Dirt & Sprague Monday November 13th, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, November 13th
The guys recap their trip to Central Oregon on the Bend Ale Trail, then try to make sense of what happened in college football over the weekend. Why did the Huskies look listless at Stanford, what will the top 4 look like in the new CFB Playoff Rankings and will a 2 loss team be in this year's playoff.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. You look seconds ago from the Mississippi State 26 yard. Growing over the middle man has gone. Five so. This is Durbin sprained. Pretending they're Johnson named Brendan spread. Durden spray. Guns and maybe. I erratic it's 1202. In the rose city it is time for dirt and spray on Portland sports and entertainment eighty the fan. Crane in spring alongside in the dirt Johnson now happy Mon day everybody out. 36 so the 503 than 97154. Were one we we survived another beer excursion this weekend. We did we do we we had a good weekend that was a great time at the Glendale trail I. I wanna throws out his we have a a lot to get just a great weekend of football that we got in college. Other some good NFL games like the early morning slate of games they all came down like one possession which was a nice break from the week of former U animal as bullets at 10 AM game absolutely. They will get to the use of. And our kids Terry Stotts W dollar that today I want to start with an observation I made from our weakened in bend. First I did notice bend restaurant. Like mom and pop places that serve breakfast they don't believe in pepper. That's threw me for a little none of a mad tapper I ate at three different restaurants for breakfast. And none of them had temper on the table. That's a little strange you gotta pepper is a staple of breakfast that's I got eggs bacon pampered tell us how rounds in you put even let him on anything you need them more absolutely. So that was the first after the sack it was in regards to our trip we did debate nailed trail and last time I'll ever say. If you've never done it and yuppie alike to you like to craft Beers senior interested. Go to Ben is always great weekend. I highly recommended Indian trail they're they're fantastic their top notch they handle everything perfectly and they just take you on these incredible tours. All we could have been dale trail and we get time we consumed a lot of boos SPN's we did and like every other year. We get to a point where you drink so much and you eat appetizers and you eat meals. Default is you can handle anymore beard does that ramp. Dirt myself. We stopped at the end of the tour we went back to one of the breweries because we heard great things about their pizza. And we really liked a couple of their IPA's so we went back there for dinner. Way to get meal. We have some good drinks. Any got to the point where it's. What almost 8 o'clock in like it was full at 738 we mingled for about seven and a half hours on I EPA's importer is a new name that we are we were than the tank was full it's it's that thinks giving feeling. Where you can't help but kind of pass out ceiling are we exactly yeah so we go back hinder causes or my go to my room. I basically didn't do much or watch the organ state game in my hotel room the wife and I stayed up pride till like eleven maybe midnight and then we just passed out. You made that long. Yeah when I'm on the impact we announced a little I passed out the second I got back of the room I've finished the the Alabama Mississippi State game next thing I know I was K note and I woke up at the half and he ordered state Arizona game. And how is this because I had organs they pleasant when he wanted it was 28 up and at the half that was not pleasant to wake up to quote and I really you can meet a lull around a long way to get to this. Point that I making is we get another coworker named Derek who he's a great guy is 947 nights. Eyes where you can catch him here in this era on the in the building. And he's gone on these trips without he's actually the one I think he kind of started this idea and it's fantastic with a great time. And that carried not only did he keep telling me you know. I eat he like went on night and I I just don't know lol I do it. How do people get that energy I used to be able to do that I I used to be able to drink all day I got out think back to like college football games as a student and organ. That's like that's a day long saying you wake up you know especially 1 o'clock kicker something your drink and by 7 rate in the morning. It drink you find ways to make entered the game and and you go on afterwards like I used to be able to handle that kind of workload no naps known happened ball no I used to just be able to go from one event to the other is no big deal not evil lord that back how I'd I had one of those old flooded Eddie moment I'm not even that old. Does that one of those footage daddy moments this weekend and get the thing. You give me your drink all day it's like seven hours of drinking and it's grade it was awesome all the Beers from were phenomenal that the breweries are great worthy was awesome umbrage 99 was awesome. Then brewing company we went to we went to bowed your that we wish we all these breweries. Sample all the these great stick Beers and ten and a half percent nice right Abbie Abbie Beryl age stuff like the whole nine yards and by the time 7 o'clock hit I was done. I made it back to the hotel arm and I I don't know how old is he told me you saw that he was like sentence of snap jets out at a -- doing karaoke at 1:30 in the morning go running instead Graham as friends and cannot imagine making it another hour and a half I thought it's and we got doubly dinner I was like OK I need to make it back I wanna make sure that them