Dirt & Sprague Monday January 22nd, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, January 22nd
Sprague is paying off a bet, the windows are open in the studio and the Patriots and Eagles are headed to Minneapolis for Super Bowl 52. What happened to the Jags and Vikings in the NFL Conference Championship games?

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirt and spray it. Now would be. What attending der Johnson and Brendan spray. Durden spray. Go in 1080. All right it is 1202. In the rose city it is time for dirt and spray on Portland's. Or its leader 1080 the man. Brandon Sprague and Peter Johnson how we feel and today. On this very very happy Monday post. AFC NFC title game it was a lot of things to feel good about today number one our windows are now basically open and we can see sunshine again in the studio. This is ground breaking news for us we're no longer inning came and I'm now looking at the river. So hey that's a phenomenal start of the week and be. Out one brand in Sprague. Passable. And it's fantastic and it's not as Santa it's really not that. I've watched in anyway I like god almighty to argue local and there's there's a long balked again but you can see Brandon from aways away and it's just the first thing that I spotted. I could remember when you said you're at when you were going to do it and first thing I see when a lock and ability today's viewing your mullet. I'd. I dead is that is our laughter it's good luck it's not the full effect though I don't it's not we need some Melrose fluff around around the caller say here here's where. Here here's Rama OK with it. Sprague did this on his own relied on randomly a month ago Sprague showed up with like a half of the mall. Sickly what do you do and why you shaved the size here your I got started they got us started you wanna see how would look in so you've basically been living able we don't talk much about this on the U basically been living animal now fled months so if it if it were not for that and he just showed up like this on Monday I could see that argument for the fact even. This has been a part of your life now is that your kids Bert your kids sixth birthday this weekend I had no idea of family over there is like festivities going on and that's your haircut I I took my daughter horseback riding with her in some of friends yesterday. Out in the middle of the country and they just fit right in with the horses. I really did to the point where one of the people in the stables looked directly at me. And said have you been horseback riding. Oh didn't ask anybody else just asked me as the president asks for help now had a customer lock around. Anywhere we get the over to get the SATA we're looking for I don't work here Simon via a lot about this Erekat and how much I hate it. And then I came into work and aim momentarily forgot that I had it and I went up to tubs before the show. And I say I hate tubs so and so that this meeting. And catch people off and he just looked to me laughed at you do it and swagger came back this morning you hadn't gotten there you quite yet so swagger comes back and first thing he does he start slapping everybody did c.s and the first thing to do was start laughing at. Does these like. You look very park grows to. You need immediate activities sleeves on today I think we need to go sleeveless for the rest the week comedian Jim Brooks and Dunn teacher perhaps so I was thinking because I like Hillary Cyrus. He doesn't get ego I like to be. Casual my business casual but casual work. Friday's kind of might do whatever I want clothes wise day here. I'm thinking Friday am and put an earring in. I'm going to rock aid cut off a flannel shirt okay. And maybe some some some shorts George CEA got to go into I'm thinking about doing that Friday is there any look it's more like trash that George to cut off flannel. And wondering at one hearing animal I don't know of an inning tops that maybe I can do I die my mullet blonde okay you go blonde tips there where does all went on peroxide and that man boy our all in on Fridays I shaving my head next focus is getting a short hair after this is even an all out yet. As you could just go like army cut you could just trim the top up and just have will our. I think we need I think we Nemo we need something though does your hair lace so flat on your head. It's a very a very conservative. Unlike many may be a full hockey action upfront it's okay needs some you need something to draw. Major attention to the fact I'm wearing a mullet but if I injured trying to like rats and off like come affiliate lighter bat yet. I'm Colin from Portland this is the new look here's your hair's not long it doesn't eat you don't have any flop coming off your neck it's a pretty short. Yeah it's not curled up quite it's not long enough and of the bottom one SI. On Friday I decide to. Do it up in my pocket and I have. All of that blonde. I mean that that's oh yeah and slammed right there I especially I don't at all but I'm sorry that special all right got to leave early on Friday in fact it got depth. Forgive zero complaints that this guy but I would look with the apples that fulfill every hand I already think you've fulfilled it. But if you wanna go all blonde and you wanna keep going even braces and I enjoy that you have Friday doing nudity some special of these on the special fried aren't a Texas sister or mom say I need you did died there. Let's get account my is going to be fun on the other examples of got in the could be more like trash somebody text and NA Steve Austin sleeveless shirt. It's a little 316 on your chest okay aura gold chain. I'll do