Dirt & Sprague Monday August 21st, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, August 21st

So how was your eclipse experience, did it live up to the hype....speaking of hype the AP Top 25 preseason college football poll was released with 4 PAC-12 teams in the initial poll, ESPN CFB writer Chris Low joins the guys to delve further into the rankings, and it's game week for the Oregon State Beavers heading to Colorado State.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Welcome back to daylight Portland. This is dirt and spray forth well it was. The number one place. Why else would probably the only man who. Play trouble watching on TV. They may move to have a team meeting them. Oda yeah we're candy injured Johnson and Brendan sprayed on August 21 47 to. Well nobody but to be visible from North America that's 38 years from now may face shot over the moon. Dirt and sprayed John Kennedy. Okay. It is why. Two in the rose city it is time for dirt and spray on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan Raymond Sprague alongside Andy bird Johnson ended. This taken off our eclipse sunglasses now when Brussels where the whole show down we did see just don't need to where I'm all day. We get we're good now we're not gonna go blind anymore and be pretty funny though is if we tab dumb yeah because we're. They disagree on so many different things during football season answered some points it's gonna get little contentious allied for sure guys earlier contentious today. I could but it be funny if flights during those moments of contention are hot takes in opinions. We put on our glasses and we can't eat junk in the largest you'll see you in our opinion makes the argument a little bit easier it's not quite as personal and you can't see in the eyes of the young person your yellow unless it is indeed come back from commercial and you're like that was an awkward it wasn't an audience impact. I think in my the fight isn't about this last 24 hours or me as then the fear over animals. A guy got dizzy and my girlfriend had last night thinking about the pop legacy to be okay. How often your dogs there at the sun well they can't today. Let's take it. You can go blinding your eyes are gonna be messed up if he's there at this on any time it doesn't matter if there's an eclipse are not so why would dogs be sitting around just. Nicklaus in the and it's gonna stare at a for 45 seconds a minute about looking away again I I see your point I'd like to pick my dog is smarter than I mean. Well it's I mean it's easy but it still dog you know sent a said he knows that is shaky can lay down you can roll over he knows that a go to the bath from outside I'd like to think he's Smart enough to not stare at the sun for two minutes a day out digging that. By admittedly I left the house and you donated is I I closed all my idol put us lines that I enjoy dog couldn't be confused by an eating my tactic and jumped to the window and see any day and as picture animals all over the place is a program that's. But we were outside for a lot of good 3040 minutes today I am there's a for awhile there's like three dogs out their windows and no clue what was going on there is food there's somebody was serving Chris on they just wanted to Chris Johnson yeah yeah they were looking up at all. I Rodman biting you didn't. Amnesty regretted. I regret a little break is actually went on a really really hard work out yesterday that's a long bike ride free Xena we do I had late today yeah. That's what my legs felt like this morning when I left little sore. And then narrowed in on the fifteen miles Cingular now learn that hour and a half basically. Yeah I took me these little back roads in the I would like to publicly apologize for the all the apocalyptic traffic stuff to be slowing the airwaves all down on my knees aren't there ought to say of all I know I've five Sox but. But downtown not that it was like a holiday talent in this morning it took this was the fastest I've gotten to the studio driving that I can never remember yeah I probably should have drove but I I borrow the bike and I thought at this point it's. Its point of no return we're committed we're gonna do you were committed to the bike yeah I woke up this morning I turn on the news on my guy now bad is this let's look at it would see the apocalypse silence held Portland is handling it. And I looked at it the traffic on the news nobody outside I five north and south and 205 was bad outside of that every road was was baron like it was. It was post apocalyptic I guess I have a a question I'm opposed to using one and leader Johnson. If you went to Salem. To watch the apocalypse my mop my mother in law lives down there yeah they had some great pictures Yan as she she was that I should put on snaps at lake it was. I can letting them one of those views out there and it really looked like it was like 945. At night. Verses here probably ultimately was 8 o'clock at night you know sun's going down but now the league in fact if you went down there why business. That's bad ass. The why would you instantly think. Commonly get my car and drive home that you based you already took the day off and I know say limbs and not the greatest place in the world. But would you rather hang out with Salem for a couple hours and maybe hang out by the river. Or be stuck in this cluster path that is the traffic right now we're live with KGW on here in the studio. I mean it's not moving and we're talking miles. Upon miles and its backed up yet. Why would you leave it doesn't make and he's you have a work meaning