the Notre Dame and Miami game stays a lopsided if I didn't I would watch CNN that. I stuck around and TCU Oklahoma until I knew that game was over and then of course he finished the Alabama Mississippi State game and then it was. C a Sunday morning. I just I just wanted to point out how I'm amazed I think that's almost. Like sport worthy to meet people back to live their life that way. And it's not a knock it's me being just. Outstanding standing ovation dragster logged on me and all time because Jimenez friends they go beast mode every year they do this for single you and I'm just like get some point it's gets got a slowdown he's gonna go back to the hotel room and I Gannett a year older he's not going to be able to make it now. Now he continues to just chug along in. Do what he does man it's it's it's a sight to see and answers of other people out there have a friend like this where. You're kinda in our vote. Of having good time the opinion just drained. Ending your friend is just one of those people that isn't I guess there's. Like that to the Iran into a life that is not like even like exclude the boos conversation you know the people you just meet in their always full of energy and they're always talkative they're always going like there's. I just an Energizer bunny and I'd I look at people like that to him like do you ever get tired. You never run out of gas like I know I ample people just. A lot of the time a day no matter the time a year no matter what their schedules did like he CM and it's always go go go there always ask him questions its rapid fire talking. And sometimes I don't you ever just wanna take a step back relax take a nap man yeah I'm being now a guy that can kick your feet up firmly believe in the now and easy. As a guy that is a firm believer in that I don't understand how those individuals can do I don't get the energy level is amazing. Like I wake up really early and you know I got two kids so I it has allowed to goes on within my game but after a show lapsing into any minute nap he duty agent I got on my car unplug for twenty minutes replied you're good to go I need that in my life family European idea but it was a great time. I'm amazed clerical worker and I highly recommend bed it was it was a top notch top notch but. Q is the beauty of us going on brewery tour. We got to check out a bunch of different Cox football games. And a bunch of different stops yeah I had every level is like a different level drawn by Gary's every spot in the speaker knew John technical Mike you watching what Miami is doing right now are so we got to bone yard Bonior was the last stop we made on our tour. And if you've never been a bone yard in bend. You know kind of blow your mind because you realize they have maybe. Just Beers on tap at restaurants bars they might have the number one beer in the state with their RPM. And then you go to the facility and I'm not kidding when I say is it looks like your uncle shed in the backyard. It's. It's perfectly fine you walk in the people are great customer service was perfect. But you is we never suspected that facility is housing may be. The number one beer in our state or I see you walk in there and as we get off the bus to go into bone yard. This guy comes roaring out of bowling yard hand in his bony knees. And he's got my glasses beards puffy coat looks like your prototypical. Portland hipster. Any systems either storms out right everybody in the groups like lol west at guy on that's a powerful beer was he drinking gasoline or yeah that's kind of what we rumors say yeah. And he finally does like a big turn around any comes scream and back to us. Any slows down and these are to watch him because he realizes the whole groups like anatomy and judge him in. Questioning. And he drops sorry. My Florida State Seminoles just got to. Beat turnover and we talked Florida State football until like ten minutes and it wanna save and 99 never pegged you as a diehard football finale it was not mega you judge a book by its cover you would say that guy does not watch sports if he does is probably cross country or European soccer and I was just that got into that most dire Florida's Dade city went to Florida State do gaze at my school and -- think I'll catch a fish out of water managing another band organ from Tallahassee Florida out how does that happen and I wanna say not five minutes later as we walked into bone yard standing in line to get our samples. That same individual. Was absolutely crushed because he watched them throw interceptions and three plays the excitement was followed up what they saw I'll probably look over Florida State must -- to get them as a town a little on the Clemson I think I console them by padding on the on the back and go hey hey. At least they covered or guys you know it you're right I'm bad that's right it's only got this year at its root for covers every single weekend so it was a good time for us we got to watch all the football games I miss the early slave like the first quarter and a half of the early slate games in the NFL but gotten to home in time to watch pretty much. The rest of those and in the afternoon in an obviously beyond the New England Denver game but. So we just Obama make. We did in general everything while we've had a couple of these moral and we knew all the match and going into college football and it's funny some times you think about we've done this a couple of times where you look at certain matchups and say God's gonna be the one we don't wanna watch. And then something else completely different ends up happening and I don't think many people bay paying down government the chance to beat Georgia. We also at Notre Dame Miami was going to be this great classic showdown in the end applaud him out. You give Washington