Dirt & Sprague Monday February 12th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, February 12th
No offseason for the NFL Whiparound, plus Lane Johnson pushing the boundaries of the Super Bowl afterglow, while the 49ers have to deal with another arrest for LB Rueben Foster...and the Cubs sign Yu Darvish to a 9 figure deal.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It has against these blogs. Regularly. Going around the corner it's time for dirty and sprayed her love is hard time sometimes picking up three love and intensity early flight home. San Diego and a couple of new people tell that your path and blindfolded with Andy Dirk Johnson and Brendan spray it's. Date as we just days and time you know socially glad to get dirt and spray it on ten million after. We'll soon. Pat on the back again now word sued irons were. It was here happy Monday here on 1080 the fan Portland sports leader. Dirt did something we saw thank him for. So he went to the FaceBook post that I put out any found the individuals. And their comment. And he put the name in there because if you're gonna say something that eighty out of your names should be NN collier name is if you comment on FaceBook you're out their public by the way I don't think this individual is going to worry about I clicked his profile. He's described as self employed. He attended Santa Rosa junior college camper a little bit and a couple tough in college and he's. I hate to say is these kind of the stereotype of who you think would say what he said some dirt tweeted this out with a screen gravelly comment. And you can see it on his Twitter at Peter Johnson. It can enjoy since there if I come back in and it hurts like. And I to weed out the comment in my own blanks because I was the indeed he just type it out word for word now yeah screen grabbed a nice ring grabbed it don't you go look at. They can find that there are a lot to get to get to some baseball stuff the cubs ago and swinging for the fences. As a problem Iran bomb. And gab began before Iraq I don't you have some beef with Barack Kia will talk about that during the baseball segment. And we got some other duties to get to but it is Monday let's get the NFL with round going. Throw losers and done. Eight and eighty years. Boy what a difference winning makes right. Because the US the Jacksonville Jaguars what matters. Its winning they've taken the tarps off their four big sections. Because they're selling out tickets they've increased their ticket prices 10%. And they've announced. Winning feels so good we can't be ugly anymore. Civilian plastic surgery for themselves. And no I knew you'd knees and helmets that they're introducing in the springtime first off the new helmets as long overdue for Jacksonville I did the dual color thing drives me now is pretty vanity technicolor gullet I don't care if you won gold I don't care if you want black picked a lot of video that sealed what heals or else I'm fine with that just he can't do the half and half it just is a bad look nobody likes it so what about and that the spots like should they have like the jaguar by Paula gentler spots. AA it. Dangles gold at the tiger striped sea and a makes me think of like. Women's underwear something I don't wanna see them. Listen to medical appropriate therapy. You. So little lady and gentleman yeah there again like the bang wheels can get away I think it's this dry age and you don't see that. Is there any football team on today has. Spots on a helmet. Cast thoughts on round. There's no NF there's no other characters are there. I'm trying to think of like college Selig is in the eyes of a unique college Ellen anywhere I can I am trying to think he'd have you leopard don't the wildcats Janet are casting a Zia. Bob the O Ohio University bobcats and I'll think they have done is due at cal blisters they have. They are this the you know the Panthers get Panthers and the jags. The Panthers have a serious helmet yet Panthers got a given an on campus and spots but now they're all black yeah right. So yes they need to hum it's kind of just if you came out with spotted helmets to existing every time you dig them. I like giggling little ticked me now I kind of supposedly corals passing game management does its body he. I'm of the dead joke loan there lines they are play this is what happens when you win no you can take the tarps on fears seeds you can sell more of bombed a 10% increases in bad though for team against the EC title game Alice in home. We'll see they get back there inexorably morals is her quarterback again. Solved but he capitalize on it and get on them they're trying to make some money people finding care about the team down there you know I don't know about you I. She really liked their old stuff. Thank you they're resilient he's when he came out I hopefully they rebrand the Mark Brunell days and give back to ask you are beat Florida be eccentric be Branagh and then have my guerrilla jag on there now let me as older people this does every generation at this same thing because I feel that way about uniforms and almost every sport. Like I was talking we were targeted to Australia today about the CR beauties and I was he had an old school seahawk shirt on. So you're you're finally out she called back to those old I lie actually like the new Seahawks jerseys I think is the newer ones are cool. I don't that's a generational thing and just remembering if I do as an NBA jerseys like ninety's NBA jerseys to means like to peek you're never gonna top our thoughts from the ninety's were