Dirt & Sprague Monday November 13th, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, November 13th
We work through the highlights of Week 10 in the NFL Whiparound, and are the Cowboys really that bad without Ezekiel Elliott. Plus is there an issue that will linger for Jusuf Nurkic and Terry Stotts after the Center sat for nearly the entire 3rd quarter of the Blazers loss to the Nets.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It hasn't there's these blocks. To regular. Going around the corner look it's times are dirty and spray yeah true love is hard time sometimes thinking half true love and intensity early flight home. San Diego and a couple of new people tell your path in blindfolded with sandy Dirk Johnson and Brendan spray it's. Date because it was indeed some time you know social glad to get dirt and spray gun ten maybe half. We'll soon. I welcome back to endurance spraying hours to us here on 1080 the fan. Do we use of Americans is going to let something linger. And Terry Stotts Z on the hot seat yeah journalists. May we dodged bullets Beth booksellers a bad team right now hero. A bad notorious flop for. And. So what it's all of that we'll tackle the cowboys a little bit specifically but it's time to star NFL with round as you do every Monday. Throws it. Dillinger. And yeah. And Maddon kept bullets. That knack it to that. First let's start at Orchard Park Raikkonen in more incorrect in my football thoughts here than New Orleans Saints on the road against the bills. Being able to get him off that it's gonna let hasn't seen 40351. Down thirty hours sideline there he feels. That is a 41 yard touchdown run the first in the career a Trace Adkins and there's six rushing touchdown of the day for the saints and that's why. Good call football game I could do that that's like the Bart. Polls late in the fourth quarter of a blow out. Like I did indeed Evan I didn't think there was an inning Afghani was tonight and boom goes the dynamite. Jesse angler come that's a high school Booth anytime you want my friends so I doubt in my confronting us you guys have two games thirty being called. Just he had their compass media network yeah I think the bills plus the three who ups could have been more wrong. Finally that was tree Edmonds on a 41 intent Chara touched down in the yard run. And down. Yeah I sit down and out anyways. Peter matter cups if you come at a worse tests on yard run. The saints win yet they want fumble and was led and they know it's a softer blog at Kent. What house bill and now with the New Orleans Saints. You won seven straight. Like where did this come from their playing great defense and running the football like if I. You blew me away with his that I IDC that the number 47 to ten and I'd even think about it I knew you know Ingram had a big game tomorrow I had a big game. You're Brees didn't do hardly anything in its football game if I told you they were gonna win 47 to ten he was only gonna have a 180 yards and no touchdowns. I'd ask somebody pick sixes to Tyrod Taylor throw they ran the ball for 300 yards as a team we had two guys over a hundred yards. This is like bizarre world New Orleans Saints and I can't wrap my head around. Well this is you buy into New Orleans Saints because of those two reasons they run the ball well and they play good defense that translates to playoffs we all know that they help the bills under 200 yards of offense. In the bills' last two games have been outscored ED. One to 31 as well listener pointed out a couple weeks ago we were like yeah we believe the bills and bills fans accidents and we'll now that everybody believes in them they're gonna lose watch and now that's. Get a look at breezes numbers in this stretch he really hasn't done a lot this is an amazing run by the New Orleans Saints and they are absolutely for real if you didn't. Think so already art let's go to the ATL. There's Joe Buck on the called the Atlanta Falcons. They needed this one bad sitting at born before especially with the way the New Orleans Saints and Panthers have been playing. And navy thought they beat up on the cowboys' 24. Are 27. To seven. Heirs of framing issues in Dallas and again and is scandal get to them a moment but just in terms of Atlanta you said they needed this plan and you know I techno Lincoln's Ezekiel it was a plan. Armed but just in terms of confidence and editors who are playing good football they easily could have lost five in a row the only game they had one in that stretch. Before Sunday it was a and a tsunami in New York against the jets Annika lost that one as well so. They needed just want to build some confidence because you look at the schedule moving forward to go to Seattle. Coming up on the twentieth and that's not going to be easy in the Monday night game in Seattle not a not an easy place to win self. Think it's a five and four at least to get some breathing room and there's still in the mix Iranians are the NFC south yeah we mentioned at the seven into Hussein's how about now this seven into Minnesota Vikings. Kevin Burkhardt fox sports only call their case GM Ford touchdowns that one Adam Phelan. One of the best receivers in the NFL. And and they beat Minnesota 38. To thirty day and I saw a story data there's still usher they wanna start next week at quarterback. What Imus and it was to