Dirt & Sprague Friday October 20th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, October 20th
Dirt & Swag get deep into previews of the Blazers-Pacers game with CJ set to make his season debut, plus which CFB team is most ripe for a big upset, then Kevin Todd joins for his weekly segment to Sprague the Line, and we set up a big weekend of action locally.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is a football Friday edition of dirt and spray Q then you. Call it trillion each season made us west didn't strike durden spray gun football Friday. Even by aggression Chrysler dodge Jeep brand to the lowest prices on cars and trucks on the east side of Portland is it dodge aggression dot com aggression Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. A short drive from anywhere I know where it's. They're not the bigger problem. Der then sprayed on 1080 I both share. Let's do this thought our order is preying on a Friday but the Friday is your own while riding around Portland sports leader Kennedy in the fan. You can give as a follow on Twitter entered spring we will follow you back. As Greg lion coming up bottom of the hour and a boy Kevin Cobb hall Bob makes picks against the spread hasn't fumbled that. Stocks in general college football's wells wag once rants on the timbers as they got a big weekend song like you do that arguably the most important local sporting event this weekend okay we'll see if people agree with that the other plan for what the cascade do you cup ticket the number one does seed in the Western Conference and the cascading cup is that more important or in getting a win him getting closer to bowl eligibility yes and cracked. Controversial heartache I like it like it. All the talk about that I you know I am is is one of those strategy just cannery for a drink I it's been a long week in parenting for me at the end pup got his. Is look guys cut off this week there'll be no more earned. But the juniors now nobody juniors thank god so that officially out he's about aegis over seven months we figure what dailies gone so is it just has staring at you like for lower and like I don't know what's wrong that you did it T mean yeah basically you know there's little animosity. Behind those eyes he's been kind of drug dump all week and I'll tell you what there is not many things more frustrating than trying to get a cone on the hand of a rambunctious puppy all he's got the con el pais he is cone of steam again. And he's supposed to cone of shame it for two weeks that's right ET MS of the stitches Diana DeGette is gonna you know we try to do it one day like Iverson around mystic cone off and let him just and as they're immediately take inventory on Saturdays I was a lot when I don't sit just out here and used to be something there and others not. I did ask I would and I didn't know if they had Dallek prosthetics who could put in. And keep the eagle up Labatt. So as not to seventeen is down there in Namibia to borrow Boller to. Gives a feel good about and so they were in the media that though. They simply don't but yes I've I've had a rough week adjacent puppy around my house and get account on it says he's running in the stuffy can't fit in the cattle anymore as the Collins too vague answer damn nightmare summer ready for a drink one more hour around here. Let's talk about displays against laggard in had a chance to. Does boast about that opening night when about that Wednesday night. 48 point win largest opening night win in NBA history that's almost the largest win blazer history but a three quarter from Mike James script product line eliminated that chance there in Yemen Dele great knighted CJ McCollum back tonight. Your take on the pacers know miles turner and all signs. I want to know a lot of things first had you bought your kaelin's wanna do in Jersey yet I have not yet but I am damn clock I cannot you lied I guess I don't care that did. So I was curious about that. I. I mean it's a great way to start from the standpoint that they were focused had a game plan that and let the fact that CJ wasn't there. You know bug them. Guys make it shots paid packed comments and where it was that'll pre season nice to see that show. Sadness summer league he could make a shot I now I know there was a lot of people scratching their head wide bodied she'd given the option well. OK there you go that's that's a I mean that's why you have to trust the coaches in the GMs or watch him every day in practice and say oh my goodness it's in their how do we did it out onto the floor in a game. So. And also that was good to see he knew he was able to play 1011 guys. And you know so I thought we're gonna I didn't realize sacked Collins had a bubble gets as well so he's probable or he's questionable with Castro into rightist and. Sounds like theologians were trimmed 48 hours later those so we'll so I was in Oslo says pointed out at the cemetery at some point work and it's the exact Collins and didn't realize why wasn't playing yesterday when had a chance to get a good run and into any game that's I was in Gaza vacation and our it was bowling night so I had I had the Dodgers a one TV and has always the other. Our hands