Dirt & Sprague Monday August 21st, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, August 21st

The guys work through the weekend of NFL preseason action, and what will the Seahawks do after losing starting left tackle George Fant for the season, plus the NBA is looking into tampering charges against Magic Johnson and the Lakers, and the Utah Utes name an unproven sophomore to the starting QB job.


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right things since 1952. And then our two under and spread back here on tea and eating a pain if you're on I five lie. Keeping him around men as that market might treat him. People on 26 coming from Madras with the eclipse traffic are literally getting out of their cars and going to grab food in the middle of traffic where's the welcome the closest mcdonalds can get a cheeseburger I think vendors are kind of following him around. Then you could have made some good money doing that his drive and of food try to let it go trust and exit on the shoulder of the road pulled up anybody wanna taco. Yes so it's not just you and I five its people on 26 coming back from someplace troopers or make him their quota all today. I don't think yeah how many tickets speedy cannon which candidate you know you're you're not supposed to park on the side of oh yeah and I've been a lot of people do that Pyrenees I don't know they're not parking they're getting out of their car in the middle of traffic no I understand that quote from earlier rise out all sorts of pictures of people just parked on the side highways and freeways which was yes they said you're gonna get fines so. Smart move would be a pullover. But the flashes on and then just take your wheel off on purpose he just Jack up the car and then now you're stuck on the side you can take ions are some drama we'll hear British his stand and I think maybe was admitted to 24 seconds than a nickel haven't fixed it was CNET download and watch that together now prequel so I yet I five is a standstill right now three hours from my Salem to Wilson bill loaded second hour we're gonna kick off with our NFL whip around. Throw music done and he is not. And we start on the gridiron. With a little bit of a shocker. At least of people from the outside looking in Anquan Bolden. He just signed with the Buffalo Bills two weeks ago. He decided. He just lining up the officially retire. You retire after fourteen years he wants to focus on community service work. And helping with inner city kids. And he finishes his career fourteen seasons with more receptions than Maas and yards then holds. He's doing the math there clearly he is can't now yeah IE is a hall of fame wide receiver loved watching and possible he plays he was a great competitor didn't matter where he blends. Early in his career when he won the suitable Baltimore it's good years in San Francisco. 8888 it was a hell of an NFL wide receiver and it's probably one of those things where. When he was there for about two weeks maybe a sentence wasn't completely and it didn't wanna go through the rigors of another NFL season maybe saw the writing on the wall a type of the year buffalo was gonna happen wanna be part of it. And he is passionate about other things so more power till we had a great career walk away when he was still can't walk and wishing him all the best in retirement to league office news where Roger Goodell who doesn't seem to be the most beloved in the league right now will still be hanging around. And he's reportedly close to getting a contract extension. That would keep them commissioner until 20/20. Four. Five year extension and this is gonna lead us right into uneasiness CBS it's the biggest thing coming in the NFL on a couple years now. It's the other players in the league handle it we had DeMaurice Smith DNA cannot sentence it's basically a certainty. That there's gonna be a lockout at some point. A mother debating the or negotiating I should say the next collective bargaining agreement but. Eight gets the approval ratings have soared the league's popularity is sword has been extremely controversial but. And at the end of the day most he's owners care about is making more money in and through their bona given the vote of confidence for another five years and I think you all the outrage from these Robert crafting Jerry Jones is of the world I think it's so overblown in the media. And these relationships KOK they're making more money and they can ever dreamed. He's not going anywhere on the and they stay relevant and I know the NFL has for a long time now but it seems like even more so now it's at twelve months for. The NFL is always in the news it's always talked about it's always debated. And he does deserve some credit for that. Yeah he does he's the commissioner. Let me all valid data as it seems that fell could be nearing the end of his holdouts. He's not expected to plane weeks. Re according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. But data saying he will be back after the week three pre season game. Simply for the love of the game you love at a gas full volley misses it they think eventually he will cave in their expecting him after there third pre season plus is good news for Steelers fans you wanna get him back in the fold. I beat you need him if you wanna make a run this year Ben Roethlisberger is up there and ATP these struggling to stay healthy at this