Dirt & Sprague Friday September 22nd, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, September 22nd

Dirt & Sprague fear the world might end this weekend, wonder if Jared Goff is actually starting to become the franchise QB the Rams were hoping for, and the Washington Huskies will get their first test this year facing the Colorado Buffaloes, will they pass with ease?


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's time for an injection as they say in tents and tell them. This is an. Friday edition. Dirt and sprayed they had pride they have talent. They had not been to Asia Durbin spray it and she would bulls Friday. Driven by crashing Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. The lowest prices on cars and tracks on the east side of Portland is that dodge impression dot com progression I think does he ran a short drive from anywhere students. Raved on 1080 so soon. All right in his 1202. In the rose city it is time for dirt and spring up Portland sports leader 1080 the fan brand in spring alongside him and leader Johnson for our football Friday addition. And actually. I have some of us. Growth and additional breaking news today yeah we do we have breaking news pretty big announcement here this is actually going to be our last show. That's right liberal designing this weekend September 23 the world's fish notices. Only got to get run it was find me getting on a high note today I see. I'm you know what I'm sorry it is said that on Jose for there was like 832 period in my mind right Todd and I missed the memo didn't get fired. They'll be fired radio you don't do a show does that mean I can just go home and surgery can right now like to I have to work the next three hours. Now no that's not how it works now to have an elegantly got to fill out the rest of the show there is any Miller goes out and says Andy is no longer with intercom Portland we don't get a good bye we mutually parted ways I didn't wanna leave it. A story that I kind of and another and other guys predicting the end of the world that at one point somebody's got to get it right somebody will hit the body's getting hit I just out of the here odds have been out there I know like November 20. 100 in ten now there has get an astronomical odds but at some point. Somebody's got to get right yes so there's. A guy named David Meade David need. Media need a. A Christian numero Raleigh just and self described researcher self described researcher. He says September 23 is foretold in the Bible's book of revelation. It would to reinsert it and he is saying that the 23 of September deep. Because the planets align with stars or something and there were well and and here's a funny part. So they looked into this guy because they want and we is. He says he studied astronomy at an unspecified. University in can tuck in Kentucky and I trusted they know what they're doing in Kentucky absolutely. And wind called upon by a radio producer in the midwest for an interview. He said I can't this week I'm open next week. And I'm not kidding you put a video out it's got three million views. So if you ever wonder where stupid comes from. I'll do the interview next week wade is in the world could end on Saturday are you gonna be around doing interview and he's on Tuesday and then works perfect for me I also we are its first 2000 yet on the somebody's in what camp -- -- and on Sunday so I can at least enjoy the weekend great point if the world's gonna end it might as will be on all night and on Monday let me watch football he would make all weekend yet to make it through Sunday night in the next would have the Robinson Marlys Mike Riley won't get fired as truth and he's got back on form he will be the last guy when the aliens dig up the archives it was say last head coach for football for Nebraska was Mike rightly generally get what these people like our. What do they get well one we're talking about him well that's true but he's a laughingstock he knows he's a laughing stock like the last wasn't Oregon and California that. Like Harold camping a wanna see is named why did that like three different time he was like forty was trying to go it was apple for three and he'd come back every five years or so and say the world's gonna end in a month yet he. He did it so he was on that Catholic radio station yours it was bumper stickers Ali or Catholic 88 point three year would have gone yeah oh yeah he was a big talker on that station. And he was a one that actually really upset people in the Catholic Church. Like I know family that are Catholic. They didn't like him because he would do stuff like that again it just makes us look joke it's laughable but we yeah we knew predict the end of the world that nothing happens you look kind of stupid it so bad percent to 2012 stuff that guy he ended up dying early committing suicide I swear algae die a -- -- was like 88 because he was holding Wendell for foreign and he does he kind of just slipped off into the business he was a big old he guided 88 at. LA's people every once in awhile they throw on out there and a good luck to you may be the role ends on Saturday in the jokes on Oz she's not literally data out there. We predict that breaking news at their Sprague on Twitter yeah. What would today be one of what what random number would you come up I think we give ourselves better odds of hitting it the leader we go. So I'm kind of think in like the twenty. Fifty to sixty range at you so yeah yeah I'll give you there yet that's a that's a decent number of years as honest Twitter is still around people can dig up that we find it. Well how old would we be at that point. Let's say 2060. I'm really got a math that's a 43 years about yeah. Yes 