Dirt & Sprague Monday January 22nd, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, January 22nd
The guys wonder if The Mighty Ducks is going to be a TV show, just which team America as a whole is pulling for in Super Bowl 52, and take one more look back at the NFL Conference Championship games.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right thing since 1952. Well. I didn't think he had it and you. On the hunt for better. This is stirred and spray. Walker we'll bring me was NB third Johnson and Brendan strength I saw where it's due Soledad. I think they'll put so. We started the game we never got the play for blood remember of dirt and sprayed gone 1080 I always looked. All of those soon. As final our at this rate on a Monday NASA being let us. How money is gone well we can now live report on what the weather's like outside. We have that ability it's no longer a kidney Texas and let us know if it's raining or snowing outside. Our windows are all open up in the studio. It is currently partly cloudy but really it's beautiful sunny it was gonna jump then mammary and now ready for spring and summer season is warm yet. The twenty degrees. Our windows are open that's our that's our big updated today now we can Aussie outside are no longer in a cave in we're enjoying every moment of it. Although rather distracting there are folks who locked by Arab building along the waterfront here and they destroy I don't think you'd see in the window or not. Can't they can't see the window I was side it was weakened seed and they can't see those two wave years like we're interrogating people. So if you want a W could come watch the show no matter who are initially hearing and saying exhibit at the zoo right now okay nobody is cannot become uptown on the glass yet a blatant that a hockey fight. Like telling people are you win or go home by most of my running or jogging I don't together lionized paying that close ties and a south and devote my dad you're you're an exhibit at the zoo right now this is solved again and again when does all over the place Menem and join a so why coming up the file argue back in the AC NFC title game some of the football stuff when you get to including the Thursday night football deal. And I waited to a TV show coming here in a moment but I do this or this has run the NBA technologist he Golan. IBM is easy you know it's close to starting for a lot of people's break. Begins after the super bulls only two we don't poke the bears are expected to weeks of the these are gone and his word a mall at four yeah come on some sympathy you who's gonna win the title is or two weeks away and you can't wait a lot of intriguing storyline Sammy yeah man. To answer this what other at the eight story says were on the cake here. There's one from loads another load on today's bombing all over everybody. This one thing yeah. That's really San Antonio in a while Leonard now if you follow this while there's been out basically all year he's played nine games. He's got this quad issue we came back and play in any her rib shoulder agencies it's been a weird and they can't quite figure out what's going on because Tony Parker. At a much worse injuring his back several months later you coli letter not healthy enough to give it ago they sent him back to basically shut them down. For the short term and potentially long German and tallies completely ready to go. And bush is reporting now that throughout all of this dude treatment to rehab timetables all this stuff. It is adding chilling impact so bush says on the spurs and why Leonard's relationship with the franchise. And coaching staff now old Buford their GM am pop the vegetable kind of denying this thing is not happening. But multiple sources describe Leonard. In his camp as distant and disconnected from the organization which is funny because Leonard's camp also talked to former blazer beat writer Jabari young who is back in San Antonio and they told him that the boje ESPN's story is a 100% falls. So when everybody comes out and responds and on and it's now my dad. It leads me to believe one loads doesn't just make up stories make up stories it's Loge there's validity there it's ONG now I I also don't buy that this is. Relationship damaging. Is he frustrated absolutely and you know what he should be he's played nine games this year. They really want him to arrest they really wanna be a 1000%. Because of they're gonna stand any chance in the west it's going to be with him don't forget they want against Golden State. They were winning that game and in my opinion kind of dominating the way it was being played. And any stepped on the ankle rolled it gone to only lose the series. So I think San Antonio's go in for the long the long game error may have nothing to play for the regular season I just fine without an ability NE TD a three deal for you can get by with LA that way you'll win your first round matchup and ends up being. Having quite Leonard locked in but is he frustrated yeah he should be. That's a guy that wants to play. A lot of these players got bonuses they have future earnings writing on what they do during a season. All NBA first team all defense defensive player of the year a guy like why Leonard that stuff matters and to take it away. Even if he doesn't necessarily want it because you're thinking about the title. He might be okay winning a title on being team guys Sherri is you also I think the other side of this and that is unfortunately the selfish part of