Dirt & Sprague Monday January 22nd, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, January 22nd
The guys check out the rest of the NFL news with a couple more head coach hirings, plus the latest rumors on the trade front regarding the Blazers, and how close are they to considering a move involving CJ McCollum.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets and time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right things since 1952. And. This is dirt and spray vaccination to. Ice filled both content for months. It's news with Andy Dirk Johnson and Brendon Frey. Well you know what if they were shot tough sweat pants that would have been fine but because their costs go brands like the worst thing to do durden sprayed on 1080. Those soon. There on the back end our food there is great review here on. Well with Sports Radio it's an elite event. You bunny ears something's funny. I mean it's messed up but it's kind of funny. So we had the well which bum as you heard there was wagon you missed any update the loads bomb was Milwaukee's fired Jason Kidd. Long overdue in my opinion have lost a lot about games that team so wonder performs their barely any seed they're one game or 500. They have too much talent to be that bad. So I'm not shocked that he gets fired but didn't Christine suites. This just happened Christine Swedes may be imminent after the loads bomb sources. Jason Kidd hasn't officially been told yes. It's still it's John has devastated he's still the coach at the holy crap. How do you get that in likes of the GM tells well would you before he tells the guy he's gonna fire ants now works in the MBA able to always finds out first. That's other Caldwell Jabar what does he have does he have news he's got a it's like the child. GM and owner he's got to have something on the east GMs and these agents. Because I don't know how else you get in a room with all of these powerful people and say. May can mean the only source for. All of it and they are yes it's got to be agents don't you think no most of this stuff is agent that I get a riders in. You don't talk went on the record like off his basically jet agents are the ones to give them all of the stuff also for the bucks how do you allow this to happen. Thanks. To your head coach first and let him know that he's fired before you leak the Stallone he's Sox aspirant Mike fireman is down you know you wanna get rid of him doing you get rid of is there any chance against Philly drink and save his job maybe kill some clock for a little bit nobody is out yesterday even his first year Milwaukee in his front at least in being fired. His first year Milwaukee and a quote something to the effect of I've got to learn to coach better I got a coach she's guys up. He just said last week. There's no coaching there's no coaching involved right now now I that's a rousing endorsement you guys have gone right into the craft for. For the last month and a half in. That it explains it and that's why it is easy always get remembered in his coaching tenure for spilling a drink I never had a problem with that at that that was pretty Smart actually no timeouts left got a final stop the clock and draws about why not. Now probably believe remembered is that yeah actor he's not he's go to do nails in Brooklyn or Milwaukee. I'm terrified I'm terrified it's got it's fired in this the guy that we replace. Fuji's and a except it's sexy name it doesn't mean he's good coach but it's sexy now I'd taken out of former player over him I'd take Mark Jackson free TJ's yeah integral Watson. Or in the Earl Watson Jason Kidd I don't see Jason grossly overrated doesn't fit any thing. The blazers when he's a point guard from my California. This is now we have a game was from Al you know there's a connection. This is now and I siding it was low between it is sad this is not going to be the cream of the crop NBA job this offseason easily administer obviously everybody's got a lineup and hope for a chance it is too coaching retreat merely players even pay a remark that they signed him to the Max. DeLia who honestly honest I think he signed a deal a year ago. If I'm not mistaken the song is he's locked up pennies staying in school where a certain amount of time yeah untallied well in an email since. What he had more than three years of the guaranteed to anybody but if you try him for three years in some cap room if I'll take that job. Yeah. I'm like it Jeff Van Gundy out of the boots yeah I think on how much money is there he just signed his hundred million dollar contract this is your one and it just kicked in this year so he's there at least three more years yeah. There's are usually five year deals I think the max's are. So after that fourth year is when if they're not happy they start grumbling about I'm out of here trade me that's sort of thing so you get him for three years. Yeah. Owner of I wonder of just think Kenny McPeek. I mean if you look at each and every coaching but Jon Gruden lose another ESPN commentator I agent I don't know van Gundy does I would just say that if you're betting futures on players. Who do you pick above jas that you are bad on after LeBron for just this year nobody now nobody. I really know anybody comes close maybe Harden. And half a meter ran it yet but there I mean he's definitely is eligible are those guys how old is an art as pretty coach of hardens coach a bowl. I'm leasing the rockets playing did you watch the Saturday and I came not as busy Saturday night you know make that Miley now be comfortable. It seems like he's gonna play his game no matter what well that's the right system for them. So yeah Dan Tories the perfect fit down. Well earlier