Dirt & Sprague Monday August 21st, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, August 21st

The guys revisit the AP preseason top 25 poll, plus how high could the Ducks finish in the rankings with a good year, The Broncos have named a starting QB and it's not necessarily who they were hoping it would be, plus final thoughts on the eclipse.


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What's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Adds to its final order is now Monday Mondays ago and follow on actors Sprague will follow you back. As a somewhat audio a little bit later in the show talk about our fantasy football javits going to be Wednesday night about that punch bowls social Wednesday night I'm ready to go. To be a fun week for us we've got to fantasy football and Wednesday. You're gonna be out there will be swipe card and myself will be out at the Web.Com tour out there. And then Friday got hood to coast of anonymity because this weekend and ended Saturday we've got we got the beavers current state and McGregor Mayweather. Could be a great week Mandy I got the last of six weddings this weekend this is the final 11 more world across he has nowhere vacation days I gotta fight it. That measure taken as a number of days I counted. Flies I know if that's true I've taken five days. Do I don't. Thank you gently star ledger nominated artist with just mass exit date checked his take that for data so take that for data you know Brooke meet Al rookie. I AM I'm back working Fridays again boys so. Allard yeah he's obviously done this well I don't know who I'm doing the show it's on Friday out there from from pumpkin ridge and anyone who also slack 305 there's there's a rumor it is a rumor at this point. But. The Iraq might sit in. Mountain is an item prime time then the Seahawks of the pre season game early it's a 5 o'clock. About that so there's a rumor at this point he's going to be I I saw him respond to an email is we got some tickets gifted to us GAAP and he's he's gonna go check out determine you know be out there is going to be out their butts but it's not confirmed yet but I'll be fine you guys you see the baseball showed him it'll be a reunion there will be yeah it would be big fund and were huge golf both of us huge grant so thank you so we can have a lot of fun out there are but the eagle five hours then. There are no pregame starts at three it's a two hour pregame for us constantly elitism usually right and they gonna show primetime that's why Friday at age driving their out there Wednesday but he covers to our pregame. That's what an entire that's a lot of in depth analysis unit at 3 o'clock brown after I'm done it's I'm I'm Inco and find out now what do any amendment to our elegant like an hour and a half Indy around material. Think there's a lot of pre taped interviews sugar coaches and you know that's got I don't know four or five different people in the pregame show ISO. Let me step this up one further you say what you do for two hour pregame show I say. Who listens to a two hour pregame show other people to lessen the twelve us the twelve soak it up using they listen to two hour pregame shows. Outside like being at a tailgate nipping on the background. Is somebody that sits down yes there is somebody that sits down. We have got he yells a two hour pregame I guarantee there's those people for certain is crazy sports fans out there man makes says. Alan RP one's guess as a mock drafting right now at work and preparation thankfully it's slow day is get ready will were ready to see opening come out are a little more about that later in the hour. And as we get ready for Wednesday we can't way to do that out got a lot of fun guys and the punch bowl social bowed to the big news in the sports throat at least today is that the AP polls released. I'm really at AP poll fever just like includes fever. Pro. The signals that the college football season is officially beginning this upcoming weekend and no big surprise is he rend analyst deems it made it. Never rains it's literally. 24 the Twain five team for the same as the coaches poll the only one that was it was Washington State they made it. And 24 they weren't in the coaches poll and eap bomb doubt you'd top who was in the coach pull outside that basically the same exact boy you don't top to bottom. The only flips Michigan's not in the top ten Oklahoma's ahead of Washington instead of vice Versa. And that's about it the same poles the coaches poll yeah I look at these polls. I mean they are with the other pre season. Top 25 polls whether that's the SID pulls out like colony data coach's call or you're doing the writers one. And really take much from omits the usual suspects. And it doesn't have to necessarily mean that your team. Is written off that's the beauty of pre season some of these programs get the benefit of the doubt like to you'll see one or two of these teams in the top fifteen to twenty range. Will start their year to into. Or three in two or you know and one of those kind of records and they'll still get the benefit and be ranked. And some of these other programs Penn State is a good example not on top 25 lash