it. Now it it's it's just a weird to follow because if you never go home back to before the year started are kind of right at the beginning of the season. Every time they came on talks about the injury it was very short term I believe the first quote the Popovich ally. They would probably miss the beginning of the pre season may be most the pre season. Buddy should be ready to go for the start of the year like that's how this all started it was immediately I didn't miss pre season of the deal will be back officer of the season. And then it was well it's woman along a little slowly as he didn't play the first couple games and continue to miss time and he had a quote back in November saying he never counted. Encountered something like this. And edit it'll be strange to follow just to see if he's able to get back to. I'll worry was its white rights quadriceps tendon opera theme. Leave as what terminology is and as I mentioned Tony barter item as same injury but even of a more severe level but he was able to. Come back and played a short period of time is now on the bench that's not a story about spurs but. That's the bullish report from the day everybody is denying and as you mentioned it was Jabari young inquire learns folks are saying no this is not happening. Buford in the spurs are saying now there's no issue with the relationship that. One more rights and I believe it I don't really care who his sources are restarted from its low June ease the best there is he gets the scoop for anybody. He found out today to Jason Kidd was fired before Jason Kidd and he will reported it or Jason kidded found out. So there's some validity behind this and Libby issued a watch and see if it's the health that just changes everything and if he's able to come back and play in the playoffs but just lose a relationship back over and. Zero to 15% chance the the spurs who do the trade that I made and trade deadline for Portland at CJ insure bad as. For coli Leonard ROC Jason should Baz and a first round pick for quite Leonard Patty Mills zero. As the enemy works zero to trade works here and actually the spurs are better than the places that trade infrequently Jeff. Would Damon collide in Turkish so yeah really somehow stance suggesting and I you know these plus minus crap that they use. So go play the trade machine have some Soledad we can all dream about Weiler being in Boise performances. According to. According to load his relationship with the spurs. Going well right now they've never had I don't think they've ever dealt with a disgruntled player other than maybe LA in the offseason but they figure that out LA demanded a trade LLA and he had enough of dealing with Popovich and Popovich has said he's coaching a completely different this year he basically. Succumbed to his wishes yeah hey you can be the number one code number one. We'll dump it down the in the policy or make him a perimeter player in your number one inch or so in that span they've only had one. One player that's been disgruntled as weird right and its new thing dispersed people are tired Popovich is act Duncan's guns in the leaderships in the old and a tough to follow. In the NBA they I want to get this out quickly and or up against and I wanted to bring it up did you know that there is that the potential. In the early stages. Of a deal mega deal not a mega ball is a made deal of some sort. To turn the mighty duck movie series into a TV show god tunnel that. Guys solace by Sports Illustrated to be terrible. Flat while an advocate can be coming to the small screen near you a source tells the Hollywood reporter. Great I can't wait to watch no name kids. Depicted the that'd child actors that I watched in the actual movie. Can't wait for Goldberg the goalie not be the funny fat kid that he was in the ninety's movies above our branded man come on clack. Black now collect now quack Sar back at their favorite amount you know they call it by the later. They said the 1990s drama the. It's good to comedy called it a drama the economy is. Did not the first one drama and Adam banks. Low power clam the ducks. Amelio Estevez. Going against his former coach. In the DUI issues a dead is a dark he's looking up for the players momma she was unsure of it it's sure there was there were some darker stories. In their that we that we weren't quite aware of this quack mr. Duckworth at. That seven thought I'd bring that up there in the works non network is attached the project yet but at some point it would get to it. I do have a at a TV you know we'll get to at some point as the Thursday football deal it looks like his wrapping up. In it could be changing locations this upcoming year so bringing to talk about that at some point. I give back into the football games as well but let's ask some form of Philadelphia chalet in Philadelphia won the NFC title game. Last night they're going to the Super Bowl and the folks in Philly then I'll party what is sound like next on the tenth. Hillary Olympic Games coming up here bottom of the hour AFC NFC title game. We got to Philly in new England's Super Bowl does that euphoria. But we all live Philly fans I mean they're on their own Lola little bit. And that there are all sorts of parties from just the past couple weeks and in the momentum was building for a wild afternoon in Philadelphia as their picture is. Released early in the morning of people walking around and putting. Crisco on the light poles so people couldn't climate potentially should Dave when