in Stamford on Friday night is like who saw that come insult it was a great week get him in on this probably got some close games in the NFL because the week before. Applause let us users had a son and I football soccer but outside of that a really good day in the NFL yesterday. All right we're on tour actor and spray at Peter Johnson in an app Brandon spree will come back with a poll questions the coming up next. Washington goes down on Friday night and then narrative is as predictable. As ever and I'm absolutely tired of it that's next she entered spring on 1080 the fan it's. The Washington Huskies fell on Friday night to Stanford thirty to 22. Price love rush for a 166. Yards three touchdowns. And to me dirt it's not so much snow skis laws that stands out it's more than their lives that pops up after that. Then I just kind of roll my eyes and in Cobb the word predictable and not I wasn't stunned at all. You know I I decided to logon to Twitter which is never a good idea if you're drinking and just not in the mood to wanna tweet. And I saw it four or five different times I see an article this morning on the San Jose Mercury about. How Friday night is just it's being ruined the pac twelve is ruining itself happy Friday night games and all these teams are oh for four on Friday night. And I just kind of chuckle. I would rather you just be an honest homer and tell me you're pissed because you're Washington Huskies or the team he thought was gonna represented pac twelve. Missed the playoffs vs trying to make an argument to me. That Friday night is what screw these teams. Did screw Stamford in that game right they were playing on a short week to. Yeah and I believe they were coming off the Washington State weekend right yes they were up in Pullman a lawsuit tough physical game to Washington State and then had planned short week and Washington was at home so OK there's an heir to vote for back to back road games. Let's see you look at the schedule all did did Washington State's opponent when there was Howell did cal beat them. They had to play that same night right yeah edible plant on a Friday and heavily Washington State played against USC when UC loss on a Friday night that they did they beat USC on Fridays so it only seems to really matter if a certain team loses in this match up if you did it bother Clemson last year when they had to play on Friday night at Boston College they think they won by 46 and still got the playoff and ultimately won the title. I'm just tired of the narrative is the pac twelve perfect. It absolutely isn't. But stop with this complaining of what night you plate the other team has a plea to. If you're an elite team prove it and win a game the pactel is proven what they've been doing all year. Their little fraudulent and they're not among some of the best in college football. Lot of good teams not elite team we've thought that way all season long end as it was just vindicate it would Washington going down if there was got a if there was a complain about the actual out of this scheme. It was the TV situation like that's a valid one and I think Larry Scott needs a look at the mirror and figure out how to keep that from happening again because. We we got to the hotel. You know right about at 730 right when this game was starting we realize that the hotel didn't have. Fox sports one. As one of the channels and I got to rush to borrow one watches game is big Friday night game we refer treat I've I went to the artists are where the health of football wise it is starting what's going on edits on FS two do we even have FS two wire we want truck racing are we watching truck racing for our leg of if there is an argument against what the hell's the pactel doing. Is how would TV situation like I can unfold because if I'm correct in this I believe both Seattle and Portland. Do not have fox sports to not through Comcast is basically the entire first half of that game was aired on fox sports do so you're looking in the Seattle market. Imagine how frustrated doctor Bieber fans would be I don't you go through this for the pactel network. But imagine being in a situation where you could watch a first half of a pretty marquee game this is a big hit him from Washington on the road against Stanford. That was laughable and it's an inexcusable for the conference but. I saw the same thing on front like there was an SI writer that's weed that out there that the pactel screwed itself over let's chaos on the schedule ends Friday night games that USC went down Washington State went down Washington went down. It's ridiculous. I can bet that this the reality of the situation is I'm a higher on the tax all the sound and I still limited to good conference. There's just not elite team we felt this way all year and I remember when Washington lost Arizona State a lot of people wanted to say that they were at the conference was detonated have a chance to make it and I sit Washington wins out they can make it an I just didn't trust in the went out that that showed me that they're not good enough to handle some of these situations. They went on the road loss because Stanford played Stanford football they ran the ball to control the clock. And Jake Browning has not been good he's out in a down year this year ostensibly it's not a good football team. And they turn the ball over Stanford didn't there's a lot of reasons why Washington loss I keep playing on Friday was not one of them yeah I just. I think when you're trying to defend the pac twelve was a conference. And that's fine I'm a pac twelve junkie just like anybody else I want the conference to be in the playoff and two out of three years they have been. But if you look around you EC this landscape of you mentioned a Sports Illustrated writer I again the one