Dirt & Sprague Friday September 22nd, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, September 22nd

The guys chat with former Arkansas and Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt, now and analyst for CBS College Football, as they take a look at key games outside the Pac-12 this weekend, plus they preview the Ducks-Sun Devils duel in the desert, and what is taking MLB teams so long to add more safety netting around home plate.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Durbin spray gun Flint mall Friday on 1080 goes. And we autumn wind is up pirates. And blustering in from season. We'll rollicking song it's. Swaggering voice. Football Friday additional burdens. Very driven by aggression Chrysler dodge Jeep rammed the for the lowest prices on cars and trucks on the east side of Portland visit dodging crashing dot com Gretchen I think dodge Jeep ram a short drive from anywhere. Third and sprayed onto Canadian coast and OK welcome inside an hour during this break back here from Portland sports leader 1080 the fan if you missed any of our one. Check the news at ten need to be in dot com less Schwab tires podcasts. We talked about a football lot of football ought to it's gonna be all day today yeah we have a loaded second hour but we're actually gonna start it we never had a one before so let's let's bring imam for the first time Houston not former college football coach and now CBS sports network analyst. He's joining us now coach good to have you on in Portland I wanna start would this. Coach of the year in college football a ton of success in Arkansas. Boise stayed old man is how many people ask you more about being on movie blind side and having seen the Sandra Bullock. I. You know there's always a conversation today comes up about that that was the that was a fun time. At wooly you gotta give his deeds what's it like to work with Sandra Bullock can be within five feet over. Well I say what she was so good this really humble and very helpful would try to help all. The coaches and who. Who seek to Clinton had a lick and she was a great coach and she's really good that they we enjoyed our they had probably eighty. About thirty minutes it all rounder. But Suu Kyi was cut special privileges beautiful in the class act. You know you won a year when this goes UNC went to Oklahoma State plates was forced their football and basketball and they got a big one this weekend hosting TCU in and I gotta say I'm a little surprised by the spread of nimble teams three NL. This Fred's thirteen and a half in favor of Oklahoma State does that seem a little big for him what are your thoughts on that match of the big twelve. You know what does. I'm. I'm course I'm well want to Oklahoma State court there are so. Makes Rudolph. Page just been outstanding I mean didn't build the cold war in the accuracy in the way he's getting the ball. Yet but when Mike went to Pittsburgh. In Vegas from the first quarter orders went up and have a feel it more receivers over a hundred York's. You know you can't help but you know you wanna watch these gaps and I'm I'm really anxious to see now how they're going to do. This is really their their first test are really and truly believe it's their first that's where there actually. They're they're ballplayer he worked Gary Patterson will come out about an inch steel war in try to take away their best place. And so I'm anxiously into this this this turns out but. It just looks like you go. It landed up against opponents in the post or their national workers. And it makes screwed up on the watch and then start a war battle those receivers watched just to seal the tailback he'll take not. You know we're talking with Houston not CBS sports network college football analyst you can catch him throughout the season. On inside college football CBS sports network Alabama takes on Vanderbilt tomorrow. For the SEC game of the week on CBS coverage begins at 12 o'clock our time and he's on Twitter at CBS coach tonight. You know something I wanted to address was sapping him of Vanderbilt game and a lot of people are pointing out to the SEC minus Alabama there seems to be. I don't something amiss with the SEC what would you pinpoint is a problem right now in the SEC conference. If you look at the last couple years it's it's it's about to me about quarterback play really good down. Patenting least this animal in a while and and eat crow liked these younger quarterbacks will take a another step out. Take a decent start out Jordan it's hurt in theaters Jack Jack Sloan. Won't he comes and handed it does a good job even on the road it's over saint but they're young. You know Bentley. Was going strong but he loses a Samuel people wanted to swept that. You know that really gets in the you've got like epic really stretched the field but when you look at orders that Tennessee Georgia. You know they're there seems like. You know use your mission your dismissal that haven't playmakers start at quarterback. But one bit about the SEC news is that these a couple of irons and the quickness the F criticism has always been good. You know I'm one of Massey could certainly talked lullaby yes it was the Nebraska situation where they fire there AD and a lot of people kind of connect him to Mike Riley because that was the big hire that he made in and kind of put his flag in the ground. Open that rally was going to be the wanted to kept that program to not to new heights but. You hate it now it feels like he's going to be on the out it feels like he's coaching for his job every