Dirt & Sprague Monday February 12th, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, February 12th
Sprague is curious about the oddities of one of the Blazers announcers, plus the Jazz emabarrassed Portland on their home floor with Nurkic getting hurt, the new look Cavs once again resemble the best team in the East, and how much Winter Olympics coverage are you enjoying.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. We're out driving kicking march quarter barely stolen by militant blew a save by Nader like former comes up the loose ball. Outscored Clarkson turn shoots a period. I want to allow. Over Georgia Clark's fifth seven ovation from the field and this is dirt inspiration. Will attend either Johnson and Brendan spray. Dirt and spray. John Channing. I'll ride it as well two in the rose city it is time for dirt in spring of Portland sports leader 1080 the fan ran n.'s Greg alongside and Peter Johnson on this. Absolutely. Cold but beautiful. Day. In Portland or at least they'd be about twenty degrees warmer and golf is a lot easier in this cold weather. Is give me a little bit more warmth that's all last I think you go up even just eleven degrees it's going to be X 49 today so they could golf at 49 golf in this no problem. It's layered up a little little closer to sixty is a bit more comfortably take a layer of clothing off at that point and swing a little freer but I just need ish a teacher in sixty on it and the energy I can move around a teacher and has been rain and sort of they should be pretty dry out there even when he gets his call that's great freezes over a little bit overnight hardens up the greens but it's golf have you noticed that. So this is easier to of the new play by play crew. Of tenant in Lamar yes yes it is have you guys noticed. Kevin says Portland or again. Every single time that he says. Portland. So I've been following this now I'm like OK you know the first couple months. He's getting acclimated to this market. He's familiar with because he's a Seattle guy right. He's been doing it now for two seasons like he's still every time when they come in. Welcome to Portland or again we think because he grew up in Indianapolis he grew up in the midwest guy do you think that's his tablet from having to differentiate between possibly. Portland Maine and I think similar or just full name people like these some folks are like this with your feet and Weller cities. The idea when you add that I was in a little tension when he was the national guy he did dat. Which makes sense here than nationally ESPN guys out in Seattle he had a mix because I actually watched a pretty decent chunk of sonics games when he was colony it. He would do Seattle Washington. But then that stopped in he would do just Seattle he hasn't stopped yet it is still. Portland Oregon. And Kevin is a consummate pro I'm not bad mouthing his play by play ability by any means. But I'm watching that in my living room or my bedroom and I'm sitting there and Mike. I know yeah I know is that is where it is stated I I live year. And it just thinks not the only doing that you pick up a sub like this I don't know why these agencies started. I don't know it's weird and I just kept hearing Portland and or again I might say and a whole thing is to say Portland rip city year. Well and I'm a big. I'm a big NBA league pass guy so if there's a blazer game not on or I'm home at. 430 or five and I have an hour after tail and these kids are doing homework whatever I will turn my NBA league pass app on my TV and I would choose whatever game or watch and I'll do the telecast that I want. And through all my years of doing league pass. I have noticed they don't do that in other cities. Because if you think about it what's the percentage a year audience that is league pass viewership verses. Your local RI have a very slim number league past few I would say 5% or less. Our viewers that don't live in or not familiar with our beautiful state and city yet. She's doing that for that audience or like you said may I used just stayed I think like that guy I think is Belinda I think of you met him and you knew Kevin collateral he would call you Brandon Sprague seeding every time after I met him yet first time and he remembered me are go -- brain and break their I think there are do you not have people in your life that are full name people I I had a couple of folks in my life who still call me Andy Johnson is still below the full name. They don't just go nickname they don't just go first name are they family not friends acquaintances are they friends of your older brother. Sometimes Diaz seat that would kind of makes sense I think some people just like the full thing for whatever reason I have one guy that I do the full name two of all the people I know my I've yet one. Person. And he used to play basketball. I believe it Benson. And his name's rob day is come Ronde well here's the I disarm this weekend and we did this like big group that it daddy daughter dance thing right. And we did that. And it didn't say to his face every single time I've referenced him in conversations people they know or people that don't I always call him rob day. Yeah you know rob they told me and he's the only guy at that idea that way it's say add to brevity thing I think because his first name is social or maybe that's what it feels strange on a robbed it six letters total is too quick round today it's over too fast and you went a little bit of a longer name I could go Robert but he's been prayed he stuck on the rob thinks idling likes the Robert call. Yeah I did some good