Dirt & Sprague Monday December 11th, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, December 11th
Carson Wentz injury, Seahawks fighting, and more!

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is Durbin spray him. Hands before bed. Jacksonville so we have scored. Two big touchdown who attended her Johnson and Brendan spray and place. It appears this. Dirt and spray gun 1080. Those. I'll ride it is more two in the rose city it is time for dirt and sprayed on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Brandon sprayed with you on this Monday the afternoon. Alongside Alex properties filling in for one Jason Zweig guard who's not back till Wednesday. It's a Crawford. Fair. It's the ask. The old beaver show. At a known down not quite there Zacks leave. Only one little beavers thing on mentioned today on today I noticed that I don't know trying to get a cool name for us to do you know whenever there's like a mix a remixed show. It was cool names secret has said hey it's crap and spray. Yet as basic like. When I remember when under filled in for dusty and it was like dirt in the dog. Does durden cam out like that that's actually really good name so once I mean some for us. I don't know I can't think of one top my head something involving U being a millennial answer. You're not that much older than me ev but I am okay older than you are. You know it's funny about that is. You're sitting in for Jason Zweig are today sometimes I liked I like to peer behind the curtain for people to do is get a glimpse of what we deal with the what we see inexperienced. So let me give you a glimpse of what we dealt with so Thursday. Swagger comes up to me and goes. Hey. I'm going to be out on now Monday and in Tuesday agonies some vacation is a city not that's fine whatever no big deal I said who's ill informed me. Or thrown in for you and he echoes. It's got to be a mixed Monday as Crawford and will and then Ned Jo fish on Tuesdays at sunset sounds great and thank you. Didn't think given any of it got an email yesterday. From swank. Attaching you will and our boss and myself saying hey here's the rundown this Jeanine do. Will's gonna fill in and I'll leave. And and and filling in and give you a moment to leave properties you've been years so so long. And will come in midway through the show. Real will responds to the email. I can I am working this was never discussed. Basically like. Yet we didn't talk about the ball good I got my caught in here is filling in the blanks seller jar of peanut butter bunch of crackers I don't mind me I'm just hosting his show in the regular producer doesn't have anything well and have no idea plug and play to a working with yet to plug and play scenario bag. I'm okay I'm spreading crops it's okay buddy I'm good to have it's nice to have you win two beavers won Mike. There's actually two microphones here and now. I was in a playoff that other show yeah donating again that doesn't work. Let's not play Vegas out how about the weekend no it was a good sports weekend good week and get out it's it's been really nice but it's is freezing cold outside. And because of how cold it is I get in and on Saturday I turn the TV on pins and stuff done around the house. The one lysine. Nice little snow game army navy. I don't know who else watch of their ratings for the game have been going up enough the last few years as the only day was like the only game on Saturday one I like that I like that it's a standalone game. On the NFL's gonna have that this coming Saturday when they they they show game there is but. I watched the whole army navy game. I was to get stuff done I'd stop and I watch huge chunks of it fantastic. Ending you add that followed up yesterday. With colds bills dare I say this so no football. I need more in my life. I need more three feet of snow on the ground teams can't do anything like that that buffalo in Indy game. Was ugly nobody did anything offensively if you bet the under you knew right away you're gonna win that. Guys were slipping everywhere you can tell what field markers they were on where they were at it was great. I loved it I love seeing them dive around in the snow just mounds of it any army navy game it wasn't quite as bad as the buffalo one. But watching army navy. What that just means. The two academies the fans everything involved there. And then to watch them go out there and I think they attempted five passes total the whole team five and to go out there and run the offense that they run. I thought it was great. To me that is that's that's can't miss TV for football you can give me great teams and we got a few of those yesterday we'll talk about those three on the show. But if you're gonna give me a crappy game at least give me a crappy game in four feet of snow. Which is something we got in the buffalo Indy. Yeah looks cool. It looks cooler you know I was rail is a terrible football game. You now. I thank you had more than I was only lieutenant I have I had and I was waiting for your reaction is terrible football game. Yet was it was a beautiful and imagine sitting in the stands little silently miserable like Jeremy said for the bills but there's so right like the bills fans. They've