Dirt & Sprague Monday March 12th, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, March 12th
It's 70 and Sunny in Portland what could ruin the guys mood, well the new format of the NCAA Tournament selection show, the lack of Pac-12 teams in the field of 68, and the Committee overlooking what some of the top mid major programs accomplished during the entire season.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. And and. Hi news 1202. In the rose sandy it is time for durden spraying on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan Brandon spray and Peter Johnson in a in ways you on this beautiful. Fiery. Monday afternoon yeah what's up with those guys over in northeast man we got the nicest day of 2018. It's perfect weather outside and I'm driving into work and I notice it looks like a cloud a locus is commending eat assault alive. You when I know I got annual IKE you know the fired I was like you know what he's talking about is a big flyer. Silent up on Twitter and I was like I saw and I just thought it was a dark rain glass a day as far budget tires apparently somebody lit a bunch old tires or junk cars. And another they're clearing out buildings I would Menem a couple of block radius or tell people evacuate over there goes it's still going on I believe it's still going on so many Intel on the night we don't have the cloud in our window view here to sound out of -- our views cloud free right now we descended in view of the river and a tad looks gorgeous but I think it's so Lanka's I was coming and it was pretty thick it wasn't going anywhere and it was spread rather fast sleep well despite that stupid tire fire. We're doing all right today at a ruin my day. I got a hello Monday planned it's a governor when you get disseminate eggs seventy degree day or close to it in now and march. To get from the weather guy Al and oh Tuesday Wednesdays come in with some rain mid fifties so it's kind of active Portland. But Thursday Friday and looked in my own life and and it's Thursday Friday is partly cloudy with Scion. Almost sixty degrees rang and and there still be a fan man is having a good time at the station in the independent barn grown Friday. It was some song it's going to be nice yet this is because these kind of days again rope you into it and start thinking like it's officially spring and summer I'm I'm right I get them. Last year we had a couple of days like this in a role and I thought to myself all right spring's here let's start doing some spring stuff and I plan in my entire garden. I think this is like late march may be early April. Ended up being a terrible terrible decision because like a week later we got hailstorm and everything diet was frozen for two days. Angle bile whole bunch of new veggies so as funny as you know this isn't it leg it's gonna go back and forth. Does embrace it when you get these kind of days you said that exactly right they did the same thing. I had my first year trying to garden yea like walls and our eyes British let's go I did a green pepper plants. I think actually grew I saw two peppers and excited in the NH just wither away was not the right time about it. Pull the trigger a little too early on that one well you know what else they pulled the trigger on a little too early. Changing the NCAA selection. Format did you watch that crap yesterday doll thank god I miss did who waited just ruined what should be an awesome time so. Yesterday. Was our first real gorgeous day of the year was 66. It was perfect Jack cloudless sky. I had plans I delayed all my plans. To watched tiger on Sunday which you have to do and in to watch the selection show and who made the turbot. And I ice and you know I look at nose in new selection show it's the open minded here. Turned it on. They did all 68 teams within twelve or thirteen minutes. And it was so bad that I turned an opposite I'll just find the bracket later he must play and do and I got out of there and enjoy the rest in my hand today don't care Aaron it was horrible so they started dropping case you missed it which he didn't miss anything. AK she'd do is you did miss it. They started off with the automatic. Qualifiers we automatic it's already know because say. There automatically in the tournament thinks tips they've won their conference championship then they go to at large bids and what they did was he did the split screen thing Greg Gumbel on one side. Ernie Johnson on the other and they only did sixteen Z each ending Greg doubles might kept cutting in announcing he'd be like. Moving his mouth the metal sound would come out and then it would catch up on the audio you know with the belly with sand so when they did the at large brigades they go. And now Lilja large Vizio OK here we go maybe it's around. In alphabetical order. You are starting with the Alabama Crimson Tide it's like oh my socks his leg and they high school graduation to realise he gotta wait two hours just to hear your kid's name called it's ridiculous so did they do the out large you know we find out who made it who didn't and then. Then they go into the analysis. And then eventually get to I guess picking the matchups the brackets the region's center of it at that point I turned it off because of my. Needing care you lost me Yi had it right