on deck in his way but I mean I I think the defense of these of the to watch movies for that we noted in a score points in a nap for awhile doubt that it was as you know our body was talking a mole heartless and what he was able to do. Moving down on on Devin Booker at times and whoever else I will say Josh Jackson. I there was couple moves he had their early on when he was blown I'd. He gonna be good. Get to be a good NBA player there's no doubt it and that shows the heartless defense too because he had won re gonna be off the dribble we caught up too many painted against the backboard and lendu. A fast break and the other direction so. I did defensively just watching how this team was able to progress will be fun because. That's what they need to get they wanna be in that conversation is one of the better teams the last which we it's way too soon to say that after one game. Did they have to be better on that side of the court and won game in its a good sample size but. Now you had the infusion of CJ McCollum back in the lineup we know how good CJ is any given day emerge you know one of the best back courts in late but. Defensively you're gonna take a step back with Atlanta mayor Evans turned to me is it is a good defender not great but it's a good defender yet IE gives you more sizable more strength in the starting line up and if that's the mode that they make for he's back and of these it has started at three or where they and a gold went down but. Well that'll be the key is who's gonna guard Olin depot at the start. Because if he he just managed BC's gamers CJ trying to one on one he's gonna put the ball down and goes straight to the rack up. So how are they gonna help and do those sorts of things. You know the paces are coming off dating easy win to you but they don't wanna miles turner. So we'll see out of who they put back there as a rim protector that'll be something and to watch. For the blazers if if you know there's nobody that scares them back they're blocking shots where miles turner would. Then I expect them to see a lot more driving a lot more pick and rolls but the past seeing. Up near ditch and swan again out of the post whether it was high poster low Moses. And that bride. That's what got me as excited as anything was. OK now I you can dump it into one. And let's see. 220 footers some pull up. So. So yeah I. There's all sorts of potential but I think the biggest thing is that came out. And once they got up once they had that run to take it from eight or nine to 25 at halftime. Item data and have the back slide in the third quarter that we've seen this team Milan's ads in these guys. Can't play with us let's go get it in the third quarter and put this away so dame can sit. For the entire fourth quarter and that was nice to see. As well that everybody seemed to. You know the intensive there was no fall off to the intensity and maybe that had something to do with. You know how they used Aminu and and rotating I think you're still gonna see Terry play with. The rotations and you might see some different starting lineups here yeah nightly mob wall together through that first month until he finds out what works not just in the starting five but it would the second five so he's not having too much fall off as he goes back and forth. Yes somebody set I was impressed the bench scoring maybe we should've just trusted the process wanna lay the bench grimace that's not gonna keep up BI and got it does not escort Tony for game. Napier look but I still think he's gonna be inconsistent at times but this seven some guys it maybe you can you can lean on if you need to it is is important ounce amended eventual be better. And and we thought it would be coming and I really liked the Ed Davis Caleb Swanee in combination I had those guys played great together or just. The balance of Davis being a dirty guy and it in the paint grabbing boards play defense wanting instability is stretched the floor. He can guard different positions again rotted and handle the ball a little bit better so. I love that combination I think watching how they go. Com whiz with the big men especially if Aminu is gonna stick in the starting line up at four and you won Davis and swan in coming off the bench. Watching how those guys rotate in and out because you still have no Obama coming back at some point you have Zach Colin sue in new dimension in the bubble god does he get a plate and I'd be a part of the rotation. Meyers Leonard and senate floor to their up like fifty solid does he were he's at. I'd Terry Stotts list right now so watching how they juggle all those guys I think will be a will be and CNN gets CJ McCollum back which which should be a lot of fund the offense will be more loaded. And a bit tough tests and I mean the pacers score another played the nets the nets are awful but. They score out of forty points and they're in they're getting into Brooklyn so. And they divide it up not having miles turner will be tough but. And these are those games that we looked and and it was one of the at the points that you made it was a good one along time ago talking about this team now they stack up in the last. I only talked about them in the