Dirt & Sprague Monday April 23rd, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, April 23rd
Time for the NFL Whiparound, then the guys were enthralled by Swag's Twitter discourse with Timbers Army over the weekend, and Andrew Nemec joins the guys to wrap up the Ducks Spring Game.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I actually. Thanks and. This is dirt and spray paint and check this out and look at our expense of Batman. They don't think governor of the season this was contagious stay up. But I come up until born this team could stunt gently flopping and question what does Andy Dirk Johnson and Brendan spring let's have a smell right. Off dame won't game boy everyone likes a grown man doing. Project durden spray gun 1080 those goofy bastard to just about the best round got going this crazy world. We'll soon. Max and they're screaming you coward too it's gonna be loaded we'll get to Pete Carroll being bashed them. But players said helped him win a Super Bowl. We've got injured image and enjoy the show and about a half hour we'll talk ducks recruiting in the other spring game is well. And now. Connecticut does so in a feel good about this you also have a baseball topic to get to at some point I'm curious to see at all. Yeah today. Other activities it up for a later in the week. You've piqued my interest without question well yeah LK yeah we'll save that one and we will actually toppled timbers today who. I'll explain more trust me. These trust me leveraged called great game yesterday. Fan friend of the show friend Shelly interviewed William rich well in I am totally up to date -- there and it is going on with a timbers. Because my trainer is a guy he likes it that timbers army is a diehard timbers fan. I've seen him he kind of strikes me is that it's Amber's look Tom asked Larry every day we'll work out it's that he does he grants to me not generous I mean I. I barely wins big when there's nothing to rant about after yes takes my mind off of the grueling exercise that I'm doing so I say Iran to wave my friend and easy which he got this week are the overall that let's get to our NFL whip around. For this city done. A year and. And we will start. With this. Pay. Just because like to point this out because I get a kick out of it. Called Catholics still not in the NFL. That you don't want Colin Capp predict how about a guy they got so drunk that he passed down on highway. Yes the raiders have signed quarterback Darryl Worley who. Most traded at war and then released because he got a DU lie because he was passed out in his car come on majesty line on highway ambivalence that kind of stuff you're right. If you want an entertaining. Scroll through Twitter. Just. And vice free day at a show after his recently sanity about something telling Catholics doing easily do's and and on VH one honors mom or something. And gesture felt the need tweet about this. I don't know if you did you'd just wanted to entertaining scroll through Twitter just click this guy. But that's we've not had a few bidder on a commercial break and I do I scroll for about ninety seconds and and bombs in there no nobody. An interest in stuff I well let's get to this is was this one's pretty big there. The agent of Thomas Brady. Time he. Says his client plans to play this season I'll. So pats fans freaking out you don't need to Tom Brady can be back this year than and a dollar adjusters heard from people he met up I. He hasn't committed yet and I play he probably will play but he hasn't committed yet I don't know what it is that Tom Brady and winning and create non stories around him but it's not about that guy just glom onto East Coast new Arenas in Boston it's an easy thing to go to this is this has always been a non story I enjoy it is but he's consistently said we'll play beyond his contract and into his mid forties. Yeah cell nothing's changed on rays have clinics here all right let's go to some target news in no luck. New Orleans, Louisiana those out there. The saints will not be matching release needs contract that he received from the ravens. Two years seven million dollars sneak out a 141 passes for the saints and fifteen and sixteen. Before dropping to eight catches and eleven games last season. Scene was suspended the start the year in never recovered now his former role in the offense once he was speeded. As makes me makes sense not to match it when you have a number of falloff like that. Then it's pretty glaring they clearly had. A great season last year without needing his service is write and edit their offense has changed a minute it was pretty pretty drastic last year lodging. The way they looked in his first two years and how often they threw the football team Drew Brees get up there needs a little bit in a great. Duo but in the back field and Camara and Ingram and their philosophies have changed at least token doable when you need to but there's no need to overpay for a wide receiver. Who caught eight balls last year four in eleven games all right we mentioned the pats the Brady. But I wanted to get this they seem to be interested Lamar Jackson. Or they're building more buzz around him for trading purposes because he visited the organization. And according to Ian Rapoport the pats were impressed and intrigued. By the global quarterback. About the air paired with Tom Brady being Lamar Jackson it's fun and it would also be high in this. I I I could see some validity there at the patriots need to draft a quarterback their backups Brian Hoyer they wanna guide the future after trading drop below cell. They're gonna whether it's