Dirt & Sprague Monday March 12th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, March 12th
The guys start with the NFL Whiparound with free agency getting underway, plus how irked should Seahawks fans be over Richard Sherman signing with the 49ers, and how about those Blazers now with 9 straight wins and Damian Lillard named Western Conference player of the week.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. They compensated brackets consultant inserted here. And visited the this is a tournament origination of dirt and spray. Rusty by George McCoy attorney with Warren Allen attorneys have long been injured in an accident George McCoy can help you get the compensation you deserve good morning Allan dot com. Durden spray gun generated elsewhere. I welcome MacKey endurance race with you our number two here on the fan. See you a column tweeting them Portland's got him fill in some kind of way right now. With this weather. He loves versatility. Let CJ FC game. Also Evan journalist and Sports Radio. Apparently yeah firmed right apparently he's a sand on the show because I don't know who's a fan of our show he's probably heard us and probably heard us talk about how we need to get rid of that contract hasn't quake quake station changed for Evan Turner. Thanks very v.s or any of our thoughts on his seventy million a year salary Evan Turner is that he twelve probably 1083 F a were being honest text back in every now and then now they still living there so we'll talk with a blaze is a little later on coming up and Richard Sherman is a salmon Siskel forty niner body is a busy busy day let's get to the NFL look around. Froze in time. Hey yeah he he's. Back. And I haven't seen anything officially come down the pipeline yet. But at 1 o'clock. It was supposed to be announced the dolphins were cutting Ndamukong Suh. Who by the way shout to him show up to the grand generals six A state championship win over Jefferson over the league and a decent spike guard. And Rashad to us don't know a state championship games I've called in my tenure here at dollars and great environment can grab EI Albanian Stefano appear your skill and good jobs to those kids. But that was one of those causing your life but it. Yes had a good although thousand driving around a little bit ever sat sailor with me knows a lot of those guys he works a lot with the SE a young students and it's so no we had a great time in. Dials a great way to finish up a high school season so sue was at the child center. But at the dolphins are supposedly gonna cut him in and lower. Linebacker Lawrence Timmons. They want a culture change in Miami which they told one culture change all they wanna save some money and it is all I get a nuclear chain has nothing to do with culture which I would say you were the playoffs two years ago in a culture. The quarterback on her last year and use the sniffed around he decided assigned Jay Cutler and I hate when teams do that kind of stuff that this is no different than when Seattle was done with some of the Seattle need a culture change when they governor Richard shoes for men are traded Michael Bennett. Know that Howard would say yes all eyes they have no money. That if they need to have some flexibility he was eight he's at 26 point one million dollar cap hit next year. 26 point one million up. Sue but let's it was a phenomenal defensive lineman he's studies PI a product is from the area and I root for the guy. He never deserved the contract of that size and length and it just took Miami a couple of years to figure out. It's just hard to get a ton of value with data not a money tied into a defensive lineman. Take their course now he's got his guaranteed money they cut him and he's going to be on the open market this is not our culture this is about saving 26 million dollars next year what team top your head dirt what team needs and common consumer the most. Bobby you get a good Carolina teams that have some money to spend. I don't know if they're commit a lot of money in this kind of started in this night in Miami and now but he is far and away the best for I mean. Value I guess many good secret present it to quarterback. But in terms of the players you can get on the open market to me sane policy is the best player you go get a free agent finally see was in Seattle this morning not that he's meeting the CI a but he was just in Seattle were kids is the eyes and e.'s home. A minute Tina Johnson in my mind. Is because the offseason I haven't so far as Cleveland. Throw money at everybody trade guys. They're they got to pick the top floor again more they got about 120 million dollars in cap space. Coming out as much now but yeah that both John could change soon get him for a couple years he had on your quarterback Elvis on that roster take shape. When I know new England's looking to try to keep Nate solar. But Houston's going after him pretty strong you wanna left tackle. And he actually played the right tackle position in the Super Bowl and win against Fletcher Cox did pretty good job. And if New England misses out on sold there. We know any defense of lineup I wonder if they would try to go get Ndamukong Suh or. I guess is Donald