Dirt & Sprague Friday October 20th, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, October 20th
The guys preview the Ducks trip to the Rose Bowl to face a UCLA squad with their season at a similar crossroads, plus the rest of the Pac-12 slate, how unipressive was Lonzo Ball and the Lakers in their debut, and it's Crunch Time for the Astros hosting game 6 of the ALCS.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Durbin spray gun Flint mall Friday on 1080 knows. I met the autumn wind is up pirates. Blustering in from season. Little rollicking song it's. Swaggering voice. On Friday additional burdens birdie. Given by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep ram for the lowest prices on cars and trucks on the east side of Portland visit dodging crashing dot com Gretchen I think dodge Jeep ram. A short drive from me anyway. Durbin sprayed on 1080 ghosts I. Back in there and sprayed on a Friday greater Portland sports leader in 1080 the fan. Fridays are going well. Plastic goods in here in the second hourly showered has some fun man lawns noble sucked last night I was hospitalized yes it was it was awesome. It was really weird though. Rooting for Patrick Beverley. That was really weird is it easier that is than a clippers uniform now I don't alienated and easy to hear her. Now I don't know how much I should factor in the lakers but the clippers actually look like they knew what they were doing. They did they look like they gagged profit was walking around this morning saying funny either free of Chris Paul. And yeah she is bald domination so we went. So yes that'll be it it's real answer I mean I know blazer fans probably like off the men I mean they were up 61 point and that I'm like sixty points and I'm like. All I know it's Phoenix accent doesn't Abbott and all you knew after that I was Phoenix stinks. That's what's happened in the NBA yes I do I want as a vote that it'll who actually made a really good statement an upbeat and ready to receive this cholesterol a year Snoop Dogg. Hit the nail on the head with that not say what he's saying coming up. The bottom of the hour let's talk ALCS take a look at some pac twelve games I hear in a moment but. Organs go to other downed LA this weekend taken on UCLA if you're wondering if you're a betting man to spread currently is that six for UCLA. So just shy of attention has been backed down a little bit over the course of the week some money coming in on organ. Deals were under 68. And a lot of that's gonna be on on Ken organs he's had slowed down. I'm Josh Rosen but in this robe this and this initially gave to be for memories because. We hadn't seen an organ offensive dab panel on time I maintained since 2007. When they got shut out at UCLA on their like eight string quarterback sees it went down I don't watch. Look at this game because we were in we were in pop this way get semi birthday party mode where you didn't miss anything swagger they couldn't move the ball yes so I was right around them and we finally got to to a watering hole to have a game on those like lol. I'll all right yeah. At the right on court about helping another round of let's go. Eli Cinderella Phnom but I mean that the reason why is it's fascinating is because. You silly as statistically the worst defense in the pac twelve. Very giving up over 520 yards and often per game they are giving up over 300 yards per game on the ground. That would be about that yet if the ducks can't get the running game going on that and figured out in this one. Then then yeah you've you've got submissions so no this is about. All this game is about a team which defense. And steam to get stops and more importantly. Turnovers. You know. Every coach assay turn overs are crucial but especially in this one where. You expect both offenses to sustain drives. Frequently. So unless they shoot themselves with penalties or or their own mistakes I. And who ever came get a two score lead this goes back to the old Oregon Chip Kelly days their whole. The defense was designed to create turnovers and get it back to the off and get a two score lead and then let your offense and the pressure of the scoreboard and the clock into it. We'll be yeah your extra defender on the other team to take them out of whatever game plan they wanted to have coming yet. And you lean on people and and it and that's round I look at this line and look damage to the way the defense played last week it is a major concern because I wasn't surprised priced love had some success and alien notably even in the sec now regularly rolled his ankle whatever was but. And they need to do much offensively in the second half let. I was I was shocked about the secondary was last week and and if you can't slow down Stanford's passing attack and I failure geared up for the run I get that you're in one on one situations and you won't be in those type. Positions this week but if you cancel it I'm not passing attack I'm sorry Josh trojans had ripped to shreds does is draw the ball for 400 yards per game. Yet this is where we need to see some of those young guys make some growth you know early in the season you know I saw paid BitTorrent position it was just