Dirt & Sprague Friday October 20th, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, October 20th
Swag is back but Sprague is out with the bubble guts, and what a night of action between the Dodgers clinching the pennant, the Raiders miracle comeback on Thursday night, and why are NFL ratings down across the board despite the primetime ratings going up.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's time for an injection as they say in tents and tell them. This is of Friday edition of dirt and spray they had pride they have talent. They had had been to Asia durden spray it and she would bulls Friday. Driven by crashing Chrysler dodge Jeep ram. For the lowest prices on cars and tracks on the east side of Portland is it dodge impression dot com progression I think does he ran a short drive from anywhere. Durden spray gun 1080 Jason. Hey let's do this what's up everybody after Friday's are gone well while commanders Greg you're on 1080 the fan will Elise Byrnes Greg's Friday yet you know sometimes you come into work and he you try and give it your all you really do. And then everybody needs a slap in the face of reality and say just get the hell out of here please inaudible pretty much that was the case is Greg today I command and he looked like death sitting back in his chair yet. Designer in our summon the ball. And it's like I've been away housing go and how's everything you know he just had this he was jag sense for the restaurant I just I was running back and forth clinching the cheeks out. It's one of those silly he told me last night he had Hawaiian food in three years. So I'm wondering now do it was it the alliances it. Was it appears was that the combination. Is sometimes you combine those things in camp and evolved in their right. So we told Doug it's an ammonium get the hell out of here and have a three day weekend won't be enjoyable three day weekend but I do know he's been dealing with it's funny we always had these back and for his. Before the show is his youngest daughter has been just extremely ill all week vomiting everywhere I can't ever what he said. Other G Abbott no matter what they put down her throat she had thrown up all over the place and has been brutal and auto Matthew that's been gone right that too many like went back to school for the and they sent a Mac only get out of here yeah it and I and Sarah final which is I'm thinking he's gonna get me sick I'm like that's a jumps from person to person I got to sit like five feet away from you. For six hours a day this is ridiculous I don't wanna touch yeah. And then he ended up be in the one against Cink thankfully I'm okay I think clear a case wag. A slight is back they would have swagger I don't know I had I was our power your four days off your forty vacation. I was I was. Active and had a casual pace academy Mintz cite donations stuff from one day Monday. Was media day for the pilots basketball team so I was able to go over in the afternoon in Terry Porter kind of gave his a state of the team address and got to watch practice with all the new guys all have fun stuff so that was that was cool. And then I got I got all the haircut I'm five pounds lighter. I had gone and and I'd I'd I'd pulled hinge on my glass time crap when he knew glass and they said well. We need to update your prescriptions been a while since an exam so Hannah had and examined dilated and you know and then got with all the family and have lunch with my mom won today in and had lunch with a herald in all of us are stuff so. Sowers and not but it was at a casual enough pace. And that I you know than you were done that I was back home watching Diana's. And you back what is shortsighted in terms of weeks and take up you picked a pretty good one Tizzy got a enjoy your team winning games in the NLCS and I'll worry about coming in the next morning absolutely and the other I guess today is little different because you're here and they clinch last night. And I will say that is one reason there's Sunday's are just glad you're coast isn't here. I'm actually glad he's not here today so I don't have to listen I condescending my team this team whenever there stupid hash tag is. Is out throwing his send them out the window is morals out the window and rooting for the Dodgers. I however I'm not so no I am rejoicing you are enjoy 189 years three decades since we've got to. Get excited like this well embraces us folks will get to that game at some point outlets like I bring grudgingly I I have to talk about the NRC as the Dodgers are going to the World Series was. Matta wasn't here. What was that that game named. He the turner home run our our which ones no Yu Darvish is it back all his at bat yep and it's been about in Wrigley Field that was the best at bat of the entire series alto awesome that was. Lot of front lines and it double double talk about that serious look at that there's there's a lot to get today really the start of animals start would last night's game I was an awesome game and five different answers for Oakland to win at. This craziness ensued down in the Bay Area as I mentioned we get to the NLCS at some point did anyone enjoy watching Alonso ball get shut down as much as I didn't. I didn't. MBA was the only sport I did not watch that was off your radar last night I watched the first period of the cannot cinema got a major and gave up three goals