43. About B seven BIB 73 ranked yes there were three the early 7071 a B seven via three somewhere around there yes. Good lord I don't know if I wanna go that early regulator. Comedian in my life yet again again it'd been seven is an animal kqed in the world command yeah these get made like 75 that's a decent age he lived the good life he experienced Social Security for ten years you don't. Well look I mean yes would she get out of it this is what you get out of it people talk about yet and now David Meade who didn't go to college in Kentucky but is claiming that he did. Is now looked upon as may be a guru by some delays at of apparently is some folks are saying that he changed his position just to simply say the world will end as we know it. So he's big he's always backtrack is already Jackson is testing the world's gonna end it's good and as we know. Sell whatever that means. That's let's get grappling you've had other people that studied the Bible come out and go do this can actually read the Bible. Stance was this happened when nobody's expecting it to happen in that I miss those passages that I missed that that to add a chapter in the Bible day years supposedly not supposed to be able to predict when it's gonna happen exactly. So you know David -- look shout out to you if you get it right I just hope you're wrong someone wants college football this week I also loved the dig its regular lines reduces spray is a better chance predicting the end of the world leaders making it right college football peck well hang on a Friday wearing comfortable with the forwards we don't make prints in the final hour of the show hopefully we're better than predicting the end of the world I do have one complaint before I tell you what's coming up on the old radio program today okay what negative. I went against a guy that had done Todd Gurley last night and he got 37 point nine points that's rough that's rough and a drought that's not a good way to start your fans in football weekend no I was the first time I've ever faced a guy that had a player go off like that is one of those animal I've always locked down I've never been against the person that has that player is a perfect weekend and look touchdowns hundred yards it's weird because they didn't look at the opponent match up I didn't look at my fantasy roster anything and last night watching the early going ago. I don't know why but I feel I think I'm going against has him. Open it up assures serves Rain Man right there that's actually good glad to reject like that have anybody go last night I just got to make sure down and I'm not going against Todd Gurley. That's always whenever you have those beacons that cream hot is that way in the opener for the chief I guess 4045 but he randomly started thank god I didn't knock against him. Yet that's the worst part about it about forty points and our fans in league with. My game still 00 still got a chance here you're lucky I'm projected to lose this weekend an idea how somebody hangs a forty spot on he would one player you're done there is zero chance you when this weekend that's not true there is zero chance this happened last year I was right line with you right now that you'll lose your fans to vote on matchup. Well that's just a negative way to put it to some looking for another da I'm what is right a lot of talent right now but know this happened lashed remember there was a player that had a really good game and he went like forty points in listeners can help with this. And there were people texting in saying that they had that player. And they still lost their fantasy match up well they must there must have been another performance like that no that same weekend the rest their lineup went to crap. That's that's the risk of fantasy football my man couple of people already tennesseans a leader going against a guided sat Sammy Watkins or they themselves sat Sammy Lockett boy how's that feel the saudis announced that he's play against regards the result of plaguing us again assembled Watkins and early. That's brutal wolf why would she said both. Rough laying we have two players like that you always take that chance that one of the mogul off now locked ins is not going to be the points think early got nobody had a great performance. Two touchdowns over Ryder yards receiving if you play both those guys you can mean that's that's ballgame right there unity did you sit the rest your lineup on Sunday conceive you can have it out so gone fantasy nerd -- a little bit last night on the victim of tiger released three touchdowns hundred yard night happens the rest of us yes yes it does but hey we got a good show today for our football Friday. We got Houston not on the show. The used enough. The man who filed a lawsuit against Ole miss the man who won allotted Arkansas Boise State coach Ole miss coach. Michelle CBS sports network and Ellis at 1 o'clock. So excited tucked in college football with him. I do wanna get into the Jared got stuff if you would so obliged I would love to talk about your job Washington Colorado pretty big pac twelve matchup this week and Huskies undefeated Vegas thinks they're too score favorites over the bumps. Is our is Colorado not getting enough respect would dive into that. I TCU Oklahoma State pretty big match of this week and how we US CQ nick how bears. Pull an upset against USC nobody's given him a chance. And then of course we'll also talk or gay and Arizona State. Of course baseball is. They're really not wanting to we evolve the way he should in one regard this is this is battling down to rich people that ticks me off yet this is I mean this is stupidity to me and it's really a no brainer. We'll get to that C ox tighten