a matter of turning around plotting the football making a play on the ball. All want to break things up into we will avoid getting pass interference penalties but it doesn't appear that they're making that progression. They're they're fast enough I think they understand it in there. You know. A lot of times the wreck their position did you got to find the football you have to know when he gets rid of that inward when the turn and looked down if they can do that. Then then I think we can see things you know come together and that and they've got a new they got ahead. Figure out who's gonna cover that big tight end. You got me good luck there rather than linebackers are banged up and letting them when they were in position to make plays last week. They weren't and they could make a Marion springs one Indians already was facing a guy and he knew the ball was comment. And he just meeting up box out like it was an NBA game and so again this secondary needs to play better but we you know one thing that did spring I've disagreed on all week. Is what organs should do from an offensive standpoint because he is maintained that they need to get more creative in the passing game that at some point you just have to trust Burmeister. Ought to throw the ball made it and they need and try and throw last week at an eye on as I couldn't disagree more because I think you're in a situation this week. Like look what UCL a went to last week they were playing Arizona a team that's good but not great I think Arizona is a good team this year. They knew Arizona was gonna run the ball that's what Rich Rod re Rich Rodriguez offenses do they run the football especially now with the quarterback change down there. Knowing that Arizona was gonna try to run the ball on them. Arizona still was able to run 457. Yards and an I'm in a position right now farm a royal the offense coordinator or probably Taggart had coached. I am not calling a passing play until I absolutely need to I don't care promoting the box I don't care if they know what's coming. I don't care figured out Florida I don't care labor often sublime and are playing make them prove that they could stop the running game before you call passing play because. They had a spot last week and I think the first interception and he threw which was a great play other Burmeister through. It was the second and three situation they ran the ball for seven yards on first down and then decided to air it out I get you wanna have some balance on offense but. You throw that pick and add to it changed the landscape of the game early on and I wanna put him in those spots are I think if we. You know it's easy to criticize not coming up way is more creative play calls are not getting Burmeister on the outside and not may be called play action I understand app let. I think if he if he calls 25 passing plays this week you Burmeister as an awful weekend. Coming years it might nudge to the ball so much run at what's going on here so I'm hoping they stay committed to the running game it will be interesting to see how effective they can be. Considering how banged up they are on the offensive line but. You know somebody intrigues in in really curiosities I am out of this game are. You know how did bounce back from last week you know we've seen our emails back from a loss before they had to do when they lost Arizona State. I and they responded well and I like to see them but this is different you were you guys drastic last week and you're embarrassed on our on TV by Stamford. David Shaw ran up and down the field on yet you can do anything on offense that was as bad as it composite began. How do you are you emotionally and mentally respond to that and adding as a young football team are continuing until learn things about. In alignment on top that I mentioned the secondary. Can't they get the passing game you know get a slowdown the passing game. And UCLA but. This is a big one for organ because we don't know when just an arbor is gonna come back. And the and he's back at practice I you know the people I'm talking you down there are fingers crossed it to be back for the Utah game. Next week and that's pretty speedy recovery. And even if he's back he's not gonna be 100% Utah's a good team and then the next week or against Washington you look down the stretch. Arizona's not to give me that we thought it was going into the season may be thought it was a couple weeks back so. When you have these chances you still is a terrible defense and it's again Dorgan should be yen it's a close spread your on the Brodie should be and it. This is a big one of Florida is able to pull away that you almost locked in now bowl game he got us this morning again. If you expect to be ball well Poland and get to that seminary when's this is one you gotta have. You have and yet you lose this game and you thought of foreign for the guys idea misses likes to be one where like coaches hate the bid term must win games. But I wonder if Willie tiger turns up the urgency. With something like this in May be you know starts to put a little more stress to find out what guys are made some of these young guys Brad. And and turn the screws in and raise the