you will you didn't make a good choice going Dziena did you vision to gun down there this morning yet these are the folks that will we mentioned you need your little you little. These are the folks who were talking about is there going to be stuck on I five for a long time but I. I don't get the reasoning deadly ice right away people are stupid bush signed Sonoma we just we're going to do we just slot receivers and Arco at that everybody gets in the car they wanna drive home we kind of did the same thing to Bible we have the did. Whether a little two minute sweet spot there when Nicholas was we did have the whole resemble whatever it was 99 whatever percent. As spooky it was like a sliver pass on the other side everybody that was outside Washington was like. Let's go back inside. Yeah yeah I mean I know granite we're not driving nice number 400 Jim to get back in the building but we all did the same thing we just got a turnaround said and the back. Let's go go along with RD now clips is over with yes somebody a listener just shot SA DM on Twitter has he follows with volume back. And he shot as a DM it's a picture. From a traffic light in Madras. At 26. And it it to see it ego out yup hmm hmmm everybody deciding to leave at the exact same time. I just this kind of blows my mind like there are. There are a lot of people out there that make questionable decisions I am one of home. This one makes no sense to me if I would have done it anywhere. We would have been like yeah we're not leave until real late it is and you enjoy the day go grab some long range wherever your at it why is that so hard to do experienced sailor maybe they'll see the capital of Yemen of the capital allowance don't walk around he would Salem has come for all go watch a movie you have before you decide to then hop on I five and drive back what you do we. I think we're gonna have a lot of listeners on I'm five today Sharpton those listeners I just would like to know if you are on I five right now on stock. And you are one of the people coming from Salem from watching the cliff why did you decide to leave I'm curious reducing key apple was going through your mind at them you could ask me the same thing on why you decided to write a bike into work when you didn't need to well you know what that was a dumb decision and I'm still I'm gonna reserve judgment on that to see what it's like after work for you yeah I may be because there's a Smart one at that point there's a small concern from me and this many people are coming back up north of Portland and the city's going to be jammed up by the time we get done with the show and it's not going to be breezy at home. But at least as of right now I have won this debate so far of deciding to pull the plug on the bike and and driving into work I just sequels to this effort I checked ways they got a mouse at eighty in tropic of stuff checked ways. And ya I saw it said 23 minutes ago while about the that's that's quick. No stood on the bike and rode it in the the the only observation on that today about the eclipse is slightly. Disappointed that I was not any path of totality yeah. Now that's my only bad ass very cool. Awesome to experience a little out of the glasses. Yeah kind of clueless so in like a year I guarantee somebody will buy them for fifty bot yes absolutely. But yet that's the only thing I wouldn't when it was would we knew we were in that little two minute window of this is it this is it's happening in there is that little sliver of sun and it's left. I thought to myself it would be really bad has to be completely in the dark right now as it felt like it was what like 9 o'clock at night. Little bit cooler it was dusk out but it was Richard drop was pretty cool but it was not completely dark and may I I wish we were in the totality path Yahoo! with the on that. And I feel the exact same way although I gotta give up to all the nerds and science is out there that was one of the cooler things I saw is some people with excitedly tweeted outlook rhetorical questions and a second but it's one of ours our poll questions was what were your thoughts. So a lot of people who would it today why he wasn't cool was it worth you may never see that beginning your life clearing out there with concludes today watch it with sales guru concludes and he was kind of opponent daring gas whenever it is what it is. I justice from now on this is done had a net has and governor since 1979 snack I happen here again for another hundred years. About it was pretty kickass knows find out what's on tap for today show. What's growing and I'm not paid to be sold on McCain to be crying there's a lot of scoring and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on turnout. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the breach on 1080 yeah. What does that brought to you. By pelican brewing companies. MEI I was wondering how is gonna feel about seeing it and you put the goggles on leave for the glasses for the first time and you see. The moon dipping into the sun and you're like dude this is a really cool. This CA needing space I'm always in the space. But the scene that was I know that was really bad that. Us I don't get people that fluid and in between herded out for a couple minutes past. You know I don't understand most of this stuff but. It's coolest scene. It showed today. The AP pre season top 25 poll is released. It got trumped by the noon block and this is unknown that it didn't like the NFL drop from one of those news bombs and somebody get suspended I think I'll ever forget about everything else that's