Dirt & Sprague Monday October 23rd, 2017

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, October 23rd
Sprague survived the Norovirus over the weekend, the Ducks did not survive UCLA, and now sit at .500 with four games left, and just how good are the Arizona schools this season in the Pac-12 South.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. The fuel. Swing get a fly ball center field this good at dealing. And they use. This is dirt and spray. Yeah coming back double. It's endangered Johnson and Brendan spray. I'm now going down. The dirt and spray. Guns and maybe. Ride it is to two in the rose city it is time for dirt and spray on Portland's sports leader. 1080 the fan Brandon spray back on the saddle. Alongside my 'cause then leader Johnson as the as the mud but still it is not here after the weekend I would like to apologize profusely for missing Friday as actually really upset. My kid at this this Norah virus in. Both my kids guided then I guided but you know what happens is even if somebody tells you it was as more of a virus. You associate the stomach bug with the last thing you eight. So I'm not gonna say what specifically IA I talked about it on Friday I told people when she 80 you did I asked if it was the whole line food in the Beers at the combination of wells well I'm not gonna be eating that for quite awhile personally it can't do it it's like a bad I would tequila you can't go back tequila for awhile I'm still haunted by tequila from a night in college. Years ago I think years ago it ten years ago and he can't move on from that you can't you can't shake it and so I am one of them I'm just individual that a fight to meet all. And that meatball it's me orally. I'm off meatballs for five to six months I don't wanna see a meatball I don't wanna taste and eat while I'm down with me that's that's just the way that I operate there. And sun sign that in his Friday tried to give it ago it didn't work you looked like death I got in on Friday or Saturday had even taken your computer at your backpack you're just sitting at the desk and I I. You were about eight she needs more pale than usually Hartley I mean look that happens from time to time I'm glad down Lima's today literally was a 24 hour bug I was in misery Friday. In late Friday nicer to be able to walk around them like. I think I showed it Saturday welcome Mike let's go weep yeah you feel fine I was ready to go I was really upset but. We've got to did. But surely we got laughingstock and it was a busy weekend in sports dare I say on the blazers might have stolen most of my attention this weekend which is very fair to say given the prize at Milwaukee to once started it was final I watch a lot of game Friday night Saturday was great I'd I was really disappointed in the weakened a college football at that there was going to be some good games I games seventy ALCS was great for about six and a half things. And Daschle's kind of started poll playing if Thailand is probably going to be yet and speak watch and maybe there's going to be an a big comeback there but. Really disappointed in a week and a college football because I was I was all I am up for that one and and it fell flat now. I have to ask this as we make this simple question and I kind of went leads show with that just out of curiosity from listeners. I know arrived voted as I've already voted your actor Sprague. But we put our poll question of of who had the worst weekend. Act USC football. Who completely no showed and just got their lunch money stolen Notre Dame and sweet Jesus goes bad Carolina. Who lost act Chicago to a team who didn't score an offensive touchdown. Or Kansas football who had a total and I'm not kidding when I say this. They finished with a whopping total of 21. Yards and got blanked by TCU. Those three options you can vote for. And I don't think I've voted for the when you think I voted for. I say I relax Kansas because I knew that is Kansas football is anybody surprised and not at all the most shocking thing in the week the only storyline out of that game is who was the jackass the chose to put down on fox over game seven of the Yale CS. I think there's a rights deal it doesn't matter way that does it matter I'd say 5 o'clock they played TCU Kansas instead of game seven game seven at a huge ratings night good baseball game and how you want bigger night of game bodies I mean it was a huge night for ratings and it would have been bigger films on fox Tyrell Kansas out there's nobody. I'll was surprised by that outcome. I would with the Carolina Panthers so did I they were my answer yes like I was really surprised by USC losing the way that they did I I like you as you win that game will oops they cannot get blown out. All Mike Carroll on the losing end Chicago. In not giving up an offensive touchdown. Kansas boy you mention it why is that surprising to anybody. That they should blow the thing up Kuwait save that money spend it towards athletics they care about. Or that they can actually win that Kansas football is on a level of Luke all to themselves and I don't know if we've seen since may be O issued twenty straight losing season ads as ads that that. USC and we differs year and I didn't think USC. Lose and Notre Dame. Even in that fashion was was surprising. Yet it only surprised about was how badly dateline I think our lives for last three or five week I I can see him losing easily but not. Getting blown out a way that they did. That was mean