Dirt & Sprague Monday October 23rd, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, October 23rd
The guys start the hour with the NFL Whiparound, then chat with Ben Reiter of SI as the Astros have made the World Series 3 years after his cover story predicting it, now can they finish off the dream, and Dirt is all in on the Blazers this year after just 3 games.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. C is dirt and sprayed in other news. Prime minister of Sweden visited Washington today and my tiny little holes wasn't for. Which endangered Johnson and Brendan spring in my notes that are slightly no I. I didn't know what the doctor I hope there are small a lot of pressure along with a lot of pizzas yeah. It was good to them dirt and spray it on 1080 power party which you. I've been through it together he had a string. All right welcome back an hour tutor and sprayed with you here on Portland's sports leader the number one. Sports Radio station in our fine city 1080 the fan if you missed any. Of our one check it out podcast is on ten may be a fan dot com you can subscribe on iTunes. We got a loaded second hour while talk with out Ben reiter of SI dot com pre recorded for the show because it tight window dirt was not in quite yet. So good conversation though previewing the World Series in getting his thoughts on. How do you predict the Houston Astros winning a World Series 33 years out now treason that would be if it happened. Sesno join us in ten or twelve minutes or so. And then we'll talk about the World Series how excited are you see the Dodgers Astros match up. Ending get the blazers at crunch time but it's 1 o'clock on Monday let's get to our NFL with around. Thriller Z Intel and you believe yeah. As an emphatic palette and that was asleep well how about cal ballistic and I just what I am hoping they want our rivalry game in convincing fashion I'm crossing my fingers on this fighting in the easy suspensions gonna buy millions of getting suspended for the last six games of the regular season and missed the playoffs but the cowboys are headed straight to nine and seven in the last wildcard spot. That's possible. Let me say one thing real quick before you toward games. My hot today. I think a static link there's not a member or a better rivalry in sports then cowboys 49ers wow. Static out that is home or take from a forty niner fan absolutely all game itself Sox I didn't watch much of era we tack in 1990 to 1994. We jagged TO on this are a static yes you can put it on the telescope back today eighty Y and in the past genetically you know started there well I don't it's always the colors the colors the look. I think those two teams it's just perfect I stood on Michigan. A time. That's odd day. Right on that out of the take but I really like seeing you know my team I think if you see Francisco in Dallas or Dallas and San Francisco those colors and brings back good childhood memories when baton yakking it looks good dull red the blue silver only around a NASA again thousands boards stands what's the best rivalry in all of sports maybe two of them and answer 49ers and cowboys no I don't think it's the best I sit aesthetically it looks the best on TV. It's not that it is the best I know that. This is my two cents I let's starts. Boy they shines really come off Denver right. Eggs. Plus this. So as. Yeah I Kevin Arlen CBS on the called air Travis Benjamin with a long touchdown the chargers. They blame the Denver Broncos 21 to nothing Denver has lost three. Of their last four games Travers Ximian is not very good also not much pass protection and him and here's a cool stat. That is the first time Denver's been scoreless inning game since 1992. And the Broncos second longest streak in NFL history what's the longest. I believe is the 49 Louisiana 49ers the Broncos can't do anything offensively and look at the LA charges I don't. I don't wanna just focus on the Broncos you the chargers Cooley charges goal articles being on the road every week so I started Owen four. They've won three in a row and I wanna point this out three of their four losses to start the year or by combined said Dana. Boy waits I loved and a similarly good charges are saying you know they could be seven and out right they could be seven or at least be six tomorrow happy cruise thing guy in the scouting department that the Saturday go with a rookie kicker back guy might get fired concede cost him if you cast. Two games early on I. Still at Denver's still as a good defense they held down. The chargers rushing attack. It's Philip Rivers didn't do a Tonya on an honored eighty yards did attitude just shows he didn't turn it over. I think you've highlighted the biggest problem for Denver was their problem last here it is again this here's our offensive line. I Cindy and I get a Ximian has as question marks and he's still unproven as a legitimate starter. And he got you can rely on but it doesn't help when you can't on the football consistently which they cannot do because they can't block. He was sacked five times since that time to throw the football I don't care how good you are he can't run the ball in in in your offensive line doesn't give you any help you're gonna struggle as a quarterback and until they get that fixed it's almost like Seattle's problem right but they