points about it coming into the pantex incidents as I'm pretty sure everybody ordering the NBA league pass Knoll is what city every NBA team is right there's not Portland Maine now does though if you're ordering NBA league pass you are an NBA fan and if you're turning on a blazer game you know exactly where the blazers play there's no surprise there. We don't somebody saying that his girlfriend. Is from Vancouver she grew up in Vancouver while Canada wad of cash and she always says Vancouver Washington. That I understand that's a way different scenario president. Slightly who's the bigger Vancouver that's not even close only if your front ousted the question I have is what context is it coming up is somebody asking you where your from then yes you zip from Vancouver Washington. But if you just simply say hey we should go to Vancouver Washington this weekend that's weird hey where's your apartment ads in Vancouver Washington or where you go to dinner Vancouver Washington Danica answering yes he when you do in that scenario you're absolutely right it's. All right if you say where you from engineering Cooper I even though I've lived in Vancouver. I've been in Portland basically my entire life I will still go can washed. And I know it's right there Blake. Don't the bigger Vancouver is there on the deserves the respect and the audit dear guys say Washington State. Now I know I've never lets talk tubes yeah I've never been a Washington not a muscle on the East Coast and bomb on the East Coast then yeah you have to delineate that is otherwise a thank you from the district. But that that's the district so I got over the air and now they should step up their district and on a state. The difference and Zach in Portland says his brother's a full name guides weird doesn't everybody. They Jason Zweig art even to their face a brand is for again he said every doesn't everybody's weird I get saying it like holding I think clever as a full name guy. We needed those somebody doesn't all Lamar heard every time I'm chemical apple is say I'm Kevin lateral with Lamar heard within throughout the game he does go. You know Lamar earned this he drop a lot of the Mars throughout the broadcast. A decent and catch that. You follow you follow this stuff like closer and I do have not noticed this at all I might not notice that like crazy and I haven't paid that close attention now in as a as a viewpoint not now you brought this up Bible followed these create time he's drinking game for the next blazer game I believe I am telling you Portland Oregon. Every time. And unless somebody listening that's gonna passes little message on he's gonna ruin our drinking game I am telling you this is a is it'd guarantee. And his good somebody's gotta go find film of him just saying Portland sea if it exists blow this up its brakes may do I'd love for you to blow this up I would love to find out that I'm just crazy and I just happened in June and every single time he says Portland Oregon. But I'm telling you it is Portland organ. Every 100%. You don't we really get done laskar. That's the difference between the nuke gavel until somebody's ideas remind himself query is constantly you know he dropped last night I don't know if you guys got this either maybe I am just listening to much. He dropped to Seattle. The Utah Jazz are gonna come endeared to Seattle I'm in Portland. And I both long. Milieu where there on time Kevin balancing we can't session with a twenty point loss we can't be dropped in Seattle hasn't set importance that that line and stay best Hewitt that whole stupid conspiracy at the blaze are gonna go to C at some point they're gonna move up north yeah that was the only reason he was hired was because he used debatable is the size you are we have a lot of crackpots out there that led to that movements that are hiring goes Seattle guy for the Portland team that's gonna move to Seattle. And then you drop that is like. No not conduct it. Are we got a good show today there is a a lot to do too I wanna talk about the Winter Olympics actually run anti about that to start the show. It did you guys watch over the weekend no I'm just working over the weekend that we were watching a lot of Olympics before the shows some nice little speed skating no one really do cross country ski and I wanted in a shoot it and BB guns sniper kind of thing I will not hear any other reasoning. That triathlon event which is cross country skiing in and they stop and she BB guns that was created by drunk people from. And Arctic area of some sort. As the only way you come up with that sport yeah would we do its middle the winner let's have some fine how nicely you cross country ski and should have done yes you are not sitting at a table. Years and years ago going what kind of sports you know what I was seaweed cross country ski and then she gets. Note you are hammered drunken coming up when that game. Only way to Texas says. Video and how does ski. And issue is suited to archer let's do that. Estimate we talk a little bit about the Winter Olympics are you in into it out we had some loses week and we had a half I was snowboarding going on. Of course should figure skating which. Can be a big hit and miss with summer day so maybe we get to that we will talk the blazers. Babb fourth. Yes not to ever really been bad boys this year so. Was the worst is it was. It blown out of your home floor having a team do that wearing those uniforms it was the worst part about last night. Or maybe forty come to a conclusion on who use of tanner teaches is a player does settled in on Allen from all the New