got to be the most loyal fans right. To endorse that weather and sign up to see game that you half the time couldn't see because of how bad it was snowing. You're another level of crazy. Passionate. Fan Ali Al little island last. Oh I yeah I probably wouldn't of showed up I would have just yet as a good point when he showed up I would open my windows scenes don't like it and get him or watch is on anecdotally game. And be in the bills mafia. So I got destroyed last week I last year by bills mafia because I didn't think you were very good they aren't. And this year I've kind of I put my two little bit when they started off really well with McDermott. Then they have the weird Nathan Biederman Tyrod Taylor debacle go on they lost that game and and I know they got the W they're kind of still in it a little bit but for the most part you know releasing the bill's gonna do much. I'm with Thea. I think Buffalo, New York never thought I'd say this is turning to kind of a destination for me let me ask you this question. You go to bill's game next year. Is it like mandatory you have to slam yourself through it table I'll do it very drunk. I think also with the temperatures and stuff it's necessary to have a liquid blanket so to speak. You would do that. What another does not Russell threw a table Dominic get. Drunks yet feel like in knowing you in having been drunk with you there's an environment or tables are being yeah pastime may be pro yeah I think you are the kind of person that winning rounds yes it's absolute I. I myself I have a bad back. I got play around a golf but easier to seek higher tractor which is why don't golf as much. I get sore plane a couple of hours of basketball is older you get new world breaks down. And I am one that fully admits if I went to buffalo and I started consuming drinks I think I would find myself in a position. Of some guy named spike putting me over his head and somehow kind of throwing me on to the top of the table. You unmanned bills mafia rules deep because I have name Buffalo Bills Marshawn Lynch Jersey and a big Marshawn Lynch Stanton. I wore it last summer debris festina downtown. Portland brewers festival or a yes or number absolutely. Four or five different guys came up to me. And started saying like insider bills things to me. Tennis singing irony is singing songs they sing in the game. In my pointing amien expecting you know and luckily they're drunk enough racket Fulham and the Bud Selig to cheerful bullpen and it's a big bill's bar yet exceeds your bullpen does fall broke for five different guys in the two hours it's done Arnold deep man. ID do rolled the they're very passionate some of whom are very angry and we'll let you know if they think you're an absolute moron. But that's what I love about the city Crawford. That is really what allowed like you can give me fairly. Hostage in Dallas. Jimmie said peak NFL market. And those fans are probably fantastic to experience both and good and bad way. You give me Portland and you're giving me just a huge mix right where you mentioned buffalo how diehard they are. You've seen doc fan forty niner fan packer contingent bronco fan is heavy here Tarlow about the market. We have a big mix of diehard fans and their loyal Zell when they live here election now. Yeah absolutely now. We got a good show today no dirt dirt is gonna be out until Friday. He is all the way in Charlotte, North Carolina adding get to this on Friday on last week's show. But he downplayed some things that he doesn't think is as big a deal as it really is so he goes to the East Coast once a year to visit his brother who lives in Charlotte. Teasing him as dad or maybe it's his dad and mom they go over there for the holidays. Visit his nieces nephews sister in law brother. To big family trip guess we took with them for the first time. Horrible awful out to his girlfriend he took his girlfriend that's a big deal that's exactly what that is a big deal. He trying to downplay it as check in some awful. You don't. You don't take your girlfriend and unless you plan on being together long term. Don't take the growing at a break up with the within the next couple months pretty clear indication of how serious relationship and definitely. And I try to tell on the city he liked chuckling they got is yes not a big deal might. Now it really adds the takes somebody back to meet family socially really close family like that. It's a big move. They were one step closer idea mammy absolutely I'd if I'm hanging out with a girl and I don't think things are Sears gonna progress and even waste my time on my friends time. Letting her to tell my friends so it's a family. Legit yeah and I I have to fully admit I am one pushing for the whole. Wedding thing in that speak in part because we have that's going on the office let him do what he's got to do man and it its foreign Bono it's gonna happen moron my timeline. But the one thing I have been anti with him on that everybody else's telling him to do. The tipping. I keep John just live the life man. You be the guy we fully commit on that having kids alone as they are saying your pressuring an actual no everybody else does though no excuse yeah. Unfair is far from