or did receive a single vote is Chris Lowe pointed out earlier and I know are and they win the Big Ten and go to the roles polls so. It doesn't have to be a death sentence if your team's not in this thing right now or they're not ranked very high. And again. How much do these rankings matter they really don't we wait for the playoff rankings. Yeah I do have a couple of fun we'll get to some crystal audio yardage second because he identified a sleeper timid when you get to some fun factoid about the pre season top when he found urine as some of these deaths. Alabama is the pre season number one for the sixth time it's the fourth time honored Nick Saban each of the previous three times a day but the pre season number one. They did not when the national championship a kind of like that won the title is a non pre season number one. Unable historically have the toughest opener. Against Florida State and seminoles come in ranked number three in a pre season poll this is the first time that a pre season number one has opened its season. When they top three team and will be the first time since 1990. The number one team is open against the top five team that's got a minute I can't. I can't begin to tell you how much. I wanna watch that kid is gonna be awesome that's one of those games dirt that every college football fan. And I know the ducks will be playing their first game against southern Utah the bees have Portland State early eleventh. I think every college football fan at some point during that week and is gonna find a way to watch that. But that's one of those games we may have to get a guess from both sides just talk about it yeah yeah and I'm one of the notes are urged him to have a notes mentioning Ohio State being ranked as high as well they're number two. That is the fifth time that they've been ranked the pre season top four in the previous four instances. Urban Meyer coached teams that are ranked in the top four only twice a day finish there so I'll just like Alabama sometimes and that either don't live up. If it was a little different this year though because of how young they were last year and they're going to be had been mentioned teams coming out of nowhere and teams eventually falling this one was in seems that the crystal also gave us that there has been at least one team every year since 2002. And started in the top ten and then finished unranked and on the flip side in the last five years twelve teams. I've finished the season in the top ten after beginning the season unranked seven of those twelve teams I didn't even receive a single. Vote or point I should say and the pre season also sometimes you don't teams come out an alert and and that's always enjoyable part but. It it's gonna be it set up for a Goodyear when you see these cannot you know it's right around a corner give me a team in the top ten. You don't think finishes ranked. I love that stat. And that's a tough one I go. I doesn't finish ranked him top ten just ranked the night been ranked Wisconsin. I thought about Wisconsin let's go Wisconsin and lost her linebacker for the year the star their defense the Big Ten is top floor the that the Big Ten as a lot are four teams ranked in the role in the top eleven got Michigan there you got Ohio State they're a young Penn State there I'd I would say Wisconsin. Oh god it's hard for me to see anybody else. But again we say that every year about the top ten in its documents and state wasn't. I don't know if that would mean. And I know they're bringing back the running back in their quarterback as a but outside of a three week stretch in Michigan Ohio State missing is easy schedules manage they play our Akron pick in Georgia State nonconference. They're going to be three announcement that it has not been now there's a team it's on out about we always look for those sleeper teams may be teams that aren't good enough tension meet Chris low lying is a college football writer. For ESPN and he identified as sleeper team of the top 25. I'll be another team out west. They keep an eye on the can be neat he could be pure Washington State likely. You look at the where there's scheduled trip up they get US coal to go to try to nineteen year. Luke fault. Easter trauma guys in. And at peace that we get today have a prediction that you have a quarterback. And you talk about contraction in baker may trio did you know Arnold wrote an. Don't forget about fault tee if you really good quarterback. Received in the spirit got caught up in about a week out there might. And as a cougar last year I think he had a big eater and our rule electrical work Dietrich couch courage. Record worker legion because two coordinator. You're behind eight ball he may get putrid better I think Washington State were entry or quit a bit ago. And achieved peace speak that the here. There you go Washington State sneaky guy I agree on amber some of his assessment Natalie they're getting enough attention at this point this season you and I disagree on Stanford. But guiding a visit Teaneck can be challenging Washington in the north I love Washington stateside it's just as much as I love Stanford's. I think the fact Lou fall did decide