that was laughable like it was that game was over in the first quarter yet Notre Dame do whatever they wanted and it USC fumbled the snap they dropped applied Donald threw a pick it was like 21 not in the snapple of these. Is that this the first like six minutes a game that was broke into the baseball game. And I was like I try these 5 o'clock USC Notre Dame stardom flip over. It was point one of them by the time I turn the game on as they are I will go and cross that one off abide channel flipping list. Yeah it's a meat Cam Newton going into Chicago. And playing that way they acted when the MVP. And he had a couple mall in two weeks where he went back to being MVP camp that he did. And now he's back to being let down are you doing Cam Newton my dad I don't know indicting and how to make sense that performance match of your best he won that game attempted seven passes. Is that what it was the eleventh he was 47. He was four cent. I don't think. Naomi had they only have a 33 plays offense the whole game and they did they could do an incredible 26 times and they and they threw at seven that was it. That was all care that was all Chicago did and they still won 1973. There is no excuse for that because there's nine excused. I got I was flipping around yacht in the red zone on guy yesterday morning Carolina's drive nearly that was one of the games I picked this we have like Carolina to win. They were driving on the opening drive down like the Chicago at winning. And they call a triple option and they pitch it the guy drops the pit Samuels drops in sales dropped to dig a scoop and score for an eighty yard touchdown as I is Kabila on Sunday you know and I knew Carolina was in trouble. Because I was with you for most of the week like yeah socked him in that hat. Well no chance that's usual camps like camp wears that hat on almost a week Monday's arts dip in the the assuming you in the frosted tips in the way I was asked that's an evening that's his new and you look. I knew Carolina might be in trouble I didn't take it and in sprayed line and in touch it. But I needed it they were in trouble in that game win everybody nationally was talking about how that was their lock of the week. When that happens in the NFL. I'm out I'm I'm sorry I maybe it happens good for all you people for predicting it. I'm out I don't wanting to do with that. And lone bull they get their butts destroyed in Chicago they could've. Just kick to fuel bulls and not given up defense of touchdowns and 196 mapping. Was the worst week a little football we've seen this season. That time I was there was nothing there Roby and yesterday Saudi teams did not score an offensive touchdown how about that factoid you had to Dallas forty niner game was a blowout titans Brown's scheme was just to draw that was ugly I'm trying my best stuff is definitely back on your boy Mario and aliens went baby and a garbage team just went it just went baby keep notching up those when's the AFC south I think I wrote in my emailed to you because I wanted to give you my picks. 80% of the time you bet against the brownies and use your will when you wrote that in your you know I read that one over the air and in the most spray line fashion I hit a 20%. At one time the browns have covered all season long top. I've got it to pick against them she's so glad I decided to go to the timbers game Sunday afternoon there was so much more enjoyable eyes at the one game I've there was two games I felt confident in somewhat confident this weekend one was Seattle over the new York and that was even -- that was an all out for awhile it's a little fourth quarters decided to throw it is trying to pull away and Anna when it's would have foreseen and Cubans read the other one we all. We all love and Atlanta. That offense against the patriots defense and a leg that was the defining moment of the NFL season for me just the B two by four slap in the face of we know nothing about the NFL dip. We'd been going his defense is one of the worse at least. Everybody was shredding them doesn't matter who's at home or on the road the jets become. Muster seventeen point should have been 24 they don't overturn it I shut them down last only know one thing the browns suck. The browns suck Hamels beat the titans well got a time Tennessee kept him in the game. I don't wanna talk about that game and I give up on the NFL and I I'd I'd give up I throw my hands are the enemies can sit down and not expected in agony but you know we got. We got you you mentioned earlier against the blazers to a one little start here at close competitive game against Milwaukee on the road that they probably should've won in emerald demand CJ McCollum got found in the NBA will not admitted in. They got their home opener tomorrow he's got tackle. Fours because. It's not pretty considering where we're gonna start and then that's with your organ docs wolf they have lost three straight. No idea what they're gonna do going for would just Herbert play against you doubt we'll talk about you Morgan docs unfortunately doctrine I'm sorry I know it's stuff. But is this team syllable team. 55305. Is the bridge workers to sign rods were actor and spray at Peter Johnson emperor in Sprague those are with organ next on an eighty the fan. Seven through a World Series preview today as well and at 115. We're actually gonna air an interview that I did so dirt had you know family thing he had to do and I got in here extremely early today so. We had a