Dirt & Sprague Monday November 13th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, November 13th
The guys wonder what level of chaos must occur for a Pac-12 champion to have a shot at the College Football Playoff, which team will make the biggest move up the newest rankings, and how did the Rams, Saints and Vikings amass 7-2 records in the NFC.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I want these hills and I want them right now. Job I have no place to go. This is durden spray to. Others model or the life is that we're just call. Is eloquent but this this will handy under Johnson and Brendan spray and you think you're ready to run. Snapping necks in cash and checks book running here's the thing is to Catalina wine makes it okay. Are you send home consent the dirt and spray gun Kennedy couldn't. Sorry sir drive yeah you can spin. Those who owns. As good as final hours or despray writer rob Portland sports leaders attending the fanned. The bronze winner actor and spray gives the following the volume back. We are all are one follow her away from 3700. So the bid to 3700 followers. So the big achievement not decide to like when your when your stock at a number like that. Though there is a 69 in our number of followers right now so I enjoy them but if Twitter died. How people like. Get their message. Would you fleets are concerned that things well no I was somebody else would come on to Twitter dies of. Els would be tree right but a lot of people associate our industry you build up a following on Twitter. And we also know people are really lazy so let's say Twitter goes the way of FaceBook which FaceBook is dead because old people run it. If Twitter goes that way what do you do for the next thing. His odds of you just going okay. All I am on new bubble blah odds of all those followers following you is it's not gonna happen India right. Yet it would it takes years to build it took me along pending until I used to make fun of people on Twitter nobody wants to read your tweets and here's Egypt say. And then here I am but it probably citizen thing about my Twitter account some people on Twitter probably still feel that way I know they do for sure there was a basketball writer that I know. And she was a said he wasn't getting more characters because they opted. Many as if I don't have it by a certain time and I'm canceling Twitter you average there Bob and out way out was my first reaction and I also side if you canceled your Twitter nobody would read your work. Because he doesn't write in a major Republican shocked at you get your attorney asks only way you work do send us your at a newspaper alleged side but even then a lot of people get their links out by using Twitter people only go to Sony website. Picture this is the fact. Senator and I donate lots to get to. Prosecutor the file are how much did you pay for a life coach. As the speaker a life coach is a New York Post story about a life coach. That he's charging. There's certain amount of money digging kids in Ivy League schools that I wanna bring up at some point the file Chenault. It's ridiculous to get my teeth into and again I really it is and I of these calamity you pay for less than nothing and because of the ivy leagues going to be expensive enough this kid is claiming he has the formula you just have to be willing to pay how much find out it's a play in the final hour their money back guarantee that. They had better JD right there should be. We'll get into the NFC playoff picture how crazy is it that the saints the vikings and the rams are all here at seven into. A game behind Phillies for the top seed in the NFC playoffs. Whose side coming nobody. Which when you trust the most remarkable questions today but I do wanna start the factual and we tackle to tackle football. In the first hour the shell but it just. I of the weather and the were at least in lockstep with this because sometimes when teams lose and I'm sure folks assembled there even doing this the docs or you're making excuses that's completely easy trying to all the reasons why teams are losing. Amylin Washington loss on Friday to stamp for the pactel was eliminated from the college football playoff. And it's got everybody kind of scratching their head wondering what happened in the conference like were surprised that we got here and there is an SI writer who said. That did Friday night games is what killed the pac twelve USC loss on Friday night Washington State loss on a Friday night. Washington loss on a financial that's the reason out of the playoff and it's even gotten through to the point where John will marry is now suggesting we possibly need. A a basically football committee a committee to come up with ways to fix the tax wolves blows when. I don't know why it's our largest to realize that it's a down year in the conference without an elite team that that's kind. My feel overall of the people making the argument for the pac twelve and is it being disrespected and waterways we can improve it David in the playoff to his three years this is a down year. Whether that's USC maybe it's Washington we dig Browning next year or surprise team kind of like Arizona. You'll and Stanford by always going nowhere you're gonna have these teams consistently pop up in some years can only. Other years just simply not I mean look at the big twelve. Where they get Oklahoma in one of the years. And