the words seek the U Dario and why he's answered my question doing poorly all. And has her hands and resigned decades you bradys were more ninety's I that the cavaliers nannies jerseys were horrible. There was that they and the Seahawks though. CI I think. We say you want that ray in the green in that balloon. I think it's cool for one game a year I think overall it was kinda glean. But give me affirm once a year due to throw back. These ones now significantly. Better than what they had from Michael's 302. Soul flight twenty Rottweiler that whenever a Gillis ugly real dark ones they had actually in those on those about a month through there those were ugly. And I feel like I always remember funny and you forms Jacksonville's and a one of those teams the AD the jaguars in beauties of late ninety's good fans they should go back all right let's move on how about some early recruiting for free agency wide receiver Deion re Hopkins of the Houston Texans. Posted to his Twitter a picture of Jimmy Graham and it Texans uniform for Houston as more cap space available in Seattle. So we'll see if that matters if they're gonna actually have a chance here to get him by. I know Jimmy Graham wasn't the most productive in Seattle the idea of him being paired it. With what they have going on the wide receiver position in Houston along with the dynamic guy like to Shawn Watson. And that says scary costs. The scenario play out Houston if they have a chance again yeah really is if you hit it when you said he was disappointing in Seattle but. The potential still there and been part of that for me was always it just being a bad that they did know how to use him -- know how to play lol that offense flowing better off five good offensive linemen that for yeah I Don Watson Wyatt if it worked perfectly fine and in when he was in New Orleans in I was the most dynamic tight end in the National Football League was there when Drew Brees has thrown until sight he's like he's a wide receiver static died and he never has been. As heavily got paid with a franchise tag on that issue they wanted to be counted as a wide receiver not as a tight end because the amount of times that he was slotted up outside line of scrimmage so. I that this is a a scary fit of him in Hopkins at all just comes down to a swagger mentioned not meaning in the block and I and the knowing that you're using him in the right system. You think they'd be able to do that right Houston I don't. He's always was teams refuel and easy to begin it they can figure it out. But with a Watson managed to gain decent Houston as a sleeper team for me not sleeper is not the right word but that a team just to keep close I am because Watson as good as he was. It was it was a really short spurt like let's act like he was dominant for fourteen games he would start the first one came and. That attacked us months and Gunner David go find out who I don't know who I can't remember who the whole line coach of the Broncos was back when Elway. When they were. They were smaller that when she where it was there they were all like to 85 to ninety athletic. Because they're gonna roll them out left and right. They need to go find that guy and teacher give a lot of pulling guards and that sort of thing to move the pocket. Because otherwise Watson's just gonna get pummeled him. By and let's move along. This is way too early but I know football fans we always interested in this. They've already come out with these strength of schedule ranking. You are Green Bay Packers have the toughest schedule in the NFL next season right around lions or second saints' third. Bucs forced into it this I just. You can't win tied for fifth with three other teams and the Cleveland Browns. In Cleveland track phones and or did it letting game and he ended up or doing right now the fifth toughest schedule. Going in next year they're tied with the rams. The Seahawks in the box now I should be pointed out that's all based on projections so you can have anti winning percentage rise from this year that going to get translated so that there's some teams it may be able to usurp it was a really tough game and end up being too late when you Claman. You know in the second half of the season but that that's a tough for Cleveland. But also I mean the Green Bay is going to be a unique team to Washington as well because the of rogers' injury. That division is not a gimme Minnesota was just in the NFC championship game Detroit. Another Detroit but they're always try to around 500 them ball games of Matthew Stafford and maybe Chicago takes staff with your two that are too risky so having the toughest schedule. An NFL it's not gonna make things easy. All right there's our. NFL with around we do it every Monday a at 1 o'clock we could have done some other stories though I actually think I'd rather talk about a longer than just about a minute. And I wanna start here I think this is the dumbest thing I've ever Super Bowl champions say. Kudos dealing Johnson we'll talk about what you talked about next on offense grandma. And Maria when you win a Super Bowl you always feel like you can do any thing one night that's holidays that is. Elaine Johnson. Who was not shy of speaking his opinion. Which I loves sports media member. And they wander the big underdogs they want all their games. They get the Lombardi trophy may be patriots to the Victor go the spoils they get their first sue rule title ever. And then Blaine Johnson popped on the part of might take podcaster part of bar stool sports. And gave his two cents