in the first onset around her awry I fully expect them to to draft a quarterback. The funny part is that I would love to see be split in analysis right now Lamar Jackson not worth it maybe should play wide receiver. I wouldn't touch him in the NFL lot of scouts saying that if knowing Madras and how quickly does that narrative change about Lamar Jackson. My economic data set you can work went bad. Eyes are great at playing the archive for what how funny like I don't think they're committed to quarterback and I think Lennar is open to changing positions if it. I would I would love to see him go to look at spot though presiding if you if you have the right coaching staff to work with Lamar Jackson there's something there. A phenomenal athlete has got to harness and renewing them would be a great fit I will we did get pretty big contract news at a Steelers land. But no sadly it's. I think this Steelers hero to sports now bell. The Steelers exercised. Their fifth year option on 22 pick from the 2015 draft but Dupree who catch a fever but to pre make Indiana went around. Price tag is nine point two million arena at odd story it's no good athletes the next one. Time and he has yet to record more than six sacks and a season they're GM Kevin Colbert says Dupree hasn't crashed service. The reason I put him in was winding its news. And true he's actually been a point of contention for steeler fans some people think he's a bus other people. Still willing to wait around. Yellen especially begin and throw back at a point at and a player and it's not mainly beyond bell and the story guys are still trying to work out landing on Dell's situation now and I'm hoping you get to long term contract at some point so. That that was a very meal a shake that down. His career are key Jesse Diaz had peaked in his career are yet give it time you get there well let's get to vehicle draster crapping all over my stories. How about this one. The Buccaneers typically feature a remote controlled area. Perched on the ship and engaging with fans there stadium okay the draft calls and they want the real thing Zaza Mo. Catalina what Cobb who hails from Florida exotic bird sanctuary relay. Candidly honest saw a bucks election to an NF answer on Saturday. So date three selections. It's a bit of me I think it's a bit of a bit in the NFL draft there's going to be a bird announcing it for the box. The 49ers level Ron Howard and shoe box if the storm troopers and our duty to announce picks in Lucas film. Headquarters in San Francisco assays have been aggressive in the vikings a feature members of the 2018 US men's Olympic curling team. And Fiat curling club in Saint Paul to announce their pick a funny joke there would be to send out a random guy from Minnesota and see if anybody knows that was not Shuster Keith. And that. Is the current guide is a guy with a mustache nobody would now is pick a random guy out of the crowd. Yes so life is kickass though. Thank you and I'll give Amman give some credit for this is a good fine having a parent announced picket the NFL draft signed me up that at least make something interesting on. Now I would note visiting and get me to out catlett yet product you know what state do you think this. Yeah me there and I give me Thursday Thursday of the exciting and then yeah that's right there's earnest deliberately do it every Monday that one page Jason's why guard got into it this weekend with timbers fans. We'll explain more. Next on the fans. Coming up we'll talk with the Gator damning organ like dot com and recruited Internet make every Thursday at seven European. According got some pretty big recruiting news this at a spring game this. Other delegates and as I saw this yesterday and I I kind of went through a thread and I couldn't believe it. So this comes from somebody named Jason it not. I don't know wincing as lasting right he's got a blue check marks on assuming he does something. Professionally a guy. He tweeted also upped the Portland MLB discussion in one sentence. Portland sports journalists want to cover quote unquote real. Sports. Yeah I do I do enjoy covering sports yeah he goes on to say if your sports journalists in Portland you have options you can become well versed in soccer and drop following you can immerse yourself in track and field and become a fixture in Hayward field and a sought after expert you could cover the blazers from all angles. Or and I believe this is shot at people like guys is spend lots of time you all in LA she spring games to attract recruiting a jump on the bandwagon when the basketball teams are good enough. And you'll lobby for a pro team in any of the other big four sports. He went on some more and some more and then eventually this led tees why guard jumping in and point I don't know win and who is black top ten but swagger opt in. And basically tried to sailor. Very curious. To know what would covering the timber sound liking your ears please respond not mocking you hear. And then he had a big Bakken. For this one on all week and this is not like yesterday you started. I don't know when I saw first Thursday or Friday or some might OK I didn't follow up on a time until it was the original together a couple of different. Different aspects there was one. That had to do with the four and so I think there was something in there is the coverage of soccer. Sexist because you know the timbers are getting all of this he and it had to do with the end WS cell vs the MLS and that's he's saying. And I kind of stayed away from that one. But yet no but we had this conversation internally especially