to come back on I love that you are on prince is Robin harper on that guy and and how good a job he's done with the cougars. On and I think statistically you know shape out more with how good he really is a coach this year than it did last year. I love Washington State's chances for May be an apple cup potential. Where the winner goes of pactel title game I do believe they are. And they do you have that kind of town and I loved when he get USC on a short week on a Friday night how do Allman memory USC does an avenue buys and there's can what will week is I came. USC here lore sorry. We believe it is September 29 year I'd September 29 730 game on a Friday nights at the fourth game so one T by every week that I. Five weeks in no by. That's fine yeah no byes and eminently before loading and whether account also Lee's got to manage million illegal full sand Arnold stays healthy this is a hole. Moot point but. USC is a team to watch. A top ten teams where they finish at last time they were number one they didn't finish the season ranked they were one of those teams is twelve weeks and I don't I don't have that's half to get threats to Scotland but this did get us thinking about when asked our poll questions are going into the break in you can pondered them during the commercial break able. Our react to money aside talk about this but organ came in at 33 in the pre season poll. Some people that that was late July we asked the question can they finish the season ranked in the top 25 by the end of the year. A listen which state also organ state kicks off their season believe and not on Saturday they're. At a less than a week away now from the years starting we ask a question about them. How many games they win this year fiber last six or seven and go bowling or eight more in shock the pac twelve let you know. What the poll results are we'll get your thoughts as well 55305. Talks ducks in these next on 1080 the fan. It's time for a Seahawks report on the slim inside story on the Seahawks football brought to you by lifting gear higher. Really broken heart about George being incurred just to. Unfortunately he's done so much. Come so far and every share of form and reform all along and I think it's seasonal Vito was you know get back this season ending injuries. Require surgery. Unfortunately so. So isn't content to expose them to by. Yeah brutal blow for the CI shares tko of dynamite George Canada's officially had his surgery today is gonna be hopefully ready for the start of next season it sounds like the George can't done for the year there goes left tackle for the Seahawks yeah you feel bad for the guy to be put on weight he had gotten himself substantially better and more improved for this coming season. The top flight just wondered if plug and play or they go make a trade try to get picked him as CR report on the fan instructed by lifting gear tire not all equipment is gear college Jarrett lifting here higher for the tough jobs 5371076. Three finest final 3710763. Tried based in nineteen welcome back in the. It's a fantasy football stuff coming up a little bit we do need some help I'm a much listeners doubtless name our league's last Syrian really treated the names. Thank you example 98 degrees. They singled to Pringle Barry's I believe was a league names like artsy league game. Yet it was -- that we have a creative Fun League games last year ya end right now we dissembling you know as wags league pipers league I was filled out my is name me an idea I don't I don't get a draft amstel team Johnson for right now can all of the ballots are league we could yeah and it doesn't simply got a couple of fund league being taught how helpless without 55305. Months I love down. Well done let's get to a little bit of breaking news though quickly and have a lot of hot takes on this but that doesn't answer questions. So we talked clearly shows you listen George fans donned for the years Seahawks offensive line it was slated to be their starting left tackle. And I he would ACL surgery ambled by density here well we asked a question when they get it it is in house they gonna try and they get a trying to find somebody else out of the house and they made a trade today they just did Adams after reporting that the Seattle is traded at their fifth round pick in 2018. For Matt Hogan. And a seventh round pick OK does that do anything for area. So he was with the Eagles yes and database so when I'm reading here he was not a starter so no news they Leno and I know there Jason Peters finance forgot damning Johnson's. Kelsey at senator. I mean it it does Justin if he's willing be a fifth round cake I trust John Snyder and he's one of if not the best GM in league. I use in me knows what he's going after here but. Tell that wasn't enough star for the Eagles he has played 42 games in his career he has started 21 of those the most coming in 2015. Marie started thirteen games at right guard for them. Last year. He played in twelve. Started in one. Series of plug and play is play him out they MCI estimated trade. These are curious Seles seemed any elements come by Tutsi docs make trade by the rent out the dolphins I appreciate listener