topic being created and this conversation being started. Like people are so surprised and angry. Wire why this has been going on for two years. It's too he hits it eight's. You can defend it you can hate him you to every law this is who he is this is who we will be until the day he dies he's been this way he will remain this way. And I think it's hilarious when people act surprised he's tour or stunned. And then you've flipped it and nobody cares because he fights for their party right there's no in between there's no like. God I might my cousin is a diehard Republican he has been since he's been able to vote. And meet him we disagree on some issues but I always find it inching talking to pretty level headed guy. Mean I asked his two cents on this he's embarrassed he hates it. It's a representation of your party in instead of people being honest about it. You get a lot of people that are some stock in their stupid one sided point of view and yes this is due because I think being sent being one sided on both. Is really idiotic. You give people a defendant. They are sons of bitches. All of my god what have we ever just been OK with president's talking about those. That language that about American citizens in the United States about American citizens who are whether you agree whether or not whether you like it or not there they're using their First Amendment right to speak their mind on what they believe is an injustice and all flipped it to and go the other way. I think it was really stupid for everybody acted wade they did and you know why. And you can disagree with me on this. You just you're eating out of a palm of his hand if you're you're doing exists and I normally qualifier yes yard because of the organs in the first place and you want to happen this weekend in the NFL I mean obviously it's not just one player to players. It's the whole pre pregame conversation is what your team's gonna do owners are commenting on it teams are staying in the locker room. Some guys are coming out some guys aren't some guys are locking arms and it became once again. The whole conversation wage it was frustrating to watch that because I think my biggest issue with this. From all the way back to the cap predict when he started doing it and I understand if folks who don't like players taking a need for the anthem I I totally understand it they think you disrespect the flag. I I wholeheartedly understand where you're coming from but you also have to make sure to remember. Your understanding of their First Amendment right it's their right to do that. As an American citizen as it is your right to have the deet to voice the deep disagreement with the stance that they're making but. The biggest issued a tablet that from day one is it's not about the issue it's not about what the guys are protesting it's not about what they're trying to shine light on. The conversation. In an entirety. Comes down to the act itself and I I think again it's it's missing the point and I'm with the a little bit that. I totally get why the NFL and its players and owners and everybody reacted the way that it did like insert profession here. The president the united state cause US OB for voicing your political opinion. They did about Sports Radio host Sports Radio those who say our talk politics on their show they don't agree with me their SOB's right we will all as they probably industry. Respond the way the National Football League respondents had no problem with them. Coming out the way that they did but. This again it's is gonna draw more fire into the act in itself not what you're supposed to be standing for by doing so here's the other. In two on the topic is I would like even if you didn't vote forum right and I feel this way about any president. Even if you don't oval formed it we want our country to succeed we want everybody be successful I want him as much as I don't like him I want him to do well. The freedom president you'd want him to fail from full years I'm not about that life on the country to do right. What is the reaction if he's at that rally and instead of those people by the way the same people that are. Bleeding and trying to die over Alabama football every Saturday at their players protest they probably somehow support it right. But what happens if at that row earlier any rally in general he goes on Iran like that. What happens when nobody responds. He got cheers I did global player coming in the side of the break what I am is a there's no response. And suddenly his message or his. I don't know distraction or his comment on something that's really not a big important topic in this country goes into a vacuum yes is it goes in the death fears I think that was thrown through such a freaking. Loop you can text 55305 how you view the Donald Trump NFL feud. We get to some of those tax play audio for you next. Hey it's 134 welcome back channel your Mondays are going well their regular on the fans. Mostly pretty civil so fond sex line. People were given it together well done by head on our shoulder sending and having a conversation I think it's added I do think. And a lot of people this is not original thought allowed you said this I do find