the first time. You started this whole thing you decided to change its format to this way he got to change it back this was dreadful. Yet there is only one way to do a bracket revealed show and it's to start the show and revealed bracket right let's that you don't get every go ready to go ample bracket started this region we'll do this region and that region and that region. Now everybody if you wanna stick around in here our analysis euros pick all these games and talk about who's got the easiest path. To the final four you could stick around to do that but if you want to run your printer and for one out start children out on your own. Bill fourth thanks for comment have a nice Sunday that's what's elections Sunday should look like anti government we talked about is a week or two ago they were changing the format up and they were just gonna slowly revealed teams and it was gonna be an American Idol after the break we'll tell you who went to match ups are. And I I completely punted on even caring about yesterday. They made a good call yeah why do we need to care about it to be yeah I used to because he knew RM to get right away at like 3 o'clock whenever it's on the show would start your age bracket bowl is like in ninety seconds about and always in the tournament this is going to be fun. Public Def format you don't know how long it was gonna take it sounded like a gong show to begin with hazard when it different studios and some of the satellite feeds were taken out and you mentioned the microphones were working for Gumbel. So I played golf yesterday I got done I watch CNN tiger's around. In the clubhouse had a couple of Beers and I totally even I put it to my back burner of sports Intel last night in this morning last not elect. Who is then Bryant went out this morning filling out six minute you screw it up I'm not gonna watch and then I'll just go on line later on and find out I'll all all the give my own analysis of all these teams that I know nothing about so we have a good show today we will talking NCAA tournament but hey it's the return. Of what's on tap for the show. What's growing I'm not page to be cold and pain to be crying there's a lot of scoring and as you say alike got a good that this is what's on turnout for my intelligence. Our government more and had the bleach blonde Jenny yeah. What's on tap is brought to the fans by our friends at pelican brewing company born at the beach online at pelican brewing dot com it's great to have them back aboard the the old radio show the opening segment is not the same amount pelican. That you trust pelicans and Jimmy Buffett in Eric's constructed it's mismanaged and organizations but I caught it's perfect. We got a good one today. Of course we've got our we gutter NFL with around at 1 o'clock in man the NFL stories as this is nonstop he made a good point because some movement happened Friday which will get to a house. You may really good point is we're leaving the station Friday. It's turned in any NBA offseason and it's just nonstop chatter and movement and rumours. Teams being active there's an interesting little tidbit from Peter kings and MTV I wanna try to get to today. That I just find the NFL off season this is why this is impart importantly it's not the greatest reason this is part of reason why I love the NBA so much it stays in the it stays in your news feed year round. Feel like train will be signing sorry where is getting help right. So what is it that will reveal the NCAA tournament teams in case you missed it mainly the pac twelve ones all three of them. The real problem with one. Why the hell did one other team not make it very confusing yeah how to lower can get left out and all those quality wins that great resume in tiger on the prowl. Yes he was tiger back wearing red on Sunday. And one golfer try to steal that limelight away from him. But it was also nice to see to tiger is back in contention make a Sunday interesting and determine I didn't know existed until this year. The trailblazers extend their winning streak. In nine games Evan Turner has a nice little message for fans. That talk about his contract kiss my ass. Don't be a redneck. One of the two and a turner went a little ray felt here and I did just wondering missing is this gonna matter for Evan Turner. Or is because the team is good that people care he went nine and around nobody cares Richard Sherman. It is now is here with Cisco forty niner DD just make that decision because he gets to play the C docs and also people giving him crap because he is his own agent. At OJ Simpson did anybody watch the OJ Simpson fox special item is night I had no clue this is going on and you blew my mind at this this morning was amazing stuff it was on on aired inner view. With the author of his book. That was taped in 06 I don't know why fox decided to not air it live when they did it. Or air after they did it but they finally put it out on television I watched it. We pulled some audio from its pretty wild he'd be in my opinion any confess to murder. I think the interview process gets him. To where he stops thinking about what he is saying hey it's a little confused and needing just seemed. Yeah we really don't know that lane there a little bit so we'll get to that as well we got a good