summer scene on the move is being made. Is they have an easy start to the schedule you have basically the same nucleus in place you also want against new Owen and Collins and Ellen and only twenty isn't orchestra is in the same nucleus back. He got to take advantage in games like this your better the pacers you should beat the pacers. And if you wanna be there and that conversation is teaming can be a five seed you know as the ceiling maybe in the west. You can't let these games the way they let some ladies slip away early in the year last year games he just looked at is another one that one. We know what how did they lose at least it did it once but these are the kind of games you have to win tonight we'll. And it's the first back to back so I think. In out Terry Stotts I have confidence going to the bench. If he gets the same effort and an urgency and intensity whether or not they you know shoot the lights out the way they did or not but. I Davey sees it at the defensive ends or guy has come and any doesn't have to play a game you know 3840 minutes. Obviously I would fully expect dame they will I I think they were trying feeds CJ early to try to get him going and in the part of a unit to the group and a giving him feel like he's in the groove offensively so. I would expect to lead people to take CJ. Early on and LB inching to see how that works. But they might force feed CJ a little bit early on. And then. And then the big question is who's gonna Gardner. Yeah I'm an idea now miles turner who's gonna guard themselves out of line backed I would expect after they'd kind of feed CJ a little bit. I dolphins can go through Dirk can see how if they're gonna double team them if they got somebody they think can go one on one. And and work from there. Yeah and one of the notes to when we brought us a brief clear in the week you know talking about that'll be knighted the bubble that was great it was it was the ball movement on the old Iran. Carries out AJ just a CJ backed as the ball stick a little bit I understand trying to get guys looks and get going early but you want the ball movement to be the same opens things up for everybody but. A blazers in action tonight they take on the pacers try to get too too well as whack mention it's the start of the back to back to play Milwaukee tomorrow night. Our tomorrow evening I should say a little bit earlier. Under starts and so they got a chance here against two and I'll end up open up the season on a high note as they did. Against Phoenix and we'll see if they can play 4 o'clock NBC sports northwest is where. I you can watch that one. Later this afternoon blazers in pacers know miles turner and it sounds like both sacked Collins was sacked onto the back and CJ IBC's back after the one game suspension make. People of last the last couple weeks I'll only talk upsets in college football nobody sees and cumin and had five top ten teams have lost. Who's got upset alert this week Emma toxin college football next on tending to defend. Illustrate the line coming up bottom of the hour CN Kevin sack and get some winners this week. He's 9/11 and one on the years Sprague is seven and fourteen. Got straight face ready civil law makes it picks against the spread coming up bottom of the article and add to the weekend as a whole makes it picks and some games and now let's wags tell us what's going on in the world soccer this weekend. I do that on to close at the show back in the last few weeks college football really haven't fallen and they were two weeks I remember both on Friday going in and thinking to myself. Islamists who watch this weekend I'm not too jacked up for college football can nominate ranked eaves that a top ten match. Began last Friday when Syracuse beat bright clumps it and cal wide and a towel to the Washington State behind the woodshed at strawberry canyon and I just little dawn we like okay this can be a weird weekend things are gonna get. While I'm ready to go and and had an idea forward top ten teams that lost last week the week before he had Oklahoma lose so five top ten teams in previously undefeated teams here. Have lost now in the last two weeks and Billy if it makes everybody questioned who are the top four teams and all the rankings are all. Makes up right now but I got to ominous proud she I I got one last week I told jealous you Auburn and then it was like twenty enough tonight probe got nominated thankfully they came back to name one. The other one was TCU and Kansas State that didn't pan out. Holy smokes Kansas State has about offense on staying away from them but the two Republican had this week. And visiting Israel also far and I'm stealing a little bit from Phil's still here because he liked it as an upset pick. Texas hosting Oklahoma State. Texas is a team. And I think is it better than we thought defensively they're tough they were right there at Oklahoma last week they're right there with USC right there was. The I mean I I think we all have that image in our head of their opening season loss to Maryland where they just you know couldn't stop eligibility. Didn't play as good football north. Really I'm yeah you have a brand new head coach you're learning