forgiveness credit for that inspired him. Well we don't. And it puts him we got to make a note pushed Lauderdale Lagos the actor made a animated yup they we despicable the ball questions today on our Twitter account in regards to Oregon and Oregon State because organ as he mentioned in the eight people they were ranked 33. And for a lot of people that was too high and what family were Forte how you rank of 33. Well we asked the question. Candy Clement of the top 25 at the end of the year but 300 votes on this bad boy 57%. Of people. Say yes they will be a top twenty fives at the end this season while 43%. Say no there's not enough talent this year. Is thirty threes you high. As an organ to yes 33 is to live for pre season poll thirty threes to cry. I think they can be ranked in the top 25 by the end of the year I am more optimistic about this team and some people like yeah is being. Never Larry's in a non flew key way they'll be ranked in the top 25 after that week. Is that would put him three you know they be too well to now go to know why my own thing yeah. Maybe if those other teams are left cupcakes on their schedule. I florists say it's not gonna what I got like like merging its second West Virginia are playing each other in the opening week it's hard and try to completely out of one of them gets blown out one of the Virginia beat handily they'll fall out of the top toy saudis are set by a team they're not supposed to be exact my in the first week mark my thing with organ is 33 too lightly who cares if it's too high it's big they're not in the top 25 those are receiving votes I I don't on unaffected by that. If you're value waiting top 25 ability. They haven't on the offense their offensive line their quarterback their running back the receiver is a question mark played. Your key positions of lying and quarterback and running back like all three of those things are done you know what they are and how good they can beat us on his release is healthy that is top 25 quality. The problem is I don't know who the receivers are going to be outside of maybe Tony Brooks James the slide and Charles Nelson when he outside. And I have no clue how much better Jim Leavitt can make that defense if he only makes a jump by a two less points per game. All its not gonna be much different than what they did last year they're gonna get lit up and there are going to be a bunch shoot outs may be cozy and awake as Herbert older. But I think that's the tough part in a by waiting on the truly top 25. The Willie Taggart. You know factor inexperience in a power five. I think that's somewhat overblown just because you rebuild programs in college football like western Kentucky and South Florida you clearly have a pretty good ability of what you're doing. But there is approve a factor for a lot of people and I understand that that Canada line that way of thinking so offensively. I think top 25 defensively. I just don't know what to expect from Jim Leavitt and yeah he's clearly better than Brady Hoke to huge mystery for sure it's just about how much better can you make that jump from for. Year one yeah on India and the diet. I admire optimism of the day in its surrounds the offense I don't have I'll solve the that he senses gonna suck this year. What level of sot that's what we're waiting to find out but the defense is gonna sock. If you don't agreement that it is I don't know what you're watching him maybe just trust way too much Jim Leavitt but. That that the reason I'm more optimistic about this team is because of how talented I think the offenses and the offensive line is is gonna be solid this year I have high expectations. For Justin Herbert I think you could get back to running the football. As effectively Wii's gives we've seen you run the ball in the past the stable the backseat you have. And I think that's one of the things that people forget so much about last year is the defense was historically bad like bottom of the bottom bad probably the worst in the program and probably. Our source but at the same time I think we forget that a lot of times the offense was ineffective leader novice at quarterback solution for large chunks of the year Herbert had moments but. He was it your freshman that was thrust into duty because Dakota pro cop couldn't get the job done. The offensive line was awful last year so I am it was a total failure and that's right do expect him to come back to him. At least someone in the organ that we've known as on the offensive side of the ball now can't make up for a 126 ranked defense time will tell. But they were a 115 in the country in 2015 and 19 games and they've proven that they can out score people. Well on their way but a lot of folks upset they were ranked 33 time will tell you people say is that why has there are a lot of lot of of the responded ample portions they are you kidding me. Even even one doctor cross said on another example of over hyped Oregon Ducks going in a disease we know Alexander Crawford so MO this year I've saved every single one of those tweets I did I know that's my point is we know what he's aiming for yeah. I think the reality is people really don't care that much