anyone it's what I 300 yards four touchdowns and only through that that that two picks but. This in a vacuum of playing good football which I didn't expect to have happen Minnesota with the defense that they play. You don't just needs to go out there and not lose football games forum and again a regular formulas that would Washington an argument I made a couple of weeks enroll now. Her presence is doesn't out of balance on offense we see quarterbacks struggle when they go through that they're leading rusher was. 35 yards presence at 327 and a touch on they just don't have any balance on that side of the ball yeah if you listen last week we told you this line ones. Fishy there was only a point and a half and we knew Larson was banged up and how good the defense was for the vikings. That was an easy win if you bed vikings there was never really doubt there Minnesota went up to score is cautioning cutting close. Late but it was way too late so the vikings improved to seven and two as well. All right let's go to UAL a little bit of a division battle in the AFC south and Marcus Marianna. There's Dick Stockton fox sports on the call very yes there in a division battle with the Jacksonville but Marcus Mario in the Tennessee Titans. Drive the field with a minute and change the last. And DeMarco Murray put on some good moves and they get the game winning touchdown they beat Cincinnati in Tennessee Kennedy and Alan Alan have been a bad loss Mario and added that touchdown pass it again it was only touchdown of the day the leading get a phone on the ground a little bit with 51 yards 120 yard run. And so it's good to see him healthy even though he was banged up again in this ball game now they got to plan a short week against Pittsburgh. On a Thursday night and I think from Cincinnati Andy Dalton staved off getting benched for a week has yet to play decent this ball game. Bonds has perfect for some reason isn't to get suspended and his teammates are defending him saying mole rats are provoking him. How many times do we need to see that movie before we disease hot head that they can't control. All but Tennessee when you look at the division race it would have been really bad loss at home to Cincinnati. Because Pittsburgh's going to be a tough one on the road so Goodwin for Mario and well one team that a lot of people kind of declared dead because of an injury. Came back and quite a statement in Shiite town. Finally take away side step back get great. Scanning they want it. Pounds three big cooler earth one of the biggest play of the day. To love god go day three yards out alright blank. Jason Bay and daddy ESPN. Radio yep Brett Conley look like an entirely different player. As he connected with Dovonte Adams and Green Bay it's a big road win against Chicago when they're five and four guys seem to agree beta win this game I didn't have much faith and Bret Holley I just think the bare socks I don't trust literature biz is a rookie. Brent only did enough to women let's not act like his numbers were great. That this schedule it's tough for the next few weeks Baltimore's got a decent defense they got to be Denning and go on the road to Pittsburgh on Sunday night. I'll before an easy two game stretch that they close act Carolina. Home against Minnesota at Detroit that's a tough fending I haven't heard any updates on the Darren Rogers is planning on being back anytime soon so. Opinion hasn't changed of either of these teams they just did enough to be a pretty bad bears team but again yeah I didn't have. The hard. It was a good game but I didn't have a hard to put in Jacksonville and LA and our whip around. How many times if your charger fan can you sustain a heart breaks like that they should've won the game. You flat out should have won that game I'm up the first mistake they made. Was the interception they have late in the fourth the game didn't run it out he ran to the sideline and celebrated. Then the next possession. They chose to run in on all three downs. Burning maybe. Twelve seconds of clock time because Jacksonville at all three timeouts and set a may be trusting jewelry are Philip Rivers on third and eight to try to ice the game. And then just for execution in overtime to fear. You'll have played morals come back to V chip and that one's gonna hurt for awhile. And not look like portals back and on Sunday I was just reports what's in the gay guy to upset takes this week and I took the box over the jet that was feel great about that and then I had the chargers and I was watching his game in the first half feel pretty good Catalina that I can go to still upset picks and as it's just it's weird because it there's so many different complete a point the finger to management and operating and kicker Philip Rivers at times and bad turnovers a defense giving up believe head coaching blunders. It does it it's always amazing how no matter who comes and goes in that organization. They're the same team every year and even in a different city and it's still the same team that's always good. For 360s they could be six and three it's unbelievable same chargers every single year. Ranked Texas a freeze has more rushing touchdowns and passing. They get back team. There's no way to Asheville and he gets away writes had I know we had a rising touchdown against buffalo I thought they