since the timbers won the championship back in 2015. And it was. What is. It seems foolish to ignore it. And I don't think any of us think they are not significant in the sporting landscape of the city. And that they certainly don't have a place however. Where. There is no bigger. Third rail of sports talk radio then the timbers. We cannot make everybody happy and we herein vehemently from both sides whenever we too yes we did. Every damage brought up it's an in Lal obliterate it as loud from both sides of it in and we cannot we know we can't make everybody happy and and we hear. You know we hear it from all aspects of that we hear from both ducks in beaver fans that were covering the other what are the word doc or beaver homers from the other one you heard about of your estate baseball team is having other outstanding season I think they're up to fifth the most the national rankings had just swept the docs need they went to the college World Series last year. And it's an out you know we love pac Casey we've we've had the privilege to deal with him personally over the years he couldn't be. Any any better for us to deal with but at the same point we don't find ourselves now. We don't cover it we don't talk about it because there's and so I gates and I wanna think they were set there were a few different people that chimed in. On an over the week I really do wanna thank him. Because I felt like we had a really honest conversation and I do wanna continue and I told him I said hey if if there's a group of there's a way to get together with human person. I am more than happy to continue the conversation because I think there's a way to do it I just haven't figured it out yet. Yeah I I I think this is a fun conversation to have ideal and I think we as a show could for sure embrace them more as it as a team and talk about them more I. I I question and bomb what the interest level is from just your generic Portland sports fan and I think that's the tough one to. Cipher out because I EU point me to this threat on Twitter silence on it now is reading through it. The guy take shots in sports radio and markets has all the ratings are terrible which just is is simply the truth my second super number one yeah when you look at the demographics of Sports Radio like we inspectors say yeah we in Sports Radio don't carry a 58 year old women are listening to us that's not what are Democrats demographic is men 2.5 to 54 and just didn't give you a glimpse of how the station has been doing in improbably the afternoon Joseph. Isaak in soup for large chunks of last year have been number one in this market meant when he tried to 54 actors and sport Null in all of radio meant when he tried to fit to force it to say nobody's listening to Sports Radio because we don't cover soccer is completely missing the ball and not understanding any nuance of how. On sports talk radio works the other part of this I think at times can be a struggle for folks is and I'm guilty of this gamer get to the suspension stuff like politics. Is when when you're in a bubble. You'd you'd tend to. A reaffirm opinions that are inside a bubble now it if you're an at timbers bubble Yuri timbers fanned. The people you hang out whether timbers fans you go to timbers games it's what you talk about in your social circle. I I think your of the mindset. That everybody should be. Everybody knows Anderson in the timbers I go to to look at pack put all the people go abroad talking about it. Why is it more part of the conversation and I do this and I'm guilty of it would a sport like baseball. In my circle in my sports bubble everybody that I know. Once Major League Baseball to come to Portland they would they are pumped about the idea they love the sport of baseball to follow the sport baseball. But I IE have the wherewithal to step outside the bubble and say OK I understand that everybody Lexus sports boring it's slow it's dying for varying reasons people are going to watch. And and I hope the timbers fans can do that because. Check this is takes extremely small sample size but I put this poll question about her sprang onto it at such a small samples just to get it was came users know what we have about 300 votes on this thing I have do you want more timbers coverage from us as a show announces the station right 300 votes take him for what it's worth 64% of people are saying now is that meet everybody in the market doesn't want more timbers coverage doll doesn't mean everybody wants more. No but I think it's important to understand where every sports fans that get outside your bubble well and you know I. This is an interesting topic because one I mean I have an annual gala wanna go to game this year I know we jokingly say I've said that a lot I have I really do wanna go to game this year. And my goal is to experience that he was like I gotta buy it's never played soccer he doesn't follow soccer he's been like five he says that it's a hell of a full time. And so for that for that reason I wanna go and I think it's great that thirty year. But what here's the thing if you bring it up as a topic. You know take the text machine a way because I don't wanna do a show that revolves around everything that's on the tax machine. You'd take other things the way. There really is a way for us to find out. And it doesn't involve you were I it involves. Us doing some more are digging into. Certain aspects once a month. And saying hey if we dated timber segment. Where do listeners go 'cause we have that ability. We do Sports Radio has an ability to go in hour by hour track from this time last time