show. Enron where actor and Sprague at Peter Johnson. And act Brandon Sprague that's what's on tap and it is proxy in the semi pelican brewing company born at the beach online at pelican brewing. Dot com let's start with the tournaments which pac twelve teams are in a and is one pac twelve team. Have a gripe for not getting in and also John Calipari has a real problem where is Kentucky Wildcats. Where what we'll do that Dexter and sprayed with you on 1080 the fan. I paid 55305. Real quick and then we'll get to that's on a sports. Do you work for a company I know we have a lot of and people that work outside deep does anybody listening. That works inside this your company allow you to go out on really nice days like this to go to look like every cent a premium like what just walk around outside don't like go out and do work outside I know computers are big part of our jobs now but sure some people can get worked out without meaning can computer for two hours or so if you need to have like a one on one meeting in technology is nine. Prominent factor in that meeting. Go to go out and outside lake was there anything more exciting this is a really big flashback but was earning more exciting than when you're an elementary school and you got to eat lunch outside on a sunny day nothing bad enough indeed it are you got a good recess outside and they're ready to go right dodge market also gone out there. That doesn't doesn't leave from you always want that and it still feels good numbers wondered if anybody out there is allowed to go outside need some work. Really nice day and I know a lot of the people that work in our office because we know our windows are open up we see you know walked by all the time there yet we watched that slam at thirty seizing Australian running paths suvs co workers of bars hello and it's 130 RI just ball throw lockers. Ayers is. Is George Shea jewel for sure it's just been walking out there for 45 mess with the hells he doing man. So the NCAA tournament bracket revealed dirt or he filled his bracket out he did it in six minutes and 25 seconds yeah guys I was kind of I always say that I do it quickly and -- wondering how long and officially took and so I set the stopwatch 620 seconds great product great job my man I'm pretty proud of myself that for those views had missed it maybe you just want to tune in to get the information Villanova. Virginia. Xavier and Kansas are your 41 seats. The pac twelve had three teams get it Arizona obviously because they won the tournament. And then your two other teams. Arizona State. And UCLA. And UCLA is an eleven seed may play saint Bonaventure for a plane game to go against Florida. By early saint Bonaventure is kind of a fun team to watch it can meet inching matchup for them. And in Arizona State also an eleven seed. And they play a plane games against Syracuse who many are kind of scratching their heads of like really they got in. Other people were also saying Syracuse might have won the last teams to get in. And so if they win that playing game Arizona State would play. CD TCU low horny frogs so there's your pac twelve team she gets three and one is the automatic winner. And the other two that you got in basically have play in games he nobody liked your conference that all we know it was crap. And the selection committee yesterday told you was crap they confirmed it no surprise here. This shocker and we have been harping on this now for weeks because if you follow any of the brackets colleges dolls for. The teams that we're gonna make it you know halfway through the year. Arizona State has been one of those teams all year and if you have been listening to this shall we talk college basketball every single one of us every single time we talked about that is said. How is Arizona say to determine and that was just solidified this weekend I don't understand how that's a Reza make good enough to make it. They were what eighth place in the pac told this year there were below five point nine in ninth place and factual thank you. Below 500 in conference they got balance in their first game of the actual tournament against a bad Colorado against a bad Colorado team. Can anybody explain how Arizona State got in and on the argument is they want a couple of games early in the season that's fine that can be a part of that. Albany if you can't manage to be above 500 and quite possibly may be easily the worst power five conference there was this year it's that's not quite possibly was you were eight and ten and in the worst power fraud conference yet that was still enough to get into it made zero sense that the conference is bad I. I'm not gonna say your Lowe's tennis people over USC not making it in. Because again the conference is down but the fact the USC didn't get in and Arizona's they've found a way to get in right. Well it would it was laugh yet you know normally I DNA daylight to my team's not involved in organ state hasn't been released solved and it. I don't really care all that much I mean there's some questionable ones stick up for sure to talk about. This one I don't know why this one upsets me so much does that make any sense Arizona State has no legs to stand on the minds in the daylight. Yes they beat 21 seeds I get Xavier and Kansas are one