children yet you might be like ten years from China on ten. Why not seven this pressure of like having kids by a certain age is dumb to me. Well there's slash its server. Women to have kids as they get older share. So there's that factor this year I mean obviously I should seeking younger wise no I'm just simply saying that whole Reich like I have to have a kid by twenty. A year whenever that number is now I think it's ridiculous oh yeah I don't know I don't have. Cut offs met a girl once that had that she was like sad and she some relationships and she's a well 120 gain on the kid in my so. Yeah quick things change date somebody for two years get married suddenly you're 31 you have an acute as it's not a big deal. Alan actually advice for that yeah I don't like anybody who plans anything too much. Exactly so he got it you're coming at me with a list of I'd times of the oral we're gonna start getting married having kids. Too much. Yet breaker it is way too much are we Crawford fill in for so I got a good show today a lot of NFL to get to it was a good NFL weekend. We've got the wind stopped the C docs. We've got the Texans the NFL whipped around what the hell is going on with markets Mario and a anybody paying attention to Mario and and what he's done this year. It's not been pretty not been pretty at all we've got the big Stanton trade. That happened over the weekend we'll get to that. We'll talk a little blazers they start a road trip today as they begin it and Golden State's against the warriors going to be without staff Currie. That's some pac twelve news and notes to discuss Mike Mitchell audio that weeding did two last week that I still think is relevant for this. We got a good show today were on tractor and Sprague at Peter Johnson. And pampering and in spray will start here coming up next who is going to win the NFC this year. Should Philly still be the favorite now with the winds injury will get to that next year actor Sprague. On Portland Sports Radio 1080 the fan. Third and spurred. John ten maybe also. 1218 on the fan welcome back again. Brent is great with the on this Monday afternoon. You know unfortunately. Carson went had to go down yes we got a hell of a game between two really good teams the rams in the Eagles and Los Angeles. And it it was a back and forth it was high scoring. Really good. Defense of plays were made and Nina Carson once run it in the end zone he gets sandwiched between two defenders. And he ends up suffering. An injury. And he stays in throws it touchdown pass to how Shawn Jeffrey. He eventually leads to locker room doesn't return. The rams respond and then nick balls comes in and they end up beating. The LA rams yesterday with nick folds. At the Helm four or was it was the whole fourth quarter. Or was it more than half for the fourth quarter but he was full force full fourth quarter with nick foale's well the injury front was not good there were rumblings and reports going on. And then here's Doug Peterson today confirming the worst scenario. Are torn ACL. Torn ACL it appears yes. The report I got this one's easy. Yeah so Carson Wentz torn ACL out for the rest of the year a lot of people were speculating that's where it was at least that was the fear of the Eagles in Carson wins and it turned out to be true. And the Sox. We now have lost the league rookie of the year. The Shawn Watson was gonna easily win it by the way. And now we lost the person that I think was going to be the league MVP in Carson wins a team that clinched their division with that win. They're now the number one seed in the NFC because the vikings loss at Carolina. And just from may look like I did a sick pleasure out of some fan base is the Philly fan base is one that. In uses meat when stuff like this happens the guy the irony of winning a division and feeling like you're gonna win the Super Bowl. Mixed in with the hot and reality deck you Gloucester quarterback for the rest of the year. You can bet the house that Philly fit into the cake. Make the die hard passionate ones the losing their minds and their emotional and they're going crazy there's a sick pleasure that I get out of that on my end. But in reality is a football fan. I hate this. I hated because I love watching Carson once played this year. And it's just another. Quarterback. The laundry list of names that we've seen being knocked out with injury this year. Is just wait too long and Carson Wentz are another reason he's gonna win the MVP aside from team's success. I mean if you don't follow the numbers are does give the right here. Everything he did from year one the year two. Passing yards would've been up he's doubled his touchdowns any still last three games ago interceptions have been cut in half. Fumbles cut in half passer rating up. QB are up yards per pass attempt up. Better better better and her. And her. That's what Carson winced when he seventeen is then and this team. Is damn good and you gotta wonder now how this plays out with the NFC playoff picture. You know who is now considered the favorite for people. Is it money your your top three. Is it the wind is it is it gonna be nother houses and when's wagon is it now Naples and Eagles. Is it he's keen on in