don't have Russell Wilson back there running around in saving your ass. I let's go to one of the surprise teams in need and ask now all the fight and saints in Lambeau Field. Years. Trooper is. There is Zach Kenny Albert Lord Charles Davis the saints going to Green Bay they get their third win ever at Lambeau Field. And they toppled a Brett Hundley led Green Bay Packers timely by the way it was twelve to 25 for 87 passing yards the and I was at buddies sports bar my dive bar hole watering hole by my house and and now packer fan was there and from needless say packer fan was very vocal and upset with the way his team was playing. Thought Anderson themselves I think this is what's gonna happen when you lose a guy like our routers and not quite sure what she expected rally was bad against Minnesota was bad. Against the bad New Orleans defense about Erin Jones though there's a bright spot rookie guy you'd Jeff ran for a 130 yards and a touchdown so. Please get out writes Bob glad you got a lot of people are sniffing around this game again Hundley would ever come up with some creative stuff on offensive columnists like he'd like rebate when there's. There's nobody had seen Brent only on film I I don't. Know where that came from new Roland I did I summing it's Minnesota got there again that's all I needed to see through three picks enact Jamie's gonna struggle on the world's figuring some things out but they took advantage of a team that's down and out of quarterback this weekend yeah I let's by the way the saints. Foray into on a year I mentioned big surprise get this Mark Ingram before the Adrian Peterson trade. 57 taxes 295 yards no touchdowns. Since Peterson's been traded. Mark Ingram 56 touches 256. Yards three touchdowns. It's it's helped them and the saints. Are often Rolen in the NFC south let's go. Pittsburgh where it was not a good day for any help. Ben Roethlisberger connects and Antonio Brown a as Jim Nance on the call for CB as the Steelers continue to dominate their series vs the Bengals. Claiming any don't just looked terrible. Yesterday Pittsburgh got back to the ground game the lady on bell who went for a 134 yards on the ground. Now back to back wins have some wondering if Pittsburgh's figured out they get the lion's colts and titans next here's why I think it is dealers and investing an NFL. It's. Take the day things take stalling I don't know how to restore I don't think I agree he navy on highlights and maybe on bellas figured it out well let's wait until after tonight in seafood to make that claim about Philadelphia feminist journalist Elizabeth T I just say and I'm going Matalin and sand pits first got to figure out you're really not going on a big limb well I have no idea Iranians Italian last year they are odds on favorite are always won all fourteen its guidance and I got outlandish. And then the only other question I have had this game. How long until Andy Dalton gets benched it's really didn't last like now I now right now I think that at bat. The last play of the game. They still out there trot him out. And there's no time on the clock here already lost combining anybody end he threw the ball away. Back up. Did he struck out. For ethics guy that is concerned about is that Larry gets what picks I don't need three microns or it's bad this Marvin Lewis gonna make it through the season yes. Because I really I don't think there is bad as that looked. I still think they'll get a couple games you know he'll be out again Elton is that bad he might be out go after the year. Candy don't leave that to see what you got the care all right that let's go to New York where craziness ensues once again with the C docs and a hail Mary type pass. Statistic gets the pit. Now he's gonna throw back to welcome back at midfield but it's the. It is catch. Richardson picked it. As Steve we're able here heard here on 1080 the fan. They had another fail merry I don't the odds of this happening are at the Seahawks but did this not only did it happen to Seattle yet again. It was the same wrath that was renting them fail Mary game with Green Bay Seattle went in the it's. And it was ruled in Seattle's favor yet again Paul Richardson with a touchdown. From Russell Wilson the C docs dominate the giants they went 24/7. And I don't know where you wanna go do you wanna in my house C docs look good or do you wanna talk about do we like the rule of tie goes to the receiver. And those are two different conversations I know some anyone ago because I don't wanna do most. Not yet I don't kind of tablets I going to wide receiver I don't I don't have an issue that. But every advantage in the NFL I now set for the offense I know and that to me was a tie because if you see it at the start. Richardson we'll what's the has it what what's that called them. You have to have that ice and oblique is Richardson has but his foot Tesla line it was cut though it was a catch. But landing Collins when he I know he's got ran has it. And Richardson's hands still on tables added that this is this. Evans a baseball what are you doing tie goes it goes to the runner well every advantages to the pitcher give it to the runner up that's a yeah I think that's a tough fight I don't had a huge file that I think Seattle the biggest they got to go to the second Africa's giants could maintain any