and to the Bruins was like okay it was at dodger game starting now trails the well docked in and then I caught bits and pieces of the of the raiders and chiefs and that weird finish diver. I don't know I I just I didn't wanna get on the ratings on TNT last night as I know Lamar balls probably get a top that would come many people watched but I ended up artist and given that still buying is whatever in the year the soccer and I you're the soccer at this point I did finds a big huge thing out restraint as he was down in LA a couple of weeks ago and he was televisa that I did this we talk about a would do that coming up to 130 but. How folks in LA feel about Lamar ball because it really got me off guard and so we'll we'll talk about that he got sent down I wanna mention west bricks that line as well as Deion Sanders started their year. A last night against the next we'll get back in the blazers at some point you know to just talk about that a lot of forty point win. The other night they take out the pacers tonight you're going to be a little shorthanded so trying to keep that momentum going to get to that come up with a final honorable Sprague alliance breaks seventy has X. So we got those Kevin Tom will join a season should back close to 500 Sprague was one into last week. It rough on last regular one into the end he he bought the teaser so he blocked out spreads. And what one into well no wonder he sent today and that's that's probably why an hour I'm sure campaign he's Bennett pylon no sympathy does he just he ripped a Manila last Friday like you buy in the points commodities goes straight up a mini but the points he need to listen. Two of the games and look at that organ UCLA got to talk about that game I'll do that coming up at 1 o'clock I do make some picks in the pac twelve it's an interesting weekend attacks well for me. Possible go travel look at the spreads look at some of the games that mean Arizona Arizona State were wondering if they're for real people are thinking USC could get exposed this weekend as they play Notre Dame on the road so. Talk about those ones as well and then. Anybody an upset alert this weekend in college football because the last two weeks we've kind of flirted with that notion and some folks last week was and then yet you total destruction that's five top ten teams lose in the last two weeks and you just you know another one's gonna go down that's just the kind of the the the trend that Iran right now. So we'll get to that at some point of our daughter throughout the poll questions quickly I didn't go vote on these actors spray on Twitter. Three give us follow us while we will follow you back first which is simply ask who's gonna win the game tomorrow orient or UCLA early results red. 48%. Of people think organ can win that ballgame about that optimistic bunch 40% Dolan organ 52. A percent on the UCLA in the the other one is what you enjoy watching more. College football the NFL. 66% of people so far. Are saying college football because I cannot I brought that up yesterday in spring attacked about it's openly show I did we wouldn't have a chance to kind of elaborate on it in get into it more but. We were talking about the ratings being down in the National Football League which they are primetime rating surprisingly. Are still performing strong but as a whole the numbers are are down and we were trying to identify the different reasons why that was in and why maybe the NFL is struggling more this year than they have in years past and I do think it's a really complex issue and it's not just one thing. That you could point to but it got me thinking about. In the NFL so I'm curious a listener perspective on F 55305 which one do you enjoy more and and does your enjoyment if you are college football person. Does your enjoyment of that sport maybe. A downplay the NFL free little bit you don't watch as much on Sundays like he used to because you enjoy college football so much because I know that's that's happened to me. A little bit some of its back coming up at 1245 but. I mean how bad the ballgame last night Thursday night football and you know Oakland going in about one and two wood four that was their season we talked about it yesterday on the show we had an apple went on idea of ESPN. And on just if they were to find a way to lose that game and use that to 215. I'm not quite sure how you overcome that the schedule is somewhat manageable in the upcoming weeks by you lose to Kansas City another divisional game it was a team that had their number. And they found a way to pull out there and Deanna really it was a gutsy performance. With all the chances amid a call gets overturned his what was done at the one and Indy offensive pass interference they dropped a touchdown pass and then. Under different defense and pass interference calls it really it was a wild game and that's kind of where I wanna start today is. Are you now by and that opens back there are are you. Are you believing in Derek Carr a Mari Cooper now offense even a Marshawn Lynch got toss and was watching the game in street clothes and one of the sections are you buying. Under the raiders are again a legitimate playoff contender even though there only three and four. I at this point in the season so that's where we're gonna start off and run and on Friday. They severe weather is no Sprague he's got the bubble