Dirt & Sprague, Monday 6-18-18 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, June 18th
BASEBALL STUFF!!! Attendance in Baseball, Stephen A Smith is creepy, and Paulina Gretzkey got too excited.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Dirt and sprayed on to an idea of him it's going to be best available but that is all or maybe Michael orders. Junior from this story and keep in mind that that draft picks could be traded even once its selective leaking out through free agency. This is a draft which additional burdens Briggs Brad you nicer way buildings to enter your summer after a project and remodeling stories online at SC July WHY. Dot com. Dirt and sprayed on Tim may be I think it's really sucks Australia and I'd say did you deal. Studied college sex scenes which when you think you would find more sex trial remaining problem I mean you know I got a big body for the postseason and that kind of thing he wants you to back him down now let's take mental block. Half the second in six inches is all that they need to sit his shot optimistic that turned the wrong way Ellen asks us to go that lives and SE that and I like the cool hip hop beat those like god used for that open nine technical jam to start the final hour of the show well I say we once. There was once the message pass along about you and I go and a blazer games. And now one of them was don't dressed dumb B and the other was don't dress too urban. Yeah I he was the term that was used for me I was I don't see he got into urban there for the or else I sent that email saying don't dress too urban yeah he told me that not where I was dumb. OK dad died on any jerseys but thank you because the police to come in his early days or would show up and out like an organ dot T shirt. And I was label that urban Dresser dumping in urban and I think we found a new radio show the name of the show the man upstairs that needs rebrand ourselves did you busy final hour here on don't be in her bed. Let's start that it is seven a couple of baseball tidbits. I yeah moist on Tyson based on baseball's really good right now is seven amber had a good year I drop those elitist I just got to weed for baseball the past. That's not a part of the sport's best record in the you know or second guess your feeling good after that Tehran study's second commit the brewers earned first of 43 wins we have forty. Two. No you are you the same record as numbers only went to a 2942 and 29 best record in baseball I don't know I'm in nationally again Astros have the best record baseball right now. But that is kind of attacks. And so the Mariners had a really good weekend yet to fill them nightmares set out to and infant you give good pitching outings against the Red Sox to split one big comeback. The anatomy job when they give up some passing a blow up my third innings a year in the film pretty good. But they haven't been able to you know cuts in my Estrada and in the jail was because the ashes and now back in first with. The ashes of an eleven straight games on fight yeah. On flyable and one of the reasons are on fire is because they've been beating a bunch of bad teams as of late and this note might be a little concerning Tamara fans. So from now until the all star break Houston. Their opponents heavy combined to winning percentage. A 43%. Which is far and away the easiest of Major League Baseball the next closest of the twins. There opponents are 45 the rangers' 45 in the cubs 458 yeah so they Astros not only and they won eleven straight because they're capitalizing on a week's schedule but now they basically play no bloody. From here on out until the all star break gamma. The ashes we know how talented they are you do you worry if you're a mariner fan. That that the U were having great stretch that this is something that's long term sustainable. Now we've had a couple baseball writers on dating back to the start this run post Robinson can no room and all of kind of body into what the Mariners are like with the Astros schedule being what it is. You kind of assume they're gonna take care of business. You're hoping you don't go into a little bit of the slump your schedules gonna get tough you added there is there in New York now start as your Indians yankees you're looking at your next three series you go into a slump those next three series you can be looking up and seeing yourself eight to nine games back of the Astros. That's the concerning part. Based on their schedule and how well they're playing baseball and now value diving into the meteor schedule that's tough sell this is where you just got to hold on Kazaa this kind of stuff usually. Settles itself out to the course of the season like you'll have a really tough month three get a lot of road games you got it to. Is a tough schedule you're you're gonna get any easy chunk at some point you just got to hold on. Don't let the Astros runaway weather right now somebody had just add Tex a 160000. At Safeco over the weekend. A half that number was Red Sox fan but that was still an impressive showing by mayor Fannie bodies in the seeds are better than nobody's in the seeds I say adding jazz but realistically I've been to a Red Sox and Yankee game in Seattle. Doesn't mean anything on you Dell's Francisco. Everywhere they take it over Toronto as the same went for I thought it was a cubs fans too I thought it was kick ass watching. Watching them on fox. You don't see Seattle mariner baseball on fox very often. And now they did take on the Red Sox and there was no it was like AT&T