Dirt & Sprague Monday October 23rd, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, October 23rd
The guys lament a disappoint weekend of college football all around, wonder if the Ducks still have enough season left to qualify for a bowl game, wonder if Swag is a true Dodgers fan, and give exhibit 2,478,953 why the NBA is biased against the Blazers.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. The probable. App is they don't know how to talk to look. This is dirt and spray you know what my problem is I am not interesting. It was handy under Johnson and Brendan spring when. We'll see how to magic and I'm an accomplished until it was durden sprayed on 1080 I hope I am. Three imperialists he'll he'll master. All. Keen delegate. Yeah tell me because here they don't yell yeah. This. And this final. Our dirt and spreading the Mondays are allowed to follow on Twitter at their spring we'll follow you back. The talks Monday Night Football coming up bottom of the hour. Excited about that game. Or at Los again over the weekend announced Florence Oregon back in the docks and make a ballgame at this point. TV any updates on Jessica Herbert stuff curry the punishment has been levied against him. A team to doubted some points after he had little temper tantrum this weekend taas is now peace again absolute horse pass all of what she's happy and Lou miles worse as the MB and related to that coming out in the NFL notre Bryant did that coming up in the final hour. As well I do what is start till Andy no swagger to save another image shows say it was a disappointing weekend in the NFL probably. Just dreams of blowouts and you know not games coming animal liar I tend to agree but I will also submit one up at a little bit. To me this is the most disappointing weekend of football from start to finish that we had because I wanted this college football weekends they can RI USC Notre Dame there's a big marquee playoff eliminate or if you will. I'm Michigan and Penn State I was excited to watch that one Penn State had been each got tested yet. Michigan had a good defense on the other story lines throughout Wisconsin made from real Miami tried to see if they can separate. Pot and and running from start to finish outside of a couple of games Oklahoma State Texas and Oklahoma Kansas State on the national landscape. It was a total snooze or from start to finish this week I think it just gives you more reason to follow the conference that we care about most packed twelfth you don't have to you. Feel like hey I gotta tarmac to ABC or CBS or whatever network you can just focus in the pack to a network or. The FS one would ever gain that is a pac twelve team playing on that was kind of beauty to me now I was gonna miss the awarding game live for example. But if I was at home I really would have turned anything else I would have just watch organ UCLA INA in Oklahoma State tax is kind of going on around the same time. I know the Oklahoma Kansas State game ended up being a pretty good game but. I don't know I still. I think because of how disappointing some of those matchups word to me in my mind didn't really have much interest in him any way. And then USC Notre Dame. Yeah now brilliance in watching Notre Dame continue to blow a lot of pac twelve team is missing USC. Who won a national level probably expose themselves the frog that they've been the last probably 45 weeks so. No I did that it was kind of a stinker nationally. But you got inducing story lines that pop out one that I think is quite comical and I've really enjoyed this one. Because Michigan loss to Penn State now and harmed by Michigan is not beaten any of the dominant Big Ten teams. Everybody. Is ready to appointed Jim Harbaugh has the same record after like 33 games has Brady up here. So you're equating Jim Harbaugh the radio and is his coaching prowess tube radio guy who's been to a Super Bowl and granted that's that's a bud teaching and I've that your Harbaugh was pissed as anybody. But if you really are in arts are your soldier died on Jim Harbaugh I think you're sorely mistaken I think those kind of an air dessert are wide. This weekend brings you get people that have this hot opinion that has no merit outside of just reacting. To a couple games. And that's it that's all you walk away with also that narrative is stupid because he smoked Penn State last year Penn State won the Big Ten and absolutely embarrassed him for four quarters in and Ann Arbor no no analogy for Collins it was early odds matter I'm also. God not to go too much into a Penn State segment year all we can go down arrow is I think I I'm right there with the and so all dine. With the say Kwan Barkley. Get on your knees tests that we've got going on a national college football if you're national college football writer right now. Can you take a break one moment I promise Aqua I'm go anywhere guys going to be I'd heard around. And would you please just shut up already. I think sake on Barkley is a fantastic college football player and has obvious potential what he can do on