Dirt & Sprague Monday February 12th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, February 12th
The guys debate how far society should go in protecting kids in sports as three states are working on legislation to ban tackle football before high school, plus Johnny Manziel says he's got a handle on his bipolar disorder, and the Ducks and Beavers swept the Washington schools.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Yeah this final hour during the spring on a Monday under Mondays ago on well thanks for being with us you're a Portland sports leader 1080 the fan on the it's a comeback story. In a couple of minutes. Let's let's trigger everybody I'm Shelley. Story coming out over the weekend this is on pro football talk. Prices mean football scoop had this story. And I and it led one gentleman our FaceBook page too probably my favorite comment at all times and I mean incredibly insensitive and always your comment but yet sure it's absolutely tasteless and you question is. It is education level but. And we chuckle sell the this story is that there are number of states out there in the United States of America that are proposing legislation. That would ban children. Under the age of fourteen. From playing tackle football. This is happening in Maryland Illinois on New York State has that as at a loss filed a filed in California has authored a similar proposal. A mom which would make an MD first state to prohibit minors from playing organized time oval ball. Before the high school level some of those lawmakers said they were following advice of medical professionals. The believe limiting tackle football would help prevent young athletes from sustaining long term brain damage caused by repetitive tackling. Hitting and blocking. And one of the people so decides clear head injuries sustained at a young age can harm kids for the rest their lies developing skills through flag football before high school. Itself public policy from a health and safety. Standpoint. Thoughts Brennan Sprague is this the right thing to do to pass a law banning children from playing tackle for the way. I kind of view this one you're always gonna have people really upset by this kind of stuff because you have so many other issues in every state county city all that. That people feel like legislators and politicians are not focusing enough on. So you know predictably have put this on FaceBook and that's kind of the argument I RE battle in the opiate crisis. Won't mean. Yeah but also there's only so much you can do right so that I think people. I don't understand the real upset crowd on this. Now in my a fan or proponent of the government telling me what I can or cannot have my keyed choose to do. Null but I think some of these things are also we need to take a step back in and ask yourself. Is it is it oh should we be putting our kids in a situation. Where they. Do you harm today to themselves right like bike crash is you cannot control that I'm I just topped my daughter how to ride a bike on two wheels. And I will I stand there and I'm I'm terrified is all hell right because she's gonna crash it's just gonna happen at some point yeah. But I'm not letting her do that without a helmet. Right and if they didn't make that helmet law would you like your kid to right now a bike without a helmet. Probably not right citing people would it but we don't have a problem with that lies just about picking and choosing what laws deal of problem with and why. And then deciding how you feel about the football on for me. You know some of the states that you mention are doing twelve and under and I believe California is doing fourteen to basically all the states are. Proposing inner saying they don't want kids to play tackle football before high school. I had this conversation with a many apparent with boys with boy children. And my just opinion based on what we learned what we hear what BC. I think having tackling football before high school is a okay. And then you teaching their freshman year the fundamentals you can even you may be summer courses where you're tackling dummies without pads you can learn fundamentals and tackling. And then try to work on that your first your high school. But again this is one of those issues dirt that I think you're just ultimately gonna (%expletive) a lot of people off way EIU. Really are and and adding that's a tough part of it where I ate I think sued disregard the health concerns of the people who were trying to pass laws like this I think is shortsighted like they're. I did their mostly coming from a good place of realizing look you your brain is develop being won it's you're 1920 years old. Twins do toll to rights of you're allowed to tackle at twelve or thirteen years old. You know what does that do for you especially if it's repetitive brain you know a collisions within their kids but. You know I put that against myself was sort of playing tackle football I wanna say a in fourth grade I was I confess I started pretty early how only on fourth trade like 98. And as I went and I ten analysts tracked yeah he's right so yeah so more and that range. I think the vast majority of kids who played tackle football that age and don't go on to play college and NFL football. Don't have any brain damage from it. And in this is a choice I understand what they're trying to do when I understand the concern is real. This to me is a decision that should be left with parents and their children if you don't want kids if you don't want your kids to play tackle football. You need to suck up to be the bad guy right say you're not a UKE complaints they are high school wants her eyes whatever you go deer