single week what's that like amenable when you're in that situation you know earlier on the hot seat you know every win is so important the administration's look at matchup is that how hard is that I guess that. Put all that out your money just trying coach a football team on Saturday. Yeah its very core very typical because you know the world that oriented social media bought radio and everything. It you know can tell you gotta have tremendous focus and you know Richard there. Two coats that he'd. Bet that your also responsibility and so you got to close that door get him in a room. You got to forget about the outside in the west is in the woods is going to get louder there's only one dose of Venice in the dose of medicine is winning you have to win. And socially it's a tough situation very tough I see we discovered a landmark where you are you aren't an athletic director in September. We we sing coaches get fired in the middle of the year but now I see you're heaven and BAT's and so other I don't know I don't know were locally is this gonna help Nebraska. I don't know but I know what does put a lot more pressure now my take. And we all know what a great many years but that's that. Patrick helped job. Now how does a Brett how is Nebraska viewed right now to you by other coaches like is it is it one of those top ten jobs. Know that this seems like there's been listen you know of these. Ask let us as of the athletes. Of course played at Oklahoma State up played in order total almost eight sucker. Real big with. Perhaps because the rest of wore us now in and it won't forget the audience. We were coming up deal that you grow they were clapping as we went into the end zone. Clap and force like you know Pletcher power in. You know here's Clapton Brigitte you don't look at us but you don't even you don't see that. You don't seem to ask let us as a matter anymore so most coaches don't like it's much much different than in year's class has a ways ago. And it's all about recruit you you've got to get athletes in there and done and he had to be approved. Recruit outside of your state of Nebraska. Now you know one of the teams they played a non conference and laws to his organ and an organ fans are pretty fired up but the start of their team and they were on your network. I hear last week it was a big win over Wyoming and Josh Allen really struggled three weeks Italy tiger's three and on other Golan to. Conference play what's kind of the ceiling I mean if things aligned for the ducks how far can this team go this year. Our elected go a long. Way you know it's very early in the order are off to a good store there's nothing like winning you know when you start to believe you believe and also you're keen. Haven't felt like you know what we can achieved. In its bad attitude and that's what winning does and it is such fine line between winning and losing there's some teams are so right there and you look at a year that could easily be three you know what now there there would courier won in -- and so when you look at organ there ought to such a good start. Coast hackers got beaten really good about it seems is one game but it legal question that you -- eight the next game but that's the truth you gotta take one game at a that particular business and the team that makes accused mistakes and win that hurdle more easily going to be the winner. You know we're talking with former college football coach and now college football analyst for CBS sports network. Houston knocking judge him on inside college football on CBS sports networks bandy bam I get it on CBS. At 12 o'clock. Kind of a two part question for you won how does Houston died. View the pac twelve from wherever you're at and two is the East Coast biased real. You all always and also respect for the pac twelve and Corzine had a it's unfortunate privilege plainly that USC team went. Pete Carroll was run the show Matt Matt Leinart Reggie Bush it's all rules unbelievable at least may they ran out of town that would that one day. Ten dame coach you know murmuring. So we had to try to forget about like that but yet if there was one that was worse than that. Yeah. I yeah. It would it would step up. I didn't shorts are supposed do and a 25 year. Anniversary of the all SEC the best SEC games of course they had put it this week even their don't want a word in there and did so look they typically keep some of those went it did we don't we have become so well placate also. Anyway it didn't work out but it would get back course I haven't lost respect course when I look at Stanford in the last you know 6789 years late date recruited how hard they played physical up. Organ. You know you go from uniforms the speed cougar. All the big candy they were. In years past. USC. And saying you know he's such tradition. And it looks like Ulysses and really coming back now and so I do have a have booked a lot of respect. The thing about it EC is you know in the years past news about a were there are stopped seven national change which one they're in a row. You know that's where you know it's horde. No not to say SEC's best I don't think the FCC constraint that out and they were mormons now so when you look at it each. Remember coach and again it's Tim Donovan called open were to overhaul labor coats pulp and Steve Spurrier Altman were. That's a portable they would not in Indian Mark Richt even though he was now a member of outstanding coach is left against her obese more will must champs. Jim mach one and they're good young coaches. But it's four laps around a track