curve is steep. It still takes awhile and then once things start to take hold the trick is. Getting some success so that they complete the body and process in total leave right on the you know tested right you know single thing Willie Taggart had to go house to go through. You know bad some easier opponents earlier on bodies have now he's them to go through it gets some adversity with Justin Herbert going down you have a tough loss as a Willie Taggart is is like no. Again trust the process. We know we're doing let's get better and learn from what happened and apply it. And so that's why you know for the ducks and it's an important week against a good opponent but not a complete opponent in U sealant riding. And and Texas within the San Allen Jersey good quarterback he's got meaning is kind of a pub. Is fun to watch he's been entertaining as they had a chance or lasting against Oklahoma and they came up just short I like what they're doing defensively. Deanna a couple of blown coverages that led to that game get away from mom so I'm at a local it was it's got a great offense we all mullet but. The TCU game when they went into Stillwater and and you know kind of handled on basically for four quarters that opened my eyes a little bit Oklahoma State. I think Texas is better than people are given credit for the spread is seven if you're curious Oklahoma State's era by seven and that game. On the road at Texas that's one. A that you should have your ion because I think Oklahoma State as a chance to be the sixth top ten team to go down here in the last three weeks. And the other one this is the primetime game of the week and it'll be fun it's always fallen when they get that you know. The white out going a beaver stadium at Penn State and Penn State is hosting Michigan it's the fourth thirty game on ABC. The spreading and is pretty I here it's nine and a half in favor of Penn State. And sun shines come off Michigan. Understandably some and lost to Michigan State two weeks ago. And then the overtime game got to hang over one where they went to overtime but Indiana they almost lost that ball game at a hoosiers last week but. That the one thing I think we need to keep in mind about Michigan is really in my bit destroyed their football team is their defense. They're only giving up 85 yards per game on the ground that's their strength only 220 total so. They struggle to move the football that's not gonna change but. There's a Penn State team in my opinion it hasn't really been trusted yet they almost lost I would earlier in the year and for all love about Barkley. And grannies a lot of fun to watch he's a great talent. You know only 100 yard games ES this year just a couple two yeah two of their six games I aliens to we went over our yards against Akron and hope. Yeah I wondered two games worried in a much rushing buddy had a ton are receiving yards on like screen pass these days yet against Georgia State he only had ten carries a 47 yards but he had four catches for a 142 yards against Georgia State Audi and a huge game against Iowa orient 300 yards total offense. A legitimate he was a reason they won that game so not docket now I just I just think the key for James Franklin in this Penn State team is. They start where it's Michigan Ohio State Michigan State. Kenny all of their attention on the wolverines. House strategy or do they start you know hedging a little bit to say I'd. Now I gotta make sure we got something and those Ohio State Michigan State games are on the road show right you just one home if if they're all president. And already they go for Michigan. In the defense says. Hate that bear offense struggles. If we can keep them down and you know our offense Lisa scored twenty points then we're doing our job so. Michigan's gonna have to show me something offensively Nazareth if they are and I get that that that they're making progress. So I would probably I mean certainly it's going to be not a nail biter I think the minute I wanna have spreads to bring out allowed Tennessee's not gonna win that one by double digit you know unless they force turnovers. It in that regard and gets away but I would say this is a one score game but I think Penn State don't. They stand they still have a guy. That if they say okay let's put. You know we need a really tight ends in Ellis is block everybody interns sickle on loose and let him bust one. Yahoo! that that Emmitt Emmitt I get the Barkley factor I do Michigan as another raid offense I do think Penn State is benefiting a little bit from what they did last season. Because you just you you look at their slate. They did they just don't have a good I mean I was that I was a decent team and they want and I'll that was again they almost applause outside and had their best ones northwestern. Now they got it they have not been to and I say Michigan's got a lot of great wins it but. I mean we're all sitting here and I think it envisioning the conceit of last year and Intel I see them win one of these kind of games there like they did last year and knocked out file say they they get blown out by Michigan last year the big house but. They finally when this one then maybe I'll buy into normal