on tanker helmet you don't plan. And it played at all. But there's a lot of parents out there are OK with their kids playing tackle football and your livelihood for some you're taking this opportunity away from from their children and I think it's it it's important to point out that. The Aspen Institute has been tracking down of youthful all participation. Over the last number of years and when you look at. From 2008 to 2016. From the kids between the ages of six and twelve to play tackle football like simply need to do it six but apparently can't. 36 and twelve A dropped 48%. From 2008 to 2016 so this is an area that I already see. It policing itself a little bit if you will there's a 248% drop why is that dropped exists we know more about brain damage we know brought more about the health risk. And there's a lot of parents out that are saying no no I don't want jiggle it and the head at the age twelve or thirteen. You complain high school if you want but you can play flag until then you'll be fine and you've seen it drop by 28% because of that. I have no problem with this being initiative polices itself if you want kids play let him play if you don't and a lamp life. Yes I mean I don't I don't really disagree with you I mean we may have to differing obtain if you have if you oh boy someday right you have trying to savvy kid got a son and you you're okay with him playing football I'm not gonna sit here is your friend and goes ago I think your Terrell parent that's your choice that's you in your kids decision and that's great we can differ on that the legislating is what really bothers people now I would say from the legislation standpoint. A lot of this is protecting. Protecting yourself. Against future financial harm. If you need to change something in make these parents signed some alternate waiver of some sort where you're basically barring and no way they can sue you if something does happen your child. If dad Doherty doesn't happen with the waivers they have in great do that but if you wanna allow kids to go make that decision our parents to make that decision for their kids. I'm okay with a two we can differ on it but that doesn't make me right and you wrong or you write in me wrong. We just have a differing view of the the circumstance themselves now. I am and it's it's a tough when I get it and I know drama kids planned flights applauding flag is a great way to pull fundamentals I would just say for the people that are really hate this kind of stuff right to get really upset which is kind of funny to meet so upset about it. But for the people really upset by it. He's eager to it would not have equally as much fun playing flag football is tackle taken nine or ten year old. I remember playing tackles while the first time. And you had kids that we're obviously way bigger thicker and a you're scared to getting hit I remember playing Whitaker. And Whitaker came to park rose Whitaker was always those kids were always bigger feel we're faster at LA found those kids the first should I ever took the kid hit me to the ground I saw stars and only almighty god that hurt and mustaches and I just pray for sure did. Thank god they cease to exist. But. I just I remember memories like that in the night I asked myself you know if I were as say my mom says no to tackle and says you can only play flag. I want playing flag football your heart when November oh can you Madonna I played that's how I do it when you go to these summer camps most are not tackle Alicia good exclusive football camp right that's what we play we played flag for all had telethon wrapped deli. About his 55305. Is this out of bounds for some of these days to try and ban tackle football either at under the age of fourteen. Or under the age of twelve. It's happening right now on Maryland Illinois California and New York. Trying to get rid of it they're saying the do you play tackle football BC is nothing to do with the high school loudly and so played titled on high school level. But in those respective states the waiting 55305. Hillary Samir thoughts and you decide also a comeback story in National Football League I'm curious. And people will feel sympathy and Bruce for it to happen next on the trip. Now we're back into seventeen. Steady winds. Subsequent death when he peppercorns. Danny threaded SM loud tick but we'll take back what you said about Whitaker the building is gone but the people aren't. Whitaker was the most dollar a pop Warner football team in out of time I had people but good god did you guys just have a. Beast football program it was nuts it was so once I remembered the first time mark codes they were like a bird scourge agents would occur if you know I don't really beautiful applaud some kid I'm not only jet was like. My mom went let me play a winner -- I wasn't big enough and don't take me into the they would baker sufficiently kid in a little giants in Texas head into his shoulder pads do Kelly rip is now what was the well this is spike it was like a whole full Martins a spikes and none of us were backing the icebox obediently pop Warner in this area you did not know about would occur in their dominance on the pop Warner gridiron we were all the kid in little giants when Whitaker plays you. It drags hanging out of the end of the Jersey. Dealer okay monster book acted pretty level headed so let's read some of the responses of the anti science 55305 you're just joining us there are four different states that are proposing legislation. To ban kids in India under the age of twelve or fourteen from playing tackle football. So it's about playing hockey there wasn't any checking our slap shots until seventh grade