seeds. When they beat those teams. Was at November. We're really gonna base the entire season on two games that happened in November early December. At a problem with that. And if they played right now I think Kansas would beat Arizona State by thirty mining is Xavier would probably run them off by fifteen or more easily those are two teams that are playing really really good bass on deserved to be one seeds. I had some bad hiccups early in the season. And you can't just base it on those two games and I'll tell you why they started a year twelve and now. Arizona State was the talk of college passed all at an early early he's got to go and I was pumped a Mike here we know. After their twelve and those start they played nineteen games and their season. Eight and eleven. They were sub 500 their last nineteen games they were the ninth seed what you just said the worst conference in the power five. And they lost their first conference tournament game. I know they had more. Woody long call turning Mick Vick against teams that are in the tournament and USC getting an island like laundry one wins well hell the terminology and now classification acquire one wins. I know they had more than USC. But we cannot base the entire selection. Process on teams in your first six or seven of the season. It means to be the whole story. And with Arizona State it's not the whole story is they have skipped conference play in the conference tournament. To get that team in because they beat two teams. That beat one seeds and with a team like USC. Who got to the actual tournament game had a hell of a season themselves. And to me I thought they were a lot that was one I completely wisdom I'd like USC was a lock to get in ten not Gideon for down. There was a joke and I'm not telling you USC needs to get him because they can win this term they can't this conference is not very good. But I thought Arizona State getting in in USC not kidding and it was a bad message for the committee to be sending to a lot of other programs throughout the country. Yeah I drink did there's no defense event. You know and instantly a sense to me that comes out of signing day is I suck up the coaches who got snubbed not necessarily for smaller programs or from some larger programs or advocating for more teams in the tournament. Access had just makes me chuckle and lead to 68 is too much to begin with we don't need to go to like ninety something teams it's that no Arizona State does not need to be in the NCAA tournament. But we don't need to add more teams of that caliber I do have a problem the Linda waited they score this new great game because Arizona State's a prime example of a team. That hasn't quadrant one run wins whatever that dumb terminology is early on in the season and that was the reason they mated in and they completely ruled out what happened RS the year. Like Saint Mary's to me it's Mary's got robbed Saint Mary's to me is a prime example of this quadrant one way and crap that Arizona State can beat eggs savior or non conference early in the year when the teams are trying to figure themselves out they catch a nap and on a random game. That's good enough to put amendment Saint Mary's those 285 have been ranked basically the top when he beacons all season long had a begun zag act on zag above because they play any lesser conference. They don't have a larger one wins to get in has now S. Frustrates Randy Bennett is notorious for not scheduling. Don't play good con Nagano and doesn't like to travel outside of the stage early on and certainly about will still have to adjust that by. I saw something in. On the Internet or from Twitter that it's the very first time those are the same place by the way. Well Twitter is a specific count portion of the Internet a what is the very first time that a team was ranked in the final AP top 25 poll that did not make the NCAA tournament right since it's expanded and USC byways Ted Ted to jump on that note on Saint Mary's USC is the highest RPI team. Ever to not make the turn at 34 RPI. How many times why are topping your head and it may be a gas. How many times in Zack a lost Indian zag alas. Six years you've. A home more often and I'd. The only team that's had success really in Spokane mull over the last three or four years has been BYU for whatever reason they get up and get fired up for sunny there almost unbeatable and in zag at the kennel yeah and Saint Mary's went on or additional us five times and on and on conference is not great but. This is the problem with non conference is almost creeping into what football is in and somewhat in terms of the interpretation. If there's a much placed on that nonconference. Vs some teams do let's take the body work in matters conference. Play. Here's the way the power five schools the power conferences are even looking to tilt the scales more in their favor now they have this quadrant system. They're getting rid of the RPI. For some other mat trick. And conferences like the ACC are discussing going 320 game conference schedules where if they can build it up. If they can build all their teams up in the nonconference. High in that quadrant. Then all their conference games our water going James if they don't have to played these top quality mid major schools right they