offense I've got. If you're looking for somebody to be really impressed with the CIX that was again their defense stepping up that way they shut down. Eli Manning was cited captain Jack Downey was nineteen of 39 talk about being an efficient. Get rid of the ball he was afraid to get ahead of the giants could run the ball Garko had a big game last week Gilead 35 yards on the ground. It was only a matter atop I think I still have questions about their running game on they need to be more consistent in that fashion I'll Rawls and lacy had the bulk of the carries but they didn't do with time. Only about three yards per carry combined between the two of them. And if the sideline stuff I as a big bind with some people dole this has been an issue would Darrel bevel and Richard Sherman. And this weekend you have those involved linen in cable going out on the sideline and it came out Baldwin was mad because he wants Russell Wilson talked to team first. Before cable does. Those little things keep cropping up at Seattle's knowledge or do I think they're they're one of the better teams the NFC. This is an assist the re able sounds like examine an orgasm when he announces touchdowns I'm OK and I wish more announcers had orgasms when they announced touchdowns. I think it would bring an element of the game we don't really have right now. Personally. No time to get to the bats falcons but the pats and love falcons Steve's turkeys and probably a Nazi. Not looking good for Atlanta there's your analysis and in that school were against the wingman and they did at some points the fog was cool though. Mechanical. I hate I had a conversation with Ben reiter a writer for Sports Illustrated dot com. Because yeah cover story in 2014. Sing the Astros would win the 2017. World Series we take him over the show. Durst not in it so it's kind of a solo Sprague interview but it was a lot of fun and he talks of the World Series matchup and reiter SI dot com next on the fan. All right welcome back to endurance break what you happy Monday here on 1080 the fan in the World Series gets going tomorrow. And we and we thought to be a lot of fun dirt and myself have been following this story for over a year now just because we've been fascinated deceive it would actually happen. And a couple years ago Sports Illustrated ran a cover piece. With a picture of the Astros and it's as your 2017. World Series champs and that story was written. By our guest now banned writers Sports Illustrated SI dot com on tour have been writers where you can find him on Twitter. And he joins us then you gotta just give us the back story white what led SI and you to come together to to have such a cover and a good story. Pollack started with just how horrible actress. Mean this as a work team that he would ever been leading in five games here in a row. Tore up zero point zero local TV rating being made fun of by Alec trip back on you property. This loses and as yet support the lower wondering you know what that could go on on down. What the big idea here. Sole purpose of the year because periodically checked and you know you can do this is gonna get. Yeah fourteen. They agreed together some pretty unprecedented access. Relate to their room and there are working. And you know I came away. Andy exactly what they're doing and believing that they can't have a new ideas and a you know. Take apart franchise and rebuild it from the bottom up using it inaccurate and analytic but traditional outing as well. That follow the story. Didn't think that is going to be Cumberland plan to be a cover any bank. Listen to the cover. I get abuse that access and it miss it and you know the cover particular everybody remembers a lot about when that too. It was to where he was against it happened we back and you Ortiz is going to be 2070. That's solid in Tibet. Not bad at all. How surprised were you with how quick that young talent came up and then just started delivering results completely away from what they had been the previous 45 years. I'd surprise for sure you know back and he hadn't fifteen years has sold re overly conservative. Witness protection when they came out of the gate and winning. The wild card in the wild card game right here. Two to the root problem and it surprised by the time one bit aren't. Out that college terrorist who's just warning you of the fifteen. Came up in certain distorting big league pitching in have you accepted view everything through the lessons the probability. And it hung at the time what he did this year to come up and immediately become essentially the sort. In the league would come Republican ain't easy. And I'll type outcome. He's certainly not everything mode thing and go according to how we are obvious win but to some of them certainly did. Yeah hours I would Ben reiter SI dot com he's getting ready for the World Series starts tomorrow in LA Houston and the the Dodgers on tour happen writer. I feel like I know the answer your gonna gimme but I have to ask this we a lot of times in Sports Radio. We will be very umpires between two teams but if we give an opinion we cannery in for the opinion you wanna be the right down right. Is there any party that will admit that your your kind of Poland for the cover story in the inductees that she wrote to maybe come to fruition. I didn't in this for