the cross is limited and hitting until high school no hitting. And at the elementary school age so there's two sports a do pretty similar thing you can't check guys into the boards when -- fourth grade playing hockey camp fire early slap shots as a matter kids' cell. Hockey hockey does it is just OK okay I'm glad somebody brought hockey because I know nothing of hockey or how children do it but I have a cousin in Tacoma whose kid plays on a team that. I don't know what the regular I guess is the most the rules are that way that you're not allowed to Jack and you're not allowed need to Farley's slap shots until a certain age problem with football vs hockey is like the game has to be claimed as a tackle. Jackie Kitna Ayman if you don't Leon we're not checking somebody can't if it's tackle football you have to tackle the yet by the way you said you never seen as low as six. There's little six year olds in by. Link between do retain sales at Hillsborough right drive past off Cornelius pass. There's a big field. Every. Every time it's nice out in the fall like late summer early fall. There's like seven year old kids. Cutest damn thing you've ever seen in my life planes out of the ball they're just they're shoulder pads and helmets moving around it's it's crazy never run an all slow in an ad. As a little early for me no I'm not saying I yeah do it but just as an observer driving by you look back on its Q it was a little kids out. In harm's way treated it is. If it. What else have we got here I kind of agree with it but at the same time lies the Paul against this state monthly football from fifth to upgrade no concussions I played across. In high school and college three concussions wise and only football that is getting. Attacked I rocker feels the same thing too if that's it that's a valid argument that I see. Quite a beds and is I love playing for Obama used but didn't play high school focus on baseball slow and have never gotten the opportunity to play of laws like this. Let's see here the couple less tax than those keyboards bicycles and yes softball let's walk around a bubble wrap my right that. Possibly is that my son is ten years old yes the little ball literally every single day there is no way in hell that he is playing football on I'm perfectly willing to beat the bad guy. I am 100% do not want the government telling me what I can and cannot do with my kids and that's does and I think that's a good summation in my eight take on this. But where do you okay so I mean I'm just I'm not saying that I I disagree with you just kind of playing in the side here for second sure where do you draw the line then. Because this is somebody says. Well this puts you at risk for brain injury because it's too early it's developing is not good and you say we'll get the hell out of here let me do and choose what I want. Verses. You you decide not to give your kid. I don't know I shot a flu shot or whatever it is and then they call for child support on you you know and and I you know I know I know your genocide where do you. A line on that that's my hard part that's it's tough in every every parent look I'm not a parent ever parents can have a different answer on that I I personally isn't if I had a son I would drop would not let my kid and Dennis as a six year old play tackle football right there are so what's the age for you. Probably sixth grade is when I would let him start I don't think there's much reason to start before sixth grade you complain flag. And tell your fourth and fifth in elementary school when he gets middles goalie go play tackle football. An and I that's almost gives innocent is a license plates and seventh trade. He's now about to play his senior year next year the way kids are taught to play as far better than when I've played I'm all for. Playing kids seventh straight on. And then is somebody points a different things eighty issue is young coaches many are good summer however do not teach the technique bigger kids learn to use their hands. Move their feet better and flag football share eleven years as a youth coach can't tell you how many kids went to the knees to block or tackle to hide. And and I think that's that did. That is a glaring issue in this that doesn't get brought up enough it is the it's the coaching. Because if you have proper coaching at that age I'm I'm not super concerned about the rest I understand your brains are developing. But let's not act like you're taken hits and you're taken in college and NFL on how many documented cases had their Ben. A CTE from people who just played pop Warner football prime hasn't as they do a part of a study like that it was nice arm of the study but it wasn't new it was not a it was not very extensively to say that it was people that thought they might have had brain damage and who knows if it was just from footballer from something else at it that that jury is still allowed. And not a brain damage just playing pop Warner football can do is it to be comes out of coaching if you proper push senior people that are teaching the right techniques. I think you can mitigate a lot of the rest their treatment at what he'd do. Knowing your coach is not teaching proper techniques that you're not a coach yourself. But he'd tell that path that's helped on the office has a Mike Coates Sox staff. In which in not principle this is where are the legislation if they want to legislate stuff than they need to go to an honor to be. You know whether it's a high school associations or whether it's the youth organizations. They have to require. Proper training and do it that way in order to be licensed food. You know be able to compete. That's