are I don't scheduled games with them the only way you can play him is to get invited to. Twenty cameramen like that. And sold day eight in the NCAA is gonna have to figure out is this what we want the tournament to be do we want nine ACC schools and so in Big Ten schools and six pac twelve schools that they can ever get their act together. Or would we like to see a few more out large that's why Wichita State left in Zagat is talking about leaving the West Coast Conference they will too because of this and soul. I'd what do you want this tournament to beat do you want it to just be so where basically the power conferences can get all the audio large bids and then. Any thing else is simply one big conferences. You want your blue bloods and obviously we can all respect that and we love it too. I also do in league and everybody gives them such a hard time because they don't go to the final four very option if at all. The mid major programs you know somebody a really good point middle Tennessee. Was a top 25 team at their team in the same category tripped up in their conference tournament and now suddenly had to say on a top 6018 would take the whole everything you've got Michelle yards out the window because you lost thank you and I know their conference is not great nation of probably lost in the conference tournament but you can't negate NG bills have a tweet to that I've made a lot of sense. These elections should be made before conference tournaments. We should not be allowing the Reza maze. To expand. For teams that go on these conference tournament runs organ is in this category organ all of us. Whether you're an organ doctor year org is CP moral washing us or does not tournament team now we can tell that this year now. But we were sitting here on Friday going. Org and get to the title guaranty USC Friday nine and eight players on a close eye and because you're allowing the conference tournaments now to be included in a way for the selection committee. And if you don't think they are by when he just fooling yourself I thought. Before you get into conference tournament play some really good shots coming in to ban text on a 55305. Will get to those socks talk more in C double A tournaments including John Calipari was a problem with where the Kentucky Wildcats. Will place we'll do that next 1234 on the band coming up we'll talk about Tiger Woods. Senate aren't a good job he's. Back heck of a final round of bells farm was pretty yesterday. It was funny because you know I said in the opening segment admittedly I didn't really know the Valspar existed. Just being truthful. And and a dire golfed out now. And I'm out watch in the it's a much in the of the round because my brother in law's birthday sewer at a thirsty line east and I'm eating and we're watching it on TV bar. And he said the same things hey I. Is this a new term at the Val sparks come what is this thing no I say I think it is created for tiger because he's back now it's one of the toughest mistreated JC Penney tournament. Yeah so you can tell those but it all them. They keep playing the same golf course over and over. So let them play and how long they've been nets it'd be copper head corset in Innsbruck these final three holes known as the snake pit. And I think they've been afflicted dozen maybe fifteen years it's one of the toughest. Non major golf courses regularly on the PGA tour Aden have super low numbers yesterday and no case solid low but. Ten under I mean that's two and a half on if you had a big day yesterday after eight Emmy Jimenez serious impact I think going and his art was a four under going into Sunday. As a golf guy man this has like eyeballs just in the couple buddies and we were trap we teed off on nine a little after 9 o'clock yesterday and so we were track in the entire day in like every time walking the next tee box looking phones he woody was Dylan. And we got done and we got back into the clubhouse when he was on I wanna say about fourteen. And I mean you think of a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Everybody would be sitting outside drinking beer at the clubhouse cities Moline was packed everybody was sitting inside cheering yelling Rwanda Hudson going and it was like. You know the TV effect the overnight TV number it beats. Three of the four majors the only tournament last year that beat it was the masters with a seven point one and had a five point one overnight or eating. From NBC with tiger is in eighteen content. Since Saturday when you know tiger was remaining in the contention. The ratings went up a 181%. From masters Els RE just an FYI and I I play on Twitter and somebody got upset about it but. You know there's there's a small it's a small portion but we sometimes hear from him for the people they don't like all the tiger coverage. This tournament didn't have speed McIlroy Dustin Johnson Phil Mickelson. Or Jason Day into the top mattered was like day tigers and it lets do this let's watch every second. I just hope for guys like you spray George is huge tiger fans and then you can take or leave the rest of of golf. Hopefully. Europe picking up on the arrest of you know things it was great seem Paul Casey win he's he's one of the top players in the world plays mostly on the European tour just