point is for you need to have a dynamic running game but. One thing that would make you feel a little bit better going into the future I guess I know it's a small sample size of the way James got to play in Pittsburgh I came out they played Atlanta yesterday wanna say. Get about a hundred yards on when he carries the good news this back story there is great played at paint himself. A Soledad it leads led to think if he ends and get one of those outlandish shoppers in free agency don't want attacking her tender him again. Maybe you found a running back in the future games did you see what happened in the practice. So Peter King put in Monday Morning Quarterback Howell Pittsburgh is one of the lone teams. That goes full pads and tackling and they do live drills on teams don't do that anymore. And they were doing a goal line package. And they try to run at the guy got stopped. Crowley nets to the defense made a Stanley they tried it again and James Connor got into the end zone. And Nelson fan could be heard shouting. So I think it's an Braylon not have them excited fans may not care lay beyond Bell's back because they love James Connor in the story that again saints a great story in and plug into one pre season games let's not get over our skis lady unveils best running back the National Football League when he's healthy. But maybe it makes it easier to part ways there if you Pittsburgh down. So we'll see whether they be unveiled decides to show up from one running back to another this is a little bit of a surprise. The Eagles picked up would Garret blunt and free agency. This offseason but it doesn't appear that that move is worked out well. Because some are speculating that blunt might be cut by the Eagles. The move would save Eagles 850. Thousand dollars he's got seventeen yards on nine carries and some people who knows that he looks a little too old little to slow. And from what should have been a big pick up. Potentially a quick ouster with the air like Philly look we all know about the thirty year old wall right there running backs hit held to Garret blunt. He's thirty years old these random all to see as like nine carries for seventeen yards in the pre season he hasn't done anything hasn't made any noise. It was a great fit in New England it's not the same match they're obviously. In Philadelphia they take a chance on him brought an end in great touchdown season last year. But if a guy's not there I you can tell maybe is heart's not into he's not in the kind of shape and in doesn't have the burst that he used to have. You gotta cut ways that it is no reason to pay in the salaries have Mon. I'd taken money away from me all season long seventeen yards and averaging one point nine yards for carry on nine carries and that's not gonna get the job done did you see the CI team trying to. I signed a decent on to me yeah did you see Blair Walsh trash talking his former team to fifty yard field goals it. I'm sorry. That is why people blow kickers out. It doesn't mean all this outrage about kicker is they shouldn't be can't like that are not big guy eats. People don't talk ass on the field it's 63 linebacker I was on that vikings' defense are you kidding me. Eli is that's you lost us a playoff game because he couldn't make a chip shot field it was like a 22 yard field is less than a modern day PAT. And you wish it to lose as a playoff game any mad at them for cutting your grass is now you're running your mouth because you making irrelevant kicks in pre season flu shot I would light that dude shot up and sit on the bench thank you. Yes I got the same thing that you player you want to con on in Seattle be thankful. Move on now. As scientists come on he deserved everything you got from miss an act keg subjects are okay can understand miss an infant now about on there's no excuses for you're an NFL kicker you missed a cheap shot and finally Cam Newton playing status doesn't appear to be goods like argue like you hit the nail right on the head on this one a few weeks back. They're not sure he's gonna suit up out all a lot of people really wanna see him for the week three pre season game out but it's not looking likely that he plays in pre season due to the shoulder surgery recovery as this is sad fact now what you wanted for Panthers fans going into the year at least you look at the start of the season. Their first two games ago are against San Francisco on buffalo fell. How fine tuned as he has to be to beat those teams could Derek Anderson beat the 49ers probably. It be the bills and home and may be probably get the saints in week three at home so the first three I mean it's not a tough don't let the starts that ceiling I'll say. Positively about the situation editing is a Christian McCaffery continues to look good continues to be is dungy got weapons. It is testing get healthy but maybe it's a situation now where instead of easing him in the pre season your easing and and against San Francisco or buffalo those first two weeks of the regular season riddle me this Andy. Who has the better year this year Cameron Newton. Or Andrew Luck. It's compulsive basically dealing with the same thing. Also candidate because he's got more talent around him. Then if Andrew Luck has to do it on a banged up shoulder all season by himself without an offensive line missing Ryan Kelly now he yikes that's gonna be rough but at least cam as the benefitted