going on base lies a big match balls in the NFL announces happy Elliott suspended six games and does not matter what's happening in your sport this weekend noble will get to the AP top 25 here in the second Chris Lowe is a college football writer for ESPN will join us at 1230. We'll talk about stocks when he five get his thoughts on it. Morgan State kicks off their season this week against Colorado State we're gonna talk about the peace. Still season preview with the beavers it's deep belief is that no sign it is nuts they play on Saturday I know college football is finally here man. It's finally here we got our NFL look around of course at 1 o'clock. The C dot suffering huge blow last Friday. Will that affect their season we'll discuss that the Indiana Pacers are accusing the lakers of tampering which I find quite comical. Have they follow the NBA for the last five years and again. Utah making a move for the future and which means they may be sacrificing this year. Or maybe they just really trust somebody. Let's say what that is. It's a fantasy football news to pass along that's gonna be this Wednesday out of punch bowl social and way man's going to be a great time. Yeah we'll get back in the AP top twenty fives if you miss that segment in the final hour. And islanders at the Nelson I'm forgetting tees were was it. After I can't remember I voted it down. But I promise to get to that whatever it is a figure out what it is that's what's on tap and it's proctor in the fan by telling him brewing company born at the beach online. And telling him brewing. Dot com on tour actor and spray at Peter Johnson and operating in Sprague what our poll questions actor and spray we have three poll questions up today it really get some ducks fans in beaver fans troubles start when the eclipse one though first after watching it did it live up to the hype that's the question today absolutely it was bleeping are some that was pretty cool. I'm not really or I went blind or your four options that's open wasn't the last one there I heard there was a bomb that looked out at for ten minutes and hands down. I'm ninth inning and he does that have. It's a natural reaction I didn't have that at. In addition of odds game week for Oregon State's they start on Saturday at Colorado State so it's time asked the question how many games they get a win this season you can answer five or less noble game. Six or seven they will go bowling or eight or more. And shot the pac twelve and finally with the gay people being released or didn't team in the at 33. On the eap pre season poll we ask him they climb into the top point five by the end of the season yes they're a top 25 team or not this year there go that's will start the AP pre season top 25 how much respect do the docks yet how many pac twelve teams are ranked to discuss that next yet dirt and spraying on Portland sports leader. 1080 the fan. It's time for a minute film retailer the inside story on pro football brought you by the tighten okay why in restaurants and veto it. Steve have false narrative about. What they're kind of films don't. Where you have these guys don't these protest poor people knew or whatever it is don't champions we have. A narrative veteran international support them by allowing him to do it certainly does not support best for base there's. Anquan bold we'll get to him in the whip around. Just his Stotts on the be protesting on NFL is anybody advocates he rowdy decided after what two weeks of Buffalo Bills camp he called it quits retired from National Football League and they got Rosen on Twitter because the bills treated at a picture about two weeks ago Sammy Watkins it and while Wimbledon. Saying do we become best friends and now neither of them played for the bills this NFL report on the fan has brought to by the tighten more and restaurants in 082454. Is burn center 52 Woodstock shout out to RP one stock in 95 right now to get from Salem to Wilson is gonna take over three hours so you can lives and locked in for our whole show. No taxing and hand missed segment. Now they didn't now hire him and I didn't enemies that this is the end this is the traffic they were talking about apparently. As it is yes it is very interesting little thing on a pass along real quick. Scott I email from buddy of ours at the pac twelve network. On August 26. Pac twelve network is doing the twelve greatest and dirt and I participated in this with organ organ state of Jericho and they'll be available to stream on pac twelve now starting on August 26 and in August 26 you'll also start airing one by one. All the schools they counts so we're gonna be only in the organ and organs they ones we've talked about anybody else they then can slow you predecessor. Arizona skater Colorado way IE and I was radio I had my research done that no just the dikes and Bieber with the about Jake Plummer he was amazed. We do about Tillman hero awesome. Anybody else. Brock cost Weiler was tall. All right to me Danny wide down there and Sandoval and media day anyway Al so I just one pass that along pay the AP pre season top 25 poll was released. I don't know about you. I've been watching a lot more pre season NFL football this year. And I can't really pinpoint why because it's not upgrade its pre season football alike you and I know exactly liven once more it's Lincoln me excited yeah I'm not mentally because my baseball team was eliminated from the pennant race about to almost six months ago so my nicely yesterday my position in favor limited yesterday 37 games I was 37 like. The yes of mine mine sports fan and a