this young I was only 232 that's the other times angering the dodgers' Jonathan is probably your bat so maybe those are the players might be could you could make an argument made your better now but he's averaged 28 Kennedy's only 28. It Ers all just need help develop a jumper and he's got a new you know the new arena opens up next season I believe. In downtown yeah fear the deer well launch bomb derail it let's get to the NFL with around. Throws in tons day ABC. I chat to ESPN mentally making the right cause detect crappy prime time show off and put Chris Berman and Tom Jackson back in a loved it. We should have done all year running a white got rid of those guys. Got a felt good to see permanent TJ up there. And dead the great throwback because the post game now. I know pondered as the premium I can't emirate as opposed this is not the same man. All right well we really just got coaching news can we talk so much about the end of the games. Your boy Mariano finally as a coach Eddie does that he does the defense of mining coach Mike Vrabel formerly defense of coordinator of the Houston Texans long time patriot. He was the IDC for one season and they were the worst team in the NFL when. Our. Power grab that side of the ball but you know he's the most qualified candidate for that GA and in the M and QV. People are comparing him to the next bill cower. Wow how did that how does this move make you feel as a Mario to guy. I liked what he said at least so far a bow. Wanting to build this around Mario and and yet simple as saying when he was in Houston he was it was terrifying to game plan against him. Didn't feel like he was utilized the lady could have been so that closed so far amount it was u.'s quarterback. To me that I like this I had I have no problem list. Bomb then hiring a defensive minded head coach I've said this all along he decides to go get the right offensive coordinator Mike rebels. Are contaminated with the offense is going to be a you know rob rob guys have great motivate her. And it was a defense coordinator it was a great last year but he's well respected and NFL circles. As long as you go hire the right offense according to there's no reason. That this can't work it just adds pressure to that because your head coach is not not an offensive minded guy. So you're okay with this time is no different than Dan I know Dan Quinn had a better track records defense coordinator but Dan Glenn is a fine at coaching their offense is great last year accounts Shanahan. Not so much this year was these are keys in his got to go find the right OC all right so we'll see titans Mike Vrabel. Was their choice for head coach Arizona Cardinals found the replacement for Bruce area news and its former DC for the Carolina panthers' Steve Wilkes. I don't know much about Steve looks other thing Carolina's defense was pretty good. So they went from offensive mind in aryan super defense of minded coach Steve Wilkes in Egypt Israel and I'll Jimmy is straight out this came about. The relationship in this hired Deanna yet so they've read I I'm I'm I'm wanna make sure I get all right. But I I believe I read something along the lines and he was in Hawaii and he ran into the general manager of the Arizona Cardinals in Hawaii. Canadian recognizes face adversity watch deputy introduced himself Sam Steve wells on the Carolina. Lol all the areas now the head coach team like that tally introduction was met. They hung out and talks and they got to know each other in this is the higher they wanted to make the FC west is it's going to be a tough one. I know I've only Arizona's far away I know the quarterback thing is an obvious. Area of concern minding your GM's pretty decent. So maybe Steve Welch is the right guy for this case getting you mention he was he was a good coordinator in Carolina their defense is Raleigh solid at the aspect Arizona needs to figure out who's quarterback. Who according to a deposition you wanna stop gap for a couple years do you go trying get a guy like Alex Smith. Or is this a year that you train up the ball in on somebody and draft. And so they answer that no matter their coaches are not have a ton of success you have to solve the quarterback position and a move I actually kind of liked. The New York Giants and made it official. They have hired Minnesota. Vikings offensive coordinator pat Shermer. As their head coach you may remember he had a very brief stand with Cleveland. But he's been a coordinator is a flat coordinator. In Philly interim head coach Denny went to the vikings with a tight end coach. And it became their us see it now the giants have hired him O'Dell back from juniors ecstatic about this move. Loves it loves leaving bringing offensively. And I like this move as well for the Jack. And I knew that one game sour at night he had a great run as the vikings OC especially this year I mean that's not an easy situation to place him where your quarterback goes down. I you're either your former quarterback it was starter is still out with a knee injuries the only not a guy you signed a one year contract all year. And then your prize draft pick in Galvin thought it was up to a phenomenal start. Went down for you this season ending knee injury yet they continue to win games the continue to be efficient offensively. So don't let one NFC title game they only scored seven and struggled at times to move the football. Sour that days and he's a great offensive mind but again the problem gets back to the giants into an Arizona. Who is your quarterback and they got to go find that the. Upcoming draft but he Texan a good point isn't Steve Wilks the name of the security guards from the Jerry Springer Show