awhile. I intended then about the hoping it is true that I have no control over evening happened. Down there on the field. And I considered it actually. Sure they could get bit of a real good now this thing. It appears that at a time but I think I'm able to enjoy either Lewis. Absolutely we gotta we gotta match it with two really good baseball teams. I'd just Connie your thoughts are on this on this matchup between these two juggernaut. I think yeah I guess one thing I would say is that I regret. Having not put a single dime on this ridiculous. Hey. You're the guy out might have been rooting or one side if not that I think is a very. Very even match up I'm predicting seven game and among the eight I do all predictions. And the only one speaking the truth. And the bottom line on one again. But look I'm picking system. Precisely because of the nature of game seven of failed to yet you imagine most of the time. They keep that win game definitely to forward you know the pictures or use they're seeing. Alex Alex in game seven as it is pretty game seven that you could possibly. Analysts had callers and Charlie Morton get the credit this. That that meant no doubt tackling just really didn't even get up and old and still be risky on full rest. To get it much more of an even took certainly. And you my colleague and as I believe. Now Ben writer Sports Illustrated SI dot com's redefined his great work and he's on Twitter have been right or he's joining us now. I getting us ready for a World Series matchup that hopefully is a legendary one at that. We know a lot about the Dodgers. You say your taking the Astros one of the only add Sports Illustrated to do that. What is something though that if it's gonna go against you worries you the most with this matchup between LA and Houston. Certainly the bullpen is good but one of the things go real Iraq. And we saw that as a vulnerability. In the Chelsea yet. On the other side that the Dodgers bullpen after he has kind of been a question mark. Not that way anymore and we can and his best closer in the league and one would certainly work to bring this time a year wouldn't let. They've gotten great access to men now in Brandon Morrow that she's in fine. Look he can groups including loss and they treated or. Openness lab better. And put a lot of stress on the Houston's starters include Pete which obviously baked and duke. And they did several times and help Sierra. But really what you get into depends that the the situation could favor LA. How do you put into words what we've seen from Justin Verlander. Unbelievable there probability book or listen also at 99. And count outcome. Sure what I'm in the age is a picture. Could seem to be done a couple of years. It seemed like he had a lot. Woody factories and BP A like only the best athlete and he did hear that out to work. We have diminishing stuff slightly diminishing and Kate. But the work could have oh weaponry that was left and it was when used when he tried 2627. Cheat sheet and backed candidate this year as well. Next two to again be looking like the best. Big game pitcher in the league it's remarkable. What do you think the turnaround is for him it is it isn't just new atmosphere new environment excitement or is there anything mechanical different about it what howdy I would you explain that then. Let a combination of all about you know you start looking back toward the last couple months and try to the big reason why he's been pulled the trigger on the trade. Because interpreting better yet I think that you've been. Purple invigorated. By being on a team is excited as an exciting in the Astro. You can see that we're currently in the bunkers that they really looked at him and he beat up and up the thing that. But can come into an environment in which every single. Singh is in flight in allies and they have certainly seen some things that Barack is mechanic and his approach. Think their bit analytic. But he's been able to take advantage of I think it's probably mostly mental there's some technical elements to it as well. Our other two players in the daily line of non pictures that you would say the Dodgers have to have this players step up in Houston has to have this players step up. Can plug in depends on the banning orders. I would say perky in the period of just rhetoric number two again. At least against ready. And he got one hit the integrity of the tail yet that you are doing this or you're struggling and present them. You have one it will you know pass a law will. Because something's gone forward. For the doubters you know it's chord here right here and play in the and while the other is to. Only going to be back at shortstop for the world period you've got to sort out. 100% confirmed but when he's healthy he is an MVP level that it nearly. Very well actually with Charlie Culbertson. In the in the ten LCI. They really need. Eager in there as our third big big weapon aside from the put Justin Turner and you feel we can good secure. I suggest to confirm did Johnny here on this you had you do have Houston in seven using its on seven. Yeah there ago Ben writer Sports Illustrated SI dot com. We brought a Mon not only to break down this match between two really good teams. The dirt myself and following the story he wrote the story that was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2014 