man in the ball off Jason dues to got some left in the tank and engagement to Chris McCaffrey met to make plays I. They go there's our NFL whip around we do it every Monday out one coming up next speaking and at CI a game. They suffered a big blow last Friday will affect their season. We'll talk about that tell you who was next on the fan coming up in thirteen minutes beat Indiana Pacers are trying to. Prove. The lakers are doing something that basically the whole league's been doing. It's there for. It's going to be a Larry that's. When he doing. Really any of the only ones. I did he did tamper yeah so does everybody else. So while tiger about that went down. The CR said they're game Friday hurting here on the fan as you can hear every CI came here on the fair and against the Minnesota Vikings their pre season game. And they got the win but they suffered a pretty big low blow George fant their left tackle. The newbie to the offensive line work just in his career in general last year came on the scene struggle lot. But a lot of people were praising the work he put in the offseason and how much better he appeared to be. He suffered an ACL terror into their game against the vikings on Friday. Pete Carroll said he was heartbroken about the injury for fans who now has to have surgery. His right leg rolled up in the second quarter his leg was in an air cast and he was taken off the field. Com and now is just a matter of who fills that spot for them some people wonder is it going to be the guy who retired and out and retired and Brandon Albert. Is a slight Lou joke over who started his career is left tackle. The Seahawks suffer what appears to be a pretty big blow for their team this this is brutal. Especially I mean I know it's pre season football but I think he got a glimpse early on announce first half of how good the Seattle offense could be maybe they really they were firing on all cylinders Ross ovals and was thirteen and 18200 yards two touchdowns Doug Baldwin I was good to see him back out on the field making catches Macon plays it did they they Republican. And seemingly the offensive line what what was playing well. And then you have something like this happen I mean Seattle didn't have much room for error. Especially on the offensive line and now they don't have any room for air only if you were to list and a number of things that could not happen to Seattle. In the pre season in order for them to have a chance at a Super Bowl. This one was pretty high up on the list and that is let's just try and keep the bodies we have out there keep them healthy and keep my on the field I know George sand and have a great year last year. A but he was a rookie he ended up starting ten games in as you mentioned he really has been. One of the talks a pre season we were up there and at sea ice camp. Everybody raved about not only him but just got a highly offensive line as a whole we'll start to look a lot better than a year before. He was from mom was in 296000. To 320 dropped thirty pounds of muscle and doesn't he booked up in the offseason he be made some huge steps in he was. The easy person to ride in as is starting left tackle on day one for the Seahawks. And now you lose him for the entire year so you're gonna have to play. It just basically a match game and try to find somebody else at that spot you're gonna have to pick and choose CUN's have taken the job but. Lows in George sand at this point pre season game number two especially the way that it happened and another offensive lineman rolling into one. It's it's just brutal and and it's a tough setback early on for Seattle's I'm not mistaken I believe they signed the edge on by the name of Tyrus. Com Cindy just sign somebody. It down and Thomas are Thompson Thompson towers Thompson yeah he is a former vikings offensive lineman. He would a be a bus he's at 2015 pick it didn't work out. And they went and picked him up and people start serve that's gonna work. On sell it to me elect George fan is not the end all be all of your team but that's a left tackle. Could you have now you're bringing in guys are open net. Maybe you can make a trainer Joseph Thomas is one that a lot of people would speculate and throw out from the browns. But the browns have been adamant they don't wanna trade him Donald pin is a name that's been thrown out because of his contract stalemate with the raiders. That tennis seems unlikely because how good he is what how much money he wants to see out to be able to authorities will now for more money -- this point don't you have to you you have to start thinking about long Genevieve Russell Wilson more than you do individual offensive line talent. So if you can look at George fan it's eighty injuries huge blow all housed the quarterback can respond to this yet he can scramble. But last year you may recall he injured himself by scrambling. And you don't wanna keep putting him in that position as a smaller guy he's 510 he's ball keep but he shorter. Gotta keep my upright Dexter franchise player man let me tell you some command that's your guy well if you if you lose them. They're not a playoff teams incidentally that's simple adding to be straight and say that about a lot of and it I don't like that but my leg is approach it that way yet to protect him stop being cheap and skipping out on paying offensive linemen now I know they just paid break. But that's