in just. You know experience. You know there's that that's a big such a bitch you know step compared to what what we have now. And they'll eventually get there could not but there are great programs. But you were just got there yet. You know you get early on here in the season coach couple of things at them forties surprise me some wins and in losses and I didn't see kind of what. Three weeks into the season what what I guess storyline or outcome has surprised you the most so far. Number one was that mr. estate LSU. I was really surprised about that won't because really misty state. We're out physical Ellis you've always thought relish use would be the most physical team to go up to one of these salons that release Crosby. You know he they. They graduated back press guide him in you know couple years back here comes the next guy. There's mixed which Gerald. In the heat looks outstanding debt rose present the other ones describes things Oklahoma. Oklahoma goes to Ohio State and it what just a year ago were Ohio state of the doubt you'll ignore. Nag you to one year later. Baker made so coaxed into Columbus, Ohio in and out mean. Put on a show. That really that surprised me in Doug the lack of offense. Ohio State. So. Just bat and of course eternal watch all these gains from east to west and that would be in its present when you look at Korda in Tennessee just the other day last week and it it. That was and you'll want the art of course record and also advocate shootout in the port. Now you don't what are what is the last three months kind of been like for you personally at the glossy thing and in the Hugh freeze kind of timeless have been like for you personally. Yes yes didn't you don't wanna go back in in. Start beginning you know I just wanted my made clear they kept. Use and money. Were at the majority of violations can ease the majority of most almost played them in London that I didn't have one notes of our age and so. That wasn't true that really hurt me when you're settlement sideline. Learned in your veins popping up in the thousands and thousands of Oracle's tweaked reach we should. Blog at pecos it just goes that is so. Orange got tired opened great lowered and Tom marsh. And really you know these troops under and in the routine mount pocono but that's not what we. You know had no intentions of ever heard no news or trying to bring increased them at what vodka and at all and we weren't looking that. The way things happened is as specious it's amazing how that happened but they picture question. After a little bit. Vindicated when you look at all the facts now until much better. You know galaxy anybody loser job come down. But it this will the truth that's what the truth out there. You know Houston a former college football coach current college football analyst for CBS. Sports network catch him throughout the season inside college football on CBS sports network. And their game ban of Vanderbilt on CBS kicking off at new ending catch coach not on Twitter at CBS coach Knight. Hey coach we've enjoyed the conversation we'd love to catch up lead on the run of the season. We ya good stuff Houston not CBS sports network yet he played I think you'll forget with the whole he'll freeze him think that when Downey was the he was the pivotal part of that that's how they found attacks it was his closet yeah Palestinians on medicine and ended up be India and the ten year if you freeze settlements and and stammer is governed from the red dragon is named to the law they were saying he was the one that started all the shady behavior and he wanted to file lawsuits are now when many no doubt about it's a good stuff from him when to talk with him as the season progresses let's talk about these laid a college football TCU Oklahoma State. And in Calgary USC a we Bryant cal bears enough to beat the trojans that's next on offense. We'll get into the obvious move that one league needs to. Correct and they're still debating if they should I don't understand it especially given what's happened. I wanna get to. A couple other stories as well there's one that's. It's laughable. But it's it's circulating about the chargers. And Joseph Thomas educates all of us I love Joseph Thomas Joseph Thomas is a solid glow he is fantastic in the of course will get to spray line CR titans. And what we will get the organ Arizona State team here fifteen minutes but what I what the other slate of games in Nyack College football. And there's three games some kind of circling for myself here OK because I think we got back to back kind of crappy weekend in college but yeah I mean from a national perspective this is not a great rather easily to match ups of ranks top 25 team is one of them is what it is to be Satan is an estate in Georgia so we find out if either one of homes for real and they got that TCU Oklahoma City I'm minimize one that's that's the biggest game of the weekend to me up its with the Oklahoma State you can hear right here on the fan dish oh yes she can't that. Read your email Sprague I just said they knew that jerk. Gil runner in that game is 76 and a half. Or know that one is 72 and sorry. If the owner of those teams are both averaging 49 and 56 day car. But when TCU play it was at Arkansas they beat them the only quality opponent that they had in the non conference that wasn't like they rang up topping one was at 27. That I was what eight to seven's they scored 63 on Jacksonville State 56 on SNU. So let's see how they ferry in some big 12 team I am excited about it because I think. TCU was a