Dirt & Sprague, Monday 6-18-18 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, June 18th
We talk about US Open, Phil's putting faux pas, Brooks Koepka wins, and dare we say...World Cup talk?

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. And. A live. Have my vote. This is a drive which edition of dirt and spray it brought you nicer way buildings and here's summer after a project and remodeling story online at SH YW a Y dot com dirt and sprayed on 1080 some breaking news they're both fair and don't see any it is time for dirt spring home. And any of them ran. Rain it's brilliant leader Johnson and didn't review on this. Month and a half. Mr. Gergen and headed on and probably Dylan and we're doing all right I efforts survive and we're doing out dad is still very it and or do a little bit better and the beavers I'll throw that out there right now organs stayed down to you know I think bottom of the third Washington with a runner on second and is still too out so they have potentially put three runs here. In the third inning organ sage is not playing really good baseball they lost its North Carolina so this is an elimination game for them. And that looks like it's gonna score another run so the Huskies are now up three to nothing on organ state. They are the home team in this match up long. Not ten not looking good right now for the beavers they could be two in done in the tournament as the biggest favorite to win the whole thing a member. We did this segment on Friday as a national championship or bust for them and I think most are in state fans are an agreement yet especially after last year the historic season things change at the end of the year but now you make him back everybody's playing. You wore the favorite Vegas to take on the title going into the tournament that this was set up for them perfectly. And I you know I'm not a huge College Baseball battle lodge but I do watch a college World Series when it comes around. Not going to talk about that organs AT on its gonna throw this out their dad did not look like Morgan State on Saturday or else blown away and I've I've watched the first ending and a half. And I couldn't believe it that it blew the ball all over the place pilot was hit guys it was. It was not set I had I'd only once in inning and a half I Dick is that given up lasting makes six and a half hours so I puree oddly checked back in to see if they had made any dents and you know to check in on the score but. That was that was painful to watch on Saturday. And they commit a lot of Ayers now they're just they're just hidden Bryce thermal all over they've got another single Washington has two runners on now with a guy at second. Someone does not have and is great stuff Heimlich did not pitch well at all. He was polls rather early so it not looking good right now as a coach is coming out to have a word. With animal. Let's let's sidestepped to something. And I am curious for for the for the men out there what did you get your data would did you get for Father's Day. Did you get any cool for Father's Day. I got some Jordan's. Yeah. Well yeah. I don't majorities in a long time that's not a bad little again at fathers' day he's got the heat honesty I've made a comment today as who set the building on fire with those Seattle Atlanta is back canister about an even notice you're wearing issues today okay channel analog Qaeda just senate thing I try to identify Metallica people I'm a guy that wears them because I like come not because I'm one of the people who say something right is kind of feel good view is that I feel awkward if somebody does randomly not just not you joke and say well sorry for the comments this morning red -- in church I I was watching out of the gym today and I was wearing them to -- and work in somebody's literally I've never seen stops and goes. When she knows I was like. You've gotten. Rob me and at the time right now basic issues I was like it is got a while ago you get beat me up to steal my shoes question could murder me actually formats you can look at you for Jordan at avid. Look at life they'll go all out and you can Xen lets your daughter is still on that much money to save up for some jordans and she probably did she went all I'll look at that she did it was I. I had a great day Hugo Vickers it never had yesterday did you go big for Mother's Day fur. 'cause that's a pretty big gift is it not you guys are gives people those shoes or at least a buck ninety. Will file size and outsourcing these angry telly as it would Primedia dignity and and I do retail get out but still that's a pretty sizable gift for a couple that doesn't do against that right up there no I was pretty cool that you guys are anti gifts people we do not like doing give and I need something just go get it is he sending a message what happened here now Gigot Mother's Day OK okay I'm pretty sure. Yeah I chicken Mother's Day and a island gutters and she really needed was in Jordan good though. You could see. It's a self cooling. Is I'll foam Tempur-Pedic how well. So what do you what that means is basically it's one of those it Moulds to your head so it's really firm chairs sounds good but it stays cool. Guarantee for like three years they went that's not. Cool not a pair jordans and the price tag debate I guarantee I was in the same explanation yet of the life no it's really cool CA it's at the bulls your head and everything if it's it's time -- tell you jerks try to diminish if that she quite I mean there is close and then there's