got to be back on Monday go get as a follow voter poll questions actors spring assortment Thursday night football next on 1080 the fan. Our little little CEOs coming ungodly hour Dodgers gone back to the World Series for 730 years there had that ball game. This thirst and I've footballs been really good this year. Really I mean come out the year last year red felt like there was a lot of blowouts and as games of their moral watchable. I may MA BM overreacting because the last three have been really good. What it is there's a awesome I think there's couple elements. One you found some division rivalry games so everybody's perked up when I'm wondering now. Debt Thursday night football has been an every week staying for the last few years. It may be coaches. Have figured out how to prep for better how to plan for a better. How do adjusts OK I'm not gonna have time to install a complete and full game plan like we normally would. I just wonder they're getting better at knowing how to work that week. So that day can put something together in big goes out and make some competitive and gives them a chance. To win I think in all week. I think we underestimate sometimes how adept he's coaching staff Arafat always midsummer better than others but it right in all you give coaches the same routine now for a few years they've all played in two or three least Thursday night games they know. I'll wind guys are ready to to get stuff done. You know obviously the better teams that have experience quarterbacks and experience defense is you know that's sort of thing they can handle more in the game plan but you know for Oakland's. You know how do you do it cease simplify you've got enough in the cover everything but you're not trying to empty to kitchen sink him. You know how people's heads spinning her feeling like they're prepared when they get out there. Rattle and an even last Sunday talk about that with a short week about tomorrow ball excellent and and he was the guy in and they talked about it a lot on the telecast the end of the and a guy called the players on the defense society in three days of practice and I just thrown out there in. It I you know Oakland as it is a big take away just the quality of the game was big take away from last night but. That there is a certain part of me that feels bad for Kansas City and their fight until they're still in control but. It just it's amazing how quickly things can change an NFL because they were five and oh there were consistent they were dominant they were beating quality teams Houston's goodwill and Washington's good when. I think it chargers game now looks like a good when they beat the Eagles beat the patriots like they were just beat up on nobody's they were playing good teams and they were finding ways to win those games and doing double sizable you look at their past two weeks. Yeah you gotta lug is living on down Antonio Brown this is tough matchup that was by six at home tough laws and then last night happens where. It felt like you laws and NFL like you're gonna land if and then end up losing the game and not your city or five into if Denver finds a way to win this week in which I think they can. Denver's right there are four entailed and a half the game out of first place it's amazing how quickly the commerce as you can change in the NFL. And how quickly teams. Can adjust and figure that that's the difference between the NFL and college is just so. So wide it's such a Kenyan. It really is and ending in a look last night will lend. May have edge it was just it was a fun game and watching them have so many chances there at the end I know everybody had tweeted out I'm sure the folks agree I was kind of crossing my fingers that they would miss that TAT. After how wild the end of the game was that tie it's like probably got to go to overtime but an and it was close it's like the officials were just kind of like yeah. However we wanna get underneath toss Douglas Peters how to you know get a cover receiver without in his hands all over my I don't again calm but I you know I wills sigh I doors are Derek Carr though because. That really it was a gutsy performance on his party's gonna get to tough defense he's been banged up and I was ready like I'm sinking their watching the game I'm always thinking of narratives that we can talk about on the show and and thinks you can carry over to the next day Ian. And an identifiable ballgame like debt and my out I was thinking is Oakland got the ball back I didn't feel like they were gonna score I did have a lot of confidence and then finding a way to get that tight shot on the last drive and I thought that was going to be kind of a bad look on their car because he had played well up into that point. They had to throw the ball atomic could run it again Marshawn Lynch got tossed for making contact with an official. He was watching the game in the stands at 88 rushing yards as a team but it wasn't very balanced. Mom and he had two opportunities when they got the ball back at like three and a half whatever laugh for minutes left. And Kansas City was able to for supply and that would have been a tough loss to give the quarterback two chances and not in inside the file format as if they can't get it done. At that doesn't reflect well on them and any did an in I was so impressed with his plays down the stretch. Finding receivers I