on winning verses with the Eagles vs winning as a New England patriot. I just strained the the British Airways is a fear based organization Nazi do they win hell yes and women. Women washed along sounded I think people enjoy it has to say I had a lot of fun playing there no I don't prejudices dot foresters you amounted recklessness a hell would much rather have fun and and can win a Super Bowl them Bemis boy am. You know it has revised rules him impossible but I. I did love that OP of two comments are basically don't yeah five C rules they're not having any fun like five super bulls and lane didn't take up on it too is so rueful look at ease like telling you do they want finds who polls there's no they're not having fun. So this led to. This is gonna lead us to a conversation with the first I want to point out reasonable question on this and I thought about this yesterday when I saw this comment. And you week you can vote actors Sprague what's the what's the bigger fear based organization which one would you rather be apart of Scientology's. That in the page. I. It's sounds like sticking out either now as you know to catch him as though it has to get too big of a kind dragon Belichick's betrayed your past two years later. Packet alignments and has taken over react with this might be one of the dumbest things remember her way which ready voting. Scientology's point in my vote. You rather be assigned to order a size aside I've. That was a natural falls understating the question the wrong way of credit to renew the patriot to decide colleges about it was which one uses more feared yet now August reserves and try to pressure resides out. This is one of the dumbest things I've ever meet. When Johnson I'd get it man you're trying to enjoy your moment assigned you get a lot of interviews and you won a super bulls so more power Tia for speaking your mind. To save the EU hopeful first off to act like you know exactly what it's like to be a patriot when you've never played that organization. On their strike one of yours it's being taken down because of wouldn't. Number of former major players have come forward to say this is just completely ridiculous we have a ton of fun you don't know what it's like to be a new in the patriot. And to say that you would only you're OK just when he won as long as you're having fun. And you wouldn't wanna win five because they're too strict over there and they don't get to have fun with the media and they have to have these same candy answers and they don't. Give bulletin board material. Amen and chalk that up to somebody that I don't want to be my teammate if you're just doing this to have fun and have a good time and put on a dog mask it by everybody in Philadelphia blood lie. Call it in there doing your thing but I'm OK with passing having you on my football team that let me ask you this what did base. Outside of and accepting the underdog role what to truly say that New England wasn't able to. Not a whole lot right so even the only difference going into the game it wasn't like they were sitting there at the podium. Spout off talking about on existing and that they said we know they are we respect them we're a big underdog and we felt confident ourselves. Now was it that was about as funny you've got from the pregame venue in the post game and night c'mon you're talking pig like that. When you win five C rules and end on every player on the patriots did win five super doubles. When you're a part of a dynasty or part of that incredible run that's been eighteen years. Having fun. I don't care that you can't comment on Rex Ryan's foot fetish that doesn't bother me. Gronkowski seems to have the money talks the media around his having a great tight lies so some people are. Buttoned up professional on the ages one to save what they wanna say the bare minimum and get out go do their job. And then you have a mix of gronkowski is going Johnson of the world that wanna say more and have fond and joke around give the Eagles all the trade in the world winning the Super Bowl they want me money so unhappy form. Gimme a break with this Tedy Bruschi was on ESPN today. And down he basically responded to this I had a ton of fun when I've played there at 13 reports of Iowa I won three Super Bowls and I never. I didn't have a time when I didn't have fun doing it. And any also went on antenna to the show on a Tug Peterson was like hey if you want a coach to go on a double date with be my guest the logic was great. And I don't view that as a shot at Ed Doug Peterson he just was saying you're you're at the coaches and there'd be your body body that the coach is there to win football games and that there's a lot of respect and a level of respect for New England that doesn't exist for other organizations around the league like yes they do. A lot of things and some other teams don't yes they're very strict wins. The way did they cut move on from players and sometimes it can seem to be cold hearted. With how they move on from guys but. They do it and and it results and winning and if that's your ultimate goal of playing football's two when it doesn't matter how good of a personal relationship you have with your head coach. Doesn't matter what your able to say to the media our you're able to interact with fans and the draw for example is a great example of yes doing the players can have on the ground is. Example late for that but. If you're playing football to win which is the goal from most of these guys is to go out there and that that's what you wanna do it did days Herm