Dirt & Sprague Monday April 23rd, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, April 23rd
The guys regail us with tales from their first full weekend enjoying Spring, then get into the swift exit of the Blazers from the Playoffs, and the best bites from Neil Olshey's end of season press conference.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Yeah. This is dirty and spread it. Pretend injured Johnson and Brendan sprayed by in the playoffs for a couple issues to bear in terms of few teams can go small. No I think those are some things we need to address. But pure playoff oppressors or is gonna illustrate the deficiencies right that's what coaches do basically four different times they find weaknesses and you know we will address those in the off season Durbin spray gun tending. Car ride it is well two in the rose city it is time for dirt spray gun. The sport's leaders say they need the fan. Great it's great editor John Sid in with you on this Monday afternoon OP enjoyed the beautiful weekend in your still enjoying the beautiful weather we've got John here in the north. Last assist gonna keep getting better may be today tomorrow Wednesday and then. And then you gotta you usually stay unique round gene still got to keep everything green for the summer you need occasional rain no big deal is on brazile all of all the sun next week's brag you're going to be complain about 85 degree weather guy you can be that guy and 87 days are going to be back ID. Still it brawler remind people yeah. Well you know what though. I'm really curious where people a lot of their time over the weekend. TV it's am thinking of sports in the to get. Chores outdoor things you need to get done I had people spend a weekend like tag your first real. Beautiful weekend that we that it was a combination of not watching the blazers. I did dive followed along now my phone and then I saw there is a little skirmish at the end of the half so I locked inside do lassie would Zach Collins was up to but that's where my weekends started on Saturday. It was all about clean it out the garage Brinkley and in doing an inning he can't keep windows open and be outside you have to take advantage of days like that so I know the blazers and we'll get to the blazers who gets Neil let's say it's all that hear the second. You know and I actually wasn't that upset a game for. And I know people were like you know at that spot there any thought they went down swinging. That's Andrei you're down 30 who cares. But I did enjoy watching that game because my setup was rather sweet I was outside. Underneath the patio there with just the right amount of sun hitting the back of my knack. Drinking beer. And watching now basketball games and I put a man cave into full full action there this weekend no Miami cased on my does so get some stuff out of my house I was on my brother in laws he's got an awning on the he geragos asked yeah house now and he attacks to TV to decide in his house and we get we set out there and we had beef products and we drank beer and watch the blazers lose in four. Yeah it was and they go all got drunk that's good stuff to do outside in the sunshine I doubt watched a couple of giants games outside over the weekend when you quit you have the ability to watch TV outside. It say it's a game changer on nights like and I can't wait for tonight either get on fire of the barbecue I did have the only miscue with a weakened for me was I was mid barbecue yesterday. Ran a propane. Not done that with like targets like the plague ten minutes and a nice steak and I was in on site I can't put this on hold and run they give get a new tank of propane I got a way to do that tomorrow. And I any editor would turn the enter the old stove on and get fired up on the inside that was the only negative ahead of the weekend now some barbecue is probably had a mind doesn't have a reading. On the propane levels so mine is really justice swing in a gas of is gonna run out or not you're crossing your fingers hope and it lasts you I tremble part but it's always that the first like started the barbecue season. I can't remember how much propane I had left from the and a last year. As you go I mean how long do you go without barbecuing silence some people do it all year round I'm not a year round barbecue guy a month's guy asked me appreciated little more right so I golf from probably September October I'm guessing was the last time a barbecue and and you start back up about a month or so ago. I know much propane demand tank. I think it's almost leads into the in this debate you get people land of do you do charcoal. You do the wood pallets. Or you propane guide it's pretty clear thing on this show I can't speak for tiger but for UN I. We're clear propane I tried to Markel once and without without denying the fact that it probably answer my Manning Carty year. I cannot get it to stay lit them on our did it get hot and I don't know I'm I can't teach our. Got lit now I'm done with charcoal charcoal is unless there's so. The whole bunch of things teaching get that thing that looks like empty coffee pot that doesn't have a bottom to like. Keep it all together and you out but now it's there's a skill level as well and trust me if you can do it right you've mastered it it does make. It makes it different dedicated their prince but migrate them apart if you're just on the weekend into wanna grow something and then you got. Kids run around and you can't sit there and end to it to make sure the coals are perfect. Go gassed right I don't this. I want a goal and if people are Texan about triggers that's the next big step by