are bizarre world but that he only has thirteen touchdowns this year. He just doesn't he doesn't need to do much but he's a guy that you say man. He has two rushing touchdowns this season not having to go out there and do too much come playoff time it's giving guys damage or breeze on your team yet he had ia rushing touchdown on Sunday with Noelle. Passing touchdowns that was when was your games for them and some teasing Muslim prayers to mark he's good when in San Francisco that was cool moment here on a long bomb for the 49ers dropped to his knees. Got real emotional because he had lost his. It's infant son a few hours for the game I think it was. Stillborn yeah I miscarriage I think when it was like at the end was right was very close and yet being more if I read it correctly still loss wash your son. And he goes out there and has a long touchdown pass that was pretty cool moment that was really cool and now that Mac and we'll see you later. While the giants owners just came out native kind of supportive. And they symbol reevaluate things at the end of the year but they bring him back and doesn't make any sense not a problem. Can the cowboys to win a game without Ezekiel Elliott or was it more important player just missing yesterday and how is this Jerry Jones were. Do you know battle going to end. Talk about both those things next on 1080 the fan. 118 on the fan. The the Dallas Cowboys lose the Atlanta Falcons. Yesterday. They jumped out early seven nothing and then they just basically got the breaks. Beat off from the next three and half quarters or so in the falcons getting much needed win. Over Dow's who played their first game without Ezekiel Elliott in. You know I I've teased about it we've joked about it I've mentioned did. I nosy Jillian how how important he's going to be I I think I think they're gonna struggle without having a town like him there's a difference. I don't know he yesterday easy Gailey is the maker break I really thought I was Tyrone Smith because they had nobody left tackle a block Claiborne who ended up with five sacks in the game. And act Prez got got no movement lefty finished with a horrible rushing total honor and five yards they're much better rushing team the NASA did the falcons credit. But I just wanna know if if Tyrone Smith is not going to be back next week even. What dads can mean for their team because without him and without Zeke I just don't think they're very good group. No chest green was horrible is no business being out there left tackle he got embarrassed then Sean Lee went down in the game. And their record when they don't have Sean Lee a middle linebacker organized in the defense is horrible. So you're right it had that loss had less to do with the loss of ZQ well it then you're Pro Bowl left tackle and yours stud. Quarterback on the defense middle linebacker Sean Lee going down. So. If they're out for significant time then. They're gonna have to completely come up for something different are gonna have to leave tight ends are gonna half dead. Over the fullback chip and help Chad has green on the left side and defensively I don't know what they're gonna be without some Charlie is their best time he's on the best tacklers. In diagnosing. Where plays are going in the NF. Now and in into the 247 to seven was was awful and you know maybe saw Los coming for Dallas. But to get blown up that way I was only was an early 107 passed a seven and a half down and out around but it's actually an inning on I'm doing naming outscored seven not that in the second half a criminal Boldak press got to know much protection he was sacked eight dot com and Italy it's a latex and earlier wears a coaching staff getting the left tackle some help and I agree with that I think we see not a lot this year. At times and there's bound offensive line play that you're not even tied and then you're not put him back there and have to try and help out that situation because when you have a quarterback had sacked eight times. I'd give me a break but. I do think as he Gilead is is a part of this. Conversation as well I'd you know I absolutely a mini. You can really claim that he was responsible for that when against Washington where they were planned in a rainstorm to carry the ball like 35 times for 150 yards. There it is able to give them balance and consistency on offense and opens things up for Dak Prez got. And their receivers in the passing game when you take that away in their unable to consistently run the football you get into passing situations because you're down ten to seven or seventeen to seven. Those defense events can pin their ears back and just go after him and I think that was just it was kind of the perfect storm. Off for them to get blown out and I think you now wonder because we had a conversation last week about an FC teams that we thought could compete with silly that you know we are and I by amnesty with a classmate they get loosened some. Some trouble and we a couple of the Texans a little boy about cowboys cowboys is going to be able over Kansas City in. You know I think if if Dallas is healthy and they're in the playoffs yeah I would be scared to face them the funds Philly or refine the rams or. Insert any other playoff team there but the problem the Dallas now that they lost to Atlanta is just simply getting there