we have talked much about that match up and of course we've got to spring delighted. I'm going to Reno this weekend get a call you're one NA Unita did ya know I have not had a good starts of the year I told somebody lending officer I was 188 on my spring line takes. And they had them of these face I've ever seen like well. She uses what's wrong with like somebody gave me he's heard flavored lemon years I was there like you gave me credit yesterday for taking heed to the NFL talent seriously might take seriously I'll give you credit for this. You can get kicked at the edge of blitz week after we constraint in the line your confidence never waivers what did I mean that's a part of that he's not accused of black people down in the building he talked gambling in your confidence every single week he's gonna go three you know let me repeat we come back and it's oh and three or what into it but the same confidence is there the next Friday circles. Full disclosure dirt I didn't really talk before the show we're not like mad. We just senator desk and it was deathly quiet just kind of silence I don't know what mailer hired zoned out I don't know what it was we just didn't talk. But did some deals came to our our work area and I started talking about Nixon who they're taking into one goal in ways. And that's funny you said nick as you were sitting they're just taking it calling on tap this guy does this guy it was he was one to ask me let's relentless he's like no dobbs this is we need to on this week at an Italian one innate trust my fixed on the difficult things he was spray line is my record's not good in that. I'm still down 75 dollars for the year though I've hit on a couple I don't play last week down seventy five's not bad juju I've been much worse situation and on your whole month for dear life we need a good week as we are karma back up the road maybe a year ago aren't as French aren't onto her actor and spray at Peter Johnson apparatus very too simple questions that I we have to pull questions Zdeno that you ask we first we'll start Jared gobs because he played well last night some people got a low high and mighty offered his performance that we asked will Jared dot BA franchise quarterback the National Football League. Yuppies improving rapidly or no assembly and the other one big game and back till this weekend Washington in Colorado couple of undefeated teams. We ask who's gonna win Huskies at Buffalo's they ego and I wanna start there are you ready and Peter Johnson to back track your opinion on Jerryd gosh now. And how about those two teams given us the best Thursday night football game we've ever seen. How about that one yet certain Sprague football Friday on 1080 the fan. They ran ourselves quite a Thursday night football game. Great game man and we concluded yesterday can that was too bad teams that's one of the best there is and I can have overseen I can't think of a better one. I came ending on that rivaled that one. Yes scoring he had some. Decent defense a place like Aaron Donald was a beast and Donald is a monster. You had incredible play makers out there Jerryd goth look goods Shanahan and the rams trying to throw that one away to they fumbled the kick up they get an onside tell about that right yet the fumble and did you have the onside kick which by the way that might have been one of the best onside kicks I've ever sent it was a phenomenal onside kicked it right off the ground goes way in the air and it goes about fifteen yards for anybody can even remotely close to the niners guys just take out the rams players in the onside. I wish they would have gotten a throw off. And I also I hated the offensive pass interference call that level and we didn't get a good look at I mean they show the one replay rapidly and from the angle that they showed it didn't look like it was a push it looked bogus a dead end and maybe it's this new emphasis they're trying to do something to help out the defense this year but after the niners behind the eight ball would have been nice to see an angle deceive the actually did push off that right arm well it's not like. It's not like if they get the first down there they're suddenly. In a position to win the innocent got a cup a few more yards to go get out. Swallow the flag yummy and I just lag it that was not an egregious play by any stretch of the imagination and a weeding get a great angle. But I feel like if it's truly offensive pass interference. Weak even at that angle see the army to stand EC defense of player just. Get knocked back and she didn't really even get moved now he just played poorly defensively and Taylor got open on the turf wasn't great last night two's a maybe slipped a little bit one identical ad from the game last night as well. Is another team gets devoured by the dumbest rule football. Flyers lost that game because they did make PAT. You know why hate got Ronald miss I hate Cabral doesn't make any sense he put too much emphasis on a guy at least six snaps a game. He misses a PAT which happens once in a blue loan and the niners at the end of the game instead of getting the beat Italy tick off trouble in scoring a touchdown tying goal and overtime. And getting it in overtime after a great game. They were forced to go for too they didn't get at the end up losing the ball game because Dan kicker missed a PAT miss seeing people flip that there in DC that's why they like it now it's still pay like the emphasis of just it sure I don't I don't know Robbie Gould. No we should not come down to Robbie Gould is in Gould a I don't know if not so I don't care right not to indicate gold. Goal whatever the game should not come down to him in his right leg elicits a game