window were detained Ben reiter who writes for SI dot com and it was a short window disease he's hopping on a plane and he's had to the World Series and ready for everything. So dirt it's not in the interview in pre recorded before the show it's a slow 10 man this guy is that is I should put some money on his SI cover yes and if your wondering OK we'll who's been writer Ben reiter is a pretty good baseball writer for Sports Illustrated and in 2014. He wrote an in depth expose today. On the Houston Astros why were they sucking and what were they sucking for. So he got unprecedented access. And on the cover of that magazine. His story was the cover story. And it's titled your 2017. World Series champs Houston Astros and here we are in 2017 in the World Series and so dirt and I've been following this story for almost a year because we saw that cover story we laughed. And he agreed to come on in and talk about that story what led to it in kind of just get his thoughts on what air that interview 115. We'll talk about the World Series or 130 and of course better and at the whip around. At 1 o'clock but. Oregon Ducks are are. They lost three straight their real and they are for informed him. They were tied at halftime but for the most part it's still kind of felt like fools gold given what we have seen Braxton Burmeister was eight of fifteen for 74 yards and an interception. The ducks rushing attack was supposed to be what got them potentially a win and they finished with 246 rushing yards which was well below what you silly gives up on average. And that was kind of what I was just talking about last week when we were discussing this game. Was even with a crappy rush defense the worst in the conference if the other team knows you can't pass the ball. All they have to do is your opted slow or stop a rod and that's when I thought they did against door again. And now you're two point Regis wonder is organs still even a bull team. Add it all depends 100% on the health of Johnson Herbert it really does there's not a doubt in my mind if Roberts played and he's healthy against UCLA they went back game UCLA's not a good football team odd that the defense kept in the first half only given up fourteen. And then things got out of hand a second half because again they they just couldn't sustain any pressure on offense. So it all depends the bulls' situation is of Herbert back this week I think he got a puncher chance against Utah after what we saw them do at home against Arizona State this past weekend. You're gonna lose to Washington and then you look at Arizona and organs dated DN LDC get a both at home but Arizona's not a gimme a played really good football. I'm in Atlanta after two years ago in the civil war when currency did an odds and he got to throw records out when they play but if Roberts back I still think is a team. I can make a bowl game and in odd that that there's a lot of anger and frustration inning and a fan base right now and look understandably so losing sox' other reform line and everybody was pretty positive but I love the new staff and Taggart. Everybody is really high now everybody's down because you've lost three straight games but. I did say and is now for two and a half weeks. I don't really know what you expected to change they cannot throw the football I mean UCLA knew that they were gonna run the run the ball basically on every play. There there are splits were 62 rushing attempts to fifteen passing attempts. They still ran the ball for almost 250 yards peso averaged four yards for carry freemen out on our sixteen self almost six yards to carry. Also they were effective in running the football but. What does a defense you know you can sellout on every single play you can load the boxer. If you give people on all wanted to passing situation is not a big deal because you know they can't do it consistently enough. Until when the football game. It becomes easier to stop it you know it's like if you're playing a game of poker and you know your opponent is always get a bluff. Every single time he goes in a raises or or or or ups the bat. You know that he's bluffing how hard is it to play against that so. Ads is in a Taggart has saffron they have one hand tied behind their back and it a lot of folks are kind of micro analyzing every little detail which I get. Eighty should be held accountable for some of the mistakes but. It just they're not gonna win football is a tracks to Burmeister quarterback so I think. Think to answer the question are they able team. I really do believe it's it's comes down to this weekend. If he doesn't play if Herbert doesn't play and you talk you're going to lose that game yet there's no doubt going to lose to Washington with or without Herbert. And I'll be honest when yep I'm gonna do every tried. Just he's kind of figured it out this year with a right makes a kid's the rushing attack that dynamic play of Khalil Tate. I only you're beaten Arizona with Herbert. That would lead you had four wins Cohen from potentially five in the civil war and a perverts not available for health reasons for whatever reason at that point. As well text to point out is that everything organ organ state Justin Herbert. I would say at this point it kind of feels that way and I know that may not be fair because the beavers record is. Worse than the docs but just what we've seen without Justin Herbert. They are one of the worst teams in this conference and that is the top I don't know about