level of expectations and standards you're halfway through the season even the freshman that have been playing it's like hey you did you get six given the amount you know what you need to do now you have to start doing it in the games if you expect to hold your position sort of stuff. And he would never say that probably in the you know it's like well you know we're still learning we're still developing we saw plenty season allowed but I wonder if internally. The screws are being tightened a little bit and find out hey who's you know remember he's got what is right now a top five recruiting class. In the wings to come in next season. Where there is in theory more talented freshman as certain positions then are currently playing right guys are ready they're coming NC your job's going to be on I wonder how much of that may be is being. Intimidated in practices at this point the season. Yes somebody pointing out I mean last week and I nearly scored seven points or crippled the ball much but they did average you know about six yards per carry against Stanford they move the ball on the ground Freeman had a good game bricks James had a good game. I even Burmeister and a couple of carries so almost see a different the offense looks cut down on the penalties don't or the football over force a couple of interceptions and he can make this thing a ball game. And run the damn football because you Selig can't stop the run. One of the worst run defense is in the country received organ he keeps close a spread is at six right now some folks are thinking organ. Our folks in Vegas think organ can keep this within a touchdown down on a label makes it takes an act in government close up the show some final thoughts on organ. Isa label let's stick it attracts well I'll take a look at the other games on the slate this weekend because the pretty entertaining to be. Arizona and Arizona say out they bounce back from the last two games in the cougars bounce back and then US seizes the weekend that they get exposed to make some picks the factual. Talk up pactel football next on ten and the fans. Bill they thought Alonso ball coming up to the bottom of the hour. Berliner and you say the day in Houston. And arson blaze at some point. Bobby do that coming up until pocket with the pacers tonight a miles turner for Indiana. Please give CJ McCollum backs so good things pointing in the direction. Of the blazers to get to a 20 start of course was sprayed line coming up in just about an hour's break Semih is fixed we got a I'll go against Kevin Todd see if those guys can now pick some winners this weekend. And football I do wanna take a stroll around the pac twelve though because. I'm pretty intrigued by the games as we gonna be honest with ya. And again there's a lot on the line with some of these and I think we're still questioning who certain teams are and and and the more we get Jesse in a moral find out but. I'm gonna start with with the big one of the weekend and that is USC and Notre Dame it's 430 game you can see it on NBC. Great rivalry game renewed if you're wondering this bread in this when Notre Dame Taylor my three and a half points the over under 65. In app and it feels like a lot of people are full on a low the Notre Dame this week and everybody's like any Irish in this case. And their running game has been down pretty darn good there they're running the ball for 300 yards per game on 308 to be exact. Other defense has been decent I'm not great but decent home team's only sixteen points per game. Anderson there are five that line only one loss to the Los they have this year. I was against Georgia. By one point and at the time of the Nevada las finale Georges where they're out not to babble for Notre Dame and all but. I'm actually gonna go with USC in this game I know the spreads three and a half so I got a chance there to lose out by a field goal and still cover the spread on the road but. I've got to lord of the trojans than than some this year and outspend kind of a constant all season long that every time they how one of those games you think they're gonna lose. They they're gonna fall flat. You know everybody's waiting to talk some smack in an end of finding a way to win like they did against Texas a pitted against cal like they did last week. Last weekend as well but. Against Utah when he came back in one I just did this AM darn factor to me is what sets them apart from other teams because Notre Dame. Coming at just yes them they have one of the best rushing offenses in the country of 308 yards per game. On that's not necessarily the weakness of USC's defense and get an up about a 140 yards per game. On the ground at Notre Dame really does struggle to throw the football and and this is it this is a game where you have two teams closely matched I don't expect you to want to blow the other one out. A bulk of them that can score points they're averaging about 470 yards of offense. On both of them are so you get in this spot late in the game of the fourth quarter you needed got to pick up the third native 37 finally land. I don't know if I could trust notre Dame's passing game to do that I think Sam Arnold. Is continuing to figure