Dirt & Sprague, Monday 6-18-18 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, June 18th
We do our NFL Whiparound, Cam Newton, what's going on with Kawhi, and Crunchtime: Puma making moves.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Dirt and spray dogs an eighty though Israel and the conventional wisdom and my sources tell me he would not get past Memphis or so right now in Atlanta. Three Sacramento it's. Hopefully he. Ever team. Who bought. And try to drag this is a draft which edition of dirt and sprayed trustee nicer way buildings enter your summer outdoor projects and remodeling too. Store online at SH URW a Y dot com dirt and spray yard Jay Nady has moved all of Israel. Want tower number two here during this. Right back with you on this Monday afternoon update. Washington up on Oregon State 54 top of the 61 out. Beavers that bad runner on first. Or is it went up 43 in the Washington respond the next inning and scored choose another up their back up 54 in the top of the sixth it's been a good game so far it has been a fun back and forth game we'll get an update later on in the show. A loaded second hour why Leonard update for you. We will get to Cam Newton as a child got two of them yes he let a kid annoying so much that he responded to a kid. And we'll talk about what his new OC Norv Turner had to say about him that is tied for NFL with around. See the tundra. And. Have a sorry let's start with. Actually go in Wisconsin where some are wondering training camp just weeks away. Believe it's five weeks yeah maybe six and we close out there wondering who will be the primary running back behind Aaron Rodgers. And Mike McCarthy. He's answer may not have any answers so we're looking for. As there's not just one McCarthy said quote the fact of the matter is we're going to go running back by committee. But of one of them would emerge is that full time guide and you have to have that ability to adjust to that. As far as planning and going into the season that's why we're going about it that way we feel like we've got three guys that have all done it. But they have done it they haven't done it over a long period of time so I think it is practical thinking from now position. In realizing that it's a very demanding position in quotes is a problem. For Aaron Rodgers to not have a primary back. No I don't think it is we've seen Aaron Rodgers in years with help from running game and without any help from running game have success at that would derail Green Bay last year was him getting hurt you know if there are Rodgers stays healthy I think they'll likely win the NFC north. And as a do my disagree that because about the Minnesota was. It would be hobbies. To have a sound running game and got you can trust to get close to a thousand yards but he is still in the prime of his career he's got somebody needs to. Rely on it it just is simply needed to be a change of pace for their offense and as long as a committee of back can provide that. Remain will be just fine how many more years if he is to remain at packer how many more years so they need to provide that. As we keep saying you know I think anybody meeting this germ Brady. That Jerry's been doing since he's forty we don't know if Rodgers be able to that I think a great example of that is at your brazen New Orleans. As he was a guy that was a mini was the offense to carry the offense he was always the guy in the last year why did you won't have a lot of success it was Ingraham in Camara great once and plunged. And then he was there and you know day add that dimension in the passing game and it was big and in the playoffs for them. But yeah I give a couple more years I get into a few more years he still be able to do that but I eat and maybe not the former you trust him to carry an offense every single week of an NFL season as I was yesterday this is the feel good story. Of the weekend this is the NFL whipped around and this one comes via Philadelphia. Doesn't really make him Catholic either so a couple years ago when chip was the head coach. He fired a long time Eagles employed by the name of Carol colon. Who started in 1985. She was an executive assistant for the teams and coaches saw an 85 she got that position and from then touch of Kelly she was the coaches assistant. Being number one go to chip came in said GAAP Carol good actor back drag your house ethics of the Jim Kelly would do it really does. There was finally there was really no explanation for why he wanted to fire her also Sundays of the Jim Kelly wood dale and so they let her go after all those years of service to the company will be Eagles reached out. And they sent her an email that they needed to get her green finger fated free Super Bowl rained. She initially thought it was a joke. To which an eagle employee called there to say hey you know we're serious. And then they ended up getting your measurements she now has the ringer granddaughter to weed these out. And it's a picture of one of those fat Super Bowl championship rings from the Eagles. They gave marine because they were so grateful for all the service that she gave to their organization. And I think it felt a little bad about what happened with the the chips. I love stories like this you get this in all of sports not always a disgruntled. Former