York fever two and a I'm I don't even have like. But nothing in my MIA out of my gourd to say to those of the ugly is uniforms in the MBA. No wells are hideous. They're nice is that they don't make sense for however now those that Phoenix had much as I like my son thought they were cool so yeah my wife ladies and I turned seventeen yet he he not like this is not like prodding dad he honestly thought they were cool and if if it's in yours if it's in your color scheme you can pull it off right as you mention was seen I want to know where the are you going to feel a sunrise became part of the utes I was there was like the red rocks thing right I think is what they're -- that was comments to enemy armies of the red rocks but the red rocks red coming keep it in the same colors to easier Utah I don't know there's like eighteen national parks in southern Utah because nobody wants to live their their names already the jazz which doesn't fit at all on the jerseys I don't know red orange jerseys. Now are you doing Utah well let's let you know let's start there let's start with the Portland trailblazers. Because last night they got a big slow. In the face bad boys. Of what they could have had and it just that one hurt a little bit we'll start their dirt and sprayed with you on 1080 the fan. Something big happened over the weekend for the state of organ that was capped off yesterday but I have a feeling nobody cares. We'll tell you what that is. LeBron James continues to just be rewarded because he's an amazing basketball player life is unfair that's still dumb trade for Cleveland. Yeah you can let us know if you still got those takes out there on that 155305. But I wanna start with the blazers who played Utah last night in Los by nineteen. They AME just got pummeled in the second half especially that third quarter I believe they're outscored 382. Was in 1938 to nineteen yeah third quarter. Yet defense of the utes are ratcheted up you got Rudy go bear that's backed by the way ending their ten and two since he returned in their last twelve games. The one that hurts me know. Was the one that we missed on in this kind a has been a running theme for the blaze is a little bit this year. Donovan Mitch Donovan Mitchell came in your last night and looked like an absolute. Superstar. Prized possession that they got in the draft. And unfortunately Portland is one of the teams that looked at them. But a nothing. Dollar aid package picks traded up into exact Collins who last night had zero points was all from one in fourteen minutes he did have three assists and two rebounds and get back on form but not quite 27. Six and 211 there's a number of teams that missed on Donovan Mitchell I went thirteenth overall. At a little bowl and right but some of those teams weren't looking for out of Mitchell and they weren't drafted in similar positions so Portland or no one of those teams yes and the blazers took two guys it and positions where they were absolutely stacked at power forward and center positions and wanna getting Collins and they were in the midst of trying to get rid of one of their guards and an Allen Crabbe of the ended up trading in the offseason so. What have been a need there in on it it's a it's going to be a cake below the belt every time they play Utah because when you just simply watch. How good Donna Mitchell is the role he's playing on that team how efficient he has as a rookie he's gonna be the rookie of the year. And you just pictured at a blazing uniform Simmons is close senate disclose the you just picture that ablaze uniform and either in the starting line up playing at the three. May be is maybe it makes CJ expendable he could've traded him for another all star caliber p.s to balance out the roster like it just opens up. All of your options and I and I you're gonna watch a good Mitchell turns out to be innocent and we brought up last week. The teams around the league were caught about Zach Collins Anderson trade informant blazers said Null. And Andy got a hole and cross your fingers he pans out to be so open as well. Whale or reactionary because well. I get a power lead is but I jokingly tweeted last night I think he is already making my list of biggest blazer draft regrets. Ever got along some of the other names that we can mention just because we knew they were looking Adam you know it it's not dead. They just simply pass them over if they were if we entered any rumblings about the blaze being interest in him the relationship Piazza's Damian Miller. This then fine we would city and a man. They really get on that Vietnam that was an amazing player but because we don't Portland was looking in sniffing around at M. It just hurts a little bit and that the MBA. Give me your two cents on this I think the MBAs at the is best to position is that possibly has ever been where you don't have to just drafts for for position. You can draft simply best player. And because of the way the league is set up the way it's evolved with three point shooting and spacing. You can't sit there and just go well you have 263. Era under guards on your team mileage one another once you 63 god bless you can't take another 63 guards and down I would simply say. You dig the best talent you can't every time. And you try to figure out the rest yeah just go get the best possible players. This is happen time and time again in the MBA. Where you can look back on history and that's hurt them you can look back in recent drafts and say well why did you pass that one out. Teams do that too often. And I I just wonder you were able to ever ask annual say honestly