Dirt & Sprague Monday December 11th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, December 11th
Ducks offensive coordinator news, Crawford's jersey dilemma, and NFL concussion protocol.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I. Rat flag and blah blah dot neverland. This is durden sprayed real big man it's hot but already what they're doing up. Then I don't Jack and your god does not about doing what's that about what is endangered Johnson and Brendan sprayed excitement about. I can beat up the good doctor out and a lot of dirt and spray gun and we. I wanna look for the future with Donna turned on the past Babe Ruth was nothing more than a bottle man with a little girl like this and I love the men's final hour and sprayed with you here on the Portland sports that are 1080 affairs. We like to get to hear in the final hour. So look Crawford has a dilemma to Philly fans are for I mean. I still wanna get to. Something the NFL should really be concerned about him. I wanna play that clip of Colin soured earlier today. We can play the clip of calling towered and we may get to the clip of Mike Mitchell and allowed to get to. I'm here in the final half. But noted shell it has been loaded shows a lot of topics. Com I wanted to start the final out with this this came via our friend Bruce Feldman. Of Sports Illustrated. Dot com he tweeted just over an hour ago organ. Expected. To give markets are roiled the new offensive coordinator for the organ ducks. 83 year contract. For those that aren't as familiar Arroyo. Was with or again last year is a co OC slash quarterback coach. Willie tag it was when the call plays prior organ he was in Oklahoma State for season. Tampa Bay. Buccaneers southern miss California. Why domain San Jose state prairie view a NM. And San Jose state where he was a quarterback from 98202. So it from quarterback to ride into coaching. As a I graduate under grad assistant. At San Jose state so that's his kind of background. On no real surprise here. The deal was expected to be announced at some point. We knew they were gonna renegotiating figure things out because well. We heard the press conference from Mario crystal ball. In his indirect repressed conference in what he's looking forward to any named in the press comers markets Arroyo. The only see the official offensive coordinator will be calling the plays this is comical tidbit. Arroyo is only 37. C of the young. Up and coming coach still a guy looking to prove himself. And our friend Justin Hopkins who is scheduled to be on tomorrow. He is he's won it tweeted that Arroyo expect with him is DOC. To open up more in the passing game. And adding when you have a quarterback like Justin Herbert that's a pretty exciting idea. And so now we get to see at least some continuity not only win if crystal ball kept on. And I brought up you know the concerns or question mark you shoot out about him as your head coach Friday. But you get continuity with him still and now you get Marcus Arroyo who was co C. Learned or understood Willie Taggart system which I didn't think was horrible. And he gets to add in his own version. Of that playbook. So he was also in term play caller during jet had heard absence with a box in the NFL so intense effort left the box couple years ago members he was UC bear. He filled in the blank stare and out was kind of via the play caller for them so. Good news continuing I think for a lot of duck pins out there that want continuity want to same faces around campus want to try to keep the staff to intact and together. We still don't know about Jim Leavitt. I think we'll find out out after the bowl game as who have some of these other guys but it sounds like for the most part. Marcus Arroyo. Is going to keep his offensive quarter coordinator title. He will be the play caller for the organ ducks who just Herbert coming back. And again may be a guy that looks to add some more wrinkles in the passing game which is pretty exciting if you ask me when you have a quarterback. Like Justin Herbert. Yap on the ducks and I am happy because I think as good as Willie stagger was in his one year there it was his staff. That was equally as good and I think that now a lot of the excitement about him. Even before last season started was the staff that he brought in right as this is still save this season you out some other dame last by. I think that that was -- I'm at least for me as an outsider not a duck and cleaned the stab battles like army and the ducks are going to be good distaff is dynamite which they wore and they are so I think Obama ducks fan Alexander on this like use the work continuity keeping that there despite coach Taggart departure stem crystal ball still there Arroyo. In some of the other guys I Hayward most likely and Joseph Salave'a I don't know how are they they confirmed they are returning. We haven't you know I don't I heard many names. I think this is something that a guy like Hopkins. Or naymick who's on our station those or something like all those kind of guys can. Can tell us more and more information on that I think some of this is a wait and see. Firm IVE got a bowl game in some of these guys have to wait till after the ball game. I don't know a lot of this is hearsay in speculative. But depending on who stays who goes the one thing we do know for sure. He is now going to be running this offense and somebody says you know I'd I'd I didn't