Dirt & Sprague Monday March 12th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, March 12th
The guys debate whether Evan Turner was justified in firing back at a heckling fan, plus Tiger's near win at the Valspar, and the OJ interview finally aired 12 years on Fox, was it as bad as you thought it would be.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right things since 1952. Since its. This is a tournament regulation of dirt and spread the. Good luck to you by George McClain. Attorney for Warren Allen attorneys have long been injured in an accident George McClain can help you get the compensation you deserve could've sworn Alan dot com. Dirt and spray gun two and maybe open. Bet it did its final hour ordered its raid on a Monday of the Mondays are going well being with us here on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. If you follow on Twitter. After the spring we'll follow you back. Let's get to the final hour Tiger Woods had not talked much about him yet today we just got kind of derailed in the first hour of things got lost in the shuffle we haven't even gotten LT greatly not to acknowledged OT grade that needs to happen and I would I promise it will happen very soon all of also patty Reid should he still Wear red the TV ratings that tournament or not OJ Simpson admitting murder. It's it's going to be a busy final hour I promise but I was service Evan Turner's seventies of pro Lama got a lot of text on an honest 55. 305 if you're just joining us and reset it quickly. Some peace and Jason quick from over the weekend edit turner. Who is being heckled by the same fan basically all Jiri sits a couple of rows behind their bench. And in the Sacramento game last week he yelled at him hey Evan I see you get your typical to your typical two. Andy says he's been doing this all year Evan Turner says that's because true fan Han. And during that moment he basically turn around to face the dumb redneck as he calls him. And he cursed out told shortly but he said the guy term bright red. And murder calls him the dumb not quake turner face the quote dumb redneck. So turner said it was since heroes back from the court I turn around a Crist or not he term bright red. Turner said. He said I told him to shut the bully Bob. And this is obviously in relation to his four years seventy million dollar contract so I I understand both sides this we had an issue and Evan Turner doing this to me heckling blazer fan. No because I think both sides should be able to do this I think that fans should be able to sit in his seat now there's obviously lines that you don't wanna cross we did see that the match against Golden State Katie had a fan act courtside tossed from the game and he was quite happy about that. I don't know if we ever really found out what that fans said. And does anybody have an answer nabbed by the way I was curious what was going on I I was looking over the weekend nine cents so I thought I side tidbits as somebody said that fan is like a regular trash like his he's known for hot and there was a LeBron cold once a LeBron was like he loved the embrace Sydney enjoyed heaven a guided heckled in the whole game and it kind of sparked his fourth quarter. Performance I mean look you wanna Hackl and you wanna call somebody Al and tell them not producing enough okay again there's a line year but fans should be able to do that they pay for those seats especially that close. And you know what players should have to take that and then also they wanna sound off without getting too personal on their end glad. It's kind of part of a package deal is it not the pro sports is about. Little bit I don't make anywhere near seventy million dollars as somebody once told me nail my plane crash and I went on vacation because they like me as a radio host favorite series say they don't you die now only seventeen million a year and a baby seventy million for some latest and a Santa studio and tell me hey your typical crappy show dirt every single day I would gladly accept that paper I'd I'd say hey anything's for retention ended AM and drive home now I have a great thanks invited take it governor wants to show we appreciate I did lay its. It's always a delicate balance I think with these kind of topics because if you talked about it too much people go all you care you. Where is if you barely addressed say. People go he's handling it properly and it and I think he can be true that way I also think he can't be true. Like I cannot I can generally not have a lot of emotional. I don't know that not a lot of emotional stock into something but talked about it. And that doesn't make me care about it I'm just cut by addressing something in this story I can see how people read this angle uh oh. So he claims he doesn't care but he clearly done house's stories about him dealing with criticism on our contract money goes back to amend this kind of is obviously going on for the entire time in Portland because blazer fans when they first saw the deal were like way or seven million dollars. Didn't have a re your last of the team to number your last year in an apparently during the offseason he put up a video on Lindsey Graham of himself shooting three point shots. And blazer fans then decided to slide on into his mentions when you second shooting your performance terrible. This is ugly and he kind of said that was the turning point for him. Where he now only seeks positive that he doesn't like to read comments on stuff he doesn't like to listen to what idiots like upset us have to say he's only searching