Jordan now was it Tempur-Pedic well it was it's a knock off Branagh and and and an ally today I'd pay a lot of money for a grand colonial for the you know mocha managers should listen rhino has expense really -- she never listens to the radio show it would it was ultimately never listens to the radio show that's not a bad Father's Day for him like golfed and then got a home in Naimi brunch so being drunk and getting home and eating brunch was perfectly and I sort of brunch that's more drinks. And it was nice of bunch kids got a big water fight I've passed out on the couch for about an hour woke up and it was thunder and lightning out blame no idea what happened. Muscle thunderstorm right when you wake up. A big one that was actually finite we will ides I took the dad and then now future brother in law and future father of the four of us would played some golf yesterday in and you being the ten K well just get everybody involved bringing families together no big deal somebody's got to do it and yeah we wouldn't play golf and we had the same things that we we tee off credibility after news has been a slow around. Hi yesterday too dear lord the humidity was bad the afternoon to morning tee time was the best decision out of his way to go because I was gassed lock NET halls and we got off the course we literally went to her played over he's the ball and we sat down on the patio. TE birdied outside and we looked up and it was like wait a minute what is are we end are we in Kansas right now are we in Nebraska what is happening. And like five minutes later it felt like a tornado was hitting the golf course we had to go eat inside does that kind of feel like it's been that the last three or four days here where it's nice but then there's is overcast it hangs on my day but I got to today tale that's why it's so humid I now which I don't mind sometimes as tough fight to have some humidity every now and then. Granted I don't work outside so it's easy for me is say that share people who work outside probably despise comments like that yes but it makes you feel like you're in a different climate for a couple of days Canada Seattle as we usually get back at a more dry heat in the summer it's not it's not quite as stick. I feel like I'm in North Carolina right now why is I can't think it I didn't see one weather report that predicted we have a random thunderstorm key. It's a mild weather guys it's a pretty good job those guys have to not be right yeah to not be right is often as they sticker came out was seriously sounds familiar if it. I know GO. Yeah dude with your hot today you can joke out of sports on our updates in the game's tied not to knock them before his update was old from Washington's up to nothing I didn't nearest or correction the real fake news over here in years gore correctional and Mike Leach all right let's find out what's on tap for today show. What's growing I'm not page to be told by McCain to be crying there's a lot of scoring and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Ford by intelligent brewing company anymore and has the green so I'm Jenny yeah. On tap Roger in the idyllic and brewing company board meets online at pelican during dot com. There's a strain laughing at stuff repeated today. It's about firm and its value and its value life and I don't I'm not gonna read over the air and just elect connected to pops up. We'll play it. Well unless there's medication involved kind sir you are interact with low blades. We got a good show today. A lot of topics to get to. Sometimes you get a big event you'll kind of bring it back as you know the crowd at 2 o'clock is not NASA the crowd at twelve fair. We may do that today or we may not this may be like. Here's this now let's go to the next thing here's that was go to the next thing move on from one segments of the next we will get to Phil Mickelson we will get in the US so bin. I do want to discuss Mexico. They had the last week you know anybody. Well. Unless you're talking about cages. There was they cause an earthquake. From a win against Germany that they did and I'm also tired of being told that I need to read from Mexico. Oh that's like all over the place now on I'm getting kind of tired and don't wanna read for our I don't follow us aren't as another American brother and yourself. There is not our biggest rival. Defined rivals misunderstand me on this one is in Mexico and USA like him a heated. Revelry I think just because of geographic reasons but as far as talent goes that's novel is like and I. And I'd say and now obviously out in US Sox they can make a darn tournament but OK let me challenge you when was the last time a huge Mexico USA soccer match occurred do you know I'd. I'm I don't want soccer so OK but you would no longer sash. He can't pin high when they play all the time and that. CONCACAF thing right now I hear a word about it as a thing. We'll get your NFL went around. I do wanna talk about Cam Newton as he was involved in the Monday Morning Quarterback article when he was seen online yelling at a kid. I kid got two home. It was quite funny actually Apple's thin skinned. I'll give you acquire Leonard update. Uma making a strong comeback Casey you know reached out we're tired of watching you not win a major we're gonna go a different way and try to get some edicts and going to championship no despray reverse jinx is alive and well off without one. I think it was just a straight Jeanne setting the user first Jason history jinx. So we'll talk a little rob Uma Mike Leach