think he was calling the plays I was like yeah that's that's assay was Willie Taggart. Was calling the plays those guys were title. Just with title. Like Willie tired I thought this is brilliant when he did it. You wanna recruit organ. Because that's obviously like the number one thing you need to do to get this program back re wanted what does he do. Well he attracts one of if not the premier recruiters in the country Amaro crystal ball. And he brings in Eugene. With Kate. You know what you're doing and how amazing your attic come be with me and I dvd title. Because you got to remember Alabama. Crystal ball was passed over is no C I don't know he really wanted it. Maybe he did he didn't but at least on the outside he came here got DOC it was looked at as he was passed at Alabama for that. So he comes to Eugene gets the title. The title helps an obvious reason for obvious reasons. And him mineral oil both named co seed in the Willie tag it was a one com plays so. Woolsey man I really wonder what the offense is going to be like. I if you open up things more firmer I think that's a good thing. Obviously there's some gonna do what they wanna do on the ground. And and we'll see if that's gonna translate for them next year's eve it's a very interesting season because next next. Your schedule. Pretty easy I think it's pretty welcoming three new staff regardless if agree disagree man on the higher I think this schedule is gonna help them have a good season. And maybe help build things up for them. But the other thing that I acted none of Friday because the press conference aired after we get off the year. I was at 4 o'clock on Friday I got home I was animals the press conference here on the fan. And thousands in a prime time and then I got home and Crawford as soon as I can out of my car. I have to fully admit this no shame in it among big fast and furious fan I love the franchise YouTube I'm I'm just a kind of guy that there's bad movies from here. Here in there and I mean to some home. I got my card check Twitter what do I see. One of my favorites loud I had the exact same feel Roch yeah I know the rock. Tweeting his endorsement. Amara crystal ball I saw that in your eyes you retreated. A pang of jealousy I do that I mean I glee you can't be a beaver a league that may be eight the rock that's fine art ADM glad to attack. So but if you like the rocket hitting a lot of people do is a likable guy in Little Rock a lot wrestling stuff the acting the personality inning it all comes through he doesn't really makes the motivational shoals so for me to close. You can't help but be jealous of that kind of endorsement even if that doesn't mean anything x.s and knows lies can as well. The rockets have been around full ball releases he played. Even it means nothing on the field. Just having a celebrity like that quote tweaked your university. And say they made the right choice when an incredible duties hard work breaks out around. You can't open seat and make him it really. No I know I had to say Izod Els like. Data and chills that endorsements baucus Yasser and they programs have those cool celebrity science. Like magic the car laying University of Texas. You know I mean. Yeah US is on Will Ferrell and don't let other people date will USC as well thorough Snoop Dogg got one I'm jealous of you out you're right about taxes they get McConaughey sometimes you come to practice and just give speeches each. And you know upsets me the most about those. Not like Matthew McConaughey is somebody that I'm dying to meet. But how many of those kids don't even realize really anything about him. You asked perhaps I don't know I don't know man economies everywhere. He's a superstar. He is. I don't know I am guilty on that. I need you to become a celebrity you can be organ states I wanna be the Matthew McConaughey am Oregon State hasn't. The beavers don't have one we could have won and I think we can even win but that individual chooses not to be more involved. Hulu Sara Jean Underwood oh yeah could easily take the title. I don't know man in the rocks cooler right. It could be like army Khalifa yeah yeah I sutures thank you and India Nigeria we got to Florida State as an adult actress you Khalifa dispute who. Some of the players go under DMZ south yet they see outs them yeah. All right so there's the news for organ we know at least one assistant a 100% certain. That Mario crystal ball. Is going to be calling the plays for anywhere index next year are not America's LaMarcus Arroyo excuse me is gonna call the plays we organ docs is Mara crystal ball announced that. At the press conference somebody Texas in. And said. You could do worse than learning under Ted for earning Gundy absolutely I think they're a 100% dead on their. Those are great offensive minds somebody else has barred two pissed that organ is going next man up with coordinators now. Especially with unproven head coach. Aniston says I quite enjoyed that. Yeah I think for the people out there that he'd it's. This is gonna go one way or the other right you're either wrong your right we'll find out. I'm Dave Barr two does not like the higher we'll see if he's right or wrong in the coming years so there ego organ docs they keep some continuity. As a royal be calling plays aren't let's get to Crawford's big dilemma. Which I know about. And I'm gonna find very interesting of people on how they perceived this at the