and there's no local broadcast as the giants Ross on fox right so was I didn't know they did like a blackout of local TVs he had to watch the Fox Broadcast of the game like that kind of a big deal. Up by the way on their attendance at this is coming I am going to track moving forward because they do great attendance this week and grand guesses the Red Sox Father's Day or break weekend for the lineup wise too but get this so that this is kind of second Lanny at a baseball I think that I wanted to bring up in this is from mom Lori brown from the shelled for four herbs and he did a piece because some folks are wondering letter than what's the issue behind. In media sluggish attendance in the major leagues this year. And we'll get to those numbers in a moment but this fumbled members so he went up to the game I am for Father's Day yesterday he was up in Seattle. The mariners' attendance this year. Is below at this point in a year where their attendance was last season and there are twenty games over five pandering blew me away and why are people not colon. Well what's the TV numbers and that's what I I die I don't know if he has that tidbit but this is just an article about attendance. This is what I. I'd get the you have that pessimistic view of we always blow letter you're where you don't wanna buy in because you've been fooled too many times a place that we all that is blazer fans we've been there a million times like. Thirteen game winning streak let's buy in hires a sweep in the first round thanks for that Qichen announced. So I did a pessimism at least a little bit. But as this is continued to go at this point of the season to be behind where he wrote last year gal but I did not sell out every game but it being the primary were last season to me is inexcusable. So the Maury brown article I haven't really been able to dive all the way and does he put TV numbers in there. I haven't gone the entire way I just focus on the attendance number is he puts a TV run numbers in and they've gone epic I mean that that solves your problem right there aces you know people. People aren't as willing to spend their hard earned money. Two to go see something now that doesn't mean that their attendance won't continue to go up from where it was at the start of the year as a sort of follow in the next like two months this question they keep playing while but you know local local numbers for baseball teams always do really really well that's why they drive so much financially they kill it in their local markets. So you tell me in attendance goes down a little dating game. I can kinda understand that baseball is one of those sports a CB got a family do you wanna go to a ball game. Be there till 1030 may be midnight depending on how long ago was. It's it's it's a tough ask for fans I'm not you don't wanna make an excuse they are substantially better so I'm a little surprised to hear that. But with the way that TV is gone with baseball which has been eight Cooper success in local regions out. A guy I can kind of understand where fans come from a let's camp while less this and now listeners can chime in on his welcomes this isn't just America problem and the whole point of Mori's a piece on Forbes about attendance being down across Major League Baseball. So he dove into the numbers and again this is that what it the way it's words I don't know balls for like isn't a baseball his since the late ninety's it's not butts in the seats is tickets sold. So you can look at a game in say while there are like forty people there but you could sell 5000 tickets and they count 5000 they they count how many tickets sell. Not how many people come through the turnstiles. But he did you crunch the numbers on that basis and Major League Baseball attendance is down six point 5%. Compared to where it was last year. Discipline and a number behind Nat. The average at this point in the year is pro ball game 27484. Last year was 29402. I also personally think their ballparks are too damn big. That's huge issue I I I think the farm team who like Portland's model for the Portland diamond project I think they were saying their own 32. How many cities need to be much more above that number if not many. A lot of a lot of cities through data the image I Israel to wage too big of the ball park thinking you're gonna packet and as even save go to certain sense like they used only debit ballpark right it's beautiful but do you need that number so if you say 27000. Your ball parks 35000. It's gonna look substantially better than if it was 43000. Grabbed 27 Bryan little more sense of urgency he does he does know two of the big reasons why one of in his post moments. So there have been 37 so far Major League Baseball this season last year there was 39 the entire year. So it's that the weather's been relaxed in a lot of these cities rain delays snow delays I think there was even one today was an honor yet. And there isn't any New York from Washington Lou Gehrig yankees game got suspend got suspended at 33 tie citing you've seen as a whole or in and he's he's point of that and also he points to Toronto and Miami he singles them out the blue jays are down almost 121000 fans per game for more than last year we suck this year since the Marlins are somehow down 101000 per game how they had 101000 last year I don't know but they're down 101000 fans from are they were last. Says somehow hurt and does that put him in your room for. I may end run around it numbers serious question though does that put them at zero the giants are