the next level. This dude just ran for a hundred yards for the first time in like two or three games he has 3100 yard rivalry games on the cease all year and this deal goes for what was it bought goes 398. Yard 408 yards in the national media would lead you to believe that he ran for a thousand yards against Michigan we did they you want him to beat a high these men. We understand that. But there are other players in college football price love being one of bomb that a deserve the same amount of the attention. But it doesn't matter it just does not matter at all so the say Kwan Barkley love fan as. The Harbaugh bashing. Those narratives come out of the weekend and it just sits me even even more salty or just like okay when Harbaugh gets good. Don't you dare open your mouth is sake while Barkley is like a thousand yards below Bryce love don't you dare give him a high debt. Yeah this is going to be the third time in a decade as Stanford running backs and get screwed and a Heisman dear arch and 11 McCaffrey should of went on. And price level will statistically be there at the end of the year but I guarantee you Barkley wins because he has flashier plays and as he plays from Penn State and it looks like you're going to be around. At the end of the year yet that the Penn State as that means every time they're on TV. I vomit in my mouth little bit just watching them I do I it is that's another story lines I've not been able to get over and the fan base reaction to that story. Mom that I just I can't forget about like every time that I turned them on I just wanted weak in all caps people will forget Penn State. And we all sit here we applaud their fans and crazy they are look at the wide outlet great atmosphere in. Her streets going on and on on other singing songs that it is great crowd singing along to another song you're at a time now take. Gimme a break like as a fan base is supported Joseph Paterno know and what he did it know they won the statue to be pulled back like. As it is is gross and I can't forget about that kind of stuff and I root for the every single week to lose when they win like that. I at least me frustrated but I would and Barkley thing now I. A lot of people have made an argument about sand Arnold this year dad like all right and output hi we get he's not that good stuff talking about Sam Arnold. To me it's been much worse or Barkley odds it's it's not as he Arnold's over hyped I get it and he's not living up to what people thought he would coming into the year but I read that settled Friday and I was like to two people can tell because I thought this is a sleeper game as an upset I like Michigan's defense against Penn State. I didn't do not me Judy when three to thirteen but. Like to people not any 100 yard rushing games he's had this year. Nobody could answer he had to to their first six also not plainly tell Michigan Michigan was her first big game he went on for over a hundred yards so. If there's still not a a buying factor there for me would Penn State and I'm tears yet they look at how steep putt. It was a two story lines it is I am hoping they lose they go away I mean I think it's it really is funny to me and I'm glad there is there's some people dancing in on this like somebody said. The waiting media toxin Bob Bartley a body was putting up better numbers than level I'm sick of the united pac twelve bias. And it's not just loved by the way because we're all watching Bryce we would bar pac twelve fans out here. I'll give you these numbers a 107 carries for 688. Yards and eight touchdowns you know that is. It's a guy on another team that's in the playoff talk to nobody will mention its big shot at Georgia jabs and a great year to chart is having a great year and he's made no mention of nick China but he knows we have enemy taxman I mean little lower as somebody said they were Joseph Paterno cut outs in the crowd on Saturday. Know the war and I didn't I damn I didn't watch that game ides and that was an edible enact penalties in just a disappointing weekend because I was so roped into that game seven Alice roped in Indiana the blazer game and or or the start of the blazer game and then you know I've flip over and back in those fourteen Austin at the end of the first quarter it's like a guy you recount in the same thing was happening when Notre Dame and USC's of those games fell flat but. Jessica just up on talking about I just watching them bomb it just. And it is sleazy frustrated and I I don't like that we just parade them around his great fans a look at this awesome atmosphere when they're still supporting Joseph Paterno knowing what we know now it's disgusting and we need to we need him hold them accountable for that so not a good college football we can except I'll point out one TCU coveted 39 point spread and damage did cover this 36 point spread eagled expressed as a seat. But hey. That the weakened sucked we locked away heating could stay. The camera they want to or on it like she's been the only at a table and this weekend who has touted Texas is Oklahoma