little bit more but Intel I C a I'm trusting Michigan's defense I think they can slow it down make it ugly and at least cover the spread his spreads nine and a half on the around seed Penn State blown out like that. But it Jensen in I get a lot of top ten teams have gone down the last two weeks those 2 a that I am I on one other note about college football I saw this yesterday. And to slated pass it along the LJ Scott. Is a right back to Michigan State it was a big time freshman a couple of years back when Morgan went their played a mini stem in East Lansing. Humid. He he was he's been suspended. And because he was arrested. For driving with days suspended license. Every time he's been arrested for driving with a suspended lace license now. Seven. He's been arrested seven times for driving with a suspended license. Won't. Okay. About for a moment somebody out of finding on Twitter like can we just start this guy like Ann Cooper. In own donate things nobody gives a maneuver counsel the legal kebab. Jesus and. And is there somebody not on that staff who would like to go to the DNA BUN Germans say. Figure this out. Either gets a license or do you can't drive. That's what AMR did DiLeo said guy and what has been a lengthy process elegy is cut now has a valid driver's license free of any restrictions his resolve the matter completely these days priced. Financially on publicly is status. Will be effective for Saturday's game but he will play so. He will be Izzo and it's an easy to be suspended for a quorum you know maybe though they finally did dissident down home. That look there are some things that are complicated and there are others that are not your licenses suspended. Six don't try cry don't drive as pretty damn simple act death tracked assessed that. Seven times. He didn't make. So out of that was pretty funny is gonna play policies that he's going to be he's gonna badly punishment for the game we just don't know what it is so maybe a quarter. Those set him up and OJ's got seven times he's got his license figured out the people it's okay are they lets win some money shall we are boy Kevin Todd spray in the line. Let's get some winners and a football weekend I had spray space what are cabins find out next. To break into Iraq Brigham and dragon to elaborate in the loan as drive those Santa sprayed a lot of Reggie back in my book he dot net football seasons back your chance to win in my book he debt net joined now by both he will match your deposit say 100% bonus is the promo code radio. To activate the offer visit my booking dot net. Today in as always for Spragan allowed to bring on our boy Kevin Todd the sports brokers dot com 10220. 6060 was I can reach him get the follow on Twitter. And Kevin's on sports Kevin what's up man you do it is breaks duck and yet again. I must be on the Perry the last two weeks. He is eight takes the teaser last week to six point teaser. I still doesn't know. He's his artwork all the blanks. Exactly. He is such a soccer and he's not listening to open up some cranberry juice. A lot of Madigan six point teaser egos wanted to. You go to and once a year 9/11 and one. And I you got screwed mapped out your goal and three in Holland the falcons went all Super Bowl llamas. Yet they get I I don't understand that team. I mean this in Ocean City went. So they just went belly up the one penalty when they got interception the guy took like 25 steps that the guy. That could have been the dip into the game could have 77. And who goes what what happened. Bryant ran. Bible you got to lead a man so levels start with you I got sprays fix all rattle moss after you go Bogota where you go. Maria what time we'll go go one and it's. Why go right to the NFL. I'm taking Carolina here minus the three. And we played it every Thursday night football team that had the extra rest this year has got beaten to against the spread. I know they ran all over. Chicago I mean all the Baltimore Chicago to not gonna happen here folks. Carolina didn't stop the run. Picture this keypad. And in the turnovers column. Also. The fact that Chicago. Is one in six. Their last seven games following a straight up win. Carolina's 51 the last six following a straight up lost. I'd like Carolina here might just at three in Chicago. To win this game handily. I'll PI like don't want to idea I don't know why does present bigger bears get a little over inflated after that went over Baltimore and Carolina minus three. I should I was Sprague from pick number why he says he's taken the titans minus six over Cleveland. Is analogy is simply said Mario is back if you bet against Cleveland 80s80%. Of the time you'll win. Always bet against Cleveland so he's go and titans minus the six over the Cleveland. Browns' three gold picked number two Kevin. All right to college football I got a dog. Quite Nortek is here plus a three and a half begins that day you. North Texas 611. Last eight games in October. 