where you can do it. Yeah and now way. You should just legislate the coaching thing basically kind of what. I think you're talking about the figure out a way I don't I don't. That's the problem is it's like really wanted to make could save you would reinvest in our Steve Pate people to give up their time and done. Go to coaching clinics and know the right way to do it is like. You certainly don't pay high school coaches to begin with what do high school coaches get a couple thousand dollars a year well like they're getting paid and mr. coach of the jesuit suppose that's a whole different conversation. But and that's a problem to begin what is your your ass and easily give up their time in coach used but you're not paying them for and then. You see them I mean these are parents that are giving up their time some of them taken seriously you know what they're doing. A lot of them don't and the reliving their glory days of one is the biggest since they cannot practice scene though to this day though I played soccer first before I played tackle football. And I really enjoyed playing soccer run around hidden in trying to score goals. I never had a headache or head injury. More. In football than I did one time I hit a soccer ball with like my forehead and Iran spotty year had it hit me it was going real hard I jumped eight hit me square in the and end up being actually diesel past my teammate. But man after a game I have like up splitting migraine for two days and ever experienced sampling to tackle football they're banning having an a lot of the youth leagues why I go into that rodeos on solicitor appoint a YE. Why is it just football and why is denied legislation on soccer and maybe from banning it in different leagues is what it takes put. I just know from my experience I had that I enjoyed this from the view of the say this is like a new nanny state thing with somebody Texan and back in my day which was the late sixties early seventies tackle football was not allowed until you're in the seventh trade. Oh like he does pop Warner that's envoy where he's from apparently they did allow to play tackle football. 0% rate so. They don't is in nannies no issue to come full circle on this my stance on it I have no problem if you don't want your kids to play football everybody wants to raise their children differently and that is you were decision. I just I don't like government getting in the way it is kind of rank the government part I totally get. The part tickets mean is. Are you making the right choice for your kid if they asked to play in sixth grade. Because I mean their friends are playing that's why they wanna play right school funds sports on TV. Just with what we know I I just don't I think that's the tough part for me is finding that point of the balance of shirt make your decision. Or man I know a lot of information crises is every day Alexander as the semis of the puck which may 2000 this year. So it's I think Khamis a coach made five million dollars this year south tennis for sure me I'm going shout out to you for making it three tax. Three stacks manly ducking her at the border. And this area make a lot of money. Go get your money on 98 I've heard things about to old Steve Corry over there lake you know living dead I know the jesuit coach probably makes six pigs. Some of these coaches they win you do page got programs that pay coming campuses and pain or goats man. Three stacks something Nampa and a telephone Roy gets the practice its insistence worst things you can do sell on their ego things are given a pretty level headed he'd go respond to comments on our FaceBook page if you wanna see the comment of the day from one of our listeners it's weeded out at Peter Johnson I'm assuming it's been hit by now from our face repaid sometimes we do that I just say be better late do you wanna disagree that's great yeah government get out of my tennis and learning that's fine. Be better than days had a cozy wood Dave says that Peter Johnson I treated it out and make that goal today let's be better than davis' be better than it. They have potential comeback in the National Football League two part question for you eighth. Will it work beat. You rooting for it to work next seven to eleven in the state board over the weekend. Anybody watch. It's backed up close shelved. Don't college come back my man. Johnny wins now. Back in the news Johnny football Janney football view were wondering Lang yeah let's go around Janet football and what happened Baghdad. Well last year he was signing with the Canadian Football League now let's get happily that many try to get in the ex FL in that news broke he was joking about it that's. Is legal track record I'm a believe keeps him prohibits him from playing but. It did a sit down interview with Good Morning America man. Kinda came clean about his Liasson and how we got here and what he's trying to do and he talked about his issues with alcohol. We self medicated without. Because what I thought was making they have. Depression to a point where I felt like and sometimes it's both in the day when you wake up the next day after a night like that. And you wake up next it's all and that liquid courage or that we would like sense of youth for euphoria it's over you is all gone and your west. Staring at the ceiling by yourself and your. Oppression and cold it's dark cold sitting in the room by yourself being super impressed that you're about all the mistakes you've made your life. What does that get me where did I get me except now. Where they give me a disgrace. And they also talked about his issue that is now he's developed and realize he is being diagnosed as bipolar. About