don't know how Kansas City left a Mark Cooper wide open on that last drive a couple times. Didn't make any sense and then. To continue to fight even though that call was overturned rethought cook was in the end zone. Turns out he's not they still find a way to win Eagles Twain I am fifty to 417. Yards and three touchdowns but. My concerns for Oakland is still the same as it was earlier in the week because you always felt like they would find a way to get the passing game go on. They can't run the football well it. I don't know Marshawn Lynch for what forty minutes 35 minutes like a million G had two carries for nine yards on your life you know once he got costs. I think Derek Carr it got made it clear all right I'm. He got. Crabtree and cook in this group or seven times last night we got to win this ourselves you know dodged the radio this they'll Gani because your media Marchand got to masterly and I get that you know what is season high for rushing yards is this year. A song like 75 or entity sixty edit their. 63 yards. He's he's been a non impact this season and I just wonder. How much of that is him how much of that is on the offensive line how much of that is on the offensive coaches. Not may be knowing how best to utilize them right you think it's pretty simple is cannon ball run power by a right turn around hand off to marsh on let it go by yeah but when new book as you implement trying to implement vat within what you wanna do with your pass your dynamic passing game. You know how did that to fit together uh oh wait okay we need to stop and give the ball the marsh on our something winner. You know it's tough to find that down the nuanced stuff that debt the Seahawks had figured out and and to the Seahawks didn't never really figured out how to replace Marshawn Lynch are still struggling and they're going through 45 running backs in trying to figure out how to compliment how they wanna run the football now with with throwing it more so. No it's it's a nebulous thing when you find that balance the weight Kansas City. Most people take at least offensively look we scored thirty points in the NFL you expect to win. Yeah and and they've they've probably a minute were close they almost won that game at the end they have balancing alas on offense Alex Smith had a great night 340 yards three touchdowns no picks I was only sacked one time there at the end which was a costly one by. A Fremont 87 yards seeded get the end somebody eighteen carries 87 yards he had balanced Tyree kill was big. You know he was he was in and out weren't sure how healthy he was he had six catches 125 yards a minute really targeted him down the field. They felt like that was a game that they could oblige they still had to balance on offense adjust. You you wonder. How many games do you trust Oakland when I know Derek Carmen Marc Cooper seemed to have figured it out and they seem to be on the same page and cook again as we mentioned had a big night six catches hundred yards. On seven targets can you throw the ball 52 times consistently and win games in the NFL at and that's where my question mark would be around them but I Gaza I think. The way bear passing game has designs. I think you could have a West Coast where a lot of those are like bubble screens or something my words I certainly along handoff righted it's an extension of the running that's different or when Warren Moon was run on the run and shoot their with the old morial Oilers yet they would throw it forty to fifty times that's a big deal but the way that the raiders. Vertical passing game is still structured. Right and I did today date or at least they got into a less than attacking downfield and and I don't go raider fans to accident and said. It was good to see on the offense according to figure that out and start the morning guys down the field. And they did a minute open up the playbook last night to Mark Cooper was running free I Jerry Cooke had some big catches and and they were able to take advantage is of some things. In the Kansas City secondary but you have to find balance iso on a show yesterday. I Adonal Rodgers is done for the year but. Really the only two guys in the league and I trust consistently week in and week out without a running game no matter who's back there was some. As Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers that they can find ways they can honorable and a plays they can you know they can finals the defense get their hot routes going. But outside of those guys if you're leading rusher is Washington with 33 yards on nine carries. And Marshawn Lynch hasn't given you much it just. Debates that question can they find the balance offense but. The one thing that is a positive stroke the moving forward because this is one of those Wednesday EE get the feel goods going to get the emotion back. I'd say I really do you feel like it saved your season. To get to three and four instead of be into and vomiting everybody would have crossed the offense and you've probably done at gunpoint. They end a four game losing streak. This schedule I do believe this manageable the next couple weeks you look they go to buffalo not an easy win but it's a game that if your playoff team be good when your in Miami. A team that is looked just atrocious at times offense this year home against New England a defense a different art MR Cooper should be able to