you what listeners ship is like there's no doubt that's possible. But then I followed up with my own thought as a guy that doesn't really follow it closely. You know doesn't hasn't doesn't go to games. I'm not helping your conversation if you like that sport. So what I mean by if we had a timber segment on this show. It would be so why are talking for nine and a half minutes with you I giving commentary on something right nothing about or getting a guest on it knows that falls covers TI doesn't add to a stimulating conversation on something you care about. So I don't. You know I don't I don't comment on everything in Major League Baseball 'cause I don't. Throttle every team in Major League Baseball right right and if you ask other people and for markets sell our sister station in Boston is WEEI it's and it's a mammoth station. Dave actually had to battle because they have the Red Sox on their station. And their morning show host. He collect he he is bowl he says nobody cares about baseball talk on Sports Radio right every markets different they talk about patriots and they talk about the Celtics a little bit. He says nobody cares hockey right nobody cares about Red Sox baseball it's a monster. But nobody wants to have those conversations on a day in and day how base I'm not telling you that soccer is the same way. But there are other markets Detroit with the red wings great relationships of iconic teams in big cities. They don't talk about them right because some of some sports for whatever reason. I just don't think they don't translate for everybody the majority. I'm but if they did but I'm not one to shy away do we want more years we always want more years. But I I think there's a much more nuanced. Way of thinking in going about something like that in just throwing out. Horrible metrics for why your finding your Sports Radio ratings and then talking about how everybody only cares about baseball. And that's what they wanna cover and don't care about soccer assist. It's only easy lazy man argued out. There were so. Okay why I think part of this too can act. And yeah I thought I think part of this too and I understand from the standpoint is a fear about the pecking order in where it sits if stuff does change in this market. If Skype I think I think diversity as I've got a little bit like if we get a Major League Baseball team. It will it will not be a guarantee guarantee right now if we get to make the baseball team we will not be a day in and day out topic of conversation we're not gonna break down. The bullpen performance from the night before every single day we need to do it after the blazers there's. Michael peca blazer games if third uninteresting and relevant there's nothing going on we don't talk about every single blazer games so. It's not going to be that case a baseball but I do think there's a fear of if we get a team. You've been struggling to find his footing in a market you feel like maybe you're taking hold a little bit your share. And then maybe you get knocked down in the pecking order one. More spot and a and an I am coming from I got seriously a genuine place of death. Is this something people would be more into you know we had some Dotson is like Tex coming in on this at 553 or five. You know you generate conversation that leads to more interest there's probably a part of that is it chicken NBA gasping right absolutely zero doubt. I just worry one when you jump on something is laid is it is I mean how many seasons they've been here now. In the MLS. When did they start old whose eleventh I think this is that sounds about right those seven or eight seasons maybe they have a championship. When you jump on after all of that maybe people care may be people don't I don't know but I think I find the conversation. Injury seeing eye and I thought that was a really interesting back and forth that you had this week and swagger on Twitter. Are night and again I I say I wanna think those that really did chime in and appreciated it it was an honest it was constructive it was substantive. There was no name calling there wasn't any thing you know you're budget first and while I eyed Joseph right then after he got back door that you know I ignored that but the the ones that I. Said that the intercourse back and forth whiff in that fashion no I really do appreciate attend and I'd do you intend to follow up at some point and hopefully. Trying to get together and you know and as I was at the timbers game on Sunday had there were people within the timbers that sought to and recognize that in. And nobody has all the answers. And so. You know there is. Trying to find a way to slowly introduce it and obviously nothing gets done and radio without sponsorship so. Right if it's not appealing to sponsors then it's you know not appealing. A radio we're already against the clock we got to go to Internet make you had a really good point from a writer you know in the market I want to bring this back a Maxi revisit this topic is popular texting in their thoughts on this on the Portland Timbers and the lack of conversation. And the way to build it up if if you were to have one so would jump back in that at some point the coming up next. Andrew Nim make or live dot com recruiting experts also hosts recruiting with the Internet make Thursday's 7 o'clock every week here on the stand. We'll talk to him but the big recruiting we can for the organ ducks' next the costs. It was 35 back in the sports landscape conversation we're having here a few moments it was a good calorie some of the thoughts at the F Centex and a 55305. Blazers