great defensive team in Oklahoma State's a great offensive team it's one of those traditional matchups and nobody's been able to stop the cowboys so far and here comes Gary Patterson and his defense that it's it's a fun matchup to watch one how far does an Oklahoma State beat down go. Our media and they win that game by a sizable margin and they're supposed to have been a double digits at their thirteen half point favorites up against the number sixteen ranked team in the country's everybody loves them they think they're gonna won by two touchdowns. If they do I think their vaunted. May be ahead of USC. I mean Obama is a top five minute you're at that point were. That to me is a more quality when at least at this point there because we see Stanford lose the the beds are stamper looks as we can I guess but. USC's right there at five Oklahoma State's at six and they put a beat down on TCI would be surprised they jump into the top five you know it would make me nervous from TCU fan. Any mail. Kenny trailed playing quarterback makes me nervous in this it's always a concern because that he's really good against Arkansas they show his numbers against Arkansas and realize he can be great key light sum up M. And then another games he I don't know he gets in these weird Fung's where he can't do much if it's just one of those guys that when he's on any offense is in a rhythm on he he is extremely difficult to stop and that's the beauty of having a quarterback like that but the downside is you're right I mean he gets in those rods he could speak. Turn the ball over with the best album and these are the situations I think quarterbacks like that get really tested now to be fair. Three weeks into the season he's Gatti touchdowns and two picks yeah a good ratio we as a draw the ball over a lob that you look at that when. Against Arkansas he would do much I had a 166 passing yards threw a pick that was it. No touchdown passes in 35 yards on the ground so. Against their quality opponent and the wind that they had it was the defense that held Arkansas down that's why TCU won that ballgame. And and for them to win this weekend Kenny hill cannot be. The turnover machine that we see industry is 23 career receptions that's a lot. Forgot it's bounced around a dead and if he gets turnover happy they're they have no chance of winning its oil and it's still so early in the year. But man I love how locked in Oklahoma State as this year. They came in as a dark course I like him in a playoff. And they have just they've looked lights out this is a good opportunity for them I think to not only the more conference for them yeah. But to show more people in the country that don't buy it yet are right they are they are for this is that this is a great defensive test is no doubt about it that this reminds me and you know he's had some of those years there in Stillwater where they have often you know the brand and we years for example where they'd roll 5060 points up on a regular basis. But they were they were always a team it felt like had that one game they couldn't get through even a brand and we year where they were playing for a title towards the end. When a city loss at Iowa State and then you know late November typing game they would of glory I think they would have been in a championship ring would have been undefeated that year yet they have been in the title game if they did lose that ball game tripped up I want to find what year but they tripped up late in the season and and that was it so. I think it's one of those seasons for them where you just got to avoid a ball game like that a TC get at home I think it would be a lot. More skeptics if they had to go on the road to play this ball game you get him at home and her squirm like sixty points a game right now so that. Widespread words that can cal beat USC now. Can keep it close. It's a sixteen and asked point spread that's what I wanna see I don't know. Now. I'm worried about this game because it feels like a lot of people are going the way of cow and thinking cal three you know the right behind the round home. That would always worries me because then seemed Arnold comes out and throws five touchdowns and Richard. That's my thinking is this is a testing and I don't know I'd bet that spread though. Ole Ole miss mated to shoot out cal got the win but Ole miss was able to. Move around and put points on the board so. So the question is can towel. Did into a shoot out which USC. Whose defense when their focus is significantly more formidable than all mrs. Also banged up a little bit bus tree and that might help cow. But I I just I don't know what to make an acting in my a lot of people are right in this. How keeps it close momentum and I I get why they have been fun to watch three you know they had two wins and nobody saw a company in North Carolina all men like USC against Stanford is like. Back to your mind like really heavy stepped it up and say it's a different level tests for them Howard USC's minds are at this is this is the curious you know when it was time to go with Stanford they were all in and dialed in and then. I think it's just for you other banged up a little bit but. Let's I've Texas a little credit Herman is getting the underdog role I am with you though I don't know where they're at Texas says horses to stack up a lot of teams in the country defensively they play great that was a surprise for this town on Latino com and and you know I think that was it was the first Solana the coliseum and a long time that was a big huge game for Texas