for. Positive reinforcement which he claims he gets a tonne inside the locker room his teammates his coaches love him right Andy and when you read this article they all rave about his versatility what he does offensively his leadership. The camaraderie that he brings and it's all the little things you can't necessarily see at the end of the day that the one thing I think we need to keep in mind as fans Evan Turner sign a contract. Neil Shea is the one we need to tackle about this Neil O'Shea is our games it was true he's doesn't show up anymore since he's the guy out but. He's the one hand and Evan Turner seventy million dollars units that Evan Turner's fault Evan Turner any of us in that situation. What is sign that contract I don't like this up on turn because one I think it makes him a purity thin skin which I think is as a pro athlete. In today's people yell stuff all the tar him with you don't know enough games he's sit down low easier it is heckling that goes honorable blazer players. And opponents like imagine what Meyers Leonard years I sat down there and heard some pretty awful things hurled at Meyers Leonard at some bad things too and he's never once turn Nike is that a couple of comments of the media and he's brought a couple never once during a game to be turn around and telling got to shut the bleep up. I think that's about look at it makes it look like yet thin skin you should be bigger than a guy heckling you three rows behind yet. And I don't like the word redneck I don't know what this guy looks like I'll be dressed up like a cowboy hall was going on there. That's abuse of phrasing you should stay away from because he's three rows back he's on redneck is ignorant. I don't know where you're trying to Golan well let's be honest seas trial like I was facial aircraft he's called comrades. Oh is live we're going to be in a really. PC sensitive culture. It should be on all spectrums engine just BO one sided affair here and Gary Coleman dumb redneck again I'm and Connors I assume you're saying and I agree. But on the comment thing on on clay. Why not just like let's supply me. Dude is speaking for him I'm kind of seem what you're saying of he could respond very easily intoned to shut the bleep up I guess at some point maybe that is does get to you does anybody do this to Myers at that. That level. Every single game they say common sitting back is that playing on a regular basis I think it's a little differently so I'm making ten million verses seventeen which is a huge difference to a lot of people that wanna follows salary cap situations sharp Neil assay is the one to directing your tour towards but he hasn't been there since the clipper game where he flipped off a body. So you can't really direct anything towards an anger wise he's in the arena watching the games but he's not sitting in his courtside seats. And the other part would Evan Turner is I kept thinking back to that story. Where they were rehashing the bad contracts in the MBA yeah and I forget who wrote it clicked there was a blurb about Portland. And Evan Turner got product and remember the story goes Evan Turner and his agent found out Portland was willing to give them seventeen a season. And they were they were laughing they couldn't believe that they thought of it joke they were shocked they were shocked. And they were telling me like Andre Iguodala Hejduk affected seventeen million this season. And they could assign that things fast enough so you're mad at Evan Turner doesn't produce. We all know that contract is not great he has been playing well on this nine game winning streak. And I like what I've seen but let's not also overreact the one way let's look at this thing. As a whole and look last year was a horrible year he is not a great moments I think before they winning streak started. About two weeks prior to that he statistically when they were better off with out him on the floor. All on the floor and so I you know I read the stories we're it was well written but. Like a lot of these comments supporter like. He's a funny guy without knowing he's a funny he he's the personality at Portland's never hat he's a great teammate. He's versatile and willing to do what it takes. The reality is this if Neil shaking get rid of that contract this summer he well he won't hesitate. So sure he's well liked the locker room sure they like what he does within neat facility in the organization. They still know that contracts are good and they would get rid of it I think for if they could the second so right. You know it's really bad and a good words from Ed Davis and Terry Stotts and other people within that organization. Here's a reality folks he's been playing well and that's that's great Neal shape he delivered a contract would we do in a heartbeat if a team co. All limited trade deadline is as we want Evan Turner can we make that work Nielsen. Faster than you can say it would mean if you give him more cap flexibility it's all about I guess that was if that was a part about this and a just compromise that was a lot of that was people on the team coaches players and stuff. Raving about his flexibility in what he brings the floor every night even as a blazer fans texting and about daddy gar all sorts of positions he can handle the ball. He makes seventy million dollars a year he's way overpaid and nobody can disagreement that would eating the fans in the right Evan Turner's and right we can all agree on one thing. There's not a single person out there are watches basketball on a regular basis as says