too far I know I'm just throwing out the cliche New England Patriots but this feels like they always end up landing area I had conversations are they not. Yeah I mean look I know his production has fallen off a little he's 31 eyes never told more than six sacks this season since joining Miami but he's not a sack guy though he is right. What a double team on Meehan let me open things up for other players and hopefully you make a play here in any chews up a couple of all right sublime anybody could pieces around him their dynamic defense. So we'll see Miami asset to make that announcement sometime here fairly soon let's go to Kansas City were twelve year that in defense of then Tom Baja leave. Has been cut by the chiefs. Ali as nine point four million cap hit. So it's not surprising. That they wanted some financial flexibility to. And to save some money Ali. He sent out a message of thanks to Kansas City but as time has come. And an end. Yeah I mean this is as that Andrew Brandt will say it's cutting season for a lot of these teams and has been figured out ways Kansas City is another one of those teams it's really strapped financially. Tom Ali is is up there in age now. That around in twelve years and NFL every single one album with Kansas City it's tough when you see this kind of staying. Because I think Kansas City fans would love to have seen him retiree Kansas City Chiefs but only played five games last year and it's the kind of lose it teams have to make. If you don't have those kind of veteran minimum contracts you have any NBA. Quite let's go to Dallas worse why yards Dallas Cowboys got a notice from their cornerback Orlando Scandrick this morning. Who came out they requested his release from the cowboys he started all eleven games that he was able to play ease and he wants out of Dallas. And I don't think any change in scenery you. Broken up they need their busy having its tiny by the way they need to reinvent that secondary and fine to some younger faster. Guys more willing to make tackles and Orlando was great for them. But. They need. They they drafted what last year deposition at some rookies out there go through growing pains the NFL they got better as the season went on I think he'll look to the draft again and see if they can. I'll find some more guys in the secondary. See if they can create a group together that's on that that same mark. 331 years old Scandrick as kind of crazy and I mean I'm from Washington Boise State his wife is smoke and you're Xena. He's one of those reality stars. Let's go to Arizona. No surprise here the cards released Adrian Peterson get. And they've also been tied in by the way. They've been tied in to potentially. I. AJ McCarron who. So we'll see. At as a millennial at all for Maine maybe it's unfair to AJ McCarron we just don't know what he is an alias and starts we just don't know what he is yes. Yeah and I am. You may look at Adrian Peterson he had them. Two good games when he came over in a couple hundred yard games they're went over San Francisco there went over Tampa. Went from 134 and and 159. And those games outside of that didn't make a ton of noise. And there rather I games but that this is Smart brokers and they don't need him went there at the rest the running backs getting healthy next year. And an Adrian Peterson a big guy I watched a value contract out there and only his candid commander a ton of money 32 and now. The experiment did not work out a New Orleans obviously they drafted well around him in and that was. That's an added they saw coming but he was cut basically after four games and picked up by Arizona. I I'd throw a little bit of money out of his seat was left in the tank guided 32 year old running backs can scary a little bit but. I said you know Jonathan Stewart or Adrian Peterson is that. They're big of a difference to me I'd I'd still rather take a shot any a guy like Adrian Peterson. Maybe even against somebody like DeMarco Murray who's up there in ages and had some really against the cardinals Asha hi I would take a shot at Peterson and Seattle is the natural fit. That comes into people's mind when you think about veteran running backs ice we have listener Alex texted 55305. Soon gave me concussion in high school is part of his contracts come my way and fifty and give his slice that money. That's a big kid and I used to murder kids in the I'm just thinking I know you probably maybe a little more built in high school a few weights and stuff but. Or maybe where even smaller just thinking about you for kids six Republicans to give it picked up thrown into the bowl Pope as a land him Cleveland run and as you act as a terrifying site. I am being in high school football field. Are in something worth monitoring I'm not telling you it's really look into this too much to just keep an eye on a little bit. Your freezer the saints cannot come to an agreement. Fishing here on contract now I know people are trying to. Temper emotions it does no big deal play. You know Mike Florio's kind of been all over this from profile pro football talk of like wired to get a deal done then. What's the hang up and how crazy would that be Drew Brees some mis is gone from