wanna take in my outdoor barbecue game. What's the difference I honest I've never known the OK Brad Bird hades out of trigger wrecker refutes I seek as I can do I think you can taste the difference a guy. Well there are others smoke there are other rights record lows of one it's getting back to him poses a smoker so yes smoker will you. You grossed you go low and slow gradually like day 225 degrees ID eight hours slow vibe you can I do. Right anytime I suppose to get a grill super hot throw a mistake on there and tell me till minutes later it's ready to go. And somebody texted in do it because I said ten minutes in my state woody charcoal there. So did this is this is a problem that I have in my household is I am Miami rare guy you decide they you know keep the red let's say daddy stay like I rare error or I'm all camera novel about ringer I just know it looks a little brownie outside but the inside it looks like hasn't been cut off the capital my play Elliott that's that's the kind of steak I like. The issue is girlfriend girlfriend is exactly opposite old dwelt on will always say she goes trump is it's not well done. Obliged you have to go pack. It's just beat him well for her medium well and it's that this is an internal struggle that I have to might have eighteenth issue and then at all that's about it is about as far as she cuts at open and there's too much read it say. Significant others eat this sake installation is if we got drunk and eight they're the year prior hammered we say dead now get be getting hit medium rare you haven't it's delicious steak rightly it was too rare for both of them and they both got sick from it. Because it was too real anonymity is hardly even needed values more rare than a year prior add pound whole thing and a prominent right I never knew you liked it right so but they they both got sick out of it and now since that experience it's not a not not the red inside now. So this is a whole issue I have a I have to time when I put my stake on as opposed to when I put her stake on really that big a problem though if you like it's so rare to feel like you just put it on eating right off now for me it's not but then I have to do the math of how long I have to cook her stake before I put my stake on match so I'm I'm still eating gain nicely well fresh off the barbecue steak well for the folks taxing and about trigger. I'm not too far away anything from that step I love me some low and slow especially when you get to like pork. Eagle ribs yeah that's that's the way to do it that's the best way to eat it you can't smoke anything you want I know people that smoke like Papa Murphy's pizzas. And bursting into the -- aren't aren't leave it all back get a big brisket and tried tips on an art let's get to what's on tap for. What's growing and I'm not paid to be told by McCain to be crying there's a lot of scoring and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the bleach blonde Jenny yeah. What's on tap project of the standby pelican brewing company boarded the feature online intelligence brewing dot com. Can only imagine how beautiful it was in Pacific city this past week now cotton probably a little colds the little chilly at our I had those sons you can't feel it man yeah I eventually get down community news notices but this is warm and I don't know if you guys had Diaz say I was sitting outside. Since Thursday or Friday and I got home and I'll sit outside his exit in the sides and it's gone out. And I look just like a curious how hot it is. X 64 degrees with exhibited this side of both the war. Yet when that sun would find some clouds on Saturday at the chili like OK okay -- blow it suitcase as soon neck back. We got a good show we will get today trail blazers as they're eliminated in four straight games by the Palestinians. Swept right to have allow. The three seed season ends in four games in the postseason. Don't worry don't be alone shale and up to all of his mistakes he's willing to corrected me and fix all of his problems he sure did. He was very humble in his exit interview. LA. Yeah we'll talk about Nils. He does anybody like that guy like there's differing opinions on how good or bad the job he's done here is. It for sometimes on people as anybody like mule shed. I think great question it's people like Terry Stotts right differing opinion good coach bag coach people like Terry Stotts. Nice guy seems like a really again bright guy go get a glass of wine let hang out with. Anybody like you check and say as a media member and it's never been able to interview him and knowing how great it would be. Not sure I'd wanna take every opportunity to have you here again you might pass it to be offered by the dinner that. They're good golfer to fine. If you go Jay do you work on me because they're making our economy. And a segment you did that don't fit the bill affiliates of laser exit interviews we've got her NF. With brown there's a lot to get to in the National Football League including some pretty big breaking news which we will address. Something happened over the weekend with our our producer Jason Zweig guard the executive producer here at 1080 the fan. With a soccer borrow. And I actually won a dive into this a little bits like I did not bring this up he did not ask us to do this segment. I saw this yesterday and I got stuck in to leave Twitter vortex the red eyed reading all the tweets and I wanna have a deep dive conversation about this if people adjust. The open and honest with those timbers armies fans I want some honest answers local Catholic so we'll get to that today we got Andrew Nim ex gonna join us at 