Evan Turner deserves seventy million dollars a year it's not his fault with somebody offered him. And somebody offered me seventy million dollars hosts a radio show I would sign that contract RB and I'll never live up to the terms of a general problem was saying even that though lake. We compare that in terms of statistics. I key he doesn't deserve he clearly does because Nielsen gave it to her I mean it's ideal phrase of a you know my house is worth what is somebody told pay for. Right right in my way you might contain 200000 dollars over the asking price but Bayless deserves your house is seven million a season to do hot. Garbage that's what he's saying. Right into so like to use that term deserves to clearly fox sports thinks he does a couple more tidbits quickly from this article Ed Davis has a funny line you sell a lot of players get judged on their salary if he was make an NC eight million a year it would be like days one of the best players in league faces a life says. But I always tell him it's a good problem to have I'd rather have someone talked leaked to me if I was Macon seventy million a year than six mil and years so that's a good problem. I enjoyed kind of putting that into perspective the also at a turnaround and I don't mean to be harsh or just get tired of him being brought up and it's really not my focus whom I suppose to prove it to. Some might be of the opinion that I help the team a lot but as long as there are radio personalities who are nowhere near the team. There's people who have never played basketball game in their opinion making up blogs there'll be stuff. Out there this year by the way he is averaging eight points three rebounds and two assists per game one reads and got her quickly at pantex I'm. Because they're all over the map some folks are cool that some folks are taking shots the fans and at. Well term how different these comments as enough. Winning is this rate fell to some people out if they have been imagined in his last nine games or two and seven and he doesn't like this and EE kind of alluded to the Sacramento game he told the freedom because they're winning right now he thought the freedom to be able to say that. So is it your all on your fair on this no problem with EG responding to heckling fanning blazer fans are bit over the top of hatred of him. Fans don't always see things like players do so all NBA players are chronically thin skin and it's precursor for jointly. Let's see it used to be tackling on Shea forgiving turn of the contract. What else do we got here jury it is most fans over the know much about NBA basketball they can't see inning passes that I don't understand how someone can affecting game. Not Phillips stats CDs big strong weak play defense against the one through 3-D of the small four. Also a great ball handlers that somebody who's a proponent of Evan term. You know it bugs him into V playing like Lee. As a lot of it was said this clearly is on his mind because he would respond to them. He densities of what a baby my goodness professional athletes can be so sensitive and unlikable it's part of the profession Evan you little candy. Hats some. But all over the map Pentax and a 55305. This is the longstanding tradition in the NBA we judge guys on the contract until I got this its entire time here. Some fans never appreciated him why. He made too much money on an annual basis Evan Turner I would always I would also just add real quick. That. I don't even know fans he'd Evan Turner. I think part of the problem that we you bring the contract did do it part of the problem as I say Evan tourney you're kind of like this. Connected Daniel O'Shea to a lot of fancy meals today. Well they like that summer and I nurtured so he's got at least lumped in with that summer and that's the way it's going to be self Evan Turner says. Shut the bleep up to a fan who tells the remakes to. Join that. There a guy you got to read peace quick wrote it. Over the week to get back in the blazers as they play a Miami to talk about that close up show OJ Simpson coming up on the hour let's get into Tiger Woods and and we haven't done yet. He finished his shot off the lead the ratings were through the roof. And a question for you should caddie read be allowed to Wear red on Sundays next month. A quick update on sudden happen on Friday because he had multiple folks. Texan and ask about this. It was. The fan who. Or handle listener texted and Samir uneducated and know nothing about sports and he organ docs rail lock to make the NCAA tournament. Yes he has he checks it and unsolicited when if its machines she or he takes in unsolicited. Today guys to city micro surf the jackass here today. I don't let Jack Jack ass I don't I don't Chevy V you know more sports about me probably bill as they. Brad a most listeners that it but. There was an additional shares held do I do I just was say that. It's a little red there. Each expected because we always joke I uneasy yesterday did TV we'll hear from getting your in his tank as we often double Aliyev we say something stupid or Alaron opinion. When we have to come in to do was show the next in on up to it right there's no escaping it under our in my favor part of dry Brady. I think the Eagles sucked there's no chance and Ritalin without cars and plants well I'd keep showing new shows for three weeks so I appreciate listeners when you have one wrong show up the next day. John MacKey had so I have sought to back and we are still uneducated. A big weekend in the golf world man big weekend the golf world. Tiger