winning field goal ariz trying to tie it. Hazard down by three is the second stick off on a PAT. It's dubbed a deciding game on that on an extra point worth for that's worth one point they also need I mean c'mon that's your play for two. A one on one with like 58 liked wide receiver Y thought he had a we just didn't throw it quick enough accounts opened right away need waited and waited many -- wasn't meant I think the thing with lawyers you've got to give you got to give as many options as you can't forgot my brain where we're actually a pretty good game last one bad but it gets also some drops to go against him a dead that was a fun one. Marquis is good it would do that a couple of big plays got a great catches yeah there is time someone's touching the toes this is gonna sound way over reactionary. Did you get kind of vibe that those are two coaches that are going to be in this legal long time I did yeah I actually is a sense for me with those two guys I mean I mean I think there's a reason you don't you don't. Usually get a coaching jobs sub the age of forty Alessio what you do are showing different analysts have long muscling Kiffin. But yeah I mean I like Kyle Oceania and the niners are in a situation where they just need a quarterback. Halo mourn that having a habit that that's gonna come and and is the beauty of being so bad is that you can see pieces you can maybe see a blueprint for the future. But you have to take advantage your traffic and all I'll look back to the niners ten years ago this is how they built it up before Jim Harbaugh got there as they were crappy for 67 years. And look at all the guys that they had on that built a phenomenal offensive line they drafted some dominant defense of players. And then I say you know Harbaugh comes Indy takes advantage of its other and that seems setting now they acquires or draft picks are going to be bad they'll be they'll be competitive I think it ball games this year like they have been. The last two weeks almost beat Seattle and in our game they could one last night. But there's still bad enough to get a top five pick which is great so the blue prints there I think they just need to go find that franchise guy the quarterback position. And that'll change things form yes somebody noting this I forgot about that game the Rogers tell Marion against the lions. That's right that was at Thursday night game was that came as good as that one not only does that play when you get a hail Mary ending it's hard to beat dad now. Yeah I don't know I was I was just happy we had a good game that's all I care about it was nice is the I have laughed a little bit delayed at the overreaction to Jared off performance will come on do 22 of 28 to 923 ties does nobody knicks' Jared got his as played well through three games is he's looking he's looking significantly different than what he was last year on the then I'll get well and also mean looking significantly different he had one of the worst rookie seasons we've ever seen from quarterback so I would hope he looks significantly different because if he didn't. He'd be out of a starting job right now that's how bad he was last season by. I think with him is like I remember calling coming in after the opening win against the colts saying ball it's the Coles he's not a franchise guy and in three weeks later he plays well against the 49ers on a short week. And now he's a franchise face of LA I just a sad rant today that was a rant and I are I'm not buying any yet I've said this but I don't by Jerry golf as a franchise quarterback in league still but even die with that opinion. Has said that we need to see him for three years I I almost called the bleed portals syndrome. As Blake morals Kay Manny was awful his rookie season. You're too we came out through 35 touchdowns sixteen picks you know 4500 yards is Dominic never say eerie concert from the jags. And then last year happen and always lucky to have a starting job in Jacksonville I still think we need three years. And to view a quarterback before we know would they are and then even on top of that. How funny funny plays a good team. I mean you can only play who's on schedule I elbow overreact to played Washington decently had a bone headed interception fourteen completions in ninety minute loss at home signed the Redskins are the redskins' playoff team we don't know that yet I probably not a playoff team you investing against her opposite end of the same leg where you are reacting to him throwing the ball well against the colts who were arguably the worst team in the National Football League and the 49ers who were coming off a physical game against Seattle playing well or we yap and yes he's that good about those games but can he do it against Seattle can he do against Minnesota. They play dallas' next week even that is going to be a tougher test well and I. Saw a little bit out on social media. From from people about lake. The Seahawks not being able to score on the niners and look at the rams dropped 41 on I think that's a pretty easy thing to explain. One the niners defense is not going to be that consistent as they were against Seattle to the Seattle offense is struggling to M no offensive line and three. It's forty's removed from playing an incredibly physical team like Seattle. It's almost unfair is that they have to go play. A game on Thursday yeah I I hate that rule only in such emerging Mike Sims is this not that talented no they don't have a lot result either I wasn't sitting there going god. How bad does is make Seattle look I was just like yeah. This isn't surprising to me you place Seattle it's like Stamford you're gonna get to ensure we you're gonna take your licks when you win