duck fans feelings are they angry whenever. All I can speak up as well I've seen and it Kaiser's it piggy backs a little big with what your talking about because. I wondered should you start throwing for mice are out there and saying hey you've got to make mistakes throw the ball. I watched a team twice dirt the first time I watched it was on my DVR because they missed lighten the second time I watched it kind of DVR spice slowed down a little more. Becky can't make routine throws a weekend like. I'm not I don't fashion acres of ours we should be and that's that's fine but the facts are he he struggles to make routine throws. I don't know what Willie Taggart does. Taylor rally we've seen that song and dance before and I think Willie Taggart will tell you he seen in him practice enough to know. The audience and that is probably you know. Do you write more you only threw it fifteen times. And again you silly as your worst rushing opponent on defense that you'll face all year. They elegy well below what they usually give up because they know what you're going to do they know the only thing you can do. And so I just think you look at organ and say are they able team it's all getting hinge on Utah they lose to Utah. I don't care what the health status Herbert is you're not winning two year last three. I'm double or did you simply city Arizona one is a loss either way I do think Arizona's playing good football there's no way it's a guarantee that at Arizona aren't aren't is that Dotson so for that reason I I still think organ with a healthy Herbert has a chance but as long as for meisters Golan. They're not gonna be any money in India the question is the only difference to an organ and organ stated that just in Herbert. No Timmy is not that simple I'd like in just for example look at the last two stat lines for Gerald parents right to back up in Oregon State who died is not great we can all agree on that. Against Colorado he was twenty of 37 for 289 yards against USC on the Brody was sixteen of 29 for 200 yards. Those are decent stat lines organs in that game if they have a quarterback that goes twenty of 37 for 289 yards I think that's oversimplifying it. The differences and they just don't have depth to deposition and and that's something that I can't hold against is coaching staff again. On not to keep hammering on that point it's not his fault his second and searching quarterbacks. Decided to transfer out and they were forced to move a wide receiver back to quarterback in Taylor rally is your back up. And then you're you're forced to play a freshman who if we know an inning up the last three weeks and says he'd. It just it it you know it it's frustrating because I I think this football team is good I still want us to believe that and I have Bieber fans who are. Chirp and Abby because I thought that they can go wait for this season. I still maintain without a shadow of doubt that this football team could have gone eight for just never plays you would a loss to Washington State. You would a loss to Stanford but in my opinion he beat UCLA with Herbert. You're sit your five and three with a chance to beat Utah Arizona and Oregon State to close things out and get to eight wins just. This stuff happens a programs and happens to teams do we all agree to Jim both Fisher is a good head coach. Won a national title he's been to BCS bowl game I was Jim Motorola yeah these two and four this year why because his quarterback Tora CC on the opener he's forced to play a freshman. They have enough talent all in all around the roster to keep them in games. But the kid makes mistakes three throws picks three fumbles when they don't need it. And their sit in there to inform because they're in the same predicament college. The ball's weird that way where some programs to lose their quarterback can be OK and then take Florida State. And it's funny brother because I was I should timeout that with a friend of the show count up for the show. And they lose friends swab who's a really good player one of the better quarterbacks in the country are you only ranked in the top three based on one player on your old team. And that's the thing is like. I think that's a good comparison for organ because it should Florida State be where the rat they have to win two in the last three in those and I can be easy games to people eligible. But org it is I think organ and foresee talent wise they're on different playing field here now they're kind of in the same predicament. Of needing to do this and that without starting quarterback. But it is amazing how college football sometimes that doesn't always affect programs and then with others it comes into play organ for escaping exempt we are worried if you text row quake. Somebody text in and said ducks fan know her feelings report here very young team injuries like quarterback killed. Burmeister Sox great defense they are cast all the time another mine I wanna be mad but then again I could be organ state and have my coach quit on me not be able to win a single game that's blow. It's okay it's it's what happens another one it's simple organism passing game until it changes they won't win 21 dimensional somebody else's seasons and as a loss for organ keeper Meister out there it's good learning for experience now I dispute that for him moving forward somebody else's yes let him throw the damn ball I would rather lose that way. In being one dimensional. Somebody else tells me Sprague is way over