Edwards says he played to win the game. And it doesn't matter how much funnier having off the field it matters what the result is at the end of the game and nobody's better at the New England I have a real feeling a feeling that. I'm going to be very conflicted watching the Eagles. Play football the next couple years I'll be conflicted because I think there's going to be players on that team. Then I'm gonna enjoy watching. Mixed in with players that say dumb things that I'm seeing a shaken my take on dude. Don't act like you've won eight Super Bowls you won one and also act like you dominated a football game like that was a back and forth game that without a strip sack in a controversial call at the end. Are not the indices that on the climate touchdown oh yea and that easily could've gone either way right. New England could have won that game on a last second drive by Tom Brady don't have a strip sack right that leads to them they're probably losing that game it really was probably winning a football game because you didn't have a shot at hell outside of it as sack and a fumble. At stopping Tom Brady he we was going up and down the field against you it will the second of three drives three touchdowns. Then you find a guy you stop you don't have that you lose and we still say in his he'd rather have fun and lose the Super Bowl. They have no fun and went six of armed ridiculously easy get caught up in the end a hot take machine. Yes he did you do you diesel do you think so or do you think he gets Connick has some times are indeed. In a position where you just like giving opinion. And then you take a sagging like I don't I really feel that we've maturity said it. He can take you back. I think he's one of those guys it's partial to me I think he I think he got caught up I think is got up and having a big head because he won the symbol everybody wants to talk to one. Because he was kind of a guy who cuts in headlines before the game because of the Bud Light stopped wearing dog masks right now is this case is character guy and I think he's running with a little bit. NEC and a lot of things I just don't like Alec this is turning into an every like radio show over the country's debating. Would you rather have fun or would you rather win that's what is this child sports re getting a Capri suns afterwards like. Wendy what is patriots not have fun that's yeah that's my question is when did they not have fun it was super rules they look pretty happy last year it's a false narrative that's been created that we we have no way to back up. Has a strict put players is you can't talk about Rex Ryan's foot fetish. And I wanna have fun I just don't get where that's coming from the I think we actually can't back this up. They can have fun you just have to wait and execute. And again to my original point what were the Eagles doing out before the sue rule they weren't saying a whole lot. They were buttoned up they handled the questions the right way and they talked about how they took on the underdog role. It's not really that outrageous or more fun than what the patriots were saying. So is it is ridiculous to me because we saw last year when they beat Atlanta and they came back. I thought we Garret blunt and James might look like they were employing Indians on celebrating a game winning touchdown they're having a blast FM one Tom Brady seemed pretty happy on the podium easy poison the trophies it. Oh eyes and ladies a circle back where there's a Blaine Johnson let's say knowingly gets back this rumble next year and finds a way to win one but my Johnson in the Eagles get bounced like in the first round right to a circle back interview was was that more fun line to get bounce the first round are you enjoying now winning. Verses having five or six and exit I think Belichick was having fun here. This with. Which is kind of ironic for this segment because he's talking about how we never have a day off while celebrating having a day off it's great. Thank you eight. I think they haven't done a funny New England editor and and I'm me I'm not even in New England fan I just saws come Perot and you mentioned Philly lights and inexorably years will be easy you add on top of that to now the coaches that they've lost at our com properly to point this morning. Look and add some of the offenses in what's happened with with them when they lose there either offense coordinator quarterback coach in Atlanta as a prime example this Kyle Shanahan. Leaving to go be that coach of the 49ers and they went from being an absolute juggernaut on that side of the ball. To Dallas Steve sorties and others struggling to score seventeen points a game right on the scored ten in the playoffs so. You I think Doug Peterson is unique because he's a great offensive minded self and he has been his whole career as a coach so. Maybe they can survive that. But they've now lost their offensive coordinator and their quarterback coach which is what happens when you when people wanna come take your coaches say he won and hateful side to do it come to our team. So you lose your quarterback coach you're offensive coordinator and a lot of examples of the last 78 years of teams have lost good offensive minds and then every address in the mean. On that side of the football to the 49ers learned from all and Smith will find out soon enough that's next. Is somebody finally signed in Major League Baseball it's that coming up in crunch time thirteen minutes from now. Should kids be allowed to play football to the top of the hour. And a former. Of a