the sleeveless shirt I have a sleeveless shirt yeah he needs to go muscle say muscle TE can only do the gold medallion if you have a you know to like a cross or to adjust your car with my cross here or what's my necklace of joy honestly I think medallion. Medallion yes something is a medallion white trash. I don't have Alia necklace at all so not only change I don't have genes play if anybody if you're out there wondering like when can we see this I have 28 out of photo. -- third straight on Twitter you can go find it there and there might be some news about that by the way but we can't yes and a muscles stability PM today and let me all three tweeters out on the old and not a -- so yeah I was asked Iditarod and you can also get a look at the window it's again is as just not constrain the shows said. Is deep thoughts by brand is regular looking out on other ever pondering life. What this all means what we do it year I did see that by Hopkins that was hilarious. We got a good show is a lot to discussed besides the mall it. I want to point this out intelligently with Jessica. We were four minutes. And 58. Seconds exactly how bad the Miami away from a Blake portals nick foale's super ball. Four minutes and 58 seconds from united day talking about that talking about Blake portals in nick foale's as your true represented of quarterbacks in this year's Super Bowl. Cutting it anybody yesterday because I was watching the first game at a sports bar. And then I watched the Minnesota Philly game at a buddy's house was it was a cheering balance of the first game at the end because there is a good finish. Well everybody was among most people there there were a couple pats fans I look at. And then I think there was one jags fan although I don't know legitimacy of them right but he was sitting in the bar. Of their entirety of the bar most people were rooting for Jacksonville. And then at the end I think everybody was just in on a great ending to a good so just give me a score here let's see if something crazy could happen right. Because it was this because that I was as Dallas in the same exact thing is that game went into the house and is Jacksonville had a lead late. That was my thought process and it was really weird and I'm almost ashamed to admit this. I found myself late in the first came rooting for New England. I did I wasn't I wasn't ready to except the reality of Blake portals being a quarterback in the Super Bowl and having to watch the jaguars play in the Super Bowl. And I found myself rooting for Tom Brady while I still say to a minute and I need to take a shower now it's awful I love seeing them lose and that was the strange balance of enjoying watching them lose but they're not wanting to reward to be Jacksonville suitable parents. It's it was strange. Yeah I'm kind of ashamed of you. Because I'm as much as I admire radian much in England does. I was still sitting there going please please please please please. How would that how would that reality of played out we would be sitting here today talking about blink portals vs natural true and and I authorities I will throw this out to let me add this the conversation. That would be the least anticipated Super Bowl and for ever. Name me another suitable that if we were sitting here today knowing into weeks it was gonna be Jacksonville and filly without Carson lines now name me another suitable that you were you would have been less excited for the you can think of off the top here and it and and like today the last 1015 years any of the match ups and and the only one. That I can think of now I don't quite remember the media commerce Asian because I was a bit younger. I I had no excitement and I knew exactly what was going to happen when the ravens play the giants. Because that was the year that nobody saw the giants beating the vikings they smoked I smoked and 41 nothing in the NFC title game. And I were sitting watching going why. But you knew nobody was beating that ravens' defense. I knew that I was much younger I knew that. So I don't know effective against the board rules falls level OK I'm that's the only one the top of my head that I can think of maybe 85. Bears in New England match up. Most people knew the bears team was not going to be scored on wheels the bucks raiders that hi Tim wise it was prudent against his formalities tree stand it was empty handed Jerry Rice and cement had offensive linemen go it wall in Mexico banned writers and all the other one that I can think Kevin this is just personally for me it was colts and bears. That's a good one to pace Jalen Rose Weaver rose is that you do this there is no good storyline that was the first time to African American head coach yes men in the Super Bowl that was the big story line yeah. And then end up pouring down rain and acting and in a bright side in Miami where it was played. But I seven and that's what I'm saying and so I know it was dirty to root for new England and we all wanted to see you know unless your patriots and you wanna see you lose I totally get that. At least they saved us from Jacksonville Philly. Because that would have been a disaster so after everything we've talked about last week and that may be listeners out there they're completely agreeing with deal after everything we discussed you still sat there on Sunday still stadium and won a New England to win I did a cat is a reality was taken in blatant liberals going Super Bowl. And I'm not okay living in a world break morals is playing in a Super Bowl okay we have a lot of the old football to get to today will make some some blazes blazes have won three straight games after losing three