would you draft and if you didn't have a CJ McCollum was out what was your he had two guards. And so that that steers you away to go get a Collins. If that's what it was vs just simply saying you thought Zach Collins was better and is a better prospect and on a minute edge in shortsighted you should always take a. Best player available especially in a sport like basketball and is only five spots in the starting lineup now on you you could add him coming off the bench. And as I mentioned a moment ago maybe you end of trading CJ McCollum for a small forward or a power forward or whatever position lead. He felt like he had eat you could have moved on from one of the your other guys. Mom and I think the reason it hurts so much is because Jack Collins. I know the ceiling Sino everybody's raving about music dining this year the guys averaging four points and three rebounds a game. And his rookie season we understand it is going to be a project and I've given up on am. What 4050 games into his MBA Cree are stating cam pan out in into anything but when you take him ahead of somebody who is averaging nineteen points a game. And looking great especially after they trade Rodney Tony's still ended to hold different role for the jazz and they won nine straight games largely because of him in the C cities having. That's what hurts so much like it because those are your score and fourteen and and grabbed nine boards a game in and stepped into a starting senator power forward role for this team. It probably wouldn't be that big of a deal like I do you remember the stars that went after CJ or Damon a draft no need to talk about that very often but. When you take somebody. You know like Luke Babbitt and a star goes after Emery take a Nolan Smith and an all star goes a couple of spots after him where you don't goalie Chris Paul. When it becomes. An issue and so far I hope Austrians in a sentiment that's why this is an issue is Collins is going four points a game they are two and a half games out of the playoffs. And I think they're also pretty close to the 56 even looked that up Trenton but I said this last Imus and his for a while some of the last -- I don't think the clippers are done because they kept the Andrei and they resigned Lou Williams came out of five and their about two and a half out of the four other game Heinle Casey who is leveled off they've been beam peaks and valleys this year little incentive around the lose a bunch general they've been an interesting team to follow. Solve the Denver in my opinion got a little bit better of the trade deadline there on the half game behind yet. New Orleans and still going to be tough for them without cousins but there are only a game back and the jazz are the hottest team in the NBA right now on anyone nine in a row. On the on the other team close that is Houston who's won eight realm and they're complete from basketball team a gold or their back to 500. They're not going anywhere soul beat these of those games support you just can't let that to your fingers especially on a weekend where. They got they got tore apart last week by their head coach because of the way they slept walked through the second half. Let her response go on for a fifty spot three quarters against Sacramento on Friday yeah which he was really the only got to show up in that game is kinda on again they need to when you play like that. And that there are no show home against the jazz like it just it it's been a frustrating couple against them since deadly. You know big problem with them too is they have to you. Have to take these games the approach. Is this is a playoff game you know I know they would probably will that his arm now I think sometimes you look at the way they play. And you can just see when they're engaged. In when other teams basically just steel their will. And I I got that last night like the first half first quarter they played OK Utah responded pretty decently to close the half. Even close game going in second half he basically look at that 00 start and you talk comes out and show us. Sock you in knocks you right out with a right hook. And your responses is not thing. That is what that's what hurts so much about watching this team. Is they have the nights where they go out there ball movement crisp got autonomous says guys like Moeller lighten it up. Everybody just feels good and you go. Okay let's get that going and then it's nights like last night against Utah where you know Utah's playing only when he strayed. And go bear is bear but it's a good challenge for you and the news Americans does next to nothing. Danny lees the game was when they labeling as a sore back AN her feelings. CJ McCollum was ops he did McCall was not very good last night turn the ball over. Those are the times and I just wish that they would. You know just get down and start trying to fight people back where is adding some games they just. Give up may not be the right term but because I can't think of any other it's a kind of feels like give up Utah went in there in the second half. They did what they wanna defensively. And you couldn't stop them when you're on defense because and orchids was out nobody protected the paint. And their horrible on the pick and roll now well or other blazer fans around on our cage by a fourteen minutes no points all for Ford build Arab completely shut and how does that does a back injury changed last because I saw a lot of people giving opinions on or teach the thin. You have the blazers saying he left with a lower sore back was. No because it's not just last night and I'm basing my