just a Miami and there was nobody at those games one and are about the Marlins are. I wanted to say that the Orioles who were atrocious are to know against them and only sixteen against the rest and a beef with. That's how bad the car is either of them are and it was either the Marlins or the Mets either one of those they're terrible but yet. That's that's how bad one of those teams hidden just days after Joseph Johns didn't did you know about the Marlins are and then he goes it was either the Marlins or the Mets. And he got against me it's an NL team with him and for its mass on a database that's pretty clueless. And out so I'd tennis numbers down across Major League Baseball feel with the Marlins cents a or at a teacher acted like it was at least a panel flies man Allison Ebert goes the year goes on especially with it a marriage mandated plan like this Arab peoples are put those butts in the seats when it's not Father's Day weekend and when the Red Sox are in town supported in between some games over 500. They've been a lot of fun to watch okay hodgepodge story coming up next it'll get in the beavers from a bottom of the hour just ballots what what happened on Saturday and update on the situation today but Jurassic Park could be coming to realize how we feel a lot that are we running for our lives and Stephen A Smith shares stunts on all the milk. But it's. And attract a reporter. Next on him. Ever see. Paying Gator. And carry out. This is a draft edition of dirt in Australia proselytize or way building center on Jay Nady both trends. As it does not have. This is that some folks I just address and 55305. Somebody said mayor deal its price is the cheapest we can gain take it was nineteen for a family of five that Steve. No doubt I totally get somebody said you go there for four hours and not eat rye at some mile it's all day damages for parking right. So what is it yellow traffic is worse than it has ever been my niece is texts to mean that it took an hour and 45 minutes to drive less in one market through downtown Seattle as she left work Amazon is destroying downtown Seattle and I think people are preferring to watch on HD broadcast at home which I you know I get down I get we've always talked about convenience of watching at home as opposed to going to a game. That's right I'm curious where the breaking point is. It's easy to do that when you don't have high expectations it's like now where homeless that the game on. But if they continue to weigh and like you get to that point where reds. It it overcomes the obstacles a price. And the time and all that things because you have a team that's in first place or. You know I've been big series on the line in September he still does say on visit traffic's bad I wears a breaking point is when I'm curious I don't know I mean. We how many games do that if we had team right now for a good saves after year one realistically baseball I would probably go to move leagues if we're being honest real quick three incidents yeah being a 100% honest. There's a percentage chance. Might have Stanley by the time we have a team right I'm not putting out and a number I'm saying there's a percentage chance by your tongue. Your scheduling year abilities come to these games can change a lot's gone along gala day. Gaga is. Yeah I think Kerry is current life status I'd probably go to 25 to thirty games a year. Oka as well I'd say 88 year I'd probably go to a quarter of the home games that's pretty damn impressive you know you get a big weekend series trying get a couple and you know only go to a couple of months because I think year one I'd be pretty stoked that probably wanna go in on you know split and some season tickets with a couple friends and I wanna go to some games I could see it diminishing overtime just in the sense of Wednesday game I idolized the Yankees but. Gadget iTunes starting dinner you know it happens men nowadays and I think it's only getting worse down the road. You're not going to be able to go home after work. And then go take care visits and then come back for the ball game traffic on. I allow that no one's not so you're gonna have well again I'd kill some time down here over here at that bar whatever. That's outsourced add up for a lot of people out there that are you know making good money but not phenomenal my teeth germ was just understand it the Albers brought up the the writing off of tickets as well be worse nicer businesses can't write off tickets which isn't saying we ought to keep Iran in all of sports it's I can't write him off not decided on nine and the new tax lie apple I believe that's the ever originated sound so negate all sports and indeed give Diane. Okay let's get to Stephen A Smith I got like six other like small stories and I really wanna get to before the show closes. When I have time for dressing partially gets that the next segment coming out Friday. Yeah I'm Max he stoked is coming to a backyard near you soon now there's a tease easy Paulina Gretzky did. I did she we need to get to that a fun World Cup tidbits I got a whole bunch of small things we need to get to let's sixty placement does all start but the audio that we don't have. He was hit his. Where this comes from The New Yorker did a profile on ample Stephen A Smith. And out of nowhere they started talking about milk. Herb block who you know and in my tournament helped him. And he had this to say. I used to think the Allman Malcolm was the best but didn't someone told me a trainer told me. There's too much estrogen up in there. In