the bald guy. Is that will coast that's will totals got to show he use the Pentagon will I don't know Joanna. Really yeah same kind of theme track I show with each it's terribly humans and went onstage. I love Jerry springer show. Still Esteban. It's still on TVS does thing it's a great leg into an entertainer of the year to sit around the house and only after and a lot. Give me an idea where I come from I've cousin that was on the Jerry Springer Show January. Scary she wanted to see Mary. If that dude was that the father of her baby. But at the net wasn't any celebrate yes he did tagged as he did and we all didn't as a family it. We said good lord we have to see her Christmas this is going to be terrible. There's arrival of around we do it every Monday at one point coming up next. Jacksonville Minnesota lose in CN NFC title game and a lot of people instantly use the term they'll be back. Are we sure. That's next during Sprague on 1080%. And cousin on springer now almost Sprague is spiraling. And the tax and tax on 55305. Million lives out of control and as horrible get it together. SARS. And I'm taking people's pats put him down its. What do you almighty don't I do I do question him Layla whenever anyone's guess as texting about that you gotta be a better pet owner then that. I know that's tough nobody wants to do that. At the pet owners are not in town actually that they're gonna be out of town for a couple more weeks it's. As a very grave state for the and a so they left at the very end and innovate the dog took a bad turn that we're supposed to be some are from month. And the last week and a half it took them bad bad turn and there's no halt its all done now is us really old if you salt watch you go it's in pain from just walking just out now move around very well yes OK that makes little bit more since being out of town but if it's if it's done orders that are around asking you to do disservice for them. Then I'm I'm questioning their doubt ownership and that's another thing I have sex and it was they'll be got to see it to the end it's true it's a commitment as a dog owner. So Jacksonville Minnesota losing with scissors thing is when teams like those usually lose the you wonder about the future. You know New England celebrated like a team accounting knows their future's not. Much longer. Bill Belichick was smiling for God's sakes -- very often no you don't then I think that's a very telling thing about them they decide in all of his assistants to I was so it was strange to see he was going that's human tests sleeveless with just he had attained in the end up close game that was great. But then you look at Jacksonville with a young defense in young players on the offense. Looked at Minnesota at a Goodyear. And instantly people proclaim all be back that team's going to be back. Where is I would turning go why don't we just assume that because Jacksonville. In Minnesota. We're not two teams we pinpointed as AFC NFC title game teams they were not they surprised us so why do we think both those teams are going to be back. As a really quite. And especially look at divisions of implying and I I think DA AFC south can become one of the tougher divisions in football which is weird to say. Because not a bad they've been the last couple years but it if Tennessee can get some stability in the coaching staff. Revamp maybe ease certain Indian position on the is that they have this offseason they were 97 in the playoffs this year the colts. Our come on up to your grand Gillette didn't take a snap forum and that team is drastically different. If he is their quarterback in in Houston we saw how good they can be with the child Watson is healthy there have been completely different football team cell. I think when you look at the as he's out it's not going to be easy to to get through the next couple years and from Minnesota it's not just necessarily does the division it's all just about one player for me. They won the division in a year that Aaron Rodgers went down with a season ending injury and only give back a boy the one game. On on the road against Carolina but their season is different if Aaron Rodgers is under setter so and they get to guarantee that either of these teams win their division. Our make the playoffs next year and I did the looming question that they ball have to answer as a differently about one and the other. Is the quarterback situation they both have to solve that issue Blake portals played well and the last two playoff games he did he was good against Pittsburgh. And he was good especially the first half against New England. Is that the long term answer because I I honestly feel Jacksonville has a window here without good their defense is especially our young it is. And then the drafting a letter for that you've found your running back to gather you can rely on for 20/20 five carries a game. Timberlake portals do it is that enough to get you over the I know it was close this year are you banking on him improving next dirty just wanna roll out. And see Allen goes next season with him again or do you wanna make a move there and that would Minnesota you have a bunch of guys to choose from k's kids now freeagent. How to handle that you'd franchise tag give him a long term contract extension. You still have Bradford who's coming back next your Teddy Bridgewater is gonna because are on restricted by the way there so it didn't just got to figure out where they wanna go that you tagged you give a long term contract I think he would have played really well this year. And I'd be willing to gamble on him. But there's a reason a guy like that is bounced around at times in his career out of that that