still coming out of the final hour. Jason quick and CJ McCollum battling on Twitter at some point we should talk about that coming up in the next half hour or so. Adjusting yeah that was and adjusting when that was just a little later on to their season yeah well if you're an organ Shannon a blazer fan at least Saturday wasn't all bad for nick has the blazers got swept by season's over but you also at the organ spring game going on in some big recruiting news Eddie genes that we thought so who better to bring on in our recruiting insider injured naymick. At Internet contrary to your right here on the stand Thursday 78 PM recruiting. With injured and because named Michelle and if you know that that the coaches percent and how these jets and they kept keep in duck fans like wondering what the hell's gonna happen who are the names so. For those who miss it don't follow led out of the weekend go into the guys that organ scooped up at the spring game. Well I think it would've liked to win that HQ or commitment sport a lot to tackle each get a big relief well Linux or prospects they landed the nation's number I gave outside linebacker. Bought safe food now. He the highest rate at linebacker in the history of the program as a recruit big time prospect they're aliens sheep on wheels and pop. Forty athlete in the country in other sports star prospect he wants to be running backs excuse to hurt them out Kiki probably end up being outside linebacker speak eat. At the next level for the ducks and then Cameron Williams. Twitter account at the depth when it seat he horsepower cost back. And Kendall gill and eighty how Florida graduate transfer pirated ship coming in provides in depth you listed at six foot 5262. Pounds so if he'd stayed that we eat you going to be right in the it's some of the bigger package is that crystal ball like Ryan peak went down yet just went down quite a bit. I took him to potentially giving them got. Either repeat or tight end but you would have trimmed down pretty significant. You know we we we know injury that organ is able to bring in some pretty big recruits over the last few years but what does it mean in your opinion for them to bring in the Sean dollars and number one overall. All purpose running back in the country what does that mean what does that speak to about this coaching staff. Well I think the biggest thing in and help efforts to look at this over a lot of criticism for doing a port Diop and creeks to attack. And the Bible story obviously come about it in state recruiting was a big deal. Biggest area that helper in his step actually deserved criticism. Would California in his last role recruiting cycle mark health which did not land a top 45. Hi you play here in the state of California what she's just on heard as much as or you can't let it be rooting for in state talent. On the field ingredient yell at you real core heart and soul organ he has pretty much a wee bit. Being able to recruit California. What we're seeing right now with a guy like Sean dollars with a commitment. Deion where Hudson and cannot be Fremont street not all of those kids are from modern day high. How or how. In the USC. People pipeline through them at recruiting. They have are acutely their best clash. Ever coming out of class and when he's heated or in very close to adding three obviously are mentioned they let a mockery. He warehouse in Europe or start and the prospects. Organ in very good shape or -- dollar the nation's number what all respect. But they're also in the mix recruitment coordination number one aptly out of on Saturday and Jeremiah acrid gala top ten ordered actually. All of those kids go to moderate so when do you start delving into the peak high school in California. You start to really get a strong foothold in become a player nationally in recruiting. Particularly Orr and connect he had. Great gossip that USC success in southern Californians are all look kid you look at street John Bosco is that other. Big time program in California. And they have a by dark corner of the nation and number two corner Chris Neil and I think it's pretty safe to say organ leads him. So we're doing much better job in California we look at this resurgent it. It is chip you know what helpers just added it would northwest recruit what what is the biggest issue Californian organ has become a major player in back. It's a new units go pipeline to recreate the title and Andrew naymick ever pretty B writer for the Oregonian you get your mind you're on the sand Thursday's 78. Andrew naymick I know the other notable in town this weekend as well as the number one overall player in the country believes something came on Thibodeau I believe in pregnant from abroad on the name but out of that visit Golan and what do you nobody here in about the number one player in the country. It went well and I know and or Indians want be here number one player in the country that Gary I think that it order a long shot you know you look at it and number of cool looking at Florida State. I think he probably. In depth in the out. I think working had a shot at him just to update you with anybody hoax would blow you away. And jump into it nor can hold the number of eagle five star guys. In a lot of times you know especially early a lot of country and so I think it's possible I. Certainly don't think they were the belt as we get treated. But he remains. A little bit of a lot shopping also hosted the nation's number two at quarterback cheat and get that immediate headliner connecting they have a real shock there. If you land that it. You get the dual threat