routing Arizona they give 4040 towel. That organ stuffed at home well it was a double overtime game they give a 44 Powell also held Washington State to three working you have thirty doesn't yeah I guess I'll college football work and tell all. Poets nights it. Amid other one and another example he uses is Clemson you know Kelly Bryant goes down loses Syracuse edges that the quarterback position is is we know how valuable it is I'm missing college the Mossad programs it doesn't effect in yeah lot of others it does. It does because organs not one of those programs and as a dominant defense they can win you games on the offensive line just can't simply push people around. And yelled for for the calls you know wanting him to throw more. No thanks man no thanks I know it sucks to watch him run the ball sixty times and threw a fifteen day if you watch him. He can't sit in the pocket make reads like you get those occasional opportunities where there's somebody wide open because you silly sells out so hard to stop the run. That there's somebody going up to see whether it's Nelson are tied and it's wide open and he hit a he had a couple those place. But outside of that if there's not one of those wide open receivers on his first read what does he do. Either scrambles or he lobbed the ball a double coverage units trade on the sideline and that's because there was doubt about that is what is custom a couple of interceptions that we threw another one on a second and three situation you throw picked on the sideline. And the second half of that ballgame and an as far as there's nothing to gain. On this seizing key point Burma strike I couldn't disagree more I think making a bowl game is really important for a young team you get a month of practice you get that experience playing in a situation like that. And if Herbert healthy to play him there there's no points and it's a non throwing shoulder injury. When he's ready to go you try to back out there who read a few more tax on this the bridge for peers tax on 55305. Eating organ is still bowl team will also move on to the pac twelve who's the best in the north. And who's the best in the south I thought it was an interesting weekend in the pac twelve conference to talk about that next. Well my nightmare is come to fruition dirt is loose on the attacks machine I just found out. And back and forth with people who. There's some criticism that's been pointed on any tax line averaged four Beers tax line abouts. Willie Taggart somebody saying Willie Taggart the staff they understand her birds' injury but they've got done a great job and made the right adjustments. But there's a lot of things that I want to criticize about this staff and you'll sing to earn enough on the excuses. Excuses challenges the ocean they'll be fired champion foreign or. I didn't even know that lately I just wonder is there something differently could be doing now. Know what it is no have you watched Burmeister playing what's the difference in somebody that they guy who set I was giving excuses at how is Arizona doing with their back up quarterback. If Willie Taggart was in year three or a year for. And he had developed a back up and he hadn't brought up you know another guy to beat and did that just in case QB. By all means I sit here rep and that's what we do with mark health fridge where as the next guy. Mario does god there was nobody else lefty had to rely grad transfer is every big recruit they brought in didn't pan out or transferred out it's not his whole like. I if you want to criticize him for the number two and number three guys in the depth chart deciding to transfer. Then fine criticize him for that I don't know high you have that control what's he supposed to say no element of force you to stay here. You didn't wanna you didn't wanna compete you want about you don't wanna stick around just in case of an injury so he decided to go elsewhere. I just said there's not much that a coach can do in those circumstances you have to allow kids out of your program if they decide to transfer. And one more row quicken their own lawn of the pac twelve. We can that was the defense was an issue and it's been a major improvement I'm fine with the way the season is going. You'll flood everybody with an opinion wedges I'd -- there's there's not much. I don't know what else they can really do -- at four and one I think everybody was really high when Barbara went down it was like all right let's see we where you go from here and I just I haven't expected much difference in the last three do you agree with me if they don't be Utah either novelty. I'm not I'm still not I'm still not ready to say that because I think the Arizona game if Herbert is playing is a is a winnable game or cut our act. The pac twelve. Very interesting weekend in the conference let's start USC Notre Dame went to hell happened in Notre Dame you know. We disagreed on this and we probably agree now prop I would assume. USC such fraud they they really are there such a front I'm not shocked they got ran out of south been at all. Donald's been funky all year with the turnovers in the fumbles. I don't trust clay Helm as far as I can throne which is not even a yard I don't trust that guy at all we'll see what he's like without Sam Arnold. T Martin's play calling has been atrocious. And you know what I think their defense is always kind of been that kind of defense at any given moment against the right offense they're gonna break. And so a US