bridge for appears to excite you need help outs property here. When these serious. Life. Problem next on offense. Real ball on me for the win. And you spray it down on the 1080. The sale and oh joy it's unfair welcome back you know you're doing in my day afternoons. So that's. We gonna get to. Mike Mitchell. No Tom savage. Did anybody else seen this we'll talk about this year in like ten minutes I think everyone except for bill Bryant's are pretty sure Tom savage had a seizure. Hearing the game on the field we'll talk about that that was their agreed. Scary to watch to see. It's what I read and ten minutes but Alex Crawford you I knew about this sitting before you did. You're facing a little bit of a lifestyle and not a big life dilemma but a dilemma nonetheless. Of his decision you have to make. And IRA and quite frankly when I heard about it I gotta laugh because it's so you. And I don't know if it's is cut and dry as a yes or no answer here we like to tell the individual you like media tell individual. I'll tell you can chime in these you know this TO OK but I realize. You know me I too where. Wacky clothing sometimes certain you know whatever. Com best dressed in high school so you are Marshawn Lynch Jersey and buffalo yeah share what other U weird things I've got a lot of great jerseys got a very Michael Vick why like now his players out in Xeon Wes Welker trouble Jersey I got O'Leary fits Pro Bowl Jersey. You beat him feeling Jersey from China no I gave that to me yes the F but still ticker for Christmas yet right dusty yet yap. Does a great jerseys yes. My friend who works for USC football call him the USC mayor and Jack she. I I he used to be USC hater growing up in Southern California. But because my really good friend works for the football program. I'll support my friend and also for his success and the success the team directly is his success you know sell support that right. So become a bit of a Trojan supporter in recent years. He said you know things are supporting the team. As I've been there and global law I think I got a decent trojans gear dec two out of some trojans gear just you know free to wrap we do support the demonizing wall. Never wanna rent the trojans but like what you've got to send me a picture. Of the OJ Simpson throwback USC Jersey. Lab and I said he does if I'm baucus for you would you Wear it. And I said oh hell yeah dude. Then he neither response cord just bonnet you'll get it soon I'm like. I didn't think he was actually going to buy any Jersey a tank. And just to be said I told my dad about this dilemma to get as well USC doesn't have the names on the back so he is worth 32 I don't. No I don't know teenager going army says Simpson 300 only that you as I can customs yelling you want says Simpson's so like little. If there was any qualms or questions no see here's the here's the thing. His Jersey still in the coliseum so I know can't be weren't. Right yet retired that's a good point to everybody would see through to you don't disown his eyes at the average person who wasn't a USC fans saw right the person that's sports fan sees it what is there in this Serena while he's wearing an I know jeez I'd Jersey. Is my thing I think any time somebody asks you a hypothetical. Or out would you. You always think in the terms of this probably is going to happen. Because I've learned valuable lessons going the new route you went yeah I yeah for sure. And I do little things gifts but little things from family you like this right you can share and they low ball that's what they got me. So I think you always have to think of it in terms of weight this is gonna happen and then you need to answer. So it sounds cool in theory in the and you realize you got it and he basically expected to rocket. That's sides on you see here's the thing though is leaning towards wearing it for the ride a case what what's the right occasion. The USC game of fights and when they play like a lower level team that they're gonna kill. A seated in there from. I didn't imagine I don't have any SE OK is there aren't let me say is their awkward. There's got to be an awkward feeling out there right Texas a bridge for Beers I sent five by after five. Is awkward to where OJ Simpson jury it's got to feel awkward right wall hanging here's one take pictures I don't think I can do it. So he is a joke he's a murder right now but it's technically. In the thing that we designed in our society is NSA to determine his guilt he was determined to be innocent yeah. Then for other crimes kidnapped somebody for other crimes later Newton. He didn't go to prison. And serve the time that we as a society asked him to serve and he is now three and supposedly rehabilitated. So what more can you ask the guy that's one take the reason the right occasion is a murder mystery party all the double. Second Jake. In 196768. When he won a Heisman trophies when he played against Oregon State in the game that inspired my film legend the giant killers. He didn't come at any murders then. He was that all of the different OJ. In fact some people say that's as priest CTT exactly exactly that's people's say it was like. Only 25 years between now and the murder the alleged murder. Good guy OJ is what you're saying that's in trying to convey. Somebody else enticing in Bridgeport bees text line. Let me see this one. In this section. All my guys I am the bills OJ Jersey war while meeting a buddy