shred. I get the Broncos at home so I mean generally order a loss in Denver but it was a close game now I get an at your house and then you get the giants at home went to and the other one and five at this point so. You you look at the next five ball games for Oakland. If they were at 215 there's no way in hell even with a manageable schedule I would've said. They could find their way back in does not your three and four get a win over buffalo next week or back to 500 and maybe those expectations can be realized that with. Apple got in the patriots game will be the big one buffalo could be tough that's an early game. On the East Coast. So the dolphins game as this is the Sunday night game so brag but those early games. We know Buffalo's defense will be formidable offense. Not much you get another week with Navarro Bowman there to try and dipped at all. Ironed out so. I think. You know if they can win those two games on the road and then see what happens when when the patriots come in if if they've solved some of their defensive issues or not. Then I don't think you worry as much about the Broncos game outside of it being you know a division game with a normal two game swing down no matter if you can win that are or what. He had in a lot of Diebler reporting out. And it just didn't win when Marshawn Lynch went out of that game how would change things for car that they you know he was I think it. Clarify exam rider on the most older let's go three wide four wide let's just you know I don't think even thought about the running game other than maybe a specific you know. Third and short situation. Or yeah I you needed it now or funny thing again I was wondering I debated even tried run the ball they had all those chances at the one yard line. To get one yard they didn't even want to attempt that there's enough doing to get it done. No I think at that point I mean it at that point you've drawn it's so well and you have all these tall receivers in Cooper and cooked and Crabtree it's like okay. If I can isolate one on one matchup which eventually he got to. With crap T bears the one on one match up my guys third. You know I can just rode up or throw it to whatever shoulder rat than the defender ticket. Can make a play or you get pass interference that he just kidding keep it get to keep trying to Zeta last thing about the web a lot of folks pointing out I appreciate this I forgot yesterday to. I give against New England is a new new mex Mexico City. It's not okay Diaz now and that is a home game but it's not a home game because it's in Mexico City had totally forgot about that I mentioned though have more raider offense and be more raider fans of pages and somebody said it's funny chose to quarterbacks and a 32 the so called passing era run the ball play football right. It's not just trying to beat I'm just say without the balance on offense there's only two guys I think they can overcome that everybody else and it's not an indictment on them as our our other team knows you're not running right guy you have to throw to beat us there's two guys they say I don't care what you know that's it's coming matchup we're still gonna find a way to be Johnny Rodgers and Brady. You know when they can do it consistently so locally it's a big win last that I think they saved their season they get to three and four Kansas City couple tough beats man great football team of those by six last week. Lose by one last night elegantly Denver next week on Monday nights on the schedule. I is stuff I hate the Dodgers are going to the World Series. Braces sells for Jason swagger. That's next well what happened last night at a half men only took five games for them to dispose of the Chicago Cubs. A solo thing and it's our islands into at some point but Dodgers way and blowout fashion I don't watch CNN games and I was too late in the start next thing I knew it was like seven knots and. Yeah dignity and hitting a Grand Slam and that's early that was his second home run and you're like oh okay Kershaw with a seven haltingly I'm however watched every last. Mean that you have to you have to enjoy every moment on it and die a slug it out happy for his slider 29 years is a long time to weigh up that is a long time between now World Series appearances and I will give you some Greta you were confident. Is that on the show last week if that didn't matter what they've played whether it was the cubs are or the ash doesn't end here they are going on the world's here. The Diamondbacks for the team the dead so was scary. From a fan's perspective. And then once they now in the post season. Dave looks like the team I saw in June and July when they lost once week for like two months. Because you guys. And it was like that you guys to get him at Hernandez goes for three home runs you guys. Charlie cold person who still NN. Fur I mean seeger was out the entire series with his back he messed up right so they called cold percent up who barely play he was the starting shortstop but Oklahoma City a AAA all year when we got three hits last night so. All of those things that started to happen he got to bullpen set. Around where they were lights out once they get took things over. Doubt was the team that went 43 and seven over that fifty game stretch so. And it's quite frankly looking at a I think they match up better with the Yankees in the Astros I yeah it