employers and there was fire but you'll see in my randomly like Jamie got him for the grounds crew or we DL gave team employees a bonus from what we accomplished every team employee. Should get a ring yeah is that a hot tapes. No I don't think it is I think if you had some hand in the day in and day out operation of the team yeah. This was given on education board cameras must follow up is because I saw this and its we'd I didn't read too much into it. They she worked for another team now is she retired now he's she's retired okay because I was gonna say if she's still looking for work you know just gone they could. Also collar and offer her her old job back while I'm sure she got a good severance package share. And Irina for a long time probably led her to retire when she wanted to. Or die not when she wanted to blow when you know she was like ranked right. And as she may not they may have a great assistant now in everything's kind of fixed itself. I've had a physical gesture that Heidi is coming and fire people like that. You know I know there's got to be a level for ducks fan of kinda always appreciating and respecting him defending to a certain extent chip formally established. You have to acknowledge she comes off as a wrong. Real pain that's it there's two different chips there's football chip and there's not football champ of Geithner and personality chip yet go for the guys is terrible on interviewed whose team is of real deep valuable I had no problem people saying that guy I'd be able to separate. What he did as a coach him what needed for the program in the kind of person he was off the field are right something we'll have to get to maybe tomorrow that we have been following now for over a week conflict Kellen Winslow junior's story this is weird this is a sad. Random and very strange story about Winslow junior was arrested and charged with multiple counts of kidnapping and rape. Among other charges. And he's pled not guilty to it. This started when he was noticed in a mobile home park. The police were called on him and then the rape charges came in just a couple days after. And he's pleading not guilty but some are wondering if this goes to trial. If he is getting UC TE as a defense and I'm I cannot defend anybody with these kind of charges but here is everything out. I don't know him personally obviously we seen couples soundbites from him by or does he may have a case here fees and goes CTE route. Danny hired an attorney who line noah's defended a lot of NFL players who've got it do. Not this situation necessarily but other off field incidents. That they be needed to be defended and I that that's gonna be the round I would be shocked if it wasn't at this point just Sam I've I've lost my mind up you know plead basically insanity to these charges laid. Don't have unmet mental capacity anymore. Did this one came out of left field though I indeed this is a guy was always curious and he'd been in trouble in the past he's had some things but did begin ended these kind of allegations. And accusations that that came out of left field for me Albert prayer who is doing him in QB now since Peter King the last Sports Illustrated. Says he spoke to two teammates were Kellen Winslow junior. Both of them said yeah not too surprised always thought it was a very very strange guy. So Kellen Winslow junior arrested and charged is multiple counts of kidnapping and rape fight to buffalo wrap it up here to buffalo where I'm not sure this is encouraging news for bills mafia out there all. But just who might starting quarterback Tim buffalo I saw this this morning on now this is dead as it's not then I'm assuming it's not odd. The two names something else. Nate then Peter Mann now you have asked Peter remain the same guy that threw five picks in a first half against the chargers and he has been allowing Sean McDermott in the bills' coaching staff and decided it last year in practice and some believe he's got a great chance to jump AJ McCarron MB to eighteen starting at quarterback this season like our Josh Alan's not even a message. That seventh overall pick whatever I don't know what this says about a Jamie cares if that's the bigger headlines for me here in the biggest headline out because last week we had LeSean McCoy coming out saying Josh Allen special and he's got this arms strength and he's Smart he knows the playbook and all this. Very complimentary stuff about Josh Allen and now we have this about Peterman. This whole thing to me is about AJ McCarron how bad is AJ McCarron that he can't beat out. A quarterback from Wyoming and a duty through five picks in the first half of an NFL game. Thank you must be real bad to be eke Libya Libyan third string of buffalo. Yeah I kidnap Letterman starts Allen backs of Huntsman it should we care just sit there at third stringer. Semi says on any giving a ring to be lord of the contractors that are hired to clean the locker room locker rooms and bathrooms. She is think stadium arena employees are not necessarily employees of the team not all the time at the center has their own employees yet they're not employees of the blazers employees demoted senator specific ties the organization I think everybody show and I I do think especially on the we're talking like billionaire