because you look at their next five games. The schedule is an easy you got Philly on on Sunday night next week who's played as good as anybody the coming off a bye. He got the chargers who we just got done talking about some lakes are great sublease or not that's not a gimme at all. Washington they get the Redskins again that granted it's a whole ice and Washington's a decent team. Before you get a chance to go on greater so. That on the road to. ICB New York to play the giants so that's a win and you take the raiders aren't innovators he does and then you hopefully we'll get him back for the Seattle game. Which after this excuse but it's it's it's about. Surviving and being in the mix over these next three weeks and when you show me a 27 to seven loss to Atlanta. I'm not very optimistic he'll be able to do without a well you know I think. Thing to look forward to for cowboy fan I'm in a tough stretch like this for your battling injury and suspension. This kind of an interesting part and tester for Jack press dot. If you're an elite franchise quarterback these are the moments these are the moments that you strap it up and you go all right where. Missing a lot of guys in this regard were deficient in the running game you have to step your play up you have to make other players better. You take Russell Wilson who some people don't think is as highly rated as maybe myself. Russell Wilson has had plenty of examples where the running game is nonexistent the defense is giving up points. Annie is still label with out a lot of weapons to go out there. And carve some defense is upping get a W. Jack press got to show me gasoline nothing yesterday now the left tackle being out. Just crushed dumb because he had almost no time but in these next few weeks without ZQ Elliott when you're dealing with injuries. These are the moments that people to you know all right. What you like then. And then they kind of assess who they think you really are when it's easy when you are rushing for. A hundred and I'm sixty yards and go had to act press guy when he throws for two to money. It's another in crisis situations which you could probably say Dallas is and and then see what with the result is going to be so I think that Dak press got watches another interest in part of the whole suspension and injury. Or Deion Abel welcome to the world of Russell Wilson no offensive line to protect him and know balance in the running game you're running around and making plays and that's the options good luck because that's what Russell Wilson's basically had to do. A the last two or three years no running game ban offensive line assistant scrambling around and some people don't think he's great some people think he's a tough time kind league there's differing opinions because of that situation you're just gonna have weeks it'll look good. We don't get a lot of help the you know if on the cowboys and I guess the only thing and no doc talked about this yesterday after the game. That would give me some optimism is the last time they were won't like that they bounce back and they beat Arizona on the road. But this is at will without a left tackle without Ezekiel Alia I just I don't see how you do it against Philly and you fall well Ivan five. And I was getting you look at that pres got as somebody who it kind of falls on his shoulders now is not fair because every quarterback in the league needs help there's no doubt about it I've been I've been. Ranting about after weeks about Kirk cousins he doesn't have a running game was offensive line is it great the Redskins are a 500 football team because of that but his numbers are solid and he just gives him now. And so it's not fair clicked actress got in that situation but when you're the quarterback and a cowboy is such is kind of what you go through. If you're not gonna get help he got a finalist after playing up. Gonna get a big contract generally care what's fair not to part of your job. So's Dallas loses their first game without Zeke but Tyrone Smith was out there was a nightmare for Dallas. The other part of Dallas. Is this Jerry Jones Roger Goodell battle. And it took another step this weekend. Some people are wondering there's a conspiracy going on that some people wonder Jerry Jones wants to be the commissioner himself. Which is why he's going forward with this whole get rid of Roger Goodell movement. A lot owners appear to by the way to be against him on that. Some are wondering what they can do ramification wise against Jerry Jones because they think he's making the league look bad. They also are convinced that he told the Papa John's on our. John what's McAuliffe to come out say to comments that he did him because he's got a stake he's a stakeholder in that. And then we also saw the reports from Adam show after and Chris mortenson neck Adele is reportedly asking for a salary. A 49 and a half million dollars. And a lifetime use of a private jet and health insurance for his family. Now the NFL came out right away and strongly denied that but I don't know show after is running with a whole story on that unless he gets it from a pretty reliable person. So Goodell aiming for almost fifty million. Private jet usage the rest of his life and health insurance for his family I love the aggressive approach here from me down I gotta go through all this crap