the game. The workers called themselves jokingly the Crisco cops and after they won yes there were fans who still plan light poles successfully I'm curious how many people. That'd unsuccessfully but if you want an entertaining afternoon goad to start YouTube in Philly fans reacting to the wind. And we thought we'd have some followed that because. Off they are unique they they got no fight with a police source for the game and a couple of cops. That was the scene. From the parking lot there was one cop that was trying to disperse a crowd of party years until gators. And got locked up punches horsemen punched a cop standing on top are sitting on top of the whores so. That was on the after he started then they went in all hell broke lose almost sort of the old gentleman as. People of all ages celebrating differently when. I. Honestly don't Leslie. He did against Matt Ryan you. At this week. You know it's. The effect for violent act and looks exactly like seven died. And he had a 45 year old on his shoulders as. Ireland's solid parent yeah it's there yes and his face was fully came. Dad and daddy you hear that kid is going to grow up psychotic yet he's gonna have the same stand imagery. Little hairy white kid you seemed to stick it out these relationships. Armed men on. I don't know what it is. An Eagle Games come on come on we realize what it is the next line there is a fan out there that does turn out to be need to as a defendant trolls and when. My gorgeous I'll raise you right now. He's doing notable voice and yet no matter who haven't yet well it's crazy went yeah and stuff. All right all right not bad but this is live television vote. Well connected through. Yeah. Okay you guys are and they go through these days hillbilly band excited about the lead. Pinnacle it's the bags were tucked and where they've where they are bad enough to get people to drastically root against them like that did the performance of the fans punts because there are videos of them do in the school chance to like it's blown vikings fans yeah walking out of the stadium they yelled cuss words of the 100 year old viking fan they found a way to Philly. A day basically threw Beers at the team viking bus when they are trying to leave the stadium yeah. I I don't know if they got a lot of people because they hatred for New England in the dynasty run tents to people. I'd using it did a great job of getting. A good percentage to sway a mango pinot life. I'd much rather have New England do this again. I'm not this is what I was does is you have to put up with the magic I guess is just the NFC title if they beat Brady and the patriots with nick foals and knock operating and suitable what do you think they're talking about going into next season with a healthy Carson plants. Words don't patriots. Watch. It's going to be bad. This triggering his bat as amazing ideas do this segment after they lose it is Super Bowl. All I will outlook will find it yeah I will seek it out well for sure go find the good stuff from fans if they lose this game that that's the tough part though is I enter I understand both angles like their fans are about as bad as it could get and when you read. As as the budget entries either of the experiences of viking fans and what they went through now. If they're vikings fans didn't do themselves a lot of help they went on the steps of the museum and did the school chant. They decorated the rocky statue would vikings year did you see the mall one mom Erica yeah they all the end of what they did go wow Minnesota I was pretty bad Mascoll chant inside. It inside the mall Fred what they're saying is they I mean look did they go to the stabs at Philly like yeah it's a big deal the rocky statue saying. Mean they just to the school Tinto like they're not punishing Natalie resources in vandalizing. Actual stuff. I mean they may have done that in frustration after Los fronting leading into the game their big deal was. The school chance and that was the big deal ever bothered Philly fan and his funnies and any text in earlier retirement this bowl match up. And if it makes sense in saying is these are the two wars fan bases you could get to play suitable I'd completely disagree that who's worse affiliate ointment. In terms of like being obnoxious you out. I think cowboys fans pretty bad and I I you know I mean respect to Jason's why Eric is I don't think he's one of home. I know far too many in my life and I know they would be if they won a Super Bowl again. Trust me man I'm telling him around it I see all my Brothers cowboys fan. And he's obnoxious now they've won one playoff games as 96 there today and he's still obnoxious. So I I would beg to dip rhino Boston's not great. And I know they can annoy you I think cowboys fan made beat them and that categories and don't forget the raiders and raider fans are always pretty bad radar niner fans are known to other actually have violence to where you harming other human being popular get stabbed and stuff that's night couldn't it would it was a crazy scene in Philadelphia and watch and some of those videos there was a guy driving around on top of the car and there was this would camera picked up a guy's sitting on top of the van just as driving around the middle of the city and as the camera pans. Then there's this giant dude would not wearing a shirt like wearing a mask walking around the street. And in between I Byron it was a bar still singer retreated basically saying there are no laws anymore Philadelphia though are all the window Philly news stations I sigh. A reporter there said they were actually all the silly TV stations were nervous. 