straight. They played Denver tonight and our buddy Marc Stein New York Times. Reporting that they're involved in in June CE trade rumors so we'll get to that today. We do have some Philadelphia Eagles fans quite enjoying their victory we of one vikings fan who didn't so much enjoy watching his team looked terrible I'm curious how many. Eagles fans either didn't go to work today and called in sick or showed up with a massive and Elton I'll go 98%. Or about Barak on either one doesn't matter. So we'll get to that. But a lot of NFL toxin they were on tour actor and spray at Peter Johnson and tampering and Spragan. We have a lot of pull questions. And I want a T goes up coming up next one hand on the poll questions today you did so we'll give it a poll questions and then we'll start with the first game Jacksonville New England what did you think. Are you into the conspiracy theory. And were you rooting for New England took a lot of victory as well because you wanna see portals and Super Bowl that's next certain spring with you happy Monday on ten. Eighty to print from. And quick update for you have four. Craig's last ride. Somebody else wants me to take their dog because they can't handle taking needed to be put down. It's appraisal has tried my head and actually being a a business opportunity now you're gonna end at the press it's going to be a bad thing don't don't go down this road man to make them money it is our try and met some dog you've never met before in your entire life to an island in the abound of enemies know. Hey we up for questions today when our next J. Hall on let's religious seventies the next time and let's physical segment let's do this you're right. Just the football once OK just above all wants yeah okay. The football one's read what team is more likely to return of the ANC's slash NFC title game next year is that Minnesota or Jacksonville. Who are you rooting for simply in the suitable Philadelphia or New England. I and then which quarterback is more likely to start for their respective team next year late portals in Jacksonville Ortiz Keenan in Minnesota okay so there's our football ones you can vote actor and spray onto or let's start with the AFC title game this one was a pretty good one. You got your right mix of offense and really good defense. Jags dominated time of possession 35 to 24. But it didn't matter because they fought and England 24. To twenty agreement this game. I think is just another feather in the cap on Brady and belly check and fortunately for the folks who wanted to see them lose this was a game it felt like Jacksonville dominated most of the first half outside of that opening drive. Knowingly got down there kicked a field lots added that Jacksonville was in control in removing the ball. A blink portals play well once again that did the coaching staff did a great job not only play action and getting him easy looks. Wasn't on the ball ton down the field but he was an extremely efficient. A for an act article on the ground they were in complete control that game gronkowski goes down. But even as all of that was happening now all of you guys have that same feeling even as all that was going on it felt like it was just a matter of time give knowing when a couple of series they'll find their way back in this game. And there they were at the end and I think you look back if you're Jacksonville and you kick yourself. For a couple of mistakes the play calling in the second half wasn't a huge fan of public portals and couldn't come public those one or two big plays that he needed late next game but. Really I need it and I know a lot of people have mentioned it but it's easy to point out this swing for me. Was not calling a time out intake and had a delay game penalty they converted to third down. Been called a timeout and said they get pushed back five yards. They handily on the football back in doubt is coaching 101 and it's the reason why Belichick continues to win matches like this because. You have to see that you have to know the situation you have to call time out that and maybe they end up scoring New England doesn't at the end of the first half and it's different outcome so one thing that really. Stuck out with me with Jacksonville. I agree with you on the delay game that was at the end of the first half yeah they had two timeouts in the game was fourteen to three I believe at the time yeah I had the ball right around midfield with a chance to score and I believe on that play they've picked up a first outlet they came back it was certainly senators certainly don't want to say they picked up a first down but there was a flag on the field for delay game so that happens in your light hit there's a blunder there New England gets the ball they score I also didn't like 55 seconds to go. You probably are guaranteed to do much. You had some timeouts. Data and make an effort to even push the ball downfield they just took Indian and we're gladly walking into halftime. What was it 141014. To ten you're on the road and I know they did that against Pittsburgh. You know they had that good start against the Steelers and Steelers kind surged back a little bit in certain shows some life and they did the same thing last week they would. They take and they too can be and they went locker room happy. You have to adjust adding that's a learning experience for somebody like Doug Maroney who had such a good season the coach when you're on the road in Foxborough. Even though you're team's playing really well defensively and your offense is clicking and playing pretty decently. You can't be passive and so 55 seconds. I like the opportunity there to