it very vital. For the future right country. We just may be able to communicate like you can tax. That you disagree with what we we say are we seeing core. Or people against trump think that's a final I'm all for that these are proper discourse here let's. Let's have a conversation rather than just scream at each other be leisurely view a year in India bleep you only ran in some guy bleeds blue eyes away Gaza's some but we're just trying to have a conversation here it if you miss went out of a beacon or if you're just tuning in hello Walter monies are going well welcome to this conversation now we're talking about. The current climate no mixed. Sports and politics after what happened over the weekend. Optimism for I think the first one was he to the White House stuff come first of the NFL's stuff comes for the White House came first cell yet neither is rumors that the warriors are gonna meet when they got together this week and say do we wanna go into Washington and visit trump. Drummed out or that he tweeted I don't want she anyways and that sparked announced in a little firestorm on Twitter. And then the comments about the NF okay this is what he had to say any rally in Alabama where. Love to see one of these NFL owners. When somebody disrespect our flag. To say get that son of a good job appealed right now out in five. Mis fire siren that's the line and he's going with I you know I am but there's a couple of things that I I hear in this cameras are Snyder won a note and if we have time won't try and read the Texan weakened on the air. But that one element that does cracked me up is a lot of folks say that nascent protest or they shouldn't do this because they're rich in their spoiled athletes am. I Izod greatly from public Torre over the weekend basically saying every time somebody argues that asked them almost the last time we listen to the political opinions of the extreme poor. That's that doesn't happen and the president was elected as a billionaire yet somehow speaking four or is he could have been 99%. Because he's Brit thought that when it and that just makes me laugh a little bit also Hollywood elite and yeah it was a reality TV star but at Dziena here nor there and now and also pressured to because I think is important note were a lot of these guys come from India felt like a good chunk of these players the National Football League comes from really tough social economical backgrounds and they are. It's not that they're going through injustices right now in their life as yes millionaire some of them are millionaires and play Indiana fell outside about what's happened to them. And the last six months it's about what happens in their communities because they've seen it may side. Growing up the other one is and I see this all the time of people saying you can't protest app. You know he should be able to do it workplace which that's a pretty popular that's a pretty popular and I understand that. Because that that is for the most part true that this the only counter argument I would make to that is wine. How many people here like there's there's a lot of them in my life that our friends family co workers. Do something political while they're at work because I'm on FaceBook and Twitter from close of the day from when I get into when I leave. And I see all over the place bluntly tells political we and that we work with we have people friends of failing. It's all over rights of people are voicing there. Either anger or happiness about something political while there at work there I guess not necessarily doing it out work but people that are co workers can't see yet. So that was a response or that and the other will be how many companies raising and how many companies or industries out there. Make their employees stand for the National Anthem when they get to work every morning none of them because they don't do it they don't do or the pledge of allegiance and as they did. To go even further what would happen to someone what happen. How many people in your office do you think would dealers Sanders say I don't wanna do that I don't wanna participate. Because I guarantee would be just not on an epilepsy from the AL CU and about thirty seconds so I this doesn't have a network classic it's a unique situation where they are playing the National Anthem for football games we don't all go through that only get to work at 9 AM Monday look you know the one thing. That night I did like about the cap for next stuff was you know he sat and he didn't even draw attention to somebody noticed it in and suddenly that the media storm hit when he was still on the niners. I like that he was willing to meet with an extreme array. His names escape me but he met him before the San Diego game. And the guy basically said look man I'm I'm all for your protesting rights. It probably looks better it's more static we. Appropriate if you Neil verses sitting likes running right. Aaron that that's a different way of doing it need be dispelled that kneeling was more appropriate cabinet agreed. And Capra to change the way he did in its funny to watch. How this is gone from a guy protesting an issue that he feels is legitimate and I know a