the Allman milk that's right you don't wanna walk around with a male Bhuj if you don't have to do it it I got away from that. Think he does and you milk at all Connecticut confirmed does all the milk have a lot of estrogen edit you taxi up trainer dissects them that a factor in a look at that thing I account gap. Because we don't want this game but like she's got estrogen up in that he's not the model of fitness at. So it's funny that he takes so seriously and he can't have any Ellman now not tomorrow amount mayonnaise to think it's up to now anymore he's not drinking that stuff anymore so why do you kind of sounds like an old funny I'm not going to that. Club there's always do 200 employees at. Old dude dude so basically because of some of the ciller's almond milk they can have a reaction inside your body that affects the production a thyroid hormones so it depends on your body basically he doesn't know if it affects him a guy could. But yes we don't know. I am big booze for a drink almond milk. That's from June chess is exercises that work out man humble brag just a great Britain and I've been at super big but I guy gets in testicles up here are lets get a energy pieces so he's been sharing his thoughts on a whole bunch of things. I should be solid limiting on the report let's go their first yes and this is from a little bit ago maybe a year or so go OK but the video is just now surfacing and possible yes okay so this is what's the gals named Joseph. I didn't give her name she's a Puerto Rican reported a case smoke and I enjoy this. What severed body Steven expert from ESP NS and outs you're watching TJB sports do not take your eyes off of it. For obvious reasons the least. But what does nothing on that cost us the event eight Smith they ESP NIC. Kalus IE don't I get tigers. Not good at all but I'm working on it I just need to be inspired I need somebody to teach me how to. Speak S bank yells I'm working. Who work making putts on top of that. I hurt U lot lets you have not strapped. I do they've never loved me I don't know why I guess I'm does not that attractive I don't know what to say but they've they've never I've never received that I don't love because trust me. Had a I would have access to. What you have to say it's are you Frederica and that they'll mr. Shah I love you all watch first take every weekday mornings from 10 AM to twelve noon ESPN to you in any time I'm invited. To San Juan what the go anywhere else that Puerto Rico I'm going to give it strong consideration because that's one of my favorite places but that's only like. But thirty minutes one hour long flight from my family's home to saint Thomas Virgin Islands. So as not to fall so mean around me not output to trips of one animal work that. Yeah more than about it counts of murder at any time that they get some thank you so much. I like he's like looking are pretty now. Tired tie me clearly is Hague and Steve NA here as Stephen a smooth as the common -- earlier losses and yesterday's smooth things he's creepy guy a party after a couple cocktail yes most definitely treated data in an interview yes or treat exports and that interview in a guest at April level you can tell he's going around the room he's talking to all ladies is it to kind of way out into the station. For obvious reasons and I'm not kidding yeah. Looks elixir up and down from tell dad had a boy Stephen A what about this woman viral last weekend I'm in agony passes up so why was he talking to snoop dog snoop dog has his own show they're not shown up that online show is right Luke look at that. So he'd have you guys seen this new like hockey stuff to basketball stuff that he's done. I think Kimmel Adam do that he was doing like fun hockey rules like China leg and snoop terms explain hockey now word of kind of pretty funny videos but this is him talking with us and done about what part of the body he prefers. Ask that. All of that's true. I'm Lance that he knows a lot I'm associate Walt Disney but dammit they're by noses on the bottom feeder OK I don't know about it right. Anybody else who's drunk on parole with the turn of bottom feeder. So. Is funding their ethnic any dealer gets a fund snoop dog show right Aaron. He reference himself resolved bottom feeder you know that's gonna go viral roast beef he had to apologize. It. Yeah Italy apologized for the people games and crap buyout defend him is crazy but I don't you need to apologize for you shouldn't have to have. You does the term that some words it's like we were talking to a bag down on the office while back about the word least. It's just yet you disease the elderly from it stay away from that word you stay away from bottom feeder it's all right that's it. As a conversation and we'll have him having for millennia we've been having the upper body or lower body conversation. But when you put bottom feeder into that eludes me yeah I'd ultimately to Rex yeah. Thank you I said dad dirty and yet tops or downloads right it be different AVG is simply said the up top seeds are gonna step further with the bottom feeder line day blues in their. I hang on Stephen is meant to lose and and a little bit. Then by the way we have to censor one. Because it's not the medical term I don't know does and as cease the situation and careful man gotta be careful. I I got a handful of things owning it's I got a fun tidbit about the World Cup that is gonna blow you away may be I think did you see what Paulina Gretzky did. Does that Liz and bit of a mistake we got to get to that. I'll also we