that's why people get so frustrated whether that's standard media members who question it. That's why is because you have a franchise quarterback. You have what some people perceive as a top five quarterbacks in the league. And you don't know who to fill in now at your left tackle or you're gonna be able to go get. Norton where you really even that confident or people were comforted in your ability. To develop that offensive line this is a pretty big blow for the C oxen I can't wait to see how they respond to. Yeah I'm a daily it was a Bagger to begin with and now you take out a guy that was expected to make a huge jump going into year two and it ended that that's for the setback comes in and you're right with the Russell Wilson scrambling tractor because last year. And for NASA brought assembly are up their me out on the show wouldn't. It's our and I this group that Brussels and you look at his rushing totals per year in his career now has been a star in the NFL for five years off five years in the league. Last year was far away as laws totally on your 259. Rushing yards on the year. Only had 72 total attempts and that was down I mean a year before he had 553. Yards so. He was down about 300 yards from the year before in total rushing because you you you. You go back to week one I wanna say it was last season where he went down and I thought it was a season ending ACL injury at the nasty it was a miracle he was able to play. And I think it's a miracle at this point he hasn't missed a game in his career I don't know how we in this again disarray that it that it's speaks of the durability that he's had but at some point you're gonna have one of those injuries go the wrong way in any kiss your season go by at that point you just don't want it to be. Because he's forced to run around and do everything on his own ninety EE can do it he's been able to handle it at this point in his career. But your playable fire when you do that and I think last year was the prime example that he wasn't quite as dynamic as we had seen MB. Many year before he rushed for eight under our should be 553 yards he threw for 34 touchdowns and he picks. His numbers went down a little bit last series yet he's hobbled a was hobbled and any offensive line play just wasn't there to give you the time may be that he needed. An and it was there and in years previous you can't continuously ask him to run around end and just fend for his life on every single snap in. It makes you wonder if it is the time to pull the plug on somebody else and go get in an alignment it did take what your pieces and say you know what let's make a trade. Say one of our valuable lessons go out there against somebody you can plug in to protect his blind so. I it led attack also think about the window now the NFL exacts in GM's in this league they don't they don't like it too much right because they don't want a mortgaged their future. Would you have to first for Joseph Thomas. MI to have for the browns are really my third during I would acquiring assets I would right now if you could do to first tropics for Joseph Thomas I do and because they knew you for sure have that side locked up yet again Jay's one of the best climate in the NFL and I. I don't know about you did you feel kind of just the energy around. Their camp this year when we were up there and and talking to people with you know for NASA on the air and in other people off the air and listening to the the play by play on TV for their first game against the chargers. They really in that facility they think that is the 2013 fourteen type magic is back at him the most Joe's back yeah absolutely everybody was healthy everybody's feeling good they're flying around there. They got to chip on the shoulder to play against with all of the speculation reporting coming out of Seattle about how unhappy some players are. They just seem like the C docs that were brash in your phrase talk as and shut you down and punch you in the mouth. This is not a blow that you can just sit back and allow K it's no big deal. George fans not the best left tackle in the NFL in fact he graded out as the second worst in the NFL last year to pro football focus. Any Jenny added thirty pounds and a lot of people had noted the improvement that he made. Along with Tom Cable who is offers a flying coach in helping him having a year to work with him for sure exactly and so I I find the holes. I think it's it's so interesting was Seattle always is interesting with down and what they're going to be able to do one thought was. Let's see. On on the second Russell Wilson's lucky to have survived this long sooner or later he's going to take a devastating shot with a lack of protection that's from RJ. It's gonna happen at some point he's running for his life especially the blind siding can't see common it'd look one glass half full take to be guided the tax line at. That I I I agree with at least is is amazing it's gonna happen. It's better to happen only to the pre season. And that's see that's that that's a glass half full take that I agree with easy timing out if you're gonna have an injury like echoed down now at least he had two weeks of play with matchups in the pre season to see ideas comfortable left tackle can fit that spot. Out of the guys were together and then it gives you some. And it just landing room I guess to try got their make a trade Indiana couple