you lose it's what you played a physical team like that in you have to re down so quickly on Thursday and a they should be pointing games on Thursday NUM and it's a different conversation that we've had a couple different time money. And I was it is with golf I think it'll be fine. Till launch how he progresses the year goes on and how it plays against better defenses I it's one thing to torch the colts in the forty niners it's another to do it. When they got to play the Seahawks twice in Seattle late in the year they got to play Minnesota this got a good defense. As I mentioned they got dallas' next week so it'll be fun watching to see if Sean McVeigh really has worked his magic but so far I I will give you looks better than he looked last year but. You expect that progression from quarterback who engineered too well and I attack columns where did a good job he was he was pouring out like the flaws in goth in the mistakes he still makes is he young quarterback. You know when he when he's getting pressured he doesn't step up and in the pocket he keeps backed panel. So you in your ten yards away from the line of scrimmage it just makes things more difficult he throws across his body still has the the tendency to do that. But those are little things that he may improve upon or may just be there and linger all year and it's gonna cost him a gamer to. But did the big thing for me is chaired goth looking the way he has tasked to believe estimate you feel optimistic if you are rams fan. And then what a difference it makes. To have a guy who knows offenses are head coach and offensive minded coach is no doubt about and that's that's always what we argue right guys that go to crappy situations and they're not surrounded by. Great talent. On the sidelines. And how their careers and out vs guys that is it hits it good to go to the right spot at the right time with the right person. I don't long term if it's gonna work for goth. But I think he if you pretty good about the McVeigh connection that he he has a better chance of making it in the NFL with McVeigh is is a coach and Jeff Fisher no doubt like Al Fischer the director thought offensively speaks for itself and now leasing. He's got a helping hand in his head coaching did it would Kirk cousins and in so far at least three games cities do and it would go off yes Simmons is a difference between golf ball girls portals pad his stats during garbage time. So far this year that's not the case with goth I agree jury still out on top of that though to Colton 49ers just keep that perspective someone argues a whole game was garbage time that he had been those are two teams that will be drafting in the top five he's number one pick all you wanna sees improvement and you wanna see play like that he's given it to you thus far will see what he does but it was a it was a really entertaining game. According to bring a great game that Thursday night football game K. When backtracking. Goes live on the fan but they what I mean next on tonight. 1233 welcome back in 1080 the fan. Coming Upton at twelve minutes. Talk a little dogs. Dogs close debated in this weekend's big game of the pac twelve. It is a big game in the pac twelve and another weekend in general is not particularly great but if you're a pac twelve Johncke. I think there's some decent games get UCLA Stanford. You give Washington Colorado to what's cal going to be like against a better opponent in USC. And then of course you've got to Oregon going to a issue your first pac twelve test coming up nonconference play. To have a lot of games to get to this weekend are today for the weekend and will start with the Washington Colorado. Did you did you happen to listen to prime time. When they brought on old Jason McEntire yesterday you mean the backtracking on prowl in my god so yesterday prime time. Smart move by them and you reach out that great yet it's did Jason MacIntyre on the guy caused as storm importantly it over a thousand rate tweets on that thing it didn't end up with over is now 3000 retrieves the board. So this guy that ice on fox sports he runs the website the big lead I like the big lead I think it's a great site. On the he runs poses a he's on one any runs the other so she tweets yesterday. That people within the Carmelo Anthony camp. Are pushing they're going fresh hail Mary one last attempt one last attempt to get Carmelo to the rockets. And a dad doesn't work out. Portland. He tweets that. In that basically the tweet read that it was a done deal he was gonna be a blazer because he says don't bring that we got you read between innate makes it sound like he does getting info from Carmelo as he's able Carmelo as people are saying the knicks are trying one last hail Mary attempt to make a trade to Houston but did in the Tweety says it won't happen. That the trade to Houston will not take place and then he says dot dot dot before he accepts a deal to Portland so basically saying this weekend. As the last ditch attempt to get him to be Iraq it. Wish he alludes to will not happen. And then he will become a Portland trail yes so Isaak and sue did lynch calls him uprising ensued bring them on the show. And immediately. I mean they need need to. Ask a question to started off they did they introduce him he he backtracked immediately. From going from a guy who sounds like he got the gittins vote to. I thought everybody dirty news I don't know if the big deal it's everybody's that there are all this out for weeks. A hole. OK so you've got no actual information you're just copy getting what we've heard from everybody else and trying to use it is your own. For social media. I just I dissect their Lou I just laughed hysterically because yesterday