a year ago hum sometime around late June or July. I went to a facility in California at the end of the day I can't help them hours a little bit different costs and here I can't help my mental makeup of it's a way that I was created. But I know that if I stay on these reds and I continue to do what I'm doing right now I think. My my dad I think my mom I think I think tree. Would all agree that they've seen. Addressing change now the question that you ask was is that sustainable and will that be the case moves forward. I would like sit here and say yes and I have a lot of confidence that that would be the case. But it ended today. And it's it's to be seen still moving forward I'm still doing when I had a little meticulous things about doing a daily basis to trying to you. This right over anything else is what means the most to me so. The main thing to me is not physical house. Mental. So Johnny Mann Zell says he was self medicate what alcohol has been diagnosed as bipolar is now on medication. And I he is planning a comeback the National Football League is open one team is willing to get the chance two part one. Will he be able to make comeback in two are you rooting for joining me and so. You mean Willie is in don't make it seemed editing to make a team in now I don't. I'm good I'm actually glad John. Men's out came out and talked about bipolar and identifying it and going through. What he thought was the right way of dealing with it because I just know people personally in my life that don't and they didn't deal with it properly they're ashamed to admit it. And you need people like this to come out and speak on it and make somebody else out they're feel like it's okay to. Say hey after a little different than somebody else but ears my feeling on Johnny Mann sell even if he would have identified this coming out of college. Kept his head on straight. I never thought he really had the ability to be NFL quarterback. He's small and it's not just hide its weight. I didn't think he really had the arm strength for it. And he just doesn't strike me as an NFL quarterback a guy you seriously want put on your roster. To potentially put out there to lead your team even as a back up you we make fun of a lot of back ups in this league. Still I would take all those guys over Johnny men's jail. And I think he may get a call but I don't know if that's can actually equal him making a roster spot I would I would bet no. And I to get a step further if he if he does. That's a damn shame in the NFL's clearly black balling Kong Japanese because he is at night engage substantially better than what Johnny men's Ellis yeah. Has not even close we had a poll question on this day. Asking about now ladies identified is issues he's no longer drinking. Tom Kenny making Katie turn into anything in the league. A 48% of you said no silver or not he's not good 40% censure. He can hang on as a backup and 12% said why not maybe could turn into a starters are some folks have some home but there are people so he could be a starter they'll need to be a start in league now I I agree with you on that and I idea I'm not given a much of a chance although it's nice to see him back on the right path he said when asked what kind of come back he wanted to be said I don't know what kind of come back but I know I want to get back on the football field. Well probably so much joy in my life and makes me happy doing. As my job I you know on this is calm I'm glad he's gotten to the point where. At least as of now normalcy we've seen guys do stuff like this and fall off the rails again OP arts in this interview there's a ton of PR to this interview. That's the re sitting down doing this interview because he wants is the off season teams are on into the draft process finding quarterbacks he was stated tryout for next year I get it. But if what he's saying at least is true. That he's no longer drinking and he's discovered what is medically she's learning he was bipolar now is on medications for it. At at least I'm happy for the guy because his life is like cell partly out from where this guy when as a Heisman Trophy winner. And it was one of the train wrecks I think as as sports fans. You can all see it coming like somebody's come out of nowhere you like how I act I thought the face of the earth. The city Sosa's white dress like a cowboy now like well what happened Sammy. Met we saw this one common. With man's cell from his times attacks say NM the stuff that was coming up the bottom when he was there and when he got drafted all the partying that he would do. As a domestic violence allegations like this was a train wreck that we all watched and the this is all PR it's all spin he's trying to get public perception back on his signing come back in the national spotlight but is on his his life is to. Gather I'm happy form yeah I mean you live and AT&T life when you're living TMC life where all the headlines are that you are ethical did you get out of 3 AM you're on a beach with some new random Heidi live ended trained in. Hang in on yachts. You tend to find yourself in situations like that in any direct. I think you viewed date is back to Texas Tech in his last year there going into the draft. Most people would count unidentified dead hey don't. Don't traffic I first round and then Momo wasn't Cleveland Browns do in Cleveland now I did find it interesting that he thinks his career is little different because. I believe that the phrasing used was that he didn't take it serious enough feed and have his head on straight. And would his career have been different if he came in the league circle kissed deny the drinking issues and again night. I