the vikings who just lost. You go Drew Brees. Or maybe go experience Matt Ryan that the falcons being their last year and then Cam Newton in the Panthers who looked good against the vikings. Who I to a Super Bowl just a couple years ago I think there is. There's a dot and there's a couple different scenario as you could play out here. But you just wonder how is this gonna stack up in the NFC I'll tell you right now as much as I hate that injury to him. The NFC playoff picture it is going to be. Absolute campus television because aside from the playoff teams I mentioned. You've also got the lions you've got the Packers you've got the cowboys as three teams looming a seven in six. Aaron Rodgers might be coming back. You got the lines going on the eroding getting went I don't know if you trust down and then easy deal Alley with the Dallas Cowboys are set to make his return on Christmas Eve and then oh by the way. The Seahawks who will talk about here a few minutes. They're sitting there are eight and five right on the outside looking in behind the falcons. On Tony it is NFC playoff picture. At least with wins. It may not have been a done deal absolutely but it felt like. You have a clear favorite. And I'm not seen Eagles shouldn't be considered a favorite I think it falls can get by I think when nick foale's. I'm not going to be one to dismiss and say you can't go to a super hold nick falls. And the reason I say that is one of the defense plays substantially better and they played yesterday. You know if you have home field advantage throughout the class people are now coming to your house. And we've seen falls in the passage of Kelly what he's able to do. May be would Doug Peterson. He gets in a play on a somewhat similar level. So you can't completely dismiss Philly but. Not the NFC playoff picture I don't know by U cropper I mean are you sorted out like who's the favorite. You just you're you're looking at a laundry list of teams. I mean yes I still think the NFC playoffs are going to be must watch football because of how close all these teams are the rams easily could've won that game I thought they were going to. At times I still think that they are really strong team I think the vikings just generally good even those saints like all those teams are still really good Nichols is a really good act out for me just more socks. To add another name to listen NFL injuries this year I think. You know people on a top ratings are down and maybe why the NFL's been less washed this Yuri was for me personally I'd watch more college the bald an NFL this season. Adding number one is just the length of games and ads and then a penalties needed time out not all that bullet. Did the stoppage of gain is number one for me the number two is the star power that's just disappeared. From Ezekiel Elliott missing a Monty game's total back and getting hurt Aaron Rodgers I'd. We its panel hold saying it is listing it as a daughter that's number two for me so just sucks as the another young star. Who I was really stoked on washing development and has seen his lead his team to play out to see him now there's bums me out. Yeah I'm with you on that 12. I've just the quarterback set of like Adam's show after tweet out a list of quarterbacks saying it's too law. And that's the unfortunate part night in that he would admit that I hit he took. You knew when he ran and he was gonna dive there was a chance like a shot like that was gonna happen and Nissan get up. And I know video's gone around social media noble when he got to Holler okay he's gonna be all right he prides probably get hurt obviously the next day yeah I didn't realize it was going to be but too corny CIA's. Hammett man and then here's the other thing too is. The Packers somehow Kumble for come from behind against the Cleveland Browns the most browns he went of all time or loss of all time. And Brett Hundley now is three into and some people think and Aaron Rodgers coming back their next game. Packers. Yeah I I don't even think the Packers if the Packers were to win this who normal this year. This is why the NFL is great and also why I tell people to come down sometimes I don't think the NFL every single year gives us the best team as the champion. I think you have very flew key runs you have weird unexplained. Teams. Make it. And I'm not saying Green Bay would be unexplainable anytime you a quarterback like Rogers like it that. It does the writing for itself but of Green Bay were to somehow sneak into this thing with Aaron Rodgers and make this running get in. I and we leave me just scratching my head saying is that really Green Day they're really one of the best. I've simply aligns us with Brett Hundley. Telling you walk away going yet that's one of the best two or three teams but would Aaron Rodgers to just changes everything. So the AFC seems pretty cut and dry. Maybe Baltimore can sneak up on somebody. They played Pittsburgh really well last night blew that lead with three minutes ago. But I think you look at the NFC the AFC's kind of written itself the NFC is just wide open. And we'll get to see ox here in just a minute but I'd even sailing team like Seattle with Russell Wilson at the Helm. He threw