they've been really up and down with some of their historic programs. You're gonna get mess that's just where the pac twelve is right now. I love the article from Willard I've others some really good points in that I mean that I wouldn't be imposes some of the ideas he throughout. He wants the football committee to basically. All have oversight on almost everything football related scheduling matters. Time take off all of that I'm hoping that that idea. Because of having Larry Scott run it by themselves and as in gone great for him from LA take time and a date on that but also some of the like the Friday games like did you argue Stanford Washington should be a primetime Saturday game. Yeah I think historically traditionally. But right now those are teams that are better than some of the teams that played in prime time. Saturday game sure but. You have to fill that a Friday slot that was party your contract you signed that deal so what is he is P&G with that game. What is FS one do with their 7730. Games. You just you put yourself in this situation. By signing that contract and at the time it's funny now that everybody is so many problems with that. Because when they signed a deal. I didn't hear much complaining. I saw a lot Larry's got the greatest all the cal progress of this is look how much money this is making. And now you fast forward the other networks making as much monies they are. And not being put in those same positions kickoff times weekday games etc. and now army is the problem with it. Yeah now an item with you there and I would be Carey's ass feeling if there was a competition committee is John Boehner is firing their needs to be. I'll what would you want him to address the most because I think the easy one for me. I think it's ridiculous to point to Friday's as is saying that's why the factual was eliminated. Bags that I I think Washington State beats USC whether it's a Friday or Saturday. I think cal with the way they hammered Washington State that's the same outcome to be whether it's a Friday or Saturday and Washington has had issues offensively all season now. Stanford played a great Stanford game where they controlled the clock that internals were. It was his vintage stamp for the apology Browning was underwhelming once again that's why they lost it wasn't because the game was on a Friday night so. I think that's just too easy of a cop out but I would say are you there was a competition committee. That's the main thing that they need to find a way to address it's very difficult because of the way to TV deals are written. And you're just trying to get your product out there is as often as possible. All but to have games kicking on on a Friday at 730 where in the Seattle market the first task not even shown. Because FS two is not aired in Seattle like those little issues that I think add up for the conference. Get out so it's Larry's yeah I think that's something he needs to go to him and say hey were not being preempted you'd try to clear out whatever the hell it was yeah. So you need to figure something else out and if you kick it out of your contract and don't give us a time slot where there's a probability that happened early in the season attitudes for playing a game. And have Rangers that's readily sold right regular season game went to extra innings. So either. They have to exert pressure on Comcast to get up as to as part of the regular package with Comcast and it's viewing area. Or they got to put pressure on fox saying you can't put us over their you have to put us. Either pre center track racers somewhere else suffer I org don't take the game in those time slots are put us on a different channel the stock. Yeah preempt I think it's pretty simple to if you have a conversation. Pay what rates higher nationally a college football game or Rangers angels or are increasing Washington and Stanford or truck racing yeah the numbers are going to be substantially in the favor of the football game but the truck racing and say this race will long we're gonna produce you have the ability to go regional. What ever it is leisurely you've got to figure that stuff out I think that's a good point the other one too is. You know this scheduling in general at the conference. Washington's gone through this for two years mainly because it back at a Wisconsin but they're they're non conference is a joke. One coach told well there we scheduled a schedule other conferences scheduled to benefit their teams. And I can see work coach would would kind of feel that way about the conference. So having a committee look it's it's an idea thrown out because the conference's. Probably gonna lose out on a playoff spot another dime in US sees the on the outside chance why is USC counted out too by the way completely they appreciate acquire now and I got a US he's really good football team and they would we got way over our skis on their loss to Notre Dame what was is again it's knowable yet only the Notre Dame loss you got. I've sleeve destroyed. What what's that every it was a huge difference in Ohio State USC. I cannot have. I don't think there is a big one and Ivan. And have a quality loss in Oklahoma and Washington State got labels have had scratch or loss. Into the way USC lost to Notre Dame. And then onstage blah like island just as blown out but they got blown up by a worse team than Notre Dame preacher of the