owners here like you can fork out like 25 more rings are right there is our NFL whimper on every Monday at one Cam Newton was caught on camera getting upset by a kid any football tournament. And we'll dive into what is new OC Norv Turner had to say. About him and this upcoming season talks in Cam Newton next on 1080 defense. Law. This is a draft we tradition of dirt then sprayed you run you right away melding of cancer on 1080 Israel and can you lay out why Leonard update here in twelve minutes early stages and your rain delay all over the next thirty minutes lightning storm. That's always a buzz kill a member organ in Tennessee had one of those are lagging way back in this and have been like 2010. They played at Tennessee ending game has like Ed out or lightning delay or kill them and I came notes they did and double on amount of serious buzz Julio pumped up there's a big moment to bases loaded two outs and we'll see in half hour here beavers have bases loaded down one run that there's two outs so we'll see what happens in the period up. I I saw a couple of things that Cam Newton was involved in over the weekend one he's mentioned in the NM QB article. By Albert three or norv Turner's is new offensive coordinator Shula was like though Ken Dorsey was like go. So they're gonna try to Ed in the dirt gonna try to figure out Cam Newton completion percentage career wise he's a 58 point five. Which is always a problem they always say when you're below 60%. He obviously had the MVP season in 2015 when they went fifteen and one bide his last two years they were six they lash and they were horrible last season they were eleven and five. He had 3300 passing yards. 22 touchdowns and sixteen picks so he wasn't completely growth rates. But he had his moments. But one thing coming out over the weekend he was at a camp a football camp. And there's a tournament going on. And I guess some little kids and my little kids and I'm talking like twelve through fourteen years old death teenagers they were kind of badger a little bit and they were given a hard time of the Super Bowl loss and they were recording. And he turned around disease and as they were recording. Any peace clean like got right in the kid's face and said some the effect of you stop. And he just turned right back rather resign all. You can't quite understand what both sides are saying. And in the recording stops when it's kind of funny to watch that a group of children were able to get to Cam Newton to the point where he turned around and had something to say to them all of it is yet it's hard to tell all was said before that too because you can only see a video like that think he just responded to one comment in you're not sure if something else was said before or after whatever. That might have really ticked him off Eli and this isn't unique that we've seen athlete students Damian Miller had one of these this year. As a matter how I can marvelous city it was in the number he was getting on the bus and somebody was standing there with a camera yelled some stuff got him. And he walked over the railing as he was boarding the bosses who said that a play about like when but. Who who wants to face up to it. And a guide insane inane and respond and even caddies Kennedy's senate that's what I thought he turnaround begun on the bias whether he had done that it it was just a group of kids. See that's I don't I don't know what you could see what age is that was isn't the candidate videos you could see that they were teenage kids. So somebody yelled something that you it's it's hard until the age initially right. I and a I don't into bent out about this stuff I I wish more athletes. At its users in the dying you need -- thick skin and I cannot profession that somebody's gonna yells at the match and your event. But you just you need to walk by but I also understand we are all humans at the end of the day and if any of us from walking through like. And you see him. An insurance person out and you socket insurers are you blew that deal is a walking on the sidewalk you might turnaround and say it was your deal melee ensued I kind of stuff to mis so. There's a human nature to a but he little cam Newton's been through enough that he could just kind of ignored go in one year. At the other Ghassan Norv Turner was asked about Cam Newton the excitement of coming over to Carolina and be able to coach a player like him. He and by we he has coached guys like triggering Drew Brees Philip Rivers had a good track record he said nobody comes close to what can can do it's an understatement to say Newton is very unique. In when he's playing at his best defense the coaches see him as one of the hardest guys in the league to defend now I think. We've added some guys that will help so they can orally they can't totally zero in on cam. And just have a plan for him. We have some guys that have good play making skills that are going to help us they did draft DJ Moore isn't who they said look really good in OTA's and mini camp they brought in Torrey Smith of course they've got courtesy angle coming off of an injury and Christian McCaffery will be back as well. He will keep elements of what they did on offense. But to. We expect to ever see MBP Newton again. Or is that a a one off. That's how I I think from