for what a 140 plus yards to talk about death and two touchdowns in the fourth quarter was it three touchdowns. So unbelievably at three picks some bad plays for sure. But given all the injuries they dealt with they lost Wagner and right yesterday. Didn't matter they almost came back and won that game so. The NFC playoff picture it sucks to lose Carson wins but I will say this it just adds more. Chaos and uncertainty. Of who you think is gonna make it. Or what is your answer to your dirt Sprague poll question. I think I can't say are you know what I'm gonna go favorite model of the four list because you can loyalists for let me just say I don't think any answer here would be woods -- any answer and any potential plant team would be ridiculous or donors sounding I'd I don't either but if I was to answer it I would probably lean saints. And again I think this is a lot closer than justices like I can say saints in a listener to be listening in. Can be a vikings in her aura or Eagles fan like you're eighty it. I think this is the slimmest of margins if you're picking up who's the favorite. In the NFC right now. Because again this can be year this is crazy you would never believe me if I told you this in August that we can be looking at the end of the the NFL season. Case keen on Jerryd goth or nick falls and a Super Bowl. You laughed at me three rams quarterback so yes you hit three former Jeff Fisher proteges. Say that would be pretty ironic you laughed at me if I threw that out now I now but that's the setup that we have right now. So it Sox pulled off in MEI hate losing Carson winced because I loved watching him play. But it just continues to create. Even more uncertain. And questioning within the NFC of who is the best team. Bridge workers Tex signs 55305. Or read a few thoughts on that but also coming up next. This team is getting criticism for being who they've always been. And I don't understand it ought to say who it is next the first Crawford with sports update. Yeah. I was. I was gone back and forth yesterday with the rams Eagles game in the seahawk game against Jacksonville. And I was kind of just glued to both her for long stretches there unity. Look word somewhat local with Seattle we have on the on the station. I wanna watch to what's going policy and I think they're an interesting team to watch may have been for a few years now. Some gone back and forth between those two. And the jags almost cop up this big lead. Right they were up Russell Wilson is amazing in the fourth quarter he's lights out. But the jags and of securing the win they get a third and eleven run by Leonard for Nat he gets the first down that basically locks it up. Well they didn't have victory formation and Sheldon Richardson and Michael Benny did involved with a dive attempt to cause a fumble. Fights end up happening between both teams. Real kind of just play out divide between those two even like in the start of the game during the game and at the end it just kind of felt like. They jaguars in this young up and coming bunch. Trying to prove that they are the next team. While the Seahawks still makes with the guys healthy enough to play. Are seeing they're telling you we're still here Russell Wilson's Stiller quarterback. We're not going anywhere. And see just kind of got down from the from the onset of the game well. Then Richardson's ejected. And then quit and Jefferson ends up getting tossed. And then there was a whole thing we're Jefferson was heading to the locker room. Some fans said some things immensely through some things and then Jefferson was then thrown trying to climb the wall. So fight the fans. Caddie be held back by security didn't end up happening. Lot of pointing of fingers. Well here's Pete Carroll this is Pete Carroll at the post game about the end of that sin that into the game. And the back and forth and then Jefferson's involvement with a fan. I don't know them item on the north have to 22. To relate to that thought but yeah I've done it's either one of areas and that is kind of lost its report appearance at one of the statement so it's almost pro football they they pagan they do it anyways. Yes there's Pete Carroll it's like he's saying you know fans wanna pay fine go do what you want. And I I found this. Sort comical. You know in this is just the social media snapshot but I'm watching this game in look if you're watching this with me and you you whisper next day. Seahawks loses game. It's probably going to be fight between these two teams I would look he lingo. And is that supposed to surprise me. But this is who the Seahawks are this is who they have been. You have to remember this is eighteen. Made up. Doug Baldwin Richard Sherman is Michael then it's Russell Wilson's oral Thomas Bobby Wagner cagey right a group of high end talent. That doesn't feel like they've never gotten the respect it deserved or feels like they need to earn the respect that they never received. That's who this group has been in the midst of the Super Bowl runs in midst of the the playoff defeats and in the midst of a playoff chase. This is who. They are. And we're supposed to be surprised by this were supposed to feel that on his team they've crossed the