at an L low bar less a sale wasn't wearing it by the end of the night. Get a lot of looks. And you know I can get from everybody but is that awkward oh my god. That is an OG Jersey from the people that are sports fans. Here's my thing right. Who like who cares enough rightly why would like some predicting he'll get his ass kicked wearing that who cares that much. Who cares that much about what I'm wearing you know somebody else told you did. Don't be a certain word to where it won't go to Larry. I'm gonna Wear at some also guy likes to do things to get seed people's reactions you know. A year you like people to look to you like shocked like I tension chair. The nieces and my by you and Aaron and his Jersey we Wear it. Seattle like Aaron Hernandez convicted murder convict on murder double murder. And CI. I don't like don't say like OJ. But I am saying. That in 1967 he was he was just a college football player who has really dead and a lot of accounts a good guy back then. You'll change you know world. OK but I would say pump the brakes on the all accounts thing even in the midst of things he had friends that we're saying dude. Like Al Michaels has talked about this on countless stern interviews and other platforms. Al Michaels would never thought in his wildest dreams that that would happen. Yeah. If people that knew OJ hung out with a OG played golf with the OJ played tennis with OJ did all that stuff with OJ. Most of them tell you like most of them tell you the acting C acumen. Murder two people. Well he definitely did it. And the truth. I'm just saying that the clothes don't fit. I don't know I'll deftly where for the eradication event there's a lot of question about what dedication is we've seen I I don't know what the may be Halloween. I'll just sports bar they have lied on the wall at framed like an OJ Jersey a Michael Vick Jersey a Lance Armstrong cycling. Jersey. And I kind of like associated disgraced athletes I thought I was funny. So I'm looking right now. I wanna see how much this cost is yours your other problem if your body spent a good amount of money on this to get owe it to him to waitress is it like Billy GUSC color one. Yes it's like cardinal at the gold trim so this is probably with this can be a forty dollar Jersey. There's one on scene on line for forty dollars not a that's a ton of money make you wonder how obligated RU two where more than just like a one off. Where all the times no I know no matter is gonna become like my weekly wardrobe to war if you only where did a Halloween party do you feel bad. Noble like OK when I go home for Christmas were having like an unofficial kind of high school reunion gathering of friends I am I where to that. But the bugs cannot it would be great if you weren't allowed in eagerly to go he'll tavern and I'll I don't know you went back and allow that I'm sorry. I EI think this is just on you should have thought like as I know we I know who we is. And I don't even known as long as you but just having spent time with them and then also knowing who you war. I would have told you instantly with that tax that these probably gonna buy this. I mean but I'm not mad that he did like I'm not telling you to be mad at him on II you're in the situation as you not him I will Wear it. I just feel a 100% great about teenagers Wear light on dusting him shall we can see this. Maybe OK I'm I don't have in my possession yet and it ended up from him well when you get and I think people are gonna be and should see it nonetheless. Scenario Alex Crawford. We your dad disappointed. Your dad's a pretty. This guy but it was is there like is that is our point for him and stuff like that where he's like. No my dad gets a kick ET he laughed he was like doctor Kelly see what people Saidi a cap. He likes the innards of Tina value of that as well let me ask another guy a friend's dad. She's a friend's uncle. Who's a legit guide to sports and goes is that even a question you Wear that Jersey. OJ is on the all time greats at the blog is he's as is not a football player OJ that's not personal project fight. Are there any city area as Alex Crawford is. Predicament right now is get again OJ Simpson. USC Jersey and does where does he now what other people whereas these things Wear out your Ray Lewis jerseys in that thousands to ravens games people wore Ray Rice jerseys the first game after the video was released. Think about that one. Dad I mean people do this all the time Ray Rice is on T are not rare guys Ray Lewis is on TV talking about. How does should be more standup individual act that it outdoors by national media members and we act like he wasn't involved in anything suspicious. So. I guess sure okay than men mom and I'd. Did anybody else notice that Tom savage probably had a seizure. This scary stuff. Talk about the next first crop with sports update. This is the third and spray. John 1080. No change. Pretty mixed I'd say at the Bridgeport fears sex and people saying where I don't where it. WSE people when it's pretty split man it is. But I think the people saying yes I think there's a portion of them that are doing it just because it's you again yes they would wanna do it but they wanna see immediate. Got to be so Portland if you wore when toolbar like a fourth cousin of Ron Goldman's was there. A deadly hole where I'm not gonna go some more solo play golf although it's a creative. To have my back is some some