mindset is completely switch and I've been in full pummeled for a couple of weeks and I've watched much more pre season football this year than I have in years past yeah I watched a little San Francisco Denver Victor Bolden with a kick off return that was cool that was cool to -- I also saw once again nobody's showing up to chargers game so they still don't care about the chargers that was embarrassing that moment pad their first game they had about 21000 and again good chunk of bomber Seahawks fans and and they played the saints yesterday they look awful in the process and may be half fold and that's even be generous. An MLS city no holds less than 30000. Yet it it's not gonna work out very well unless they start winning it's the only way you get fans there in LA I saw some of that and then I watched and some of the cowboys and colts actions under watch a lot of pre season football even though it's not trade. It's not a great product but it just it's kidney Jack for football season it's finally here which is gonna kick off. This weekend with organ state eap type Tony five pre season poll is released. No real differences are surprises between this in the coaches poll. Same suspects in the top four BMO Ohio State Florida State USC. And Clemson rounds out top five fumbles price Penn State's out of both clintons in. Just from the quarterback perspective and how they finish their years getting to the to the Rose Bowl and winning the Big Ten title. But Clinton's five Penn State's six the sooners are seven. Washington is eight the badgers of Wisconsin or nine in Oklahoma State rounds out the top ten at ten with Michigan just behind them. For pac twelve teams. Are in the top 25 there are six SEC teams. Five ACC big twelve teams in the Big Ten has four as well. But all for the Big Ten teams come in the top eleven yes there are very top ten the conference and Washington State is 24. In the pac twelve in the AP top 25 you've got to. C stand for fourteen Washington A and USC for the a year for pac twelve and just on the outside looking in you get Utah. And you have organ yeah yet Utah oddly was 27. TCU was 26 than it was Utah. Was the next number of bulletin the only difference Didier people in the coaches poll was a pac twelve selections of that was the only difference you talking mentally five minute coach's poll Washington State was on the outside looking in. And they fled in India people washing is faced when he foreign Utah's on the outside looking in arguing about Tia the organ factor their looming right outside the top 25 it's a poll question do you think they'll be. In the final top 25 by the end of the year LOI yeah I several why I think they're gonna go Lleyton for this year and 84 to me is is a team that can be on the back into the top 25. I don't think it's. That's far outside the realm of possibility that there there and eloquently we put the poll question up a lot of the responses have you know been laughing at them for going 48 last year how can they possibly be ranked 33 and I mean to a certain degree I do get down I think 33 is a little over hyped because there's approve a tractor they have to get off to a good start the coaching staff pressed against some wins. And then maybe people start crying yen but it's always important to note I think this is where they screw up a little bit of Clemson you mention them being ahead of Penn State. That you're not always supposed to look at what they did last year and that was last season last season has gone players have come players have left our guys have gone on to the NFL and the recruits around these are different football teams. And just simply base a ranking awful what a team did last year to me is a mistake in any big mistakes that ranking Clemson. At number five and I've had it that coaches boarded the same thing Clemson got 71 place votes in the coaches poll that's ridiculous it was just because they won the national championship last year and that was at least the good side to see them go the opposite route of of Morgan I'm not holding one year against them insane because you were forty last year. And means your only gonna win four or five games in the upcoming season beating gate eight wins gets you into the top 25 I do rob I'll look up what it was the final rankings last year yeah you had Auburn had five losses Utah had four. You had a good chunk of teams and and four losses late wins is gonna get them their faking get to eight LSU was eight before they finish the season ranked thirteenth ya. So so eight is almost a guarantee to Ibaka know Lleyton for your gonna be back into the top 25 yeah note gaining stick out with the eight people do you just cloud Clemson is the only one from me and it was the same thing in the coaches poll. What would you put him then are they outside top ten for you outside the top ten but I I'd letting you look at it tell Washington brings back. Ton of unintended the offense is is is reloading the defense is gonna be great that have them at eight I didn't really like I know you're really high and Oklahoma State this year. And what they can do not like them as a sleeper Penn State was a team that won the Big Ten that they pushed USC in the roles doubled their returning a ton of talent so I think that's one where. And and look maybe Clemson is just like Alabama now they're gonna be lol but until I see that especially at the quarterback position I'm not quite sure I'll believe it. By the way appellation state and Nebraska had the same amount of receiving votes for the top 25 it's good news for organ not a lot of hype from the