a passing standpoint it's probably off by you go back and look. Especially when you put in the circumstances of that year. Of guys get banged up and he was playing with a rag to Unocal Benjamin went down number early in that season he's finally ragtag group wide receivers. And Ian 35 touchdowns and ten interceptions. That's the Al liar of his career you go back you look up and down every single stat line he's had from 2011 and 2017. Every single one is basically the same you know twenty touchdowns tied teams touchdowns to blow teens to mid teens interceptions. One years stood out that was 2015 Marie had 35 touchdowns and ten picks. I don't he needs to return them but I also will say this about the Panthers in Camden and he doesn't need to be at that level for them to win. I think it's easy to forget I was high on Carolina last year because the year before that they lost a lot of close games and had a lot of injuries things kind of went against them. And I picked him as a playoff team they mated and they gave the saints a good runner of the death playoff it was a New Orleans. They and he wasn't great last year as for mentioning 59% completion percentage rate and that team was a great even idea but he had a couple of big throws Emery got knocked out would we we all thought was a concussion and he came back pretty sure he had six but. A 2.2 touchdowns and sixteen Dixon they won eleven and five as a team and they made the playoffs and a really tough division so. I think even the Panthers is just about finding the best candidate you're not getting it 35 touchdowns in ten takes. And have him run for 700 yards again like he did 2015. But if you could just get ended tick up the completion percentage a little bit and cut down on the mistakes the fumbles. And the interceptions yet the twenty turnovers last year right you trim that down slightly does a team has got a good defense I love McCaffery. Going in the year two they have the pieces in place to have a big year this year. Will remember. They're neck and have Thomas Davis the first four games first four games guys suspended he has suspended with the the substance side testing positive for that. You know one thing can kind of had for a while there. Was does Jon Stewart was up their little bit and even into when he fifty he wasn't quite the player that he was in 2012. Or thirteen. People would come elected that team that was obviously a magical run their defense was phenomenal and they went fifteen to one people look to that team and said. Doing it without weapons. Kelvin Benjamin had gotten hurt down off that that training camp member that's when he messes me up he missed it and ten gay guy Ted Ginn junior and a handful of guys is stepping up at wide receiver for him. I don't know if you can say that form anymore. It's not a perfect roster. But show me one that is this is a season where he has the weapons. They went eleven to five last year. They are a tough division but they have the chance with the players they have around him. To take that step I don't know PC NDP Newton again. But I'm not going to be one ready to dismiss and say that Cam Newton can't be in that elite status yet again. And helped lead his team maybe back to even a Super Bowl appearance I like Jim Newton a lot of we ran out right I know he's not a perfect quarterback to completion percent is our problem. But Norv Turner appease grated one thing it is coaching offense and being good with quarterbacks. I'd I'm just curious to see how. The offense looks at how much different it is because these days keeping 30% of white out did last year which is an I think that just mainly the same and I'm curious to see Allison uses the zone read running scheme with with Cam Newton. This blew me away I would never guess this last year 2017 the year he is 2829. Years old. That was the most yards you ever rush for his career he rushed for 754. Yards last year. Is that a couple of your trees came close 740 in his second year 706 in his rookie season. But that's the first time he's gone over 700 rushing yards since 2012. And that's where I think it's Smart to try bringing guy like Norv Turner and doesn't mean it's automatically gonna work. But just understand he is so unique because he'd get away with a 139 carries and seven. And that's it's kind of have to come down at some point he can rely on a to a certain extent but if he wants to stick around for another ten years of play that position. It's going to be with his arm and I think that's where you identify the completion percentage hopefully getting up in the mid sixty's upper sixties to do that. They feel more comfortable throwing the football regularly getting more consistent help from the running game because as you mentioned Jon Stewart got old there at the end. Wasn't the same back that he was so maybe it's McCaffery haven't figured this year. I just I know at the age of thirty in Carolina 130 carries 750 yards and a quarterback but sauber despite how big strong years all right what is the latest. With one that quietly Leonard. And how about Uma. May get us a big comeback in basketball gets about those things in next except our our two. Turns break but first Joseph with the sports update. This is a draft we condition of dirt then spray. He's nicer way buildings and