5 into the last seven games overall. What I found which is very intriguing. Is that when ever harder lately is these favorite home. The last seventeen games or 313 to one against the spread north Texas plus to three wins outright. How about that won an NC north Texas Tech common. That I like you were sprayed Lila Kevin dog sports is dot com. 102206262. Is I can reach him on Twitter. I act Kevin Todd sports is where you can give a follow on spread pick number two he's on a college football as well. And I used only to cougars Washington State minus ten against Colorado is a Colorado's defense isn't any good this is their second straight road game. Washington State coming up an embarrassing performance last Friday they get an action date arrest. They'll be ready to win by twenty so he's taken Washington State in some back told action late tomorrow night. Minus that ten against Colorado eyewear is elastic on his week Kevin. Well branded Smart stayed away from the NFL this year. The dogs have been hitting at 68%. Against the spread. How crazy even last night out crazies that then man. Not only Jack I'd listen. An average five point favorite has won outright thirty out of 68 NFL games. How far are the norm is that. Oh wait wait this doesn't happen told normally toward the end of the season. Went. You know well mortgage you know like really happening could be injuries it is piling up one after another. That's what I personally think to be honest that you have opinions. Yeah I mean teams having teams to get banged up it's as well those weird years where you can't. You can't identify anybody ninety do you think once a Kansas City was dominant filed another loss back to back weeks. Is no clear cut Super Bowl winner right now. Usually have that once you begin lean on or or even a bad team I mean outside of the browns but. And the jets and on the jets have been pushed over this you to three and three in covering spreads left and right. Now has been weird year I was picked three Kevin. I'm ticket Arizona here at Colbert Cao tell the world that very big win against Washington State. And Arizona. Under rated team beat you very good ball control they wrought. Not only that they're making them favorite in a not a very good routine. That's why I'm not fall into the trap and helped to help played last week the older achieved what this tactic held warned by the gets to spread the last six games. Following an eight TS win. Arizona's by the two the last seven games against the spread Arizona minus three. Wins by a touchdown on the road. Like gonna put some money and I came to file is like when epic game and you and at the end being right there would be Arizona might as well I took that would Julia I got Arizona was your. Idea is that the white guilt yields its front man he's run Oliver people. Read odds got as quarterback again options are scary good right now are. Strikes that's one he's gone college. Shall always go on Syracuse. Plus this seventeen against Miami's a deal labors is really good at covering think Syracuse a good team on the other side. Some fool's gold with Miami does this game too many times an excuse to keep it close and he's taken Syracuse. Plus the seventeen. Against the Miami so quick. We added a sucker bet you all how well only because the point spread is seventeen. If it came up with cute little core of Clemson. And Miami who is honestly doesn't deserve to be at the end of the eight ranking. But they're giving him seventeen points will. Smart peoples about. As a big spread yeah we got says so let me recap broke quake with that Kennedy's goal and Carolina the NFL minus the three at Chicago he's going north Texas in college football. Plus the three and a half against F a UI and an arizonans of factual baction tomorrow minus the three against cal Sprague is going Tennessee. Minus the six against Cleveland in the NFL he's taken washing estate minus the ten against Colorado and at Syracuse was seventeen. Against Miami's regular line up front you buy my bookie dot net of course Kevin's out of the sport from Chris dot com what a 1022 well. 6060 I do what as is up mic is you're out there and now Miami gets hot weather more in rain right now. How much do you watch pactel after dark. Yeah Il a lot of people out there like that the same way when those games a ticket like 103011 o'clock. On the it's very hard to watch you refer me amusing event like in 10 o'clock but you know digital seat on sports center. The fact they they do play some of the reruns on fox sports so but I don't I try to watch him I I don't what. You know a lot of good matchup for the pac twelve had been on an 8 o'clock this year. Yeah I mean you like US and so yeah Friday and yet the cal washing is taken last week was a late year. I got a text from gravity cities babysitting. Let's take that as he babysitting. I don't approve a bit about now we get fired. Back and I love that man a good stuff solved we will get another good week here on a roll right now we'll see if he keep the film a man and downloads onto next week I. I got to speak next week. They go Kevin's odds source brokers dot com when energy to a 6060 and of course spray lap run to buy my booking dot net football backing wins money my bookie dot net. Joined now and a match in a positive to a 100% bonus is the promo code. Radio to activate the offer visit my bookie dot net. Today's today goes straight line picks that's I always liked agony East