'cause they know you have to go live yet to be on the scene you think this is gay yeah you can happen at the amount F bombs and everything else that got through date they can't do wining about exits like TV. And it happened it got me gotta go live to the stadium got to do it man. I think we owe it to the listeners for those that may be missed I know we pulled this to swipe guard got eight. That John Malkovich intro for the AFC title game was. Superbly well yes of divisiveness is before CBS put this together again now convinced you the teaser for the jags in and pats game and they played it right basically and the ousted it was released on Twitter earlier in the morning so you can see it before the game. Above those of you who missed it this was CBS sixties with Markovic before the AFC title game. Analysis I think Q and you know over complicate the story this just this. The simplest yeah oldest story. This isn't ancient story from Bolton. It is just. Ordering the haven. Vs Goliath would OK well maybe that was a little much but it's not that much. Story on the mighty giant against. I mean underdog this story of the overwhelming. Paying rent or onions along songs with absolutely. No chance to win his. But just like. Anything in the world can have all that. Anything you always have much handily and I absolutely know it in our bones. One portals and then and the jaguars did on the lead lap. Say yes and now it's against the patriots it's different you are fighting. I have. MS teams know. Did and that's where I'm asking you should cut and NFL footage. In the Super Bowl. It's that simple. I mean that's what I would listen. You know otherwise it's a it's too. Complicated. I loved it that was fantastic because the tee up to is it there's like two minutes before that speech. He's in like an empty auditorium going around he's reading the script that CBS wants him to read trying to count on the some creative to say getting frustrating day brings is agent is that I don't like this is terrible it's not good. And then he goes and meets the director and then he gets into just skewering that actual script and does is on thing. Which is instill written and that's the commercial but bright cannot leave goose bumps. That was great Beverly was it'd turn out to be the game of today there's no doubt we will see what the end of put together. Seven BC but the symbols seem big and tried top app for their little pregame teaser I will say this is sort of broadcasting no quickly. I really enjoy I had two year old was best game of the year on that AFC title game he was he was fantastic on Sunday. You know my Tony Romo. I like timid. I don't know does best game at that was is enthusiasm was Grady was employed him went out to many things to spoil any of any big plays. Yeah I'm your a couple of Tony Romo you guys have been jacket Tony Romo out all year I have no I say one positive saying well just take a dump. All over if I cute too many moments as saying the obvious. That's what color compensating is as always our state employee now been good at pointing things out then noticed that's a Collins worth does. It's it's the heat Aikman's aliens is it's the I Betty points here they need points Jim this field goal they need these points. And now. Well winner. He score and dump all irrelevancy on us in taking inning away and then dumped it did that it containing the way the adding get out of debt that it was a really good imagine a game with Phil Simms. We talked about earlier in the week Jim. We got to go and member that we talked about it there you go up let's get back in those games shall we ANC data gave lived up tonight Brady's big comeback in the fourth quarter and then. What happened Minnesota bridge go to Bakken and in Cianci touting its next. You know thousands router on the court and out to another were almost of the Super Bowl the promo. The problem is this weekend's. Waste Management opens. I am coming outs let's two weeks man. Study official golf season if you will you're forgetting what's going on on the PGA tour this coming week tiger's playing this week yeah as tiger is back at Torrey Pines he. As for determine how long exactly one year as invalid ballots with the a missed cut with his back flaring up at us. These farmers how to raise my back thank there's woods lady and I yanked away. First tournament and they I even have a Golf Channel on what year you always do that to me until you had AM where exciting playoff to. Flesh and Web.Com gentleman Stanley you have on the show Daniel. Community so he tweeted us this week anchors easy huge Eagles fan you see as I saw this and I'm read glad I was just watching because there's an announcement TV so I turn on it just to watch golf and life has won out when you too much golf where in the Bahamas and this actually lives. All it will ever watch other he had a big shot Indiana Eagles had gone and the camera was on committees started flapping his arms still in the fly eagle fly as they can as people on our show now you should tweet him back with the show page hey dude Cy Young TV do and I fly Eagles fly mag grad decide if flat but he treated as. It is happening Jim yeah it is at I think he was aware of some of the comments and admit me on the show about his Eagles are yes and axles Sox they don't say a chance in hell. Scenes go around though he was slaves funds