did the try. Factors there I think the tough thing for me is Bradford is he gonna stay healthy if you feel like no one that did not given him a big contract Keenan might be your safest bad. You could probably give seen in the decent amount NB a three year guy that's going to be cheaper than a what I would be for one of the in a guy like her cousin the artist three year contract. And you know you don't guaranteeing NBC York quarterback going in next year unless something drastic happens. Jacksonville as good as that defense is and I know people pointed out how they kinda low and play a little bit like Seattle did when they were up and coming. They very may it may very well may be a group that helps get them back my concern is if and elect is healthy in the starting next year and he's playing. Where does morals ranked in the quarterbacks in the south these last night at all right you Mario and a Watson and Locke are all ahead of men a lot of people's eyes and I know that may not be fair to him because he had statistically. A better year than Marianna. But in the rest of the country's eyes are all gonna look at it and that's how you gonna stack up quarterbacks. Unless that defense can carry it again. As you mentioned that division's going to be tough. So I loved watching them play this year I know they weren't the best but they were a fun group that like to trash talk. They hate you really hard punch a write them out they like the challenge and I love that. I'm not so sure that these two teams are going to be packed and you pointed out Minnesota. Aaron Rodgers is playing I'm not taking you to win your division if Aaron Rodgers is healthy Rodgers as investors and so is as good as they are in in in areas in spots and I like Mike Zimmer. I'm still not sold that you are team that's going to be around for the next two or three years this this league is crazy the AFC. Has basically been Brady Manning Roethlisberger and Flacco in fact since 03 doesn't only four quarterbacks. To win the AFC. Four we talked about parity and how much it sucks and other leagues the years he has not it's Brady. Brady's 18 of those sixteen. And by the way he's lost two or three others. So Tom Brady continuing and major trend now are standing in the way but even in your own division for Jacksonville. I don't know if you're going to be better than Houston with a healthy Watson I don't know if you can beating Andrew Luck and you lost twice against Mario and in the titans and they have a new head coach. He had a beached twice in the regular season and I don't know if Alex meant does it for me breeder of these teams because he is the other name you're gonna get out there on the market. Is Alex Smith. Drastically better than case key memorably morals I mean I'll I would make an argument he probably is but is it enough to get you over the top. I guess a question yet to ask I don't know as much about Minnesota's financial situation. I know Jacksonville strap but if I were them I would still be interest hitting kicking the tires. On a Kirk cousins deal and see what he's interest in him because I think he's obviously the game changer at the quarterback position. And this year's market. Minnesota's in the tougher situation because of the different guys that have played I think because you mentioned Bradford. It'll Bradford healthy I think there's a limitation there idiot did good completion percentage numbers last year. But I think his best days as a quarterback behind him he's getting up there in years he's never been able to stay healthy. And Teddy Bridgewater has not taken a meaningful snap now and over two years given played one snap throw a pick this year I love the got up old friend to be a good NFL quarterback again assists. That's a tough road so. You have to identify which one of these guys you wanna tie up and I don't know financially they can afford. Give one of them a franchise to act like Keenan is going to have suitors now on the open market because of the way he played this year I'd. It's easy just to focus on Alaska it's 42 touchdowns and seven fixes you that's a good split. On he was solid for them so. If you're not willing to jump and give them a contract I guarantee you another team is Arizona potentially come at Denver about Denver if they don't wanna go with a quarterback early in the in the draft word you said that quarterbacking elect see them play next year rye maybe Washington is looking to replace Kirk cousins and they wanna throw a couple of years a case Camden there's a whole bunch options out there. A seems a needy guy at that position so they have to decide. Which one you wanna gamble on long term as of right now for mile BK skewed images depends on the dollar amounts test who has the NFL man nobody is guaranteed to back is somebody pointed out the tax line a lot of people's Atlanta would be back share. A playoff game but you're right inning get to the conference championship and that's your retirement until these two teams as the coaching changes Atlanta lost their offense according or that that hurt them immensely this year's sold in Minnesota just lost their sermon Shermer was the story from Minnesota so we'll see hate the blazers have won three in a row can they make it four. And their include it in some juicy. NBA trade stock blazers break up a little bit next thing you know the Mac at 133 under Mondays are going well. There is Greg you're a Portland sports entertaining in the fan I'm. I. It back and ANC NFC to out of games coming up for our blazers play in on tonight take on Denver. Let's start about the blazers as they have now read turned the corner if you LaBrandon Sprague Kathy. After losing three in around