you guys don't fire me every couple years I can't get into any decision right nobody likes via public and they get fifty million dollars that is the other tie into that you didn't mention. Was that the Bleacher Report articles on who knows that there's any validity behind it but there is saying that some NFL owners are talking about trying to make Jerry Jones forfeit the Dallas Cowboys so they're not gonna see trying to do that it's ST stipulation is a contract that if the owners and commissioner specifically the commissioner. Think that he is unfit for the lead. And because of all this is stuff against Fidelity's threaten to sue people he has the power he he he and a to try to make it an owner changed ownership to Celestine. This is this continues the point that I've made now all season that this isn't good for business this is not did it's one of those stories and and people see they roll their eyes that. It has nothing to do with the football we watch on Sundays or Mondays and Thursdays and I I don't I just I don't think people one as he billionaires battle it out in the public guy. Just not crediting its isn't a day goes into the over saturation of the NF now. Yeah absolutely. I housing Jerry Jones loosing his mine. I great ideas do it kind of feels like Al Davis. And get there doesn't it. In your threatening to sue other owners use threatening to get Goodell now. In the back and Caribbean nightmare and the things I'd pass on that one. So the cowboys kind of just a mess right now does not going well for Dallas but they still have a chance here in the playoff but they got a tough schedule led. Nosy Kia Elliott battling injuries Yusuf inert cage was benched Friday in the fourth quarter is the blazers lost the lowly Brooklyn nets. Is he tough enough to overcome the latest setback. Dimon that next. An automatic get 134 of the Mondays are on loan third straight here on the sand. Get back into the tax Wellesley College football stuff in the final hour. NFC contenders. Three teams of seven into the outing anybody sought common. I'm somebody that football's all that coming up in the final hour show. Spray I headed to we went to bend this week deleted and then dale trail had a great time on Saturday and we got in Friday night. At 730 ish yourself. But so Bartlett silvery were given on the Washington Stanford game when the truck racing finally ended and BC had a Ryan the blazers game think and I nets and towns had been easy win finally through this one right. I couldn't find he's the fourth quarter is happening. I think everybody's like wait a minute. Why why is it uses an wreckage playing on what's going on here blazers playing in ads if you miss that use of barricades. Basically didn't play in the fourth quarter of that team in nine. The blazers loss in the nets at home they now sit at six and six and there's battle hot differing reports coming out. After that ball game on Dirk is left right after the game intact the media as Stotts defended the decision. Basically saying the nets went small and he wanted to match their small lineup they thought Ed Davis to be more efficient at that position but. And it seemed that is not up to may be destructive some imagine now sitting in six and six Ambac had a decision it's got to raise a lot of eyebrows and rip city war yeah I think there's. A big problem here one you have the thirty easiest schedule in the NBA thus far and your 500. That's that's that's the alarming part a lot of people thought this was the moment you can take advantage take a lead. Jumped to a sizable leading your division or was in the Western Conference. And then get them beaten bones of the schedule and find a way to maybe be contender in this thing somehow to a certain level. And that hasn't in the Casey been very inconsistent up and down you lose to a team like the nets at home everybody should be kind of doing a double taking an asking the question WTF. Stocks you wanted to defend the decision that's fine I think Terry Stotts is a really good head coach. I thought that was a terrible decision. You are about to an icu isn't a franchise. They're about to invest a lot of money in this young man. They're gonna give a monster extension. You don't play at Davis over the guy you're paying more money to it's it's as simple as that. He's twenty what 23 years old Ed Davis by the way finished with a minus seven. Mussa generic it was a plus five even if that plus minus is in huge. You still played a better player and that's use of nerds I don't care with the Brooklyn nets do. As quick pointed out on Comcast. They played all these teams with with good senators and they struggled against all of them all these senators went off. And the blazers chose to say you certain markets I now wonder about you some meritage going forward how we can handle adversity like this. And I'm almost assured that we will never see Terry Stotts do this the rest of this year because I'm pretty confident you'll see had a nice phone call them. Yeah I'm saying hey we got disguises that let's make sure he's playing in the fourth quarter games and and that's running their frustrations I'm in losing to that is bad enough you don't lose on the nets if you're the team that we think Portland is. That's inexcusable mom but on top of that. The shack that you cowed down that they are strategy