I'd cited is John will there who is a fantastic pac twelve writer for the San Jose Mercury news. He likes to have fun any wrote a kind of a fun piece today on the pact well I don't think he was dead serious about a good. There's just that now there's this overreaction. Of all look how Larry Scott is screwing the conference look at a conference is just costing itself. How were we saying that two of those three years they meet the playoff. The year award admitted to be say that Knoll Washington plastered we say that all. I just I get tired of this and this happens not only in the pac twelve. But you see this and other conferences divisions and some schools. That if they lose a game like a Friday night. Day they point a finger elsewhere. You know somebody saying but how come you hate Thursday night football. And how different is it then Friday night football. The reason I hate Thursday night football is won it's an extra day arrest birth has caught paying out more days difference one less day arrest I should say. And I just think the NFL that's the premiere sport you should be playing football on Thursdays that's just a different conversation every. But even the Friday thing you wanna make the argument that well yeah but they're still not rested all the way in their bodies haven't healed either shirt no doubt. But Stanford played that game just fine. And by the way you only lost by eighty was like you gotten railroaded by 45 points you were in that game you know opportunities to win that game and you were leading. And you couldn't handle it. That's my whole point. Washington is a really really good team I picked him to win the conference and go to the playoffs they may still win the conference the playoffs seems basically impossible for them. By I can even see here admitting with an opinion of wanting to see Washington proved me right. You're just not a lead you're not and I don't know if there is an elite team may be US senior opinion could be. But even USC it's tough for me listen to that argument so. I'm all about pac twelve being in the playoff I get why people maybe don't like Friday night games. Stop using that easy excuse for the team losing the other teams have played just fine when they win so. Reilly uses an excuse for cal making 37 while they are playing on a short wait a while they able to hang 37 a Washington State in a Friday night game I just I'm of the opinion that if you play any of those three games on a Saturday. There's not a difference of you wait one more day I sold in Washington State beats USC I still think Stanford beats Washington. And the way Washington State did not show up to that game against cal which is still ahead scratch enemy. Because about political football team they are they're gonna lose that game on a Saturday while more days not gonna change the the outcome in my opinion. And any of those three games I'd I think just it in in terms of the football performance from Washington this weekend. I don't wanna say it was an indictment on on the season of at this pace of two games left in the regular season if they beat Washington State the lineup going. Potentially impact a championship game is to have a chance to get their Stanford will probably get it right to present us different ways the last couple games but just at this point with two games left in the regular season. He's 27 touchdowns behind where it was last year he's 14100 yards behind where it was last year. As a 14100 yards behind where he was. Which I mean he's got two games to make up that gap he's on make up twice about it testimony seven touchdowns and 14100 yards and I look at their last four games with a schedules got really tough for them. Leo get greater organ and have Herbert you played UCLA and and and Rosa went down but. Some of the Arizona State and it is a decent TV and playing on the road and and his Stanford game. They're too until their last four games he has two touchdowns to takes his only top 200 yards one time in the last four games like. This is that an issue we've been pointing to with Washington all season long the defense is great the defense is great we know how good they are statistically as good as anybody in the country. We've been asking all season what's wrong with the offense and at what point does it come back to Bynum if they can't figure it out and I think that was again the case they were able to run the ball pretty efficiently. But it was third down conversions they weren't great internal overheard on. And then when stamper would get the football they wouldn't give it back it was them that the typical time of possession. Think it was 36 minutes to 23 in favor of Stamford or in state fans have been they're. Or if fans have been there if you played stamp for the last six years we've all seen that kind of performance where you putt at home and they're. I could give it back to you for 67 minutes and are gonna find a way to score and that those numbers blow my mind yet going to Jersey 27 times studies that you threw on the me bring up is this season at Texas Texas such a huge number right. He has sixteen touchdowns this season. He threw. 