park. And you see any value here is today is Ohio State is the two loss team that could sneak tank is the way to be Michigan State where is. USC's one final last six and that loss was to Notre Dame Stanford to get it back in the top 25 they have that dominating an early in the year Arizona as the top 25 philosophies in by the way to beat Stanford again if Stanford can hold true. And get to a pac twelve title game now or they get a chance severed Anderson against Washington State is gonna be router on the top ten a day when the apple can absolutely or if Washington gets there again gas writer on the top unless it was yeah. But they're not gonna make it and we know that admitted to Los team's gonna get and it's gonna be on Stater opera nicest out in the the the issue and the Osce well which is frustrating yes nobody I just it was an interesting weekend of the facts well they're officially eliminated I think sometimes when you you go through a year like this you can sit back and then trying to diagnose the problem and say it was a Friday night games has its scheduling is a TV cape times Tom. And just it that the simple answer is you don't have an elite team this year every conference has got to go through it. And it does it mean if that's the way it's always going to be we saw Washington make it last it was so organ making a couple of years ago. I USC's always going to be talented Washington isn't going anywhere Stanford's always a good program. On TJ Gordon to get there there on the rise is likely sticks around Washington State there's a reason they Campion is conversation so. Did to try diagnose a problem insolvent because one year you're gonna get left out of the playoff you've made it two out of the three years almonds and things can be worst factual a lot of people think. Officially eliminated and no it's not the Gaza Friday nights it's because you just don't simply have. An elite team I do what to transit Zealand and I was acting is a really good point is it is like it is tonight I didn't really look at before listener points out they have a lot of teams and ball eligibility this is probably about nine teams will make enemies marries somebody they're gonna eliminate each arguing eleven there's a lot of teams have silence and into play each other solid B you can't. Not all of them are gonna get to or one went down the stretch yep but yet they have a good chance to get ninety and doable game. Nine out of twelve not to shabby the eighteen to nine when teams in the conference especially considering you play nine game conference schedule can USC could have 211 when teams play. You could. Square off or no they'd be ads and Tennessee leader of Washington State Washington guys that their attendant to playing in USC at playing an impact on Saturday and I do want to I transitioned from the facts of this general counts upon a question for people. What he made a loud his statement this weekend are burned Oklahoma Miami on how state who made a lot of statements for you. Five I Israel's final talks in college football next on tentative and. Which NFC contender you buy them loans. At my back coming up bottom of the hour in life coaches to get to. I asked the question for the brake lights. With CNN the biggest statement in college football over the weekend. People attended Tennessee in which Jones officially out Tennessee beats including did. So thick so Butch Jones got word that he was being fired actually offered him to coach the rest of the year out and he happily obliged. Missing yet know here's signal things where I'm gonna do the Mike brown and then I now know he's nine ST LA rally. He called the commits for Tony's team. And egos. Go find somewhere else to go quickly I'd love it I love yeah I love the anger. Is gonna help by your former that is fired I'd do the same thing. A place a browser anyway you see a comedy go coach somewhere else in the maybe complete with me there what happened to it's about it that at this school and not be coat. I don't know about me man I love that move led Butch Jones a cracks me up. Well you know what I'm actually glad they did that move not only because Tennessee was starting to flounder which I wish it totally put that my spraying line I told you guys they would rule Tennessee initiative Farnham a month ago but I'm just glad they saved his life. Because I am thoroughly convinced that Butch Jones is gonna dive a massive heart attack on the sidelines during game one day a. Ship him there is doing it for his health reasons I did see this story as well one of our our listeners to witness to a center and Sprague and it's just it's too good to not pass along. Because when they coaching names out there for everybody's list discussed Ross of course right they want again is he vehemently Central Florida still undefeated this year. Counsel Scott frosts and a great year too down there as their head coach. There was a bar in Orlando. Dad had a pretty famous. And a marketing campaign the year that they were. Oh in twelfth because Emmerich appears back in a winless season in the bar offers free beer until Central Florida wanna game. And McConnell on it was likely this is a moral and let's offering free beer into the when he gave. One out that same Barbara is called the basement Orlando bar and it's right on right next via Central Florida campus. They're offering free beer. As long as Scott frost remains