State to watch and I game. Yes I it what is Sam Allen injured doing. Well it was. Brendan gold they had they could patient they had a chance when they held Oklahoma State to a field will be borders in concussion he probably did 'cause he just lie ages of reflected in the end so there is nobody within ten yards. It was thirty going to throw away you get yourself another chance to win a ballgame I know these think it was fourth down. Do we get an answer on that I mean look when they say you need concussion tests I'm just going to say that maybe that's what it was a hell was that thing I don't know I know is I was pulling for Bill Snyder was revealed guiding pull the upset on Oklahoma that. Was fun I you know I was I will throw this out there to you in terms it is enjoyable college quarterbacks to watch baker may fields up there from these odd man guy he's like he's got that swagger in the cocky news that usually bothers me when guys and I I kind of root for him to lose. But it doesn't take a way to of the enjoyment of watching him he was dominant against Kansas State is where 22 points in the fourth quarter he had an awesome touchdown Ronnie had foreigner passing yards. He was lights out selves college football knows that I was pretty down weekend. A couple of blocks in the big games it sounds like once again they'll buckle up this next weekend is supposed to be better. And all the big games by the way just did a quick note on next weekend. Although like top match ups between ranked teams are all 1230 games it's not like the big primetime games this week. Ohio State to 1230 game. You get an NC state Notre Dame 1230 game so we gotta flip around like some different chance TCU I would say I was these pretty good that's at 1230 game. So yes I an interest in ones in the ABC game of the week's Texas Tech Oklahoma so. And that does for you but I had a little disappointed I hate Penn State you may Penn State's at least we have that. And dominate the ducks us again this weekend out four and four on the year is still no official word on when Justin Roberts coming back. Can they make a bowl game and how frustrated are you as a country and talk about that next on tending to the pan. Boy this is crazy they're putting out forming. Khalil Tate. Is the first player in pac twelve. The first player in the pac twelve to an offensive player of the week. Three weeks in a row in thirty years. He won it again three weeks nobody's done it three weeks and around nobody thought thirty years ago it's been thirty and thirty years yeah. He got all the great talents to came threat and do it's really stylish never had a three week stretch Barlow I think. Late eighties who would that have bin. Aikman. Macy allowing any second. Napoleon Kaufman. He was the ninety Susan ninety's beat Louisiana if you go and eighties it can't be mentally. I can find them out a gimme gimme a time to get you'll get cancer research on this misery. Said John and that's a crazy studies find rentable deservedly so Amanda numbers he's put up. Policies he's been a lot of fun to watch you know stick to the pac twelve. Take a look at the rear view mirror you go back three weeks ago organ was sitting if foreign lawn and iso little over can now. And everybody was feeling pretty good and they elitist form one they matched their win total five weeks into the season. From the previous year and it was basically optimism all around. And then the last three weeks of happy in Oregon lost to Washington State 33 to ten their losses Stamford. Four and a seven NN Los DC LA 31 of fourteen and they were put up points basically what everybody did their at their lowest point total before the injury. Was 35. I since then they have not gone over fourteen points this was their high against CC LA. They announce it at four and four frustration all over the place apparently August making excuses but. Once again Braxton Burmeister not good enough to get them when in the pac twelve I don't. If you're making excuses as much as pointing out simply date they have a quarterback problem they can't figure out the quarterback problem until they're starting quarterback returns. And their left shorthanded and forced to. I don't know B cell one dimensional and I I also think dirt I think it's fair though. For people to be critical. You can't say that Willie Taggart told those kids to transfer out quarterback position so he doesn't want himself to be so empty handed there. Just wondering aloud is there's something different I don't know what it is idling fans know what it is you need somebody that really sits and breaks down film. To really identify what is different that they could potentially be doing. Then they are now mean just as an observer of football for a long time. I would just be watching tell you I can't answer that requesting I'm all ears if you got a suggestion that they're not coming up because they did add add the kids as he struggles making the most routine of throws you know. A couple of weeks ago. I was advocating throw more throw more throw more. And he