Woods paired together a couple of great days Friday he was all over the place lights out on Saturday. Finish around four on Sunday 11 under par good for nine under on maternity was only one shot back. And without a pretty crazy effort on Sunday. From Paul Casey. Who was six under yesterday accusing him tonight mrs. Potts he was phenomenal outside of that we would about a playoff between patty read in Tiger Woods but Tiger Woods one up lead. Ratings are through the roof and just put into context how do you watch this tournament. The vows sparred championship. Yes the Valspar championship. Had a higher rating. Then three of the four majors from a year ago the only one of beaded. Was the masters because everybody watches the masters no matter who's playing right this beat PGA championship US open. In the open championship with you know it was really nice because I watched this turn amid in game two different locations. The buzz and energy you get from watching Tiger Woods in contention. I just I don't think it's ever going away when he hit that putt on seventeen are you kidding me I mean did you know that people here we go he's gonna push this to a playoff and get a Burr on eighteen as he hit that tee it was a par three any entities study was to back yeah only as soon as a tee shot land we are sit in the clubhouse watching and I was like acting he needed a birdie this hole any and hit long how it's. All that is they always miss a couple cars get a. Plus invite it was gonna get their but it just is Petro I was like oh that's three feet short yep. And just kept trickling trickling in the morning yeah when he hit that in Oz like. RA and yearly they asked him after the the round and IK how do you think. He did today he's like. You know the big thing is the nurse thought I did pretty well and you know what to do that on seventeen knowing you need back to back birdies for a playoff. To hit tapped Heidi it's remarkable you know it's on right now on the Golf Channel re playing or watching the replay here in India the studio is on sixty twos were about to be fist pump and in the studio right exactly and you know. He just he came so close on these parts. Adding that's the encouraging part it's great that is back is holding up I mean for God's sakes man less than a year ago is back was used. Witty surgery and he's out your still hit the ball 345. Yards so it's great to watch him hold up physically. But we all know that what really has killed him these last few years has been a short game it's the chipping it's the putting. He's not perfect but is putting seems to begin creating close to a comfort level for himself where even if he's not hitting birds routinely like we used deceit. He's putting himself in great part situations where he has a three footer and he's just an alum laughter right and ending as long as he has that nailed down. You out into the mix of what we have coming up soon in the masters. I'm telling I said this before but I really do believe is Isaak rob might have been one of the best years to have an I a masters ticket is going to Augusta of all time. He's gone to a guy said man Zach and beef and a lot Jay's planning in this upcoming weekend and I just I just continues adding the main thing for him is building confidence showing improvement staying healthy and so far. So good and and that's already gas from you want him to be in contention in the majors and this is his first time. And what I mean how many years have been since he's played serious golf on a Sunday. Like with a chance to win this for years three years right and so he was stepped up. And it wasn't like he had a bad day is part was all over the place too by the way Brandt Snedeker was what six over reais. Yes no Eagles lol what the problem yesterday they both played well on Saturday as they play Lewis needs both days. Ends. And obviously that was real comfortable with four tiger both of them have a have a pace to their game. Where they'd like to get up get their next shot get organized and in move on so I was surprised to cease needs fall off like he did on on Sunday. Well yeah and then and I'm Paul Casey they're didn't know when don't don't let that get lost Tenet but. But he had a second career PG just this second he's won a bunch on the European tour he plays both to worse. But yeah I just his second win in the first one team like nine years ago or something and so. So yet it did it's shaping up to be. As much anticipation for the masters is as we've seen and why. You know I just when you say Tiger Woods obviously generational athlete that transcends we all know that but when he gets back in contention. And there's just this feeling I can't not watch Tiger Woods in contention. Every single time and it's been awhile since we've had this from him. And now that we had a Sunday with tiger and read trying to stormed back and and capture a win for the first time since why. Toward the exit thirteen or fifteen I think it was 1515. His first win since fifteen there's just something about that. Had to watch it it's the Valspar championship. I couldn't care less about the had tournament. And with Tiger Woods in contention I am making sure with my schedule that I'm not missing a whole. Yeah we asked what he won a major in 201854%. Of you so far said know who 46% said yes he's back. We also asked how you read quick shout out to him so he was on eighteen. And he needed a two putt it is to tie his stay at ten under and force a playoff with Casey. And you'll 88 left his approach shot a little short roll back in any it is