the saints this in the wild. Mom and to me there is something there now Dziena leaving New Orleans that's that's still to be determined oblige about a Florio because he's got a lot of saints fans attacked them last couple days. Then there's no chance in hell that this happens but. The easy retort is what Florio brought up and you just mentioned is it if this was such a foregone conclusion why is they're not a deal in place already. I never thought I would get to this point within they obviously can't franchise tag and there's all these fiery contract stuff that's going on but. This the same should be a little worried at this point in the process. We're not too far gone. But if he's going to be a free agent especially when Kirk cousins signs if somebody wants to throw crazy amount of money. Add Drew Brees that New Orleans may be can't master is unwilling to match. The threat of losing him does exist is not done yet. But they should be concerned anymore. All right and then finally I just us on the text read put it in the notes yes raiders quarterback Shaun Smith was cut from the raiders. Yes this every year in jail. Castles strange half. For Sean Smith. Like. If I can buy. And also Tyrod Taylor's Cleveland brown that happened after we signed off on the show the browns are very active. Very active what I believe it was yes they're needed a chef you're headed to lead the browns will not make a trade today breaking news. Like I've been getting Tyrod was just concrete evidence they're drafting a quarterback either number one or number four defense a much guided him one pace you can give Barkley now one. The odds are that you're gonna have one of those quarterbacks remaining at oh I don't wanna well one of the floor just depends on our they're two of on the day of crossed off their list and I don't want to little that they really want it is today is to depend on what their draft board looks like emigrate they gave everything is player tied there's. Set to make his decision this week Richard Sherman is a San Francisco forty niner now after coming to an agreement over the weekend. But he did he choose severance is a just because he gets to play the Seahawks. And people are killing him over not having an agent. In negotiating this deal that's next on the fans. Join us again for the best basketball tournament hardy on the best two days of the tournament fan madness happens Thursday starting at 9 AM at the station public house at 27 in northeast Alberta on Friday beginning at 9 AM at the independent sports bar and grill. At 225 south west Broadway. Will be out there. Went our show primetime will be out there as well while fabulous prizes to give away. Fan madness is pride tee by area heating and cooling O'Reilly auto parts in the Nike hoops summit more info at 1080 the fan dot com and join us have a good time. It be awesome and we love those events the games or go on mom people have a great time can't wait come Salem so Richard Sherman's a forty niner. Never thought I would say that all of those incredible match ups they had back in the day when the 49ers were actually respectable team. And they went back and forth in the Crabtree post game interview in the NFC title game extending that would see this. But he reached an agreement with the niners three years 39. Million dollars. And a lot of people making a big deal. That. He didn't have an agent for days and is a terrible contract because it is very team friendly. A lot of incentives he needs to hit. To get his money Justin Justin help you out here a little bit if you haven't done any. Reading on it. Let's say he if he plays 90% of the snap since is gone 2018 makes the Pro Bowl he makes. The same eleven million he was scheduled to make in Seattle this year in his salary. Of eight million for Tony nineteen would be guaranteed. If he's on the roster or roster April 1 when he nineteen. Basically Sherman can be eleven or twelve million dollar a year player but yes to play like vintage rich fracture is getting you back to who wiwa. Is gambling on himself and pebble angles on this I've been bothered by the media members writing stuff about all. Basically shilling for agents saying this is why you need more on this is where you go wrong representing yourself. First off I'm sure a lot of those writers have terrible contracts themselves and brought in read half they need to sign on the dotted line. But Richard Sherman much like every other athlete. Is very confident himself and he's willing to bet on himself and the other part of that the bothers me is how many contracts like this do we see that agents sign. That that agents dropped four of their players that this is the norm in the NFL there's not a lot of guaranteed money. There's a lot of guys especially when you get to the age of thirty it's approve it factor. Can you stay healthy candy give back to the guy that you were analytic contract would have been that much different weather Rihanna major or not. He wanted to represent himself he didn't wanna giveaway tour 3%. Of his salary to an agent fur for drawn up this contract so. I I applaud him for this and I applaud him for having the confidence and faith in himself to get back to