things out I trust him more than I trust in inning on Notre Dame. I know he's a bad times the last week it was a prime example he doesn't need to play great for four quarters to find a way to win. He relies NASA does all season it reminds me of Janus Winston accurate at Florida State where they get off to slow starts that's trailing or perhaps they're not playing good everybody says wow what's wrong with the wins in Florida State and he comes out he shreds defense they find a way to win ID USC's gonna go into Notre Dame and finally when this weekend. The pac twelve desperately needs him to do that if you wanna talk about we always talk about how. You know teams play thirteen ten games in the SEC the NNN unranked South Carolina beats of Florida or whatever and how. Powell you know stack back conference's verses. You get a similar thing out the pac twelve was like oh there everybody's just mediocre. US eagle on the Notre Dame and haven't a statement did now of their with a win and if they can do it by double digits. I think they'll wake everybody up and say oh well maybe the pac twelve is a little deeper than we actually didn't. Credit for Gavin and they win this game differently right back and I covered you know we all want it and pronounced dead against want the only awesome kids couple weeks back but. They win this ball in the right back and conversational bits off seven ranked team in the country it's a marquee when they are to be stamp for that stamp for when looks really good now only Stanford playing football. On Texas I think is better than a lot of people expected this year as well also up close look doesn't look as bad as it did at that time. Honestly I like USC this weekend to cover the spreading they went on the road in south Daniel when this is an early one of fox sports one. 1230. And everybody's duty to Utah fresh off a couple of really tough losses on the Stanford on the road USC last week. An Arizona State they just run their Super Bowl they beat a top five team for the first time in over twenty years. Are they knocked up Washington last week. What jumped out to me and and sometimes disease spreads like this you don't wanna fall for it. So maybe Vegas knows more than I do all they they do know but maybe they admit they got something here in this game I don't know about. Utah's favor by ten in this ball game. Ten hardly back he's supposed to be back but it's not out of percent yet and even nannies missed a couple of weeks. I did that spread to me is way too I think it's a sign of disrespect to Arizona State yes there was a good football team. Well and it's just you know you saw what they did or again. Earlier in the year then you see what they did wash continued she's scratching your head with Todd Graham and you look at Kayla mobilize and you look at those those receivers. And you're like how. Are they not more consistent week to week they should be more consistent how old is an odd and not an 89 win team maybe you know. On the edge of competing in in the south division right. Because you looked individually and some of the talent that they have on both sides of the ball and you're like you don't. They don't look like most the other guys in the pac twelve. Nikki Larry is one of the best drivers country public demanding Wilkens examining Goodyear this year blog is good in the running game. Defensively they've released struggle but that classic they cannot know Washington the seven points and that the Huskies missed ten field goals now ballgame but. They kept coming up let's stop so they needed dumb and and and told that offence the seven points it's damn impressive. So I look I'm not gonna vote on a limb and say Moneyline take him on the road in you'd solvent ten points is too much to be Utah's struggles to move the ball. I don't care what defense are going against and you know as much as we deployed to Arizona State media say let down factor from a big win. How about you flip that you say look at the last two weeks you toss out there emotionally spent bit played Stanford and USC back to back weeks tough physical losses. The emotion of losing a game on a two point conversion failed attempt. That's tough to have happen if that they're gonna be USC last week and now they got to gear back up and play good Arizona State team like Arizona State. To cover the spread. You'll probably the hottest team in the conference right now based on what they've done offensively last two weeks. Is Arizona. Khalil data you kidding me. He's run all over people and their ticket on cal cal is coming off their big win of the year dominated Washington State last week on Friday night. They got 43 four and three California to Arizona the spread of this what Arizona minus the three. I love Arizona in his game yet this slump they're rising. This'll be Justin Wilcox is toughest week of coaching this season. If his kids being. That they've accomplished everything for the year after that win their best defender by the way done for the CD yeah how do you bring him back down to earth. And and give them ready for a completely different attack. That's just as potent as the cougars offense can be. At what they're doing on offense is