him now this. 13 in around they beat Phoenix of course last week Indiana and then that Dallas this past week at 1171 awaits a three in a row again for the blazers. They are four games above 500 game behind Oklahoma City and the division energy is still see damage right there in the meat of the western conference for they've basically been. All season long but. It's not even me on court studied in our it was fun to watch game play that way did one note about him as he was Western Conference player of the week. As you have been down against Dallas the story about Portland really freed last 48 hours. And trade rumors as are starting to juicy Marc Stein who now works for the New York Times. I had a bit of a bombshell over the weekend as he was making some predictions and just things he believes or is gonna happen here in the second after the NBA season in moving forward. And one of the things that he noted was this is the year portable break up the potent back court of Damian Miller. And CJ McCollum. He writes the blazers don't wanna trade your one especially when they awoke Wednesday ranks seventh in the league indeed defense of efficiency. Despite the annual external skepticism about the pairings capabilities that end of the floor but the easiest path to balancing the roster. But parting with one of their two guards most likely McCollum for a package headlined by front court player. On their level Mullen suggests it'll happen before the deadline but Portland's latest so so season threatens to be the impetus that finally pushes a long time blazers owner Paul Allen. In a new direction. Well it's gonna be inching to see what they do now because if you look at the scheduled dirt it it to me it's still pretty manageable schedule they're actually gonna have the third toughest schedule. To end the season. But you look at these next few games tonight at Denver for example I think they can beat Denver Paul Millsap not playing. I think he went in Denver the crowd doesn't care about the nuggets in Denver they won't show up there won't be loud. Then you get Minnesota at home we've seen them beat good teams at home before although Minnesota is playing extremely well. The Murat Dallas winnable act clippers winnable Chicago Cubs they have a chance here to go on a little Ryan. Andy continue to try to build with in the Western Conference what that means really is just. One of the top five seeds and only to catch in the spurs by any means who fourth now. And if they continue to do that they win some of these games. What does that do in terms of meals say what does that do with this organization. We know who this team is he'll lose three and are a row you win three in a row and be running and really get lanes and yet you lose two really good team GB really bad teams that's who you Lar. What does this schedule in the next six or seven what does that do in terms of them and the waited they go about. Channeling this roster because you mentioned breaking up demon CJ and a lot of people in this city still aren't ready to do that. And while I understand it I also wonder if you don't have another way of giving out freeing up some crap some salary cap room. What is your solution. Because I'm not sure there is one for the blazers which is what puts him in that situation a Marc Stein describes right as they're kind of where they don't wanna beat. What are the move can they possibly make and it's the same situation intelligent. Don't have any other assets on the team that are are a very desirable to deadline therefore there deciding to try and part ways with Kemba Walker because they can. Jinx thing changed things up a little bit in and move the way that the roster. Looks at and I think what you're talking about with the schedule animal games it's been my biggest fear it was my fear when they won six out of date. And everybody wanted to say you know stop being negative they turned a corner there playing better. I just I don't want either fans or management to get sucked into a false sense of security. And that was my concern when it was six out of eight and that was the narrative they've turned this corner. They hadn't turned a corner and really beat anybody they've won a couple of games dot dame which is always tough to deuce I gave credit for that led. It was basically able let's let's see how they do it it's a tougher teams on this road trip and they lost the last three on that trip we know who this team is and you shouldn't get suckered in. Either his management as of or as a fan. Because they're beating Dallas is one of the worst teams in the NBA this year Phoenix is awful they almost came back and BJ they erased a twenty point deficit. Impact in MacKey and it took a huge fourth quarter to beat Indiana they played well and actually the really well lately acumen and had a good first out get a bad third quarter you know when the next game. A by fourteen points but neither get in Dallas again as you mentioned the clippers might be a tough game but the clippers or runner on the same mark Chicago's not a great team. There are more winnable games don't fall into that trap and I like at least for somebody like Marc Stein to report this. You know there's some validity behind it that he's hearing around the league get that's the talk that I may be they're willing to part ways and that to me is the steps that you have to take you just have to see where you wrap nothing's gonna change if you want anything to change that's the move. Have to make like quicken pointed out on Twitter after the B Dallas this team is coming on the other way to like defensively they're still up there in defense of rating but you look at the last. Illicit three