Astros are mirror image of them big yet guys that hit all the way through the lineup. There's a couple of guys at the top who just don't get out our two day Correia similar to Ballinger and turner who. You know you just. You try and do the best she can and hope to keep him in the ballpark but. And and then the two pitching staffs both have you know. Kind of aces at the top right and the Yankees I think. I think the Dodgers match a better way of. Wind and you know look I think a couple things on this one if anybody has city Astros or yankees here they want to lend me a for the next two weeks go ahead and I send in your of the building a bit more comfortable and orders of the -- I'm sure it doesn't he's got a few things sit around for yeah he offered me an Astros rally song I said whatever it takes up care almost see who wins Nelson says stuff might look like that. It rivals citizen I need the Dodgers that's pretty obvious if you listen to show for a long time. I am excited for the sport. To have played Kershaw on the hill for game one but he has bend the best regular season pitcher we've seen coming in along time. Our islands that stretch and extend his judgment has some guys and one year out liars figure out liars but just the extended stretch he's done it. Coming back from injuries he's still been as good as he's always then. Ice got a cy young's to back it up and he's he's been dollar that I worked in last night he did it well let's start there's only error was three not the seven not that I mean at that. It was fresh really got he got a run in each of the first or second innings and then busted open in the in the third yeah I got five I. I just like when his sport has an opportunity to display is somebody who's been at the top and aircraft and now you get the break. Went when his game one of the World Series Tuesday next Tuesday it's only Tuesday at Dodger Stadium. So it is got no matter whose eyes had dot end America's they don't feel to manage it he's getting to the ball game one of the World Series and on I think whether it's Houston or whether it's New York. It's gonna be an awesome want to because you get to see a goal against two really good lineups the Yankees. I'm maybe don't have the depth does the Astros lineup but the ability to hit the long ball to differ pull out the top of the line up. Yeah fine and then Houston if he if you sit is able to come back and win game six in game seven. That line up as a staff from top to bottom so either way. The hat kind of grudge match that's gonna take placing game one of the World Series. Sign me up and end this is Kershaw was moment he's been waiting for this he was you know ridiculed for some of this postseason performances. He got that monkey off his back got to the NLCS he pitched well last couple years. He's given up a lot of home runs this year in the playoffs but ross' solo shot there. Solo shots and so that you know he's not walking guys that's the main thing. You know feet you know also is challenging guys and enough to get all the one minutes out of their right ranked. You know I think it'll be different obviously with the wind either down or blow and out at Wrigley everything's flying out of there are being outed blogger gave Elian home run Baez hit game for winning we can all stick wreak I mean it was low and away they're telling roster outside and teaches. So I don't benefit from their days at Dodger Stadium Yankee Stadium I'm not sure we know minute maid to band box so. I think both those pit bull both old ballparks will be tough to bench him because he got the short porch in right field in new York and then I mean Houston balls slather left and Ryan yeah one of these your parts at bay hill all Ryan but. You know it is interesting I'll be curious to watch what the offseason looks like for Chicago because I you know mentioning them obviously the World Series champs last year. Are they losing in game five another done going into the off season. Joseph Maddon made some really bad decisions in this series he got tossed into the five games. The first and I didn't understand because he was arguing a called it's clear as day the catcher interference yes the role I don't know what you're arguing we are. I understand your Phillies rays usually can argue is that he's outside the batter's box but it but the video replays showed it adds that when he steps and side otherwise forget it. And then look the rust totally screwed this thing up. And in this granderson swing and miss that was Deanna is totally screwed that up. I understand the frustration but this is we're getting toss those moments and I and I think ready go back to game to his decision to go to Lackey in the ninth inning and set up wade Davis and Willie Davis and throw a lot but. Lackey doesn't drift back to back he's not grade in those kind of moments you from out there because of the walk off home run. If you're able to get that you find a way to win game two maybe it's different series but you have a moment like that in game two you make that decision you lose. That the momentum was just kind of sucked out of that clubhouse I thought after game two. Yet to be if she's seen now they've got to make decisions on Lackey and air yet I know there's a lot of people that that think they may not be back. So all most of the lineup mostly hitting in the feeling position fell I'll be back so the