people were tweeting me like. This guy he's he knows job he predicted this he predicted bad. Now now he copied and Oliver's carrier being trade prediction you can go find the article from in golf right tweeted out. And on this when he basically just took loads has been telling us for months which GM has been reporting for months and used it is zone information. And yet what it was it was nothing new dubbed the wording on it I think was the surprising part and I don't know why he thought he can get away with that because of eagle back to read it's we did sounds like that that has done deal he's going to be a blazer but. They connection a mellowed a Portland is nothing new and M we had a lot of listeners a point that out yesterday barrel off I'll read or another day tweets and lobbed by the way too much and a good lord. Carmelo Anthony's people are trying to hail Mary attempt to get him to Houston. The knicks won't do it. Before he accepts a deal to Portland they say he's going to be a blazer. That's that's a done deal and that we need not it's not gonna happen he could be a rocket. And then he's gonna accept a deal to pour we are also like Carmelo Anthony's people so to me that reads they're telling you verbatim what they're doing or saying that you're talking to his people and then when you come on in Portland and the hype and asked a question. But you start with is the backtrack it's like to come on man this is this is fox sports and its past nice click bait trying to give people real Denny clearly didn't have any sources but it doesn't change my opinion. On. The the chances of the blazers landing Mal I still remain steadfast and steadfast now because. As it was Sammy blow which has been reporting that's all offseason blow which is is said in the blazes are dark chorus is things can't work out with you stand. I could see the blazers beat a team that may be works out like this has been reported all off season nothing has changed now the only managed changed as the deadline of training camp starts next week what Marlow Rebecca Harlow we see the blazers. She came out today along with the team announcing it. Said he's going to be camp can be doing media day what he does it get traded according he's got a report is not going to be a holdout kind of guy I think I think that's is. To point out dirt that their doesn't appear to be any thing. That's gonna happen Null and and I read and there was a bunch of stuff today more record quotes sources saying that you know he is hoping to be a rocket by Monday that this is his final kind of weekend and I think that's when things get interesting if if we get through the weekend and Monday morning comes and we know the blazers fan president is Monday of their media days Monday. Mean all day is Monday a fan fest is like 1 o'clock this year tuber 1 October 1 a and I today so I mean this is right on the boards I think if we get to Monday morning and he is still in New York Knick. That's what I'm gonna start raising some more eyebrows because it's this is because I have read a lot from from credible NBA writers. Saying that he's kind of hoping that that the last ditch hail Mary part could be kind of threw him that this is his weekend before training camp starts he wants to be trade because he doesn't wanna go to training camp report. The index for two weeks and then have a deal go down boy and. And for those not on Twitter if you didn't see this yesterday we mention Meyers Leonard Reich is chasing quake was writing five reasons he thinks the blazers could be better than we all think. And one of them was Meyers Leonard and that was the third one so there were two more to go in that story. We yesterday coincidentally in late afternoon after this tweet it c'mon about Melo. Quick tweets out unforced seems dude on for scenes circumstances. We will no longer be finishing the five reasons the blaze about and you think and I thought he did they are gonna get mellow and low and that just got off and fans storm. And everybody was taken that and say yeah. And then I. I just Texas ADG east either quit you'd started and he goes unknown is some results and any tweets of course this is not related Carmelo at the ballots that. So while watching have decent quick on the show next week I asked him hey you come on toxin blazers next weekend. Against a so let's do. Yeah I mean and letting people are saying apparently he went on Colin again this morning in doubled down and set out real shocking stuff this is my guys somebody if you want all let's hear what he had to say. In Rio we bring on Jason McEntire founder of the big lead dot com is Carmelo Anthony could go where. Portland you know that's in place it has to be Colin because Houston has nothing to give the knicks we'd establish direct repeat there's gonna come on and tell you that but I'm telling you all summer CJ McCollum has been wearing down Carmel com want to dig in play and pick up in New York City come west to give that a shot give -- a chance that's his only option stay on the knicks sinking ship in New York or go to a contender at top five team in the west and play with Portland by the way it has to a similar players CJ McCollum daily email alert don't defend 64. I like Willard more they have a big guards are actually this is the one placed what they need a four who can score. The current CJ. Column. Sally and their anger says target fast and cash aren't well. Yeah I mean that's it's kind of what he does here nothing new we've been saying that for months the rockets don't have what it takes to get a trade on the blazers had that this salaries and the assets to get it done if they want to Regis hasn't waive the no trade clause so do we need to start