weeks or a month I believe pointed out. They flip flopped they are now one of the more efficient offensive teams there defense of rating has gone down a lot given up like a 150 points every game vs what they Wear fur. Most of the season thus far. He hears the part of the CJ stuff that I wonder and this is what somebody like mules as long as he's the GM yes take this into account in terms of side. How does how does dame react to CJ being shopped and treated. Not have a relationship or not the best of friends with a pretty tight. What what does that do for dame what you get returning his request and you have it right the return is we're always and one of the return I just wonder what that does for Damon in ways he feels about the organization. Because I think both have been very vocal and Dame's been one of the more vocal guys in the league that in terms of a leader. That's supports the guys on his roster no matter who the RU NC gene that makes an inning he goes above and beyond almost anybody else on this team. They liked playing with one another. At a dating game true cern they believe the best way to win is to keep them to gather even or we don't think that probably so how does he react if it's true and they end up dealing him now. That's something you have to take in account when you make moves like this is an organization. You're choosing one or the other but is is choosing one over the other actually not good for the when you're choosing. How does that as of this girl or help your relationship with that star. No it disrupt the dynamics and lock from there's no doubt I think he'd be willing to accept these guys understand it's a business and if if you're able to return something that is meaningful. And the difference making player or a young stud they can turn into something I think you're willing to look past that relationship part of it but. We did one of our poll questions and it was about this has marched I'm reported. You're just joining us that he believes the blazers will trade CJ McCollum at some point. Moving forward to break up that that back repairing a Wii S what would you want them to go get. What would you want to return to be if you traded. CJ McCollum 64%. Went legit wing player that's what I voted 18% say hi draft picks let's re loaded retooled through the draft 15% say consistent big man. And only 3% going with an another dynamic guard yes I mean once the wings they look the wing help on the as of three or 40 that's. A move can put you right back into a conversation and I think the view of Dana Point guard. I don't know who it is exactly but if you get that right wing defenders three Indy guy. May be a star on games level whoever that is may be you can change your fortune and suddenly you feel different about this team because it's a guy that's not all century. He's a guy maybe you can stagger minutes wise. And he works off a game a little better than CJ does we know they're efficient to gather but did you see all these other numbers and almost contradict playing them. When gain scores more than CJ they're worse twenty days or more of their better. We need. Both put up X amount of shots per game they win when they don't they lose and it. There's just too much there where you look at it statistically you crunch certain numbers it doesn't work out form on a consistent basis night in. In night out so maybe there's a player out there you figure out the right deal. And he paired with dame is actually the better long term play draft picks are great I'm never against draft picks. Which is why we had somebody tank conversations last year and the danger in draft picks is will you be in the right spot to get to game changer. And if you aren't. How patient again is Damian Miller because of he's not very patient he says he got two years for this kid to be legit. And he's not he's got to wait around for a couple more years to Ames certainly took changed his tune in nightly connected eagle are you ready to be the face of the franchise because it wouldn't feel that way so draft picks are a bad thing. But I would vote more for the the wing defender three indeed. Type impact player for Damian. Arrived Fries so Marc Stein of the New York Times formally and ESPN reporting he believes the blazers will trades he Jimoh column. I sub point moving forward that there average if you will season. Is going to be driving force behind the decision from Paul Allen is is welcome news for me I've been arguing this for a while not wanna see him make his move. There's just no other moves to be hat you don't have a ton of traffic to play with ID don't have a lot of assets on this roster. That are really attractive a dead the trade deadline outside of maybe Ed Davis but to return there. Eyes minimal if you ask me so this is a move they need to make at some balance on the roster like the idea but this isn't the only trade nugget from Portland today. Pun intended as they played Denver nine. The Andre Jordan. Rumored. To have some interest. Would you want to blazers to make them both DR drew Jordan 55305 crunch time is next on a native of pressures on. You ask what's the difference. Past messages executing crunch time in history illuminate when. Wind as the greatest criminal element of news that's the lowest in world its current stutter I look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch should. Is not in 95 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Hey guys I'm Reggie by French tennis always 995 months a wily Jimmer pay more free gym membership I will be had a glorious housing gains today. Is that land coming cold no days off this Bill Belichick says. This guy down Diana marks Diana's Damon CJ report