struggles throwing just almost like screen like passes. And so if you have a player in opposition. On and we seen his organs in a couple times this year you're almost left sitting on your hands and going run. Let's just like coach Ron. Run run and even the throws that he makes how many draws does seem make where he throws the sideline in its ten yards out of bounds. It feels like half the throws that he misses out that's why they did his cell out of bounds ten to fifteen yards so. I think it's always fair for fans to be critical they pay the money they're the ones watching the product they're buying the merged I'm OK with that. I also think it is 100% realistic to simply say. What do you want or what do you expect Willie Taggart to be doing when he doesn't have a quarterback. Yeah I guess having to see our offensive coordinators not gamble Arroyo's the offense coordinator he doesn't call the plays really Taggart calls the plays and you know look out. They would you micro analyzing I think Roy as a coordinator Mike title nine what is always a great recruiter as I was saying I don't think he's actually doing any. We went IE implicit stuff on the office of a disability tigers' offense and he's the one that's gonna call plays. And look it's easier micro analyze these situations ran into reserve. There was a third and three play called the second half where they remove it and I wanna say they're about midfielder just over midfield. And the game was still within striking getting nose toilet fourteen or 1714 something along those lines. And they they called a fade down the sideline on third and three need to protect. It was a bit of one interception that he threw and I was yelling I'm like why would you throw the football there's so I get it right I understand winning a micro analyze every small detail but. The fact of the matter is that is I think is in pink it's almost impossible when games in this conference with Bryson Burmeister strict as your quarterback and I think most would argue that in the three games he's started now this is probably the best cities looked. On yet a couple of decent throws he moved the ball yet to rushing touchdowns on the at 302 when he told yards of offense. This being the dress given he's played of the three he was eight of fifteen for 74 yards like that expose you all you need to know. On and I'm not quite sure anybody who wants to be frustrated with the play calling I get a good times but. They ran the ball 62 times they only two at fifteen they just they they are in capable of having balanced at this point in the season and yes it's easy to point to. Coverage is being blown in the secondary a couple of times it's easy to point to not having less and much of a pass rush. It's easy to point to giving up a 142 yards on the ground UCLA. ICC appoints you Darian Felix does fumble on what the first drive of the game that was a promising drivers in removing the ball and he fumbles om it's a you know Schneider missing the cake like there was a lot of small things you can point to that added up against Oregon but. It is at the end of the day I think it's really difficult odds to win games when you. Don't have to game plan free for two things on defense you know you can sellout and in completely focus on stopping one facet of an offense. Eighty even if he rushed for 246 yards. To be employee asked people didn't believe that going into this game you had you you have to believe that now UCLA was far and away the worst rush defense in this conference they gave up over three enerplus yards per game on the ground. Organ was effective they were but they also still were held. Under the average that you Sealy gives up and it just goes to what you're saying you can prepare for it on the white did this is honestly how I feel. Gauging and following Justin Herbert and where he sat for Utah. Is vital this week if you're a die hard fan and you really wanna see your team go back to a bowl game you know six and 67 to five whenever you think you can still do would Justin Herbert. Follow that story this week because. It's it's really this simple and I was turned after the game before UCLA. Without Justin Herbert this team desirable team. They will lose to Utah they will lose said you job they'll lose to Arizona and I think without Justin Herbert. Any probably Jack adapt went without Herbert writing is good chance the beavers could even potentially beat this team. And I don't think that's crazy just their Herbert if he doesn't play against you top though and many returns against U dub. You lose to Utah you're not able team I don't care at Herbert back. You job is you're not going to be when that game and I know we differ here but I don't think your beating Arizona. So that Levy would just organ state is maybe your last chance at a win. It's vital they need him back I know that's a series simply put every always Wear this out but I think it's vital for this week because I think your bowl season rides on this game. Yeah solitary since I Siena got fans all over the map right now a lot of them