ridiculous right now at that a lot of that is playing civil Colorado and UCLA don't have great defense is and by by all means they do not greedy fences. But what can be take stuff running the football. It's blown me away minutes or 45 points against Colorado 47 against UCLA. I tells better defensively than both those teams but they're still given up about a 150 yards per game on the ground over 420. There should give up more yards per game that Arizona's defense does sell. I don't know why is spread is only three they're giving counsell credit I do like night they're there much improved team much better than we thought they would be coming into the season but. When Rich Rod finds his quarterback it would seem that a pass on offense is so tough to slow down. And he looks like he's sonet this year that run and all the people like Arizona. And to go and account finally when it's on the field goal a favorite than the last one to hear this one over on nine dead tomorrow night. It gives. Try to bounce back is a good bounce back opponent a Colorado this weekend scholar and as a team has been up and down and out of great struggle of the Oregon State. Ten point spreads big still up in the loose. Yeah I think I would take that suits I mean if today didn't you know. After just giving him barest of strawberry canyon and then embarrassed again by Mike Leach in the post game you know whatever. You know self awareness. Series they variety we're going to sorry front runners and Inglis of his very visit she's nothing like yeah so. By if they don't respond plus if you go watch the tape of Oregon state of Colorado the bees moved the ball up and down the field other than in the last. Seven yards or otherwise I wanna wind nation on the ice so. The Kooks offense I think should come out and go nuts and if they don't. You I'd say they've always gear again. Yes true after the way Lou fall I was surprised you follow to get pulled earlier mag game. Against cal they lose get banged up he was looked idiot look healthy they had this thing down Leach would be at the point. And Allah and and for lute fought gets he gets in his head. He gets in his own way over analyzing over thinking because he knows that offense inside and out and sometimes he just. I did go in there drop back read one read to and sling it yet just go again collect skewed the offense I like those aren't there pull down around. I do I do like Washington State this game ten seems like a big spread but you count on the bounce back effort. Not for their embarrassing loss to cal like them on and homey and say good team to bounce back against Colorado. Is that back into the schedule for the kids is tough so you get the momentum go on you when this week you're seven and one foreign one. You're still on all those conversations in fact while a wish they need to be system picks around a conference should be a good one I think. A lot of intrigue about all those games USC it's against him to make a statement for the conference Arizona Arizona State are wondering how good they are in the tubes bouncing back. If they do we get a packed moments I'm excited to watch it. A site about it did anyone enjoy watching Alonso ball get shut down as much as I did Snoop Dogg made some sense of how about Russell Westbrook stat line some notes are on the NBA did an express. Taken for Landers saint today and you stand. Also. Went to waste our point the finger somewhere else and Washington would do that coming up in ten minutes. Out what it's our little NB. Yeah they'll get back in the blazers coming up top of the hour they play the pacers nineteen to an 82. How about this we yellow breaking news in the MBA. This could this could change things that. Around here injuries so far. And now we got another one add to the list so the rockets have officially listed Chris Paul's day to day with a knee problem. But Marc Stein is reporting. Now the New York Times Lebanese still reporting on the NBA got a new job after ESPN. He's reporters fears in Houston that he could be sidelined for over a month. According to league sources with a knee injury. We're all rockets are about that one injuries going down all over the place now Chris Parker be missing a month in Houston. At changes things a little bit so somebody to dry on I is officially listed as day today but they're just kind of going over things and wondering how long. Until he gets back you don't. And lost in all the sports stuff let's say in the diners when Indiana CSU great Thursday night football game and it but it wasn't it was a good night in sports we talked about the whatever sports clips whatever you call that weary and all four major events going on in the same day the NBA the MLB NFL. Indiana job but a loss and and a little bit from him it's not the Laker game last night they were these second after the TNT doubleheader. And I would end of the day I think and I don't wanna watch that game. Wanna give them the ratings you know Lavar balls and those guys probably gonna run around and talent coming to people watched eyes NBA debut so I don't wanna fall on that trap. And then I did I I couldn't resist I couldn't pass it up on as the day was going on and the dodger