there on 1080. Thank you won 35. The money is gone well. We still collecting it today I have another fun fact for you about the World Cup hold a fun fact sick to get to okay. We have Stephen A Smith audio appliances. Point as we need to talk about our friend Steve NA as he is now tiptoeing into the sexual landscape is three different things out there that there adjusting Stephen A sharing some thoughts. Did you see that story. Is we might need to get to that a final hour of the show the sequel. Now sequel like. Jurassic Park. They both the actual concept of a yes no outs act dumb that's why they make the movie to show you what not to do Dallas the whole purpose of the movie. What else to me guys here. On there's a beer that's making fun of an athlete got to get to let's stick in the NBA now. As a couple notes coming out over the weekend and then one today denied that and treating there is a reporter out there. From my end of San Jose and his and his updates today from Cleveland dot com. Terry Pluto would just a landmark scoop of that the end Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to get quiet Leonard on my this is a big big silent their cavaliers want you know I don't know I'm trying to figure that allow blood to you know and I will say there Ed this isn't gonna happen unless there's like nine teams involved because the caps have basically one asset that San Antonio would want that's the eighth pick and sales of zero -- face when they gave you Kevin Lowe in the eighth pick spurs would you take a while they would get a lot of LaMarcus Aldridge. And at a snafus there. So no answer that's yeah. Second got a guy here I don't know that I got to admit. Well they have everything I was it is so even though it's not gonna have an answer that must be nice at least for cavs fans easier these headlines. I can somebody can Neil Shea league blazers interest in coli Leonard. Can we just get that were report out to fans no because sources say their colleagues and Antonio that's all I ask for I know it's not gonna happen but can we show some interest here we can but we're not going to because much like he told us on the show Bobby march release a article on all thirty teams in their summary based at Portland is done Portland can't do anything kill parent homes thanks for that operate their it sounds I -- as it a lot of folks at ESP and putting the other pieces of the teams that have the best chance and it's exactly what we identified the lakers because he wants to go there. They have a couple of intriguing pieces the clippers because the twelfth and thirteenth takes and harassed by Sarah's. I am a Boston Philly are also really intriguing because Philly as the tenth pick. Marco faults SARS they can move on from a Boston yet go ahead take your pick of the litter which young Kristi won. In return for awhile Leonard so it seems like a four team race at this point but Terry Pluto drop the bomb. The cavs also interest in what. Do you buy the report is speculation popping the spurs will not trade him it's a rumor apple will not trade him to the West Coast articles on Eastern Conference team I intercepted up announced that it depends on what Western Conference team. I can offer better packaged in the lakers I think Boston can I meant questioned how blessed man. Twelfth and thirteenth taken devise cirrus if you can get that. That's not bad you talk until lottery picks in a good small forward yet he's really good so I yeah that's not bad. But I don't think I buy into the Western Conference thing is I don't think he wants to pave the way for a super team. And I think you traded to the lakers you you understand that's going to happen is a while and it's not going to lakers in a vacuum at that trade happens more dominoes are gonna follow Rudy Gay. Opted out here not in on is a million dollars at Danny Green might opt out as well San Antonio did Danny green is to follow suit I think it's kind of the writing on the wall is Danny Green strike she was a real I wanna be a spur for life guy. If she hops out and maybe he's in for re you know or are read new deal with San Antonio yeah. I kind of start begin and it's up. Ed dead the defending her saying that hey we amend told anything I think it's up and I think it's San Antonio kind of acknowledging what's going on. I'll go a step further if your San Antonio quiet wants out Dini green says Dubai money doesn't come back Tony Parker doesn't come back. What stops you from saying we're trading LaMarcus and completely. Blowing it I think at that point you probably would especially to get a cup lottery picks in return for those guys have UK gets. Two really good draft picks this year and equality roll guy. You now can go get the building blocks for your franchise and already have to John team Marie shirt. He got some serviceable pieces that are still there you surround them with young town on guard gather. I don't know if that would necessarily be the worst thing for sanitary is quite Leonard. What do you competing for with LaMarcus especially featuring glide to a team that's now better than much better avenue and electric off if he does a lakers we know they will probably LeBron it will probably get Paul George and boom there's at all somebody else and nausea so you lose cool why don't LaMarcus