still haven't gotten to Mike Leach yet the public he got into over the weekend buddy we if we cannot only weekend that I can't tell you although her legs got a whole bunch of things and we do not get to the dressing part story there's so I handful of things still to get to. Double digit looks like or in saint Washington hopefully getting closer. To resuming play in Almonte of that World Series eliminate her game so Lhasa to get to the first U Joe's sports and. Well all of people's me. Additional burdens brilliant front nicer way you know things and terror on 1080. This sends hello adventure I spent ten nuts so far they keys for the beavers and own mom. We just threw down accident in the sand may side by side picture of what it looked like early in the day as opposed to what I look like when the storm rolled then. And Manning got dark room clinic does attorney you know large lightning going on. All sang made it looks. Like the weather tracker that lightning in this storm and in my becoming background like say it's not look like it's gonna go away this comes from our buddy Josh Peterson who we had in studio during the organ Nebraska game are Omaha source are Omaha source of these we got boots on the ground boss boots on the ground. He quotes we rated TV a mayor tragedy. He who you know obviously joking here a little bit but I guess the H weeded. Everything canceled go home seriously the entire college World Series is canceled and hit an eight way tie participation trophies are today. Lightning is predicted to hit within eight miles of that ballpark every thirty minutes. Until next Wednesday we know rain. Just lightning beat. Watts. If that's the truth and now I packed. And up to go home I got to see if this is yet Kazakh. We got it is going to be a hair and a message I can't quite think it's gonna be that bad. But the other opening get back and it did just jump in Karachi with a situation is organization Washington at a slightly this is true okay elimination game and that would be like a first in Weathers recorded history although our weather guys about a bad stretch years I would be shocked if they missed that one out there. Or is a guy down early some old uphold but they came back he took a 43 lead in and they gave the lead right back to Washington today trailed five to four I believe it's in the sixth inning. And the beavers have the bases loaded with two outs in the no lightning came and they called is delayed it's been going on for about an hour wanna say hour and a half that's been along. Let's let's get out on the weather delay but it's been going on for a long time now of the earth and tanks in earlier and said dad who does this benefit more I don't know if anybody benefits from all bowl teams are. We did studies on its is produces a long delay they'll weird I actually would say it's slightly benefits organ state largest because they're hitting right now al-Qaeda because Washington nets and that's a weird situation. The pitcher that was on the mound we're pulling him in that spot but he did allow these bases to be loaded. So I you're likely gonna have to come out with a new warm at that moment so these are in state gets to start an inning fresh. Eight on to bring in new reliever into a bases loaded situation would to outsell. Slightly or is it I would say but it's not ideal for anybody it's and that's a tough situation. And this is gonna throw up their us today because there are more games today and now this one's delays and everything else can give kickbacks out. We'll see how how far the Donald's on this bad boy. Let's get to a Paulina Gretzky did. If you miss this this is in the New York Post so of course doesn't Johnson take a four shot lead. Into the weekend mention a guy kills the US open. He hung around you know I kind of steady himself a little bit and he was in the mix on Sunday. And on the 72 hole final hole. He made a Birdie Putt. And Paulina Gretzky with a couple of her friends. DJ making the putt. Would believe that he had won the tournament yeah. Did he just win one of them yelled at Paulina. And then they took him awhile Brooks kept a tapped in a couple of moments later. Zen and so again. He did not win now breast skakel won the US open yes. Yeah JR Smith like moment this is in JR Smith moment for PolyGram man. Poly they can get away with itself seemed Atlantic as this happens again yep Pauline is one of those. OK that's fine it's just Polly and don't worry you get says he doesn't doesn't in this situation might you find out that she was partying thing you want on a made putt not knowing the circumstances at all you know I don't get upset I make fun ever though a lot Jack McCabe Daschle -- and around this for too long she's been following golf for too long following DJ CC to many second place finishes he just it's exciting when he wants Wednesday. But it was a below yeah it was a real low blow guy you don't get mad but you do make fun home for it adds intrigue is doing look at seriously have you not realize that I'm not gonna win the tournament with his putt. I wanted to get to this today too on the road cuts are talking about earlier about Mexico when they scored their goal against Germany this past weekend a compass and earthquake in Mexico. We should add a poll question on this what's more important so Mexico's sands cousin earthquake upon a goal being scored. But the Associated Press has reported Iceland got a attic gotta tie with Argentina. It was a 11 time or as and a CEO big deal for our Iceland yeah says you know ID not messy mister. 