coming off their loss to Maryland and that was there. Let's try and you know. Announced Texas football's backs they gave everything they had the USC. I just I'm higher on US ceded some I think there at the kind of team especially against inferior opponents. The didn't even need to bring their a game naked kind of stumbled through a first half for a you know two and a half quarters. And sell and up winning a ballgame by seventeen points and it stuck because I see that spread hitting exactly on the note yes but that's you know a 38 when he won kind of game is what I am a seventeen you cover you went out if you bet USC in the in the points. Agree this is what I've been thinking too. The revenge factor for old Justin Wilcox. Don't kid yourself you don't think he was hit us by how things went down at USC with him and so are you for sure was. The fact how opportunity as a transit on the field into my team I don't know what is to come out of the better game plan because he's pissed. A literally dial it in this week. I think they all got manifests itself is if it's the you know they come up was special stuff that goes if in other kicking off if he goes for an onside kick to start the gamer you'd easy way out would be ball you start to see him. You know little trick plays third you know things that we haven't seen for the first three weeks then I think that that's you know from a coach's standpoint. This means something to him you know beyond. Just what's at stake on the field. The other Aspin's able diners got a remembered that the look ahead factor but I always believe that in college football a USC's out Washington State next week are you overlooking cal after you barely beat Texas no I don't I'm not saying you are but -- I do think that plays in a little -- they're on a short week drop in the police on Friday night -- com and video we're in the -- -- is it -- in the blues so it's a short week against a top twenty team the next week there there is always that factor for me if -- -- one -- away from the ducks going in to -- to try and beat the sun doubles but are we overlooking. Arizona State. Within that next. At 135 out of Friday welcome back and they're straight here on the sand but I really wanna cocktail man. Isn't that kind of led the drink I've I'm not into it today. But not mentally engaged in the show notre alive and I'm really into the show that during commercial breaks and prior to show I'm just not into it and you were showing media there isn't a video that's going viral today and then Kevin Love makes thank Kevin Malone lines to Graham there's a video of like six black kids they're like probably 78 years old there a line in there there's a camera face annulment each kid takes attorney does like a dapper Indians. And then there's a white kid in the back and avenged seats is turn. Any dislike it puts his hands and we hear this season doesn't really zoo it's it's a Ricky Bobby and want to do my hands right now and the caption is Kevin Love try to fit in with the cap. He commented on and says Alex about right access at sums it up this. A baseball is slow to make adjustments we'll talk about that. Coming up top of the hour also get in cement a tells us the story lines the National Football League. Are the chargers moving back to San Diego about that story line today and then meciar to tighten suggesting game. Talk about it is well in the final hour before we win some money at 230 would our boy. Kevin sub led would be Willie Taggart era of packed full plate officially begins this weekend and a pretty sizable spread as they go on the road. Take on Arizona's stayed you most sites ICM and about fourteen and a half point favorites. Over the sun doubles the over under is extremely high and this game couple of offences they can score. And a move the ball pretty well 75 and a half that's what I'm seeing right now. A for the over under and in this and other itching tests are mainly on the defense this side of the ball odd that there is. Zero chance I think Arizona State slows down organ they have nine now they have one of the worst defense in the conference and that speaks for itself she's the Tex Texas Tech and problems Texas Tech scored 52 on them. Saudi organs going to be able to score a lot of points but the one that you can't say about Arizona State in their quarterback as well as they have a good offense many Wilkens is avenue Goodyear I saw the stat this week I think he's one completion away. From setting the B program record for consecutive attempts without an interception he's got nine touchdowns no picks this year. Are controllable from 350 yards per game so. It's another fun test to see how the organ secondary can stack up against a guy they can release sling it who I think has a ton more weapons around in the Josh Allen did last. Weakened and here's an interesting noted to keep in mind too you mentioned the big spread this is the biggest underdog at home a issue is then. Since 2005. When they were sixteen and half point dogs to USC. They covered the spread by the way just in boosting little lag gambling nugget I'm with you mean this is all about organs defense right there's there's no other way to look at it. On Arizona State's offense put up 45 points last weekend they lost we I mean. Texas tech's defense is terrible to their defense is worse than tax and then. I don't know organs offense we it is what it is they're averaging 56 points per game this year there when I scoring teams in college football. Grant their opponents haven't been the best but I don't think that