130. Is pretty big week in for the organ ducks in recruiting there was a big week in a merger so he will give us the lowdown on that and then also they had the spring game I am. And really take anything from spring games view. Now I DVR it washed it last night and Arctic. I'd I'd I'd we've talked talked about this before I like watching spring games there's nothing you could take away but I enjoy aid okay say what he got on Tuesday. So we will talk with Internet make today at 130. This Seahawks. They got a little bit of a bitter ex girlfriend syndrome going on with some of their former players and I wanna get to that today. Russell Westbrook calls out Ricky Rubio Ricky Rubio basically says there really care of the deal. I'm so we'll talk about that. Good show runs were actor and Sprague at Peter Johnson and hampering in Sprague. We will get to poll questions on the other side wheels stuck by the blaze that's will start the exit interviews the Portland trailblazers season ends. How did you view their season disappointment. OK with it. Great season IGU 55 defies and Tex signed dirt is right with you want 1080 the fan. Well 49 and 33 and slept in around wander so. It was officially yesterday. Or no Saturday Galilee beat us. The blazers knocked down around line showed some fight game four but yeah. I don't know why you're never really doubted that the pelicans and when that ball game now dated one Afflalo went back to Portland I have flown from the New Orleans before on a direct flight that is a long flight and they did not want to have to do that by the way they cover they won by eight. At the very edge of his it was close to visit a four point game then of course as always the blazers jewelry and auto lay out. Pelicans it's a free throws game blouses and they covered how we get a look back before we hits. All of the audio we've got so much from you'll say we've got game we've got CJ. Before we get to that I just like your opinion how are you gonna look back let's ignore all the outside noise on the other opinions out there. How are you gonna view the 201718. Blazers season. I think you have to view it as a disappointment because of the expectations coming in and because of where you finished him and what you failed to do in the playoffs you were the only team that got swept out of the first round everybody after San Antonio won yesterday. Everybody's wanna game at Minnesota beat Houston you know the seven an eight seed in Alaska beat Houston in Golden State you couldn't manage a 11 game. Against New Orleans so you at home court you're the three seed you're the only team to lose and I think it's subtle question about this season is going to be. Who who for the real blazers for you because we've had people on the office come up and they share their opinions and we thank differing ones from trading Damian Miller to. Are they just weren't hot in the playoffs and I think. That's the easy question is do you view this team. As the team that rattled off thirteen straight wins and were beating them via the everybody on their schedule during that stretch and were great in the toughest month of the season in March. Or do you view this team that if you take away that thirteen game winning streak was barely over 500 for the large trunk of the year. They revealed again they were at the end of the regular season and in the playoffs and I think you're gonna have to a different setting camps but. No matter what can't figure in I don't know how you fuel any other way other than disappointed about this and you said. OK so I'm Elena kind nitpick with what you decide you said expectations based on what we thought going into the year. Did anybody have this team is three easy. No but I thought they had a talent to be top 45 seed in the last piece noted I act I tweeted that for the year started yeah I'd I'd lot of teams I don't get a three seed Minnesota does he get hurt but in Miami's duck while under would be around but I thought you could easily finish in the top five of the last. CN in this is where I know some people differ on this we talked about this with Houston while back remember that going into the playoffs again Tony said although our season's not hinge right on whether we win the title. When you get to that level in my opinion at some point you are and you have two players that. Having classified as playoff choker is or players that come up short. In bigger moments of the season AK a the playoffs that's how basketball works. And when you talk about expectation. Vs what the reality of the season was sure 82 games where worry you were 49 wins with three seed in the west. That all sounds great if I tell people before the year that's the record that's where they end up. I bet you they go wow I can't wait let's go it's going to be fantastic. But the and you tell the story of how we all transpired right that's where it unfolds you can say. You know division title you can say three seed in the west for the first time since 992000. Chart you can say 49 wins. That sounds good on paper but in the new explain how you got there. And how it all ended up coming out to be that way this story changes. And I think when you look back you're gonna see a team that didn't know its identity for a long stretch this season had guys come up short. Struggled with lineups. I think you took full advantage of injuries at the right time you had a good stretch of playing basketball yeah. And then you suffered some injuries a year and a little bit of a stumble I don't wanna give that four games. More more than it deserves like so many people are Thomas oil's four games all four games made her