did a great job and not get enough for appreciation for what he held San Antonio do last year and quite basically didn't play. But I would look at that roster and I would look at another year old for some guys including LaMarcus. Would he really ultimately gonna do you know you're not title contender you can say it however you want you know you're not collegiate title contender he pressed the reset button they've done it before in San Antonio de de tank to get to that Tim Duncan picked and it worked out for them. So I don't I'm in your agency what San Antonio decides to do here and if you're reading kind of the TVs right now. Maybe they're not. Opposed to sending him to a Western Conference contender but blossoms got really good I'd trade packages we know Philadelphia does. The lakers are sitting there the clippers is a possibility he does have some leverage year. He'll Phoenix had to come out and try to say that they weren't interested when in reality he's not mentioned signing long term there ride that's the issue so you've got some leverage of some of these crappy teams won't not make big deals for him as they know it's a one year rental. And renting him from one year where they've. Decent mediocre rocked our rosters knocked and we new it title. Yeah he's got some leverage here. Doubt they ideally you would want to trade him to the east but this is the spurs aren't stupid and and are gonna be fearful -- if there's an off for the blows you away from the lakers or clippers it's better them Abbas and Philly. Or Cleveland Ernie or any other team can offer they're gonna take that deal it's not you are gonna take a lesser deal. Just simply get him to the Eastern Conference. There was one other note about the caps by the way I did see. And this is intriguing because this is the same thing that we saw. Miami do mammal and the promise of free agent the last time -- said a couple of positive things about Shabazz Napier hit lighted Miami duke they went out draft did you Baz navy on a column sexton now writes an Audi is on John's or some but also they are thinking about swing and that eighth pick because it's likely they don't have enough and messrs. like sixteen involved to get choir Leonard. So one of the teams and they are now apparently having conversations with about that number eight pick in trying to get established player in return. Is descended to. Charlotte. For Kemba Walker. Mountain. I mean he's a lesser version of diary no neck guy he won championship but it. It's an upgrade but well not enough probably to keep LeBron why would you they're trying to Charlotte the eight pick for Campbell locker penalize an all star Eastern Conference all star man. Fever. And Iran. You're gonna give the eight pick for Kemba Walker I think your itemized I'm that is all about just trying to keep the Broncos finally the bronze it was going to be LeBron no all but if you dread you just draft some landing humans don't cut counts sexton is not gonna when he entitled. Also our camel walker is a loose term because I'm pretty sure he got an often liken injuries he I Gosselin spot exact kind of back and look at that and that's. Given monies their conference also asked and I'm also I'm born project has an all star why why would you do that if you're Cleveland averaged 22 points five assists a game last year you're not making that move 38% from three you're not well first of the draft is Thursday so they have three days you know not making that move unless they haven't guarantee from LeBron. A back door. Verbal and written agreement that he will recite you're not making that that treats dummy with LeBron and I do believe did he Simon of those big extensions. Does not yeah sizable price tag next to his name yes he not helping your cap flexibility LeBron wants some money Tim I Teva loves already make it a hundred million dollar contract. Yeah you've got I don't know let Cleveland does they're gonna obviously have to involve multiple teams here but. If your series or adjourn joining the coli Leonard sweepstakes you're gonna have to make some serious number crunching work. Because you're gonna have to sign him. Or maybe he'll go one year and weights you LeBron does you're gonna have to sign LeBron wouldn't shock me if he did a one and one a one year with a one year out. And you're gonna have to somehow either swing Kevin level on your books. Or gay Kevin Love off to free yourself up cap flexibility wise. You bring in some you know some Seiji vets like a Jamal Crawford has been linked him yeah I opted out of his deal today and you bring in some guys like that navy got enough pieces to make it work against Golden State or at least give back to an NBA finals give yourself a shot. Apps not wheels turning in the NBA but still nothing out of Portland so we got tackled force NBA draft is out Thursday in about a Obama's harassing and disperse were blown up would pop just retire that she floated like two weeks ago there is a report out there that Popovich was not looking at coaching pass the next two years like he was kind of looking at 20/20. As being eased last year that was you humble for the coal islanders staff came out so who knows if that changes my neither shorter. Or longer may be once and trying to rebuild and improving to do it with another