a second PGA tour victory. Somebody that you see in the Ryder Cup play so. I'm hoping some of these guys and and some of the youngsters. Connors fondly finally fell apart he lasted Saturday okay would you judge forum on Sunday but. Hopefully you can start to appreciate those some of the younger guys. Who were also in contention there as well. Let's get back to determine we just let tiger derail like for millions of our segment tires heated that a lot on the show today and yeah I mean he's got that affects we were talking NCAA tournament in the bracket was released three pac twelve teams two of which have plain games to even get into this tournament. On and we've always kind of had this fund conversation does the playing game counts now TI don't think it does either I think when you win a play playing game. You did in my hand here now and turn and they did assure her of NCAA tournament mind schools know it touts as. I think they get it chalked up the tournament win in their record the funny thing is is that as somebody who fills out their bracket early and I got to wait until you know the plane and resolve gay AL as a result of those games as. I can't pick one of those teams on a that I wanted to this year and they just for the fact that they could lose before the tournament even begins in my mind. Yeah I I can't pick them to win that game right right I gather data back on my pencil and. You know here's an interesting point too because we were talking about. Changes that need to be made because clearly you you have it's not completely rubs me you got some some problems with this election process right in. This is not unique you have teams decade in some people's opinions get screwed out in. I had to this year I don't know why this bothered me so much like a issue who had two wins and that's the only reason they guiding grain and those two wins were against one seeds but they were early in the season. And then they are absolute crap in conference play they were in ninth seed in the attorney. And they loss to Colorado who was not good a listener rob a great point. The Washington Huskies also beat Kansas and Kansas they did they had a better conference record. They weren't even close to being a bubble team rack. So what's different conversation doesn't make any sense of trust is. To start the NIT yeah yeah nine Arizona is an incidental right and that's the point and any other problem is with college Basil as we were talking about for those just tuning in. We talk about ways they can change this and do you make conference play more valuable right there's a good and bad with that and this is what you need to college basketball. In college football. We do love the AN ams verses organs of the world right the nonconference matchup her. When Michael G you had to take one non conference game away for another conference game I think most fans would be an on. College basketball is unique in when they start their year. They give you big picture hooked not everybody but they'll get you hooked with duke playing. Arizona. Or Texas playing. North Carolina. Just these incredible match ups against powerhouse programs college basketball. And if you start taking that away and you go more towards. Conference importance. Maybe you missed opportunities of seeing some teams are giving some teams a chance to get in the term governor I think it's different you get thirteen fourteen non conference games and college basketball so when you mix in one or two of those are you play but it didn't take the significance away from non conference and put more in the conference play I worry that maybe you get a Saint Mary's where they don't schedule real good opponents they don't like to travel far. I think had to rely on the easy scheduled again right right in and you see you doing conference and if you play well Saint Mary's played well last year that's a good enough resonating get it doesn't matter. Question would be. Do you wanna see there it's been talked about before. Do you need to finish in the top happier conference to be should there be a cut off into the essence of yes do we need ten teams from a power five comp and there's ads that directs. And I don't like the rig on an exact accident and I Simmons and Al gray and Elliott does have the power five tournament now at all it is turning into. And that's the frustration for me it. If you if you can't finish above ninth in the pac twelve you don't belong in the tournament like some years there's examples. Where say the eight other teams ahead of you in the pac twelve made the tournament and you were just that good and the conference was that strong. All right well they finished ninth but the only reason they finished ninth was because it was such a good conference. Then all listen to that but when you're in a bad conference and he finished ninth at their zero excuse Ford and but I think there's two different schools of thought on what you want to see the tournament site. A media member or friend of ours is reading about this this weekend saying he doesn't like the automatic bids it is like a small conference is getting in as thirteen 1415 seeds because. We basically know for the most part they go and they lose by thirty points and assists a reward for winning. There are count bottom