Coast people about how much tax will do they actually watch 'cause I everybody's different some folks can stay up and do it. As we tried that back and forth with ESPN your last couple we have zones you know well this is good for your conference everybody you're the only game on but. And they rarely DVR getting giving up then sign morning and watching it before they get an NFL probably not you know they're doing their chores that angle on that charged third who did they haven't brunch with the family you. You're getting some families have done before yeah those aren't as opposed to 1 o'clock on the East Coast though. You get the odds it's it's always easy to me without back and forth about that India's Finney and apologized yesterday but. Others have fixed rate Kevin is on a roll right now I es he's been hit some winners the last couple weeks I like that he took Arizona X I got some money. On Mac game as well and I made space in the pac twelve as well if you wanna find an act. Dieter Johnson on Twitter will tweet these ones out if you missed any album I you can track it again a reminder Kevin is 9/11 and one on the year. And spray or after he won in two week rough one for him last week he's seven and fourteen so he's got a bit Avaya. Greta make up against Kevin Todd all right. I'm a couple things we gotta talk about the final say but we'll get a final thought it organ UCLA game to the ducks bounced back get a win after a bad they looked last weekend slack once tell us what timbers are doing important things this weekend. Hubbell find out what's going on on the weekend and how about that ALCS game six last to get to the final segment that's next on Tenet of the San. There you go system but your way into the weekend it's I would do it every single Friday right here on the fan Steve 47 Isaac can suit coming up company hour. I don't think quick guide TV recommendation before we get back in a sports. Well they show that I've started to watch and Diane into okay I'm all in on the shelf brilliant nowlin on. It's called mind hunter on Netflix. A car and it's about FBI agents I wanna say circa 1980s. Sums then and they like investigate serial killers are trying to figure out why guys go into it what happens to them the triggers all like tennis up. Really good show I'm the first season's about ten episodes and indeed be into it slide our good thrown out there. I don't know I mean look word hidden you know this week like yesterday it was the first day. You had. You knew you could watch all this isn't raised more as a best out of despair and all right Morgan dollar up for college basketball season's right around the corner. It's a yeah and it's it's it's truly an all swipe weekend look we got high school football tonight and get to that app. Saturday the pilots or have in the purple or white scrimmage open to the public of 5 o'clock a child sinner. And then Sunday. I got be a regular season finale for the timbers. It's going to be a busy sports this is this is an all swagger weekend's going to be busy sports weekend distorted -- ticket is stuck colonial arts are enough residents are not every single Ben's wife ginger you know whenever you get a weekend what it's terrible got Sam got a ticketed day on the couch you gotta sit around on NSA Abbott is right today's got the bubble that's a big back. On Monday before he gets everything I do wanna start with almost one on on the sand tonight when we got tonight. We go to the Mount Hood a conference origins city. Five in two. Are they lost their opener to west slant and then last week a one touchdown that defeated the hands of central Catholic but so they have very skilled guys and some names you'll. Be familiar with Jauron Bradford trim on younger brother at wide receiver Isaac has Dennis Lee at running back in a slot they move him all over the place. Undertaken on number two clack Amos who is undefeated one of two remaining six say undefeated teams. A victory tonight for clocked him as they clinch the metro league title out right and put themselves in position for the number one overall seed. For the OS AA rankings going into the last week the regular season itself. Yeah it's a last week of the regular season on two weeks ago also tonight and then next week his tenth ninth he had 29 weeks of this brand it's unbelievable what happened I know. But a special treat for dusty. And is going on his dad was one of the assistant coaches at Lewis and Clark yelled when he was growing up he told us stories. But the one of the teams the unit but remember really good teams is going into the Lewis and Clark hall of fame tonight's a dusty is going to be part of the ceremonies. Alphonse a special treat tonight you'll have Alex Crawford on the play by play call and I will be doing color with them lose wagon Crawford how many had signed me up sort gonna have some fun at a caucus Haskell who's got a seventy suit on telling his racquet incentivizing I think Jack cams kind of browbeat him into you know toning it down a little bit. You know football coaches there they're close to the vast sits conservative. Plus the start to get chilly so the press box the window is open and so it went to adjust your climate