former NFL player trying to make a comeback also in the final hours show don't come with come back. Its own column to come back so while gets on that stuff coming up. Now we have the latest opportunity for Roger Goodell to. See where his stances on domestic violence and how seriously they wanna take allegations of that nature because over the weekend Rubin foster's San Francisco 49ers linebacker. Former Alabama linebacker was arrested on suspicion. Domestic violence threats and assault weapon possession at his home in California police were called to his house. Regarding a possible disturbance and after they make contact with Foster in the victim into committee 'cause is the custody was released on seven a 5000 dollar. Dale the 49ers have basically remained silent on this they say admiral where we're gonna you know get all the information that same bullet point answer you get from every organization. In this situation reportedly Ruben Foster is meeting list. The 49ers today. And this also let's not for nick comes on the heels of him getting arrested last month in Alabama on possession of marijuana charge that was. I'd post a bottom was released paid it's fine. And went on his way so not a good offseason for Ruben Foster and this'll be inching UCLA NFL handles that because it's another case of domestic violence right the end. Phil's gonna have one way to handle and we'll figure that out I'm actually way more fascinated how the niners analysts there's a lot of things to think about here. Wine Ruben Foster played well when he was healthy. And as the word that hurts is when he wasn't healthy last year he got banged up any wrapping up rather easily which is kind of a knock on him going into the draft. When he did play. I believe he won defense of rookie of the month of I'm not mistaken very talented so is a really good player when he's on the field but that is the thing is can you keep them on the field. For sixteen games. And they knew you add on dirt that this is all Huntsman 2.0 it really is I'm not saying in kids guilty. Of the domestic or the assault weapon charges. Will find that out but now you're tied to three incidents this offseason this is like a month after he had though the marijuana possession Alabama. I think it's over reactionary by that state but I'm from organs so of course I'm going to be. A little more progressive my thinking about marijuana but still when you get involved in something that's illegal there. And and you get caught up in another incident with domestic issues and weapons charges. This is all in Smith 2.0. And I know the niners are gonna do their due diligence they're gonna after really hammer out how they feel about this he went to the facility today. And he supposedly got just an earful from everybody as he show ahead. They need to decide in a way is he worth it I know he was a late first round pick. I know how great of a player he is when he's on the field. But man if you're not showing consistency to stay healthy. And your making poor choices. Is hard as it is sometimes organization you just gotta say. Look we may lack that talent we may have try to make that up with two players vs just having him. This isn't worth the headache and I'm not seen the niners gonna cut him but. I think they've got a real decision to make here of do you say all right this is the last straw now and support him because he thinks he's completely innocent of all this. Or do you just say you know wide. We're gonna let it play out but we're not feeling great good by. Seattle. And I'm with you there I think watching with the 49ers do here will be interesting if are their mileage and I would cut Rondo had no reason to keep and a guy like this around I know he's a good football player but he's constantly been in trouble. Since he left Alabama number he was sent home from the come by and last year after arguing with a hospital employee I'd chemical at the nature of the argument was but he was sent home from the come by. Could even compete fellow alien the first round. The niners took imminent filing it was a steal because he should have been at seventieth or eighth overall pick out by the most people projected him in the top ten but he was injured in India and that incident. With the hospital they did fine according to sources on the Mercury news they did find an assault rifle at his house of them the girlfriend when she initially called the police it sounds like. Said there should be two AR fifteen weapons in the house but sources it's murky Mercury news wrote. Sources familiar with the investigation. Said police found a single. 560 short barreled rifle which it sounds like it is a relatively new model based on the AR fifteen. So they did find an assault rifle at his house down a California cell. That goes out the window. In terms of wondering whether or not they found it. And the domestic violence does Germany NFL has this policy now where it's basically a six game suspension blue M and there you go IE EE throw the blanket over everybody. It's accused of an easy kill you just reduce this last year there were no charges file he was and found guilty. None of that stuff they did their investigation they talk to the parties involved and Ezekiel Elliott. And of the six game suspension now you have Ruben Foster who knows where this goes from here what kind of charges are filed. It's colleges you know suspected offenses at this point of domestic violence but once again now you're gonna have a six game suspension hanging over his head not to mention. The guy get in trouble nonstop