boys. You know. I'd like to get a sit down interview with OJ you guys is do you like the what is that that the fight on peace thing they do in just up and down up and down back and force. You knowing that I won game I don't know when it was Stanford played USC. And Stanford did you know their marching band is infamous error various funny activities yes. I don't know when this game was they said and now a tribute to famous alumni from those schools and they formed a nice on the field. ID they got a lot of trouble for downing our dollars in free social media days can you imagine that now that finally disbanded. Today for sure would be unintended all right am I don't know I got perfect timing on this yesterday with the red zone channel they went to see a Francisco and Houston. And I'd Jimmy G undefeated is starting quarterback still in his career. And Iraq used in and Tom savage takes just a shot from Elvis Dumervil. Any falls to the ground. In his head and slammed on the ground. And these zoomed in on them and when you looked his eyes appeared at least I'm on my TV look lays eyes and rolled into a back of his head a and his arms he's on his side his arms. Were sticking straight out Andy started shaking. Like it almost looked like a seizure seizure moment. Is terrifying. And you instantly our he's got to go to concussion protocol I probably should he become back the ref is right there on the field comes up the side sees everything. Signals Emmy goes the sideline. Will the team doctor for the Houston Texans. Looks him over. He comes back. And many eventually leaves again with a concussion they've already announced that TJ Yates is going to be the starting quarterback. For the Houston Texans this weekend here's bill O'Brien in his thoughts on how they handled the confession protocol. Just hit on a totally Indians are very traditional backed up and RM. Then none. I mean obviously the other spotter for him evaluated reevaluated them. That's I mean his determination to put him that he was okay now he can obviously you guys waiters made his termination of the American game. And you know when McNamee came in the game came out and they evaluated in a little bit more just because what they saw. Yes so you know it's not his call it's it's the doctors again evaluating goes through protocol and there's supposed to make the right decision in my life my thing on seeing this is. That kind of reaction and that kinda hand in. Everything that transpired that is frightening to see that stuff on your TV and you know maybe it's not a Cesar somebody saying it's our re course or something that follows. A concussion. To see that if fencing responses what this individual as saying at the average for Chris I site even if it's not a seizure whatever it is. To watch somebody's arms involuntarily shake and their eyes are rolled into the back of their head. After a major hit like that. There's a weird feeling attached to that at least there is for me is sports and some people out there have no emotional. Response to any of these brutal hits whether that's plagues neck had whenever they just sit there like that whenever. But I think the NFL needs to be very careful with this they've already flub this a couple times you know Jacoby percent had a game. Where is Ted clearly slammed on the ground he got up who's really woozy. And he still played. Which we seen this now with Sam I think is the second time this app with Tom savage. And for him do you really be able to come back again. It just makes you wonder are they doing what they're really supposed to be doing. You know they create the protocol. They create all these measures to make sure. They're taking care of these athletes who are voluntarily. Running out there making a ton of money but putting their bodies and their health at stake. They're trying to make all these requirements. And it still feels like teams and players find ways to. A weasel around. And it ages and makes me feel uneasy sometimes. To watch some of these hits and to watch some of these players come back it should be upped the official too by the way. I got official was right there looking like a cropper did you go down right now. And you started your arms started shaking. Or I saw you hit like mister Ewing and in football and a field somewhere. If I'm right date in nineteen playing again it's up to me you're not playing the officials should allow players like that to come back I don't care they passed you should be done. And it feels like any NFL they're trying to make this happen and it doesn't happen it doesn't happen enough. Yeah I don't know I just I think that it's also so like I've personally been asking official to do that. On the surface makes sense but I think it's asking them a lot is they got so many things going on right and that official is right there like the lead official was right behind him and stood next to him and saw him shake it you saw somebody shake on the ground like with the arms which we solid. What's is savage yesterday a dealer guy he's having a seizure only your response be to somebody that you see here in the I would try to get help right away I I'm saying I didn't get full ball has can dish it like think of to be an NFL official you've been watching and observing and officiating global for a long long time right. I used to be a lot different sounds and it's almost as if I think it's it's my number one thing I guess is on