with a prediction. Astros win the 2017 World Series it's a really good piece go read about it it involves a process in which they were taking to get to this point. And a bumble hold we're here in 2017 and Ben Ryder may be accurate under percent. With the call of Houston winning at thanks so much for the time been great job on that story really was a Santa as agreed. And got to admit if they end up winning and I'll be okay because that is a that's a hell of a prediction. All right there's our taped conversation with Ben reiter of SI dot com. This could be the end of the SI jinx the Cecily view proclaimed 34 years in advance of the teams can win the World Series and nick and ends up happening. They also out in SI cover this year proclaiming the Dodgers the greatest team ever so something's gotta give you cell I had it way SI has got to be filled pretty good because they either get this one for three years ago or the Dodgers and up one in the World Series how excited are you for the World Series matchup between Dodgers and Astros 55305. Is the Bridgeport peers start sign and somebody opened my eyes in game seven in the ALCS. Not something to think about going fort I'd say what that is carnal World Series next on the fan. They want thirty fullback Dan Burton Greg after Monday's title alone. Coming up at ten minutes I think I got laser fever. Three games and seven an hour ago I guess I got a brace myself here and the only prescription is more cow bell and I gets. And I guess some lord tomorrow night with a home opener a toxin blazers their three game road trip to open the season here. Coming up in crunch time give back in his college football stuff in the final hour of the monumental on should be double Tyson Redskins and some Eagles in the final hour. As well led tell you all what was going on Saturday and I want poll question today I was curious for people came in on this speaking at a blazers 'cause they were playing Saturday night as well. This is the first settlement that we acetate that and it was. What did you end up watching mostly on Saturday night and a girl flip it around some people into a bar but if your channel surfing what did you watch most of and the results how about this close result. 34% said blazers bucks 33%. Said game seven ALCS 33% said college football. How about that split right down the middle so everybody's is watching different day I had mostly I think we all I solidity spoke mostly. Everybody was split and if you're wondering and you know fox makes a lot of dumb decisions one Annan is paying skip Bayless and another one is putting the ALCS game seven on FS one. But it was the most watched sports telecasts in the history of FS one a yankees game seven and therefore via an average house averaged ten million viewers in peak close to twelve million viewer I'd I'd. That they answer the. Easiest eliminate from this is college football I'd ending Penn State Michigan was a very good game and I know I was 2113 at one point I USC Notre Dame with CNN I guess I Notre Dame was it was no good. It where he was a mix between game seven in blazers. I hung around with the Yankee game seven game until it was for nothing when it got to for an nothing. I was dot I didn't I didn't need to say well the bullpen shaky now you can kind of just get the momentum was on Houston's favor. The energy in that building was outstanding it was electric to to tell about the city wanted suck my dad. After what they just went through I I didn't really have any hope the bats the Yankees would be going so I I switched and I was completely tied to the bot game. Dallas that back in every at the top of every inning to see if you don't judge would run into a fastball or they get some guys on base and threaten calm but ya mean all the all the all the momentum wasn't in the favor of Houston and on. It's a former primer at reminder never to get to higher to loan a seven game series because are a lot of Houston fans when they loss I was between was somebody we know that worsen radio. A Sports Radio you cities and all the Astros fans proclaim them series losers. When the Yankees scored in the bottom of the eighth of deeds for to tie this series 22. If that's overdone we don't stand a chance and here they are they in a winning game six in game seven. At home and they go onto the World Series and now we know it isn't Houston and LA. The SI cover stories will make for a fun kind of backdrop throughout the series but a one note on game one for market this all the money. Ton of big money. Going in on the LA Dodgers for tomorrow night not surprising a ton of money the MGM reported taking mid six figure bats on them. On the Westgate super book took a high five figure down on them to win tomorrow night. The series game one just for game one CG technology to to 33000 dollar bet on them. Right after game one odds were posted and people are our start to think that the sharks are gonna sniff around and and get the Astros on a good better 'cause the Moneyline is gonna be so much in their favor but. Dodgers goal and I think is the favorite to most people's minds and absolutely the favorite game once brought down into desert in life you're watching that Siri. Easier we talked about the Yankees a little bit and I said trees and aid the Yankees but their young