43 last year. So let's take away the playoff game. Which I don't he had touched on the playoff game that he. And I can't remember how they scored Robbie through three or four of those in the pac ten title game I'll get credit for that but I can remember those numbers up the top ahead you know these numbers and attacked Italian more fundraising he had 3400 yards and 43 touchdowns last year and this year he has just over 2000 yards in sixteen touched and that's why you know for people who are wondering and Washington falls off. I do I don't think there's any chance Browning leaves are woody at this point on and I believe in his ideology Browning after this year yeah hazy durst admitted to put a dent in context his freshman year he had sixteen touchdown passes and author I growing your succeeds I sense and takes. He has sixty tests as a two games to go this year you know you could probably make the argument dirt he might be the reason they're not. Undefeated or just one loss because that's a look at the numbers against Arizona State and I know he was seventeen of 23 so efficiency was an awful in San from but he did make big plays they needed to efficiency doesn't always mean much now we do that me NFL's sometimes to guys like Alex Smith where he's efficient but people don't think he makes the big enough play. I would just say the running back. They're running backs are pretty and talented. Robin's and mine hasn't been or aid and we know how good their defense is as you pointed out. He may be like the reason you look back and though why were they a playoff team. He can play very well now. And I don't know maybe it's the post injury I don't know what it is but. You right Jake brings in very weird this year very and Jake Browning from what we saw sees when he does that mean you expect guys to take a progression he did it from his first year to his second year where ended the year want it's a freshman type disease and south Marty you explode on of these seem to 43 touchdowns. And you're expected to take that next step and it just hasn't happened this year are let's get to the other college football games from the week in Georgia falls big Wisconsin keeps rolling Mississippi State had him on the ropes. Oklahoma with a statement when. And is everyone buying into Miami we'll talk some more college football neck. Isn't home it's just a reminder for you. A week from tomorrow is going to be our fans civil war party on a big gals in Beaverton. I think in suit tuna show out there love Coors Light specials apps. Duck in beaver gear. Raffle off tape my man from these collectibles will be out. We'll have tickets to the civil war itself to be good time and I'll be apparently dressed as they organ state cheerleader yes I actually in my hoping that the outfit is delivered this week I look back nice that I get is it a female cheerleader outfit. Yeah I don't gonna Wear the pants and like the deep V neck and now get the ball long armed. Sorry no yeah now the mark and I get the blow horn may we get something like that for all depositary compounds around I think so he's gonna save. You shave those legs. No I don't know unknown not shaving my leg I'll do this forced. It's not happening it was already happened there was already ridiculous that as most of these will be yeah. Midway through the event the change OK how appreciates make sure we get a picture. And I got a photo ops Bieber fans and take their picture it legal for it if you are in that kind of saying yeah. And then outputs on locals don't because it look it's a party. Let's be honest nobody wants to see that. Now thinking you're eating things are going on you're trying to have a good time and eat you don't wanna see. Meet in a cure the profit exactly needs at life to get that fun event 1080 the fan dot com when ten dollars and eighty cents hurry up next Tuesday will be out to gals in Beaverton isn't in my last data hate our comforts by the way. Danny marketing you can move on then I'll move on officially really good points at the end of Bridgeport peers tax line at 553. Old fibre channel Washington losing to Stanford in and somebody said you know. Maybe he mrs. John Ross more than people thought yeah cause was a stud it was pretty damn impressive to have a guy early blood Jimmie Lee's Chico. Mayor Mick Mick Mick Mick Mac catching the ball anymore he did it. Dynamite drop in body and make make make make coming nick did you just drop I don't know horrified a lot of next right there. Yeah I mean Mikey yeah. History thanked CIA you lose some weapons sure I mean yeah a lot of guys have to goes that's attrition that's college football you still shouldn't I mean this is an drastically. Big day. That was a thing I think that some folks are that I didn't think Washington was gonna may I picked wash he's say two in the north. I just I thought Washington lost to myself but I think a lot of the folks who took Washington. You hung your how the fact that yes they're losing talent that you have Browning cutting back for another year. It doesn't UC quarterbacks go through make sure you have talent early in your career that's gonna help. But even if you lose guys you should be good enough to develop the talent around the numbers should not fall off with live. Like they've done this year I'm ripple back early in the year for a couple weeks we have a lot of pac twelve guests on a lot of college supply analysts on it's always fun do those rankings of top five this or that. And we asked a number of people the top five quarterbacks in the pac twelve go ahead rank them. And there are a handful of on the left Jake Browning either out of the top five or out of their top four. And people like up in arms about that like how are you leaving. And I think as the year's gone on whoever would leave them out of their top four there's more evidence mounting that they knew what they're talking about. Yeah out now when somebody says funny how we want parity in a fumble when there's parity in the back to the conference is garbage. I'm dialing is garbage insist. It sucks not to have an elite team that's what her chickens are hiding Washington's good Washington State's good I was since it was good US interest I think Arizona is a good team and that's about it I think you have a cot I think that there's a category of teams that on any given Saturday can win a random game like Arizona Stater or Utah or even Cal's done in a couple of times