weeks for the season starts maybe there's a team its long tape we're gonna take this or give us draft picks will give you one of our better offensive lineman. Or maybe it's Thomas Rawls is so listeners are sand make it a gives you the ability to go out make a move before the season officially starts but. If it if you're gonna wanna suitable auditing Sutton needs to be done here it's hard for me to see the offensive line now is Patrick as it is and this is assuming everybody LC and stays healthy with another guy just down. And people are trying to optimistic about the slime but there are some that don't buy it it's witnessed on a Gaza online it's a tough start but. Glass apples Lesnar brings up a BC got a little bit a little room here before the season starts tribe makes up happened also good point. They should just sign them and it was it was blocked the sun today that's truth and a moon had a good day how much did you sign the moon for. As you'd take I have to pending began maybe trade him I don't know. So the C Oxley is George fans for the season torn ACL against the vikings last Friday we'll see what they're able to. Fill in the gap there at left tackle Russell Wilson's blind side. Hey the Indiana Pacers accuser Magic Johnson in the LA lakers are doing something mean tiger entire league does. And everybody coax the bear was 'cause it it's 130 all are welcome back Ginn open Mondays are going well there's bright you're a pro sports leader tending the fan. Sit in traffic but we do alright but to run a bucket to go to the faster man. Or he's Gatti car like everybody else on the other highways get out walk around a little bit see what's going on check up the scenery. Every got a glimpse beaver here today it was fun this morning and whole building was outside Washington saying. And then it was over we all went back and it was a mix of people like that weren't on excited verses. Access. Yet. I think it was because we weren't in the path and solidarity what is mentality of totality totality thank you. Any I think it would have been a more extreme reaction that we were in. Said path and went completely dark because Salem was dark it was and yet was pitch black middle of the night for two minutes are meant to two for whatever it is and ours is didn't. Like to delegate said that we dissident is just a little a little sliver of slower the other a lot of people out there Clark Griswold European vacation. You know count big bend parliament okay Michael Paris and I'm back in with. Yes we have some funnel B enjoy idea clinching goal answerable question on that entered spring on Twitter we ask your experienced it live up. And had a lot of people to put it onto it good what are the options for that the poll question option is to bring these. Rapidly Daewoo. We S did little to hide it was passing awesome. Yeah it was pretty cool. Not really. Or I would blind and apparently 7% of our listeners today when blind so good luck to you on your own fault quite frankly I'm in the I think awesome category did you that he went the extreme extreme in London so luckily everything on the moon blocked the sun is pretty cool sprinkled and I never seen before nab probably will never see it again so go vote enters spring 45 mine went blind to. If we needed yet bill trump stared at it. They literally yelled don't want because you looked up his right hash is of his picture in the standing on John Legend the White House is paired up with going blind right now that you nice table get into we as starting quarterback in the pac twelve in ten minutes. At crunch time I get back in 88 25 pullback came out. Today we'll get some my thoughts on that and then starting quarterback races in the National Football League one of them settled a couple others are heating up. It's all that coming up here in the next hour so. Of the shell but. It just news coming out over the weekend and it's because it always happens that we know what always happens this is the fact that one seemed felt the need to file charges over it in if you miss what happened. The Indiana Pacers have filed tampering charges against the Los Angeles Lakers. Basically saying they had contact with Paul George when they weren't supposed to because he's still under contract the man at the center of this is of course. Magic Johnson lakers. Are denying these allegations Amy NBA's data make clear we cannot comment about the spaz specifics we can't confirm however we are cooperating fully with the NBA hope clearing our name. As soon as possible. Tampering in the NBA well. First of all the entirely does this second. Some people thought this. The they reached this conclusion or this some this feeling based on Magic Johnson being on Jimmy Kimmel. I guess they asked about Paul Giorgio weaned into the TV camera sandy he's gonna come LA whatever they are the lakers and Magic Johnson aren't that dumbest individual as if they've left any kind of trailed to this. Or the Indiana Pacers need to shut up and stop crying because they couldn't keep on George Miller put a great team around him. The lakers did a tamper you damn right they did everybody dampers in this league. Why can players stamper. Is out loud. Does not supposed to be dream on greens taxing Kevin Durant after he gets his ass kicked in a game seven. Side does the whole league campers how did Blake Griffin explain this one to me. If you can't talk to teams