are down I'd ID just wanna remind now on let's let's stay the course here aren't. We weren't it is your one neighbor heard the last stanza championship yeah you okay come on. Coach didn't quit on you a give me that is a view her second you're coaches in Kuwait we got a coach and Jenny and say I'm not sure the problem is just too is that the quarterback position but how much better Herbert makes the rest the team are they think the guys along future in the NFL couldn't stand at a ducks fan. Yeah Ali I am guiding us it's a big thing and Herbert is is dynamic keys one of the better quarterbacks in his conference in name obviously. A sort of lessons have been set Herbert control the balls freshmen why camper my story was tiny ray coming out of high school. What did they see a misguided and it's is tough when you have a kid it's undersized at that position now was summoned a Herbert had in his favor. What I mean what's this 2642218. When he's masses I'm 65 Emmys big write me a minute to two when they might be now but. That was of people told me in the fall camp about Burmeister a stock ended down there he's a great athlete when you get him out of the opening to make plays but he can't read defense is from the park because he's small. And that clearly has been an issue when you Lehman the pocket he can't he can't find the open guys so many said were out run Laird routes give an easy run pass option. Some of our calls and the middle or stupid coach seemed to have no sense of downer distance situational football. I look I understand I INS in a frustration I do. Was anybody questioning the offensive game plan when they came out and scored 7742493545. In the first five games. No but I don't think that's the point I think people I don't sing but like we don't the coaching staff doesn't understand situation a footballer down and distance or were you saying that and they were scoring. Hillary two or 49 at an event of this fine don't don't buy an I think the people that. Would say at their upset or pressured to coaching after. It's it's not the plate calling our understanding it's. Do you really feel there's not any adjustment they can make no I honestly don't okay Atlanta I think that's just the frustration is may be an eighteenth a football coach is around it. Watching a film night and day is obsessed with a winning. Would be able to identify something different that they can try to do yeah and draw the folks who are joining about the sloppy play by the way I'll once I know this was their best penalty. They'll near the finish I believe them in the Big Three penalties for fifteen yards is that their season up. As Gabby it's got to be they were the worst penalized you know they have every four. In. Those and he was their third non conference game the Wyoming game yeah I think they only had 43 penalties for fifteen yards at. Act and that's better I'm positive we did find an answer to the yen was at thirty years Rodney Pete Rodney quarterback. Let's see. Rodney Pete and look at those numbers still. 'cause to win that award three weeks in a row. You're dominating over. Everybody else doing anything has damn impressive man honesty oppressed and I know we're against a do it quickly update the poll results by the way LE a lot we have a bunch couple questions to answer all these later in the shell wanted to know was organ Ford four after losing use who labeled a global link. 56% of people say no they will not get their 44% say yes I say it all depends on just an average he's back this week. I got my interest chance they got a chance against Arizona. And or his seat to close out. The year hit let it took us a big one tonight Redskins and Eagles will we find out if the Eagles are one of the best teams in the NFL. Where is this cartridge moment to shine some light and a football talk experts. Maybe NBA's highest. Anybody else's. Disagrees I just think you're ignorant but also it's funny to watch warrior media you know fun heard about today. Really brown. Mammals violent act coming up close up the shell answer simple questions while we got a lot of a mattress friend Betty we had successful collection today finals wanna add a seventh before the show's done what's the seventh we'll get that many votes on it but I think it's fair at this point to throw poll question. Dirt a duck homer yes half an hour and a half. At act happy. And John Allen the overwhelming answer is going to be an alum that somebody by the way the one Dick we have the most Tennessee was why do you get so upset you know I always get roped into this stuff. The one it ticked me off the most was the beer fan attendance say you know and beavers lose you come and you hammer out and when the ducks lose you make excuses and I was like wait hold up. I was the person when that team was light and for the still wanted to talk about them and try and find positives in the two Oregon State Beavers on the show didn't you wanna bring a lot easier enjoy misery. Some that's saying misery loves come misery loves company going to be the company and XI has been