game was a blowout there's an apple pulls over what that was a great game on us I let us to this and let's figure it out. A table that was a great decision because you saw if you watched that game last night. Alonso ball on his NBA debut he was one of six from the floor one of three from three. He went to the free throw line once he missed both of his free throws he was a minus fourteen which is almost blew it was the second worst on the team. Only three points he had four assists and Patrick Beverley. Made him look like a fool last night. And as NBA debut. A full and I gotta tell you I'd love watching that I really did FM has been driving me nuts now for months and all the hype around him his dad won't shut up he was even on sports on a last night. And watching him struggle brought me a lot of joy. And it was a weird feeling because I was reading from Patrick Beverley and a guy that I hate manulife for a long time and it was it was strange having to root for somebody like doc let. I thought snoop dog hit on the head of all people's Snoop Dogg said this after the game last night and it'll be Encino wash moving forward but Snoop Dogg said it was like his dad threw him into the lion's den with pork chop shorts. And that's what his rookie season in the NBA is going to be like and about you saw last iPad there belies a good defender. He heat that's all he wanted to do was embarrassed Alonso ball and I think he's gonna get that eager. Good times L yeah no question about that everybody's gonna go after him. And loan fall our won't shut up. Until. Are there wine he creates a problem for the lakers that forces magic in Jeanie buss. To publicly. Yes there is insulin so sent out and say she does not speak for us you are not welcome at practice or whatever goal away. All our Alonso says you are making my life any much more difficult than it already is. As a number two overall pick in his rookie year we juju is get out of the limelight right up tonight from the microphone and let me figure this out. I thought that was a grizzly like things that are gonna and those might not even be enough know even if that happens he's still going to be enemy number one of the NBA and so many guys have circled that game on the top editors a lot of young guys in the league they can benefit from playing on bad teams you covenant maybe in the NBA in 82 games he catch people sleep in those games you sleep walk through. Also this guy's ticket ticket there's that he's not gonna get that the all the people who thought the lakers could sneak into inmates are no agenda as calm down that roster is not very good yeah team Sox. But just yelled at in and looks amazed accident you know I'll PS against outstanding and Mike after the game. Amen to that part of it amen to that end and load it's not gonna help in every time becomes doc is even because it was a back and forth apparently Beverly was yellen of people walking off the Florie was yellen at the ball are in their goal about it. In on ATMI after the game and said you know who is Patrick Beverley nobody knows he ours are always been the playoffs people not only is it you jackass is stop running your mouth. Mom but just watching him struggle was a lot of fun and in a visit to see Allen goes moving forward but I was widespread practice of guessing after the show because he was down in LA a couple of weeks ago when he did the sports extravaganza weekend. And he was talking to a lot of people from LA at a Laker fans obviously that in other aplenty down there. They love love our ball. As a spread now and this is a small sample size of the LA sports fans again talk to 'cause he's totally LA de La. Now I understand and he said you know they asked admissible what's the perception of the marble opens Portland what do people think about a music for heat kissed him but he. Yeah getting beat and they also didn't like he was shocked him like. How could you hate him he's funny he's entertaining ED goes against the grain and why. So that made me root against him even more after finding that out yesterday that people down and out and everything you need to know about LA that does dining and under the glass flask vs substance is really is Alonso ball made his NBA debut last night meeting go well he's one of six from the Florida that he's going to be better than that it was a bad debut I I still league and have a good career but it's going to be a tough rookie season because every team that he plays that there's going to be that Patrick Beverley kind of guide it says you know while I shut this family out. That in and this data set that expectation that he should be playing you know he should do you imagine death Hillary is leading a year layoff and lead to an MBA five sorry magic came into a team that bad yeah Korean petroleum. And who else was on that was norm Nixon still on that team Michael Cooper. Jamal Wilkes I mean yeah the lakers were pretty good when he showed up. Little better than law banged. Say that go on a limb so rough on salons Obama's debut last night one other known I had about the NBA. I am watching I had a want to tell his game but I was curious to see how they look as the one of those teams in the