opinion off of he's been wildly inconsistent all season es he's been. To me he's just a new version of NIC Batum but NIC Batum at least has put not file a 55 and five every single night. Their kids in when you have those kind of peaks and valleys as a player and so freshen him because he shows you. He has the potential to do it like I go back to the seventy sixer game figure out that night but he did have taken an elbow to the face. He would do anything in the first to have quarters takes over the face wakes up dominates the fourth plays great defense or in the locals take. Where the hell was that and then after the game it's all about meaner wreckage when it's acidic dismal heartless when New York the most shows up yeah well as a New York will play 82 games because I Sherlock that when he shows up and he gives you a decent night. That's in their teachers turned into and it's the reason why we were hammering home what you do with them at the deadline. Because you still have to make a decision on him is your long term senator is that somebody wanna commit to the inconsistency at the center position as I think the nerves fever is basically gone from Portland. All I I think is long gone from Portland it's not the people and a silly given up where we were the first twenty games when he played here by the way that trade was made a year ago today. As guiding Jason quick point that out so it's beneath exactly years since we've gotten or kitsch and we've seen the highest of highs. And had the whole build up and then you've seen what you've basically seen this year which is what leads me this is a fan. How much money are you gonna pay that guy what are you willing to matching may not have a big market. But as the team goes out their numbers and fifty M gonna last 50000001 dumb team throws that amount of money out of tune I mean I know he's 23 but. I'm I'm gonna have to pass on fifteen million dollars especially with the kind of we mentioned the Philly game we do and nothing takes an elbow. And now sunnier out there in your plain -- not where is that consistency you need dad that's the story this team this year yet if you wanna be in that Western Conference conversation. Are and let's go to this one. Why does LeBron James get every nice thing. And did it GMT just a very value. Lesson that's next. Hey something to ponder over dirt. If you were in the Olympics. And you didn't win gold. But you finished second or third is there a difference for you emotionally for silver vs brought I want bronze I want you to think about that okay actually have a hot take on that okay. I do a yearly US and I questioned us highest I have come up with a hot take on the silver bronze debate okay. 'cause I have an opinion on that as well as we watch some of the highlights with. A couple of the events in forty metal and they finished and we watch one of them today submitted to defense for the littlest calling those BB guns currently they are kind powerful rocket. Launchers rocket launchers and rifles are rifles OK idea what they were I didn't. It it just kind of a quiet sound you know it doesn't in -- had to make a Big Bang it sounds like an air soft guns yeah it can as layoffs cited a how serious of a gun it was a testament is again very serious rifle okay. I don't know all done it's not like their are up buckshot or anything you like who are they did it actually would be got to hit the animal or something of a double barreled shotgun skewed if you don't you do me that's where she Paula back series go on. You give them that gun. The new assigned them a duck. And you would think the docs and you make him fly up as they get there a happy day at a moving that would be kick that would be awesome apps like you're accountable at the midway ad and we BI and we should do some research on this but as you know we don't do lotteries surged somebody said that was created a World War II candidates reefs that's foursome and it's accident and said it was the Norwegians and they were like there they had. Military folks is skeeter rounded shot Nazis. And then they said hey let's basis for the Olympic gallons certainly is a former duke now I era war is over or is over your Nazi's I'm all about it it has fun likes you know the back country and shoot people so they just puts targets on made generates okay shot ask listeners how Vanessa without one. I didn't wanna read one tweet on the blazers could do some of their loss to Utah. Sean Tweeter center and spray we had 31 round picks would that the rookie performances this season something they like to asthma so far after seeing Neil botched it big time yes speaking to draft bust by the way Greg Oden is gonna go to the Big Three league or maybe he will be a bus in the Big Three now half court basketball can work for him needs to orient yeah. I mean. Exactly to win some Big Three titles. Did you see LeBron new guys as we can. I did I issue I got up and I saw a little bit of this game on Sunday Fred headed to do another winner high game IG got up just in time for at 1230 after I gave birth I got there and Seattle like 2 o'clock and an OK okay side to sleep in a little bit but I yeah I laughed my ass off for the entirety is give. Because carries scored a couple of boxes buckets on him early and I was like all over Twitter Karrie won the bronze yeah I think that he got a stopper stole from a tie every two LeBron nothing. And they ended up winning the game and 22 point I kept thinking about that one I don't know why but I kept thinking about this one listener that text our show on trade day. And told me how dumb I was and how I