that because the nets wanted to go small and dated have a big guy and they were running the floor. You wanted to go small to. As I don't like deadlines and I don't as you mentioned there's there's been a lot of senators this year that have been had success against the nets. I use of Americans instead of twenty over 21 points five rebounds. Up until the point that he was taken out eleven scoring eye in 21 points excuse me. Be Letterman scoring and he didn't even play the fourth quarter so to act like he was the problem or you can't hang with Brooklyn. Because they once Bologna as is I don't like that mindset and I think some folks have wrongfully criticized Terry Stotts over the I'm with you I think is a great head coach. But they're there is as a growing sense of frustration when you're not only make a decision like down I just think it's the icing on the cake for. What's been an app. Disappoint start to the another twelve games and there's a lot of basketball to be played. Nobody is gonna discrete adapt led. You're losing some close games you're wondering how are you finding ways to lose this and then a decision like that to leave. One of your best players on the bench because he had the team went small idea that the frustration is there and elegance accident and hot cedar fire employed yet for me obvious inning that's a long way premature. But I understand the direction that it's going in any of this keeps up we're gonna get their pretty quickly we nine. Don't want Terry Stotts on the hot seat I'd people hit me up on Twitter on Friday after that game of a does is it time now is it time now in. But I think there are some people out there they just want news they won admitted but they basically just don't like Terry Stotts they don't think he's been good defensively which third track record probably show that's right. Although they have improved in that categories drastically from where they were last year. And at times and I think this goes back to late game situations. People are very unhappy with. Kind of just head coach because when a team has a couple stars like Dane CJ for example and you lose close games like they have this year where you look at a ton of their games as a man. Maybe one or two games and Max were easily you should of lost those games you deserve to lose any other games were just. Coin tosses. When that happens people tend to blame the coach for that and that's that the NBA is about. And adding those people now want Terry Stotts Nazi. They just don't like Terry Stotts but here's the good news this is the saving grace for them on I mention the schedule and how easy it span. They need to take advantage of this the rest of the way you cannot afford to continue playing this kind of basketball. But the good news is the jazz the thunder the clippers. All below you the pelicans the timberwolves the grizzlies. Barely above view. It is been a lot of just. Everybody's died in the died you have four teams in the west there are three games or better. Over 500 the rockets warriors your opponent tonight nuggets and the spurs. There's just too many signs to meter at that point to use of meritage. Always should be on the court at the end there. You don't second guess that somebody asked him it's Al farouq Aminu being out I think that hurts them defensively. Their best group in net points per 100 possessions. Is inert turner Jane Park was an amino. So you are feeling some effect of not having Al farouq Aminu are but just going back to that specific game no excuse not be playing you some markets in the fourth quarter yeah. Yeah a lot of different shots coming out I'm just curious from blazer fans around this 55305. Oracle questions today after the spring on Twitter. You go vote on it now about 250 votes in on this thing should Terry Stotts be on the hot seat after a six and six start. Sitting Eric did you the fourth quarter of Friday's loss against Brooklyn. Analog regular single urinating if you think that. 39%. Of people say absolutely should be on the hot seat right now I wouldn't call them idiots I just does a great guy and it's this I think it's a cold Asia's major 66 and in I'm glad you brought up by I saw that week you retreated over the weekend about how easy their schedule was then they have one of the funding depending on the metrics that you look at name one of the five easy schedules in the NBA at this point when John Shimon works for NBA dot com he studies the stats more than anybody and he he does the strength of schedule I am the third time as you strength discovery of one at one of the top three easy schedules and leaders say they're 66 and I think that's the frustration as we all looked. And some even joked that we were breaking down the early season schedule a couple of weeks back led. We all are doing it because of how easy it was Lisa look is a team is returning a lot of talent they get off to a good start rattle off some wins early. I and then you're sitting at your feel good about yourself when the meat of the schedule finding hits later on in the year. And they just haven't been able to do that yet so curious are people are 55305. How would you vote on the poll question. About Terry Stotts also. Are we concerned about use of circuits is passed in Denver the way he responded to adversity in housing getting analyst and I hear from you some circuits. And what he has to say at Galena matchup against Denver Craig sent us next antennae to the fans. Pressures on the Astros difference in the past masters at security crunch time it's preliminary heat when. This greatest criminal element of news that's the lowest I want its current stunt and they look at the hottest topics in sports. 