they issued defense is going to be able to slow it down so it's just a matter of cosmic turnover. Or getting Dow up one stop I really do buy into it it's not about getting. Six to seven stops it's about trying to get the one stop where this gain is not suddenly so back and forth maybe you can get to two score lead. And I wanna know what you organ defense is going to do they're getting a lot of love right now and deservedly so. But he just wonder. Following that performance from last season and the second half against Nebraska. Our data and Arizona say state team away from all of us going. That's trying. I had stats and I I remember them and I think it's a concern. I still like organ in this matchup I think acting they're gonna. You'll be able to out score a issue. But if mama duck fan I mean I'm legit a little worried about this one just from the perspective of going so back and forth with that issue offense. Like anyone I continue to build confidence for the young team and I think you become not give up you know say 42 points he when you know fifty to 42 or something along those lines I think that that sign the ball's gonna lose confidence because they've been building. Other played well in the first half against Nebraska and I still tip my cap to their second half against Nebraska. Even on the cannot begin of the two quick touchdowns which made a fourteen point game the people don't realize after that. Bidding given the test until there was like two and half minutes left and in the fourth quarters they had to play out over a quarter a football. Without being a fourteen point game the offense not helping them out they are able to force turnovers Dusan thanks. I and then last week and Josh Allen does now meaning around him beat in play great but still. Outside of the organ turn overs and end miscues. Wiley didn't do leading on offense or in hand and then thirteen points with a drop on the Herbert troubled shipment ban. And any drug take in the second half which ultimately led to their field also. All thirteen points were correlated coming off of turnovers so they're building confidence as the season goes on but this will be I think their toughest test. On that side of the ball and into the reason why I was confident organ coming into the year getting to say eight wins that was an expectation. Was because of what you're mentioning is just a fact that they're gonna be about score people that even if the defense does have a bad game. Let's look at thing about these stats for a second heiress Arizona State's defense is here. There are eleven to the conference are giving up over 500 yards per game. They're twelve yards per play they're giving up almost seven yards per play and that's the balls down almost a first down her plate thing about pets they're giving up 338. Passing yards per game that's eleventh worst in the pac twelve. And they're giving up a 170 yards on the ground that's ninth worsen the pack or obese the worst team and who's third of them gathered out. It's important states why does he do gimme these dogs and I'm blown away I'm big and they're only eleven so who is worse than them right now OK on let me go back to a total rushing defense. The worst in the conference. Is UCLA ironically UCLA is giving up 275 yards per game whenever they NM gain in first or state is tenth in the conference other one behind Arizona State. And passing defense. Oregon State's is wait for its load. Your -- worst in pass defense efficiency efficiency yes they're giving up 286 yards per game Arizona State and calorie giving up more cruel and you know here's the other part of this dirt I don't know how you feel maybe go cocky. Confident ducks fan or just look at that spread fourteen seems about what they win by I don't like the fourteen and a half piloted at 531. Yes and they are on those well Heidi maybe it's even higher maybe it's a fifty a forty something you know I had just. I don't like the more than two touchdowns. Because it is impressive is the duck defense has been compared to where they were last year. Like you mentioned many Wilkins is a different animal the kid can sling it any runs it. You know the running game which is somewhat struggled for them a little bit with K mobilized they wanna get that going I believe they can. And I I think gaze she's going to be open appoint some not really like in the fourteen and a half. Yeah it'll be another fun test this is a group that's building confidence it's a fan base that's regaining confidence and you know that all goes out the window with one escape to win one loss like this so it's all about continuing to build and they have that chance through the next two weeks there is on a state. And cal a couple of and not great defense is if you will see they keep it up one other note on his game by the way I didn't realize this and then Intel I read this that echoes like I had sounds right. Orange won ten straight over Arizona State. Only one of those games was within single digits will how many of those games deer with Ericsson and Oz while earns like this is yeah. And and they got blown out in ten straight wins in that matchup so we talked a lot about the in the washing one and ended last year the organ state one minute last year. One winning streak that actually continued last year was their winning streak over Arizona State all the one thing there was gonna take themselves about what during his losing streak. Two years ago you should've beaten a Dachshund Byrne announced they should have yet that was a remarkably lucky yeah like incredible play by Adams on that last of the craziest games I've ever seen ya that was really tackled after dark and somebody text or less is not have another one like that two years ago -- we'll see if they keep history go and Oregon and Arizona State Pak told after dark. The ducks are gonna take advantage of a bad Arizona State defense another good test for the Oregon defense secede they can continue to build. Some confidence. Baseball they're usually slow to adapt and that's the case once again Christiane is next on 1080 the pressure's on. Just was different. There's just executing crunch time it was prelim heat win this greatest feeling in the world when you lose that's the lowest thing. While its current stunt or look at the hottest topics in sports. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Should Anchorage Matthew thank crunch fitness and always none and he had a month so why would you ever pay more free gym memberships Sprague was out of the glorious dozen games this morning that. You this I was a five's 10 AMP I'll responsible I was sound asleep. But probably the Smart move that's probably also while I have any energy and they are the chargers. Going back to San Diego. I know Bob but this is incredibly. Laughable to me okay thank about that coming up at eleven minutes also what goes into Iran play. I'll promise you its interest. Do that coming up. Top of the hour don't produce sprayed line at 230 with our boy Kevin novel and some money. Betting on the weekend they really scary sight yet today in Major League Baseball you missed it there was a situation as the twins and yankees played. A young fan who isn't a tendency Yankee Stadium with their grandparents. Was hit by a slicing line drive that was traveling approximately a 105 miles per hour. That are in the face she went down. Paramedics had to come. And take care for the game was delayed for about five minutes Todd Frazier Matt Holliday were seen crying on the field during the situation. Frazier was the one educated and I he talked after the game. And EC Tug on a shaken up he was he sick what it was terrible shaken up. Oh she's all right it's sending a wish never happened it was tough tough to watch have to be part of to be honest and this is again highlighted the Major League Baseball stands. On netting at there. Fields because the Yankees are one of the clubs who do not have netting that extends to the end of the dugout. Now if you remember a couple of years back Major League Baseball came out with a set of recommendations saying at the netting should reach the N double dug outs again. It was a recommendation. Not a requirement and there are only currently eleven ball clubs that have this. And this kind of netting would've probably save this girl from beginning hit she looked like she is about what two years old. I have been three or my radio three a very young kid I got hit in the face hundredth time opera Arlen drive because teams don't want to extend and adding. And I I I just I'm dumbfounded by this approach is still debating whether they should or not like not every team in the league wants to get onboard with this palm. I saw a quote from one of the teams and I'm blanking on right now but I saw this morning on the MLB network. Yeah we're still not sure if we wanna do that are not. He waiting for. I know it's one person right deal reaction part of it I'd get all that led. It is Italy is should only take one person especially a little kid like that that wants to go to the game wants to take in enjoys going to the ballpark with the parents. You should only need one example a duck it's not a big deal to add more netting they do this in Korea and in Japan all the time. They've they've all added netting or they do the like the hockey walls right they have that up. Think it's not a hard thing to do and it really doesn't screw the game up at all even when you're sitting there. 'cause I've I've snuck down and a mayor game and sat right behind home plate with a net there. See everything just fine it's not that big of a deal. Not a big deal at all and an hockey actually went to this secular or how long ago I don't know if you remember this why don't stop your head but there was a young friend that died in a hockey or how long ago that was. Say somewhere between ten to fifteen years I don't think glass and and there was a pocket went into the ended you know they always say you know head on a single window like the upper back yeah I would give him out of nowhere amen they extended their netting a little bit because of that but a young fan died because she was hit in the head with the puck and at a hockey game and that's the last thing that you want to see happen in a sporting event. Bomb that the teams at how does extend and adding. The cardinals the pirates the Mets the Phillies the Braves the nationals Astros. Rangers royals twins and Red Sox are the ones out with netting in place right now that goes to the end of the dugout. Eleven of the teams and there are some teams that have announced after this incident that they will be extending it the reds came out the Padres the Mariner's. And the Rockies all came out in the aftermath of this incident and said we will to be extending our netting. In the offseason going into next year so these were were making steps to me. It I'm with you I'd it is. Unthinkable that he would be willing to do this just for the safety of fans and the only thing that I can think of is they think it's gonna drive down the value of tickets or there's rich season ticket holders. Demanding it there's