distracted by by the Dodgers round of the world's again so my my normal level of intense focus on the college football season as soon as you know at the same and is not NS name and it's yes so does the united. Worked out to the arrangements of the bad are you going to game. Oh yeah what's the bad guys about it nice nice a nice bottle of hooch. All I. Seemed appropriate classifies is that for you what's the lowest level of nice. That he could get you nice is fifty bucks a cup I think so fifty bucks us that's like the bare minimum Oca. I just curious in a higher. Also how are you not go to game he's go to William in Houston I don't know anybody in LA and I do the Crawford's air to be in the X. You can get air being beer in my bag like a 130 dollars while that's really not in the budget right now so. Sometimes you gotta make you guys at their fair then that ticket then yeah. That this was I never told you this but when I went to LA it was a debated topic about you p.s you were brought up by your dodger fan. And then Crawford said he's never been to a game at Chavez ravine. And everybody lost their ass and they said that if you don't go to a game this year and they win it. There's questioning if you shot. Now and I said I can't speak to that I'll only relayed the message. That is strange and in you never been to the image of as you know I've seen them I've seen him in Seattle I've seen them in Colorado. I'm stunned you know I guess a one of those you just say listen we're doing this is a summer trip we're going to ally an unbelievable I tasted a Disney land attacks to Saddam yeah earned go to dodger game never quite has worked and like I said we don't have. Any family in Southern California a place like I mention derby in the end and that it's it's unclear if that's on a place for you for earth. Eighty dollars for one night it's ago. It's more than that. None and now. I can find you plays for eighty dollars plus get a ticket stuff to get airfare is just got to pay food is frustrated immediately a hundred dollars is 188 airfare to thirty it's funny that the cheapest person in the building in his you you you like to strong arm people into going to sporting events I'm not the cheapest person on the most financially responsible you the most financially responsible for it's that's my title is you did this to me in the final four I was like waffling like should I go or should I not go in the next thing I know I'm stuck in a car for 24 straight hours they can't box out I was pissed that I went. But you enjoyed it though I mean we had a good time that I had to drive twenty hours back to Phoenix you think I'm seriously pollen that often not taken lady swank calm on. I mean you can make that decision you are an adult I understand that the classic comeback can say you're not going we can't afford it I'm sorry I'll let you is it anatomy and I don't know I was hoping it was going to be the Yankees 'cause there was a better chance I can get the New York my sister lives there are had a place to crash. I don't you just collect dusty. I think he's staying in like his parents I think you they'd like zinc and I'll run his brother's got his Brothers taken the tickets. Remained. Who will bat and there's high school football on Friday night to dust problem it was a undo this for I as the UK is apparently doing here he is and he does Driscoll for all now. The base of my dad lives in San Fernando he relate to status house for free. Seeing I I honestly I'd I could get somebody to give you a room for they'd probably want to got to get it only six to get a get a trespass. Get a credential for like game five. Casey goes I guess that's in the news tonight at weekly gas agreement there's absolutely let me find a ticket right now Sony is at 600 for nose bleed this with somebody to accident 600 for the that we haven't had a World Series there and you know thirty years now they're fired a flare fired up as Sprague got in for like four dollars and a can of soup to go to game two of the NL DS nobody wanted to go to Napa. We got it we got our tickets half off they were 55 dollars and half off and we learned that it was used as a brigadier you a year. Should elegant there's another famous 700 dollars so there's little question should slang ante up and down. You could get the media credential fights at three out of this point they're all. They're all spoken for and does deserve aren't you a little bombed like yeah it's a watch him in the World Series here not bonds. Mean get to watch him and 88. That was the cool part about seen a White Sox in 050 into Lemerre game Arab Bobby Jenks. He was like fake throwing at mine and it was very awkward VGJ I think is an alcoholic yet he was he's also very V human. But I watched them in 05 I ended appointment form of the World Series because I Solomon for as you saw life style series team there's really one thing that. It's just okay item. Just you know charge and up on the credit card regardless and that's a four against it ever gets to a Rose Bowl. That's the only thing I think so cowboys