quarterback is one of the top guy in the entire country then you're able to start witness modern age group together pluck a couple of Saint John Bosco guys together. Suddenly you're looking at may be your top 567 class nationally. No that was the key all last year organs could have a backlash that we're gonna have a gut class ever and we fast forward and it would go to class but not great. And a lot of that would could Willie Taggart lack that really truly as long as they do well on the field security if the really good opportunity. For orchids and how the power and class nationally began. It's class ever. You know you got John Smith now an organ state got someone in Arizona Edwards at Arizona State and shipping UCLA. How is this shaping up right now this recruiting war with in this conference how has it changed since all those guys became coaches and and and what's hurting navy or gain and what do they also benefiting from. Well I think it's really really early to say actually you know especially in the pac twelve in the SEC allotted time. School at eight to ten commitment already organ has been number two class in the pac twelve right now what police find guy. So it's really really early to say how we're all gonna shake out I think what is interest in. Is that it organ. You'd feel a bit suddenly adding modern day it actually John Bosco poll. I think that it could trying to beat her Edward every openness how he seems to be helped or recruiting effort everybody in the pac twelve went. His seemingly. Lack of understanding of how it works and how we eighteen year old want to be recruited. I think all those things are good actors Jonathan Smith likely get it really interesting person and play. Would organs being an organ I think org he used to be able to. Very late in the recruiting cycle. Offer guys organ they read with interest that it just kind of pull away. And I think Jonathan Smith and his staff are doing and I had a job and I look eighty article after a while. It may not. The case anymore I think Morgan State we gave Eric the job that extra little EB plucky. Up auction. Within state recruit may not be available quite completely or watch for. But I went injured ankle did you and it's one knew what when they got us some that we got that was tackle as somebody who went to Oregon was the the influx of all alumni and former players have around and and a crystal ball sent out a tweet you know same open making guys proud and that's obviously been. A point of emphasis for hand did you think that had a a positive impact to have guys like Mario out of the Gharib want Ed Dickson walking around spring game Saturday. I think acute back to you talked to you you know on dollars for example. Wanted to talk about being an organ running back you talked about public or what I mean there it doesn't get much better than that fervor when you're able to say you don't look at it origin I don't know how I. Like a quarter tactic didn't get it to you want to hike its oh we'll hear talked a market. I I can't imagine that hurts especially. It showed doctor culture. And I think as much as an impressive ticket. Also impressed at her because you're saying after the fact after these two guys have gone off to the pros. They still want a common be part of the program and believed there included in the program. And taken to hero within the program. That spread. That's spread which you know the currency hate. You know even if you did good player you know become the great player no matter what no matter how into. People become part of the culture will be at least forever that Chiluba has good relations and it went good relations empty kind of program impresses book it bank. He married a great stuff and genetic agreed to be writer for the Oregonian followed her out injured Annika and of course right here on the sand Thursday's. Seven EP 7:8 PM recruiting with Andrew naymick and it takes the time man we always appreciate it. You there you go a big weekend recruiting for the organ ducks got a couple of kids to commence. UA for the beavers had this weekend body it was fun for me to see all the old guys in town and I love the crit I know while we talk Wilcox about this and he sent us and tweets regarding age I think Wilcox an example of he's a great example are tired and nothing in terms of outreach to former players didn't care about the past the culture and and I kind of stuff in crystal balls made to pull an emphasis he's called all these guys they're welcome back they go back and train they were out there now on the facilities and it is good it's good to keep the community together -- you know I I don't know who it's gonna Lander who it's not gonna help but I think anytime you can get a Heisman Trophy winner and helps right. You know NFL starting quit reckons the policies and watch your back on your side lines to just talk and say hey. I think it's always a good thing as seven go locker on the sidelines of the spring game you know as it is it is nice to have one of those hit let's get back into the conversation we're having a moment ago it's not a sports landscape it and in Portland would you like us to talk more timbers and your thoughts welcome fife factor of five or got a whole bunch of -- read some on crunch time next on offense. Pressures on the Astros difference in the past masters at security crunch time it's prelim heat wind this greatest criminal. The world when you lose that's the lowest thing. While it's Clinton's done a look at the hottest topics in sports. You might cry and trip. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym members. Your address directed by crunch fitness always 995 months why would you ever pay more for a gym membership I was asked the glorious housing gains this morning. That's right downing and seeing their thing and day out he leads Obama. No I was I I looked right at you you're Mir wrote this morning don't act like I didn't see that we give their pumping iron on. Oh and a go live somewhere else he says it's always worth the wait brawler and he organizers broke I have got to see the difference get a bump it's gonna be ascending the next couple of days are gone cut off d.s gonna sharpen the irons in on me I am going to be wearing the tank top tomorrow god don't do it. Don't do it why on dumping tech type guy at work at noon and are not at war all camp can't exam bullet dodged tries to run in that. Okay I'm. Try as inexperienced July 4. In you're takes out the door one day and the best comment ever uttered by an intern we have on our show. For cop I haven't looked like your eight. Some about kindergartners some sound it is awesome she she got me pretty good I had no response for it. So we're. Having a conversation that there is assault quarterback in Florence over the weekend was wagons and soccer folks about what the conversation on Sports Radio show that like. About soccer and you know as we had some adjusting to us wanted to read a couple of these but also one of the Nell because. People always advocated for more attention from local journalists on the other teams blazer stocks beavers obviously to get a brunt of the coverage but. The other teams why isn't there more focus and I thought this is interesting to discuss savage Yahoo! east read the Oregonian. So doesn't freelance ranks writing I believe he's pretty good idea yet you as an and you sell between us doesn't follow over the weekend and this was in response to that thread about you know everybody only cares in this area about the main sports they want a political real sports nobody wants to clear a committee of the stock and its once the track and field and he said there is an Anbar if you wanna create you can created F fallen rocks track and field illicit stuff and he wrote I spent years building a small niche as a freelance what rocks WHO writer. Did so because I'm passionate about the league and the sport was never more than a sighting can anyways but opportunities to get paid. To write about junior hockey which were already limited are basically gone now I'm fortunate to be a place career highs right don't need the income. But whether it's hockey or something else lack of even low pain free Lance gigs discourages writers from focusing on anything other than equal big sports in less you accept covering. A sport entirely as a hobby right and I think if you went to a place like Morgan alive. And you even asked again like in an Emmy we could've asked him this question is out of it you can ask him Internet make. Would you rather. Right about high school football Friday's or would you rather be recruiting guys for college football. And what's gonna get more clicks where you what's gonna generate more interest not even close like that's a no brainer answer for anybody in that situation and it's not that that diminishes what high school football can mean or is. But the reality is what he is talking about the to get a covered sports tickets routinely. Like five to 9000 people at a game which is a good turnout for. Junior hockey and he's covering on basis and he gets a following but. The question is some stuff right the question is where is the interest outside of that fall is a funny thing is you don't go to winter hawks games do you care we did a winner hot segment you most people probably wouldn't have much interest for somebody New York was asked about this he goes I used to be a Rangers writer. Any goes I used to be a B guy for like 45 years he wrote for one of the the papers on. Anywhere he athletic now he was asked about hockey and he goes why don't people cover hockey more right you guys say that jokingly and not jokingly to. Our trust me if or left up to us I mean dirt and I would be right I would I can NHL yesterday and it. This is I I've found is ins or very light because he's in New York they love the ranger gas in islanders are there. He goes as a hockey writer I can just tell you we got the numbers. Tito cares about hockey. The people care about hockey are going to get aren't acting games. And that's just the reality sometimes I'm matching that's the timbers but in in regards to need sports or sports that maybe are just. Out of doubt of the Big Three are the big four when I got Dax tended that's the reality is you just the people that love that are there. And the people like oh that's cool or don't care tend to be a little outside. So yes in Seoul. The dilemma bid that exists is how to yet. ID introduce it appropriately. In all find the very end trust me there are ways and we continue to explore them and listen now as things come up. Heidi introduce it. That is at a level. In whatever increment it may be. And we understand you know when you hear a little bit of it goes and your answer that you're glad for it but you always want more we did it. But how do you introduce it in a way that is done professionally. Knowledgeably. At the same point does not alienate. You know write more of your audio audio then you're bringing it and that's all I got out of business of radio. We are trying to be as accommodating as encouraging as welcoming. To all levels and kinds of sports fans that we can be. Have we done a good job with timbers no we have not. Now we've