breaking getting swept in the post season I am so tired of hearing that crap. But they stumbled at the end. And then with the 49 wins and a three seed in the ways you were swept out of the first round the first three CD gets swept since 1978. At. If I tell you that whole story then you're disappointed you're emotions change and you go all well I thought that was into a far different way right Emma and I didn't give a Texan and about thirteen game winning streak I get it everybody was banged up during that stretch nation lost three or four may be in those games without you know herculean performances. From Damian Miller in the fourth quarter that that's definitely a part of it in this was a stranger in the west where. It eat you weren't a traditional three seed you're you were three games away for missing the playoffs but you're still the three seed in the Western Conference I think you have to keep all that stuff and perspective and I agree to that I also think that. It did this playoff series predominantly has sharply into why it. I believe and I've believed all season long you need to change about this roster or not to say that it's all negatives but. The stat I saw as the dusty and in a way I can remember who credited unfounded that the staff but it was at the blazers and their four playoff games. Generated per on a per game basis. More unguarded shots than any other team in the playoffs that's Matt Moore. Yeah okay so per game they had more unguarded shots than any other team in the playoffs they generated that. They shot 36% on those shots. Therein lies the issue it's been the issue all season and it stems back to deciding and Evan Turner of the didn't make sense in the first place and hasn't made sense last two years. You've created more open looks for guys on your roster than any other team per game in the playoffs and you shot 36% that's why you're on the outside looking in right now. I guess I just don't feel the blazers are any closer to being a team that can. Make it Western Conference final series. Then at the start of the C I think that's a very good points why are nothing is different from how we felt about this team going in. To where we're at right now despite commuting 49 wins and a three step. And that and took the sum it up you know I ate. If there's one bright spot I think. As the season went along. I bought in more to taking Zack Collins at ten. And I see a future for him and hearing his some of his quotes I mean he's the type but got he's gonna spend all season. After he takes a little vacation back in the Jimmy knows he needs to get a little bigger and stronger and he's gonna continue to develop his game both. Down low with when he's able to go down low post moves as well as continuing to get better from beyond the arc and threes but. I think for the bulk of our roster otherwise. And I know what you got yeah I didn't see the development in use of generic pitch that I was hoping to see. You know that's. The thing too because we're gonna get to Neil Shea here and a second and before that actually wanna. I get to see Jed game and their thoughts on the year. But very quickly. The thing about Portland is I went back and I looked at mule Shays comments from his introductory press conference happened about fighting video on that by the way out it's all been scratched from their archives yet Oregon on line in those videos just I don't know they won't play we try to delete delete delete delete but I did see one thing that stuck out to me. And in particular there was one comment that he made in 2012 when he got here and basically says. I only wanna tweak the roster. And I wanna make sure we are contenders. In the Western Conference championship race not contenders. To make the playoffs not not. Build around young players every two or three years it was I only wanted to tweak. Because this team should be contending for Western Conference titles Allison Tony twelve. Granite you can't perceive the future of the MBA term cancer to Golden State Warriors seeking to Kevin Durant can't see Houston etc. But when you come in and that your goal. And and you go a different direction in your your exit interview. It's it's a very eye opening to me is very eye opening to read those comments. Vs what we heard in his exit interview yesterday which is something we're gonna get two but real quick I wanna get to Damon CD could you mentioned Terry Stotts. I Terry Stotts lightning rod for some a lot of people think he should be let ago. Is inexcusable get swept by the pelicans here's Damian Miller's thoughts on what he thought of coach shots this year. Co stars has done a great job from day one we've been in the playoffs five years Sri arm. So loud it seems that. Have really really talented rosters. You know they have really big names again. You know maybe a big mark didn't cause they have all these days indeed they are not making the playoffs. You know always says. It can be you know what did not getting from players are what they are not given from their coaching staff goes we've got an F a five years straight so. Palm people who are done a great job around here are our training staff. Everybody that we work with every day you know to us. Make contributions to emoticon environment that we've created you know everybody's done a great job has been a pleasure to have to come to work on its army spent time around you know everybody that we see every day. You could take that and I think you can go one or two ways here and I don't know if you would classify a my thoughts as pessimistic or optimistic or whatever. But when I saw a comment from Freeman I tweeting about