no netting in front of their seat which doesn't make any sense because I would I would down. I just giants in last Unita hooked up with tickets front roll up right behind the on deck circle basically necks of the dugout and it was in the netting portion of AT&T park. There's no difference if you're that close you're that close and ending in net front view is not gonna change your view. At all well the mayor Angel game that I went to a few weeks back when we did this seahawk show and I stayed up there we win it's to a Mary game. I was in the club just on the first base side so they would hit a ball we could easily grab Gator it would come right out us. There was actually one of the angels hitters. Hit it. Going towards a third base side and it was a screaming line drives scary and I haven't cooled down and luckily it like bounced off one of the steps. But that was even a circumstance where. The whole stadium responds and you hear the gas. And then as soon as the senators like I can play an especially it is an age of society where I think we have a lot of folks. Com. That don't pay attention and this is the nature of us and indeed amid the governor did or other gain on their phones or do when they're talking of the people. And that's kind of a ball games are like any kind of employer that's a big and it's a base in August August casual viewing it's not nonstop action there's going to be times for your having a conversation with the person next year may be looking down your full are all guilty of doing it from time to time it sporting events and I think that is. That adds to the increase of of need for the nets that you have people that may be at times are not paying attention to what's going on. Or god forbid a young girl it's four years old three years old. Of course she's not gonna have arise on the play the entire time or have the reaction or the instinct to get out of the way of a 105 on our line drive in. It was a nice icing and saying it's about expenses of a putting in the net. CI cost that team got it cost that much added advertised ten now saying III on his hitting it comes down to the this year that maybe the value of those tickets go down but again as are mentioning. The tickets behind home plate where there is netting those are some of the most expense casinos are the most expensive aren't they are in the IOC people saying on nine season tickets on the third baseline no longer wanna sit here because there's and added. On even take the net as an example when they phallic back right behind the umpire people still react as if there's not a net. And then their reminding quickly once the flames and like as I say god that that's their my head what do gone and it's it's still a natural reaction I remember. HBO real sports entities on this a year ago. And it needs this win in depth on all the injuries that actually happened a ball games nobody talks about. And they showed this lady another lady of and a gentleman and these were individuals that altered line drives today and it's of the knack like they had to go to the hospital in serious injuries which I am and then they showed all the international baseball teams and how they all have netting. Going all the way down the line where they have via an out of figured out the glass with the walls it's it it's not a hard thing to solve. I'm glad to see the Mariners were part of one of the teams Esteban he had you know what we're actually do this to. The rest this should be mandated it's ridiculous drop to fifteen so about half the league after this season haven't hopefully more folks. I'll follow I I'd just as a guided doesn't go to a lot of baseball games I chose to spend money and sit on the third or first base line. It made me feel better. Paying a high price for tickets like that knowing. I'm okay somebody's screams wanna me and nobody I don't care how good of NASA ER you're not catching a hundred time on our line drive now. I don't have a place reminder yeah you would get hit with temple and go down lights out nobody wants cents a minutes of the NHL put it netting hasn't impacted their ticket prices at all. I exiles like this and Sony's that I played Miley baseball for years or tell Matt Wise came to begin a major she was sitting right on an actress and who wasn't paying attention for a full nine days after his guilty we all do it based on games so again and seems already had it in place. For more adding it if you miss this series scene from New York on the guys were visibly shaking you know anybody to go through that. The young girl was hit in the head by a 105 on our line drive that it release any details. Under specific case or father came out. And said it's hard to tell she's doing all right keeper in your thoughts Oakley she's gonna be okay. And hopefully our team's policy because it doesn't make any damn sense crest abducted by crunch fitness. Always night and if not a month so why would you ever pay more free gym. Membership you can find out more about restraint and I worked out at crunch dot com lots to get to any final hour of our radio show we got to spread the linemen some money coming up at the bottom of the hour with terribly Kevin time. That Seattle Tennessee game I'm really excited to see who ends up one and out ball game order CI fans expecting especially after watching the niners to a date in on offense last night. Are the chargers going back to San Diego that's a common story line today and what goes into a running play in the NFL I promise suggesting look at final article in order spray on 1080 the fan.