very pot. Left it short roll back nearly to hand gesture at a like come on back down so he had a diesel choke job there on the eighteenth green. He ended up at nine under but he has long been wearing red on Sundays. In paying homage to tiger he grew up watching tiger he's good friends with tiger and it's at that he's always done it just this was the first time with had a chance Tennessee who played back to back groups. Where they're both wearing literally it is same outfit I think their black cat red shirt black pants same thing up. And it was it was a little strange for me and I wonder if caddie read will give it up not a tigers back or she still rock the same helmet while we need change now he knew tiger was but tiger was gonna Wear on Sunday demanding again news anywhere though laps OK so they end up begin paired in the same groups are going to be strange anybody else two guys were in the same exact and I don't serve was a slightly different hints or whatever the elation that. In altered my view focal maybe from 92 cent Patrick edit just remind me of the twins from the sale lot. The district he went and they're doing the same houses same motions politics I think would tie it snowed for people that get upset that they did see them on social media to a Andy Reid has the nerve to Wear red. That's fine but. Where you is upset that LeBron were number 23 coming out of high school and everybody in their mom always tired always thought that's a little weird that guys I know you grew up watching Jordan hang on it's like that you weren't the same number I would I would kind of wanna do my own thing I always had six in Miami but you mention me Warrenton dorsal to number six in the Olympics actually did it went via candy on the up and get on number. I wanna I wanna do pause on this let's let's be careful on that tiger is back turning to the little c'mon can't we do that. Full steam ahead but it was amazing bulls team had Ahmet tiger group the bulls and had similar ideas of the army are Arnie Palmer tournament and then I think that's it it's an hour's there right his numbers there are pretty remark he's done it better course. Yeah he's won there a time as any would just be waiting for the masters right yeah. I think he'll settle down after this he's not he hasn't qualified for the match play he doesn't traditionally play Houston. Other Shell Houston Open so assist us as but let's see how he does this weekend and then let's Seaway. Even to go a step further let's see what he does the first round of the masters babies in their in contention in the masters. In you give us another weakened but in a major tournament. A mall and I sighed as some odds of somebody re tweeted reply and nick right on fox sports had. Basically said when tiger wins of Al spark this is gonna be the biggest sports moment since Ali beat Frazier well. Well this one now slow biggest sports moments act and even the biggest golf moment it belongs at you Lenovo wholly crisis com. The ERA easy that's a little. Add the brakes on the X. Scoring not takes little action and he is a favorite next week at bay hill Lisa Marie look forward to next week having that chance when they're a couple years because my back on to play their copy years ago. Isaacs side it's a Tiger Woods finishes second place. Nine under par title patty read Paul Casey 600 yes they would great round for him he came out of nowhere won the whole thing. So critical story for MM double seem tiger can not keep up his play a couple of times now back to back tournaments and others will be another one of those cases in the coming. We can't pay did OJ Simpson. Admit to murder. You can be the judge players for unexposed. And put on a bootable on the show coming up in ten minutes. As everybody got their final four is that your final fours also championship picked. OK I do give you are hot winners why are you ready to Philly bracket yet. You know I guts aside with blood busy busy day on Saturday and I was basically. December it is Iran's additional 69 and he imagined and done it's an event today we hang around station. Condon I've been I've been busy that was entered the trains are run on time tournament games going on yesterday to. Conference tournaments stuff yeah yeah West Virginia and Kansas was a good game can't. And then now Providence and Villanova don't know what's overtime and then I'll take your word that I personally that has Carolina and a a Saturday notably there is a coach in. As coach in these split this paints. Property sale of those Providence it's just totally zillion you are we're Gatorade to out on his backside cover that thing up. So. But it airliners coming up here in a moment hate so this evidence 2006. And continue do you have any info on the backs realize this was kept under wraps and it was never aired I. Think there was some protesting from the Goldman family at that point it's just thought it was some back too soon to sort of situation. And only then can this was on the heels a believer of the I didn't do it but if I dated this is I was on the wrote that he wrote so OJ Simpson carries a red deadlock in any sat down for an interview with fox him. And for whatever reason they decided to play it last night and kind of came out of the blue now I don't care what the reason was I would just glad they played exactly what does happen. So we're gonna play two snippets re the first one's a little long in the look at the second one. But basically. This is OJ Simpson sitting down in 2006. With the I believe author who helped write that book okay and