it's just about. Can you prove that you are top 25 at some point the app meanwhile on the other team that we ethical question about update Johnny's results gets in quick shots is organ state they start on Saturday act Colorado State it's a great test. Until open a year for the beavers we asked how many games simple I'm begins to get a win this year five or less noble six or seven go bowling or eight or more shot the pac twelve. Run on par 56%. Of people. Say they gonna win six or seven games are gonna go bowling next answers 36%. Say they're still a year away at least from making a bowl game they're gonna win five games last. In the optimistic bunch 8% of folks saying that they can get to eight wins and shot the pac twelve but double find out the bigger barometer game is Saturday at Colorado State yeah I. I'm personally can afford to the matchup collar stays defense is not good she able to put up points on that scoreboard. On its just a matter of what your defense can do to counteract their offense whose bring back their quarterback. And playmakers on the outside the court talked him with Kevin Clinton Wednesday at 115 this week and I can't wait to ask him what the game plan is and and what you. Your primary thing you have to stop with Colorado State not only are they gonna be Joost of building up what they did last year. They are mountain west contender to win their conference. And their opening a brand new stadium. So you're going against a little bit you're going on the road but if this is seizing your jumping to a bowl game. I think this is the start eggs this is the start date she want you wanna play a real quality opponent on the road hostile environment. To at least show yourself and build confidence even more that you are capable of making a jump from four. To six I think they can't win seven announcing they will but I think they have the ability to the defense to me is gonna play better than people expect. And I think with the addition of Tyner who's looked good in camp isn't I young playmakers at receiver position. The offensive line is still a question mark and so is our quarterback to a certain extent but I just trust Gary Anderson in year three to make that jump from four to six but so down. Shock BI and the incident into an increase Tories say and I've penciled him in as well for six wins I'm dressed in. Or or maybe has to leave for whatever reason. Where's the trust factor with Jarrett said. Now I. Not because outside the Minnesota game last Syrian show me much at all but you wonder how banged up he was a Shura meeting got his ass. And it if he was beat in that game it was always on his back must that game. Yes I mean I albino or in staking it to six lot of it's on Jay gluten a fund that question do you from listener who has the more loaded backfield Oregon State or Oregon. That's a guy I mean that's a good question I is a good question I don't know all freemen thing that that was just not zionism in answer top guys and Mia you gotta go down from there are tires the good buddy's dad's plane we have a year and a half game on the hill organ because rinsing tying and game designer would be that the transaction there he comes out he looks like the back that we sunny day against Florida State and he's run and aggressively over people physically then you USC gets Freeman. Todd Griffin ties birth James and then it seems to be received this year. Well he's going to be in the backfield to they're gonna play and all over the place I and been law. And then why and then Felix is a freshman kid whose turn a lot of heads so far and he has announced he's not gonna redshirt he's got to play this year if you are awful issued they have four as well counting Calvin Tyler of their freshman who they don't -- rancher out some plot to audible back it's fun it's a fun and advancing conversely but you have to give them I think the benefit of the doubt organ right yeah at least for now but did it's this the strength of both football teams no doubt running back position good. In Corvallis and Eugene as simple questions answered for yeah. Other we asked earlier actors Brady can still go vote. Eight the Broncos have found their starting quarterback are the browns and jets far behind talk about that a lot of teams win the Super Bowl and they'll make the playoffs the next year. Happens often the National Football League only down Panthers niners. Top my add those two. Brock a year brought rosy years ago he says and then they didn't make it last year. And a lot of folks points to one of the weaknesses on their roster. The quarterback position Trevor submitted. Trevor Simien was named the guys seventh round pick out of northwestern. Was there starter last year threw eighteen touchdown passes. And ten interceptions. Again I mean FC worst by the miss the playoffs and they came into the year was they opened quarterback competition within and Paxson lynch. It's officially over the demo Broncos have named Trevor Ximian. They're starting quarterback and Paxton lynch left to wait at least another year. Before he's able to play the that when this came across the wire this is not breaking news. If you follow. The Denver Broncos