995 per month. So why would you ever pay more for a gym members. Your dad's records done brought you back French tennis always my 95 a month so why would you ever pay more free gym membership on the oddity glorious sassy gains today after. Joseph yeah. Our darkest blaze Thursday lost nets on Friday night I repeat they lost the Brooklyn nets on Friday night use of Turkish basically did not play in the fourth quarter. And done they felt an Essex and six on the year we'll get to this don's comment and the Americans coming your moment that. The south are a blazer fans are we even ask for calls and even take calls on the show only had a gentleman who is that fired up he wants to share his thoughts a lot of a lot of we got Allen in Vancouver Allen here a year at the game male would you make a bit. The guys were to have that the game on the Internet and huge stops and just seems like at times there's a lot of control and a lack of efficiency. And the inability to wing players and when some control is needed but at the game on that Friday. You know every time they took no doubt they've lost their efficiency they lost explodes it seemed like nothing happened by design. So for him not to play the entire court order to gain was just mind boggling but like I said this is not a new and it is a bit frustrating. Now because that's and it's a reasonable take it is frustrating to 66 and eSATA on the Benson and in the fourth quarter so. Bomb us at and I had the argument about the offensive. Efficiency without a model for I do like that Tim we have Ryan on Hercules Chiming in about the is says the number of says they've had. A mom beyond that is not sustainable on non enough ball moving on that's edible Terry's dusted doc after the game and he explained his decision to not play he's. You know I think you're looking at two different games the Memphis game was your views count. The game was kind of funky because it foul trouble doing you know power within the last three minutes. Honestly the game against. Game gets Brooklyn. We're down seven and I went was dead and we were down 7UP five. And with five minutes ago I decided to stay with the head because we had made a nice run with him in the game so wasn't so much about. Nerd who's more about Ted being a very good offensive rebounder. You made got a couple blocks. Set a lot of good screens that freedom or shooters so is much more about how Edwards and about that about. But but it's never that's never going to be what it is about that's the unfortunate part I see where Terri is coming from is right not hand right blade. You're not paying a Davis the money your bowed to commit to use of nurtured so your logic could have some reasoning there and I think a lot of people that love the game of basketball and like to dive into the numbers look he could look at some aspects and say yeah okay and may be it's okay. But the end of the day this sport is about stars it's about who you pay and what is your crunch time lineup. They lost to the Brooklyn nets with the Memphis game I was at that game and I see where he's coming from he got 2000 than the first minute and a half right markets all want to work. And they just struggled he never really could find his. Is is is is is footing in that game and so I think there's certain guys certain circumstances were that makes sense. That nets came one night I just I didn't follow that and again I'm not one that's putting Terry Stotts. In a proverbial hot seat I don't think it's time for that disappointing start ball movement's been terrible in my opinion I think the need to pick that up. Al farouq Aminu is injury adding to what their their defense has been pretty good but adding to not having a guy like down on the court. Rotations changing a little bit there's a lot that's that factors in today's. By inept Brooklyn game specifically I'm sorry just you lose do you plays of circuits is the Brooklyn nets Seattle alone one of the concerns about this is America to pass me you go back to his days in Denver where he lost his starting to. He got the NC not handle it and that was something we were kind of waiting to see is never gonna manifests itself from Portland. And last year I mean it was is a dream team played great and came back for the one game of the playoffs is big in game three it was like. There was never that bump in the road that you had to wonder how was he going to respond to it. Now are there now he left the game Friday if you're wondering you didn't talk to mediate got out of the locker before they had a chance to Stephen and after the implied. He did talk about it and it sounds like he's willing to bury the hatchet. I mean everybody wanna be out so there's no plan our team element being close came into the game so definite on the other. Like I said there's no long have played or coached. You know this is jesus' managers created an atmosphere. Do you buy do you buy these Americans is saying it's his decision I respect his decision to not play