being declared that he wasn't he stays healthy he makes a global. Let's not act like it's that much of a launch had to make a pro lot of guys go to controllable a lot of guys back out injuries happen there's all sorts of additions or take place. He's got a decent chance if he stays healthy to get back to Macon the eleven million dollars and I love that he's confident and something he'd get. Gas of their meeting with the niners he had a dinner with house Shanahan in the name Mets. Width John Lynch in a meeting with his fiancee for a few hours. Richard Sherman said he told Peter King battling any agent business could have done a better job of negotiating this contract. As long as I'm content with what I'm making nothing else matters to me and that's that's an eye opening line because she writes a regular writing today. Eugene you should be having an AGE got screwed. If he's happy with it then who really cares this is the deal that he wants to write the deal he wants he could've met with other teams the lions had a lot of interest. I forget the other team but there are two teams a lot of interest. But he didn't wanna lose the niners interest because they tried originally to get a key to leave in a trade out they thought they had it done and then to leave preferred to be released 'cause he wanted to be. Coach under Wade Phillips or Bill Belichick so and that's where he said he's headed to the rams. So rich German it wanna lose the 49ers. And the other is a little party here just to show you the agent again negotiations in time of the pro ball. And he said well OK I can get disincentive if I do this and that and it was on making the pro ball to get money goes what if I were on a Super Bowl. And they were like yeah right that's not even in the language in music let's put that in language we go to who rule on I'm controllable player I can't tell. I'm still getting that money and they said share. Absolutely yeah you've talked to the things that he wanted in the deal. And betting on in some I don't know why this is such a reptile for two we see this all the time in the league if it works out for and it's great if it doesn't it's gonna be a. In odd low risk move for San Francisco when he's probably back on the open market next season and it's a perfect situation from both sides. As depends us emphasis was no problem paying him that same cap numbers as a matter of you can't trust him. And let's not forget Lleyton to act like an agent could got a lot more more guaranteed money. The guys over thirty years old is coming off bikinis injury which are usually career ending may be Richard Sherman. Is the out liar there any had to have a surgery on his other Q these as well and this is this is not a guarantee. And anyway she perform and finally there's NET out there that would have been willing to pay him that much guaranteed. Yes Sherman also set on why he chose the niners. He said quote vengeful. I love the fan base to death in Seattle and I loved playing there it was such a great opportunity I helped the organization get to a great place and stay there. But now it's like I abandon and people are out their burning my Jersey. Come on. I'm not the one who let me go they let me go I didn't abandon anybody. And so impart. He chose the niners because he gets to place Seattle twice a season. To which hitting some people laugh that played this is who rich German and he is he thrives off this kind of chip on the shoulder. This is and he's been his entire career analysis on the others for Seattle fan and it's going to be really awkward who has more weird for used to. I think it ought to be honest again it's more weird for San Francisco in the short term. Niner fans hated Richard Sherman. Yeah if you really like during that. As they were close NFC title game that threat to Crabtree Jewish or he gets on the microphone calls a mediocre. He rip your heart out and taunted you on national TV. This is like Dray mind green in 35 or six years coming to Portland and being a blazer. It would be anywhere for like wool. You're gonna take it because he's a good player. But it's gonna take a lot of get used to it. I think it'll be different. I think it is right now. I think especially if the 49ers and Seahawks don't play opening week if they play like week for for the first time. And they get used to seeing Sherman in a forty niners uniform then I think they'll flip when it actually comes to the game. I think Seahawks fans are gonna be all sorts of weird and out. Yeah by the time that you see him running out another Jersey could matter fans agrees to a well here's here's two reactions here niner Fannie year and I wanna puke. Richard Sherman insult the fan base he organization in disrespect to our logo on things giving little loud mouth overrated penalty machine too costly cries of the raps. I don't want this washed up POS on my team. To which the next taxed was from a sea hawks fan I believe. Or maybe was a niner fan Cokie sucks in San Fran airing in tea bag not a team player C he bag that it. As a matter of fans you can hate him all you want on the picks off Russell Wilson twice and did he went in Seattle and he's doing to their team. Finally don't change