line this is who they've been. Win or lose you'll there's a lot of people I think you either like to see ox or you don't and win or lose you walk away heating on aria level. And I I know all of it Sprague it's embarrassing. Jefferson climbing a wall in any diving at lay eggs in Richardson getting injected it's embarrassing. I'm sorry. This is who they have bent. You can point to other losses where they've been emotional. Or they've had Al purse and they've had been Brooke Bob broken op when you can point to wins. Like this you remember this one from Richard Sherman a few years ago. So my experience it's. Playing speak really really. Good. Yeah. Yet it is you can't listen to that that by the way it was in 2013. That was the year they want it you can't listen to that. And in a couple years down the road just act like you're surprised this is who they are. And I know Sherman's not out there I know Wagner left and and right left and chancellor I'd get that. But until certain members of this team are no longer on the roster and I think that time is coming pretty soon. Until they evolves into being Russell Wilson is. Or even an Earl Thomas right Earl thomas'. Aggressive he's flying a field but he's relatively quiet for the most part compared to some other members of this team. Until it evolves to that point. This is who the Seahawks are. There's not a surprise here. Punched come on I don't care these players are new to the team in more dared to be like who cares when you become a Seattle Seahawks this is what it is. You're angry you play with a champ and sometimes you win and when you lose you're kind of your bitter. You're a little bit of a sore loser. You know what I'm OK with that. Because it's what helps them thrive in being who they are. Yemen agree with it to brand and I got a problem with that I sometimes wish whenever I'm a fan of a lot of teams across a lot of sports right I always want my team. To compete with the most passion when I don't see it early like for example as a Oregon State and at times this season. You want the beavers collapse in the second half right and it killed my worst you know you wanna got to talk trash you wanna got to start I'd like dad is. The reason the Seahawks have been so relevant a mean one of the reasons why I love teams that compete like that I love that Richard Sherman never had a problem with the 12013. Until now because hassles a ball is so. I got a from a back and if Quinn Jefferson wants to climb in the stands and B dot band. Overall without either I really don't like him that's what happened obviously it'll be legal ramifications but if you knock over the standard throw that. It's probably not cool for Quinn devers and climbed the stands to start a fight but if you get some throwing yield. In that heated moment like that's what happens sometimes like. I would say this to light the Jefferson thing. It's amazing to me that well it's I guess is not too amazing just how dumb people are. How do you see any highlights of the fight at The Palace of Auburn Hills. And still think is a fan decked. It's cool to do that right like throwing something at an individual now look Jefferson. When he did eject just go to locker room. But when your throwing things I think you're you're already at a boiling point of anger and frustration in. You add somebody throwing something at union is don't know how people are gonna be set up again the Jefferson thing. Yeah I mean is he perfect Italian with no Disco locker room but this is more about the fans. Like these. Dirt bags fans. That think they're entitled to do whatever they want and say whatever they want. Yeah I've been a college games man and just even at the college double with kids who are not being paid millions of dollars by the way. You would be appalled at what you hear fancy to the kids. I've I've stood. Eight feet from it and just looked at fans like a kid is twenty years old. And because he's playing against your favorite team using its cool to say that. You dig into an NFL level there throwing trash bags are throwing drinks are throwing food. Don't be an idiotic moron. Don't need that fan. Its toll on the fan base Alia the fighting stuff and the fighting stub his mighty mighty. You know my overall feelings on that like people just all lawyer on the C Auckland and this is embarrassed this is a disgrace this is who they. All are you for I might seem to play like that personally and I think a lot of people say I hate the Seahawks. Our fans that you guys to play that way you educate the Seahawks it's better for you to have a team you hate you need some hate eating your life is a sports and we all do. And you're running villains for sure I said this about dream on for a long time amen to maintain this opinion. I. If dream runs on eighteen you'll love it if this is your team you'll love it. You're embarrassed by our machine spray they've reached a level I'm ashamed. Michael bent out of here you can't like the Richard Sherman rants. And then suddenly be embarrassed or ashamed of your team because of yesterday's game that's why it was ridiculous Barnes is on the clippers who was my favorite player ego and when he wasn't before I hated him and ask and I wish my