really stepped it over the weekend Washington State had to release a statement. We will get to some baseball stuff see he's Nash is a red hot in the Seattle mayor's had a split against Boston. And we'll give you an organ state baseball update again a little later on in this game TU let you know where they stand. So that's what's on tap today show it's brought to you by telling him brewing company were on tour actor and spray at Peter Johnson and operate in Sprague. Coming up next. Phil Mickelson showed Saturday why so many people have bad misconceptions of golf. Yet dirt and sprayed on 1080 the fan. This is ultra edition of dirt and sprayed because you guys are rebuilding the answer until maybe Australia me. Aren't colors light involved questions of the game. With certain spring make sure you go and I get the Coors Light rewards XP apple put on your phone. Any twelve and eighteen packs and she'd go get ciskei and it you earn points. And you get rewarded in one of the greatest ways sports thing can with great prizes. So the Coors Light XP. App lyrical questions today actor and Sprague and I struggled to come up with a lot today but I thought I narrowed down to pretty decent poll questions the first one this is something we may or may have to may or may not talk about today but I just wanted to ask. What politician would you be most embarrassed to lose a one on one basketball game to dole George Washington X. So it's hard to come up with like four options and I tried to make sure it was left and right you can't just do all one side. So the don't know Jimmy Kimmel played Ted Cruz sitting in a basketball when he lost to a clinic on the blob fish and Rodney called at least they look like a blob Fisher something he'd integrys beat Michael Levin and I and I was like that's kind of embarrassing to lose one relegated to criticize that what politicians are up there. So your options are Ted Cruz Donald Trump Bernie Sanders or Joseph Biden are the for the you can vote on. So far Bernie Sanders leading the way I voted Bernie you've voted birdie on yeah you don't birdie puts a shot style as you say Bernie tell he's the type I got a distant camps out around the baseline with every at that were on the baseline around the wings like so smooth from gas Venus has the shot down the road like is that I think I'm never there in the ladder the primary season their videos again not that's what he would do like he did the same like Obama tradition re had to put up shots before or three. Re election result came and if I played Bernie Sanders and healing got a shot off towards a new U I realize Paris you realize dollars and 72. Yeah AAR guy yeah okay and I'm not so I'm not telling you trumps weigh in all of them in that regard but I voted Sanders here out of me of someone trans got the shin splints that idea that's the last yourself as a good easy win Soria you don't open gym which guy leaves you more embarrassed when he scores on you and pick up game a guy that looks just like Bernie Sanders or guy in the low post like Donald Trump. Drugs like what six foot. These 62 I don't know how big he's not a small guy right got a ways that we can does have surround but he could be you know alteration dad dad back you down. Rice is is caboose birdied eight birdies do anything and now I'm looking around going to have to sub me out now he's got to go to China are now. I'm also surprised taker is only a 6% or maybe it's 'cause he'd just be Jimmy Kimmel I would think more people would vote for Ted Cruz she's the younger ones of the group it probably like okay life. After Saturday fund a little melon and the other one as a will start stadium probably Phil Mickelson pudding is Paula it was still looming. No calmed down or yes he should have been disqualified 78% of people so far as saying calm down Francis okay. So there's accords like pull questions of the day and that's organist stars with Phil Mickelson. Who if you miss this on the thirteenth hole on Saturday it was sitting a bogey putt. And he hits the pied rolls right past the hole as did everybody else's putt on that day. And he kind of walks towards where is fall's gonna eventually stopped and any randomly just starts jogging towards the ball and smooth jog on the green he puts the putter down the ball is still rolling in as is still rolling Sedin hits it again. It rolls towards the hole it goes just on the lip of the cup doesn't go in admirals past. And everybody had two of them are basing this live releasing the video had to have just been like. Exactly it's what just happened but it's going on I'd never seen a pro athlete do that but he did do it it was a two stroke penalty. He didn't finish very well all at the US open no new cut and a and this in my opinion. Has now sent the golfing world into a frenzy. And this is why people. Have this bad misconception of the sport of golf. Is the reaction you're seeing from the Phil Mickelson. What the hell is he doing putt while still moving shot. It. And the reactions of a lot of people have been bad. The oval with a lot of sports opinions and topics to get people fired up I I usually tend to take the approach. The truth is somewhere in the middle. And that's how I feel about what's Phil Mickelson did this weekend. I like you was shocked when it happened I didn't see lives and I had a group chat that leg blew up I was outside doing yard work. And I'm like what is that it does geez he feels easy so easy but what is going on tight around inside. This is trying to see what happened and yeah I