octave so yet that happened over the weekend AFC NFC to out of inference it was great clothes patriots comeback wins second game was this loser and it just it's one of those things. You get it would dominant teams it. Just felt like it was just a matter of time with the England wants in Jacksonville played really good football in the first half a couple Boehner and his decisions that didn't help on. A coaching wise knock on a timeout for the delay game penalty. Taken any with the defy seconds left but even outside of that they were still. In control of these would you look at the score you go to the stats that the time of possession and the way they got after Brady. They were in control of that game but it it it will whenever you have Brady and Belichick combined it just. Analysts are you see that final kill shot doesn't feel like it's real and you were just waiting and waiting awaiting their it was fourteen points in the fourth quarter yeah you know that that is. The tough part or it is is you sit there and and you watch Brady operate you watch doing and come back in the second half and you're just sitting there if you don't wanna see New England do it. You're hoping Jacksonville makes just that one play and they had their opportunities Stephon Gilmore made I hell of an effort to break up that pass on fourth down. I thought Leonard for nets. He was he was good all day but that effort that he didn't have a lack thereof on that pass from portals with two and some change to go on the sidelines. Didn't understand that they're gonna kick themselves to delay game at the end of the first half the going into the first amplitude timeout instead of trying to get something with 55 seconds ago you just don't look back in Doug morons gonna learn from it that team is gonna learn from it. But ultimately what you're saying is a 100%. A watch and I came a sports bar I don't know if there was a soul in there even if they hated New England that didn't think Tom Brady wasn't gonna end up leading them to a comeback drive. At the into the ball game to get the go ahead touchdown pass doing at to a New England has Ben with a and that's who they are. And to watch them operate as much as you may not like gum. It's truly special because. I don't know is many dynasties as we've had I don't know if we've had a team. Close to the level of attention to. That this team does. You remember the Seattle play no timeouts Malcolm Butler said we practiced that play all week take this event slant was come on the Stephon Gilmore play on fourth and fourteen DD was repeats behind him. Gilmore jumps up makes an incredibly athletic play. After the game they asked him about it. We had watched that play all week on film they ran it in the game we knew what was coming. And the coach is basically told me to play the ball not the wide receiver and that's what he did. There. They're detail is just next level it's hall of fame stuff I'm not a New England fan but you have to just admire what they're able to do win they need to do it. I got a respected it did so I understand a crowd wants Xena losing element to be around. Anymore and I get that. Did there is a certain aspect of a night and you got this in every sport that no matter your hatred level of a team. There's a certain aspects of respect that you just have to have and I think you have to appreciate and and that's kind of where I was in the lane and it was strange I don't like Jackson go to go to the Super Bowl. Because it did so out of the Jackson build Philadelphia Super Bowl just did nothing for me and I at least one of some intriguing story lines. Going in that game camp Brady wins six can't really get their first candy in the hopefuls beat Tom Brady like those are these intriguing story lines to meet. Going into the ball inside Thomas a dream for New England. And it was weird but. There there's just such an appreciation global for the waited they execute late in games and you know we were talking about halftime adjustments of one of the other games. Now earlier in the show and that was summoned to meet late in the first have a game. A couple of the policy of her life Brady was under pressure all day. I was he was he beaten couldn't couldn't get comfortable pocket they had that opening drive they got three day at the last driver they got seven outside of those two drives. They did do squat on offense in that first half and there they were in the second half and got off to a slow start the third quarter but when they needed drives. They called the plays Brady made the throws about the third nineteen completion he made lake. To Ammann dole ML he hit branding coach someone to coach drops that we would've imperfect earlier in the half like he would just was on the money and he made those frozen. In what Colby I got to as I hated Kobe Bryant from what he did to me is a blazer fan but give him when he got to the end it was like you know what you appreciate the great news you're never gonna see him play again. And there's certain aspects of that would mean the Brady just don't know how long it's gonna last is could be yet if the report from wicker sham is true that they're done they can't get along together so. As as as awful it is as it is for fans who wanted to fresh faces into new teams and at least could take them and a couple weeks here before the game. To appreciate what they've accomplished just watching him play because it is unbelievable knowing no doubt about it and you know this might be the last run as