from the weekend like that perk my ears up a little bit. Iannetta tweet this morning alleys all over the blazers beat right now I I cannot I lost his phone number and I can't get to that email me pack right now we're answering to get him on the show will be juicy when it happens I'd like to write these guys numbers down and then sometimes I lose them and Mike Marc Stein slipped through the cracks and we needed the march signs number that is now 55 thrill of I would appreciate it. I yet another 1 this morning as he tweet about. The blazers. Are among the teams that have tried to engage the clippers and talks. For Dion Andre Jordan according to league sources from his father saying they sources say the clippers have yet to receive a proposal. From Cleveland Malarkey or Portland or anyone else that they found seriously. Tempting so nothing sounds imminent on this trade front it's basically Neil O'Shea kicking the tires. The other Jordan is 27. Or 28 I should say years of age. IE is gonna make 24. Million dollars next season that is if he declines. Our CBS the exceptions player options would be trade salaries got one more year left on his deal. But he could potentially be every shirt in free agent he's making 22 point six million dollars this season. Trade machine kicked yen is this a move that intrigues you as a blazer I mean it really does. Intrigue me actually liked the under Jordan a lot. I think the impact he has this felt much different areas clearly free throw shooting is not one home and partner shooting isn't. But that but that's a guy that is one of the best greens setters we are incredibly is off the role. And defensively it's well known and he can clean glass I like him as a player averaging fifteen rebounds a game this year but what are you having me give up because remember you gotta get close to matching year and use of generic it's does not do that for you now DR Andre right now is making 22. And use of Americans this year is making two point nine. So you have to try to make up some of the salary you do have a trade exemption but there's still write a lot of room to go so you take that you had to trade exemption you're still below you're not giving CJ out. Unless she do a multi team trade in which you acquire other assets so as you're not willing to do that who does the clip who'd clippers want. You want more heartless. And do you want Meyers Leonard no T want the Evan Turner contract Knoll. I don't know what Portland could give up decadent Tyson they're interested. Their problem is some of these contracts as you point held for two years now terrible day here Adam and you don't wanna trade certain guys for a guy who can opt out of his contract this season rides and he was Texan. And same Bleacher Report has it is Evan Turner and her kids trivia I don't know why the clippers would do that I think Americans in India Andre Jordan. Look at him pretty seven wreckage is better offensively. And you're you're getting an Evan Turner who is not gonna do a ton for you in the short term he's got an awful contracts on a wide clippers. Well pull the trigger on that deal if they did Dow hollow injures analyst says that would be six more wins from Portland Boise useless you guys got sick and and adding the underage or intimate. That's your Sling Media view to pull that off I'm aim animal and let's do this do or should find a way to get a deal done you know that the free agent thing doesn't necessarily. Scare me the fact that he can opt out because he's scheduled to make 24 million dollars next year is there a long term contract out there waiting for the Andre Jordan is gonna pay him more than that. An annual basis admit maybe he just wants more long term security any gets that elsewhere with with an opt out. All but one of four million dollars of pre sought amount of money for a guy who doesn't have much of an offensive game. And I and I think I'd be willing to take that risk CJ McCollum for Dion three doors not gonna happen. Because Portland's marketed trade see Jed their only really desirable piece on the market. For a guy who can opt out and free agencies yet that's not gonna happen so if you're able to package other players together and get the salaries close to make it happen. Don't let the contract things carry away heat you pull this deal. Heartbeat if would you would you trade either of the rookies. Yeah not whenever they're in this trade but would you be willing yup so Monaghan Collins I wouldn't have a huge from a down now now are what our boys Neil. Element it's a franchise cornerstone he's not trade Collins fringe is building a building block excuse me going to be here for twelve years are right it's a tough thing man and I did. Because Stein did the siege airport that you talked about last segment and they needed this the Andre Jordan won it just leads you to wonder what are they get into the deadline. And that's why this next stretch of games is so vital as the 22. And leave it deadline is what the eight. If I'm not mistaken or anywhere it's closed around there. You you're didn't really. If you're coming down here to wireless. So you got to decide what you want do you wanna sign use of her kitchen matches contract he's gonna get from another team. And how much is that. And do you think you're truly going to be title contender would demon CJ. But if Marc Stein's report is correct there's probably some doubt going on because this team just. They're good they're not very good right and they're not terrible spot they they really are stuck in the position you don't want what kind of deal can you pull off. To tried. Dumped some of the salary and maybe bring in an asset they can help while also