of the barrel conference but to me that's what makes the NCAA tournament special is having teams like to having a Middle Tennessee State. That makes it is a twelve seed and they have a chance to go on her demeanor going to. But those are the kind of stories that room we remember more we don't rack remember Syracuse makes the sweet sixteen this year is to make is gonna move the needle for anybody if Syracuse wins a couple of games. Now but a South Dakota State makes it to the sweet sixteen that's the story how far can they go who can they beat Kansas Cinderella run continue. It's the one unique sporting event we do have that college reply you don't it's the cream of the crop the topic nobody else gets a chance. Same thing with you know usually the and it the World Series in College Baseball. Most of the time it's a big schools and Emma when a smaller one makes it it's decent story but. That to me is the beauty of the NCAA tournament I don't wanna just reward teams are playing empower five conferences because they're conference was tough. EE need open the field a little bit yeah. It's a very interesting example right there in John Calipari. How to thought and that will get to that were against the clock. Tiger Woods is to blame for this will get to some dots at the fans thanks and we really give some people's thoughts and Tex I'm 55305. As where you can give yours John Calipari and can Saget who we like. Not where we are leery of some favorites out there are no buyers tournament Harry picked my champion I'm gonna be really upset if you picked the same team is me. To get to a final four and I have a bad feeling you did I gotta I gotta champ my brackets all filled up right here in sharply right if I mean every guy got a chance right that's next on offense and NFL look around coming up in eleven minutes. Richard Sherman the 49ers. A lot of people singing it's only because this reasons as Aqua. What's the wrong without one reason there's a lot of a lot of awkward feelings for niner fans and Seahawks fans are now he really is I saw a lot of the old take exposed they went and found forty niner fan tweeting about Richard term hiring his dad or want him as I would rather lose with class and win with Richard Sherman and of what was then owns all European. Okay. You know to be at my gate picks this year aren't and a bat as it will get to that as well and in the blazers they beat Golden State on Friday how about that he bond role and I was old Illinois faith you guys have a Golden State come on you haters are right Iraq I just love you called it Damian Miller just named Western Conference player of the week he's got a good chance Western Conference player of the month. Anti Davis sidelined a little bit in his averages continue to do is speak easy eyes so. How will see and have a game night it's our friend Erik Spoelstra. The Miami Heat by the way blew out Washington the day after our interview you're welcome Spoelstra expose on Iran because of us who welcome and dad kudos to him being able to brag about the beautiful state or into his his players. On allies got to cloud of smoke hanging over half the city but other than that. Looked good today I would is Leno like guys CEOs whether. And we got some really good week. Right it would. Didn't Isaac night I let's let's get to this we tiger got into our last and we'll get to Tiger Woods trusses it was a big weekend for tiger big weekend for golf. We will get to that as well but John Calipari. Was interviewed after his team was elected if they win their opening game against Davidson. They had to play. Ma I Arizona Wildcats went to two of the final four yes they all of you copy in piggybacking off my picks panacea that is I got to Arizona one of the. Pulled. A whole kitten could let me see the bracket the entire saint swipe card last thing he's gonna predict a pro V aren't really does have. Arizona lending going yeah right I think if I get Arizona one of the whole thing right I know we wanna save for people in Boise who bought tickets thinking they were gonna get the shaft in terms of who got sent the Boise. They're in Alleman and that is going to be an amazing place and conduct in Arizona plane and sat around yeah center there as well. And I Ohio State yes sign me up for that and here's John Calipari act quite enjoyed this John Kaplan was not happy about the wildcats having go to Boise idea but. I was in a car with my wife. In my own blue well. And it was like one after the other and I know there were so many ways to say you got screwed again I thought that. I've a half a and and I had asked my guys how many of you know what state boys he's in the. Yet he there was more to it well it's like saying he would not simple easy you know he was not happy at all he spoke to local media as well and he was like flat out calling at are you shocked that we have to do this are you shocked this is where we're gonna go. To which I would just say John. You're not a one seed stop acting like your team was next level they weren't they were inconsistent there for a while. It is a tournament man you reader you're worthy you'll wind who cares where you play such as being in Lexington that long live and in that bubble for too long he hell he's lost. I think it's easy ego I think that's who he