team. Thing to keep an eye on in San Antonio collide Leonard still wants out there's all sorts rumblings around the NBA ahead of the draft let's stick in the league. And jumped in his sneaker deals. You ran distorted by some pumas are flat puma crunch time next on the fan. Pressure is on the preeminent. It's reestablish themselves get a big win technology mostly steel committee to know we're gonna go home and make sure that we take care risks that are humanness you know it's crunch time. A look at the hottest topic in sports right do you mind crunch fitness homers 995 Vermont so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Aggressor I'm writing my crime not is always done any photo and so I would ever pay more free gym membership I was out of the glorious housing gains this morning. I'm plastic man I'm tired. And lest they get to the final hour Stephen A Smith shares is not side now hitting on women and all the milk booties. Yep that happened theme is men on a roll right now is Manny is do you zag hidden outside of the sports world a fun fact for you on the World Cup in end. Some of the stuff as well let's get in the puma thing meld we actually talked about this a couple of times now. There's there's they ran a report that will come out we kind of chuckle we're in this kind of thing. And it's official now a puma. Is diving headfirst back in the group's region if you not see what's happen. They signs I hear Smith Marvin Bagley already in its two Pullman as they try and revamp their basketball brand. But the big one the big Evelyn is they landed the Andrei Eitan the projected number one overall pick in Thursday's NBA draft but they multimillion. Dollar footwear and apparel endorsement deal. And this is undergone big man Paloma with three big time players who wanted to draft in Jay-Z is apparently pulling mr. means. For puma. Get back in hoops JC so he's running roc nation. Sports management and then now he's running whom basketball's division. This is an existing 1 am wondering if people are gonna write about if there's a conflict of interest in caller. Are anything in regards to that age doesn't have a blame it does explain how he was able to get two of may be the top four picks in the draft to sign with Uma. Nike a Diaz. May be under armour. Who that health spot whom I had a chance and now getting the number one overall pick in the honorary Knight Knight I think this one is some. Puma is no stranger name BA but it's been an awfully long time 1998 since one years Vince Carter was with seven million have similar them and I have. No clue. What the hell their shoes are gonna look like an S three bring going to be good. Well it's interesting coomer has had somewhat of a resurgence in the last five years. Greeting from our goal I knew that they had signed one of the Jenner daughters to a deal a clothing apparel deal did Jenner doubters among Kylie or Kendall wow OK they also signed a Rihanna and they're trying to get a little bit more celebrity endorsements out there. Because they know that some of these celebrities have the poll in international countries China and Norway like armory in this article China nor will they said that they saw a 7% jump in sales in its women's category and when he sixteen after they brought Jenner on. So they're really trying to get big names and get celebrity endorsements back into the game because they think that's how they're gonna and baseball may sales as he does I. I don't I'm I think there we I think indeed as has done a really good job of that and I think Obama's Smart thinking that. The way social media is a me we to make fun of the cart bashing Lambeau like take the general Jenner sisters. I don't know what they do. But I gotta give miss they utilize what they have very brilliantly I think they said Kiley is gonna be a billionaire at some point pie and Qaeda and she is the one that has signed diploma and Kylie Jenner and Kylie Jenner so any the other one is a model and she's one of the highest paid models. In the modeling world so he's a millionaire I I know it's the make up line it's the in mr. Graham we can make fun of his but he is a Smart approach business wise to attach yourself to as many celebrities is you can win and you get the younger generation and I just. I can't wait to make fun of one of the issues because of these two players one of them at least is guaranteed to have a really ugly looking she do. And this is just stunning that the number one pick is gonna sign with a company that that realistically is not an involve a passed ball for twenty years he is. He's saying it's a cultural thing to see simplest pretty promises a non Phillies and they're pretty popular in the Bahamas have always seen the brand growing out bowl. As one of the first people I saw with a brand it's important to me that someone I identify with and admire as an athlete. As with the same brand Els is a descending about Rihanna basically say we have similar back stories. I see which she's doing from a creative standpoint. News oh as she's putting her stamp on the brand that's and in that appeals to me from a creative side eventually want to be a part of bringing the new style puma. To my people so he's saying it says you know I guy he connects with freon honey connects with the guys they use same