at all eaten by a die hard Denver Broncos fans are in the area. You follow them you discounting new like Paxson lynch is not better than Trevor Ximian lease is not to that point where he's ready yet. I didn't like Paxton mentioned this is my and my hot GM opinion Caylee got. I didn't like watching him in the bowl game when he played Bernie now only has he panicked any time Auburn rushed him I'd just like to the kidneys and your big got a long arm but it. I don't know I just entrusted now he could still end up shaping up at some point for them as quarterback right now. I'm really not that surprised that he didn't end up winning this gig Ximian. I'd only Ximian is out there winning US Super Bowl. But again Peyton Manning didn't win them the last sue Rula great defense did you control Tony arts you just need and Alex Smith like quarterback and I believe Trevor Ximian has that ability I know lashing they make it but. As he got banged up a little bit and they put Paxson lynch in there. They decide one of those weird off years I think they can get back to the post season this year with Trevor yeah I Rihanna present their I I never understood why this was a quarterback controversy Paxson lynch was not a first round pick I don't think it is it's one of those things where they took him in the first round they thought navies to guide the future and let's see what he can do but. He has a look good in the moments he had a plane and at the end of last are you mentioned in when none Ximian went down Muslim banged up towards the end of the year. Actually says he just didn't look like an NFL quarterback and invisible from what I've seen in in brief glimpses this free season again and still not looking like an NFL quarterback Trevor Ximian. Men at the numbers on the year eighteen touchdowns ten picks that's not awful. You go back game by game basis it wasn't like he had any glaring just sore thumbs that stuck out at Xia and and really Denver as a team. This is like Tina got off to a good start they started four L they beat Carolina and that opener in the in the Super Bowl rematch. The first loss is on a Thursday night by anti astounded to San Diego. But outside of that they were six and one minute role in early on in the year and then things is coming out banged up they lost in overtime to Kansas City on a Sunday night. They lost by a field goal to Tennessee. And then they unraveled from then on down including a close loss to Oakland a close loss but he couldn't get the offense going against New England but new England and of one of the Super Bowl so. Denver was a divot and it was maybe a little bit better than their record and if they had stayed healthy later in the year probably would have finished stronger. And in some of the blaming its server Ximian wasn't fair for me because they had a bad offensive line last year rat Trevor Ximian did not have must and a total football. And as long as that shirt up by the there's no reason Denver can't make it back this double one of the best defense is in the NFL. And I view Jabber Simien as a quintessential game manager and as you mention exactly winning any games he's not gonna go out or throw for 350 yards a game. But he manages the Pope all he doesn't turn it over only ten takes and what thirteen games he played. Those are decent efficiency numbers and and and they can win with a quarterback like that it does wonder. Where it's going to be as they don't make the playoffs is here with Ximian because lynch is clearly not ready to be the guy Simien would be year to as a starter. And getting go to the post season the president gets on the John L we'll event and it sounds silly considering that just won a Super Bowl but. But that's one of those passionate rabid fan bases in organizations that does not like to stay out those. The title conversation very long announcing John Elway or be fired by any means no way but. You you just wonder if you don't make it this year I what's your what do you do next you just continue to wait out and see Ximian can develop or. Paxton lynch can develop and push him to be the starter. Forty make a different move yet begun trying to Kirk cousins or something or maybe you'd try site takes not a values just and you try and land near your franchise quarterback and the way the Denver named officially Trevor Ximian their starting quarterback today not a big shocker there will see a long Paxson lynch gets but. One other thing that they came in my mind when I saw this news today was going back to draft night whatever was a year and a half ago. You know who wanted to trade in the first round again Paxson lynch. Trevor Ximian no I don't what is trading at wanted to trade into the for Jerry Jones accidentally attacked our CIA Paxson that Jerry Jones on draft night wanted to get into the first round and take Paxton that was the guy he wanted in the draft. Denver took a before he was able to make the deal happen. They end up taking down press got the third round and I love looking back at moments like that thinking how different these franchises. That's in Denver and Dublin down pressed on not. If Dallas doesn't have him as a backup last year Romo goes down