bless you gotta keep an eye out for. An Oklahoma City. And if this is an and they continues ought to say this this should be something a watched as one of the main criticism last year for Westbrook was Unita shots that he took. It was his jackets up all over the floor and yeah and the argument that I mean I guess it was late Islamist the past two plus hour you know just keep shooting right. Will give his stat line last night he had seven turnovers that you don't like west prohibit appoints the seven turnovers he had a triple double. What he scored 21 points at six assists and ten boards yes 62 cents for seven of twelve from the floor he only attempted one a three pointer he didn't force the issue both mellow and George took more shots in only the 13 Hillary got the free throw line. If he's gonna play like that. That's. Aries yes that's that's a situation where she trusts. He just didn't trust his other guys. And the way he trusts he will defer to George ands. Too mellow plus he doesn't have to be on the floor for 44 minute he doesn't have to do at all is not on his shoulders and easy to tell us antitrust immediate needs twelve shots if they can play enough defense and figure out you know with Stephen Adams. How to how to connect to the defense if Melo was willing to play we know Paul Georgia plays some defense and Westbrook well if they keep getting mellow. Comfortable with what they want him to do defensively so he's engaged to whether it's rebounding whether it's. And you know playing kind of the help side on the weak side in and getting in there and getting steals. Then it might work in OKC. Yeah so somebody can dial last night they played their first game they went into New York it was the Null return and now they blew out the knicks 105. To eighty for the final but we always asking how can they show the boss second work we did it would Golden State last year Yates is Sus Def curry Klay Thompson. Take a backseat a little bit to two Klay Thompson and Westbrook willing to do it one game and we'll seeping into a free one more about. Only twelve shots triple double to look at one point sixteen assists ten rebounds and seven of twelve from the floor. They get a block land and their first game the talk some more NBA coming up top of the hour blazers but the pacers tonight give me out. In a carry the momentum from their big win down in Phoenix into Indiana and I get off to a to a no star but Houston is in some trouble. In Verlander saved the day president is next on donated a cent. Pressures on the Astros difference. In the past masters executing crunch time it was still a movie to win this greatest criminal element of news that's the lowest in the world its current stunt or. They look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. A grudge directed by prejudice always none any problems so why would you ever pay more shrink gym membership. That's blaze is coming up top of the hour. Take another pacers tonight chance that we talked about that easy schedule early on in the season so they can take advantage of it to a two and I'll start talk about that I'd take that in college football's a hole to fifteen they don't forget a boy Kevin Todd coming on makes picks. And hopefully when you some money adds to thirty but. You know you you may trains in the odds are generally MLB regular season for moments like this these are the times that you lean on guys eagle lot acquire. And remember with Houston the storyline around them is that trade deadline came in when they didn't make one of those big splashy moves that may be some thought they needed. And the Astros players came out and said you know we're a little frustrated at Dallas tackle was and we need is now we want now we we wanted you to go get somebody you didn't. Astros management listened to them they went out landed just amber Lander. And he has lived up tonight he's been dominant since coming already Houston in the trade and he's a big part of their. The reason why they're here now in game six the ALCS. And he had a quote today said this is why I'm here and indeed it is they went out god Justin Verlander now he starts of the season on the line tonight. Against the Yankees get some of these numbers in the three games he gang he stadium. The Astros were outscored nineteen to five. And in the series now five games in. They're hitting a buck 47 as a team. Odds that's got to stay just didn't want to try and finally into the World Series but I'm I'm Jackson that's what I don't want to once again for a Lander take on the Yankees offense. Game two was awesome and out tonight lives up to the hype this. Well yes and I think Verlander understands what. It takes to go out there and take the ball in the situation. And so he's willing to embrace. That specific pressure. And he you know. I think he's gonna try you and you know strike out judged insane jazz you know when their first at bat see if you can do that and really get crowned a frenzy. And let all of the hitters know I. I got your back if you guys can scratch out a couple you don't have the score seventy ranked brand me a couple in early lead and more playing on Saturday. Yeah I get nearly the Italy united appeared if