try and score if you don't and you punt. OK I get the society arguably give New England some time left right and everybody would criticize it today for that but let's not act like the defense was not this really special group final statistically in some areas they were not perfect. But I don't wanna give proper credit to this I'm driving around Sunday morning early Sunday morning I'm listening to Mike and were shot. And their producer Jesse Asman had a really good list of where they stacked defensively. Against historical defenses. They were better than the Seahawks legion of boom and thirteen the 85 bears the 2000. Two blocks bid beat all those teams. And like two or three different categories. So they weren't lights out right but they were pretty damn good group and even if you give New England the ball back with got a forty seconds got to trust him. Take a chance now and so you know I don't know about the play calling how much different was in the second half I know they didn't do much. But those were two things that really stuck out to me to delay game and then just kind of punting on the end of the first half. Here's Doug moron at the end of the game and kind of just summing up how he in the jags feel after that one. If you think about it the problem more I think about the moral or. Norman or more away on my mind. You know about what you could could've done better for him because everyone in the room right now rolled out locker room mistaken. You know what we have done a better job if you don't signal when McCain and and also it's it's it's tough I mean. I mean it. You know. Outside of golf and its own past a way that you feel you know close to mean permissiveness of what this is probably as close of pain that you. You know. This is the pain that you can deal with when you when you lose football games something we've got to deal with. And it hurts and it's stays with you for a long time. Yes and Doug moron clearly pretty upset as the rest of the jaguars are that they they fought the New England Patriots I wanted to when a couple things out. The board rules and Jackson portend no one morals and throw connect. I got snapped him and aegis you kind of look back on Jack's men have their moments and him and give proper credit to justifying Gilmore. That play was an incredible play at the end of the game I mean he misses it he just jumps just a little too early that's a touchdown and that's a game in Jacksonville is going to the super ball or morals was another two or three inches on the ball but I it's a touchdown I'm in complete agreement with you my man windy pushed it to twenty to seventeen. Did she just didn't feel confident Jacksonville was going to score. The rumor linking marketing get to go ahead touchdown yeah yes felt they'd what was gonna happen is what happened upon its Brady gets the ball. Goes down the field methodically. Pulled touchdown they were gonna win. Yeah and and you know you mentioned it the end of the first half it was interesting to watch them not be more aggressive in that situation because new England's offense really couldn't do anything outside of that is Imus in the opening drive and a touchdown after the penalty. They got the break from Jacksonville date outside of those two drives or office did nothing in the first operating was under pressure it was a comfortable. Even tried to scramble a couple of times they did a great job of doing what you have to do to beat Tom Brady that's getting pressure up you in the middle and not having to blitz to. To get to one so you have to trust your unit at the end of the first half I agree with you there. And then you know the criticism about them getting too conservative is what I saw a lot of in the second half and there was there were chunks of that it's funny though. Because they even had a driver I thought the exact opposite I wanna say it about five or so minutes left they were still up. And they had a driver they ran the ball on first down got stopped for a one or two yard loss. And then threw two and completions and stop the clock and instead of running what you could then what a minute half if you just let the clock. Trickle down and you could take it down about four minutes not saying it makes a difference but as funny for all the criticism I've heard about they got too conservative to conservative. There was that one driver they threw the ball to out of the three times one of almost almost a pick and they were bolting completions they stop the clock twice and they kicked it. Right back to Tom Brady but. We were all talking about Jackson the bullet now they had their chances I hate to do this because we're so tired of seeing them when I understand everybody wanting to root against them. There is an appreciation of greatness from me and whenever you watched New England go out and do what again they did on Sunday. You're just simply reminded up how how good they've been for eighteen years how many different teams have gone in there yeah out with a chance to win think you're never going to win having a halftime lead. And here comes Tom Brady with a couple of minutes left in the fourth quarter. With fourteen points on the board. They found a way to do it again and and that to me was just have as much of a comeback is it was a meltdown by Jacksonville the mails and from Meena. Letting miles Jack return that stripped fumble and calling the play dad that's potentially six points that got taken away from Jacksonville. That play I thought that was a fumble watching that live to the way he reacted when you watch the replay that was written replay to because I thought he almost had regained control