done a terror I mean if we're just being honest here we've got Terrell jump on the station but that's is kind of the reality of death the personalities that we have right up my. I always a lot of it that's sweet is that it says sure I mean I would like more of a conversation about cameras but I love your show I listen every day I know you guys that. You're not gonna bring much of that conversation sure that was my original point I was a valid point I can appreciate people that love the timbers I think it's kickass I love that it's in the city it's it's it's always such a great option for people to go do something beyond the nice weather and enjoy it. But I don't know if I'm gonna add to your conversation around and add something to it to you don't already know were themed. And to that I would just say I don't always do that with every sport but the ones we primarily talk about. I feel like I can and with soccer ice don't know fight song and so if you if you rush soccer fan eagle find a podcaster eagle shine. Somebody that you know that files sport very closely do you get their insight on behalf it'll bring up into weekly shows that kind of stuff and I that's been kicked around before I Nolan in the we in our building sign of that that's been discussed as an ad about saints why guardian Patrick probably to a weekly sure you got label's fall legalize. I am the keying of the fringe and it's their friend and enable our I know exactly. You know and I've got golf show on Saturday morning when you high school football games on Friday night and Baylor baseball show Wednesday nights on a family recruiting shows yeah so it's it's trust me if you can put it together and as we've said nothing gets done and radio without sponsorship Brad that's that driving force that's the driving force. They want adjusting make sure I experience it's a little bit in a side gig that I do is we have to just differing tax on this in the first ones has abused embers fanned there could be some good soccer tuchman has to be top level. Basically saying the soccer fan who follows is for the very educated they know Libyans analysis and there's a mission there because then the next tax says you have to spoon fetus doses build the story. Kinda stuff and slowly bring it along and therein lies and I that's the mix of people want it what does that say there and I think it lies the issue that I go to this sometimes during the hockey broadcasts and if the what are boxes you try and keep been basic to a certain extent. Because you don't wanna say stuff or go on rants that a chunk of your audience will not understand and even Guillen is doing right now for NASA added hockey games with he's doing a hockey school segment on their news network up there. Educating people on the rules how many people on the ice in you know way free he ought to kind of. Background stuff about the sport ordered Ed and that's and that's tough to play cable guy that's something I think the MLS has done a horrible job of that it they've tried to. You know they want to build the MLS opt. To be trying to get it on par with other top international soccer leagues. And they have to a certain extent neglected welcoming. Casual sports fans in two feeling like they're welcome talked he went through this awhile ago that it's in and they tended to thumb their nose. When they were super hot the early ninety's right before the strike and killed all their momentum. There was a chip on their shoulders saying you know there was some thought that they might overtake the NBA in terms of popularity in TV rankings and they had a chip on their shoulder. And were thumbing their nose at people who didn't understand the game rather than welcoming them and trying to help them. Educate them understand the game better so they can enjoy it at a level that they do drive and I think the MLS has done a horrible job of net finishing conversation but it. Or get both sides that a lot of it was sunny out more soccer would love for you guys talk more soccer. Some news editor rather hear that and stuff about it Tom Brady's playing or not my and then that rather talk timbers and Tom Brady's play next here. But in they've been at the same token you also yet to let soccer guy I know that there's texts like these knows soccer talk ever is freaking timbers rather hear about the college the crossed. Timbers can go to hell regards to. You wanna keep listeners don't talk soccer I don't once soccer on years shall we talked Amber's yes that's tucked immersed. After we talk about the Idaho stampede that was a stretch of like a straight to excel. You have to take a look both and I want the pro soccer folks understand that audiences out there as well up. Can't make everybody happy at is that it was an instinct conversation and we went and update that looked at the final poll question by the way the end of the show. More timbers yea urinate at tendered spray ons they're giving the final. Sprague responses on those at the at a loss to get to the final hour we'll get back in the blazers and their exit interviews if you miss any of the stuff from O'Shea Willard a column. I'll wait for we will play Victoria in the final hour I also wanna dive in the NBA playoffs little bit. Number one Toronto had everything figured out oh yeah I do that Maryland Cleveland was gonna lose and never doom and gloom and Israelis opened her well it's now okay to game five and Cleveland also Kevin Durant needs to move on he has not been able to do that yet in Russell Westbrook he's gonna shut that I asked down. Well a final hour that's where we start next on offense.