will be will be bundled up a little bit out there. I'm having fun stated that tonight's going to be good 1 already on the central ball weekend begins. This evening blazes the pacers are coming up in about an hour on NBC's forced northwest. A blaze is ever by five I do like them to get a sizable win tonight I think they carry the momentum miles turner being out is a huge break for them heritage is gonna have a big night. I'm I am all in on this early start I think they're buying into went in some of these games even Ed Davis said the course and you know. We realize we started slow and we know don't start that way you lose games were not supposed to where are going to be in the playoff picture and they understand and I think they won big against and I yet. I think that message got through loud and clear it's been something that's I would for dame par on from the beginning. I also think that there's much more competition for playing timing getting in the rotation throughout the season and so I think that helps every day and practicing guys not sliding or slipping her. Taken anything for granted. And so if as long as they're sharing the ball the ball movement was great. Other trick is they got to keep the turnovers down not let old people get out in transition and get easy buckets of thing take care of the basketball. Move it around Dick good shots and again worked through and Eric I don't know without miles turner how they're going to go about defending I think the offense Iran's. Even more through him than I normally would tonight. Now yes a blazers tonight against Indiana an earlier start and forget to play in Milwaukee to morality so the start of the back to back that's going to be different different block he's a tough game he had it he Jian as an agreed to our young John reading got a great opening night game yup. Exelon gotta be tough to keep an eye and the blazers this weekend I even though a lot of other things are gone on organ UCLA tomorrow 1 o'clock. I believe is an impact of that box will not work at an ally and and color me interested in this one yeah I did I mean I am too I mean you got a terrible defense and UCLA organ can't stop the pass right now Burmeister hasn't been able to throw I. You still is three and three or wanna do it impacts all organ had their worst game of the year last year. I think governor really find out a lot about its Willie Taggart and his staff and from a coaching standpoint indices and axes and knows game. Getting guys coaching them up in positions we mentioned some injury issues to the offensive line. Can today get a game plan put together and find a way to win a game against. A team that you know is comparable. Quite frankly yeah I similar mentally a little one guy a lot of question marks around the field yet defenses struggle is that it drove really similar LS flies out a lot about Willie Taggart and how he actually coaches a football team left in this game yeah I thought they could keep a close last week against Stanford that didn't pan out there at this one does scare me just until I see Burmeister awesome success in the passing game it's it's hard to when tactical gains about that facet of an offense is keep out of the rock maybe that's not to keep minute but. I I don't think organized enough to pull off the win tomorrow would like to be pleasantly surprised but tagged out entities alike. I and that bond game it is a big week and you you maintain for the timbers were they down more it's. The regular season enough finale in the MLS all the games are being played on Sunday I think all at the same time or build like the Eastern Conference a play at one point and then all the Western Conference teams play a one. Timbers host the Vancouver white caps if Portland wins they will be the number one seed in the Western Conference they will win the casket media cup. I've Diego Valeri does anything he sets himself up to be the MVP of the MLS this year he's had a ridiculous season. Should be a lot of fun down a Providence park. And the timbers are finally all healthy and they quite possibly could make another run to a memos cup. No question medical very don't want given on that Sunday I'll Berliner NL tonight I think he gets it done I I would expect there to begin service out if there is a game seven Saturday it'll be on the fan. All of our pregame at 4 o'clock down south. What's going on miss a bestseller senate a year you get off CER one day that was a lot yesterday and I got a great weekend. My fine I was playing in the World Series tonight Dodgers were already in Astros try to stay alive. Loaded football weekend high school football the Fam blazes are in action just buckle up sit down enjoy all that man. It's going to be a lot of fun. That enough for us so thanks to be a part of our Friday's breaks yet the bubble got to be back on Monday hopefully a pleasant Hawaiian food knocks him out for four days. Didn't see any of the show less rubbed tires podcast and eighty the fan back com. Eyes where you can find it looks weed out as well actor and sprang. And adds 1080 the fan we will talk to everybody. Monday at node and be a great weekend number what is next listening to 1080 the fan.