the spotter and I am also. I agree with you because team deserves the most blame absolutely yeah I like asking the officials if the officials were asked to step in here. AOK with it. I just think it's tough 'cause Al these guys have been tradition and the officials may be don't wanna give someone you know don't wanna take a player out of the game they wanna put that on the medical staff is supposed to be there. And the non biased right in supposed to be was doing what's best for the players. I also don't fault bill O'Brien as much as some people are faulting him because. He might not because it's today he said is of course the answer is gonna say sit up I've seen that video I would let him back in. And I think that's reasonable to say because they'll probably didn't see that video right away when I was on that angle now he's there he's there on the sidelines coaching you know trying to call plays whenever whenever he's relying on these other people who hopefully sodomy ER have a video replay so I get that from bill O'Brien. He said I'm there's another quote that we don't have the body will be told the reporter from the Houston Chronicle he said my job is just a coach or I'm just here to coach or whatever. And some people calling act Allison saying that was a bad move on his car but I get down from his point of view he's just trying to coach a win the game he's relying on these other medical spotters in a personnel to make the right call in if they don't the mass the issue. Yeah rich says what's most frightening about the savage hit it looks just like in normal at. And eat you don't once again you don't see this alas I don't want to generalize the holy life is I think that's way too extreme but. When we start to notice he sings more and then specifically in that instance when the camera sees it. That's when you Rich's friend doesn't normally at the take a sack the quarterback. And India that reaction happened joined now. Q and it's like that and I seen my whole life to see that response from the body and that individual it's. I don't know if it is scary it really is to me and now I'm a huge football I love the NFL with. I'm glued to my couch almost every Sunday I love and approval bottle of college football black. I really do believe the NFL you know they're trying to look out for the best interest here in player health and that conversation. You're never gonna fully eliminated unless she just drastically change the league to flag or touched and that goes in with what the Mike Mitchell audio really is but. I think you need to be a little more proactive here at the league needs to be more proactive and they need to be beating the drama of guys. This concussion protocol is somewhat of a joke right now. It needs to improve and it needs to improve yesterday. Because say what you want I'm not trying to get extreme year the NFL is the ratings dominate or even a year words down the last two years. All I'm simply putting is leagues like the NBA they don't have to deal with this stuff. And so even though it's gonna take it would take a decade to catch up. The NBA is up 33% this year the NFL ratings continue to go down. Again in no leasing the NBA's clothes they're not close it's a pretty sizable lead for the NFL. But the one thing I've pointed out. If you're not changing the game from tackle enact why would you. You need to be more. Progressive in the way you approach and view of the future. Of your sports in your league they're never gonna get it perfect no not in football I'm not asking Ford to be perfect or stay right around the protocol is as it is a joke that it is a joke it's never going to be safe that was still always going to be filled right that's inherent risk of the game tonight saying you're gonna change that which we might see the game change. So much between now one win our kids maybe play it some day that it Miley totally different to us I don't now. Maybe it does maybe doesn't but if you're going to say publicly. We've created a protocol. Specifically in place for these injuries and you're seeing time and time again guys that don't get put him protocol in guys that clearly. Something's not right and their common right back in. You're still fight you still seeing in finding teams that. Argue around it and I think that's the area the NFL needs to release circle and say. What can we change and how do we change it now I think that's really important 'cause. Some people don't care that's fine by other people watch said here on savage they see the reaction on Cameron it's like all ma home. Startling. Split. Art but I just army I mean I agree with you that they can always eating chicken Kosovor called Arab army to still react says that's all. Concussions and head trauma right that I mean look I'm not denying that the inherent risk that you're gonna get with the sport I'm just saying. If your book if you're putting a protocol out there makes your protocols right. And I don't leave the NFL's. Night they need to do better job chair I agree so the Tom savage him pretty brutal I yesterday against the 49ers I'd the blazers. Start the road trip off in Golden State I think anything you know losing ways on Turkish tonight. And among at a football game and I'm not sure anybody cares about next on offense. This there's a dirt and spray. Intended. I can sue coming up here in eleven minutes. This double tax on the savage stuff. There was this case in