prior to free agency right the of that dead period yes your nostrils that any communication and then free agency period kicks off. How did Blake Griffin come to a five year 175 million dollar deal. Two minutes into the beginning of free agency period it's alternative negotiator and yeah all these are the lakers and behind the scenes all of us to do because they took two minutes that's it just allowed to tamper everybody else tampers this make it legal they don't hear about it anyway it is the funny thing about the MBA and then when navy of the charges against her filed into act like they care about it because you saw rat I mean this goes on all of the plays most. I'm a league players and I feel like that's even a bigger issue now than executives reaching out and player to player recruiting. It's what's changing the NBA guys say hey come play with me you mentioned injury among green situation Kevin Durant. That's why Kevin Durant went to Golden State it was like a Steve Kerr did it or an owner of the warriors dinner. Jerry West it is it was because straight about green cinnamon text message and say we need GO. And he set out amendments do this thing it's a player to player tampering and it goes on all the time in the NBA. And good luck proving this but B I mean the only ramification of them actually improving at. Which as you mentioned would make the lakers look extremely stupid because how do you allow paper trail to exist in a case like this. But if they are found guilty of and they can be punished in a number ablaze. They can lose draft picks they can be fine up to five million dollars. And there would be future restrictions placed on them acquiring Paul George in free agencies sell. If they are eventually found guilty. Imagine a stupid they're gonna look because everybody thinks Paula Georgia's going to LA in the first place. Some people even connect the dot to say that means the bronze going to LA because they're gonna get George to get LeBron terrible ball these young guys. Imagine if they were found guilty and they could not sign Paul George next year in free agency. They're like Big Five year plan a black sock will get gas sensible and save up the money. We'll go get Paula George that would fall on its phase does league would say not so fast. Embrace tweeted us the Indiana Pacers responded to us saying that everyone tampers saying if the whole NBA jumped off a cliff should we. Yeah you should have his only jumping around outlive you might as well join him in that fall made a save your organization you should jump off a cliff can you gonna suck for Kevin Pritchard is just bought heard that he had to trade. Paul George that this whole thing just didn't work out. And Paula George that he gave him enough threads he said look it's not gonna work I don't wanna be here. Trade me now get some value before I leave you in free agency would nothing. This happens almost on a daily basis in the NBA how to Chris Paul and James. As that was figured out before a free agency period do know they have that one settled so tampering. Thing and yet I also eat I also love all the. Rumors that have been going on to about Damon CJ reaching out to Carmelo. They they had on Twitter have been globally openly tampering with Carmelo Anthony trying to convince him to come to and you know it because he's still under contract right exactly it's funny that the players like you could see maybe the players on the players on to rubbed players tampering. You don't think agents and GMs are talking mine is an all time they're all the time all the time and neither one of them wants to get you know blackmailed by the other. So they talked they delete these exchanges happens all the time that's what they that the league is built on this stuff. It really is so the pacers they filed tampering charges against the lakers we got a kick out of that today. Policy if anything comes of it lakers are denying it they said nothing happened organically our name as soon as possible but if they're found guilty some pretty sizable penalties alike camp I hope they get most notably how funny and happy if they just Paul George could not go play for the lakers is dream he's wanted to be electric solo career the lakers have wanted him and now they can't do it because Magic Johnson was immediately to paper trail go college football to a post season ban. It's put itself up for a year art show closet something yeah as a player Kyle as a matter how many games in the regular season you're not a lot of play in the post season for four years lakers you know be fantastic and LeBron suddenly has to go lemon and classical plays from our house but yet happens all the time nothing's gonna come on the but it does have at least to be somewhat funny paces filed tampering charges. Against the lakers of Magic Johnson for reaching out. Apparently topology or take a tax old school named their starting quarterback to date does it change the expectations for the upcoming year Christ that is next on Canadians. The great question in French rusty back French tennis always not 95 a month so why would you ever pay more free gym membership. Yeah the glorious sounds gains today after the show. I'll be biking home that will be in my work out. The traffic grid right now apparently in in the metro area of Portland is all three. Of your drive route earlier you're living large. If you're anywhere I have five