lot of people out there don't think it's legitimate because one tapper nick was raised by white people. And to cap or nick is a multi million dollar athlete. But he still protested something that he felt was an injustice in our country. One it never had to be about every single police officer that somehow gotten to a conversation dining mainly because cap critic was immediate more socks one time yes yes and two it also transformed into. Well he's protesting the National Anthem in the flag. But he's not. They're not they're there and their president for the end gum they're just simply kneeling. And it was funny because my same cousin went to would you as a Republican and keep Peter Yates trump he doesn't like getting heating system bears need in both form. He him over Hillary either but he didn't vote for trump. He basically kind of just reiterated the same thing on what I'm about to get two of what do you what do these same conservative Christian people do in the talked to god. Do they stand. Where did they Neil. Oh so ice is it this rat I am on this idea of what it's a culture war that's come out of thin air from last I just think it's incredibly have hypocritical. And it's it's a protest that. Literally harms nobody. They're still present for the end the police they were tell this weekend. As just political rhetoric that earns votes and that's all that matters in the grand scheme of things for people like trump for anybody else in politics. And instead of just maybe being open minded to it not caring about in carrying about real issues. We have to concern ourselves with giving our two cents on whose side his right here. Yet it was enable your by the way they are yes listener tegra ray yeah a couple of thoughts here Osmond is on a fully support the rights protests on how many people that poses a standing for the National Anthem from their home on other ones so I am a truck supporter but I don't really agree with his NFL comments I also disagree. Within about players sitting or kneeling nearing a National Anthem I agree with the message that they're trying to get out but just not a vehicle they're using maybe use their free time to support volunteer groups that could help. Those people they are protesting for a lot of them do do that. Did you hear. Did you hear Rex Ryan has weakened yeah Rex Ryan was a tri eve is supported in and back Donald Trump in the evening and he was best and we need one I think that's OK I give your not testing your OK with Donald Trump and final power T that's just how you feel. But again I think it's important for people to do is really be honest. Yeah I thought at the end of Obama even with Obama and I have a lot of respect form. There were some things that I felt like the left side would completely ignore it yeah as I said that this happens at all times and as they are tired of that yet fascinating it's not it's. It's unhealthy for our country yeah I know I'm I agree with their two front of those on this one. And you know it is Diebler are are mentioning the ratings from everything I've seen about the ratings in the us was up 4% fox took a slight dip Sunday night dipped a little but it's Monday night's ratings are what people back to you you'll only it will be up from last year so it'll be out so the ratings are not falling off the clip I did invent something to keep an eye on because I don't know how this is going to change in the coming weeks what comments are gonna be from both sides and it's something we're all gonna have to have a rise on. On any other part of this was you know as people are saying. All his comments were right they do have the right to fire these guys from protesting whatever the political replace it looked up critics don't create another job because it is. Capable quarterback has a lot of bad ones in the league teams didn't wanna hire him. A because of the distraction so yes there are X cases of guys who don't have jobs. I wouldn't buy I wouldn't. Then on that happening any time soon because of the vast majority of these cases over the weekend besides for maybe Carolina. The owner was right there with the players the GMs are right there with the players and it's a little hypocritical as these guys would assigned to only cap and a couple weeks ago. Now that everybody's pitted together I wouldn't. Did this to me it the issue is changed little bit from an NFL standpoint because you had owners and GMs in president's. All there with their players despite the political back selling New England branding coach he was asked about this after the game. He was a part of he was couple and team members Hammond and some other guys beat knelt during the National Anthem. They got boot. And said cabinet a couple of cities like I'm somebody asked him is like the same people booing you didn't go crazy when you catch a game winning touchdown for the favor monitoring read they change any excuse my love thy neighbor is a big biblical guy yap and I find all of this interesting like. Tennessee in Seattle didn't come out for the National Anthem there were boos that rained down from Nashville the singer the National Anthem for the titans she knelt at the end of the anthem. On and some