how bad is their season exact language yes as tax and let his three game you I mean you're awfully drafted high and there's no optimism around the cowboys but instead they feel like they've found their franchise guy. It's always funny sometimes if you wins in your hot you're not able to make a move you wanna make it turns out to be pretty positive yet and there's also another way to look at that leg to lynch starts their horrible they don't play well. Romo could have been back during their training desirable as a retire again maybe he's I can still be the start right is team it's just human domino effect of a move like that them not getting Paxton and the moves that Jerry jones' wanted to make him vs what Steven Jones is not allowed him to made out of and I Najaf now Nana has saved the Dallas Cowboys because he didn't like those offensive line choices he wanted Johnny man so he wanted Paxton lynch. Yeah almost better off having the guy who plays him in on them they show callers. And BC not. You placed fake Jerry Jones visit Schumer Gavin dizzy really doesn't com Jerry Jones and his name but he's the cowboys owner exact kinds of Texas guy and now free spirit. A lot of but. Since what it is that's saying that come from. Meddling dad was a fourth round pick my apologies it's a third fourth round pick via our Lisa lynch was the first athlete he was a high site he was a late for tropic I swear you guys aside and there was a really good gas you think it Tebow. Inning in Denver bad quarterback it's not a re certainly they first was Tivo like 21. Lynch was a high salt until some time and Google does gain angle had. First Ronnie was at 46 pick in the first round. I do we do it honorees surgeons in your view eighties that was total that was marvelous lag moment I thought that it is stating is is senator around pay. Okay that dropped cannot be played for at least one week on the easier since I'm for football season that drug cannot be played. The toll sixth overall pick and human that was their first round pick because they've they went to the suitable a year. Yeah mid to late for that was the first extra and I can Rembrandt and yeah. Red tape after death you discount or. That's a good element in the show on China. Eight what do college coaches in NFL coaches think about it clips. Last. And we gonna talk about Wednesday man big week for us Tennessee apologize first sign of Florida against notes on that would coaches think it includes close ups are next on tending to the fan base to 48 Isaac instinct coming up top of the hour. Big week for us we're really excited for Wednesday it's gonna be our fourth annual he wants fantasy football draft cannot way out of the punch balls soul shall. Brought team that Palm Beach stand spring's gonna have a nice little collar nestled fan base in place to come meet the listeners. On Wednesday we are extremely excited because this event is awesome it's an awesome space in we Kim likes everybody out there on Wednesday in. It's always so much fun too and you know we have a beard to his listeners from the first jewel will oh war remember that I like to have fun at these events yes frankly on the audience in time we all knew I could time that you know it was fun last year as well and we're looking forward to it to being out at the principals social. Which is to meet it's a perfect location just in the way. Rings can be set up its ideal it's right off the Max line there's a parking garage run across the street from pioneer. I'm so it should be easy to get to and just hanging out all night and talked in Essen fantasy football in and make you need a make it fun of each other's picks in nav and drank and haven't some food and hanging out. It's always a great time with a can make you better this year yet and we do have one final notes that we wanna put out there we do this every single year about 48 hours before the event actually begins because stuff comes up from people were were trying to fill some final slot some guys drop out at the last moment. And we do have a couple low. A limited. Spots left for the events on Wednesday night so you know what has he been doing a we got a lot of people that are sending these emails yes but then a lot of these somebody got lots of guys on the people. John yeah yeah some guys say some you know I can make it work came up my scheduled changed right a Stanley in town idea what our that we we get a life life comes it click and sometimes do you think you can be there a memorial like three weeks out and injured two days out you say you know on iMac and be it would make itself. If you want to draft with us on Wednesday night to Wednesday night at the punch bowls social and officially begins the drafted seven you're supposed to be there again everybody there about 630 make sure you're all set up. I send your email in til 55305. And we wanted to signed up. Four elicits gonna be first come first serve again because is only a limited number of spots available cells we get more. And there might be some overflowed their butt so we do have a couple of spots so if you wanna play with us. He wants and is at the blog draft what all of us how to defend the three of