they're doing and they're talking about the what if scenarios and he has this made up character. Saying it you know Charlie I believe is his name if he would've done this is how we would've done it becomes a bit as a hypothetical thing now. So this is about three minutes long just listen to how it starts and then how late like progresses this kind of back story what's going on in his mind here is that it Jason's. Well tonight the physical problem could cut into us right now. And duration of the saint form. Blunt knife. I always kept a knife enough car for the crazies and stuff just came that would be on. And I remember Charlie's and being brilliant at the price but I believe she took it. Charlie took the life got in the book out gifts so. The bat cave you've got through the back eight years. And it was open or broken hammer. I don't call current and go to the front and I'm looking to see what's going on. And I can see the it appears the technical bit plot I had these scandals all the time to really get cute girl we get out there. But music was gone and while I was there I got shields up. So Ron Goldman. Comes in the back cameo as a guy that really didn't recognize that I may have seen him around but a really good break and and he's in the mementos and has started Edwards was no. She says you I just came by had to return a pair of glasses Judy left them at the restaurant. DO worse then yes and and probably. Believe it it's pretty much immaterial because. Bill I want to somebody everything that the AA everything that was wrong. Bill. Sort of fed up with it I guess it's you get into a fine Nicole comes out memorable vulnerable for verbalize my. Got little loud and by that time. The call tomorrow. And we started words about who is this guy was you. What's going on and she says this is my house get that they have found it there yes there. Which doesn't like because once again this is the same person if you read the book you see something's gonna happen in the two weeks we've to this. Word very very irritated. You know. And I think Charlie and following this guy and one big shoes no problem that he brought the knife. Says things got heated. Additional on the call fail. And hurt yourself. And this guy kind of got into karate thing. And as a rule we could you get my hands and I am in my grabbed the knife I do remember that portion picked them I've shortly going to be on us. After that. Except I'm standing there is all kinds of stuff around. We'll kind of stuff but still not known. I hate to say the couple out there that I that we got to back up again that's. That's why as far as. I'm about to go through a lot of great people and I'm. Did he sell fast that's a confession he totally forgot he was yeah talking about a hypothetical. Stars with the character when he got to the point where he ties a Ron Goldman showing up with glasses and saying oh I'm returning these. That to me is him walking right down memory lane. He gets way too descriptive way to sell this woman some fictional story where you are you think it's so far is he'd fit into murder in this there's one on us that this is about. This is kind of towards the end of the interviews a couple of minutes later he's talking about the glove leaving it there here's one more step from college. You're right about removing a glove if we're taking a knife. From Charlie. You know I have no conscious and memory of donut but obviously I must because they've found a glove there. And blacking out. Whenever blacked out before. Not to my knowledge term well. Of course of something like this would take place in anybody's life that there were to happen I would imagine it's something that you would club we automatically. Had trouble. Rapid yeah. Your mind around. It was part of course there is absolutely our. So is passing up to the glove that every thought caps planets and if you want us in taxi and can we arrest him now word is always statue limitations never. So what do they get OJ Simpson just Jefferson City admit to murder. On fox in 2006 that was aired last night that blue Lima. He dude it's laid up subtitles sellers and I'm sorry noise nominee did and it's a matter of getting those like him to talk about it and lose tracks still I'll tell you what his lawyer had to say it will get and that next Tom peeping in the OJ. Interview 55305. Talked a little more about the term at the blaze is back in action next something. Let's just join in as many OJ Simpson drops from the fox telecast last night is day that an Avian 2006. Me just aired it last night is innocent and for awhile you can find most of the clips. He also talked about the car chase of those angles on. Q I can truly being supported that's going to be hard cheese for so long and people ideologies signs to return forum to choose. News and by aliens cleared up it is it's double jeopardy I I said statue limitations is double jeopardy. Guess somebody said there's no lol statute limitations yet and murder cases but there is quality can't be tried for the same gay rights rights rights he was already tried for this analysts found the name of his book. If I had done it if I did it this is how I I was I didn't do it but if I did this is how I would have done it and then it's it's in the bottom of all that but I really didn't do. Jeanne but by the way. And diplomat people are pulling out and saying that the reason that this is on fox last night was they were trying to take a shot apparently BBC. When ABC it is ABC has American Idol now on an alliance on ABC and idols back it's back and it's on