this year but. One holes Adonis there's not that Clemson there's not that Miami that's that's risen to the top well we had a good week and a college football outside of the Washington loss a workable blowouts by. This one actually was slow start when number one Georgia following to Roberts forty to seventeen. Auburn's defense held Georgia's rushing attack to 46. Total yards on the ground now they get a non conference cupcake a divorce clients asked SEC that's when they operate and then they play the Iron Bowl and Auburn against Alabama in they get Alabama at home. This this to me was would add to be the statement on the weekend. I know Auburn was there at number ten and it wasn't like this was an upset that nobody saw coming. The dominant fashion in which they won this game I give it was a bloodbath it was went sixteen to seven at the half. By happily to the third quarter this game was over Natalie it maybe is sovereign pulled an upset but nobody saw that kind of wind coming. And you go back and you look at Auburn's schedule I remember I watch a lot of game against LSU that they lost. They had no business losing an occasional one era somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty enough 120 to three they were dominating LSU pulled a rabbit out of the hat found a way back in Gwinnett. Outside of that the only at a loss at Auburn has a series is fourteen to six loss to Clemson. Now they have this when Davidson to claim an on. I think this was the curve ball that the committee did not want to see because you have the scenario now the two loss Alabama won loss Georgia and an undefeated Alabama and all the not to play each other again law. You know to go back to a point youth you've been on for a couple weeks. You argue about a two loss team getting in I think if Auburn can beat Alabama there and they have to and they beat Georgia again in the SEC title game I don't know how you leave an Auburn now you can't he get you can't Havel went over Georgia Alabama Georgia again and is animal -- and and not have that he make the plan because even if it's a two loss and you can make an argument on this one loss teams more worthy. At that point you had beaten George twice and Alabama like you couldn't tell me that Auburn's not one of the four best teams in college football game it would it would be the reverse of Penn State Ohio State last year and a tense it was a conference Tampa two losses but we wonder was the strict schedule good enough. Did have a quality ones that they needed outside of one game Auburn's gonna have Lenny elements they've if they do that Yang is kind of wonder. How people maybe view Georgia a little bit not to say Georgia was a fraud because they're not by any means but it. Look at the schedule a new kind of just wonder if they get to if they will they will get the SEC title game when they get there it's am. If it's may be Auburn again how they're gonna stacked up because it's one thing to lose a close one on the road it's another to go on the road and just it works like that. Well and that's actually kind of a trend this year's college for parsley. You mean you look at that George Auburn game that was an example loaded. Game one sure we'll get to today as a no Notre Dame Miami and same thing happen to them. I don't look back to USC Notre Dame I mean that was a marquee game USC lollar road and things just snowball and I think that was the case for all these teams that. You're going into a really tough environment to play you're playing a really good football team on the road. And if you find yourself down fourteen not thinner or or seventeen to three early in the ball game. You get out of your game plan you start trying to throw paint makers to get back in the fight things he keep looking get out of country I don't think it's indictment. A Georgia and it's a damn good football team they can still win the SEC and make the college football playoff. If if Alabama Lindsay than they beat Alabama in the SEC title I don't think it's an indictment on Notre Dame minority is a good football team things just snowball deter the ball over too much. And it would learn our lesson with USC Amylin lost again to Notre Dame and they got blown out with sat out a fraud. The weather dot the last couple weeks in blue. Now the big one against Colorado on the road this weekend like a we overreact sometimes it just teams get worked on the road it's a two bed one of the themes of the season. One senior didn't mention their Wisconsin. They continued their winning ways pulling away eventually dominating Iowa and Madison. Same thing with the Georgia happened Iowa except way worse Iowa had 66 total yards. Yet not 66 yards on the ground not 66 yards to the air 66. Total yards. In the game. And now you've got I think Wisconsin's looking at Ohio State presumably. And they're just waiting for the Big Ten title game in licking their chops. Because site. I don't know man to Wisconsin has me feeling very strange where I think I know him but I don't think I really do. Where they get to a Big Ten title game in a play let's say Ohio State window looks like it's going to be which yak and everybody's back in Ohio State now because they recovered they had a blowout win for themselves. Wisconsin I can beat Ohio State I don't and is that he's estranged team because there schedules been so terrible. If they beat Ohio State dad that ends the conversation of they have beaten anybody that's a problem also only at that point you can make the Arianna they've only beaten one team yeah I mean -- I think I was a quality football team but yet a little bit and a lot of top 25 had to hang over effect I think I mean Iowa was coming off a program changing win over Ohio State them one of the biggest ones in a long time and they beat Michigan