again this is I did against his body that was a strange home to me I was kind of a swing like it one way or the other on the does a wrong call there yep. I don't know if he was touched after he grabbed the ball away though 'cause they're on the ground Soviet being touched me as the ball he can't get up and gul. That was it would that's a that was averaging about that call is that he even be picked it up but did Dion Lewis come into contact with him at any point while he's on the ground. Yes that's exactly how it and then there is one place specifically that really stands out late in the second half. And I wanna bring it up real quick here because all the blunders and people going to the penalty conspiracy thing. This possessions specifically to me stuck out with about two minutes and some change. Jackson led the ball and I don't know how many you remember this played portals through which on the left sideline Leonard for net was running a fade yeah I'm emirate. And the pass drops but man when I watched that replay. I don't know what the explanation is from for Nat in the Michael Finley Dover put his hands I don't like that pass was pat I've I was actually a really decent ball by portals everybody in my house on the same thing how do you not go for that yeah usage and if he catches it I mean there at least in field goal position maybe get a field goal that ice is the game might. He didn't and they come up short on that drive and your set they're gone and that's one of the few things are gonna remembering go. Should've changed her should've done something different in him. New England of course capitalize you go back he watches on the kick yourself and that's all offseason I didn't buy too much in the rest conspiracy theories that that was funny that the six to one or tender line that flags that was the only thing that raise an eyebrow for me was only one penalty being called on the England and six against Jacksonville the rest coming up and shaking Tom bradys are pat him on the back after the game that. And EC that a lot you just pointed out because it's New England they go congratulate. Of the winning team off and I didn't have any problem with the pass interference calls and the miles jackal was tough. I I get this the anger but in an NN bang bang situation like that when you have two guys rolling around on the field and the ball was lose here not even sure if it was out. That's usually what ref Rees doing that situation some market I'm not gonna throw conspiracy threes on the island the final run. Broke Whittle the NFC title game the final run by Louis it was third down and I wanna say it was eight. And Louis random yeah citing got the game clinching nostalgia. My brother in law's saw the replay I missed it he said that the tiger was a little bit holding going on by the pats is holding on every play so like there's moments Mary just looking down really a fine but. But an AFC title game he got the lead ten points. By the way New England I stole this from rich Eisen. Who tweeting this out New England is three and four in the last ten years. Trailing by ten points or more in the fourth quarter of game three and four. In that same span the rest of the league is three and seventy. So there's some eye opening numbers to be had from moments like that well new England's in the Super Bowl. And may face nick pulls in the Philadelphia Eagles when we make it the FC title game. Kind of a snooze fest but can nick foale's pull off an upset next. Hey at some point today we're gonna bring you Eagles fans are losing their ass all over TV last night fly Eagles. I found a video yesterday parcel tweeted that out of fighting for in losing in front of like his girlfriend or wife. A percentage of those he's eager faith. I had more than 75% of me out and I don't know Eagles fans. His is a bite you they did untie him a like rinse their TV off the wall makes me Italian window and. Saints fan threw sixty inch TV offers apartment balcony I'd like that's how they some of that stuff has stayed so I think the people that honestly do that are probably. Hamburg is via district announced. So yeah we have the vikings and Eagles and then as somebody I believe Texas then. How about the pre teaser for the AFC title game and now convinced teaser incredibly well done I loved it and now will bring that to you today as well but. The NFC title game ended up being a little bit of a snooze as have you drank early and had a big line which. You got yourself a little nap ski because. Philadelphia trailed seven nothing early after the first possession by Minnesota. And then looked back they scored 38 unanswered points. And utterly dominated the Minnesota Vikings and now win the NFC championship never in a million years that I see is coming. Never in a million shares when Minnesota school or room mine I had with ease on the opening drive in case keyed him through that beautiful touchdown pass. I thought here we go on feel great about vikings minus three and a half and I was thinking the exact opposite side. I did they went thorough my Swiss cheese or is not until it and I about the rout was on an and you follow that up with Torrey Smith drops the ball in Phillies for strive. And then Chile us upon in Iran into the in a punt returner. Like everything the first couple minutes it was all Minnesota and and I thought the rout was on and then demanded things flipped completely. And make falls played the game of his life and you wanna make sure to give him credit he was on the money all afternoon. And hats off to him from playing like that the biggest game of his career. Ximian build the biggest story this ballgame was