mean selling it Johnny football later allowed watch him playing cards I just never. And I still don't think he is really NFL quarterback. I see as things working against him physically. Yeah that's imports and apart decent ad tech San nannies at Texas Tech all elements aria yeah and in on into protectionism is that he cares about the policy knowledge is problems he knows he has fight. Is now the woods he might be contributing member to society and that's the bigger issue here than just the fact that ease ease. At least wrestled listen solves hopefully for the long term some of his demons that he hadn't. But you know as long as he give his life on the straight Maryland and dozens are booze and again and in golf. Like we've seen other guys do before this I think is not a democratic job like ESPN one hiring John and ends on a heartbeat to be an analyst if he wanted to do if I wanted to do on Monday Arum top IE didn't have any chances you know maybe tries to get to -- the NFL they say no it's gonna get hired as a studio analyst he has a lot of bars still stuff I know that's a lot of stuff the bar still -- American Media he's out you know the I'm sure the guys got all sorts of stories from his playing days are like kind of stuff so right. Yeah I yeah I think that's been the main thing is just that is lies put back together at ease ease of innocent editing message this is happening because a full ball go right like we can be happy for an individual as they can overcome. Alcohol is dumb or identify that they have something that needs to be addressed like bipolar. But ultimately this is popping up in large part because of football. I wanna be back in the NFL's this is why was the way I wise and this is what I've been doing cents. So on the day after he wasn't trying to be back and M playing football. And I think he's doing this interview Obey and here's the of the thing team's got to think about because I know he sent a couple teams that are given him a phone call. Do you do you roll the dice a little bit here I know that sounds unfair given what the guy is talking about applied. You just have to weigh if you want your team to be involved in the headlines because there's a potential risk there charm you have to have people like this. They have to prove it far more didn't you do give them a chance. Because you can get burned. As a burned again and you don't wanna look stupid yes and it takes them Barney hughes' life together as best copy trudged Beers into the NFL maybe as a counselor to rookies and young guys in the league and about a valuable point warning guys you see a lot of those. Brees or rats turn and that two LEE goes around and talks to people and shares his message of you know they don't follow the same path cited don't make the same mistake cited Jenna Manso can be the next example that's a man Zell says he's sober. He says he was self medicated and alcohol nominees moved on from that he was diagnosed as bipolar is on medication. Andy's looking for an NFL comeback was sixteen gives him a shot this offseason they what did Lamar all have to say it is time. And something cool happening in the state of organ. We're curious if anybody's paying attention to get to those things next on offense. Lovely days of being here Moreland on the back in 247 rising and so coming up top of the hour so deceiving. It is you look at sinus secondhand it is June. And you go lots. I'm sending your trying to get sunburned through window an anomaly to be reminded that it's forty degrees out and I think we cracked fifty today I think I am a timeout take the city day. I'm guys have been this winner and always talked about that a lot in great great winner. You think we're going to be in store for like a late march snow in some sort at around nine next criticized those get a little colder. Some it was pretty damn cold this morning they had only five degrees was called. The Schuyler doing what I see it last night and they had ended daylight classic has tried PMs nominee dale I think the curtains are down coliseum the out beautiful day for that up dishonor everywhere blue skies. It kind of throws you off when you go to a sporting event in the with the sun is still like Al because organ state had a civil war with the organ a few years back. And it was like 2 o'clock tip seemed saying Gil when the sun's out again yeah he had grown into them is standing in your bank was kind of weird. You used to the nice thing right disease tonight in. 88 Alonso was not gonna be playing for the lakers very option. Because as you leave in two years. Oh OK until ball's going to be gone he's native Libya Laker anymore Lamar hall has spoken he's been out of the news for a couple of weeks and he needed to be relevant again. And that he'd talked to some reporter over there wherever the hell is that a kids are playing and he said dad's. Their plan is if the lakers do not sign whenever the next brother is it's coming into the draft next year it's them more mellow I love you know early and hello Leigh Angela and that one of the ninja turtles and they don't sign him. Van Alonso will balance after his third year in he will go play with whatever MBA teams signs all three of them I thought it set a bit. They're the air on fox they don't want lawns is there's an NBA team that does this just to get Alonso who would it be. The next eating now in well adults with Sony realized oh. It's for sure the knicks of all the US AT and details crappy Brothers just to get Alonso it's the next it's the ads show that is James Dolan the and get people to the arena it's the New York connect you know it is going to be knows somebody does sign all the