think we're shocked because eat you don't see it it has happened before so Nichols is not the first got to do this. But it's not sign it happens on a yearly basis especially a major tournament I can tell you for a million dollars through what I think most golf people there's probably one or two examples from from if you know far enough back of this happening before. But to leave a trip to somewhere in the middle like if you have a sticks so far you're re Iran that you can't. Just kind of chocolate this and say wow that was that was pretty crazy and move on. I think you need to look at the mere but I also don't think there's there is I think you oversimplified if you just say that's funny. That's kind of what I do and I golf I've been we've all been there before right. But so Mickelson should not have done that that that's something that ad is such a major championship B shouldn't have the ball. Rolling on the green in the chase after it put it back to the hole. That's not an ideal outcome on hold but I'm not getting get my aide Danny so far a bunch and lose my mind about it well here's Brandel Chamblee who is a not a guy that's afraid of giving his opinion on players and what he thinks. And I representations of the game of golf this was his thought on what field it. They'll be kids trying to go do this so called them Nichols this will catch on you know he has that kind of input. There's no video or Palmer Bobby Jones or Ben Hogan's check and coach there's no video any great player. There are doing it in until. Thought he was clever he was trying to say arms mortar and everybody else and a few up it's about why. You need to cut you know that tango smile appeared shall. It was predictable. Actually predict. That tango smile as gears Andy North is pretty reserved guy a lot of emotion Andy North on what fill that. It wasn't funny it was disappointing for the millions of play people out there that enjoy this game that watch that. I would think that they're disappointed and why well this is one of the guys is a legend in our game. And if if that's how we wants to run out his career I don't think. You'd have done that at the masters where he's won three times lineup because he wouldn't do that there. I think he has enough respect for them. I I think there was crazy and it's this is on the grid to short game player players of the world if that ball rolls off the green you don't think he's got some kind of chance and maybe get it back up and end. Disappointed. It is sub one not running a Mac. Dis little here's fills explanation of why the hell did he do that. I don't the rules it's two shot penalty hitting removing all the balls gonna go off and a bad spot I didn't feel like on continuing my display and I ticked gladly take two shot penalty move on I don't I don't mean to disrespect will be taking it that way that's not VM sorry you're taking it that way it's certainly not meant that way but it's sometimes in this in these situations it's just easier to take the two shots and long I've wanted to do that many times I should've done it a couple of times at Augusta on fifteen when the ball was years ago would go off into the hazard that would have saved me a shot to back and that's. Look I just. Wanted to move on the next hole and and finish that went up so you know if you need it to I'll gladly take that that the two shot penalty and and go to the next all of I guess that's good. That's the part of it though dad I'll he's he's defending I mean what does it my first I'm not buying it and I don't think he and he shouldn't have said that. First I don't think in his in that moment. So you get out but why does he do it than if he does because he was set up and he was pissed at the golf course and he didn't wanna go all the way back down McGill behind the bunker re already had to chip out from it was 100%. Eight year reaction out of frustration and anger I don't seen laughing right after he tactic I it wasn't I don't think it was he'd he'd putted it realized it was federal off the green and as the balls moving he thinks it is said. Oates the Smart strategic play here is to run out for the ball happened back to the hole and taken to a two stroke penalty. I'm not buying that they I think I think it would have been better received if he just simply would have said. Like this golf course was on playable today we had. Everybody was outraged about the condition and I think if you went with the I was just test and I was tired and I tip wanna go out and any more I think that may be the responses and is vague but when you use it as like a strategic point. I knew what I was still I just wanted to take a two stroke Kelly and I thought the debt that's mobbed by and that I think industry group reacted out of frustration. We've known each other awhile you know that I like to golf I golfed this weekend I I just enjoy being out there writing it's a great relaxing thing to do for four. I got this weekend. I got this week it was a horrible weekend for the sport of golf I really do. I walked away and I come into work Monday and I'm thinking about all the stuff we're talking about Phil Mickelson. We're talking about Zach Johnson's comments were talking about how the course played he no we're not talking about. One of the more boring athletes in pro sports some Brooks kept guy who by the way we will get to. Not in this segment just don't worry we'll get to Brooks kept yet. I thought this weekend. Golf person. This is when you need to recognize why so many people are not playing the