about the field of from the 49ers just get out of this city got too much possibly doubling even wait I wouldn't even like you are much positive stuff going on he just signed or upload a long term deal. He got a lot of cap space to go spend money you gotta decently high draft pick. This kid has been a headache since the day draft Tim yup he didn't stay healthy when he was on the field he was great now is get in trouble again. Just wash your hands of the situation a move on you don't want another announcement case and I. Think that was always a thing people pointed out without niner team when they had Alvin Smith is he comes on the scene and I believe he tighter set the rookie record for sacks in a rookie season. And you're thinking OK it is amazing and then he starts having all these things come off off the field. There's only so much you can deal with and so much you wanna put your organization and fan base through. And I don't Obama a 100% with you but I completely get it and that's what I'm wondering is are they at the same point of you shouldn't have to I don't care if the kid is 2123. I just don't care if I'm busted even at that age I know I can't screw up again. Don't look myself in bad situations. You could say whoa he may be he's home and and this this young woman comes out in. He doesn't do anything which she obscenity M and tries to so why. It did have a character radar here like to try to dictating and figure out. Who are people you can trust and don't put yourself from bad situations as a reason this doesn't happen everybody bribes and so I just look at that the arrest in Alabama. That should have been a waking call dude you were sent home for the come buying. You were a guy a lot of people circle and said can't stay healthy character issues someone who watched. And in your first year you got banged up you played well and then you add incident like a month and a half after the season after their season. It's times like those that make you kind of look in the mirror and wonder is it is better to cut and run. Instead of sitting there and supporting and then maybe he ends of getting hit up on one of these charge in the assault one term. Domestic and a lesser a misdemeanor of sums or whatever it is we don't know yet. But. I just don't know if you if it's worth it again as you mentioned in matters of the draft pick. They have a ton of cap say is the most we NFL and they just signed their franchise quarterback they're riding a wave of momentum. That you're hoping at least from our organizational standpoint you can taken in next season so as talented as he is. And is unfortunate is that news is with the talent player a talented player like that. Sometimes teams got to make those tough decisions this is about whether they're gonna do it. Or they're gonna draw a line and since he does is it will back you for this down one or even even little thing. You're gone he outfit and a vision to see how. And it just. I much from room there willing to give him because he's been in trouble a couple of times that he no good players. But they always get along you know more rural than other guys on the team if he was at an average player or practice squad guy you would have been probably cut with a marijuana. Issue when he got arrested but. Is or been sponsoring was a first round pick stadiums in times of retesting in asking is it against a lot of possess the weapon I'm always confused by this. I don't know California's gun laws that it's a permanent situation and one that's I mean obviously Abby asked to have that. Permit to own a gun but I don't know if this is somebody county without our assault rifles a legal in California I don't know every state panels this kind of stuff differently. Especially with a gun likening ar fifteen which it sounds like that's the model that it was made after. So if that's the case and it's an illegal guns owned in California that's a whole another issue but for CIA make sure it's even if it's legal only done behind the permit. To have that done in your house so be it a whole issued on there everything I've I've seen on the story of him. Is basically. There hasn't been much information on that on the assault weapons charge but. Again want to find out yeah. Somebody said I think you the right out of Foss a little bit trade him before it happens again it's easier said than done out when you know this is gonna happen again a guy's been in trouble two times now the last. 56 weeks is him Cisco thought after last time nothing would happen and semi tech CN AR style rifles are Siri illegals in California so scary even legal that's what I thought yeah so it a matter of his temperament on an or not he gets a legal only gone like that California so he's got one of those in his house that's a whole big charge that's not accounting domestic violence charge. And somebody said speaking from a law enforcement standpoint I've never arrested anybody without some type of proof of domestic violence a red mark Bruce Sutter if they booked him. They have something on hand so we'll see where this goes a Ruben Foster the NFL is their latest chance to make an example of somebody accused of domestic violence and 49ers. Went through this similar kind of stuff the ball and Smith for a number of years now get it again with the Ruben Foster learning linebacker and you know. I think is a fan and it hurts because you saw how talented he is when he plays. It's also just sucks is a football fan because you don't like to see town like this to ski wasted I I I hope. This isn't the end for