Minnesota's defense. And where the hell were they I would we've talked all season and all playoffs. About where that defense ranks statistically when you look at it they're up there with the best in the NFL. A defense is like Jacksonville down. That's what Dave wrote that's what they've relied on all season long is their defense and we've seen it we saw the first half against who always and only give up a lot of points the second out but. Shut up a wall ones causing your Brees throw a couple of picks they were nasty they'd get after yet. To give up 38 points to give up what he for the first half and a while one of those touchdowns was at a takes extra term but. Philly was ten to fourteen on third down they couldn't stop Iran falls as red animal park. That was the shocker for me I did it wasn't just that chilly blue amount it was the way did they just. Absolutely shredded that Minnesota defense and I never. Saw it coming yeah I mean the over under this game was 39 in Philly almost hit the overrun by ourselves soul and you deceive Minnesota didn't shredded like tablet. You point something and missing out Minnesota it's easy to question it and wonder what happened. It's hard not to remember that second half last week and against New Orleans they aren't gonna. In fact. I would say they were actually pretty bad because New Orleans had opportunities. Or they had moments where they need to go down the field need to score a winning game particularly last drive. Guess they did they went down seventy yards and when I got their field goal on dot they have on the game. That game was won on a miracle freak play. And you and I root for the vikings. You know wanna see Minnesota viking fan I've gone through so much a lot of agony. But their defense is what has not been good the last three halves of football. And so you look at a group that was third I believe in convention and third down conversions defensively right. Giving up 71%. Of the third downs against Philadelphia the selling every time filling needed either a second longer third down conversion they would get like two yards past what they needed every single cut and run those rounds he brought right to the six turn Ronnie did you. There you go first down it was like clock for fortunately nick falls led scoring drives of 75766075. In 88. Listen to that 757675. In 88. Yard scoring drives led by. Nick full slide and end in the other thing I was just watched the first half million especially in I'm Imus is about last week was turnovers and it's funny is I slipped and I thought you falls as the one that would be turn in the football overnight case Keenan even though he's had his street but. That relate to me that that was it does swinging momentum and his football game because he had a close one early Minnesota scored the first touchdown. A wanna say it was seven to seven or whatever or -- and 7007 arrest possession of the go to Minnesota and then they throw all and then they throw the enemy of the pick 666 which wasn't his fault on his arm got hit and slaughtered right to the guy he runs and I knew blocked Chris Long please that would be a good idea and any other when they finally put another drive together of following after him full three announcing go all the way down into Philly territory and they're about to either kick a field goal or score a touchdown. Pulled off the end of stumble Philly gets it zillions of scorn to close out the first half make it. It's one of 47 I I think without those two turnovers from maybe you have a different ball game in the second half but. When those two things happening just snowballed on lemon in Minnesota couldn't throw their way back in and bought. I think he'd give a lot of credit today obviously nick foale's deserves almost all of the headlines when you go out you play the way that he did didn't. You know people like yourself not Scalia would be like yourself a lot of people in this country we're calling that guy out until now it's gonna run out some boy remains Super Bowl but. Going into acting and it didn't really stand a chance to a lot of people. And he went out and played well but I give a lot of credit Jim Schwartz. This is what we know is people who watch a lot of football but don't study tape and stuff. We know X amount of places starting gamers scripted. I'm pretty convinced Minnesota's plays on that first opening up drive all scripted fairly scripted and they were really well executed and got the touchdown. After that Philadelphia made the adjustments they could do anything offensively Minnesota could not move the ball on that eagles' defense and so. As much as we wanna give credit to this guy in in this group you give Jim Schwartz a lot of credit for because he really made the adjustments possible. And that eagles' defense was nasty here's Mike Zimmer close game Minnesota falling to Philly in the NFC title game. Credit to so here. They they got after us pretty good tonight we didn't do enough good things. A lot of things can normally happen to us route accorsi who. Things we were very good and return them although we didn't get about a third downs gave a big place. Now I mean that's the difference and Doug Peterson by the way who proclaimed his Philadelphia Eagles team. To look a lot like the team that won the Super Bowl and Green Day. And that upset some people we talked about down in careful what you say Susan well the bat there in the Super Bowl he got that group there in this is his thoughts after they won the NFC. It's kind of surreal. Love coaching this football team all of coached those players and there we you know. It's a tremendous feeling quite honestly it really