in the Michigan loses to allow say they're not in a top 25 they would have one win you have one little cards out on the track team and I think Ohio State's gonna went out so that's going to be equality wind and they're not break the country right now they're only gonna keep rising if they win. Ohio State that is her last couple games or last two games so. At Wisconsin has always been that conversation haven't it's it's almost cycle back to Iowa a couple of years ago when they were twelve and Elena lost the Big Ten title game. We can sit here and have differing opinions on them if you win out your rent. At Wisconsin they went out there in the last not layout that's not even has a ninety minute debate and and I don't think many will argue against your undefeated in the Big Ten you win the Big Ten title game over a a good Ohio State team. You belong in a nobody's gonna question your merit it's about going up proving it against somebody else. And college football that the disaster scenario I think would be Wisconsin winning their last two in Ohio State winning like a close Big Ten title game. Because it again you had the reverse of last year it was consulate one close loss like a house state but you have you know Ohio State is the Big Ten champ but they have. Two losses announced. Biding his difference there out they went that is also the baker mayfield all but clinch the Heisman Trophy this weekend and how well Miami. A lot of a lot of people wondered if the clock was gonna strike midnight on the hurricanes Marc Craig has those kids playing some good football they. Obliterate. Notre Dame on prime time TV we'll talk about the teens in Oklahoma next on the fan. We've got our NFL with around. Coming at 1 o'clock and then now we're gonna talk a little bit about the Dallas Cowboys. I was not surprised at all that performance just today and and also their owner continues to go back and forth with Roger Goodell. And then we'll talk about use of generic inch. In the Terry Stotts beef. Or maybe not be or may be peace who Saturday on her kids your stocks one of them saying their on the same side but I don't know if I believe that. Yes I'm a gaming is the Denver Nuggets tonight. So I'll organize that the second hour but we're talking some college football's good week in a college will be at some upsets in. You also had teams like Oklahoma who had a huge game at home hosting TCU. And I I think baker mayfield did it turn night I really think he clinched kind of eye's been trophy another game 300 plus yards throwing. Multiple touchdowns and it was close early but Oklahoma went up two scores and never looked back Beebe the horned frogs 38 to twenty F 3814 at the half a. Mean the year just for cross your fingers maybe TCU can make it entertaining in the second half but that didn't happen nation about the third quarter. You're up 3814 going into the fourth Iran cruise control and in a mayfield is gonna win the Heisman and I don't have a problem at that I think it's a good combination. Of a team that likely at this point could be in the college football playoff as long as they can be TCU again. And they told title game but you also add that makes him abate baker may feel this is done and the numbers back up the kinda Jiri sad. Andy you can credit him for a couple of wins I mean I go back to that Kansas State game in my mind that they were playing great as a team. He had one of those huge performances to lead him back to went on the road you got to win out Ohio State. On the numbers he put up against Oklahoma State grant him a bad defense but those are ridiculous. And then again and against TCU a team that was playing as good defense really is anybody in the country. If 333 yards and three just how snagged game sunny day little mop Oklahoma I think is. That was you the last two weeks they needed those wins after their loss I was states does kind of reaffirm their status. As a college football playoff contender now that is had a difficult task likely in end unless something crazy happens. A beating a team twice and I think that's really difficult we've seen at a lot in college football where you could win a game of the regular season and had to play him again as just had a different matchup because. The teams able to change up what they do but with I was state losing this weekend. It looks like it's gonna be Oklahoma TCU again in the big twelve title games are gonna get another matchup of of top ten caliber teams it's weird because I think it it's great for their schedule their resume accent or and you know you beat TCU twice for Oklahoma's sake hypothetically here. I also don't know violate that I wish they'd just add a couple teams I don't I don't like that you play the same team. I twice it happens is the big twelve could do about it but it's still. If you look at it didn't say. Is another team you wanna see Oklahoma play like do you if this season were to end this way. Using TCU's second best team yes I do in the big twelve yes I do and it's weird because I'm not a 100% sure on that I I don't give the benefit because they beat Oklahoma State led. It's weird that Oklahoma State can drop 52 on Oklahoma and then TC only scores twenty idle idle again that when they beat Oklahoma State handily at Oklahoma State and an IKEA was never vehicles on site you gotta give the benefit of the home field and loss I was state it was one of those we are games where they turn the ball over a bunch of our State's quality football team and they lost fourteen to seven. They had a dozen chances to tie and a gamer takes the lead they just couldn't do it so outside of that. Young men they have a head to head win over West Virginia over Oklahoma State that's as the rear park to play everybody in the regular season got a plan again but told