don't watch basketball or knowing hitting a basketball. Because the cavs did nothing with that trade now I would like to defend set opinion and say it was one game Chauncey with their like. When you face may be the best team in the east and you win by 25. On their home court. And you basically ass all over Paul Pierce's retirement Jersey date with the player's status say yeah I think the GM of the cavaliers Coby on the infiltrate the damn good about the moves he made for LeBron especially sensitive to beat Eastern Conference at least some folks' minds I've never wavered on Cleveland even when they were playing awful. If they would get the roster intact may be at some point my opinion would have wavered said they're prop can win. The Eastern Conference this year but after they made these those I I loved everything about them Thomas and prouder never fit in Cleveland it was a chemistry issue. And and on the court issues that they solve both of those Dwyane Wade's like 67 years old at this point he wanted to be Miami and he wants to go home like they did everybody a favor there he wasn't there when an inning that was just a LeBron James teaming up the diesel bloody story for a couple of months they governor that problem. And on and you and Derrick Rose got married for two weeks after Rosie ID he's already been waved as they like he's an uneven on a team anymore easy they think that T wolves wanna get some and I don't I you don't want to sell it bottom out and I NN nothing's really when you show up six didn't take your money ago. And you look at what they've brought off the bench now Clarkson who's a good young athlete a good score and Rodney hood. Who just it just wasn't a fit form anymore Utah skies combined for 33 points out the bench like this was an even a LeBron. Forty point dominating win LeBron didn't end up the promised 920 from the floor he almost had a triple doubles so you know with laughter tapping a bad game but only 24 for him. It was the bench scoring it was voted in Clarkson had big days up the vengeful and George Hill didn't really have a great offensive games he is one of the best three point percentage why shooters in this league and he could need any inning. And they still comfortably blew out bossa and it's a reminder that. LeBron very well can be out of his prime in just a year that he's got miles and nothing is impossible to me. But man it's a reminder of how good he still is and if you just have the right pieces. They go from suddenly if they if they say. String along seven convincing. Dominant wins in play that kind of basketball. I'm not telling you be going statement they deserve to be in a conversation of if they get their can they hang Yahoo! may be push him a little bit yeah I am not gonna go there yet just 'cause I'd I'm of that opinion of Golden State nobody can beat them I would love to see it. But but it reiterates two opinions that I had and about Cleveland this year and really and of teams of the you know that are in their position. And that is one knowing that you have the bronze for one more year. You had to go all. They held under the draft pick which could have brought something pretty sizable return if they would have moved on from it but. They got a bit they got better especially on the bench they got more athletic they got length and I loved it just you know I. It once in a generational player in the bronze we were gifted him being born in this area and that's the ECB wanted to come back and play for us. He might leave in free agency if he does we owe it to our fans we owe it to ourselves let's go trying to land it's not work and let's swing for the fences and see if it works but it even then on top of that. They they're trying to prove to LeBron they're willing to do whatever it takes to keep him around and they're not just could sit on their hands like they did the last time he was there. Not trying to improve the roster and so that it's a twofold positive for me of one they went all in for this year and they got much better at the deadline but to. LeBron can sit around and say you know what. Whoever they wanna go outlast and yet maybe some of these teams and Easter intriguing but. I got management now that's willing to move on from any player in any situation and basically do whatever I want them to do. That's a pretty good situation to be in for a start writing that was the overall message you walk away from granite just one game. Colby Altman as a rookie GM thrown into the fire of LeBron James and make him happy. Recognizes that one he got completely. Screwed over in that carry trade up he'd made no good signings and moves to put guys around LeBron. Recognized it kept the draft pick which is probably going to be top six ish I would guess you're gonna get a really nice young talent or you partly that. In two may be a pretty good star player chirp and you're right I think LeBron most up to make his mind up. The man. Dad as the best team in the east that you played I know Toronto's have a great year but until I see Kyra how Larry actually do in the playoffs I'm not buying it. That was the best team CN GU in the east and you shut that crowd up for basically two and a half quarters. And you saw. If you get those right pieces. Not going anywhere you at least got to get back to the finals now again I don't wanna get and myself but let's see what they do coming up. The without one game samples eyes would new players not practicing it all together and that's would you give in the first game. I think it's it's a lot for LeBron to really think about it do you really wanna leave here