hasn't sunk in I mean it's. Thing is about this team is. All the adversity and you know negativity whatever that surrounds the team these guys don't listen to that and I don't listen to that and they come to work in practice hard every day and they love be enough. You know around each other at you know and that was part of two years ago when I came was was was having that type of culture in the building where where people enjoyed coming to work and our players and coaches really enjoy that I love being around each other and obviously this is one of our goals you know to be the you know the NFC champion and then and then represent the the NFC's Super Bowl so we are working out for us. And just so excited for the guests. Now what you which you saw in the first game that didn't pan now. You saw on the second game and it did time possession Jackson dominated time possession they still lose. Philadelphia dominated time possession yeah and they win they had 34 minutes to 25 and that really has been the story about Philly here did the entire season for me it's the coaching staff and job that they've done did defensively especially they've been great all season Doug Peterson. I it was one of those coaches Eddie eagle back and you look at when he was hired nobody really made much of that he was an Andy Reid disciple you just go back to the Andy Reid daisies replacing Jim Kelly. We didn't really make a whole lot of it Nigeria's kind of the last one standing at that coaching group think at higher now he's in the Super Bowl. And the way that they've gotten it falls to play the last two weeks I think is. One of the best coaching jobs we've seen in a long time in the NFL because falls was not great at the end of the regular season he was really bad on those last two games outside of the giants come back. In his first start and they they had a bye week to get him ready and Manny has been fantastic but that the other thing that I notice as well and you know we'll see things change here in the Super Bowl but did the offensive line performance to be was a story in his game as well and has been. Throughout most the playoffs for these squads. But Philly did a good job of protecting that falls in a lot of time to throw. He was good at moving around it creating space from south inside the pocket. In case give them an old filly on the end of the one secondly sacked but the strip sack they also have. They ended the deflection that caused the interception. If felt like they were in his kitchen the entire ball game and he was uncomfortable the pocket all night they couldn't get the running game going consistently McAnulty had forty yards Marie only had AT. The offensive line was another underrated story from the game well we got a rematch of the 04 Super Bowl on new England and Philadelphia. A lot of people last week said no matter what they're rooting against. New England but in Philadelphia won and everybody saw how Philadelphia reacted. Some really and classy things that they did. It's way you a little bit are now you are you pulling for New England to beat Philadelphia in the Super Bowl or you go with the underdog in our we make no mistake. Anointing the past the Super Bowl champ considering what Philly has done. In the playoffs that's next on the fast. Well are in a matter of. Like five days we went from what felt like. Please anybody but New England. To. Please New England beat Philadelphia and their fan base because Eagles fans went crazy and we'll play some audio for you here on the show but Eagles fans went crazy. They were mean the vikings players they were leaving in the by say zero evaded a hundred year old fan and I did Millie. Milledge she's a 97 or whatever happened travel around that big game well is their first game was the playoff game against the saints now they're into liking to. Would you expect from Eagles fans they boo Santa Claus this is my point in rooting against the Eagles so as your mind changed easy or pretty adamant last week. Then you would completely flip your argument if it was New England in Philly. Is humor humor Rudy Ari is Philly. Welcome lifelong cowboys fan and others there's no way I can Muster any sympathy whatsoever to as as much as I you're rooting for killing an innocent I'm not rooting for new England's but if they win you're gonna be a little happier than a filly won I just wanna see the Eagles lose and lose badly and he's rooting for doing an honorable living for that the only other alternative you know all if you want -- as a means you -- knowing -- -- -- -- -- not wrong by definition by just and I addition of two teams to -- here not going crazy for New England to win I'm not breaking out the you know palm palms on the red and blue when you know you might sharing that ball close it's close late late drive Brady makes I want to see well go I want to see the Eagles you know blow it is tainted -- stupid and horrific rather than Brady leading another fourth quarter comeback and miraculously I'd we've seen that. Okay you're gonna get ago we get it is that because Philly now has two times the playoff Windsor cowboys since 96 just in one playoff run. While we still have you know five Super Bowl championships in yeah Marty trophies so Eagles and falls to them and I mean you know and noted that doesn't feel like we switched now I mean we guy's sports fans does to a certain extent. In your going to England not accurate for doing I don't buy a moderate for Philly and you said the you said you were gone for Jacksonville last week you're going against doing. In in a brooding for nearly that's different because now this is the final game but I didn't wanna