south may be one little south. How far down we going. Just past Wilson bills passed Wilson bill would burn maybe. You're handy you earn a living hell right now it sounds like. Lot of rent a lot around I'm finally died Isaac called it I gotta give them credit they did he was not worried about this and also it was overblown. I think every click every single person that wanted to make this an event. And not go to work they went to central organ or they went to Salem. I'm I'm like I'm 99%. They are based on our traffic Reid needed to today offered name went to those two places they didn't dated hang around here that's what it looks like you these ideas kind of enjoyed painting it's fun every now I didn't mean every once in awhile. Freaked out a little bit. Well. Yeah. It's frustrating to me. He rode your bike and needed need to monitor now that I styling and I made that choice when you say is it's frustrating how much this was discussed and talked about. And this is a formality was done yeah that the traffic in Portland was going to be a nightmare and it doesn't appear to be anybody estimates extend that delivery guy ample. Can't confirm it's amazing right now I'm sure strutting better than the normal routine that is many people out so once he got an opera an enjoyable get back in any people. Coming up top of the hour but to a little bit of a shocker today in a pac twelve. As a team is coming Emma pretty high expectations. Has gone around that we didn't see them go one you Todd came in if your memorable talk about the eight people. Come on up here but you go back to the coaches poll they came on college football. Utah was ranked in ranked tell wanna say 25 kidnapped hole they were just outside the top 2.5. In the eight people today ranked technically 27 TCU was the only other team they garnered more votes in them that was outside a top 25. But Utah. Had an open quarterback competition even though they were returning starter from a year ago Troy Williams. Trailing just not starter at Utah it's gonna be Tyler Huntley. He's a six foot 190 pound sophomore from Florida he played. Sparingly last year most notably in the Foster farms bull worry when five of seven for sixty yards. At 23 yards rushing but Troy Williams who started thirteen games last year for Utah. 32700. Yards fifteen touchdowns rushed for 230 and five touchdowns. Serb planted as the starter he's also a team captain a senior captain. Kyle wing handle you throughout a quarterback well look it's it's not a normal. For somebody who doesn't start to be a team captain you have that from time to time. This is him out like this move from the the standpoint of its a future planning move. It's let's just throw the kid out there and see what he has if he is god awful you know you have a captain a senior quarterback weight behind him. Not Cooper Bateman and he's got to be just terrible because he transferred from Alabama Utah. And he still can't win that job so I don't think you really rely on him much at all Trent Williams is a very good doll. Collected his final wanna say it was six or seven games last year. Intel for George yards he wasn't a good quarterback they have struggled in that department for a long time with Kyle waiting him. And I think it's to a point where you sacrifice may be one or two wins. To play Q like like Tyler Huntley a sophomore drama they're who's an athlete has a pretty good cannon. And you see if you can grasp the moment in the offense all in one and maybe he takes you disseminate wins but I didn't have much hopes for you to dot. Outside of six and six this year I think Neman organ state are about the same type of team. And for different reasons one I think Utah's 66 because Scott winning him as an amazing coach. Armed but to. I just didn't buy into all the hype that they received pre season from a lot of people because how many players they lost defensively we talk about Washington. I believe Utah's replacing seven of their eleven starters on defense so I like the huge from a coaching perspective but. I think from a building a program out in trying to get right back within playing for a pac twelve title representation. You take this year you see what Huntley can give yeah and if you're only six and six great you build on that first side junior year. Yeah nominated is an existing shifts because the expectations will dip a little bit even the old. He's secure with a lot of promise he was a 2015 Florida Gatorade. Football player of the year so we. About the player that he can turn out to beat you look at the schedule. It it's a tough one for you Todd is here you got BYU in the nonconference and get a chance to see this weekend against Portland State but they have to play out BYU. He got Stamford of course on the schedule at USC got to go to Eugene this year. I UCLA. Home against Washington State out Washington. And then home against Colorado I mean you look at that last five weeks stretch that's that it is in Oregon UCLA Washington State Washington Colorado. Not to mention games against Stanford and USC on the schedule at USC now BYU so it it's going to be a gauntlet for them. Mom but at least he's got a target to throw to a Darren Carrington but this does change the way I feel I know Troy Williams. It it it wasn't one of the better quarterbacks this conference that's an easy thing to say. But this is signaling that hey maybe you're building for the