bowl bring improvement in the mix I'll say this. Can it be any worse and under armour can be any worse than triple B. Well that's that's the out no it cannot. You know I just is under armour avenue like cooler exit is iiroc. The rock sells out not exist not for basketball I is for basketball now to step craze are made far aren't you know I think there on the fifth step curry shoot you still only remember the second one doesn't like your dad she right yet of the white ones away dash their three shoes removed from that you we have no idea what they look like they have any other big Coopers and an army you guys are more in tune with the basketball more than I am not bigger than staff Curtis Terry still I can think and I think indeed as is a prime example of a company who is really revitalize. Things both through hitting on the right athletes and hitting on containers. Entertainers he should be nice to become an only ninety guy just the way I was. But especially dame in the local angle like issues are awesome and I looked they've done a really good job a revamping how to their ugly as hell all sound. This is alerts are the they'll go Lou Google the new rulers there really are gathered pretty bad well number as these did little there. I sings a step by Danica I'm Doug the second that I've always said that about a deed is as they've done a great job not just focusing on the sports aspect. In May be able to do you like kind of a lifestyle brand bringing different musical artists offer Rowell. Has his own line with them now and that's kind of Nike Nike did them before dieters do. I don't wears Nike uses standard higher and I guess and it's a DMC both. Thank you know now he doesn't have to do this kind of stuff. Right but they've also dip their toes in this kind US and one of the more successful she sells where's he at now though will he went to Adidas but that's about contracts as how much money wanna be paid I'm just saying like it's not like indeed as has been exclusively the only brand to do that. I I I mean again I think any company that sees and understands the social media aspect. You're trying to reach the younger demographic. It's brilliant. Under armour by the way stepped curry Cam Newton speed. Mystique helped misty Copeland Clayton Kershaw TC price Carey Price in congress. Because of their Asher Clayton Kershaw as an armored guy and I believe the only one that why can't speak for speed I don't know about the golf line. Easily their most successful brand representation is the rock at midnight in close. What does he sells like T shirts no he does like his got his own L I don't apparel line and he's got shoes issues actually look like they're kind of comfortable to work out in. But thirty you know. When was neutral shoes that you can do a couple different things as positioning on his I'm not gonna bash it until I see what tissue looks like. On L I get my eyeballs on these things that they hold leopard or Jack are on this guy has put more humid here why are people really gonna go to diploma though. You got to start somewhere. They work for us but maybe they come Al cool shoes and beyond trade becomes a big. Rookie of the year in the NBA that all of a sudden new day volume in navy's people are by pumas. Honestly the last transcendent big man though for people Shaq. Root like kids wanted to be death. Dwight Howard at the beginning of his career you know Orlando now known. In China yes now that he. And it is so choose China right. DJ justice dismissed Dwight Howard like that. The planning of his career in Orlando. Nobody wanted to be Dwight Howard and people clearly would say say if you wanted to start a franchise who would you pick when he was in Orlando. Newly bottom. I had heard no one buys big man issues I guess that's my whole point I don't do literally that was what I just said I know last transcended big man by early Shaq didn't show issues are either tweets are not yet is Shaq Brandon snugly us last big man that kids would be like all I love Shaq you don't usually does that. Kids look up to a lot code from this horrible from. At a Shia comprise yemenite make him credit for that yeah not my dad Jim I would I would idiot but let's clarify Israel's five. The and it's an interest in money at three guys to Obama did top 34 picks in the draft in Bagley Aden it to be back to back this morning to pick as that there is gab but they're to have an ad campaign all over that draft is an extra commercials left and ride either gonna Wear BB Wear blue misstep. Go back and who is interest and stuff in the NBA. They last noting it do any follow the show's Stephen A Smith is you and say incident seeing things outside of the sports world. We do need to get to that at some point wining about realized Jurassic Park does anybody think that's a good idea because it sounds like it might happen. Either as a deer out there making fun of an athlete we have some baseball stuff to get to. And we'll keep you up to date on the Oregon State Washington situation is that game is still any lightning delay at Washington. I believe leads five to four over the score 54 or is it the bases loaded two outs and lightning came and dated to the top of the sixth inning so keep up to date. On not one not a final article and murdered Sprague on 1080 the fan.