that and he quickly were Saudi you know he did make common O'Shea. He does this he's done this a couple of times now where he goes out of his way. And I know he was asked about coach stats but he continues to compliment and talk about how impressed he is and how much he loves prime forum. He doesn't go out of his way to talk about annual show up and you can say will spray that's he's databases with stock. You know what though when you have an organization that's going the right direction you tend to get star players that go out of their way to talk while people hoping you do so. You saw that with. I know this is a tough example because of how consistent they've been. The spurs. RC Buford is not known by everybody in sports but when spurs winning championships he was getting the proper credit from the players. So I I know it's not always you know apples to apples and it's apples to oranges. But I've I've just noticed this little trained he's done a terrific retains through. Press conferences he loves to give compliments Terry Stotts. And he doesn't really go out of his way for Nielsen. Nellie never has it goes back to the meeting upon even earlier this year where he wanted to sit down with the owner by himself and deal O'Shea. Wasn't involved in that meeting at the end if he loved the O'Shea and eve felt like he was doing a great job. He would have been a part of that meeting. I think I'm reading too much in that night I agree with you a 100% I sites we got out yesterday. It was the first thing I thought of as well he loves Terry Stotts. I think the entire team does they stick up for him. Every time the Vizio rumors start swirling and that was ironically. The first one that started to swirl when they got slapped it was yet Marc Stein cement a national writers saying the rumor mill around the NBA is saying Terry Stotts on the hot seat. 'cause his team has lost ten straight playoff games by no means has he been perfect. I also think we're pointing the finger first at least. At the wrong person the organization well let's hear from Neil say the long awaited Dotson the GM who tends to really upset fans Neil street stocks next. Neil is safe stocks. On base we can round one by this exceeded New Orleans pelicans. You hit the nail on the head with your predictions I think he covered every single one above and I almost wanted to play being alive cal I don't have a great but I have a dean button it'd translate through Twitter because he did I think you almost all of them at below say bingo. At that one I also thought because I was fortunate I couldn't go I wanted to go. But I thought it would be Monday or Tuesday by the way this is the equivalent of leave Friday at 5 PM news Doug absolutely what they did their exit interviews on 10 AM on a Sunday hoping nobody would notice or care because it was a beautiful day important why are text us at like 5 PM did on Saturday Saturday night guests tomorrow like ten might. By I had a tee time like I wanted to go to this job not drink in line is my dad's birthday Saturday around at a dinner like that there's going to help him make this tomorrow at 10 AM because Maryland fortunately we eating get to go. But yeah he decided to. Played Neil bay being go any hit a lot of accuse you you think you would hear from. Let's start with this this one this was the very first question and answer he was asked about a Jane Neal. How do you look back at this season after being swept out around one by the sixty pelicans. It doesn't change anything about the season. I added we've got to bifurcated those two things to a certain degree. You know we lost four games coming in and to the playoffs and that didn't change everyone's overall outlook on a macro level. Here and I think the playoffs for a couple issues to bear in terms of your teams can go small. Judging goes some things we need to address. But you know playoff play pacers' Roy is gonna illustrate. Your deficiencies right that's what coaches do they get to play four different times they find the weaknesses and you know we will address those in the offseason. You regardless whether we lost we got swept we lost 43 we get into the second round nothing's gonna go on examined in the organization. It's just a matter of I think this one was so extreme. I don't want overreact to one unfavorable matchup and a team that just played outstanding basketball. You don't you you you just can't do that or you just can't react to. Well now we have to overreact to how we play this style of basketball so look we're gonna do everything we can upgrade the roster like we always do. Bora also not gonna lose sight of the success we had throughout the course of the season and the growth that we had. You know I think he's he has some points in there and I just don't understand why not just leave with your good points like. Lip and it direct than on that I don't know what he's got this deficiency. Where he gets to that podium. And for a guy that claims denied. Will hear all the noise or follow is that he's been most thin skin PM I think we've ever had in this market cap and he thinks it's tough here. Buddy go to New York OB Biggio probably big franchise with a superstar talent. That somebody else other than Damian Miller. And then get back to us and let us know how to hope you have been listening to all the comments are. He sounds like a guide it goes to blazes as in read all the comments section yeah I'd as he's I stuck in the read the Twitter response is it's unbelievable how thin skin he is he can just come out and say. I I don't wanna completely overreact to one style. You know is matchups were dear friends. But