a different channel that was always a fox show Simon cal doing it I don't think so it is. Mary's one of them Katy Perry. Keith Urban. Keep their release death eighty pairing and I can't remember who the other one wants aka Blige as they are saying is that they're trying to take a shot at us now from leaving as it used to be on fox is is they're like big vacate. Middle finger more people lots units on it's on KTU this is that around there way of saying will murder you ABC at the end this interview to. You show which I am about the police cited no merit that's still thing apparently it's back on man. From his analysis hypothetical when he keeps saying I remember that's you problem you say he blacks out and he starts going down memory lane and that was so his lawyers cannot release date on is saying they tricked him the quite the line of questioning duped him into a false sense of telling the story out OJ isn't there yet say tricked them don't worry and head to head to many times not his fault he played football. Yet they're saying of course you know of course he was just telling historian in the line of questioning gone to a point where he stopped saying the character's name it was just telling the story through the characters. Perspective lake. You've got back way. A Lan Allred she noticed Al got to think about how dark and twisted human being pass to. I did he do it yes we all know that it's another to hear him talk about it like that. You have to be a special kind of sadistic individuals. To be able to even write that book yeah. Well it was a might need one and money needed money right blade. Sure yeah he's he's right Reynolds that book at and I think the site goes ship sailed a while ago that was spread out horses out of the barn at this point. His final OJ stuff so. Fascinating. Because of the time period ending a Saudi texting and how many people. To leave a certain Hacer wondering like. Wow I bet you there was a decent chunk there's a host I've followed names Charlemagne the god yeah he's one of the top radio hosts in the country in New York. And he was like I gotta be honest back then. Op I was black site is rooted for OJ. Boy was I wrong. This dude did it sometimes it's sometimes an ascending Chris Darden came out because they did a post show old post interview saying and he was a part of the panel and he is like I hope I hope everybody is happy now that was soul. Oh season as San I just hope you feel good today. Give laughing about the blog that that's cringe worthy I can't like the way he chuckled I think that deet tails are eating creep your talking about how whole lot of blood ha ha ha ha I Goldman was doing a karate stand CIA is very specific about everything that was so I had to basically that point Nicole probably otter he takes care Goldman into the situation unfolds and he gets that he blacks out and loses this stuff for a couple minutes they're realizes what he did he drops the gloves. Escapees and then he's found guilt aside from the fact that Cuba Gooding junior was far too short and small recipe OJ Simpson in the car dash in lawyer was David Schwimmer who towered over him ha. That. People vs OJ. Show on FX is still one of the best. Miniseries. Shows I've ever seen and I thought I got a is that like reliably well docked the first episode is so captivating. Because it starts with the limo driver going to pick OJ out. And it's sees Cuba Gooding junior sneaking in the dark. And you see his outline of his figure and creeping through the bush is going home to try to have wrote a CN highlight right away instantly now. So I was crazy by the way and apparently they shows pretty bigs a lot of folks xmas in his Luke Bryan in Lional Richie. Or the other I'm not so you cannot say I just know I didn't know that it was back I had no clue my wife watches the voice that's the music show that's in the house yet. Self somebody said by the way in to get back to atomic we have last week about hills that you on die down to these Allen never got nailed that OJ did it. Go back to you is talking about last yeah I think we're on that hale at if you're down that deal. He should be so they buy it it's owed to make sure you guys on it that's us poll questions. Pretty quickly. How should CI fans feel about Richard Sherman 67% said no problem Seattle Cottam sixteen presents and understand. But I'm upset. 9% to 81 bugs San Francisco and 8% that I hate him hash tag. Trader and then what outraged you are the facts of the NCAA tournament 63% of you answer how did Arizona State in. Looking for that as I blazers and actions that I they take now Miami Miami playing without three of their four or five top players. Blaine played Dion Waiters some whites and nominal goal and 730 game on ESPN does the winning streak reached and. Yeah I it's going to be close for very brief time in and they will runaway win by on the fourteen points death wolf they'll pull away late. And in a row longest winning they got nine right now longest winning streak. In the NBA after Houston Los this past weekend some. Trailblazers and Miami tonight be able to show it if it is sitting in atlas truck tires by Castaneda sand dot com is where you can find it. And tomorrow 130 we've got rob moments tomorrow of the or conduct at 130 we have rob mall and the athletic director of the Oregon Ducks will be here for that. Which we got to show lacked any to the fan after the spraying as well thanks to be a part of our Monday everybody we will talk to you tomorrow at noon number one is next you're listening tour and ED display him.