school pac ten is in and it play in the pac ten big news out of conference Saturday which what is shaken things up a bunch but you could get at the SEC to meet a father beats Alabama. That's true you're gonna get right match of Auburn and Georgia again in the SEC title game you're right that's the crazy part but tell Oklahoman and they look good right now baker mayfield has fallen. I think he's a Heisman favorite and and oh by the way the the one everybody wanted to be there. I'm not even sure is getting an invite I'd only say Kwan Barkley he's worth even invite you gush at downing I know that Ian up with a couple of touchdowns but his it was a thirty yards is numbers again we're not good this weekend no he had his numbers on the ground are not impressive. On the I'd let's audio game Notre Dame Miami this is a big primetime. Match up and and you and I were pretty pumped to watch this and systemically please me a lot I love Xenia the gold helmets in Miami and see in the orange and boy they just blew it out quick 27 nothing at the half. And I felt like every player ward turn over chain yet they have well I think what four turnovers I think in Annapolis a couple of takes couple fumbles in a four turnovers from Notre Dame. They were handed a chain out left and right. And that that was the only discipline part of the weekend was you have. These marquee games at night in Miami and Notre Dame and then Oklahoma TCU bearable blow outs in game one was 3814 at the half and is almost 27 knots and a to have. And I as I saw assume tweet this week and I think a lot of people have to do it. Apologizing to Miami a lot of people thought Miami was a fraud they were winning a lot of close games over teams that were inferior to them. Playing down the competition. And then the last two weeks they've played the two toughest games other schedule and Virginia Tech and Notre Dame and it wasn't a doubt you'd probably dominate Virginia Tech for four quarters. And then to do that to Notre Dame Notre Dame was playing great football beat a lot of good teams I noticed a really good football team this year and they just smoked on the turnovers or work and and I think you have to consider Miami in that conversation they might be after their last two wins they they're gonna feel like they have a stake to be the number one team in Kosovo where Frankie tomorrow night. As something I couldn't help but think about as well listener points out at 55305 how great his Mark Richt feel dominates Notre Dame the same day Georgie gets blasted. Fan base was absolutely bunched jackass has to am furious nine NL in their already booked in the ACC got a demented it's gonna be close and Miami Nicky tell me how he's an overrated coach I'll sit there all day listening to that I hire and I do the second. Not only did they just win that game to win it Nash fashion noted it's a good football team. And they they kind of barest I stoning Notre Dame is a great football team. In Miami came out ready to play ready to prove a point and that's exactly what they did why did the Vegas and from Miami last couple weeks is a that we knew there'd their defense can force. Lot of turnovers as the one of the fun things a college football that the chain that they hand out on the sideline when they get a turnover. But the whole Notre Dame 261 total yards only a 109 rushing yards or Damon had one of the best rushing attacks. And all of college football and and really the blueprint was there for them and they felt like if they did get an early lead. You force notary out of their comfort zone and notre Dame's Willis seems like to play from ahead because of how well they run the football. And when you get in that situation they had to throw the only threw three picks three Texan fumbles saw me with when you jump on a fourteen not to like that Notre Dame had to change their game plan a little bit. They got turnover happy and then Miami deception double doors off somebody leasing a point of Washington State wins in north you do get a rematch with USC very Jagan factual as well if we get a rematch in the or even Stanford has never played USC do. Yet he's a Washington wins and Stanford wins out Stanford will win the north yes. If the big twelve is a rematch. Do you think TCU can make it a better game. Ideal lighting Oklahoma's IC I want her vocal is too good right now I other playing really good right now there's no doubt I bet you look at. Does that game being played by the elites in Dallas attack from a mistaken. Sonny did there in the rather on the road in Norman so that's a tough and agency got and it may be that game slightly different if there. Playing at TCU but. They're just so weird about those kind of games and remember back to that boosted the one that always sticks out in my mind is the title game between Alabama and LSU. We are all ticked that it was a rematch because we've seen it before Alabama got beat apple in the regular season by LSU granted it was ugly SEC football nine to six but. You go to the tide of Alabama will allow amid Digisette weird about that rematch factor when you're not on the road. You know how to game plan better you know what the other team's gonna try to do against a you can change things up a little bit. I don't again I I would take Oklahoma to win that game but not by a bit dominating fashion all right so good weekend of college football ache coming up an hour to should Terry Stotts be on the hot seat. Is use of generic it's mentally tough enough to overcome the latest story line. We have to both of those the cowboys like absolutely terrible without Ezekiel Elliott all the while their owner is going attic with the commissioner. But we're gonna kick off our two with our NFL whip around next start sprayed on Portland sports leader 1080 to fans.