11 this was like plus 750s for drop by the way for his drop huge win for IC could have made some big money at that. So get this in Iceland. There Icelandic football association is reporting according to the AP that in the country in Iceland. Of the people that other TVs on. 99. Point 6% of them Mondale Heinemann punched the game and that port at that point 4%. They were at somebody else's house over you watchable with a point 4% launching it was not the guy into the Iceland football team. I don't know it might look like intelligence like vikings on his hunting or fishing show or something out there and outdoor definitely vikings on History Channel if it fits my diocese usually good you know he could do you worry that. In the -- what's more impressive causing earthquake are an entire country watching the game causing an earthquake in exile I mean Iceland simultaneously. Part at least wise and in the month so to put this into context like people say that everybody lodges a Super Bowl. Would you care to guess how what percentage of Americans watch the Super Bowl 30%. Jump. I yeah I'd say about the third about 35 via 45%. Typically 45% of people watch the suitable granite we have much more people's united and American nation of Iceland is a blessing 734000. This is great but let's hoses down snow to everybody though is ridiculous that they are even considered a country with us. Not many nine point 6% of the people man. They don't even have 400000. People in that country now down while aunts and people may I don't know if this is a joke. Or wide but people of reference meant to be shame in this is over those soccer players have to go back to the regular job. In the back to regular jobs I think they're coach is a dentist and that's what I heard when they got a big way tonight that's true or not but I it's Atlanta Mike and I believe that their coach is a dentist a legend is becoming sure bigger than reality right. And now this is easily earthquake pan or if you need it more presently TVs is crazy that the entire gunned. Ever lets everybody happy we'll give point they probably were watching porn if they were watching things that's what it would have been yeah. I mean easy and I get a huge get a deal on a Saturday in a chrome cast that he here at the experts and a different outlet. So there's your two World Cup. It's from the weekend 99 point 6% of people and Iceland watch their tie her she's been led draws numerous us do you draw against RG added gear it 99 point 6% of people and then nymex a cousin or trade what is more present you 55. 305 ITT's in his dressing parsing I apologize I would get to the next were knocking out enough time for Mike Leach today that we're going to get to my cleats tomorrow that's going to be a holdover is DNC when he did all's Ali's tee it up Fauria at his section up fur around. For tomorrow's it's that led double close the show would that answer on the poll questions of the day. Including. Was it bad if Phil Mickelson putted his ball well it was still moving and what politician would be most embarrassing to lose a one on one basketball game to. That was dinosaurs coming near you on next on the sample. To discuss a draft which edition of dirt inspiration to trust you guys are way building center on 1080 you know say yeah. Asks volatile these on the show and then news channel now yeah if you DJ my wedding just reading at a dealer days. Yes is laying at their I want. He hasn't won and as media lows are. Melamine later tonight thanks to tenacity and everything else in Buenos 69 trap JR Anglican nonsense that ear all dowel be later in the evening. I got you at the Frank Sinatra big band for the dinner cocktail hour and a guy a 1:1 I am tennis leaves the wedding you gonna play it as much amateur nonstop party all night. There on the Internet to the hours of one of the windows laws. No sweat dropping off now none of that happened that's I just a wedding news by the way. A hole you can marry tomorrow Null. What I do know now officially as of this morning elect 4 o'clock in the morning when I was rudely woken up in the middle of the night. Because she would she applied to get into this program it's to your programs are waiting to see she got into decided the wedding was gonna be next summer or this summer after that and she got it. I get two years of easy street man. Just a series that are well prepared for a wedding. No but I was starting to panic a little bit because getting overwhelmed and it was against its next summer this is this is madness I need some time here Endesa she taught us to get the amount that she got in sowed their weddings not going to be until the summer Tony Tony man okay first of all congratulate I guess two more years living the dream you may bring here and yes very big news awesome and second of all. This is not easy street is going to be a lot easier now today you see all these rain to try it if the wedding is within a year and you know not for now she's got two years to finalize and make sure everything is perfect and in my prayed so I can't wait for your protest wedding date and a week are checking out another venue tomorrow I've been at all. Hole. I have easy street he said two more years you're checking out menus two years out ball we didn't know is going to be series until today leery scheduled venue Jack so at least he's been slowed down a little bit now in any. Any teaser of what kind of venue is worth thinking about you it's the summer lightning outdoors I you know I did I I had this thought now I don't. I sol