right need to add our quartet we do die with me on just that come and I would say if if the playoffs allow teams to expose deficiency is just New Orleans exposed yours he's Gary well. Blizzards and expose any doubt on the pelicans now now this is my point is it's OK to say that if you follow that up with. And we're gonna have a really active summer as we wanna fix those deficiencies. You don't have to go out of your way. To come across as a diva act. I don't know why telling Allen trade he he just does not convey his message. Very well and all a lot of people brought up the breaking up the back court demon CJ leak well. He was asked about his backcourt and this is what it says. Are they did it doesn't features that we can't really hear you don't that we can't discuss free agency I mean look he's restricted free agent and the normal handle that when free agency starts. But here he's not the only restricted free agent on the roster you know that's restricted. Shabazz is restricted you know heads on restricted so we've got. We got some you know some guys who got to deal with internally mold like a civil handle that went 27 other teams are jealous of our backcourt that all balls are worried about. You know and we orleans' Sean I said what I say to somebody last night you they're asking about you know can you win with 263 guards we just got swept by team has started three. Bartender 64 so I don't know what are two guys have to do that. It founder Neil bingo. I mean I think he just answered your question right if you're underwriting. Neil you get a break the back court I had gained no nothing's gonna have he is not gonna do anyhow these wants these two guys in its way out of fire him because I'm going to make moves like not to fire him I don't know what the right answer there is dirt. But he may I mean I think he is going to dot he's done he's gonna die on games he jail he's given Diana I don't know if anything she ate he could fire I think you'll fires dots before he makes any changes to that back Ryan and this is where it has an eighty just talked in the last clue about other teams highlighting your weaknesses in a playoff series and league it is sad at the start of the show that the blazers on a per game basis generated more open shots than any other team in the NBA playoffs. And yet they still that's let because they shot 36% from the floor so. This is where nothing's it goes back to it's like nothing is going to change because when you go to the playoffs with a roster has constructed. What's the game plan we've seen it for three years now doubled tripled teamed dame depth. Focus on CJ a little bit older and CJ quietly and let you hear everybody else wide open don't care about Aminu terror Collins Napier content to let all shoot go for it have all the fun you want we're going to be Jenna playoff series. We've seen it time and time again so it again goes back to the issue of if you unwilling to trade CJ how then do you upgrade at those other positions are you gonna trade Evan Turner in his. 36 million dollars left over the next two years for a better shooter who's getting that piece for Evan Turner Al farouq Aminu has got a good deal. But maybe you can upgrade shooting any down great defense a little bit I. There's there's not there and then not many ways to upgrade the roster because they have no money to spend. They have backed contracts and he's unwilling to Milan for c.s actually leading him to really bad contracts. I'd I actually really hate when people put Mo in this commerce Mo is now really reasonably priced player for a ride gives you. Evan Turner Meyers Leonard you're really bad contracts CJ. Is he a hundred million dollar player. I don't know if we'll ever find the right answer to that as long as Hitler is leading the way. But you can't blame somebody can root CJ if you said yeah will listen offers your phone will ring it over exiting the close of thirty million dollars wrapped up into player right here's the thing about Damon CJ. You have some people fan base wise that are in camp don't do that mileage that the just got to the three C and you have the other people write their two small break it up. Pelicans just exposure view. The thing I would say about annual Shea in the CJ McCollum game Mueller back court is this key is not only gonna die and that hill. I don't understand. In any industry you work it whether it's Sports Radio professional sports business what have you. We all to a certain extent have to evolve we have to be more open minded and what we do for a living cracked apps sold on a loosely to got to change with what's changing adapt or die and I. Here is refusal. To even listen to offers. As of now. Seems to just piece soul. So old mismanaged I tried to I just don't understand if you think they're gonna glee new titles and five. But this notion of like puff your chest out NTELOS. It's ridiculous to throw that out and you're an idiot for thinking that. No it's not it's not ridiculous to wonder what can I get for CJ McCollum on the market gaming abilities your untreatable last I know I'm not wanting to trade game. CJ McCollum. You've got to open a phone line views have talked to some people. And see what you can get an all the reports we see are that people talk about well Neil assay unwilling to even take a phone call why. What what is it hurt even take a phone call you know at the end of that phone call you could say. No I don't wanna take that deal not enough for me and hang up in somebody leaks that are just deny it so like the recording your phone call. So I just I don't understand his. Attitude towards that we got a couple