people were saying that she got a little bit of a boo is well. And we just get too far we don't do this. When that when people rather just not how this whole spectacle that for some reason has been. Forced upon sports and I think it's got that point and don't like you don't want to you don't see the anthems and to an end halfway through the verse willing the NBA's coming on to damp you can only going to be quiet snack on -- politics and sports to be separate ideas I don't think Robert go back to an end that's a funny thing is for the stick to sports crowd that's fine you can have that opinion I'm with you for the most sense I think our show does a pretty good job of not really diving into this crap. But let's also flipped it and be fair to the other side they don't stick to just politics. I think that's this needs to point out here enough south. Interesting conversation interest in week and that's fresher appreciate all the texts and response people are clearly fired up and we appreciate all the level editor responses we got the Bridgeport appears. Tech some attacks of pactel folk are coming up top of the hour adjusting week in Washington with a big statement win USC is keeping again. Stanford and UCLA and that was a wild pactel after dark ball games of a bit Bakken and up to DR but he Portland. We were spurned again Christiane is next on tentative him. Am pressures on the ask what's the difference. There's just executing crunch time it was prelim heat win this greatest criminal element of news that's the lowest thing. While it's crunch time I look at the hottest topic in sports. You might crunch bit. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. At press time rented by crunch fitness always 995 months why would you ever pay more for gym membership I'll be on the glorious us gains today after the jump. If not Monday work out on can use it after the weekend I was at the end going away party for my cousin she's moved to Chicago. CSO of Seattle four that's a big move yes Yost got it right is she pretty excited yet nervous excited no big city and stuff. I would be ups are the same land IBM really pump and I would know what to expect at the party they had DNA and I that a hot dog food cart hang. And serve our special hot dogs the campaign. A four month Saturday. Like where they loaded once again be sat winners and only four irrigated. The odd aggregate report trainer and you take two steps or ninth step backs. That's going to be currency today had been bird in the last 48 hours you know I was dollars in that is the burn in the last 48 hours. God I think you're getting to carry out those Arafat to the house ninety's so my need is some sort of medicine adds that the American act out a you know you let the Portland long enough in your blazer fan long enough you're gonna go through some heartbreak and maybe some people don't call this heartbreak. But it was kind of addicted to jubilant over the weekend to miss what happened Carmelo Anthony was traded to Oklahoma City. Gaffe Oklahoma City they get another wonderful spoiled fan base in all sports you and I did. Now Agee did so Friday I saw report and I quote tweet it basically said I feel really bad for all the rich city fans to put all their eggs in the email was gonna come here basket. Is not happening. And maybe about thirty minutes later Sammy make of USA today ranked Melo really considering Portland I completely backtrack to my just getting is getting is getting his own kids we still had a chance I white man's I don't know what's going on anymore I quit trying to figure is Carmelo Anthony news I'm done I'm joined memoir here's what I have been over the weekend so Friday member that was the report he was a hail Mary try to get to Houston sell that clearly wasn't gonna happen. They never met the assets to get to deal that sell at the last moment he expanded his list of teams to include Cleveland in Oklahoma City. Knicks general managers got married and had a little bit more work with and he was ultimately trade to Oklahoma City. On Saturday for what it is cantor document buckets in the second Compaq that was the return price for Carmelo Anthony is Canner Miley posted a video and I have known to still go beat the warriors did he really he posts the video till you seen take Kate go beat the warriors are loyal but that that the kick to be lower region came from a huge story when he was writing about this in the may read this snippet from Leo can. This is what tabloids around ski wrote in his piece after illustrated once Anthony expanded his list of teams to include Cleveland and Oklahoma City within the past ten days. Perry had more flexibility to move Anthony. He continues Perry remain in contact with Portland trailblazers president of basketball operations Neil O'Shea. Who had the most versatile array of assets for new York and motivation to make the deal but ultimately Anthony would not accept a trade. To the Pacific northwest he goes on. Anthony was intrigued with the potential partnership and Damian Miller CJ McCollum and use of Americans. And the stability in track record of a front office and coaching staff in Portland. But did not want to make such a