favor outweighs the clippers had. A drain mongering and Alice the blazers had drape mongering. I love to hate dream on dream. It's good. It's good to hate I hate him as something I'll point out my team there's something else we're gonna hate together again and I can't wait it's better for us to have it. And I'll tell you what that is a lit a little later on the show but the reaction of the CI thing was comical Mann act like we don't know the CI axis is who they are. For good and bad you win games that way when you lose games you look like a sore loser passes to the Seahawks are there wired that way. But god I don't know what we do about fans man. Like I hope those people got doubtless if fans are idiots but those people shouldn't be allowed to be going to games anymore. I think it's you get down extreme. Right on things of people. You won the game to thank your team one who cares. Yes I mean. It doesn't surprise me drunk behavior. And just you know trying to you know what I mean like that drunk fan I'm assuming he was hammered thorough and that doesn't surprise me but it sucks but it doesn't. Stupid fan behavior doesn't surprise me. Alia announces its is ridiculous man I'll read a few thoughts on this after how people feel about the Seahawks at the Bridgeport Peters takes on a 55305. And then just where they're at right now in that and FC playoff picture we'll talk about that next on offense. This is a dirt and spray. There NFL liberal coming up this. We've got some ducks' coaching news to announce. Something just came across the wired. We'll pass them along but this and yeah. We were talking about. The Seattle Seahawks is the way their game ended it was as predictable to me like can you tell me that's OCR end up losing a game and that's how they respond. I'm not really surprised I really am not like that's how they've been during this Ron. And you know a lot of people texting in Michael Ben he's a dirty player. That is a play that I specifically. I would sit there and say the same thing like a lot of people are saying like dirty play unnecessary. It feels unnecessary. But then you have people like Olin Kreutz. Offensive lineman himself. Who tweets that he sees the plane he doesn't view it as dirty. I put a former offensive linemen our current offensive lineman says that's not dirty. And it maybe you don't even have like universal thought there maybe it's different you know suits in Nicosia that plays incredibly dirty falling crude says it's not. Acted very well exist but when Mike and offensive lineman says that don't you doesn't it kind of lead you deposit go out. Well I mean he played there. Well I was cams take this morning and Jesse camp was that's full ball. That's what you do that's the kind of play you wanna make it the end of the game if you're trying to win your desperate mode via absolutely not a wit that's a win at all costs mentality. Which apparently some people on the text sign or some fans out there have maybe a holier than thou mentality or an old model might seem to do that. I certainly do I want my team to win it all costs. I Omaha and dirty players man eat whether or not that was a dirty play I don't mind it I want my team to win isn't that. What football and sports is all about bellies for a professional level like. This is it eight greater high school it's I don't you know sportsmanship I don't care about it as much of the pro level down. See Sox fans icing in the bridge for appears tax line the emotional culture of the CR has brought a lot of good. On and off the field and yesterday it was the downside that comes along with the good at says I'm getting pretty tired of Tenet in Sherman. As good as they are it's frustrating often their discontent. Becomes the story and I wonder when the bad well outweigh the good that's from nick and that they both might be gone after this year. I'm there's kind of a feel which is reading the tea leaves from people like condone that. There may be some some new players in place there's certain positions. Com but I see what he's saying like it it's a good and bad idea moments really he kind of just. You hit the top the year for Ed easily come and then you have times words that emotion works form and they win a big game and you're sitting there celebrating. Somebody else's races calls CR names on Yahoo! ID be so calm is someone threw a beer or not shows on their white ass hurt. That's a thought of the bridge workers tax line. Let's the Aggies seem YouTube clips people throwing drinks at Roger don't tree at Angus young during shows they get support his victims people don't blame them. For being mad another when he you're going to sell booze in the stadium what do you expect was in Seattle as a Packers as a Packers fan. Four is there. I can't read data broke up those fans are obnoxious because they think. With their twelve. They're part of the team one thing in common. Is that alcohol is the commonality there somebody else is speaking of Jacksonville fans any mention of the bottle thrown at locked in after his touchdown connection yet I did. I saw that that was late in the game busted coverage crucial touchdown. And somebody threw a tobacco by Tyler Lockett there Ed I think Jacksonville. Fans