you could retiring Cleveland and peep some people never like Cuba made your legacy Dele great you stuck out in Cleveland for a long time you went to Miami learned how to win. Had some of the best years your life you came back cleaning got a title for city that was titlist. And you retired air I that's a pretty cool legacy and it isn't it don't. Does that really wanted I was happy to see Paul Pierce is day ruined. Oh and it was by LeBron James and I Bentley I loved every all did you hear it was funny I know we got to go right it was funny though because they had a story they kept saying. Interviewed dock and they talked on telecast asked Paul himself. What's what's your fondest memory. You would think he'd say winning a title beat him tell me that's a pretty fond memory his biggest accomplishment to him and everybody else was a baby LeBron in the seventies. Tells you to greatness of LeBron James we beat LeBron in the second row once and at one time his second round that when Tammy booby Gibson and we beat him and who gets in you know the way that he complained about Isiah Thomas stealing his show and AKN aired tribute video. And they get this is all on them too because they were so confident no win. They waited to hold the ceremony until after the game. When you go to those kind of ceremony is distributes they are 98% of the time before the game he just pushed back the start time of the fifteen minutes or so everybody comes out on the floor of the place is packed. You always do those before they gain they were confident they're gonna land everybody would be feeling good they've waited. And then it'll lose about 22 are to answer this question if you won bronze instead a silver wood it really matter to you at 55305. And then also I have a feeling I know how this next segment's going to go. But screw it let's do it anyway. A big weekend for the state of war in capped off yesterday. But two people care that's next on the fan. You know your reminder every once in awhile insist where some people are intellectually. And this is us and and so trust me when I say this we put a face because today I did. And it's a topic we'll get to. There's three states that are trying to propose bills or are proposing bills. To ban tackle football for ages like fourteen and under yeah. So before high school right and I put that up then not surprised people are outraged and upset by it. There is one human being that you should standout. Round of applause for you our incredible intelligent to. Contribution to the post basically take take about two very offensive steel. And I deceit here I'm like wow okay and it goes through people's minds on social media I think when you write with that individual rights you don't have much going through your mind as what I would say. And I and he's one of the people are feeling in some folks would say to your face to Lincoln Diaz to bully think about banning tackle ball ball yet he shoot from the hip and say exactly what you wrote the comic yet that individual has batted a barbecue. Jesus teenage kids see that kind of stuff public's deep just to hear what you two point. I asked for the break we'll watch in the Winter Olympics and I watch a little bit over the weekend. And luge is on right now on and on NBC. If you got silver or bronze and says silver. Would you emotionally with the big difference for you gather actually would be for me okay there boy and I think some comedians appointed as toppled four aside this isn't my unique thought for me. But it does ring true I would rather get the bronze in the silver. Because this O'Reilly at third and second because if I got second place all I would think about is how I didn't win. And how close I was to getting a gold medal because as the minutes what you're gold you're going for the gold. The silver in the bronze is not a huge difference there. And if yours like especially if it's a close second place finish in your always left being like I was that close to get a gold medal. Whereas if you will bronze likeness school. I got a metal probably weren't close to winning a gold you're on the medals stand you get rewarded as one of the three best at that sport in the world. That's a pretty big deal but silver I would always be left wondering what that I have done. To shave off a half. Half a second to get a gold and what if you didn't come close though. Then it's a little bit differently did you just completely didn't do it now second third of it if it's a distant second then I'm okay with that bit of its in somebody's things that are alike and because like somebody's luge things like 46 seconds is the time and and 46 point 42 yap is the silver medal. I just what one shift of the right hip around a certain turn right and you would've won a gold medal that's what it comes down to siding you you're gonna placing your top three. If you're not getting get Beagle and I'd I don't think emotionally I it matters to me as long as some on that podium in Oz and as you're up there ever a bronze. Whatever. I got a medal I was top three in an event because one nobody's ever gonna really remember who was second or third they're always gonna remember the gold medalist. And do. We knew it when you talked at a party are you talking at and and Eckerd corporation of some sort. Sure they'll label you. Any Johnson silver medalist right. But most people in conversations go oh yeah that was a top three guy at the Olympics. You know there and activists that they evil wherever it is if you don't win the gold the ideal. Remember the specific marking it I think it also depends on the event. I