of the Super Bowl benevolent Tennessee and you have the Dodgers in the World Series. Somebody said as if let us appreciate that little pot shot you just hunky well did there gets hottest year Nash late we can find the only thing I mean I've told my dad and my eyebrows like. Will drop and everything and were going. And drive down sleeping and Carlin was against it others saying it is it is it a foreperson road trip to Anaheim won 900 120 dollars a person gas in hotel. Now so you find a couple of the people to go with him this region for excuses here so why aren't. Yeah who cares how does she though intelligence 19 you drive back. Nobody's gonna murder you can't come on your fine just don't watch CSI shows and you won't be thinking about it ends and is a drive down simply car. To me said he never seen them and their home field you're not a real fan this I outlets that all ironic that I'm not giving you my opinion. But data that was the dumb opinion in that Hoover even though over driver also need. How the same opinion. I'm not kidding he then he validated your opinion and fog and uncle. And then never does like yeah how does he never did the shouting yes. I don't on and can speak and starting go fund may account. I'll be there if you really wanted to get you to make his work. That's all I'm saying you couldn't make it work beauty is as strong Arenas they say uniting against our seven on a car right now and LA. Gonna lose a lock on LA's in nineteen our current. You know that I I do not like to spend my pennies very often now you're very you're very frugal but I believe in in viewing sports things. Sports yeah with him as somebody who went to. I bin I went to the old Vero Beach spring training facility. And spent a week there in spring training had a stress fidelity and took the Florida so don't and a stop at step. As a journalist got murdered in Redding California gas station at 1 AM for is to mr. I almost get murdered on the way back from Phoenix the final four and I was he was somebody who has been to Arlington. Rose Bowl against Ohio State the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin the national title against Auburn Michael and all those. And forking up to go it was worth it even though they lost two and three I went to link didn't I had you know reading interest between Nebraska organ but that's about to his next year you know I'm gone. We're going Columbus is gonna Columbus we're going to Columbus yeah ended the show from Columbus admiral I'm going to that. Now we have a couple stray mark sing again and then oh no we've got we've and Megan has family in Columbus were gone. So you can make this work that's I guess as well I'm a pulley you wherever we're above I shirt to game I would that now I would never do that I'd burn burn pressure off my I thank you you have a reason to hate Ohio as the I didn't I can never be Doris station again I'll worry wore bright yellow and the arena was really good at sky. It and they might have football animal before the game. Yeah thanks for tuchman NFL is that they are ready for workers to go and go for six on Monday night users was is that I think you're teasing it two questions to answer quickly here okay. Real quick because we're up against it if the Redskins win. Can they when he NFC east now. Now now even if they win tonight in Philly and empowered to know now. How much I mean size 0% I just I'm saying now vine I still by Philly is the Eagles win they divested in the NFC yes. No who takes a caddie. Like it quick short answer one word that's it move on eight the NBA is bias against Portland trailblazers. If you needed to Lauren for him any more evidence on that I got some give to an extent native of him. 1849 Isaak who. Top of the hour we got a loaded show tomorrow Alicia what's going on here coming up in a couple of minutes. Early CJ McCollum to these steps off the bench and got suspended for regular season game this idea Clark. I was pretty bad right as a man. Kind of make a point on and I guess I don't want guys walking off on the floor during an altercation. Hit at interviews the commissioner every year and has always fun things with the NBA league offices got. Hammered by the league office doesn't have a history of walking on the floor during altercations. I didn't make a whole lot of sense but it amateurs trying to set a precedent they don't want guys walking out on the floor. And I wanna send a message. While the message the MBA said today was you better not walk out on the floor but if you throw your mouth piece at a refereed. A lorry about it. The NBA has fine staff curry 50000. Dollars. If you miss what happened over the weekend they were losing to Memphis he terrible temper tantrum like he likes to when they're losing and he hawked his mouth BC was toss out of the game. Kevin Durant flashes out finger at a fan point to his ring finger as they continued to bicker back and forth but. Finds 50000 dollars no suspension and the reason why it was just a fine was the league couldn't prove he aimed to hit the official. Was his