is on crack. I think when you win in Massachusetts and and you go to Memphis in UN he went to Kentucky thinking I'm gonna get the benefit every single. Time has his flat out not how it's gonna play out said Davis and also on the show and if you miss that interview. And he was pretty good 1080 the fan back Thomas from tires podcast we asked him out and zag and his thoughts on the zags is potentially a final fourteen. I'm on very good update you about the act chances to get to a final four. These are exact number brought on what is more intellectually until leaders 611 center like. 21 for last report entry point range actually. Gonna get bigger holes for big got a dilution that well. I have just. This stepping back into the big picture we're talking about Kodak. In the West Coast Conference. And Spokane Washington which is a mid major anyways like I liked the result of court going to enact a change your game being one or two possessions away from being. The national champ. Losing to restore order and do this good again. It will mark who has done there is really one of the most extraordinary. Story an analyst sports. So in other big caveat is that it's just it's a week week. So we don't know. How good they really are in the past it's been a little bit inflated. Out of Philly back in terms of how good they are but how much they've really been tested and prepare for the are so. You know any year like this where are there are not a lot of great change tactic really depending on the bracket neck out all records are BC could like get. So he likes to exact its chances to get to a final four I love the listeners string of points and they Calipari has college students who are supposed to be in school yet he doesn't think they know. State always ends on a lot of respect by John Calipari and act comment was an not a great guys didn't know where Idaho is I like I can't can't ranting at you lose me there there there's a pamphlet teams are hitting some some of the 34 seeds get breaks or five seeds get breaks and location that they play and Gonzaga to me is an example that they got a break where they're Golan but then there's others that you look there's two c.s that are traveled a long ways three seeds that are traveling long ways. That's just the way shakes out your five seed in the NCA tournament they yeah you're not getting get a close regional. To your state they're not gonna do we any favors there so it am complaining to me. You lose me completely in forgotten Zagat it's an interesting mix the media Ohio State potentially in the second round I'm Missouri. Is up there importers back plane and now Sully got to take that into account I don't know what they lost their SEC conference. Tournament game to Gonzaga or she admitted Georgia but. You get Xavier is a number one seed it's it's an interesting region that could end up playing in Los Angeles in the elite eight if they get there. Yes some missiles this cow ever not think his team none of those calm down dude you have the best talent yet you hardly ever win a one listener on the selection process just let every team and you only had one week into the tourney no one watches the regular season anyways. Played when no one complain. Another lining it's a big problem they did away with fewer performance in the last twelve games being a factor the idea that a win in November is enough to override. A terrible into the season is ridiculous I completely agree. And that is Arizona State in a nutshell we don't care which you did your last nineteen games. Doesn't matter you've beat Xavier you beat Kansas boom year end. And another listener says is USC fan I can't blame anyone other than ourselves we lost Arizona twice issue wants UCLA twice and Oklahoma once. We win one of those games we are in. Our fault and the viewers he was to sack in the pac twelve and you've capped the title game Brad thanks for all that we you point out sure. You still should have been in and I know Mike is can and not care about this Hampshire prime time's gonna give him some. This one says I'm sick of under serving Syracuse teams getting in every. Every single Payer not matter Syracuse member wasn't a couple years ago when he got to get it was the lead eight. Like four games over 500 that year and there was no wind and how they get in but an eagle on Iran like dad they wanna complete games everybody validates that see that's why it would Syracuse in the tournament right sentiment now. All right so the NCAA tourney coming don't forget we're gonna be live at the station on Thursday northeast Alberta those doors will open at 9. We'll do our show live from their prime time we'll do their show live from there I believe dusting Campbell be out there as well. And the independent on Friday. And bodily one other note on interment share our own lips come by since yes I avoided a sixteen is he avoided a plane and yet they. And they get UNC in the first round that's still. I Cubans. And Charlotte. So it's going to be tough it's gonna be tough. Slime they're not as sixteen seed first tournament ever to and they got their own form. Well good luck coach Alexander let's go let's got now they got it gets suspended from USC. Are we got a lot of second hour we'll start. With carnival opera their Sprague next on offense.