egos and Notre Dame and they suffer the worst loss against Notre Dame since what the 60s49. To fourteen. As well as snowball games I mean they they fumbled the snap early and Arnold probably should've just gone down it was a high snappy try to make a play ends up fumbling and they mosque upon and Arnold throws the tankan. And damages and a snap of the finger that game was 21 Austin and Notre Dame was fired up and it took advantage of those mistakes and roll and they ran the ball for 377. Yards and in LA the USC one a lot of people that wait for that slip falloff I was still holding out hope just based on the Stanford game from earlier this year than at some point you would seem to get back to that. I kind of performance but the offensive line has been too banged up a Donald does not looked counts not comfortable pocket. And I think is really misses some of the weapons they lost last year I was a little story lines I didn't put a ton of stock in going into the season all the guys in las Deanna felt. On the outside but they haven't really been able to. I'll replace those guys and now that disaster scenario for the they're college football playoff it's there it's alive and well Notre Dame with that when they get NC state again this weekend. I believe that game is in South Bend so Lisa get a hold on when that game when that aren't you ignoring was I give our top five ranked team in the country their only loss this point is a one point loss to right now what the number two or three team in the country in Georgia that's it. And that's the disaster scenario I think a lot of packed up our five teams wondering are we to get in the playoffs yeah and you see reports out there Benjamin Albright's reporting that sources are telling him down in socal that seemed Arnold's not leaving. After this season. A still kind of believe that when I see it. Money talks BS walks I (%expletive) like that that's the one thing I'm not I I see a lot of people do is say like this Donald's a fraud and he's not an NFL quarterback he's young. He's young I think our mistake there it was investing too much attitude that the sharp enough start he's like nine when nine or ten games last year that was it I. But let's not overreact to a couple about performances with the shaky offensive line and if that ends up happening I eyes again I can be a great thing for him again teams are scared off by this need is an an and goal on the top and I can be really good thing we're may be does get drafted by the jets for the browns and he goes to a confident franchise slowed the game that really. I I he's officially was like off the USC train was organ state. I was at that game and the bad and I'm sitting in the stands a Trojan fans in the late. No offense but do you think it's gonna be fifty nothing easy guys will score and I jokingly said I'll score. And for his state on a competent quarterback in that moment it probably would've won that day I'm not kidding human behalf. Three possessions down in the red zone and only walked away with was a field they could do anything offensively because they couldn't throw the ball. USC was sloppy that day and at that moment ago. Even at. Middle rope actual team is winning this game they're playing the trojans today watch what happens on clay Helton and Arnold leaves immediately the only reason he still has a job is because what Arnold did last year's eight informed and it is asked. He was city of fire if if he ends and go on I mean with no confidence in quail well and I thought it was the most underrated game in all of college football Arizona how moving on with in the pac twelve. How bout the fighting rich rods this year I didn't. They they going to cal there only a three point favorite. And towels sends it to double overtime. They follow the wildcats who are now five and two on the year and a game away from being bowl eligible. Arizona ran for 345. Yards. And we'll say he's such a dynamic player throws for a box 66. Over a hundred yards rushing. You just cannot duplicate what he does aegis needing credibly discipline defense adding to try to stop that risk Rich Rod off. You really do Beckley a taste and so fun to watch on does take invading cover that spread this game most frequent seven at the half led Arizona minus the three and as you get some credit to cal is aching back and fog. It right this was this is one of the better games the week and it was pretty disappointing in my opinion from start to finish college football. Going to to a tees will cost roll the dies go on for two it was awesome I think it the only questions I have about Arizona. Because we'll take to me is the real deal I don't care who you're playing how bad the defense is our when your putting up the numbers he's putting up your your legitimate. On the matter who it's against the only criticism or question I would have about them. As one their defense and the yards it they gave up two cal they like Al back in my game they Randal from bowers had a good game throw the ball. And you look at the three games that they want it's Colorado UCLA and then count. And then you look at their next two opponents will flat out to Arizona as they got washing Encino home this weekend. And they're out USC Hubbell I and I think we'll find out but as long as Khalil Tate's running the way he is. I'd keeps planned a couple other going to be an all those game. And I wanna point out one of the losses was too you top a few weeks back. In Arizona on like a Friday