him whether he stays or letters or not I hope he can somehow turned around from self. Figure out the character issues and get a squared away because we just know that when he plays he's one of the more talented rookies that were out there last year. Yes it was interim trustee goes and arrested over the week any an assault rifle and it's house police were called accused of domestic violence and done now looking good for the rookie out of Alabama who when healthy played well for the 49ers this past season that we finally finally a somebody signed a Major League Baseball. What does it mean for the cubs in is he worth that much money crunch time is next on the fan zone pressures on. Just was different. Pass messages to execute in crunch time in his preliminary heat when. Homeland is credits from all of them on the news that's the lowest on the wall it's. Friendster and look at the hottest topics in sports brought you money crunch could. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. They dredged rusty bank French fitness and always I 95 months so why would your pay more free gym membership I'll be out of the glorious housing gains today after Michelle. Yeah. Oregon outside and you're down all and deceptively called though. Yeah his thing it's like 42 degrees right now little chilly. I'm not gonna work out Wednesday in a hole Valentine's Day thing and forty cents a small west. Off yeah Natalie guided dinner and a movie and stuff work out delays things I don't get it when I work out I don't like 53545. When he was sound and a movie. We edited ceremony it's a whole thing she's got to get up early the next day why is that you're go to date. That's is what we like to do I made a big dinner and a movie guy Oka and see why she's pick in the movie unfortunately you know she's gonna pick all via. Music it's that bill I've been to south down I hope it's not out I'm sure it is last year went to see that fifty shades nonsense. All you seen the new fifty shares at old time up and spank him thanks Dan angles didn't mean more material centenary go right it's also I have my parents. That was not gonna lie. Go in with a little a reporter notepad. Now remember movies I'm not gonna lie you and I know she's not listening to this might upset her account. The last one. Might be the worst movie I've ever seen the first one is the only one I've seen and it was the worst movie it seemed like. So that there was no sex in the first legs were pulled that that was half the reason drunk Brandon was all alone watching that. Right let's let this see things heat up a little bit how dark does Christian grey really get went he Spain to ones on. And that's a dirty tee where Eagles for dinner theaters on the look forward to I've nanometers or should be any deal. Yeah I indicted last year but it was so many places beaten Portland. Mr. Yeah I'd you selling your really prepared for Wednesday which is two days away. And getting gift to a delay and all figured out and I got I got two days left. Hey we have some breaking news the baseball world finally be able finally. The somebody. Has so and I ask somebody tipped off the reporter that as a comment on that as somebody EU wouldn't Darvish he is going to be. Chicago Cubs see is she EI Yu Darvish signed was it six years 120 million or 36000126. Million dollars. A lot of my a couple of interesting side stories from that sentiment into it means for the cubs first off. And satellite the Dodgers made an identical offer to him. Of course you remember he pitched for the Dodgers in the second half last year I did not pitch on the World Series vote was great before World Series. So he it in the wedding Jews in the cubs the Dodgers he chose to go to because any other side story about two days before the cubs finalized this deal. They offered Jake Syriana the same contract. They. 126 million dollars he said no turn him that got divorces. One against the moaning not really holding I was stopping. 126 knowing and he said no. So stop your bitch and I love doing that's so so we'll see great doesn't it but Yu Darvish does that count good deal for Yu Darvish. I don't know if it's a good deal for the cubs though six years. A 126. For a guy that basically is over what a 3433. ERA for his career in the bigs obese so. Upn doubt when he is on heat island as an unhittable up blood when he's not any is inconsistent. And starting at Wrigley is up and looked out. I wanna white shows the cubs over the Dodgers at the same offer help my theory is on this subject because of how he pitched in the World Series car shot had Al. Amid pressures their salaries cursor is a different personality different and he was signed was enough for Italy can opt out this year plus the fact I mean the Dodgers still had they got some young guys show if Darvish was struggling. Out he's gonna get either sent to the bullpen or sent down to the minor leagues to work it out the Dodgers have potentially seven different guys who can start a thorough healthy so gonna. And whether it's you know whether it's valid or not I I think there would have been and if he struggled say in the first from six weeks of the season I think there's a lot of built up animosity and that fan base of this guy lobby it was the reason I'm losing guys indicating he got shelled twice yeah hearted game seven he gave a blood four runs in three innings Ozzie was awful right. And so if you come out you sign this big six year 126 million dollar contract in the you don't pitch well the first couple weeks of the season. There's going to be some boo