sport anymore. And you need to lighten up a little bit what Phil did was not right. Wasn't if we development course. If you'd eventually get made fun of but in the moment and be no different than when you. Going to hit a second shot right after you change your runup to eagle hated his hardy king juppe is. Nobody would talk do you address that hole event plot to blow up that guys a little angry right and I had moments like that I everybody's had a moment of frustration on the course. But he he's aware it's two stroke penalty. She made a decision that was dumb but he gets penalized for it. So this all those kids are gonna go if you miss okay there's there are all I think Randall sham Lee introduced flash for you Biden. And I just not know the whole narrative and story lines from the US open. Golf had a bad weekend this was not a good look for the sport of golf and I wish people would really pick up on that. And understand it we can talk about how great the course is because it's challenging I like that. But that's not what the golfers want to talk about. They wanted dead to bitch and moan about how hard it is all it's so tough why only earned 600000 dollars this week in because the course was so tough. Way to relate to people. And then he gets Phil Mickelson being the story line. You drilling Zach Johnson. I've got this is a really bad week in a golf I know you probably disagree to a certain extent that's fine. What do you think what did you think of what Phil did five by deal buys at pantex sign. Outlook talk about adding it to Brooks kept next the first Joseph with a sports update. This is a draft weekend edition of students who are. The rock you guys are way out here and there on 1080 I but. Imagine there's a great review on 1080 fans. We're talking about the Phil Mickelson. The putts after the putt from college of that movie that's the name of it some putts. How many people what we did you. Oh loss Chamblee was saying that kids are gonna start call at the Nichols Amanda Nichols or intellectual and Mickelson listener did a really good point at the syntax like this is out of touch Brandel Chamblee is kids are gonna start do we all already do this Brandel well it's like I did not golf with average -- read we all do this week it is. I think I had to Wear these as there I just I've rolled the putt pass an early on his tee and I give this new grab it. Well what kids A are playing golf willingly it seems like all parents that have kids at play golf mix their kids play golf very young age may be a few out liars. But what kids sitting there watching the US open Mike what age. A kid is actually sitting at home parks in the US open now knowing Kobe throwing things and trash can and not trying to do Nicholson. Apparatus. Just dumping all of golf right now I'm not I did I see that love me some golf I just thought it was I think you walk away. Tearful and I just think it's a bad weekend for golf I really do I know it's the topic of conversation so you combine in the back any publicity is good publicity insurer. But what what do we know we know the obvious that golf. Memberships golf participation. It's down as is that's a universal conversation that's been going on now for 45 years. It's dropped and people texting in a news is good dominant openly. You are in the minority here as just a reality of the sports landscape. I like golf I appreciate that however the majors I enjoyed watching people struggle at the US open in. But I just thought the complaining. I thought the Phil Mickelson reaction that it's not a good move but he got paralyzed for heat forward B. Took what was come until it was the most predictable headlines for every writer to get on their high horse and right. Phil Mickelson should quit the US so it was only a matter of time needed Erica and Saturday night Ian O'Connor he discussed in the immediate headline he should disqualify. Myself if he respects the game of golf I was I think it's a representation of the winner himself and you know it's not as silly fare is a hell of a golfer but. He's boring Brooks Capcom is boring and he is not a part of the conversation is his. Was it a fair condition for a golfers what did you think of Phil Mickelson that's what you walk away from a. Must I investors him Bruce kept gay is he's a phenomenal golfer he won the US open lies seriously Scott back to back templates and I'm pretty elite company to win multiple US opens before the age of thirty that's that's a pretty short list of guys have done it so. I I don't like to. It as this as a tennis for I don't like to. Not give somebody the credit or the attention just because they're boring. Tim Duncan was boring but he's one of its not the best power forward in the history of the game. We all appreciated what he brought it didn't matter if his post game interviews for entertaining or not. You could still sit there and appreciate what he was doing so I hope Brooks capping just as the lowest rated NBA finals of all sure sure but if as if you're a fan of sport can you not a knowledge and appreciate how good Tim Duncan is right my domestic Brooks kept has got to bring in the fringe and who doesn't usually watch golf is tiger was not many guys you banning of DJ knows at this point now so it and where where I will draw the line separately from you is I agree 100% winds. The golfers complain there are not many things that bother me more about the game balls that when you see these headlines the entire week in in fact I thought it was a really bad moment for the US GA. To your