Oscars. No no not at all are coming up next we'll talk more college football ESPN college football writer Chris Lowe as he joins the show next I'd 1231 dial welcome back into 1080 defender and sprayed with the here this Monday clips afternoon hope you enjoyed it and I was pretty bad ass. I guess my daughter was at her childcare provider and active wrestling is over yes. He's got bored of it she's done is done as too long too long to sit around and wait look at the sun by federal jail was not about that like it maybe should be alive and an excellent jobs that's why donuts and ID and she started trucking hunt as good parenting their next time that a joy it unemployed dad but we're discussing college football the AP top 25 poll was released we've got to be fun to bring on our friend Chris Lowe ESPN college football writer on Twitter apps see low ESP and get more follow. For all college football news thanks enjoy his show Chris did you did you partake in watching the clips. I did and I'm actually in Connecticut as we got the pair of yesterday had course we have quite as committed view. If so post it yourself. Still pretty neat nonetheless. Yes yes it was top 25 comes out I saw an interesting blurred for me you are from you after the toppling if I was released. And he said at least one team every year since ode to his started the year ranked in the AP's top ten only to finish the year unranked. Who is it this year I thought it was a good question that you asked who would you pinpoint it passed. On. It and I thought about that Lance and I think probably. Oklahoma might be the the most likely candidate because that he is a lot of teams in the big twelve pretty close pretty comparable. In the elite speed up on each other Oklahoma State another team and a cup can. From that that he can't stripping of the creek bulking up the action should government first year. Is going to be better than optical think Charlie Strong you know what's great speed limit games straight here but he recruited well and I think you least armor and a pretty nice roster that bit in year one. The longhorns he makes it always you aren't they Oklahoma. At seven under going to a transitional. I've got a lot of eight and Lincoln Riley in the fact he'd been here helps. No he's not a brand new increased the program good track record I think helped record Richard book deal. You are younger than I hurt your coach bigger pressure cooker not our football book XP right now. Because nearly all of our country probably Oklahoma. And you know Clemson has ended an interesting team to me because they came on the coaches pulled in 71 place votes they were number five in the same thing here in the yea people they come in. At number five but they're the replace a lot of guys have gone the NFL. Most notably DeShawn Watson their quarterback. Are they one of those programs that just read tools and reload every year are you buying them at number five what your thoughts on Clemson at this point in the year. Yeah I'm in as geeky actually make a you know that are not treated at the first inning and the championship at all Latin. That has started an extreme in order to not know. And in another biker well liked the colors you know there's a lot to gall. Did quite well. What can would be terrific if sensational. Out triple here. In the last two years he wouldn't couldn't. But acting when you look at the program what tablets in Houston mayor. Trying to recruit his audience but we're eager and torture or repeat could have a lot of and that's what people talk about you go back cool the last walk out eaters fiction and look at. The people great added because a lot of Milosevic at the peak it's Alec is keep reloading and keep. Big picture could predict sugar no drop off Christian Wilkins come back this year a barbecued and because kilometer and you can't put all. He's a doctoral program. Looted the shot watts per. But I think it absolutely what was program like Ohio State like Alabama. Like Florida State that year in year out. They're going to be right here in the mixed record a conversation that it becomes the schedule your break stay healthy and no probably dictate tissue would close who will be. Now we're joined by college football writer Chris Lowe espn.com. Is where you can find his great work on tour at clo ESPN. We were discussing the AP no no real surprises I think from the pac twelve perspectives of four teams that were voted. In the top 25. But tell one of the programs just outside I guess technically they'd be ranked 33 if you count of where the receiving votes were. The organ docs are right out judges BI knew top end from the pac twelve perspective. We using the organ that's will be in there in the final top 25 to the into the season. Well I think it appeared in. I think what I like. That the working title for portrait if you. Will look at field. But look at whatever. You look at the way. That they are getting yen. Living room getting your doors would cared. Especially out on the web code and other place he's gonna become vanity you back he's eager kid that values that program. Is going to count back pretty quickly now would it be ordered out back this first year. Porter cup league cup when Conte Arnold though I think it probably more or where they are you Q your tree and again. Norwegian quickest bat in extra play games it. Are they out from neutral PD teams for players. Have to be on the field until order got a great child to an. And I am every year so far in the playoffs who feels like T error or pundit Antilles and experts are bowling to pencil and a team that. Maybe