the he wasn't alone on any Thanksgiving thing. Now that was an NBC think they set up the table on that logo and Russell Wilson was eat their too that there and they had a couple of a couple of drumstick steering our post game celebration. I I did Edgar nature this and looked I do would be fair to Seattle fan because this any fan base would have a similar like. Rowing kind of reaction today is if Willard went to the lakers or Ali is this economy he goes on every arrival. Like that's gonna be the reaction of the main thing you need to have in my line need to remember with this. He was cut. He didn't demand trade he didn't even just fully it is for suck. He was Scottie and one more year on his deal Seattle's a market tea. They said we want to bring you back if if the offer is fair. Now he read Peter King piece Richard Herman tells you when he got this deal in hand from San Francisco three years 37 million whatever is which is not. Little misleading but that's the deal with it all pans out form he called other teams including Seattle. And say here's my deal I got this and paper from San Francisco I wanna come back and play for you. Can you match this offer and they said LB incentives are too much you can stay healthy granite Rihanna paying eleven million dollars again we can't simply afford that. And they said they decided to pass Detroit decided to pass Oakland decided to pass he called a whole bunch of teams and said can I get this offer somewhere else and they also and now. Into weird is CNN and neither uniform but again he's taken a chance on himself and Tim and Cisco was a ton of cap space. Taking a chance that maybe they can get Richard Sherman back. Even if it's his three year. This deal was worth says it's worth it for the niners isn't he gets hurt you know and a pain I'm hardly an inning you're out of it after one season and a draft cornerbacks anyway and it works and you got a great quarter who's still you don't find in a town used I'd let so let's get to the blazers they'd be Golden State on Friday extend their winning streak to an MBA a high 89 games now they get Miami tonight. Who is also not playing. Some of their best players Alaron for the blazers and they greatly benefit sarcasm the blazers next Evan Turner tells fans this is asked the think he makes too much money. Both of those things neck. They come has been ten minutes. I feel about Evan Turner telling him sandy shot they'll believe all. I forgot about that what. Ever there or during their blow and in second and I should name when he gets back quick wrote a piece about it Clark and evidently. He did because our economy dumb redneck dumb rednecks that behind a McNamee said shut the bleed pop that was his response to that tournament. Still needed to axe and tiger policy do you guys have any hot takes on daylight savings time that happened yesterday. Well loss an hour of our lives as a hot take on that okay NC I thought you would so we'll talk about that at some point the final hour of the show and also OJ Simpson is admits murdering his ex wife. And why does fox keep this from transfer for some reason it wasn't played for twelve years that's crazy but they played it last night Campbell pulled Tony within six. I'm wondering a couple of quick thought here at Santa sent about Seattle. In their situation Richard germ because it's kind of a strange one somebody says the CI fan good friend people are stupid 90% are fans bandwagon. He got my childhood team its first ring he's forever hot. And not on life on CI fan here I'm happy for Sherman because I believe Diaz at least a three years of productive secondary play left. Disappointed in the franchise because they release some money to help put Seattle on the map some good some bad but I don't Sherman Jersey would frame it. In my house and who received cheers from me if I see him playing in Seattle. Next season it I think it's good to read stuff like dad because when you have stories like this it's always easy to focus on the 180 it to. I there was a guide a burned as Sherman Jersey in the video kind of went viral. And then he set out a couple of tweets after that basically saying on the Jersey was ripped anyways I was gonna throw away figured I'd burn it see if anybody would talk about it. And any yet another week that was like an all cap saying a moment lose. It's like we gotta we gotta like I visited the boredom was seven perspective like it's every twelve resound they're burning all of their Richard Sherman gear. The vast majority of them are decently level headed we just like to focus on the idiots in situations like this I like Catholic we kind of turned jerseys for guys. Who work cut but they did he was cut by the TV did bring a dummy I trade me out a here who like and I'm fairly certain never blazer fans that burn LaMarcus Aldridge is Jersey. Where their endeavors a couple of those that people. Tweeting pictures are put in it's for the reason which he does point out what they guys saying. Mom and it is a really cool thing for people people talk about is dugout when you watch halftime of the blazer games. And you see these people on the concourse and only you behind Jordan -- Michael in his waive their