all the complaints Saturday exited the pin placements in tough spots the wind blew that it expected the blow. And the course was on playable for basically everybody on Saturday. They are so many complaints especially firm respectable guys like Zach Johnson. That they over adjusted they watered the course down and it became key he only got the at a guy closely to 62 yeah I definitely wouldn't carries I was 77 under and so I think over credited too much they caved down to the pressure I didn't like gap because you can't control. The elements of the golf course the same of the more in a way you can in the afternoon alone and I thought I kind of screw the guys atop the leaderboard. Were playing later in the day because you got to Tommy Fleetwood almost came out of nowhere and won because yen earlier tee time. So I didn't like the way they handled that and I don't like when golfers complain you're all dealing with the same elements. We have had multiple US opens wins and they were talking about on the broadcast guys in the seventies. One at seven over par as the US open a guy one of five over par just ten years ago. Boris or thirteen years ago he had back to back US opens with guys at like four over and five old for winning. And back to back tournaments we seen this both things are never yeses and as usual this is the US open it's usually not this tough yes the course was on playable on Saturday but you know what else some of these guys did get bad shots. Dustin Johnson putted terribly on Saturday and Sunday and he wasn't one of the guys that I heard vocal lead complaining about it but. But that's right John align those because I did get upset with all the guys complaining but I did think it was a really compelling US open. You did not a lot of big names make the cut which always sucks tiger and speeds and Fowler and perhaps how he made it led to a battle right. Some of those guys that hang around for the weekend and that's always unfortunate but as somebody who loves golf and loves watching these guys struggle early tough courses. Seeing them try navigated. Especially on the weekend was it was enjoyable for me. And our. I thought you had some drama with Dustin Johnson number one player in the world taking a four shot lead in the weekend we all thought it was all for a longer on the air Friday Kennedy DJ is gonna run away with this thing. It collapse the first six holes on Saturday he did so kind of wrote divac Dan Brooks kept us you follow golf you know how good he is he won the US open last year. You had a couple guys the random mix on the back nine so I thought it was a compelling tournament. But I would see on the reaction from the commentators is ridiculous and the reaction from the golfers everybody's face the same conditions buckle up and go. Please yell I am I I can Pena can speak on course set up were hole placement is and should they watered the greens more going and OK fine. The one thing I did kind of find laughable was people can bringing up wind. How does the USG account for wind. Cow what was really would be awfully K okay what would caved in to different locked away in the right right there's only so much that is in your control when you're sitting up of course because that there was one I think it was the thirteenth hole that the closest somebody got like landing a ball on the green button all day no matter where there were coming from the closest somebody got was a forty feet away from the pin while. Yeah and Pena lesson I remember chambers as I went to chambers and then you saw the reaction from chambers it wasn't as loud. But like chambers it was a thing to everybody reacting I can't believe how bad this course it's dry out AM thank. Can we just go to the US open next year an all know that the course is probably going to kick your ass. Going to examine Italian if you play better than everybody else on a really tough course. So be in if you played poorly just just go home on your private chatting get ready for the next tournament that yeah that is all I'm asking here's Brooks kept got. Who doesn't really have a lot to say ever. But he wins back to back US opens first time that's happened since Curtis Strange did it. In 8889. A really cool moment for him seeing hugging his dad giving his girlfriend to kiss. Here is him. In the his post round and his thoughts and his feelings on winning back to back US opens. I mean I was so Virginia. To be honest with the I think it's. It's much more gratifying the second time I can really appreciate. How hard it is to win a major and in the you don't win back to back this special and you know my second majors. His school. You know withers and we'll probably know a few more. Brooks Capcom may get you in May interest you but we have to admit something. He's got real Tim Duncan like qualities to him does he not the eyes is coli Leonard. He yeah he could win multiple. Or me your won multiple he could win more majors. Then to. And I think we ought to agree. Then listen in to oppose round not as something ominously wanna watch he became like just a but it ended presented brokers are Joseph he is is the fourth golfer since World War II. To win two US opens before turning thirty the only other are tiger Ernie Els and Jack Nicklaus is that among those he just seems there wasn't one of those guys coming in it was that a Jonah I don't know again it was a non price up from the yes it is about that yeah so drugs. Yap kind of a peculiar Fella like Q how does that you'll get the green jacket if he ever wins the