likable team and watching game seven it was funny as the first inning game. One of the individuals I was watching the game with goes silent the Astros to win and a Mike you beginning to Yankee hater EB Daschle's Fannie goes now. It's yankees win is to start. And since the start if he's like John insufferable Yankee fan is that your own hands and build this team is young a match where they're going to be to go to the World Series this year and I go I never thought about that aspect of it let's go Astros go Astros and like I am tired he likes Jose out too vague Correia springer. I like hike over lenders been a great story I like all that having data's former braves legend. I'm not comment on that I'm really divorce this series start adding easier to best teams in baseball I think we saw predominately for most of the year. And it's a it's a good Tim a contrast of white is going to end up. Working out in any other team's favor is a Kennedy the offensive explosion. Potential between both those lineups letting their equally right down the middle with both. Starting pitching. You can probably say that split both. The bullpen obviously huge. I think leans more Dodgers there but. The Astros are just one of those category leave. Never completely dead teams and they have a guy like cozy Al Tuesday that fires you up and get a single any sort screaming at the bench and suddenly the astros' offense gets going he's a lot of from I think this is the matchup we all kind of deserve from the space policy even as is season ends the best two teams we got from most the year. Yeah and and it is adding as an easy one because at a Cleveland has had to say about that at the end of BC when they want what was it 24 straight 2324 shots aimlessly and I think they ended up with the best record in the America under him when they 60200 -- but use it wasn't too far behind and I mean this was really did the first study to back the first half of the season to the Dodgers and Astros are the only two teams that we talked about because the way they played baseball so it's fun that you get to see them. On now face each other in the World Series in this series is completely different because of the Verlander trade again effusive when not a pulled down off first and I'll probably hear but. If they had found their way here I think I'm a little blob the Dodgers in this series to win but the Berliner one does change things a little bit because of the way title number Lander. Thornton on I think that was one that the loss things of the weekend was game seven was awesome it was not to not to need a really tighten the fifth and sixth inning. And so he's an open it up with a couple solo shots in the candidate to run double but. That that this lawsuit the weekend story lines was the way Justin Verlander pitched on Friday and and doing it against a gut a dominant lineup in the yankees' thinking at the long ball as good as anybody. And it's so difficult some slack and I talked about Friday he saw Michael even struggle with this. It's so hard when you had to face a team for the second time in a series because they are right that's how we threw us in game liner game two we dominated us. He liked to go here he was doing this this fastball. And then the offense can adjust you and it's okay we know what you're gonna bring where's your adjustments are watching him be able to do that twice in the same series against that lineup. Are you ready gives them a dynamic they have a 12 punch and I had the fun part is some tragic go into a series and say and it doesn't always not always favored to wins. But I everything eagle down the line to line up to me or are pretty damn even. On you got Yu Darvish and Kershaw on LA north role ball great you got cycle in Berlin or use Andrew thrown the ball great I think it always comes down to these kind of series come down to to meet. The the un talked about folks the guys who were starting in game 38. It's a question mark for use side. They did it just shows like a ready evenly matched series at and I hope it's a goal for baseball and I think I think the rating should be pretty go with LA involved abuse in involved it's a couple of top five medium. I'm excited to see Kershaw on the big stage did you see him in the post game by the way. Kerr shot yeah I met him and I cannot arrow was at. Did that happen that happened Thursday lead I didn't out of the post game stuff well yeah he was interviewed just about gone once they heels try it like he was just like excited he was pond he's like it's great to finally be on the stage. I wanna see what if he's gonna deliver this is his moment berliners when he street starts and he isn't as one arm he's been dominant U can't touch him. Our final of the red up that's the Dodd is going to be able to do that. One listener points this out and and I I have read a bunch points on the stooges. The patience of the dodger hitters continue working it and try to get to apple opened for Houston to get some of those starters out early. And in the rituals of the world you mentioned it 34 starters after year your big 12 or even more in the way through a game seven can you do that again and yet but how did he do early in the Yankee series he ended it lit up so it is just at the wild card you're still right about the the non super star starters. And and just