other polls say comments that we're gonna get to petty colonial Shea and him being the GM of the blazers 553 fives and Tex sign. That's next on 1080 the fan. While you can gain only want but I guarantee no other radio show in this market play in the beats if you like that. I it's like dad I need this throwback ones and guess what guess what the wrestling so on in their renowned and Florio little hang over tiger's son and keep people on the toes and Doug funny was successful in his life. Yeah if for shirtless that we saw measles too insecure to be successful. Big and get a good corps of support around him it did you know. Roger clots and it was looking to doing it we're talking. The blazers and what a torrent of the whip around it to some National Football League stuff I Andrew Nemeth would join us at 130 talk about the organ ducks' big we can recruiting. And they also other spring games sought that is coming in our two. Campbell we're Tom Damian Miller CJ McCollum. Because Neil Shea was asked about him he basically said yesterday he's in now to do anything unless we get it bodes bomb. That gives us behind the scenes stuff. I would expect team Damon CJ to be starting backcourt next year he was upset with media narrative. And he addressed that his thoughts on this media narrative that is around for this team here's what he had dissects. One of the things I think I'm disappointed with from a narrative standpoint from this whole year that nobody picked up on was the us. How important the quality of your players and building a team is. To winning and losing basketball games. Everybody wants to look in a vacuum at specific players. This player this fire this fire his numbers his numbers his numbers when nobody looked out was the chemistry and camaraderie. The more the way this group together we'd lose three or four in a row they never fractured and frustrating guys in the media because you'd ask Dave Reid as he did a super fine. We're fine and nobody wanted to leave overflowing. Yet somehow we ended up with 49 wins with a third seed in the Western Conference. We were fine they believed it they're the ones that have to believe they believe in each other and they elevate each other's. I'd love to sell retreat I'd like to ask him who he's siting there when you say is upset of the people in the media. But did you see Jason quick or Joseph Freeman walk out of locker rooms I rate. Because dating get a Howard dare they not be upset about losing out chasing quick my locked out with CJ McCollum not wanting to talk to women. Yeah Sabrina today we needed time about that adds them I was very awkward. Can imagine what those guys. What does that even what does that even mean. I think what exact quote mean do you know how EU has great chemistry and culture that's trading got to 49 Lansing you sway you were swept out of the playoffs with the only team not to win a game of the playoffs. So O'Neal what does it mean then you had great chemistry it was great 49 wins but it doesn't transit can have great chemistry in the playoffs he's at chemistry closer guy man he NE CC's. He sees the spurs. He sees the warriors majority of teams have good Kenneth New Orleans had great chemistry and it really kind of like they're having a lot of fun. They went through some rough patches this year they came out on the other end by the way they also have. Questionable character guy. Culture does run after practice cousins on our roster Rondo and cousins are supposed to be locker room cancers and yet they're doing fine out of god forbid signing guys like though they were doing okay you know somebody had a really good point at the fan days I have 55305. I gimme dissection. I would respect OC a little more viewed come out and say losing four straight in the playoffs is not acceptable and he will do all we can thank you Billy contender in the off season. Thank you that that's my hope he got to say as as a listeners any good defense and he lashed out he took shots the media for the narratives that they create. They even took shots at the fans. He and you tweet this out and I I was I was listening to and following Longley was saying I couldn't believe it when he said I've read a great job highlighting it because he openly mocked the fans who were frustrated. By saying how where you feel a ten days ago we have that cuts like our regret not really the second you were bounce around in the aisles of the motor assembly locked up the three seed and a dead division title not ten days later year old upset you wanna blow everything up. That's a great idea let's let's lash out at the fans who paid their hard earned money on your overpriced product that's it that's a great PR strategy and he says is also building a title contender time and a group boy scout. He's assembling for acute. A. I EI. He's. I have one gaggle at me today but he couldn't even formulate a sentence a guy so I'm not really an account that person. I had never really imagined individual event like. Sticks up in cape so right annual shade his that his demeanor the way he handles himself you wanna say that you think he gates. Grossly. Mischaracterized. In terms of visibility is GM you know I'll listen to that it's not like he's swift on every draft pick. Dame CJ term Collins was coming on in its moral latency would Collins. Blake it's not like he's made every single wrong move you could make he's how to mix and his misses have been really bad misses. To me it really is personality. I think that is going to be his undoing. It's not gonna be well. He didn't trade this guy Ares sign that guy if it was that windy of the order and hand rat right