birds at Dodger Stadium and he he doesn't get that you get a hold they'll welcome and welcome to Chicago you the new fresh face. A new sexy relationship to general Torre about the kind of I think because of the way the free agency period gone for Major League Baseball. It's making me evaluate and think about some of these players in the contracts again. Yu Darvish could very well prove me wrong here in the first blank amounting years. I don't know of the cubs fan is not my money there's not really cap six years no 126 million. We can be spent our money and that's where it's gone as Yu Darvish asterisk on this whole issue of free agency you're not feeling great about that are you. Now tonight and I mean he hasn't been the same pitcher. Not that not that he's a bad. But you go back but he's not great so you go badgers first couple years in the big leagues and he was dominant in his first three years in taxes he was so fun to watch 39 ERA to a 283 ERA in his second year. Then the injuries are a pileup he missed all of the 2015. Season. He and Jimmy seventeen starts in 2016. A last year again at least got back to the der build the and made over thirty starts combined with the Rangers in the dodgers'. After the trade deadline but he had a four ERA it would Texas and a 344 ERA acts not extraordinaire daughters and let's not forget the guy is turning 32 in August so your signing him up until he's 37 years Ole. And yeah I I get the trepidation signing deal I don't know why you would sign any pitcher over the age of of 31. Longer than three years just how safe are you could give him big money for shorter year's event you still have taken it yet you might have it and that's a tough part is an and it goes vaginal conversation about the market to receive right now is. What he has signed for three years like how much money would you have had to get because if I ask you how many good years as Darvish have left probably three areas then Mac. I would I don't want him I was contracts are structured to you how much their front loaded. Sure and it's like the last years sift their guaranteed or nod or if you know what sort of buyouts you can have. On those I've got to match and there's some outs for the teams if if he gets injured or something and they. You know I'm a Mac can steal Mac cast deal's been traded a couple times you can trade that contracts you can try to pitch myself funny several about the Dodgers get is that of dar it's Kershaw opts out. Discount because he can opt out of his contract after this next year. If he opts out you know the highest paid dodger in 2019 will be met him Mac camp is now doctor and saudis and because a contract back on their books as they try to form a I was like well I came full circle that now male and a flashback thought maybe if you don't know that country need to move all but it'll be easy to see it meant that this is gonna charge or release the cuts needed to do this if if they have area around they got a dead dynamite offense. Their staff does is go would Lester and how Hendrickson. Can talk with a guy for the White Sox last or who is big in the second half. But Lackey is gone seems like he's vintage and 45 years he's funny on. And then area and it turned out their offers a they had to find somebody else to fill that either second or third spot in the rotation. Behind lesser and Darvish Tenet told lasted 3860 could do worse than that they're just pain and too much. So actually here's the interesting thing I I don't know what area is doing year and he could very well get a bigger deal at some point. He's gonna turn 32 hearing just like two or three weeks. And you turned down a six year hundred in two when he 2526. Million dollar deal for the cubs. While I. That's the thing is Scott Boras is is been very vocal about this whole pay not paying enough in the players is they're more. Great fight for the players are you want. You really find yourself because you want a bigger pay days and you get a small percentage. Guys like Marietta should be told to take those deals. What team's gonna give him one up fifty I think that team's gonna be idiotic I don't care as the Yankees Red Sox. Did give me 32 we're in three weeks no thank you highland. I think not given that contract that just goes when is enough enough -- I don't get an all such Hosmer 120 million JD Martinez won thirty like why would you guys sign those deals. Somebody here that god he had cubs and I believe tennesseans say they got him for cheap little been appealing to deal say in this in a short term as a big deal that most yup pans out at the end and in years for final six of the deal as you know as a giants -- very easy don't you only need nine World Series to make you feel it's it was okay. Giants indicted as a Johnny played those sweet Jesus how many years left on our contract that day he went from our year I guess it's terrific crunch time. Pricey by crunch fitness always 995 a month so I would you ever pay more free gym membership you can find out more about restraint and work out. At Christ our top lustig it's two in the final hour of the show something happening in the state of Oregon over the weekend we did not get to the first hour and we're curious to anybody. Is paying attention a potential comeback story. In the National Football League I'm curious of people may think it'll work indeed feel any sympathy and then we'll start whereas. Football should be played under the age of fourteen because some states trying to get rid of it lot of fun Florida going to ordered spread on 1080 the fan.