night right in a gust thirty to 24 a black member watching that team and they hung tough with Utah who at that time was kind of a different Utah team hotly hadn't got injured he wasn't turning the ball over. All that's been going on with the utes sense but even in that game when Utah was playing good football. They were hanging tough with them but you're right the schedule is gonna show is really who Arizona is. But kudos to Rich Rod because this was the pressure cooker year for everybody kind of count them out. Are going to be terrible. Brandon doctrines goes down ends up being only one of the best things form because now I have quilts say running quarter I think this story the factual this year I outside of maybe to parity and probably not getting a team in the playoffs at this point is the Arizona schools which I wanna talk many issue because you pointed something out last week. And they went in that matchup against Utah and meetings is win. They kicked Utah's you know like in write cycles tiger about that also the cougars a good. Against a very bad Colorado Tim official factual stock next on 1080. We've got our NFL live around at 1 o'clock and then we'll talk with Ben reiter of Sports Illustrated dot com and wrote a cover story in Tony's fourteenth predicting the Astros winning the World Series. In 2017. I Dirk missed out once this is gonna be Meehan bend but he had some really get insight on the World Series match up. Don't talk about the World Series as we had a game seven in sports. The Yankees lose the last two that matchup index Houston on to their second World Series ever against the Dodgers which that starts tomorrow. And then in the blazes a little bit. Hawks and blazers I don't know who won a lot of fun a lodge three games absolutely so got a loaded second hour coming up. Arizona State you mentioned for the director of the story in the pac twelve. The Arizona schools we mentioned there is. On as they get a a good win against how just a good win in the sense of it was a road win with ands. You get another W got a second team IE and they've been up and even down inside their moments by adding tells a good football team well the big win for. A pac twelve team this week in came with another road team and it was another Arizona school Arizona State goes on the road to Utah nine and a half point dog you set all week how you hated it you understand it. I don't know anybody saw this coming game when you tie named Molly lock the utes they win by 2030 to ten. In rice ankles hotly threw four interceptions. And eight issue are now four and one in conference play and who has the best even impacts of south. Can it be Arizona State. I think to do right Arizona State that label is completely acceptable look where they did last week against Washington everybody expected that to be their Super Bowl they'd come out flat and they wouldn't be you'd talk and they smoked him from start to finish a late touchdown was the only thing they got utes on the board again I wasn't surprised by the way they played defensively at I've liked their offense all year in Wilkens obliged. Our Richard in the backfield in the key Larry to me is one of the better wide receivers in the country. I'll let alone the pac twelve but. The way they play defensively the last two weeks I mean they've given up seventeen combined points back to back games now that's the Arizona State defense that was kitty just. Gash early on in the season and they've turned a corner of the playing good football. This spread did not make any sense to me was my locker the college football weekend but I didn't see 88 in butt kicked in common. Like Arizona State just laid on him and based off of the last two weekends that they're gonna have their chance to play USC. This weekend they planned out homes they get a mineral building but. Based off of the last two weekends and the fact you look at it two weeks of four that's break they hung was Stamford from start to finish a day in and blues and by ten but therein not ballgame the whole time. And they're the only team this year to beat Oregon would just Herbert lineup they won that game and a lot of folks at the time laughter organism what a bad loss and how you lose in Tempe. To some watching that was impressive what Arizona State denies it let's make sure to get some credit I looked like a good football team to me. And they've proven their plane at that as good as anybody in this conference and they got a chance did. To take a step towards the think about it pac twelve championship game this Saturday well. Mean you do get USC how he win that the schedule opens up beating Colorado home you'll win that one danger on the road at UCLA who really I don't think can stop you offensively. Did your act organ state. And any get DNA Arizona rivalry game a team at the end of the year you can be a 100% write her back could be right there setting up for a pac twelve south representation. This was uninteresting no. Let's go back a minute on Arizona State. Let's go back to the beginning of the year first of all your thoughts of Ayers and mystique going into the season and then how it started out they were wanting to. And they had lost eight of their last nine dating back to last season at that point. They're now three and one in conference play them. And they dig control their destiny going for it's unreal and this is just a reminder to everybody us. It's whack anybody else hosting a radio show that rights and fans out there it's