if it Evan Turner contract which two years in now it's still pretty bad. He would have been canned. But there is something to what he's able to do and some level that you can say yeah I mean again he give respect for that it now it's the way you carry yourself. It's all about hone. It's all about humility. I think those are traits dad you know humility is a trade that he obviously doesn't have and I think what what you bring up as a valid point because every time we have segments on Neil Jane happens two or three times a year whether it's the start of the year. After the trade deadline around the NBA draft or at the end of the year that's really the only time of the year that he'll talk to the media. He goes on national shows all the time but doesn't one addresses fan base your locally at least not now solid state run media will get the investor of fair and after the state run media control let. It it whatever this stuff gets brought up that we we are always overly negative because it's frustrating just from a tone standpoint because. He's unwilling to ever admit a fault. Two on up to a mistake that he made. You know that day at the mainland and I'll always think of was when they were talking about troop Aminu playing for coming off their 44 win season. And mean it was gonna start at power forward he said we we project to be eight wins better resign not look at a nine we're gonna win 5253 games next and that's what our projections say. And then last year they were almost headed frayed top five pick in the NBA draft. Before America just thrown into a deal when he was trying to dump salary in Mason glumly and everything turnaround and they made the playoffs so. Those are the kind of mistakes you need to own up for not everything that he's done has been a complete win I think we've never said that and I think there are small positives to take away from this passing past season. Colin as the main one I wasn't expecting an inning on a Collins his rookie year and as the year went on. He came on a play better and that's something I concede developing. Into a nice piece is that what he says and a franchise building block. I don't know yet on at least Michael. Pozen that real quick after rant okay I looked back in his low introductory press conference on now. Nick Nicholas Batum was a franchise building block as well and can't I don't know if anybody ever remembers him saying that but that was quoted in the paper he said that his introductory press conference so we got tackled forests. Yeah continue with hearing about it but those are the things like it's not all negatives but it's when you come out and you attacked the fans who attacked the media you call everybody an idiot you won't admit to anything going wrong. So everything is finally got swept but it's okay it was a lot of great regular season. That that's just simply where you lose mean beyond us and on to your mistakes and in Portland fans would wanna running out of the city be transparent and people understand it some you'll like it some people still want you out but you're never gonna please everybody. You don't need to be that way and then you also is his lose me as a general manager when you talk about it's about contending for Western Conference titles. And you're getting swept out of the first round. When you have ten straight playoff loss is your rights when one thing I demonic as he said that in all these are the teams would trade backwards with us and our Pete. I'll play a fun game went dia. Of back courts that you would trade would not trade from Portland so obviously Golden State. And not touch and that sure Houston. Right not touch that deal after this past series at least I think we can say Rondo and holiday dominated Damon CJ I think it is our respective at least being at least put him and that conversation please because they just kicked your ass for four games so there's already three. I would also inserted the conversation Boston Jalen brown and carrier ring. Would you make that trade straight up I'd. That's a press in my opinion of their backcourt. What about Toronto. Probably not one seed in the east they worry DeRozan as a pretty good backcourt. Faults is obviously huge question mark but the way Ben Simmons is playing I think Philadelphia and he gaining the Benson and then CNN's Jim and the rhetoric is Simmons and Redick sure would you trade cement would you trade David he Jefferson isn't Redick you probably would. So I think this notion that you have this untouchable backcourt did in the same conversation as claims that nobody that nobody in the everybody in the NBA would love to trade places with few it's just not true now they are great backcourt their one of the best in the league but. 27 teams would love to know that's just not fact now. Now that's part of what you do we need you and you'll say outlawed it to more he did mention of the Fam part of it they were these people ten days ago. When they're pounce and off the walls in the notice senator ides is why we life and base. Aki you're not making Christmas at Allen's job easier that's for sure. So we're back mourned the blazers look its second hour there is a there's a lot to get to dirt we get a a full second hour played here. Will go to the NFL. We'll talk to the timbers army so if you are timbers fanned out there and you listen -- would like to hear from you today. About -- that's why guard went through this weekend or recap the ducks recruiting weekend spring game within an amicable organ live dot com and are variants and eighty the fan. And Pete Carroll getting bashed all that is next dirt and Sprague hour two on the San.