doing this. It's it's can offer people just say things with no actual new information. You claim that he had somebody tell yeah or you have a feeling. And people just take opposite as is how it is nowadays died at directed by David sayers also allied that dough bread out of the big day that it. The way you worded that it yet it and I am discussing again on Monday if he has not been traded to the rockets over the weekend they still can't find a third team to facilitate the deal with. Double talk them a lot of conversation about but I still think there's a decent chance he ends of the blazer uniform. Because all along it just doesn't make sense to me that he would want to return to New York other than the family aspect of wanting to be close to his kids but. He you know Islam wife left him and and need not his own fault let. I still that you would rather be ablaze and and a Nixon we just got to make sure that trading Houston does not happen me out I'd Huskies face their first up opponent this week in boulder against the boss should they be worried. About an upset. That's next on the fans. Former college football coach and current analyst for CBS sports network Houston not will join us at 1 o'clock pick up our second hour. Washington heads in the Colorado this weekend they are eleven and a half point favorites on the road. And they take on the boss who are three you know but haven't looked particularly dominating. In their three games they've I mean you're three NL but. Their offense has been a little stagnant yeah defensively last week and any of some big plays. And Huskies have basically played nobody. And yet Vegas still thinks they are two scores better. Than the buffs in boulder gathered. There's still while Washington and rightly so on Leno and did the group that they're bringing back from last year they are three and knowing you know we we have this narrative that Washington. It always struggled through to you know three of their nonconference games I I just I know I'm not buying that the did struggle the first half against rockers but they pulled away late won by 26 points and then they beat Montana 63 to seven and they were up. Huge on Fresno state before called off the dogs no pun intended. In the second half so I think Washington did but they were supposed to do they've played anybody yet but. A lot of teams in the country have claimed by Vietnam what getting. That the matchup commonly cited watch is to see if Colorado's offense can do something against his husky defense and end this will be. Washington's defense at their toughest test at least at this point. But that would BD the negative about Colorado I would point to is offensively were they ranked they struggled. Their seventh in passing offense right now on the pac twelve and their seventh and and rushing offense the pac twelve and when you look at their slate of non conference games. That's the concerning part because when you play Colorado State Texas State northern Colorado. You should be able to racked up decent number score a lot of points and and and gain a lot of yards and it is haven't necessarily done that yet. And they knew you put that in context of their playing one of its got the best defense in the entire pac twelve. That's the match Obama to come around on Saturday well and here's a. They're actually pretty close to each other and where they they stack up in this conference. Different areas as their their right their neck in neck but despite the odds makers. Ms. despite that the oddsmakers still think that this is going to be husky a blow out. And when I'm thinking about the game from last year because I think that is important to take into account here. Stephen Monty has played in the pac twelve title game Philip Lindsay who have any good start to his year played in the pac twelve title game and even the Washington lost talent. He held them to 81 passing yards and senate now to rushing yards they don't have to Wheatley stymied them. And blew them out 4110 and Jake frowning by the way didn't do anything. I honored and thirteen passing yards and they hang in the end the bum shoulder Mike MacIntyre talked about that earlier in the week where they realize going in that game be it'd be a banged up shoulder which I think puts. Amid major respect that Washington went even more with the fact even the other team nearly couldn't throw the ball like they still couldn't stop oh yeah here's the thing to me dirt. When you talk about where these two programs around having it boils down disciplines I really do if Colorado is running back. Can stay at his average yards per carry which is over five. I think Colorado is can be right in the thick of it got a chance and get be right there at the end. But if you're Washington. You're zoning in on him and you're basically begging Stephen Monty has to be Qiyue. I like mind says I liked him pre season ala Colorado little more than some. But I'm not sure they teaching he has what it takes to be a Washington team if you have no running game to go along with it. He hasn't given dazzled through the passing game. Any it's Washington that's going to be their whole key you slowdown if not stop that rushing attack like you did last year in the pac twelve title game. Thanks Stephen Monty has to try to beat. Yeah and even went as good as Colorado's defense is Ben this year and has been lights out Washington should still be able to score some points on Ayman yeah August excited to finally see. Washington will with a real opponent on the road I mean this is a rematch as you mentioned impact of title game last or they renal Drummond. It'll coming into the year we all have these expectations and we talk about teams that have a chance