mouth he's even though he threw his mouthpiece at. The official and I loved his comment after. If I wanted to hit the official I'd better in that. 00. All right well. A guy I don't I don't understand it it's not that big of a deal on the grand scheme of things but this is very NFL she misses something the NFL would totally do. You would screw up in being consistent with punishment. How can you. How can you take any object out of as a mouthpiece issue I had band how you're taking object. And two different times throw it towards an official. And neither time you're suspended first time we'll find a second time Yellowstone find your throwing something at the official. Vs big guy that wanted to come in potentially trying to stop this teenager getting in a fight took two steps in goes. Always yen and turns right back around has no history of violence no history of any thing. Uneven OC in a technical foul for for all all we're talking about here and understand and he gets suspended for game it's so stupid. And it's a league that's a pretty clear cut. Directive to the MBA yeah we can't afford at least have Corey for a night it's one night in the Reagan UC I know I hate when stuff like this and I unless something more agree just happens as it is not going to happen to players like staff she did an. And an NBA finals game and of course you're not gonna suspend somebody in the NBA finals because I wanna say that was game six that he did it it was before game seven palm and that was the series obviously that they went on to lose and so of course he wasn't getting gets suspended in game seven of the NBA finals for doing something like that but. The no see us following us on Twitter as I eyesight is he alive and I saw the replay on an idea started chuckling like how there is trying to temper tantrum. Mom did this sentiment that I saw from a lot of NBA writers on Twitter and and I was. One audience and because this isn't a finals this is a regular season and now the NBA has a chance to say you know what you can't do this crap he can't throw a tantrum. Toss your mouth piece towards an official and get away with that. In every NBA writer basically I think I I feel like that I follow. All was taken that this was going to be a hammer it was gonna come down it was getting get a suspension to never gonna let him know that this was unacceptable. They play in Dallas on Monday night tonight they play in Dallas he could to suspend him against the mavericks the NBA would survive of that stuff curry. From one night I I hate when stuff like this happens in every sport. Mom in the fact that he's able to get away with this as a repeat offender is throwing his mouthpiece towards either a fan aren't official only what a fine. It's it's absolutely laughable and if I'm CJ McCollum not only am I am sector as I got screwed on a call late against and two to go ball. Lee was found is that it was Thelma did you got suspended for game when you should. A balanced and missiles and assess and 100000 dollars less. For CJ it was a 165. I'm not mistaken recently broke that down veterans or is how much he makes per game because he lost the game checks and not only the get suspended for game he lost more than double what steps did. And staff threw something out an official back. Yeah he draws Stefan officials the warriors are with one into you all's right with the world love I love how angry you get over things and ultimately do not matter that much. Because you know how wrong it is yeah. Got to stand up for what's right in his were. We have it's it's ridiculous make it is and does it throw his mouthpiece and an official. He threw isn't. Go watch the replay he chalks it Adam he does and he tries now I nodded his finals the area he gazes. Is second time he's done it any he tries to use the I'm just frustrated. And I'm just frustrated. At the data called the foul and you and and you got and is facing you paraded him well today is San is asked for a game. Wayne you got locked up by Kevin Love and then you lost game seven on your court I didn't see thrown mouthpiece then re not frustrated. I guess it's different isn't it fat. Pack. They tomorrow on the show. We are still steal at 1230. And Justin Hopkins at 1 o'clock. We have Michael Rappaport on the show tomorrow at two. He wrote a book entitled this book has balls the if we're gonna interview room at 2 o'clock. He's also got media beef with Phil Simmons right now I'd love it he shouted out deals Simmons is a part of the bar stool sample is still asking about their show getting canceled by ESPN one weekend and eases you into basketball then we'll ask him how egregious is is that staff doesn't president and CJ did he hates the ball Sammy as much his idea. Down eight of the miss stimulus front tires podcast Kennedy the fan dot com. As very confined to we talked a lot of football on docks on baseball. I'll blazers loaded shell tweeted out after this break in at eighty the fan as well thinks being a part of a Mondays with our due tomorrow at noon. No one is next listening to 1080 the fan.