their head coach. I believe is the same mark that offered free Driehaus. And until they got a win and literally just said that outside and a I was equity classical and we have moments like that ample that are if you didn't pick up a moment like that yes they they over this there are trying to say they started on for a couple of years back they offered free beer after that four game so for like eight weeks they offer being able to game all year. And now they're doing it again so as long as he sticks their head coaching goes market free beer what school do you think he's leaning. Is Nebraska. I think he's not being rumored with Florida enough no it's not that we don't we had a friend who we trust on Arendt and went to Florida and he didn't have them as one of their top three candidates now. Indeed take all the rumors with a grain of salt this time a year I think it's very sentimental and never plays in college sports it's like one of those feel good but the reality is it doesn't operate that way. Did anybody else see the video of him after their last win. He was in the locker room and he thinks the team for getting a W on the day his son was born it was a pretty touching video and they kids I mean the way that kids reacted yet he like he announced that he was seven again dare that his son was born it was healthy and everything and a team just erupt erupted and he looked like happy is person in the world and this just goes back to the Paterson stuff we kind of mentioned last week. See that sometimes neagle is tough for those guys I know you wanna win you wanna go on the power five you wanna make. X amount of dollars per season that are already paid pretty well. You dominate your conference you probably get a plane in New Year's Day six ball. Sometimes he's looking at ego when he does wanna stay there keep coach in those kids who appreciate having you as their head coach but. There's no room for emotion and sentiment in college for help the out of money toxins they like to say in the coaching world and somebody's gonna throw a lot of money and stuff trust is proven to be good a coach I remember telling my family two years ago when they fireball Bellini. Before they hired Mike Riley I remember telling them eat because he was still dolphins corny or organ of the time I said and got it gets tough draws everybody loves it here is eager recruiter. The players although my gauges everybody enjoys being around him and I think he's ibizan head coach in waiting. Those snag him and they said nice to young we don't want them they hired Mike rally instead. Hasn't turned out so well as they got blown out once again this week I else I love I love when the narrative goes oh he's too young too young but in if you gold. And it doesn't work you don't really hear much about he's too old. Yeah because if GM paid attention to what happened what has happened to my rally in Nebraska it's it's gotten really about it's done they're they basically have said they're gonna fire they're just gonna let him coach out the rest the year he's choosing to do that would save money more power device that's always strange to me when you make a change what three weeks and it's like I we got some random dude coaching us now for a couple of weeks. I think about the all time record hear from him yes I don't want you guys just have three more losses because they got blown out again this freedom but I did I I was curious where you guys. When I go on this because. Amid media had a lot of statements over the weekend. Outside of Dan Mullen scrolling in in stark still DN you do animal and they should've beaten Alabama. Although emotionally I'm not sure I could have handled in Alabama and Washington lost the same weekend. What was the biggest Auburn over Georgia forty to seventeen Miami over Notre Dame 41 aide. Oklahoma over TCU 38 point blowout win from Wisconsin 3814. Ohio State 48 to three over Michigan's it was the biggest statement of the weekend. I think you have to eliminate. Wisconsin expected him to beat Iowa I think you eliminate Ohio State because he played only two losses are not quite in it. And I I'll be honest with you man and you hate this you have defensive here I don't know if there is one I think baker mayfield and what Oklahoma's doing right now. You're gonna needed defense like opera like Georgia's like Alabama's. To slow down what they're doing offensively. Lincoln Riley has those guys is operating at a different level as should be a fun elegant they get to the playoffs and they take on say at Clemson Diaz are an Alabama defense be a lot of fun one well and any other part I was gonna say to his. Miami just dominating Notre Dame that way. Com if you would it's only Oklahoma wins probably would have been surprised so maybe I would she's Miami Miami just going out there or not only winning a 418. Stomping Notre Dame into oblivion and taking away everything they love to do on offense causing a quarterback change and then another quarterback change. I would probably take Miami Robert was impressive. They held Georgia 46 yards on the ground. I don't know who predicted Miami to win in that fashion. No nobody really thought they're gonna win anyways because they're rush defense was a great this year calm and that was notre Dame's fourteen on offense so that was surprising to a lot of folks and two distinct parts out of that game by the way one is