his bats are gonna prevail in this I think is is really get them. To do a dead to piggyback on Ben's point I think he's got a great potential to go seven games to be related series of all stars tomorrow. We're gonna have all the games are they gonna be on nine to NE SP in Portland and Saturday's going to be on the Saturday will be on the family and against a B on nine Denny has PM Portland so like tension there are stars tomorrow going to be an awesome series buckle up. A World Series begins tomorrow down at Chavez. Ravine hate the blazers are three games ended their season. And I and I got to it meant. Kind of buying into. Chris Simon's next intended effect. Pressures on the asked what's the difference. Past masters executing crunch time English preliminary heat. When you win this credits filming all the news that's the most telling. Its current stunned him a look at the hottest topics in sports writer do you mind crunch bit. 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Migrants back to back French fitness always nine any problem and so why would you ever pay more free gym membership on the out of the glorious ass gains today after the shell so. Eaten a salad for lunch and in China and I had a bad week last week dietary. Choices yet pizza every day for a week. And somehow I feel like up on the toilet missing man it's not an extreme the good. Well I'll go there and that was. OK for really care about it was aiming maybe for the what did you night pizza eyes and Friday when I wasn't here I'd any pizza on Monday and okay waste zone annual increase Tuesday and your face laughable claim we never. Finally we never got to you college girlfriend now how to cholera she made it very questionable move and I'll euphoria. She ordered you pizza but she didn't just order pizza from Costco she got to Pete is god you got to. The islands to what that was a bad throw me by the able for the league because people with two large pizzas from Tosca that's not happily she likes and I affinity for leftover pizza so in that regard I do respect the decision and I hope she continues to make said decision because it's a great breakfast it's a great launch and it's a great in the next let him try new oh win over the hearts. She got arrested on the radio this may not I had we had co worker that Otis feats of salon slam pizza for lunch and then she did not know when she was a casket and she got too large pizzas for dinner so I got almost like it was for the I grab pizza again let's buckle up and then there's all this leftover pizza in the fridge I'm not just analytical bad. If I showed up to my house and my wife had two large pieces I would go all who else is joining insists he does nobody. My first thought would be. Where's all the Pete's again ago it's gonna go in my belly down my throat you're finished it yeah I every day and slice. Addressing what I ordered and I it's buddies over on Saturday or grits salad over there you know I had I'd bodies are for the decade on Saturday you know we got. Pizza. But that Pete is all cleared out a pizza for a couple weeks for a pass pizza for op yep. Bright object couldn't mix and a soccer. Great points wag. By the way Friday as a Halloween costumes were kids will be here. Guarantee pizza will be involved in there will be steep stealing a slight skates this is too good to pass up. That's and a lot of pizza it's pizzas could at a pizza. I mean let's get to the blazers shall because I got a fever has not eating too much pizza in it's a blazer fever. I I gotta tell you what I I'm gonna be down blazer fan three games and I'm roped him I think this is a good team they're fun to watch should be. Probably no Lockett on Saturday night coming on a liar. Odd didn't get much in terms of help from the rough threes. And the final two minutes but their 211 on their road swing to open the season they lose 113 110 on Saturday they got great freaked. Has now on to Google is awesome on so I don't know how long before he's the best player in the NBA. I ref far off 44 points eight rebounds for us says he was seventeen of 23 from the floor like he he was dominant and now they gotta stretch of ten of eleven home. Sign me up now by an albino with the blazers solid. The best player all say three years. The key starting to realize there's maybe two or three guys in the league that can guard him one on one I don't think he knew that before I think you're still trying to figure himself up but. There's players that outsmart him like LeBron did when he blocked him let down by just a black him. Guard him even a guy like LeBron or TD you can't truly garden you might have a possession or two that you win. But man he on that Steele was CJ that by the way the MBA you call know Knowles foul on call an absolute BS. That's deal they got on CJ where they got to go ahead bucket. John has got the ball took one dribble pass half court and dunked it. One. Data and didn't travel and didn't travel it was a clean water and dribble. Two steps talk and it was like I don't even on its humanly possible. That coming out robs made based on next Q when they could of two win that game. But sitting two and one I'm I'm they're fun to watch their exciting and there is an element of chemistry and figuring out the rotation. That I I think Terry Stotts in this team has figured out. You still