kids get it out dude you're on TV announcer Jack Cooley you VC UV don't we don't need to wave began your faces right there on my TV again that you DVR this moment you're gonna go back in. They're there there are a cancer get a Texas to some friends and talk and how cool was that you're on TV for ten seconds letting the cameras like like motion sensor like lightning if you if you don't wave the camera old pick your face up Mancha and I you're on TV receive anyway I think that was CI fans and there's some reasonable ones were taxing in I'd signal as to where it was like all right thanks for everything he did. The eventual saying look I know they can be misconstrued. Yeah dude that's how he plays that's who he is I I didn't really root farm a lot in Seattle but. The attitude. The swagger everything about him was what made him the rise a fifth round draft pick. Right in some teams are gonna miss it guys it's slipped in the draft all the time. It's very rare for a talent that plays at that level. To get overlooked so greatly in an NFL draft. To Wear when you come out in the fifth round there's a reason that people were like yeah I'm only draft you any use that he used that angered that fuel that. You know all those football cliches to be who we is I think for the most part most young fans third or just you know it niner fans are Sims is not ideal for them. But good luck yet the idea is totally fair to be. Armed that he joined your division rival there's a chance now that San Francisco's better than you next year it's could become a role reversal. Totally get. The bomber factor there and 800 against him a couple of times next year no doubt just remember where you were before Richard Sherman. What do you what he helped you accomplish and I thank you to good job talking about that. I did enjoy this last X four in the buys it makes Entergy German ended up in December Cisco he's got as many passes from their quarterbacks is that the receivers over the last four years. Sends prospective Selz. It blazers on Friday night we talked a lot about this we were all anti afford Golden State was in town knows staff curry. And it was no problem from Portland won 251 only to finally ran away with a laid the rubilian controlled through Robin and a small kind of blip on the radar there in the third quarter they let Golden State back into the game. They re gain control is worth 38 points in the fourth quarter led by CJ McCollum. Who led thirty on the night him and other combined for 58. Points pretty remarkable now they head into tonight after the weekend's festivities. But the little breathing room for the three city got a two game lead humble New Orleans Minnesota and Oklahoma's. And I think we all call that they hit the over began tackle in the state team you know one that picked them to win is a one point favorite. You know what I was impressed with. I'm getting to just the blaze before we talk about the Western Conference. That was the best I've seen them play all year I've seen some really good games. And they've had really good moments. The way they've played against Golden State got it that's Golden State I know it's without staff Currie but that's still Golden State coming in their saying. We would have to go for the one seat and there was an opportunity that night by the way because Toronto lodged against him. And if they would be Portland they would have gone up a half game into one seed so they had something to play for. And for Portland come out and continue to play that way they've been playing in this streak even without step Currie especially in that fourth quarter. It was remarkable it was really good help defense I thought rotations were really crisp. And the ball movement for them on offense Zach Collins and I can't I I tweeted this on Friday. Is that Collins might not be this all star player maybe he will be who knows right now. You know what he really is though he's a Smart basketball players he has that dude knows where to be he knows what his role is he doesn't second guess anything. And he knows how to play defense get a guy's way and move the ball and our offense he had moments where he got it and I packed. OK with young players they can just luge track of things. He was swing and it and it was fighting old players like Willard in the corner and it's in nice and owner teaches a conversation because we don't know when he's gonna make. Led sacked Collins is getting these clutch minutes and Timmy got as a pretty vital part for an organization. That is trying to build and those accounts is not promising career arc is mules it would column would Damon CJ. But to give a young player minutes like this in big games that matter yet consistently not just want to homeowners have been a stretch now regular thing for him in a playoff. You know battle in the Western Conference. I've got something that hates it shouldn't for the mood a little bit of may be that ups the timeline a little bit for him. Going forward really liked what I saw from him will get to Evan Turner but I thought he played really well and he's been playing really well as of late. And it's just another example let's going luck sure shorthanded little bit. That's