to see more app where Miami goes tomorrow in the college football playoff rankings because they were number seven coming into the week. In a couple of teams ahead of them lose. And they're undefeated yet George go down TCU went down. Notre Dame obviously went down as they beat the Irish but then Demi just seeing how far they rise in the other one as we listener bring us up earlier in the show. I always love seeing a disaster scenarios and accounts from a playoff. Committee mind. What happens if Miami wins out in May lose a close CCC title game 2720. For a last second syllable Clemson wins. You have to twelve and one football that's your nightmare right because what do you how do you keep Miami out and I know that on a conference champions. Percent of the schedules are horrible they just beat Virginia tactic just beat Virginia Tech lost again though they did they and I can't outside cannot they just beat Notre Dame. And then and it Virginian Pittsburg is what's left but Notre Dame is the when they would hang their hat on this year I could see them being left out. As much as I would love to put them in with a one loss can be tough writing a twelve and I'll just it was a close game at Clemson. I do not Indy the committee right stuff it's one of those crazy years I just I think more chaos is to come I've been arguing two weeks and I think a two loss team can make it end. The Alabama loss would help you just need chaos it's it's been one of those weird years why got a problem with the Mississippi State loss not only because of the waiting handled it at the end. How does. Quarterback throw it out of bounds by Einstein's yards on the hill Maryland even get me started to own give me forty yards. They should've won back to Heathrow is that he was fifteen yards further back. He didn't change his sorrow I don't think you got it he got a I was at a fifteen or ten yard penalty Nevada and you still threw at the same. Come on dude can't. On Mississippi's stay all of America was rooting for you re elect wants that to your fingers am I can forgive you for its us craziness in college football game at a loss to a number one event. Miami. Over Oklahoma. Error on the scene of the dispute and a three team in the country now how would you not I mean enemy it matters of the committee. A 41 they went that speaks I mean that's been going 38 to twenty ACC I know I know I know undefeated. One Los stuff I want to be a committee member of the tough job I do I'd love to see that he was voted she's generally out of the top four teams. Yeah I craziness was the the other ranking shake out tomorrow and does he remember it falls in. I do it those of fact it is an and I felt odd because and Philly had a bye week this week so there's still sit there and 81. Get three teams right behind him. Seven until a New Orleans seven into Minnesota seven into LA which one do you trust the most because on the anybody saw this coming we'll talk about that next. Oh. And the opinion. As I love me as I love the college football and latex and then what. It amazes buys steel BCS was Clemson has no business being in the top forwards. Just like Florida State on the ducks gave them the business Benelux little overrated as well Notre Dame Ohio State overrated committee is still swayed by name brands. I think they named rampart Airways can have a little element of that first turn I don't know about Clemson. It's the opera house. I learned to produce the final government looks pretty good right about it Kelly Brian. It's not fair to do this to Syracuse Kelly frank does he go out do you think the key to win out Syracuse I do so they're undefeated this right. And I I think Virginia tech's a pretty decent win on the road. Yeah Virginia Tech seventeen and are great they're guarantees states a decent win on the road boy yeah that was still for the ACC representation. There. And you know on the road ads is a daily opinions that I just love that everybody has their eyeball test including things that does not here's the toughest part I think the NFL and college football. Our RO lot alike in this regard this year who is the best team. And college football you can't tell me there is one you can do no arguments for different ones but there's not a given Alabama. They kind of look they would beatable Taylor heard Sox will they work great against LSU when he scrambles around and he makes plays and he's not efficient or no innate big. The problem I mean I think you miss BC does a game over there's some things change and it is that game so why not stop the clock and give the ball back go to overtime on chino Marshal Paul Larry you didn't play. UN thin air. You didn't coach on that level is is no way I am just saying like sometimes. These teams like we think that there's as dominant a lot of years there are I don't know if there is this year I think it's a very weird year it's a thought about the NFL odds on grudge about that up because transition into the NFC any Phillies have merit aid lines and any area they would maintain right now Eagles are the best team in the NFC and maybe time change is 'cause we thought that way about the Kansas City couple weeks back right we will also do the best team in the AFC things are missing in football and now I guess audibly after a year and a wine and is pretty crazy to think about the top four records in the NFC right now Philly. Minnesota. New Orleans