giving yourself flexibility for how long term. On that's that that's road America gentry getting comes in for teams is. He's not making any money so and you're not able to trade him uneasy Massa has yet to add something else to it. But it is is there a team out there that buys into the outside of a young use of their kids enough. To take one of those bad contracts on because it that was the deal. I think that's a home run but a home run of the trade you if you. Move on from Erica joy no Londoner Cheever was great last year and we all got excited about it but he's been extremely inconsistent this year. There's been some rustling behind closed doors him in Stotts had gotten into eSATA for basically the first half that seen his game this past Tuesday's so there is it hasn't been. Eyes dreamy and a scenarios as we thought it would so you can take that. And and traded in get rid of the Evan Turner contract which I think is the worst one on the books of all the others. You know we've talked a lot national experts body marks included who told us actually you know Myers may not so much but the Martha's contract isn't that tough to move this off season. Because you have what two years twenty million dollars left on your two years in that deal. And the same thing I kind of goes from Meyers it's different because he doesn't plan. In Atlanta package it was something else the two years twenty million. Is not that difficult to get rid of when it was four years of forty knowing you could trade it last year when his three years and thirty Millen that's tough but this offseason. Those deals and I think neo shake apart when he needed to. The Evan Turner one is one edges it doesn't feel like it's could change that was a terrible contract when it was signed. It continues to be to this day and I would be willing to fall on the use of market sort of let's get rid of Turner's contract if that means yet to train markets do I'm OK with that. Somebody says trade talks are waste time for blazers no team in west will contend with golden staters he's the next five years if LeBron goes to LA. Then a decade no competition somebody else seen Jane some pieces last picks for DJ Lou Williams. Mean if you get the Williams with dame is same thing he's had with CJ and game pretty similar players these DJ out of it so maybe you're okay with that are. I I I don't know buy it feels like it's it's really difficult for Portland to move in a position. To make this happen. Given the pieces we know we have going with just one team in and a Bakken portrayed. If you're really trying to get the Andrei you're serious about it. It does feel like you're going to need to involve another team even with that trade exception. Because I just don't know who on that roster of LA would wanna take you mentioned mull. That's fine I don't think you're wrong Alley about remarks is wrong but. Mo is not really producing nor is he give me the production to sell to fans sit on the bench is not doing anything Aminu these contracts very flexible but it's it's Al farouq Aminu so. Sure there's some pieces to trade away but in terms of getting a player like DR Andre Jordan I I just don't know what the clippers truly would want in return. And what other offers out there because maybe I feel like he's an opt out this offseason and they just wanna get something forum before he does and I think that's clearly what they're doing they're willing to take back the best offer at the end of the day it may be at the best offer at the end of the day because right now there hovering as what they currently writing whether I'm in the right or Portland is the right there on that same mix a couple of games the ball right right around 500 set yet they're right here their eighth right now under the eighth seed defense of either late eighteenth in defense of ratings are even though DJ he's a really good defense of player. The rest that rosters flight it is the writing is on the wall for them and Jerry rat Al west don't forget he's basically running that ship now. It might be time as you point out a guy can opt out can you get any return value forums don't lose him for nothing as you don't wanna sign him to a long term contract yet we ask poll question today the rumor to me and say India Andre Jordan you cannot doubt in his contract after this season do you want O'Shea to make that move 52% of people so far. Saying yes he's a better defender in a rebounder and a 48% going with the no. It is it lateral moves so a couple of things keep your eye on his blazer fans Marc Stein reporting that there. He believes they're gonna part ways with CJ McCollum at some point moving forward he's also reporting their ticket tires around. On the Andrei Jordan when he when he gets the point of knowing the team is this is when the excitement comes in we know the team has and now we'll see what they too at this roster. Over the next obliques before the trade deadline crunch time 99 crunch fitness always 995 a month. Why would you ever pay more free gym membership to find out more about we're spring and it worked out. Actress dot com us to get to any file are the show we will get back in the AFC and NFC title games the injury and in this new user as a collective column. From yesterday. We have some audio some phenomenal audio. From Eagles fans to bail they lost their minds yesterday affect came so here's what it sounded like. In Philadelphia as they're heading back to Super Bowl a coli letter to the San Antonio Spurs could be beefing. We have a sports movie that could be remade into a TV show I would like to bring up also whereas there is an apple logo and lots to get to don't go anywhere dirt spread on 1080 defense.