they're currently. Constructed we know the coordinators have head coaching gigs. I I know I legitimately do give Philadelphia a great chance to win this game I know nick falls is not a great taken it's hard to bet on nick falls to be Brady. I think that defense is the next level and I think to have what it takes to match up pretty well with New England. But it is betting against Tom Brady it is betting against Bill Belichick and his attention to that detail. There is an element of taken it in your right and and saying. You know what maybe this is your last Ron it's my last chance to root against you. Not revitalize his say yea Qaeda has it out because you know New England once they lose Brady and Belichick asked on the crap now they're not gonna be around. You know if they you can only you can only have arranged for so long in the league to that level until we've almost never seen it to this extent and it'll season with the lakers now the good they've read since Pete Toby and how is exactly it's it's no longer the the reigns supreme in the leaks cell. I'm almond enjoy it I know it's maybe Jacksonville for a lot of people was the team that they wanted to see up in dumb but. To see Tom Brady go out there in and do it with a hand you know the first hand in hand injury was the biggest deal in the world everybody wondering. He doesn't look right could channel the ball on the second happy does it and I don't hear a peep out of those people not an issue any soul yeah maybe it was the hander maybe it was just at a really good first half by Jackson either way. You get the pats right back in to defend their crown and and go for the 61. Iraq the only bummer of the weekend for me out of these games was not getting too good ones as the first live does the high and you get you gonna come back I got the fourth quarter Brady and you know lead down and thrown touchdowns have been. As you brought up a couple of times to Gilmore play Jackson Lee manages to regain the lead and they had their opportunity. In after that their chance what time housing just couldn't get a stop on that third down run. When Lewis run around DNC had a great first game. The only downer was that was the blow up the second one and your I was holding out hope finalist 24/7 at the half. Like I am in Minnesota to maybe get a stop get a score here make its way for fourteen in this is going to be intriguing. They came out they scored around the battling in the third quarter that was it that was that was the only downer for me was get a blot in the NFC title game. Yeah sides but I think that's a credit to Philadelphia I played great they had a game the game phenomenal because the first. Drive and Minnesota's scripted and for them to go out there and and march right down get that touchdown I know you were think we're probably the same thing proxy reasons. Perry gal Minnesota showed up there in Philly. That crowd and bother and they went right back down on that field innately when got a touchdown. To watch Jim Schwarzenegger defense make the adjustments get the pressure on genome. Make him turn the ball over three times that's why I buy into the Super Bowl match up it may be Brady in the willingly that voice to six in rural trophy. But I think that defense by Philadelphia and Jim Schwartz has what it takes to at least give nick falls in the offense a chance here because they've been doubted twice. You I don't think we've ever seen a one seed in NFL history at least in the Super Bowl era. I don't know we've ever seen a one C that's been an underdog in all their games in the playoffs no they were the first I believe in the in the divisional round hosted the right around gay going to be a dog and I'm maybe they've there's been an underdog in the conference championship game with the home team but I'm talking sheer one seed. I feel very complicated saying I don't think we've ever seen that in NFL history. Yeah yeah probably it's I mean Sammy said diary in doing the plays in the country for Chicago's a ways disgusting every game. I've 55 I understand the frustration when officials I get it. How about Jacksonville calls a timeout doesn't allow delay game because you get a first down on that play how about said taking and he would 55 seconds let's and a half. Each trying to accomplish something would to a timeouts and school work. And may Beagle and a half with a bigger lead like just upsetting for people that hate new England and see run paralegal game I the only thing that I had a problem with wrath why exactly Jacksonville played a perfect game and Hillary's in the past one was the rats and ridiculous well the only problem and officiating wise to go wrong call. I mean it's six years ago that's not called. As my brother mark my count that's is to clean and and Richard Sherman point also what's the safety was very church supposed to do there. You got to me. He Deming and you dirty player do you let him catch it now he's a thirty yard gain you get a trying to hit him in the gut somehow for surely you shoulder pad in the in the Chester run enforced for I heating up front is 66. That's the right column as the robot night Kenya got talent to help my only officiating problem I didn't like the pass interference call their drive at the end of the first half yeah I know Chris it was adamant about that I didn't like that probably ran out of bounds and little hand touching going on but I think for the most part the running stride for stride his body just kind of is momentum push is