dramatic. Geographical shift. League sources say so we've now reached a point in the NBA it's ours rather move to Oklahoma City the Portland Oregon well I mean it is close from New York. I've been Oklahoma City four times at city sacks so. Major city in any state in this country I'm not kidding. You can even give me one in Montana North Dakota wherever I want ago I got all the NBA cities that you could choose to live in and as a citizen. Oklahoma City is hardly the worst they have. Have to be killers and I Sacramento smells like cow crap yet all day I would rather live in Sacramento then Okaloosa because you're closer cool stuff we are an hour from San Francisco exactly gloom to go catch jacks Eudora go from an hour out Oklahoma City. Nowhere. And there ain't nothing to see you can go to Norman for the weekend. And it sucks I mean I know it does suck com. I did geography thing and make sense with a woman you're trying to keep the marriage within your kid being in New York but I ultimately feel. Realistically the reason he says Oklahoma City yes Portland no. He just trust which you which you CEO and what's your familiar with and to him Russell Westbrook is an amazing talent that one league MVP and Paul George. Mean a lot of teams want Paul George. To meet sets up a little easier Foreman now the recruiting Dwyane Wade who just freeze to buy out with the balls yeah they got about two million their 2.3 dollar for a moment that Portland's fun I can't wait for the season where media days going on right now and I'm jacked bright. Demon CG or not that level of Westbrook George and we can love America so we want and think he's gonna be better than national media given credit. Carmel also can invest in that you've got to see more than just what was it twenty games that he played out. That's not enough for somebody like Mel to really go all in on Portland I think he respects the franchise the coaching staff yeah. I get the geography stumper writing this boils down to just who got a better chance to. Yeah Paula Georgia blessed person better combo I get it then Damon CJ just say it but you get expert again it hurt over the weekend there's no doubt about it and and there was a I hate Oklahoma City amateur there was a line window there the one year window where I'm wanted was for to play well. And I didn't like to ramp leading them but now it's back today lose a top three player in the league last off season. And then they replace it will Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. Not really because they did anything right they've for whatever reason Atlanta Paula George even though the pacers had better deals. And then at the last second Carmelo extended who is listed teams that he would be willing to be traded to. They did have the best assets to go getting Anthony aegis only had a couple of teams who was willing to go into they happen to be one of on the rockets can pull off the deal to cast can pull up the deal. So he goes to Oklahoma City but it will be a C to watch imagine throwing Dwyane Wade and that makes and the Western Conference just got a little bit tough from one of the better players and league and from the east of the way I know. Probably won't have time today to get to the old Shea but something we bring tomorrow is he alluded to it as much just how strong and deep the western conference's. Almost making a joke in saying. He'd rather claim Portland Maine for the next seven let's go to the east just for seven months one year to not really selling me when you say comments like that but also its honesty because it's going to be able tough here. Yet where do you think they Fong line now I know people in Portland are rooting against OKC and hoping that it it comes to add to Z is three of the top ten iso players and league dry you wondering how it's gonna fit together I ten I'm a lean a little more towards a figure it out because they wanna win and they're desperate. Where's Portland shake out in this I still think I did Oklahoma City was ready better than you in the first place I know you applaud Georgia Westbrook so I'd I'd still puts in that seven day window. So barely make it on a warrior story air's announcement. I am man's going to be of stimulants are Barclays is tomorrow. Media days going on but Melo is not a blazer reason Oklahoma City Thunder we'll see how long that Alaska's west are still has not accepted. His extension press fabric to buy crunch fitness always done any final months so why would you ever pay more for gym membership to find out more about or spray gonna work out. Actress icon must get to the final hour of the show have a boy Kevin's on on a couple of two on ones or the weekend from Sprague and cannibal. Analyze the betting we can it was a weird one was spreads and does Vegas know what they're doing here early on in the year to some of them have been. Way off we'll talk to Matt Mikey I am the pactel network. Look back at the weekend look ahead. To the upcoming action in the pac twelve take a look ahead to money and I thought bubble will start in the pac twelve Washington with a statement USC's survives. And how long is Jim Morgan alas the final Arnold going murder rate on 1080 the fan.