year rafter even you brought a guy like Darren Carrington and from one season you're still you're gonna build for that next season. Save for bill a couple of wins because it's hard for me to see a sophomore even with some promise. Basically getting his first child a serious playing time going into places like USC BYU Washington and getting wins Xeon as a young quarter what I. I like when programs are willing to make a move like this and gamble a little bit. You know when you get a senior quarterback most people come with the inclusion of will lay out a senior corps Iraqis are guy. When in reality not all these coaches like these guys I mean they like him is student athletes and represented as are the team but they don't like them as a leader as the starter. And are identified that I think it takes a special coach and I'm not just saying this because I've we enjoyed talking with Kyle waiting among the show I think you have to be. Next level in the way you evaluate the stuff and not every college football coaches he is willing to look at this and say yeah I have true in coming back is a senior. He couldn't cut it form he couldn't move the ball three year. I'm for sure having an open quarterback battle you put a guy who transfer from damning statement there. And you know you have a a superb athlete in Tyler Hartley and you let them duke it out and that's exactly what they did he's giving it to the best option. Not just relying going well this senior kid deserves it yeah. He'll still be there is a back up you'll still be there is a leader. After Needham and background is no doubt and and also as a coach. It's good to have the ability and the freedom to make a decision like this I do it if you're head coach that this is your year to win. Maybe don't have them the freedom or flexibility to make a move to say let's get the sophomores and experience playing for the future to some of be paralyzed by the fear that -- -- is not going anywhere. Knuckle any response to sell the other there're there're there I think in future here maybe he ends up the end of a better quarterback in this seasonable C Tyler Hadley is going to be to guys that you ties the sophomore. 61190s. Foes big and asked me five foot seven ICB five for seven for sixty yards in the bowl games when he three rushing yards. And a global CO the utes offense changes this year where would this put him for you. Assuming he doesn't. It replaced right away I make EI is assuming he ends up being the starter right in here who is you're not giving this to a few games right this is now like a one bad game move I think they're fighting out I'm higher on UCLA and in some I think Josh Rouse is gonna have a big year I I think Utah's in a fight for third in the pac twelve south and goes USC UCLA. And I think they're vying with Colorado Colorado their for the third. Utah's opening schedule to get North Dakota than meg go to BYU go home with San Jose state and at Arizona so they got four and then they've got a body doubles three and one at worst ratio have been well guys you can add in all hotly dare. If after four games it looks like he's not. Obviously they're expecting you know some learning curve then and learning on the job but if I go carts for him though yeah I mean at BYU the so that'll be. You know an elaborate game and in a hostile environment preparing for road games in the pac twelve but. Other and that then after that it's home to Stanford at USC. Our issue at Oregon UCLA so yeah they've got to buy if he's not cut that if he's not developing the way they want they go back to Williams or maybe the Alabama kid at that point has learned has been their long enough and knows. The offense to that to step in what he transferred there last year but couldn't playwright so it is. There's there's a disconnect with that kid in something if snuff. I work in Africa LAU and Alabama kid became a yeah here to study that playbook and I know they're they're changing things up offensively their point. Guess so hotly I would be barring and injury. I would see hotly in their for those first four games then after that all bets are off. Now beat tiger does what the surprise rabbit name not Troy Williamson starter depending on the end tag title apparently bill Riley is their play by play guy we love talking to him he jumped on our show about a month or two ago and we I asked him about back as I read a thing about Huntley and how well he it was playing in spring ball and he's gay looks good but and he's our guest stars to be Roy Williams jobs so that this price yeah a little bit of soccer regal princess about to back French. As always 995 months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership and find out more about restraint and work out. At crunch dot com lasting into any final hour of our Monday's show won't talk a little fantasy football we got to play some thought audio for you a lot of coaches. In the football world were asked about eclipse on they're gonna handle it some of them had comical response is to get to that. Simply the final hour starting quarterback job Zurich. Being solidified are still up for grabs in the NFL. Innocent a couple of situations do that at 215 we'll start the AP polls released today Oregon 33 on the list is that too high we'll talk organs state expectations and Arafat's. I'm a top 25 as a whole little final hour of going to murder spread on 1080 the fan.