got parts like Minnesota and Oklahoma City that we mentioned. It's gonna take time before they really reach the potential there's still better teams I think. But right now I like what I'm seeing and I even put this out defensively. It's real early Dave played Phoenix I give Phoenix's absolute trash in the NBA. Defensively their first three games last year they were two and one they were sixteenth in defense of rating same record this year they're fifth. You can give me who they played all you want but any and is a top ten offense right now in the lead and looked Milwaukee gave up 400 class to them. It's really hard to stop a team led by Jonas obstacle ball. I just I liked the effort it Elise feels different to me where everybody's buying in. To say look last year was unacceptable. Nobody's given us a chance and we are mocked. Endlessly by fans and media alike for our defense of effort at least that feels different and that's what I wanted to see is. Make me feel better about what this team is. Vs what everybody else thinks it's going to be and even though the schedule now shapes up or ten of their next lever at home dirt. I still like them to continue it is really good start. And we'll see how that's gonna shake out once they start playing the Western Conference contenders the scheduled toughen up some but for the most part I believe in building confidence building chemistry more and more and Evan Turner's fitting in better in Millard listen. Aminu is not dribbling. Balls office deed in and missing every three or oblique it was 17 on Saturday them and Myers is glued to the bank. Each yes it adds a man right. I like what I'm seeing idea till and I am not my friends I can't speak for yours my friends there is liken it Simon attitude unlike the blazers I like watching him play same here same here IA AB a group jazz somebody's hurt or die hard sports fans and that's been a sentiment three games and have been fun to watch it eleven you know look in and day out you can. Tried via web blank and all you want they're not gonna let titled nobody can sit here and say now but they're there. A seemingly better than they were last year they they picked up where they left off for these Americans they're committing to playing defense. In every minute it was one bad quarter against Milwaukee was the second quarter they give a 36 outside of that I think played pretty good defense throughout the night. And you add ads to Google both 44 he was I mean that is right nobody is topic I if it was one before he got to the foul line need edges you can guarded beaches to athletic. Honest is a terrible matchup and then Tony snell went out of seven and eight come from he's never at a game like that his career that's all his career that's what you now he is a three point shootout is a you know I needed may miss one shot all night so it in the fact that those two things happen and you lost by three points to a good playoff caliber Milwaukee team on the don't in on the road. On a second of a back to back to me that was a positive take away you get ten of eleven home Americans finally it got out of his cold funky had seventeen points eleven boards was efficient. David CJ are playing good basketball team that big buckets at the and I. Yeah I just like I'd be in terms of what I thought coming and I a little higher hopes than a little higher expectations and some may be but. And they've lived up to a three games in they'll be tested more on the stretchers no doubt you got the Twin Towers tomorrow mom but yeah I just say they've been fun watching it all you can ask for these early on yeah committing to defense be entertaining and being ball gigs. Yeah still can't take much away stats wise three games into the season it just he can't I can tell you the defense of raiding and have a that was a cool little thing to notice but. They've played Indiana Milwaukee and Phoenix not the best of the best and again I think they should be New Orleans by. You've got to figure out how you deal with. DeMarcus Cousins and aunt he gave us two. To music and obviously they're says the blazes are going to be good every single year than they end up being needs seed ask that your I didn't they're gonna be good two years ago and the end and only time that if there's a society and amid plans but got combined in three games in home openers tomorrow all the talks more about that tableau before but three games in. Let me up it also doesn't feel like. Myers is getting off that entity types no there's no problem about it. Gamal to see your problem. Ten million dollars I'd rather have an on the bench Chris I'm Reggie back prejudice. Always not 95 a month so why would you ever pay more free gym membership. I thought alarm over spring and hammered out at crunch dot com wants to get to any final hour of the show I do wanna talk about that Monday Night Football game tonight. And it's illegal one Philly take and how Washington. Get back in Oregon they thought of Forbes four on the season people are wondering now will they go to a bowl game can they bounce back. Well do dads are but I wanna start it was a national college football's a dumb we get in my opinion. In college but did solidified the best teams in the country aren't talks in college football a kick out the final hour on going to murder sprayed on 1080 the fan.