Brothers. According large enemy championship championship championship. That's coach Lavar by yeah you don't he's won and now museum you got to keep the team together for a long time he can't because anyone. Cadets on its heels at what went on UCLA they would've won the national title last year sure he also said we don't have to go to the draft to sign and as a free agent you don't have to give Jolo. Sense of that column jello yeah. Because it's a De'Angelo silicon jello hate Jolo. You don't have to get jello fifteen million. Give them a million for three years. He played well Ahmad government that is I don't negotiations. OK he done to give him fifty million give him a million for three years we'll take it because they make so much money off the court they lose spare change. I don't know if I've ever rooted for somebody to fail in the NBA more than ever did I now in an email at I don't want liars Alonso well it's not screw it at this point it's on hand speed. On the show hello Amanda shut the hell you like being a Laker you wanna stated you don't like your dad say crap like this gonna leave in two years you guys ever tell you it has to shut the hell out if he said this yes I would. Eddie's gonna leave 1080 the fan in tears Alessio hire my nephew to go work with the station as well I'd say you know its stamp my business is is my job now. Okay yeah I know I have zero sympathy Sam he's gonna go to western Oregon is not a heart attack. Lisa Clark and step up in the recording process I have zero symphony for Alonso anywhere at first it was like using college it's weird I never seen that in like this now this is on him tell your dad has done. Diller to be a crawl. This is what it means to your grown ass man is serious business as Jordan Clarkson when he got to Cleveland and practices he's gonna miss the Varney just lastly I'm not talking dad and not get miss him and also RAZ needed to be back by n.'s ballot he was right on the last one you can say what you want he was right about the loop oh I would be shocked at all there's a team dumb enough to take on the other two nano. But will Alonso actually leave the lakers yet another team's gonna take on his brother's I think that teams are stupid enough to do that I'm more concerned is lawns are dumb enough to have a power play like that. Over that. I would be surprised at all there's a little truth to Lavar ball and I know we don't like to admit that here in this. Cecil sports world that we've created but there's a little truth to what he does. I'm not saying it's right. Not seen does the right way. Little truth to what he does he did that Luke Walton it seemed the heat seemed to be pretty dead on with. They said they lose. Loose change maybe jello shouldn't have stole on the our notion of if they lose change may be jealous should've stalled a purse not sunglasses at. A subtle tweak every got. Is anybody in the area watching college basketball I would be willing to gamble and now. Has alerted state had a pretty weak and yet I Jeter listen to this to the I was listening to the husky Hoskins has homily back from Seattle I got and the cause I saw this coral that Osama demolished Somalia it was a couple of husky dog and they were not happy about connecting him to win. When Todd Simmons of line at Deanna what was the first overtime nail into the line as the free throw Andre says they were adamant that was not a foul course they were so he was shrapnel found there and then now when he hit the game winning three it was. It'd shoot. Where he stays in the game it was one of those I just completely disappears but to ordered an artist stables swept this weekend nice that we can for the ducks. The other ducks have moved into the four seed currently in the factually that means they were enough to play an opening round game still means by the way they would miss the tournament. Because this conference is terror gather are not in yet they might Toews had two teams into the conference the NCAA tournament that's how bad is conferences. The jet outside Arizona oh yeah three. I and Arizona for UCLA a issue. Don't give for an I think if the ducks go on the run or would you say are now you know see effort to all people US US seeking did and the ducks can still get in. And a tough day today though if they dole. Which they're capable of doing that's how it looks like traced cinco is healthy. I finally I think and I year. Well I mean really it really did right now so. But there's I think the Beazer a team people. They're starting to figure themselves out I'll think Tim wants him in the pac filter. Am trying to figure for two ankle man to bounce back year well I mean date is still in some people's eyes a little. Disappointing. But here's the beauty of this conference just do what you need to do it's why don't get to the tournament it's why don't miss me texting college basketball's still saying. Still thing man so it's basically where is it an act if it's not a final four run we're really not in that much which is tennis on the minority speak for themselves. Will be here in it fell again now you're in it. That a young Iranians tax Kenya. Dollars and it certainly could mean it's them against the Connecticut College basketball season it has been a great year got a blue bloods and Andy got some of these new ones except for the tournament. I NATO aren't you always yeah on the Eisner. The missing an Acela shot terrified Castaneda the sand dot com is where you can find it today and entered the Spragan Anthony the fan as well enjoy your beautiful Monday afternoon. Thanks for being a part of our show today we will talk to you tomorrow at noon Amylin is next listening to 1082 things.