the locals say with Katie trillion dream on and they went out there and they were able to overcome those those three players. I was like he won because Katy at an off night either you went from forty he scored over ninety points now on these the last two games a gold statesman and kinda be able crime Julia so he's going off you still find a way to beat him on what the those two guys down lol or are great defensively Ed Davis is rolls perfect for this team on what they need fifteen rebounds for him. A double double he was an absolute monster on Friday. And then not only is Collins moving the ball being Smart bass opener but when you're providing a more open looks and opportunities knocking down shots he had double figures. And that's and it was innocent outing dame CJ great night combined for 58. The four guys have played minutes off the bench not garbage time minutes but actually played. All four of them were in double figures Napier went for ten Collins went for twelve turner had twelve and Ed Davis had tents he got contributions up and down. And it led to a seventeen point win. Over Golden State in picking this up on an aside but the blazers they continue. To catch breaks so everybody out there are listening right now please knock on wood because the catch some more breaks this week we'll tell you what those are. And also how you feel what Evan Turner responding to a fan heckling him about his seventeen million dollar a year salary by telling him to shut the bleep up. Next on offense. Pressures on the Astros difference in the past messages executing crunch time English prelim heat and wind this greatest criminal. All the men lose it's the most from war its current stunner I look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch could. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Thicker edged up Reggie by prejudice always none out and probably also why would you ever pay more free gym membership Fabiani the glorious announcing gains say after the show. In my Monday at work out on and then I'm gonna speed on home and fire a barbecue what are you drilling today and I'm at a couple mistakes rated rock and all I drilled back to back days this weekend felt fantastic. Saturday was nice snapped its stake Saturday did some salmon last night now to stake today let's uh oh. May go for nice run in the neighborhood. And then I gotta clean the old deck and then nominate I'm IDs and grow and as well look I ain't gonna some Monday and a little Bed, Bath & Beyond. If time permits if time permits I went to Pasco this weekend's very adult thing for me to deal. I got an Oscar got a custom membership. Are you just now half a hammer and now but thank you I appreciate that feels good to be in club Tosca is a dangerous place 'cause I've gone and they're saying I just need yeah. TP and cereal right just a couple of things where I'm vol 300 bucks later you're leaving it right you're loaded up ready to go for four we're gonna go. On food for a while. It's a great until I know OK there's so like her easy ride for only twenty box they kick you to think about every stinking. Category they demand they did end up I will say this on niece bright sunny at her Saturday afternoon not many places that are more chaotic and Haskell Barkin thought that thing was jam packed every wants to do here don't aero. Doing the same drag it in again out did yeah. Our lines of blood zoo but it's gonna be cast a member I say this without a lot of butcher experience but in my experience. Costs and cost those guys could meet again greatly if got really did meet I also first time ever about seafood from Pasco. Good salmon. Can draw that consent so there's there's tip of the day are at their genome samples. I actually didn't have any samples I ate lunch before I went. I didn't even think about it adding connect and I was full clearly Costco routine. As seriously and ideally you living alert I I'm such accounts though veteran geno and I did 'cause we. I spent 25 minutes reading an article on Costco hot dogs and why they're so famous. It was like a real in depth three on Costco hot topic and a large fifty yen they haven't changed the size of the dog in fact it's gotten bigger. And the prices always stayed the same because they value either customers to do much negative put us first they give you the tools that cost gore endorsement already amigo Basra. It was a different Tuscaloosa millennia. Base of the blazers back in action tonight they take on Miami and I I feel like every time I talk about this is. Cannot trouble and as it's getting pretty ridiculous at this point the breaks it Dave Conte just go back the last couple of weeks obviously. Mom and you got Minnesota Jimmy Butler got hurt you play OKC second of back to backs and it'll play. Carmelo Anthony you get the lakers grandes knotted at the at that level the branding arms pretty good he's not plan parsing is done for the year you block the next. The warriors come to town and and I before staff Korea roles is ankle and he's gonna miss a couple of games. Not yet played Miami tonight and basically we just says her three best players are out Dwyane Wade not collide project is a drug that's good driving