point Russell Wilson from the Thursday night game blatant disregard for itself is a couple of those moments. Minot area than nano was an nano bubbles water stuffy said it. Stops can cousin yells I concussions and a remember the NFC title game when he the issue played really poorly against the Packers the game they came back in one. I'm pretty I mean I looked none of us are doctors but we can go awful we see in what we've seen before. When he took that hit on that pick and they were returning yet I'm pretty sure he passed up man he was a woozy is you know stagger and off the field. He just wasn't right after that M we've seen this before some. He'll sing it's funny bill O'Brien is claiming not seeing it. He calls the offensive plays or how to being not. The play savage got hurt on does not make sense to me somebody says his head hit the ground absolutely it did. And then somebody else says the scene. Gator fan here when I play I had the answers to the protocol questions written inside my helmet I didn't wanna miss a snap in my forties now and wish I had not played. Through some of those hits. Yeah I mean how he played high school like I can't speak on a college Europe. Pro level obviously but I got even member of the B for I started in fifth grade lake at the lowest level. And then I remember in my fifth or sixth trade I took it from a kid. And I remember that was the first time I ever saw stars. Count lit up and slam against the ground. So he stars in front of me I was I was woozy for like five minutes and I was OK so. But that's Ennis obviously a much smaller level but in these guys clearly they're they're taken hits almost every play no matter wide. As city kind of grimacing a little bit but I hate the blazers. Start a road trip Crawford down in the yay area. Against the Golden State Warriors who will be with out Kevin are stuff currency Kevin Durant who are without step curry. And there's going to be no use of America each and no more heartless. And right now the blazes are just a mess they've lost four straight. Your former boy Chris Paul came to town. Houston was down double digits for a long time. And then ultimately Houston did what decent guys. Yeah I see I was sitting there I thought that was a game to the blazers were gonna win but and it's a huge result Laney said I think easy step backwards here. Glass of whiskey and dad I sat back with a cocktail it was funny because isles on Twitter rom and I'm not very and tweet a lot during games and got to expect he EC sat back tablet expected that to happen. Ladies just what was odd because they went up double digits in the second half but like early in nineteen it was tied if not the rockets were always fighting back and being down two in. You think back Houston didn't play degree great game in port NFL I've been playing their best possible game without use of anarchy it's. And it barely beating them I just felt like they needed one quarter to get right. And they did the fourth quarter. So Portland's us fours straight now. And I don't know there's a we've been saying it on this show. That there's a weird vibe with this team and CJ McCollum me not to I talked to Dan ring earlier. I would just say was CJ stats don't tell it by TV watch him. CJ has sometimes this attitude or vibe about him that she's not engaged. And this is just like a watching on TV feel where some some night's announcement optima demand some nights we like to see characters a game tonight. It has been a couple times this year and I and seen that before. Minus the game four last year against Golden State so we'll see. Maybe they come out tonight with the same energy they keep it close against Golden State I just think that's kind of Portland is there either losing to teams they shouldn't. Or they come out with the right energy and maybe they get a win here there are maybe eight take a lead and ultimately daily news. Two teams like Golden State Warriors. We'll see. 730 tip. I think they're going Elissa Knight while I am able to put on my captain obvious sailor to appear and I think they will lose in ORACLE Arena now. Do you temperament and affable does anybody care I don't I don't know passing cares about this they're gonna win and all the reasons some people care as a texture pointed out was would be fantasy football reasons are you in the playoffs I am in the play out in our league. Knowing my other league with more with the more money on the line action and I say that you have. I would be careful there was a bee sting operation which is ending on a talk about tomorrow. Oh yeah because I don't see that now for that there's a survivor again I EA yeah. I'll bring up tomorrow not to spoil my out of here I'll be here is undoing of anybody else on man. Back to my intern days. Or your second freshman year TV VR in Corvallis or some of the podcast we done absolutely. I faced everybody's listening good stock attacks even disagreements of the bridge where Beers tech sign it 55305. Will be back tomorrow just not skins. I think we have big lengthy Phil Steele interview for you to juicy bull additional Phil Steele. Half hour edition tomorrow noon GC bowl bring that he would just Hopkins is tock organ docs. Would be that we got a good show tomorrow. And by enjoy a blazer game maybe some Monday night. Go look at lights or something I got to do a press prime time is next. I'm Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Sand slur.