masters. Our school and feels nice now the eighth when he's like I was so excited he I'm so excited immaterial. You say Tim we haven't had very thrilling personalities when the majors so Fred this year we can acknowledge that paddy read in Brooks Capcom aren't. Things with caddie read on national TV while ago lovable villain. It daddy you have to love hate relationship to patty read Fisher Google represented USA media trash soccer too on the Ryder Cup team. And then you also kind of don't like him when it's non Ryder Cup season he just kinda has that that feel about him so at least with him. Yeah he may not be the most. They even have the best speaker out there are the most personality but he got kind of that aura of lovable villain. You want him but she also don't like it's Andre Allen as an Olympic fast ball player if you going Golan talked guest on the country's. During the season I guess you shut your mouth when you're playing ninety exactly exactly so the US open. Brooks Capcom winds at how Shockley that he won a by the way if not judge anyone last year Emily in a Friday. If Alison Brooks kept guys get again and again I just like where he was sacked going into the weekend but I don't think he was that far off so if you would have told me was gonna went on Friday. I would've said first what's what happened DJ. And bad to me is based DJ collapsed another major he's classy Jay was terrible this weekend I have like five tees and spoke. IA immediately ended the way you started on Saturday the first 67 holes and end the pudding just a I can't even remember it count how many putts he left short on Saturday. Real quickly. His four shot 36 hole lead matched the largest in US open history by a player who failed to win. Nine young so after the Thursday Friday around yeah matched the worst. That was bad yeah player who -- to -- says Dustin Johnson talks dislike it is not just the way he talks though and DJE get the Paulina package with DJ should these days not a good interviewer did not personality he just has a back story that people now because he was he did some -- can be -- people's lives and he's married to a Gretzky and right there's a lot of elements to that wrecked and we don't know that much about Brooks kept got other than Joseph buck's route up. His girlfriend situation last year. Remember it Africa on about that now some Brooks kept going to the US open hey let's go to the World Cup I know golf and soccer to start the show we did have submitted Texan that segments in what is any of this have to do with the World Cup. I thought there was a really cool story line over the weekend dirt didn't like kids. And it also caused one of the best fan reactions we've ever seen. That's an extra spring on the fan yeah. This could. Tradition of dirt then spray your breath you guys are way building center. Coming up an hour. Why Leonard update. Really cool thing happened over the weekend. Mexico. The Germany in the World Cup. Jimmy catch any of that now as your eyes now town. Yet they they be Germany one nil. Yes amusing soccer terms now in the matches get mad John it was a good match and they come out on top against Germany stunning everybody yeah. And it was sold celebrated. In Mexico. That they said when the fans are celebrating the goal I think it was in the thirtieth or so minute okay decently early in the game yeah when they were celebrating. It caused an earthquake. How they went Seattle seahawk twelve celebrating the bees quake member when Marshawn Lynch ran off that run on New Orleans now hold mind. Yet they were celebrating so hearted that claimed that they caused a little bit of a tremor well Mexico and their fans. They do the same thing celebrate a goal and that's pretty kickass. I did not watch much this game I had to I told people trial let's get anymore glued into the US open this weekend match and out side match com and little helping out here now that the US open is done last idols bibles start trying to delve a little more to the World Cup as we continued to advance a little betting owns up to one on Tunisia I think gathering gusting winds gonna be Tunisia and some not to had Tunisia action. This was cool though that they they cousin or Craig and it shows how much some of these countries really care about it. I do have a problem lol with being asked to route from Mexico that's the only thing that I don't quite understand. I think that's kind of when he need parts about this broke up as a no team USA we can all choose who we want to root for. It's like growing up in his city without a like growing up in Portland there's no NFL team here you can choose your free tickle you may pick whoever you want we're not forced root for the hometown team like the blazers and can't wait to think for forty years. So we're kind of free to do and that the Mexico one is just confusing to me because they're supposed to be arrival. And I why do you keep saying that because they all are we know that for shatter a fact of soccer tennis accident I help me out as suspects are. Arrival lay it did you not see the hot water that Landon Donovan got an over this thing is wearing a Mexico surely it will get out your whole like Wells Fargo root for Mexico saying what's wrong with that USA is not in the World Cup the responses to actually told me all I needed to know from soccer guy this is not acceptable is Twitter soccer guy different than real soccer and now. It's Twitter I didn't know there is like far more sensitive and reality isn't it. He's the de Mexico I get it. I thought