see Jacksonville play in the Super Bowl because then I'd have to watch Jacksonville play in the Super Bowl yet in that I want that either this is the last game of the season so if I have no problem with knowing I was I was really disappointed in the vikings' lack of ability to lead anything. Yet they do is Colette the vikings patriots would have been the best they got shut down man. It has been fairly good and here's your I think to. We're getting people enticing in I was totally gonna root for Philly toll recoverability and now people are saying it's so weighed down. It said it's a title is town like they won the NFL championship in 96. They have won a Super Bowl that's all now harrah's suitable now so there's Super Bowl as they have only won one World Series one societies and their Stanley Cup team and 73. Analyst and a camp on time. The thing about filly that I wonder is. Are we making a mistake kind of forty anointing. New England. And if you don't think we are I think you're crazy why everybody woke up I'm surprised the line was not. Bigger everybody stand you know its last down loans less that less than a touchdown I I think it's it was bigger title and six it's a touchdown line I thought it was filled and a half for nine and I thought we are scared out there. I'm world till I got credit to that's a credit to the eagles' defense. That's what that it's also a non trust factor in hopefuls can missiles play the game of his life again I don't think you need explaining gain on his bed to run the full golf. Yeah it is it wouldn't it falls the ladies' classic there's a reason he hasn't it starting Alaska blears in the NFL. And if he was always plot like this he would have a starting job you read via the and MTV. And at the end MTV says nick foale's had no confidence from anybody around him his coaching. Asked nobody believed in nick falls as angels lost confidence. OK now -- alien wins is back Emma Peterson's. And if so he's gonna say it again next year when named company with him and another team once in and they don't get on the same level of confidence while they campaign he's got back terrible excuse you don't have confidence they've put they've done a great job and he is played. Big games of his life for the last two weeks but. Or are you are you willing to gamble on that happening again. Or are you willing to gamble on Tom Brady winning another Super Bowl I I I totally understand why people. Are sticking with the way they felt last week despite that performance in the NFC championship so is nick full splits up the line that he put up against Minnesota. Where would you wage your bat of who wins the game. Let's say it's the same line that he had yesterday and I don't and it's full 3463. Touchdowns. No interceptions knowing their letters that I have the same lying to. I know I'm just going muscles here you have to wager based on just nick full line plays like that yeah I'd be okay gambling with Philly winning the game because of the way they can play defensively because the pressure they can create a front. I just not willing to gamble on him playing like that again I'm proud Diana ideal for a third straight week it's been fun to watch him play way over his head it has been. A good guy am happy seven the moment of his career but I'm I'm not willing to wager on it again yet this is an or says anymore Dodd's Philly covers New England isn't as good as we think Pete to garbage teams to get their close game coming. And that's what I wonder is is it the day that defense against Minnesota man I do not see them holding Minnesota to seven points. If we're gonna get that defense. And it's not easy to dismiss Philadelphia's chances here I don't like to simply calling Jackson a garbage I had the choice I'm just saying I'm not condone things aren't helping and that tax Jackson is a good team Tennessee is not a great football team but they've blown out let's not act like ages eight by they give up that early touchdown and outset that they dominated active from start to finish and it was over basically at half Jacksonville. Especially defensively is a really good football team and they let's not forget just went into Pittsburgh on 45 points up. On the steelers' foursome much turnovers that's not a garbage football team and to me that was equality when in one by the way that they needed to come back and scored fourteen points in the fourth quarter. To do it side that's where. I think you gotta make sure to give the wing and some credit here for the way did they played not just overreacted simply being Jackson right in Philly go to their credit beat the team a lot of you about was gonna be surprisingly when the NFC in Atlanta native and utterly dominated Minnesota. So you'll falls Brady that's not sexy. But maybe the silly defense for radius that the one thing I'm gonna be thinking about the next two weeks is how exciting is it suitable Carson once is lying on a story lines the injury everything so much better drastically different. If Carson once is playing in his football game yes that is so yes Philly and New England. A lot of second hour is at the blazes are included in some juicy rumors of the trade deadline at. And they're also winning games they've won three in a row. So we'll discuss that. Wanna dive in Jacksonville in Minnesota haven't specifically talked about either one of those franchises are both those teams going to be back next season a lot of people like say that well be back next year. We buy that or start hour two with our NFL went around Mario and has new coach how will work out for Tennessee dirt and Sprague video on Portland sports leader had eighty the fan.