I'm just gonna be fully honestly I don't know. The only things I want control over I have I've been Adam and others I want controlled the music the food. In the news. But it. Is an open bar yeah of course. C'mon now don't don't get sheep on me I'm not to achieve Annan gave chief bombing gold digger mobile home their goal uncle frank yeah home alive but we have Laurie talk to budget tonight aboard occur around a certain chunk of the budget for the book is part of the festivities. Because when you go to weddings what do you remember. You remember dancing and drinking and having a good time you member of the flower that views his argument against her. Do you lover flower arrangements Steve ember the color of the linens now because these are things that it IDE. That he that's your territory I got on you you. I remember how good music was because I judge that on the dance floor I remember the food and go yes woodland neck straight. And then I do remember the open bar yeah that's a. My kids are gonna be. 78. And nay in. Four or five yapping when he married. In need this in my life he needed a night is you to make this a good wedding I guess election time not a plan a bachelor party that's coming up this spring I got a year and a half on a plan that fan guys design wife tonight in Atlanta got psyched about the yeah Brady kids the wedding. I would really iShares only congress he wants it to your wedding and I and it's dammit I have nieces and nephew. Honestly I am the way and I just did last weekend wasn't as show because of them are kids that war there so honestly take brand and advising consider just a new kid when Ali's got nieces and nephews Brothers got to bring its I give them I can cut off time of like 730 and and they got to be out of here Heidi yeah the blue ice Zach non blood relative children are not allowed. Not to put that I had children are not allowed and more about because they eat for free at some of these places like if you have kids under the age of Gately you don't have to count them and the particular money out. I don't mind having kids at the wedding I'd rather have more kids don't it's cheaper on the I'm telling me after the mad at somebody when they try to kid and Genesis money at this time blasts skates. Hell's going on here it's that there's the gathers a wedding updated today. OK let's get to this so AA if this is crazy. There is a doctor does the same paleontologist. Doctor Jack Warner. And he is as a great name. He has been getting mourner whose and the corner Jack silver. He is a consult on all four of the Jurassic Park films like he's the guy eighties action carriage and they base that doctor Alan Grant off of oh don't move to T Rex can't see if you don't lose yeah you gotta stay still glad were they when that actually came to be true chatter on the island right validate he can see united city runs here I've. This is so he did in their view of People Magazine with the new movie coming out. And he is set optimistically we urges five years away from a genetically engineered dinosaur. Been. Optimistically five years away from having dinosaurs roaming the planet here's the thing we have dinosaurs and birds and alligators and staff who attacked and raptors and Xerox's year. I doubt that you know by Annette I think we're gonna have glorified. Rhinos. Archive may I say an easy keeping keep an honest level now we have we're gonna have a beef eating dinosaurs that just drop massive amounts of number 20. And do nothing. That's what I see who can go wrong man like video Jurassic Park here and they go wrong for much of mediators. And then why make a park. Thank app and be concluded attitude of I'm more into the are they gonna recreate the woolly mammoth. They did a special on that Discovery Channel years ago and I watched it I was so disappointed. Because you come to no conclusion. But they have said more or more they're getting closer and closer will creating EU. That would become a kickass CO Honeywell are readily mammoth and Dinah some kind of went down that I don't know how to my stomach kind of dinosaur. Read I don't know how much you want him to produce because they would probably mess of the ecosystem. Quite a lot. In our current climate but seeing one in person would be pretty bad ass out Amazon app. So this is a grab to get to tomorrow mom and this is this is gonna shut up Mike Leach had a bad weekend on Twitter. He apparently shared he did apparently he did he tweeted out a video of Obama giving a speech. And it was fake yen as a doctored video nice he is a long time trooper. Yeah item we eyes he's not only are now Hillary Clinton so he shared this video he treated anyone he said he wanted to get a conversation going but he did not acknowledge or realize that the video is a doctored shakes video. And people responding to him and he said one leg this anonymous responses prove it irrelevant anyways we are discussing ideas do one or the other he was very defensive about this. It'd deletes tweet and get to that at some point tomorrow. We enterprise ready giveaway I forgot to do it's it would do a couple of those tomorrow sorry Jim I apologize for that. And or insane at some point we'll continue playing baseball and that'll be a topic is not a mob they survives. For of this is said as that they're taking on Washington that game still any lightning. Delay that at a press of the missing in a show less rubbed our podcast at any the fan back Thomas Regan fight we will talk to you tomorrow. As nailed number what is next listening to 1080 the fan.