and LA. Did anybody have that coming I don't think so which makes it just makes for an entertaining and it does he's about. As curious as soon as lovable questions today is what team do you buy the most out of those three to contend with Philly. Minnesota New Orleans in an LA. 43%. Of people went with the saints they should bind with the saints are put out there Sean McVeigh in a. And people have broken this down all over the Internet today deserves a lot of credit for what he's gotten Jared often you'll do this year and reestablishing. All that talent in LA and turn it into what what he has a seven into. There's a there's a point to be may wish on McVeigh. And Jason Garrett to take a notepad here. Judy Aveion cloudy in the first half of that I watched a lot of that game Judy young cloudy with single handedly keeping the Houston Texans not ball game. In the meeting here is name in the second half. It's because Sean McVeigh. Put another blocker to help with. And needed quicker hitting passes with Jared off so the balls out quicker there's not an impact educating young Tony can make. Reasons like that lead me to believe that Sean McVeigh. Com is not only get BA coach of the year candidate if he doesn't when it Asia for sure winner he's one of those long term holy crap did they have themselves the next whoever fill in the blank there. But to meet a boy does the vote here is the saints the saints are doing this without Drew Brees doing. Much of anything and that that that's not meant to disrespect Drew Brees. One of the all time best. That's meant to point out just how much different they are as a group they run the ball effectively they went for over 300. In buffalo. And their defense is legit their first two weeks Ebert give up like 35 points a game. The last seven during this win streak. They're out there on average are giving up fourteen. There and is there an entirely different group of two rookies in the in the secondary on that because of the way they put it probably pro bowler so. I think the voting here is always a team that runs the ball the best I would probably take the saints and defense and right now the saints defense has figured it out. And then she brought about that too is is there there's a handful of folks who were Chiming in with with them as well. At five country of hybrid further tax on but it's for different reasons to have say that they have they have the experience the quarterback position haven't Angie breezed around he's he's played in big games he's won a Super Bowl not exerting himself either know me know he's not having to do all which is it's so unique having just in terms of like that the drastic turnarounds. That we've seen and in recent memory in the NFL. You gotta throw what New Orleans is done this year up against the best of them because this a team that started all went to. And then looked awful on their loss to Minnesota mailed it in last 2919. The patriots. Went into New Orleans and just rolled a number New England had lost to Kansas City didn't put 36 points a bottom they dominated on. In and you look to that is that right nor insist they suck you know they sign Adrian Peterson didn't work they don't have a defense again. Drew Brees is another year older bishop probably move on from men. In here we are seven wins later and they just continue to rattle them off and you know granted some of these are quality wins at the box are not good the bears are not good in play good those games but. But floating is a good team and they on 47 on a that was a dominating when the way they play defense ran the ball is your alluding to. I think Carolina's a good team they would any Carolina beat Carolina 34 to thirteen on the beat Detroit out of 52 pot 52 spot on Detroit. On May be a 52 to 38 acres quality wins may stay not to mention they shut out the dolphins twenty did not then and just I can't think of another team. The two or three weeks that we always do this and all all football but. The that the change in a tasty and from awful trade breeze look at the defense is is our ER they just break in this thing up to. Seven and two in their probably the second best team in the NFC right now yeah I'd like to raise my hand and admit that I'm an idiot here we also added after they lost in visited new England and how old they look they just felt like typical old Sean patent laws did. It was the same team to no defense no running the points all on Drew Brees and he's like forty years old. And they flipped it Giroux breezes kind of preserved his health this season. Even when he gets pressure and he goes back to pass if you've been watching the saints what he does he's been doing an exceptionally well. He just throws the ball on the ground right and running backs foot because deep in the play don't even take a big hit. And I think by having that element and the reason you vote the saints is not only the the running attack in the defense. But now if you say you go on the road. To Philly. He right you get to the point where you place Ville is a he's probably gonna have the first round by at least a feels that way they have by visiting Dallas next week they can win that game of denying him right if you had to go to Philly on the role would you give the scenes legit legit shot there you know Kazaa I the reason not to buffalo. One I thought the wind streak would come to an end and it will one point. At