us will be out there Crawford beat their Michael B there. Patrick he would be their Juli they saw a show there yet live from all the punch ball social zone jumping on half drunk problem that's ready I'd I don't do it at a research drop came from yeah it's lasted a professionalism that eyed boy. And political parties and last year's delete I was in my team got off to a rough start and came back and then Dana just going in the tank. And I am a listener email music alchemy you don't try. To do I I'm trying to give it to you get to a point where it's like. I don't know ism as much as some of these other fantasy guys you're here you got beaten up last year I did and my thing is like you and I don't do fantasy football outside of this this is it this is my fantasy trouble I don't know how many millions Meehan I'm guessing out of the playoffs last year but did not have did not go all fell just short anonymous ones of you wanna beat up on some radio how those come join us 55305. Against and your email land a mortgage you signed up ratings ultimately I guess five offers to do these money leagues and I I turned on every year this is the only thing I think it's dvds Tennessee football exhibit Ameren -- weekend away. And we've had a bunch of the last IKEA we just come hang out even if for not draft yes absolutely a coming out get a beer. Scary hang out talk to piper for single piper is going to be there a single rate to mingle if you're not seeing your married you're locked down you got the the old. Ball and yet is shafted though weighed on a come sit next to me buy me a drink of stocks and stocks sports man I'm one eye on the timbers game that night huge threat against us Colorado Rapids in his case yeah I had the idea nor has gone so the ball the shaft out late on camera what that was you know entire amount. The ball and chain on chain a square and air. Into for highlighting my mistake on the radio waves some professional soccer. It's well your fellow Kelly from Wednesday's gonna be great times in your emails and 55305. If you would like to play some fantasy football with us are gonna be hanging out Wednesday principles or shall. Hope to see you all out there alone out there by the way by sixty RBIs I'm not going home after work I'm known honor and I'm Michael grab a Pepsi after work and then go to their from. That it's well pedal wrap up there and have this yeah. Hang out a little bit and every show blob a show staff meeting we'll have a harder yet the whites the managers of the respective leagues will get together animal. Rack our brains yes over a couple pulled to be fun time. Getting attempt coming out this Wednesday 630 sponge balls social. Awesome spot for the draft we can we see everybody out their they at this was a big thing today unanimous a lot of fun we had a chance to experience at that someone in the sports connections with the eclipse is awesome football coaches feel about this. A some football coaches are non board they're not big clips people including Nick Saban. There was sort of self occurs when a roster it's sunglasses and what kind of like yes they Chan. All that's not something I'm really that focused on right now. You know what's the weather channel every day there aren't sandwich roll look like in every city in America so moment which can be significant. What to whether Tennessee was from me like in Portland Oregon and parents Clayton Georgia is the number one place our country to have a 100%. Another they're all kind of people there my house are probably the only empty house on the whole lake trauma watched on TV. Mid may we should have a team meeting about how alone do this I haven't thought of that yet. To go on first world problems there in my house will be the only one MT on the lake I'm not gonna be there are no days off did you CO must champ had something similar acts like he didn't know about days he would be pretend like he did now when you sat down the final pre season schedule how much if at all that the eclipse factor into. It is that week. We were practicing I'm. Be kidding me. What day is here clubs and. We ought to shut our eyes and happens or something. I have no idea. This is very. Good with that I can stuff. Or football coaching. Yeah yeah you know again I like because that I didn't know about this Palin is. Alice saw a man it was funnel that traffic is too bad if you're stuck in and out there. And if you're on five will be praying for you they say hi to me on my viking he passed me up wearing a frozen helmets phrase bite moment frozen nominal I don't have an adult helmets underwear my daughter's all right we'll be back tomorrow they have been part of our show felicity and it was front tires podcast Kennedy the sand and doctor colleague Chris Lowe on ESPN college football writer what time did tomorrow at noon number one it's next to listening to 1080 defense. Welcome back to daylight Portland for a good. So that's at the last solar eclipse a decision on this continent in this century and as I said not until August when he first. Tony seventeen what another eclipse visible from North America that's 38 years from now maybe. Shadow of the homes fall in the world at peace.