on to the sideline but I I don't like that call estimates in the snack like the past played a perfect game Islam not say in the past played a perfect game under saying the only reason they wanna it was not because of the officials and I don't like that. So weak narrative demeanor come out every time knowing them plays we like to give somebody yells credit instead of looking at this. I hate knowing him and I hate science is gonna do it for eighteen years even to win eighteen years because officials have been on their side. And let's let's stop it gambled a bit of credit at least killing. And so yeah a good weekend AFC NFC title games and yeah it is just that the referee emblem was it was on the stuck out some folks but here we are now a noticeable match up. I'm curious where people are rooting wears a rooting interest will update poll questions while mom is on that also. I saw crazy stuff I want to bring you guys centers don't look at after the commercial break. So Belichick is the are active. Wins leader in playoff victories he continues to mount on his NFL record. And I'll give you what his numbers out now can you tell me who sec it inactive wins. In the playoffs the playoffs is a head coach. It's that next on the fifth and begging his stack on insult ballot Jack won the AFC title again that's is 28. Playoff victory I think Agassi twenty AFC championship because I would know of socks on fire. I think they've been in that was they're false together I believe and they've now won eight or nine among. Eight and aided twelve a believers that now eighteen seasons 8 AMC titles. Got to be gained twelve of the eighteen years and ask crazy thing about efforts against. But this does others that just has imploded and got things is how it how separated that gap is between number one and number two of current head coaches. You know was number two on the current head coach when listen policies and so I guess this actually sin is an outbreak I just throughout the first name McCain of mine I got it right. I throat Andy Reid. Because I was trying to think longevity. And I idling anybody else is more tenured and Andy Reid bend if they went to the five straight NFC title games and because of that I think Cheney so it is Andy Reid and you know how. Oh I think gap is. Indy read. Has eleven postseason victories is to get some around the area eleven. So there's your gaps from number one and number two and current playoff wins because my first thought was Tomlin. Got Super Bowl and been around a long time they once left game's top talent and even out eleven and LA beat Pete Carroll would bend it back to back Super Bowl help. One playoff game over Carolina and so now eleven with a Andy Reid it's number two. Yes and just goes to show the difference there we didn't talk much about it last week there was an incredible ride up on Sports Illustrated. About the nick Sabin Bill Belichick relationship and how they're built the same and they became friends because Saban was on his dad staff at navy and at dinners together in the secretly met and it's canceled all the time. And the thing that does savings that is. Even galactic Cleveland and I hate to do is to Cleveland Browns fan Michael listening but. Cleveland has got to be kicking themselves more than anybody because for those that don't quite remember when he was coaching Cleveland. He had built a cut up pretty special team like one of the best defensive teams in the league. That actually help make saving did his gig at Michigan State. But they had come close they lost to Pittsburgh. And instead of remaining patient and letting Belichick build it they straight fired them and then they move to that to be moved to Baltimore and fired and they wanna bring them along to Baltimore. So you Jesus looked at what he was too he was doing this in Cleveland he turned Cleveland and from a dumpster in two a a somewhat contender again. And so I know it's hard to for C eighteen years in twelve championship title runs coming. But you still have to recognize great coaching when you see it in for him to do that in Cleveland. And for the Kraft family to say all right we don't have Parcells. We're going Carol you know actually Carroll's fine but we like telecheck more for them to recognize that the moment and to stick with it even when they got to a slow start out. I think it's a credit that organization which is why I hate the whole we give credit for. Everybody everybody gets it Paul resolves quickly died down large size of the blazers will move on from cesium column. What you expect him to get to return if they make them move 65% say get a legit wing. What team is more likely to return to their conference on a game next year 52% only Jacksonville. Who you ring for the suitable 70% going with Philadelphia some fans not playing nap. But QB is more likely to start their respective team next year 74%. Would morals in Jacksonville. Over Keyon and Minnesota and now about this split on the almost 400 votes 5050. Yes you know now is not like not a clear consensus 50% say yes good defensive player good rebounder 50% say no it's a lateral loads. So they don't give a show and if you miss any of atlas truck tires by Castaneda the fan dot com is redefine if you want a cease breaks mullet and all that other. Good stuff confided after this break on Twitter. Which we got the podcast as well that do for us things to be a part of our Monday everybody we were attacked you. Tomorrow at noon I'm what is next listening to 1080 the fan.