you don't remember how dumb and he wasn't game to let GO let me remind you. He got thirteen different yankees to an 02 count thirteen of them. He struck out all thirteen. A retired she's real thirteen struck out seven of them he had thirteen k.s in the game. I he was dominant in game two and they really need him to to perform well tonight and and I was getting hit the big thing for Houston tonight. Is you can't fall behind early I you know how good the Yankee bullpen is simply watch in you know Canada back the other day. And I gave five gamer New York was able to get key you know scratch crossed couple runs the second scratch cross run in the third. He had 2030 lead. And and just amend the theory gets in your eyes you know once it's the fifth at it as a matter of you know the Severino to knock us sabathia. Don't matter who's starting make it turn it over to our bullpen and that's all. Robertson dream then and Chapman and there you go snow and Big Easy and you've got you've got six innings five or six innings to get for early Ender. Two or three run lead. And men and Verlander understands his mindset he's going out of the mindset that. I'm pitched a complete game I'm going all nine innings yeah I mean as a little 140. Pitches if I have to. Two and you know. Dip a dip the bullpen off the hook ever body arrests. Maybe if they're happy go to Giles in the ninth you know that would be one thing but yet if he's not sharp early. And has you know relatively. Painless first two or three innings gets through that first round of the lineup if you ask him he must be dominant roundup I were six strikeouts the first time through the lineup changes have did you say you're not hitting me tonight. Yeah and and you know watching those adjustments will be NC is career by the way in for a policy starts and elimination games he's three and one of the 149 ERA easily says that team he's been here before he's pitched a World Series before. A back in his days in Detroit against the giants and I wouldn't pay out form but he's been in these moments and you know the at the adjustments in the series to meet our our one of the fun. New wants is a big game that people don't pay attention to because you had that would Dallas Frankel who was dominant in game one. And he came out in game five and ended a Roth a mob but they got deleting get out of the fourth adding and up until that point. Nobody in touch type on the playoffs and that's the tough part about facing a team twice in a series is that. How much do you change their game plan they go back and watch the film you tried to attack the same spots. Are you not you know hitting your same locations they're gonna violating its Denver earlier talked about that you know he said it's tough to face a team. Are there will be some adjustment some Liam but I trust my instincts what lies tell me. A more than anything you just did the adjustments aspects of going out of group for the second time in a lot of the sec examine his series. It'll be fascinating to watch for a Lander against the hill game six tonight. Severino on the other side pitched really well and just started this series too so let's give him some credit that was a really low scoring game. Now he gets a chance to close it out. For the Yankees tonight but game six on line in Houston should be a lot of Fun League leader abroad sister station. A ninth inning important what are quick note on baseball I do have is. One of the nationals get a point the finger at somebody else. They always choke in the playoffs and they always fire the manager and they'd fired ST is contract was up they did renew it. But. Our inventory Doris your different manager what. You bring new guys get a joke exterior fire entailed and appointee of do you play any zero skipped third starting rotation. And go to tune Strasburg and you know the rest of those guys and say listen. We're paying you boatloads of cash when it's the playoffs. You've got to get out there and got out seven innings in being dominant. And I saw that today just chuckled like I had that'll fix things Washington it is fixings for Davey Johnson or Matt Williams and they left on out and extended the same thing I'd say they're undecided that's where it starts of that rotation ot Matt. So us baseball's a free game six I'm pumped I'm pumped for tonight's a big one in Houston. Can't wait to get home watch a ballgame may princess bride to buy prints fitness always manage travel months so why would you ever pay more. For gym membership to find out more about where's spring and I worked out at crunch dot com bloated final hour for us on a Friday it will Sprague line coming up at 230. I got sprayed pixie consent Samir isn't as he won as well. Will travel and some money with our boy Kevin Todd amounted to thirty take a look ahead to be weekend's slate in college football we should be on upset alert. Maybe it's Penn State got to talk about that game Penn State Michigan should be go wanted to they want an ABC. A probable start with the blazers game two of them tonight against Indiana can they keep the momentum going. In what is the infusion of CJ McCollum look likely to file our local any order Sprague on 1080 the fan.