lineup look very similar ad for the most part they're pretty young. Other in the Jason Heyward who mysteriously. Wasn't in lineups they wanna chore for more than a bright guy. Yeah I gap but I don't think that is going anywhere don't I say hot and I don't rickets and Theo Epstein have a ton of respect for him so I. But. Yet I think dolby I think the rotation and bullpen might look pretty different but the timing it's spring tree. And yet they're getting to retake that a little bit so Dodgers went last night they're going to the World Series we'll have mental listeners contestants suggestions for a bad now we don't know who you're gonna be batting well enemy does steer lynch yeah I'd endorse Domino's more yankees fans to inability got Mike moreover at the wolves he's a diehard Yankee fan he's always dockets and smash I don't know if the Yankees were. The biggest Yankee fan are are a former sales manager truly is no longer here yeah he is he's fired up for this one tonight you know deceived they have a chance when and and just. I biggest dilemma and LA right now the biggest dilemma is trying to convince them Scully to be part of the broadcast needs to be a part of the broadcast I think elect he's not gonna get into the Booth he's not yet he said once he was gone he went Johnny gardens. Am I here this is different it's the World Series Devin he's called World Series before I know but it's a Dodgers and is what's. The key is if you get if you get New York. And all of the history of the Dodgers and yankees I think they've met eleven times previously for the World Series right. Fox can do in the pregame shows some sort of Ken Burns produced high impact on elementary of their history and have been voicing its. And that will be great because. I guarantee Kirk Gibson they're gonna find them he's gonna throw out the first pitch of game one for crying out loud I don't bags still prime and that marketing person for the Dodgers should be fired at. Yeah Abbott is going needs to be a party you know those fox TV executives by the way they're just their group so hard for the Yankees. So all hardware and the Astros but you know it would be negated by this at this Renaissance that Major League baseball's kind of had here the last few years. That to be able to do that it gives them the opportunity in the platform. To really go back into the history. Of telling it through the Dodgers. And the Yankees and when the Dodgers left Abbott's field and move rack LA parents brought Major League Baseball to the West Coast and Jackie Robinson and Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle you know for. Jenner billion dollars problem I don't know how many generations really arc for as from may be they've heard the names but they don't understand it to be able to tell those stories are his Adriana yeah would be pretty special from actually based. Yes hopefully they take advantage and I hope they get that school in some way shape performed participate broadcast on call Manning even out carriage is scheduled buck out of their for two weddings and I'll let him go out but. Oh please part of the Dodgers when they're going to the World Series and I'm officially Yankee or Astros fan for a couple weeks let's go American League. I would get into some thin and now we took a briefly touched on this yesterday. Carries for people come in on this 55305. What sports you enjoy watching more. College who are the NFL. 55305 talk about that next on tenant defense. It's a 48 on the back interest rate on a Friday Good Friday is eagle wells. Does strike today he's got the bubbles guts. Hopefully that data back to mistreat them on home game in this morning that I can always say get out your man. I wanna catchy name. They back up Monday. Odds are hoarding UCLA coming on top of the hour. Again the pac twelve was on the second hour Alonso ball ALCS slots to come up an entire body of the next hour of the show but you'll what are the conversations we have briefly yesterday to open things up was the NFL ratings are down and I and you know it's a complex issue and there's a lot of of reasoning for it end in my general take away was I do believe there's NFL fatigue I think is just something. But now for twelve months of the calendar year doesn't go away and a lot of the news isn't good news is a controversial stuff for concussions and guys get in trouble and guys beaten their wives and Roger Goodell isn't an idiot the screws up everything he touches it feels like they got players protesting. Judge I think there's a lot of stuff that goes into a blood. I also feel like from time to time we don't give. Many college upon us credit and there's a lot of people out there that you don't have the time on a weekend to sit all day Saturday all day Sunday and M watch football and it looks singled her before I had a puppy that was me I had no problem sitting down her back to back straight days and watching nothing but football all weekend. Things change a little bit and I've experienced that firsthand that you know what sometimes you gotta pick and choose your battles and you gotta pick which day and by going to leave in you know an implant on the couch of which state I gotta go pumpkins Thatcher clean house or do this or that right. And I found myself this year. Watching a lot more college football and NFL. It it's easier for me to stay in tune would put the NF