you walk away from that whole game in scenario. And Jacksonville fan is is looking like the bigger light jacket yes. You know the saying act like you've been there. Modeling they have been at it happens when was the last time they were there they went the AFC title game and what was that 97 with that with mark for now yeah. And they are pretty good with Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor. You what was the quarterback's name was it left which robot are likely yeah. And then who is the guy behind him. David Gerhard David your hard Deanna. He had shingles many Crohn's Disease Crohn's Disease and accurately as stomach problems if you tenants would load as I was the last time their role at. And have a cabana in their stadium so I could see how they might get too drunk and not know its digital. Yeah that's all say that's an excuse it was saying that doesn't surprise me either. Yeah I just I don't know man I think in instances like this we've seen it done. And so when it happens again I just become less and less shocked by it. And plus it's it's fire it's a fiery game it's the Jacksonville. Jack wires trying to prove themselves against a team that's fighting for a playoff spot and by the way sea hawks in game five now. They're right behind the Atlanta Falcons for that last wild card spot. Their schedule coming up to get the rams this weekend which I can't wait for that that game. That's given the cost rams yeah you're right at the first iteration of that game and if Cooper cup doesn't drop a pass any key catches nine out of ten times. You're kind of looking at this like all right. Maybe the rams can get the season sweep here see get the rams coming to Seattle this weekend past and here I am very excited that I game as well. Singled to load outs on tickets are expensive I looked I want to maybe try to ram it. Tickets are always expensive to CR gap I realized how expensive. So I'm not going so you get the rams and then they cowboys he get as he Eliot such unity knack for that one and then you'll fan this year. Verses the cardinals if you can somehow Muster up three straight wins there. And you look 1011 and five year end but it's just a matter of can you stave off disappointment. And from what I mean by that is I think she Julia favored against the rams at home yes. Should you be the favorite. Against cowboys probably not as Zeke but I think you're a lot closer with them. If not better and then the cardinals coming to Seattle in the year on New Year's Eve you'll absolutely be a big favorite in that match ups so. They have an opportunity here man do you think the playoff bound. The Seahawks ya. Huh. No it feels like at worst they're ten and six. Yeah unless they lose their hands in the zone and Dallas is changes for me now if you ask him before this game what to say yes. And the EC animal is like that easy Russell Wilson shows him. Russell Wilson has been perfect for them all season which is why they are where they are and then once he has a bad game they tail wind so I guess. You know it's all on the arm and legs of Russell Wilson. Right well I mean else I'll say even without Wagner and right yesterday who left with injury. Even without them and then you add the chancellor Sherman injuries still having Russell Wilson is the difference. If he's out there. You have a fighting chance. But you have a three interception game like that you turn the ball over. It's gonna be tougher and tougher by the way a winner CI fan. Mike Davis has been running well did Alex Collins make you wish that they would've cut him. Out he is good for Baltimore last couple weeks. You ask you me as an ordinance -- fan I just mean to see us running game is terrible. It's I think it's like probably historically back yet he won arraignment of three straight win reasons probably division title absolutely. Below sea they can do it rams this weekend. Game inning your act Dallas before you finish with the cardinals one more thought. At the the bridge Fort Pierce takes an F 55305. Can't defend loser players and condemn loser fans both are asking morons and losers. It's not even a defend dean of the players. It's more just pointing out this is who they car. You know like. If I'm a C arc in and somebody's saying that all your CR I'm not a Seahawks fan. I'm actually not the least. Just simply watching this team in this run that they've had since they won a Super Bowl bend to his Super Bowl and chase the playoffs. It's who they bend. And some years it's been great form and other years its debt down. There's a conduct as a way into which of conducting yourself as a professional. And sometimes C docs don't do it so my point is not to defend the players is simply point out this is who they are and who they have been. Good and bad we got a loaded second hour a lot to get to a still and talk about Tom savage yet. How would discuss that we'll get to the Stanton trade as he's moved from mom Miami. To New York we'll talk a little blazer but will kick off our two with our NFL would brown go around the National Football League some other games that we haven't addressed. Would do that Dexter and sprayed with the old Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.