me I'm. Well or is this gonna become a bigger issue well I'm not I'm not going to be like a lot of other people and say that it's dead just because he comes out and says that. He's OK with it and he's moved donning his sport stats that's great this is the NBA man I've seen too many superstars stars. And really good players say absolute PS to media and then feel a different way. Armed with use of generic it's I think somebody got an easier whether that was a teammate. An agent whenever somebody gotten easier and told him the right approach to take this. He clearly was pissed about not playing his reasoning for not talking the media aideed back treatment. I'll. Convenient on that. You know Brian fourth quarter. I'm worried about this I'm not ready dismissing it why should you why should you randomly because I'm one comment it's no big deal. Let's see how this plays out there's another incident or two. Where he is sat instead of being played in a crucial situation. For non salaries and issues. Then we'll see that this is what guys like and Oliver were talking about he had this happened in Denver. He's still there really young players so it's not to say the eighty can't maturity can't learn from guys like Dana are consummate pros. But I I I wanna see it play out a little more before I say with a 100% conviction that he's not can allow this to. I'm mentally get to him a little bit that's what he was in Denver let's see play out Portland I hope that he changes I hope that he's different. Right help that he's matured in that and that role on an aegis look at the numbers for him to this year I think we are all kind of wondering when he was gonna turn it on because the start of the year. Wasn't what we were expecting that you just look at the month of October isn't as opposed the month of November for him. And the month of October the first whatever 56 games they played. He averaged twelve point seven rebounds in the shooting 40% from the floor. In the five games now on the month of November. He's up to almost twenty points per game nineteen point eight. About the same number of rebounds right around seventy shooting 54%. From the floor so he's averaging seven or eight more points per game. Shouldn't you know I did a pretty good increased Aaron Schobel percentage so he's starting to turn and offensively. And you know like maybe they catch a break because you get the revenge game we'll remember him going off against Denver last year. Andy he's going against him in always come out today and said gassed not a revenge game anymore that things in the past but. I I'm open to see them have a really good performance tonight. There's no issue no playing time in only a questioning a wise this guy and why is this guy not in it be nice for Portland just to be able to move on from what happened on Friday why. I can't wait to be at that game tonight because one I think it's huge for them moving forward to get a home win against a team like Denver having an opportunity. The nuggets are playing pretty well their fun to watch. And into just to see how use of generic its response against a guy like Yokich no. He does a lot of deep dive stuff would blazers edge and we've had him on the show before. He tweeted us and said that Stotts may have gotten a wrong into Brooklyn. However how many causes he had wrong in the long run folks need to slow their roll Stotts doesn't build a flawed roster and fair germ. That's the other part of this team is we can blame the coach coach coach coach coach to coach only has. The resources he's given. And a lot of people texting insane is a 500 team large doubles prize or they are 66 the only thing I would say guns as I I do I understand this is a 500 team. The schedules been so easy like in the long run sure they can go 41 right now your feeling like it's a 500 team because this is your easy part in your five to one that's a concern relative you can't get through districts year's schedule they better than 500 record you're not 500 team because and you guys are playing gold stayed in February loss to the clippers in the minutes get employed San Antonio yet this -- gonna get tougher as we go forward. As you mentioned at thirty easiest schedule in the NBA but they are at six and sixty take on Denver tonight. And an interesting weekend and rich city and out and play Friday against Brooklyn. Had a couple of days off not to think about it now they get the nuggets at home. We'll see if they can bounce back with a way to move passes market situation appear he was benched. On Friday night in the loss to the nets crunch time writing by crunch fitness always not 95 a month so why would you ever pay more. Ray gym membership begin find out more about our spread I work out. Akron suck com lots to get to any final hour of the show I'll talk about the NFC which teams are you trusting the most outside of Philadelphia. Was it the answer is a change from Friday after what we saw this weekend night and I've football's back tonight. Any entry in Carolina and Miami. We will talk with a bit more about the Portland and Denver game to close out the show looking ahead to tonight it back into the college football landscape and that's are gonna start in the pactel. People are diagnosing the problem. We all know what it is one of file are going to order the spring on 1080 the fan.