it was a cool thing so I Tex then Landon Donovan did it on the chin huge Mexico's a huge rattle huge. Rival aren't. Let us for a we do this segment of the giants to make the LB policies must poster for the Dodgers now is that the little world are we living in my problem was saying yeah fans rooting for Red Sox fan OK fair enough but my problem with using that analogy is. You play the Dodgers almost twenty times a season I think we led Mexico all the time I feel like they're always doing friendlies with Mexico every still counts for anything and don't friendlies all that it's a friendly thing and I don't know about that is friendly games Mike is in the studio Mike is kind of soccer guy and Joe's talking easier off -- did you shut up and Mikey do come to the microphone real quick and settle something for the microphone Mike because he's he's a newer soccer guy Mike used I think is somewhat newer I felt like was always soccer bro and it isn't he's not lifelong soccer bro non soccer bros since the 2014 world say yeah so I sucked me in hardcore a -- she says okay cell. Is Mexico. And a huge rival for USA. Mel. Thank you. Because they're going Brandon that doesn't better as a matter. That's true of all it does not matter I I just defended you as well as the lakers blazers thing right blazers and the lakers have the biggest rival Walt on lakers don't Laker fans only care com. I think there is a robbery because there we lakers here. By the way are you know now Mexico nobody knows better and so that it again assistance of Bosnia that may be more hardcore soccer fan listening to show knows better than I but in my four years of soccer fan them. We are anti democratic. I think you have deeper soccer Berlin for the us. I don't think. I don't think within the dominance of one team or another affects the drama Rican and I don't either they can affect the intrigue in the round arranger but it doesn't this twice right in Washington organ organ state sure but it doesn't affect the hatred of the sand base for said other team. Right but I see also what he's saying that you flip it. Where the lakers are our rivals the lakers probably so when this less is their shirt didn't miss USA Mexico example yes Mexico is our arrive global we are not Mexico's rival if that's the analogy that you wanna use because we're not as good as Mexico. So we would be the blazers and an example he summit between two basically all of CONCACAF is our rival yeah that's a copycat thing we all the wood plays is old geographical robberies and that's not CONCACAF health Canada Knoll. These a year eerie acted up we are up on this microphone might you know again I pressed a little lucky this is a known fact. Act of soccer that USA and Mexico arrivals that's all that I'm saying and I find it weird that we're being told the root for a rival in the World Cup. I think we're jest you doling them upsetting Germany was a cool thing as saying it was a cool. You got a very nice with you guys are gonna. Our guest but it's like rooting for your conference to do good in the bowl games shirt all Larry you know pretty good analogy jog so Washington Auburn football game this year you're not gonna root for Washington that you would aid knowledge it's good for the conference of him to win this. It's a good for the country to have breakfast and I I don't know that you you haven't really explained how this all breaks down but that's okay. I'm gonna see the team's Mexico France Germany one nil. Me pull off an upset and Mexico celebrates so much that they cause an earthquake I thought that was cool you don't see got a lot spore looks like it's basically North America essential America. And south American soccer. Cool that's on American continent yet dasher. And follow us over here I can't put any other some World Cup conversation for you we hate Isaak tells aren't like Mexico were not sure how much we're not. Who has been critical of the day cousin earthquake zone that I like desperate like there's not many fan bases that can claim that. That's pretty kickass is Landon Donovan apologized or is he sticking to that. Had a releases stayed on him told you don't have to release a statement by the well he did those people forget after you gotta release a statement and for everything these days again this. She did something so he said he that was the whole ads saying he sent out this big tweet so he had to send out a note. Leg long and okay picture somebody sent me. Follow my ideas today went to better explain my participation in the world's spiritual World Cup campaign to begin with a bull my heart bleeds red white and blue Millen should ever question my allegiance and support to you as a that being said and we Dario and allegiance to Macs are apparently many jumped over the border having grown Lebanese Los Angeles playing with Mexican teammates whose passion for football inspired me a very young age as well is was some team down there. I always have had a strong connection and respect for our neighbor since the US sadly is not participating I am supportive of our CONCACAF. Rivals. But like dessert even says it. Rattles would like to see them do well with others disagree that is their prerogative. Sunday's game back down. Good for him a's route from exco aren't we are a good second hour and a breaking into the basketball scene yet again Cam Newton looks a little kid get to lamb. We got an update on coli Leonard but let's start hour two of their NFL with around their spring back with more important sports leader 1080 the fan.