so they're all star all but then white sides down Dwyane Wade's out in Dion Waiters not playing tonight. And it even goes further than that over the weekend Kyra you're being. To say tweaked his knee was out what it was and a gutsy he's got sore knees sore knees and they are in town coming up now we don't know if how long he's gonna be out of these cities gonna miss some time. And they're coming up. Odds C a week from Friday so there's a chance can read depending on his knee situation Magnus stack in so. The blazes continue to catch breaks and it continues tonight with Miami yet you know and I. And I would love to talk to one so maybe when I see him like an ass about this that's why guarded put out a tweet on the fan on something to the effect of the blazers lab continues to roll on lane in regards to injuries and players missing. And Casey old off friend of the show worsened blazers said something you think of would love to go back and look at the numbers on seeing how this actually. Matches up this isn't a narrative Timmy isn't pretty evident they've they've got a lot of breaks look and nobody complain and know hey they've won games they've taken advantage of the schedule they've taken advantage of the guys that are rally lost some games early on. She earned when teams. Some lesser teams were without their main guys don't know so you know it's very got fans out there that. They don't care the blazer maybe going to be a second round team at best and they want more and I get that you won a championship right now for most of us enjoying it. Who cares if we acknowledge that these teams are not playing their best players are missing big key members they have. That doesn't matter to me there's still winning there's still taking care of business. And if you play Boston without Kyra read. You play Miami tonight without sun Whiteside down low. Dion Waiters at the perimeter I I don't care just when the ball game stay in the three seed. And see what happens in the post season eight that doesn't man army what I have been impressed with though. Is just this knack for. Not taking anything for granted and playing really good team basketball because there's a lot of times this season they've gone away from that. And it shows are they going lose four row every in around two in a row like that just happens and they haven't let it they haven't been letting that happen to them as of late chirpy. On Ryan's been harping on the ball movement all year and funny you start to see it more guys are knocking down open shots and the reliant on it. And that that's a good thing to see and I also feel like this the rotation has been solidified especially the fourth quarter with Ed Davis and Zach Collins its line of that he really likes get some flexibility. Collins held some space the floor a little bit something you don't get a ton of we you know if you got Aminu in an avid turnaround terrier there are guys that really striking fear into you from the three point line the calls are shown an ability. Knocked down a decent clips and out of space the floor L were up against your but I kind of wanna set the scene intestinal wanna get blazer fans opinions on it. So this happened over the weekend Jason quick wrote a piece about Evan Turner who he's been a lightning rod for criticism now on his year and a half for a year. In three quarters in Portland ever since he signed that four year. 79 dollar contract egos and it was stories talking amateur after a game and he was re can't. Recounting a story against Sacramento also. This took place and this is in the article quote. Hey Evan I see you get your typical to your typical two turner says recreating a scene he shakes his head thinking back and it all year that's what you call a true fan. He goes on to say. That he turner to the turned to face the dumb redneck who sits three rows back from the court and told him to shut the bleak. Up. Since first off let me say one thing everything I have done I have earned my contract that's my bread I earn my bread so kiss my ass. Dead serious right down I earned. That bleeping money all I'm doing is what my coach asked trying to help the team truly genuinely help the team because I've been on teams are I've been putting up twenty points. And nobody gives a damn. Because we were losing so he turns around because of Santa dumb redneck and he tells him to shut the bleep up I'm just curious how fans feel about that is in his right guys are data for make it too much money. Seventy million a year or do you not want to see ablaze you do that because we've seen guys do that in the past. And it's not a great look for the organization Kerry issued us on the Evan Turner situation 55. 305 we'll talk about that on the other side read sunnier attacks also coming up in the final hour of the show we have not talked about daylight savings time yet we'll do that. Tiger Woods back in action in almost got to win over the weekend should paddy Reid be wearing red on Sundays still even though tiger. Is back we'll take a look at the ratings of the golf tournament OJ Simpson potentially admitting borer. Lots to get to the final allowable we'll start with Evan Turner will do next on the fan.