comes out of nowhere that that's around fifteen to 25 or hell even sometimes unranked that they think can go on one of those runs. An aunt and make it to the college football playoffs this year though feels like though a lot of experts are just gold would chalk and and its base in the same form five teams. And everybody's prediction is that that kind of year you're expecting as well or are you seeing what these teams that comes in anywhere from fifteen to 25 make it a run at that point. Yet he last year I think one watched like fourteen. And accretion pointers W would better that. It great last for an appreciable think they get people vote. And appreciate it all in Libya are state it would be continued chip go to wrote or spoke. I mean we're always you're right one of the vote she now one playoff pick it apart from you imagine. And I had a chance to the last few weeks spent time USC. Alabama Florida State at Kent State and Ohio State. Let's not think he controlled it cute it's hard to imagine at least Doritos. Or fob comic play opt in or somebody else that. That you can or cannot be ruled out you migrated team to play your quarterback I think they're structure of a it's essentially going to be coach what we're used to seeing mine and its other glory years you know they get a break a sea treaty that can't wait. Created title. Can't say I mention the big twelve blocking they're pretty comparable. Scott talked to coach that we eat in. The kicker you know what I don't know against her well he'd you know there are a team that's right through the cut were out here. In Oklahoma State that they may be with Mason Rudolph and watch pre commit back at quarterback receiver combo. It explode from the leaking in the country can they play and a defense. Figured when the big twelve and the big culprit. Get back at the playoff to Oklahoma State but there are cocked and he righted the cheered. There are people watch critical this year. And I'm Chris slow ESPN college football writer joining us now. You mentioned a lot of very interesting things this season kicks off this week in organ state playing against Colorado State I believe you talk kicks it off as well. What is something that's what's the most interesting thing from your perspective when you look at college football's a hole. What is the most intriguing part about season two you. Well and I think it's two things well actually what it would be the fact that Alabama reported stale complete. To absolute juggernaut Dirk countered by the country. And and guys that really think this bill he then he goes like I think it well and it's a good football game it's cement winter quarter. To achieve two to cheer first rematch in the play. It's the playoffs started now. When actually rematch both of them if the well I don't know how he would exceed. But it's let's say Alabama lose regain its pretty close particular picture but it should be a tree it would be at Chicago. They're going to be an album by his first of fortunately. You know and in so we haven't seen it yet where two teams that played. Have a team played in the well I think that the thing about this seat that can help an accurate statement. You know you're pretty intertwined crucial coordinator hellish you know Torrey. So speaker or let's say retreat to that pretty intrigue. Be another team out west. They keep an eye on it can be neat he got your watch could state likely. You look at the way they're scheduled trip up they get US the whole ticket Friday nineteen here. Luke all. Easter comic in the read a piece that we did and they have a prediction that you have a quarterback. And you hear crocodiles aren't actually baker matrix reloaded you know Arnold wrote an. Don't forget about all. And at a Kruger last year up at the epic eight year and out rule electrical work in Detrick outscored. American worker Likud because coordinator. You're behind eight ball he may get these fringe better I think Washington State for entry are quite a bit ago. And it she'd be speaking at this year. Right and I'm glad you brought up that Alabama for a stake income site for it and I Simon I think it's like the fourth time or fifth time in college football history and number one has opened with. A pre season top five ranked team hasn't happened in thirty years or so but. Can you foresee to lusty making in it in the console play Evan and I game brings it up because of one of those teams loses close in say they slip up again later in the year. Is the college football playoff committee ready to welcome a two loss team in the playoff. Well that they didn't welcome Penn State last year you know and say I want to pick it came to Pitt beat. Other there was one test case in gratitude state and you know at area. We were clobbered by Michigan and also a lot to him earlier. I think kicking and I think it I think a couple people kitty and I actually area probably should that happen though. There's got to be able chaos and the options where may be. And then say that the pac twelve and SEC or what everybody repeats of everybody in here a couple two champions. But I do like the fact that the committee sit there and iris. Obtained and I think they've done. Not just great pocket to be. Or not just. How they look what they were doing in the seat but what it either that or treated. Booted feet where they've beat him show picture question yes I think its future plot in the end I think circumstances and to be just right. They're real good stuff Chris slow ESPN college football writer on Twitter at C lo ESPN and espn.com to find is great work. I'm Chris we always