to make a college football playoff in Washington clearly was one of those teams. Based on the they had last year in the town they brought back in. Which when you don't see it seemed plainly non conference is that big question mark and there's a lot of teams around the country there's still. In that same window you know I'm a look at organ trying to organize and beaten any quality teams so this is question of how good are they actually. I and I had that same thing for Washington right now there's high hopes for them but we just haven't seen him play a tough game. On the road but anybody the worries everybody's kind of buying in that this is the Washington a game like this is okay we got through non conference it's hard to get jacked up when your plan Montana. And we too when you still end up going to win 63 to seven whenever a file was. This is they gave that they realize they're finally playing a legitimate opponent it's on the road it's the opener pactel plates team that won the south last year. And that's why did the spread is so high between two undefeated TY. And give give out Chris Peterson a lot of credit for that too because the whole focus in understand your surroundings in which are going into. Not every coach gets that benefit they walked in to a hornet's nest I think Chris Peterson is one of the coaches that is teams are ready for those games they don't locked in there. They they had just a little bit against Rutgers to start their season U member that game the first half was ugly it was really ugly sight of the ball they struggled at Rutgers was right there with them ended up Browning a couple of yes yes they ended up. Pull away winning that game but. App for staff they just seem like they were they were there than they were engaged I don't think you're gonna have that against Colorado no numb how how far. Or how different would your thought B of Washington State in a blow this one out. I think it it raises the bar for sure but but I'll even say deciding when you have a schedule like the Huskies do in your hoping to have the kind of season that they're hoping to have. This is important it would loosen style points because they're not gonna have many opportunities the as the year goes on I mean as of right now. A lot of the shine has been wiped off the Stanford we'll see what kind of year they have right now there wanna tell you better bounce back this they had to bounce back and he stamps from what they lose again this weekend there already outside the top 25 UCLA's got a loss so. Down the stretch that might not be a quality went for the Huskies organ is now in the top 25 but again we don't know what the ducks are gonna look like. By the time they play on November 4 Utah's the top 25 again a question mark will they be there at the end of the year. And a Washington Sammy those are the only other ranked teams. That are on their schedule or in Utah and Washington State so when you have a a team that won this out their undefeated Colorado is gonna go to mobile game. The wind probably at least seven games this year I think these are important because if you are the Huskies in your inept playoff conversation. You have to have quality wins you have to style points in and when you don't have a USC on the schedule yeah or is Stanford's down these are the kind of games at that have a lot of important let me let me flip it on you there this that we are saying but it. Washington last year where where the style points they didn't have any but they also benefited of of other teams losing and and on the Penn State situation where they had two losses 'cause I argued well and stayed only had one loss I think Penn State may be gets an over the Huskies would then I think wash times in what he got in over Ohio State because they won their conference yeah I I don't know because they did what was their link Wally went last year wasn't Ohio State the fourth seem. Oh I know where their third Washington was that's right Washington was the fourth team Ohio State was third clemson's second bail out first yeah if I remember correct and if if you take the Penn State result and say they win the Big Ten with one loss. Then they're that they're IC IT I. Huge wins I was like how I would like to think that because they want the conference and I'm with you they are you just never know with the committee in an Ohio State and I just look at it in say. You get to the end of the year let's say organ. Goes seven and five that's not a top 25 team or 84 might not be top twenty fives I neighbor boards for sure -- when I got your back into the top toll traveling you're you're not gonna have a chance unless Washington State holds on him to have a top ten win until the pactel title game. And that's why I think style points are important for the Huskies because Oklahoma sorting got a major you know and on conference when Clemson got to Obama. Alabama's got one of those wins Penn State's gonna have their chances later in the year with the way Ohio State Michigan and end. And their squads are looking in the Big Ten. Washington just doesn't have that benefit because he was he's not on the regular season schedule yeah so Washington Colorado we'll see what the dogs can do they are eleven and half point favorites against the buffs who both teams three and oh. Amazingly the right thing to do is still a topic of debate for this sport will get know that. Organs match up with Arizona State. Will allow break that one down maybe talk about TCU Oklahoma State how USC as well we'll start our 20. With former football coach and current analyst for CBS sports network Houston not he's next dirt and Sprague our two next on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.