some point but I also decide not cold weather typical don't seem to matter and it didn't snow but it was it was really cold in buffalo. And that didn't matter at all marking a renal rom and Camara got it going they put up forty plus points on that defense 300 yards on the ground. When you have what they having you do it as well as they do. It translates to any weather and they knew that having major Brees he's been in those big game moments against maybe it seemed like wins. Or quarter wreck I Quincy who hasn't experienced that yet. Yeah how mean and and you look at the other two teams to I think they're both pretty similar. And and I know this isn't fair to some but I I do and yet to wondering going into the post season is. I they're good all around teams Minnesota has moved on from the Dauman took injury pretty well. The rams obvious and in Todd Gurley seven and a great year this year I had another great game of the 68 yards on the ground 68 yards through the air. 120 toll yards Robert Woods has been a good pick up. I do wonder the only question I'll have about the rams or about Minnesota. Is the quarterback play the game come playoff time and a jar got seven a great year and I'm me I'd love admitting when I'm wrong and I you know I still think you gotta wait three years to know exactly the guy is because we've seen big years from quarterbacks and have them. Regress a little bit the jerk off has been dynamite this year the offense has been dominant. I do wonder how he's keen on or Teddy Bridgewater since income Minnesota playoff time. How they handle playoff situations yeah I mean I totally only question I have others and I totally get that. Goth I put a little more trust in just a little. And I'll follow that up with a what you're saying I really like the rams to. They've executed beautifully on the road at a home on urge you call both them road games because nobody shows up to rams games like. They feel more like Sean make Zaher bust. If Sean McVeigh. Loses detail on even the slightest thing that can unravel. Whereas I think you compared to a team like the saints they kind of just hit an all all aspects and again it goes back to what you mention the quarterback position. You can kinda just envision sharing costs big game. I've watched a lot of jeered off this year there's been some games like wow keep on Demi based systems print out and others wears a site. He's really doing have injured off throw a quick kick four yard pass their trust in the running in interest as defense there they're not actually go out there yet it's working really well. But does that work in the playoffs. You know if you're in a situation where you play. I nasty defense like Minnesota like New Orleans or like Philly and Todd Gurley is slowed down slash shut down. Can Jerry golf go we knew that game. And a death travel tell man has been a crazy year in the NFC like just take your mind back to August. And I tell you those have been the top four teams in the playoff picture Philly. Minnesota the LA rams the New Orleans saying all along while I would a bot potentially. Outside of Philly 'cause I really liked them. Is Minnesota I would not Minnesota that may be not at this level the seven into an amber and it's not Bradford no Eckstein on his case heat of doing it. Hell's going on the NFL is your man and a display gamble he's been so tough but a crazy. Crazy here on the poll results are 43% of people they're buying the saints' 41%. Say the rams only 16%. Say Minnesota's soleil folks not quite as high on the vikings there I how much would you pay a life coach to get your kid into an Ivy League school. Dudack coming up on any entry inland and I've football's a blazers back in action can they bounce back and get it went next on the San. Takes you 48 as against it coming on top of the hour. As the poll questions here in a moment to Atlanta for all the blazes as well as the New York Post. Is a gentleman by the name of Chris ram. Good name as a good name back. He went these guys from New Jersey got into Yale and everybody was shocked that he got India he'll get a three point eight GPA and he got into Yale four years later he graduated from Yale is get a degree. And now he works for this thing called command apparently. Where did she is they have life coaches and they say they will help kids. Get a new Ivy League schools. In the last four years they have guided 32 teens. And to top tier colleges like Yale Stanford MIT X that are up. And they claim that 96%. Of its clients will get into one of their top three schools that they picked. Care to guess how much this kid charges an hour to be able oracle life could not just a tutor the grammar. A little they'll remember it life coach. To get a kid into an able and your top three schools have a job like that. If you're going with kids that probably don't have much of a chance. To pull that off you got ago live 400 dollars for honor and our would you say swagger to fifteen and a 250 an hour. You let on nicest guys charging when you passed we guess 950. Dollars an ass. People are paying people are paying people are paying and apparently there is saying that this is it's not just like it a tutor. They insight and a life coach in terms of they help them apply for internships they connect them with a business is they help them start nonprofits to make their resume look better. Kick Chris ram and there's tensions