recent time things are jumping on and talk to college football with us. You bag I'd better do it. There we go good stuff Chris low ESPN team to watch for the Washington State cougar yellow love for the Kazaa I agree on a present there I didn't not understand how they weren't ranked in the coaches poll in my opinion they should even be higher than name where they are right now the gay people to bring a lot of doll back and they have one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in history to pac twelve. Coming back I think Washington state police further Goodyear pay good stuff from him coming up next the beavers kick off their season earlier than ever with Colorado State this Saturday will be is be bowling this year 55305. Is the bridge Fort Pierce text line. That's next on 1080 the fan. Coming up at thirteen minutes the NFL and ground with a National Football League now also remembered what's. One of the segments we're gonna do a little later in the show. I forgot to write it down it was there's a lot of NFL quarterback movement right now. So low will be the latest on the as well. We officially have a starter. Or two or three or yeah potentially anyone up for grabs tonight yes. But this weekend Oregon State starts her college football season it's crazy to me that it's here it's finally. CNN and add a new. I can't wait man I can't wait and it's a good game to start with a great team at this is one of the bigger games the last couple years I guess I view it as. If you're starting a year like that the organ why does southern Utah I like because it's on at the same time as Alabama Florida State's it was a duck fan at least like that I can put that on the DVR watched the marquee game of the night now have to be too emotionally vested when you know they're gonna win my exact has examined this one I think it's a great start as a fan because it's not one of those daunting like crappy got to play Florida State the opener you know you beauty at one. And you're not playing Weaver state where you know it's gonna be giving you're gonna win by four touchdowns it's a good barometer to see how the rest. A lot like last year kind of wise and otherwise it was a telling game they went to Minnesota they competed they hung. And it taught you a lot about that CBC you know what they're gonna make strides this year and I and I feel the same way about Colorado State this week yes they go to Colorado State open up a brand new stadium on Colorado State's campus. Were hoping to maybe get the head coach for Colorado State on sometime this week but. A poll question we asked for the show it's game we throw issue they start their season Saturday. How many games or they win. Five or less so noble. Six to seven and they do go bowling or eight or more in shock the pact twelfth. And curious where your ago. Well look having and I can when he games. Summit of Latin. Gets that one out of the list of a 100% where would you put the percentage possibilities of them winning eight games yes two. To Oca I give it to a 50% to view hands I get a little higher now but that's fine. Games eight of its time number man that's the schedule is brutal that is winning all three of your nonconference games and then going five wins in the pac twelve. Reactive goal to Washington State to USC. You know please Stamford home getting into lots and got Colorado at home are you a Colorado cal Arizona Arizona State and we don't know anything about or India I mean eight catalyst five teams and act and play games this year just thrown it out they're not getting doubled like that's not set those expectations out there I'd look I I answered the question six points I think they can get to a bowl game this year. A lot of it is putting. Some faith in the since Gary Anderson took over and they're not gonna get there if he has a bad year and I'm gonna buying at least what I'm seeing out of the practice reports that he. He's got a good deep ball he can move pretty well for a big guy seems and always do one in and I like when I'm here and so far. The depth to the running back position and I think their defense is gonna be solved this year and when whenever you look at wins losses you always want to go through. Then you know that the of the schedule and see which ones being they can win or lose. I see him go into wouldn't want a non conference. And whether it's the Colorado State game or Minnesota I I see them dropping one of those games three and oh would be a dream start. One into would be a disaster. And then you mentioned some of those games cal Arizona and Arizona State to me or give easy should be able to win all three of those games. That puts yet five and that I give one more whether it's Colorado home whether it's an upset when. Over a Washington or Stamford home whether it's beat Oregon in Eugene whatever it may be. I see three winning I'd Jimmy's in the pac twelve. You can beat Colorado went home in my mind you go to a one and on conference and acted citi's to a six and six season yeah I wanna put him in the sixth when category is well. But if you told me they get. Seven I'm actually not surprised. Seven to meet is realistic. I think they can go three you know in the non conference Colorado State is a tough tough challenge every met their quarterback their two wide receivers. I. I believe it's three of their five offensive linemen if I'm not mistaken. And that they're gonna begin to go offensively the problem is going to be their defense socks like Morgan State should be able to put up points. The confidence that Gary Anderson seems to have the confidence that