a nice reminder. When Arizona State stories pop up. Of let's not overreact. To the first two weeks three weeks of the season we demands Campillo we do this every year we do Stamford. A issue attic. And now you look at it tell the end of October heading into November now. How everything kind of shakes out for some of these teams. Every idea and it's a good reminder and I think look this is. Almost even correlated pactel that the NFL this year like I know at least that right now it looks like they're not getting in the playoffs and I need you last ten different people who's the best team in the conference. Who's the best team in the north or south you might get C you know six or seven different answers. That's fun for me though it's fun to turn it on every single Saturday and know what the hell's gonna happen. I could USC Arizona State is it when I gave him and I think everybody's gonna probably lean ASU right now with the way they've been playing. I would be shocked if you receive response to get their ass kicked on the road and finds a way to win Arizona Washington State is going to be a good game I think. Having that aspect of just turning it on and am wondering in not knowing what's gonna happen to me it makes the pactel a lot of fun where would you vote them right now I would say. And I'd probably still say Washington is the best in the Norris and Arizona State right now Washington over Stanford I would go Washington over Stanford. And I would say that Arizona State's the best team in the south but that can change in a heartbeat in in one weekend because of you looked at and. They took one of the house sadly they may have taken a slightly under four picks Utah's offense is any I mean tale normalize. And Demorrio Richard they combine for a 160 yards rushing it wasn't like they dominated on the ground there. The four turnovers the difference I don't know who you would pick I really don't. Is is an industry of hot cakes and have an opinion. There isn't a right answer here who's the best team in the south. Three of them. There's three of them let them fight for Arizona Arizona State USC mature and and that's the fun part is that they have played each other yet. Arizona and Arizona State obviously played lastly in this season and neither of them would played. I USC and Arizona State does this week well and even take the north right you say Washington and that's I'd totally reasonable I get a Stanford in the north. If I don't get right to they get a vote in the middle of how are indexing they have the biggest percentage chance to win the pac twelve yeah this is this an aggregate were in the stretch and now again in this whole will find out who we are you in stamper was an analyst teams we overreacted early they seem to have figured it out. On the defense and then a quarterback play has gotten a little bit better mom and in other big an organ state on Thursday night we'll see some crazy happens but you get through that would the land. And you play Washington State on the road of Washington home and back to back weeks. So again I'm at it it's also out in front of us in this conference and if you toll Stamford washing is in Washington won the north. I wouldn't be surprised is right now I'm not quite sure you can pinpoint the best team and down look I know we we tease you like to have fun spring line. Because my takes quite often are not right and I am sub 500. The only getting analysts say in a serious manner. I hope you took my Washington State taking you made money that I got easy is meant that I made was Washington State minus ten Colorado has no offense right now. They're playing the Beaverton kid Sam new lawyer may be eagle back to Mon says. But that was the easiest that you can and may I take action funds and I wanna do this every fight and I went around a conference on Friday when you're out I just decided I want to pick games against spread to some formally to talk about a with the gambling angle to on. The only two that I miss I got Washington State to cover Arizona State obviously to UCLA. Now the ones that I miss I had USC 'cause actress was still in love with them for some reason and in the back door by cal I thought Arizona was gonna cover that spread on the road and at credit to cal and a champion a close game Luke fall 25 win of his career. The easier it is the conference leading passer yet. Eyes closed so I think he's got me right there with a man minutes past dominion in one category also had that this week Emma Royce Freeman. Brass know Michael has the Michael's dad and he he set for yards I don't think he has the touchdowns record yet Lou saw it fall okay that's a record I think he's going to get by the end the year barring health bargain injury yeah ski area that was and I think in on Saturday night I don't know as it would acting got to fourteen I think Colorado Sox and that I Internet. Turn that one officer were good. I was not doing it or not scored 21 points at that. Have we got a packed second hour get to the blazers to a one starts in defense of numbers bearing out that hey look better than what they did last year. We'll discuss the World Series matchup between the Dodgers. And the Astros the Astros winning game seven I'll talk to SI dot com's Ben reiter who predicted the Astros winning the World Series into when he seventeen. All the way back into when he fourteen but will start hour two with our NFL whipped around don't go anywhere dirt spring back with more on 1080 the fan.