about 650. Dollars in Al Horford is while. They say 96% what about a 4% how much money did you waste your kid and gain of one of his top three schools that's what I wanna know is how I wonder how much though he screens. Like worth actual candidates to have a shot. Yeah verses like Hannah 39 and I don't do any thing I don't place boards frank Reich you know yet or not gonna take on Ian under a little value and work Gwyneth it's like the kid kids you know what if you don't where he's ever seen student news like got a ten point four under and I billion dollars land around you are not paying him 950 now. I'll get the money may be a do you think today is gonna help my kid and is a cease student c'mon. There's no way he's gotten a C student into an Ivy League claim it as a pretty bold thing to clearly your life coach like your so good at life you coach other people how to live life. You're Jack Thompson at your life living Chris ram is not this is not stopped by anything OK it he would teach your kid into an Ivy League school no obstacles in front of Chris are we had a kid. We get a kid from high school get into an Ivy League it was like the biggest deal in the world and you don't want rightfully so can he came from park rose. That's a big deal when you get into an ivy leagues he went to Princeton. The big deal yeah. It's not easy to get into you he played basketball football. In RTC like a four point oh GPA. I had a body that had a four point two GPA did everything you possibly could and no he didn't he. I know now probably and a but yeah why he settled for instead because I think he applied to like six of those Big Ten schools rightly and I can elect better schools below those at the last second thing he'd they had the major and anyone any ended up all that working Haskell got you know it's like hey can I had a two point seven got an organ state eight you know until these and maybe ended up being an engineer at credit and I think that is a sudden you are pro sets that are fifty bucks for Alaska which by the way there was a joke in that story that I I really refrained from appreciate that. I appreciate that. And I think you on the charges only we know we've now. Appreciate that update you quickly a little results from today we s.'s best team in the pac 1246%. I'll go with USC. So for the first time given us an apple question now for the the month on Mondays they've never once been the topic answer now they are. 21% go with Washington State 20% to with Washington 13%. Go Stanford we Ashton Terry Stotts be on the hot seat after a six and six start sitting Americans in the fourth quarter since. I 63%. Say no relax 37%. Say yes absolutely. End up finding is this year we see 82 loss team make college football playoff 72% of you say yes dole or they ousted there into the dirt Johnson think that. They're a mud there on Diana and I say wave length there let's look at the blaze again against Denver today bounce back and get a win tonight now this use of Turkish player in the fourth quarter yes yes Denver is a really good team shortly after I got here but. I really like we Denver's got going on I like them going into the year with the Millsap edition it's working out well the good news is Gary Harris is a questionable decision tonight. In five nuggets. Yes this will be bad a fall below 500 did you see Yokich is comment he didn't even know that. He was in the same division he doesn't know what division -- does anybody and I can even take the blazers division is at this point outside of Oklahoma City but divisions are useless Utah Minnesota Minnesota and Denver. There you go leisure anything Northwest Division that is as a division rivalry game. They calling it path and now and a act now there's the optimistic take on the blazes they lose where's intrigue meter one out of Denham and up upon like Carolina and Miami. Obvious the blazer games summoning go if they a firm to deferred until beyond my little screen media section. These little screens it'll be on but I probable my watch much of it somewhere between two and three. It's both for most of the other things amateurs that are watching tonight so I'll check out see what goes on and then. Move on and mind you mean by a way update listeners have pointed out I just updated Vegas insanity do you have the war in Arizona game now is pick up. I guess that's a hell of incorrect listing only off by 38 points. Close we ever higher like coach. No leg right now now some leasing millionaires do this all the time in her life coaches. And Richard confidence that meant until I had about one to an everyday. Could you be better. G output that's probably. Yeah that's the point getting a life coach path of schools around that. But they go to able to show you miss any atlas truck terrified Castaneda the fanned out commissary confided after it was Reagan at an eighty the fan as well have we heard back from another image yet. We still waiting patiently waiting patiently waiting. Not gonna happen. Dynamic what's okay because tomorrow we have Phil Steele on a twelve they're gonna Justin Hopkins on. At 1 o'clock it's going to be good show react to what and at football for the blazers get a little talk about that as well and untreated because football rankings coming out once again. Tomorrow night we'll talk to tomorrow at noon to three of Barbara Monday number ones next you're listening to 1080 the fan.