team shows the building off with a weighty and last year with Arizona and organ. In getting to four wins. I truly do believe they're gonna go three you know in the nonconference. Which would just set up how well can you do in the conference now Arizona. That's a win cow that's a win that puts you at four maybe Colorado and he got them coming to your place. There's five and then maybe you get an upset. Mixed in with what happens in a civil war situation I think seven is achievable I think it's a bit high. I'm but I'm probably gonna square off at six as well just because I think they're gonna be better. It's half with that schedule as say they take a huge step forward though. Yeah if they avoided US he had in the south for example and you played somebody else and are or you didn't have to go to LA in that game. I I I would like to schedule a lot more doesn't it that's the big difference in my opinion at least between organ state organ expectations. As the difference in the schedule especially the start of it. Amid Oregon State's first tax that the way they're taxable starches at Washington State. Home against Washington at USC. Home against Colorado home against Stanford I think they can beat Washington or Stanford now trying to wash embodied a dubious Stanford at home on upset I'm not as high as Stanford is subsite wouldn't let it pass and I don't see anyway and how they be lighting Washington's reloaded and and one of the best teams in the country and you get the seven wins they're gonna have to do that though yeah whatever and I and I don't think they can get to seven wins that's just where we disagree but. I images go back to did this week and I I love the Colorado State game because I really do feel it's it's. That's the tone setter for the year because it's not gonna be an easy game Colorado State is as we mentioned many times is opening a brand new stadium. And it if he's able to going to have success on the road in front of the pretty intense atmosphere. I'm not have a lot more confidence moving forward but if he goes out he struggles. They don't move the ball or put up points like we're expecting them to against about Colorado State team let's say you lose that game by a touchdown. Then it it it's gonna set the way you feel about the upcoming year I really feel like that opener for organ state back to back years now. Is just gonna tell you a lot about the way the next eleven games ago yeah but I think the difference between last year and this year. Colorado State to me there's going to be us you'd pick to be a bear let down for beaver fans. Whereas last sugar because the expectations are higher but that's what I'm saying is last year they went into Minnesota they played them pretty damned tough Garretson took a million hits from the defense of line. They lost they're tied in in the first half. And they came close but they had no cigar Burris whereas this year you go to Colorado State and you don't win. And that that's kind of that's a gut punch for sure and that that changes anything how a lot of fans feel about it and a lot of as do with the defense how Lou and plays Exide around. But that's the difference between last year and this year you lose that game it's not a feel good look at the d.s time competing it's foul. The beavers lost an even though that is a tough game. You just expecting you at three Gary Anderson to take that step but that's also what you want as a program. Like you you won the expectations to be there you don't know why that's I expectation or you don't wanna go into a game like that as a program and say well we lose we lose whatever it's not a big deal IE you wanna be disappointed if you lose a game like that because if you followed Colorado State that you're looking at having to beat Minnesota. And win four pac twelve games. In in order to get to six wins and make a bowl games so I didn't just the road becomes so much more difficult. Let's also not forget him in the stat the Gena Davis who was at last week. They had don't want a road game in like three years October 2014 Natan Gary Anderson has not won a road game yet as the head coach at Oregon State so I did it then again I mean you're you're just taken another monkey out to backe get the bill though opening went out of the way you beat a good program you get a win on the road. And it just really sets the tone but as a beaver fan you should be disappointed because your the point where this program where. The expectation is to get to six wins and make a bowl game we jump from two was two for ones now the job should be to six you don't get there it's a disappointing season gallon listener pointing out the Vegas spread their plus three and a half. That's I mean currencies the home team they're getting a field goal Soledad basically is a deadlock and I'm just I'm just telling you from the perspective Morgan State in year three. It is win that game. Go out there start your season it's a lot of confidence in that program right now we'll take that step and go beat Colorado. I guess or other games as well spew wondering at a Utah they play some known the other games are media I mean don't ever again it's it's if you don't follow organ state football all the games are meaningless this weekend of roster does that tie in there and that's why I'm excited exactly how Willingham and you Todd thinking about the future for their program. The pacers complaining about a problem that is rampant throughout the league. And the C ox suffering huge blow but we start hour two with our NFL what brown next Burton's right back with more on 1080 the fan.