get fits as like the loose guy yeah. That was the first ever American male medalist in luge we had never had a Lou no dollars in nano now don't we suck at the luge. Like for places that do that. So there was the trees it's like that the woman who carried the flag in in the opening ceremonies. She won in the last Olympics and she was the first American ever in luge but the guy that won over the weekend first. Man imagine man so I think that's different. Now if you know it's a sport. You know if feared track and field the nearest Brenner and you come up with a single bronze. Cool for you but we're not remembering him piano and we got a bunch of public gold said Carl Lewis when I mean. Adds an agency in the uniqueness of the sport is but when you're up first one ever to medal. Yeah in a sport that is kind of four and two adversary to the United States and its fans I think that's significant. No matter what the medalists. As Americans there's not many sports like that though are there. First runs in the Olympics. That we don't like have any role in at all I think it's more of the winners and it is this summer though. Yeah props are more sport in the summer. I don't know we ever medal in modern penthouse salon archery. I would imagine we're gonna why would we be good archers I didn't even know that goes for sports in the summer. To do we struggle with archery. I feel like that's of that we've begun adapted. I know tons of people that apple on I did do and you can't hit a target and 100 Olympic just kill an elk and deer from 200 yards away like fifteen point now it's both what's the Jackson. I shoots him with his feet. Yeah exactly writes that boat I think it's first or more than Winter Olympics that we're very foreign to you like I'll have a souped up what about the luge A Kelly luge tracks exist in the United States. Probably not many now are three. Agree Heidi start that as a kid you just gonna slot so one of the guys they did he they're doing like this tell your story saying and it's like a quick 32 how you've gotten the sport. One of Muslim Hoosier. And he said his dad just somehow got into when he was a kid. And they used to do it going sledding his dad actually spent a ton of money. Built a luge track in their backyard that it's pretty case and it was a Home Depot and the other thing he did he built it. And India's launch down the little luge track he built in UP kind of crashed into like a pile of leaves and stuff that's of people do now with the American ninja warriors stuff because there's like a lot of the you can't go dude got anywhere but it's such a big deal on TV people build their own things in their backyard so when I was in LA stick Crawford's house he lives in Newport. There's a placing Coastr may sell YMCA Jim. They built an entire Al Gore American ninja warrior cores that awesome for people to work out that way I think that's becoming kind of a new thing to. You're gonna see more more for Aries I can have outdoor activity. For longer periods of time they offer that service and and I thought that was really cool that's critical to get the that's a that's an awesome physical activity. They are my only issue with the Olympics so far and animate this is just as stupid male thing to say. That is the ice dancing sent Dudley do it for me I just not. At a huge participant and that and it I feel like it's been on NBC a lot it's been a lot of ice. They had there were supposed to be. Both the men's and women's downhill and they were both postponed because liked it the mild Ellen wins over the top so there's donate their billing for programming because they're supposed to have downhill skiing yet to win did you see and a half pipe snowboarding a watch that. And I sought to people like seriously. Biting hard indeed they blame the wind wins in horrible leader. So Alec young like I the other they're filling for some programming that they thought they would have some more events are out from the from Alpine ski out. Is it just makes it up a little bit you know we get at the ice dancing is big that one guy who's in the Booth that looks like the Hunger Games the only wears his hair a lot what's is name. Our Johnny Weir any weird thing in a hole yet Johnny gimmicks and likes years ago look at gradually you're saying now it looks like on her Hunger Games announcer the honored Adams. It's as you know spread it spread a little bit that's on same yeah I'm I'm not sitting here telling you that I tune in for ice dancing but if I turn it on and it's on I NN yeah watching him because I'm just like one that's my thing is again I feel like most people when you watched the Olympics are not really watching for a specifics events you're just kind of like hey let's USA let's watch Olympics let's turn it on. Not gonna change it I governor on NBC if they go to curling all of a sudden there they go to the luge sure if they go to the bobsled. In any guide us through this snow more ice dancing on a change channel I think you're in for the Olympics where they put on you're gonna watch I will weeding get to the good news for the state of organ in that segment want to push that a little bit in the show because I'm not sure how many people. Arum all that much but something did happen yesterday we do a busy second hour one of the dumber things I've ever heard from me Super Bowl champion came from over the weekend. What do 49ers gonna do with their prized linebacker and the cubs. Stepped up and paid dat man his money. All that next the first our NFL look around certain spring back with more second hour here on Portland Sports Radio 1080 the fan.