those going on especially in the background as you can lead the red zone channel on a walk around. Just kind of be in touch with what's happening but. Another part of it is too like I just and I felt this way for a long time and it just now coming out a little bit more because I had to choose which one I wanna watch more but. I I I tried college football more entertaining and more enjoyable and and I think last weekend was a prime example of that from anywhere. You can going to a week and we had zero top two and if I'm match ups has we know top 25 teams are playing each other. And what was the end result yet fourteen of the top ten lose it was chaos and now we're all wondering where the good teams with a bad teams who isn't afraid it was in the driver seat to make the playoff. It was as good as the NFL's been this year in terms of just questioning. And and not knowing what's gonna happen which I do enjoy about the league this year. There's not the same ramifications we can we got that's I wanted to ask the poll question today what what do you enjoy launching more and I. I guess I'm not surprised by the results 66% of people going with college football over the NFL. Asked China's think I'm my and I would still say. Probably more into the NFL. But I think the ratings issue is. I think people are being more selective word which. There seems to be every week a clear delineation. As to OK here's. You know and they still don't know how to quantified most red zone is and being taken into consideration into the ratings. I think there's a lot more I think for those. Especially. The early games where there's like 78 games going on at once 10 AM Pacific. I think there's a lot more of people streaming nose or getting done. From a nontraditional telemann and and you can't register that the rating so you can't register that so I think then when you get to the 1 o'clock games there's a lot more people that are coming back. You know let's 4 o'clock 430 on the on the East Coast so I think people are settling in then on their Sunday evenings and how about one up. And that's usually one of the better games whether it's a CBS or fox that has the double header that day right right so. I think people just being a little bit more selective with giving two BT FL games that week. Work college this is sort out all over the map I think you're more willing to take in our random college game than maybe the random NFL game drive. But still. Wide gets me except I will look to the NFL first. To say okay where is the big game as of Thursday as it's Sunday night is a Sunday afternoon as the money and I came where where do I need to tune in what do I need pay attention to them for college it's more about. Other than your team. You know whether seduction the beavers or whatever. That's more OK I'm home now from whatever I'm doing what word you know right at the rear view against and three fox games and you know. What's the CVS SE CJ your celebrity and a six every games are for these usually find one that's that's good guy and you go watch the whole thing and it'll look we've differing answers on this at the bridge for appears Tex I'm 55 real cited three can chime in. With your opinions you know some days and I think the NFL boycott is more into it the ratings Lawson people would think I would never I was never at a college football but that's all that I watch now on and that's right. I don't think is just simply appoint to the boycotts or are of some folks are not watching the NFL because a player protests I am people in my life that I know. I'd Sicilian town recently one of my hands up from Nebraska but I an NFL game much in the data talent to Wales and what's wrong. Saddam and his I don't wanna watch him I don't like put what's going eyes and I want to make it on TV but we go to another room. And I I I do think that's a part of I didn't that's part of the problem right now and and that's where I I almost leading to more of just. People wanted to get back to the purity of football in just enjoying the sport would all the pageantry. Big guys ended in how hard they play every single week the intensity goes into it. It in and you really get that every single week and a college football because. You know even somebody's Indiana does a better product on the field any NFL team can beat any. On any given day but not so in college and that's righteous I disagree thank you granted the Perry's not to say but you also to remember. There's modern thirty division one football teams even if you just count the power five conferences. You're looking at a lot of teams it's more than what goes on any NFL so INS at the thirty's fly the National Football League and I'm trying to take away from it I love this year. Not having now won juggernaut team missions running away with it Kansas City was in two weeks ago now they're five and two everybody's in love with the Eagles I think they got a chance to lose this weekend. Or on Monday nights it's to Washington they can be five into New England everybody that was gonna go undefeated here they are struggling six weeks into the season so I loved that about the NFL but. The one and I I've always held in college over the NFL with is. Did what when you lose one of those games are not supposed to. It changes everything into it changes the entire landscape Denver loses last week to the giants unsentimental ball. Nobody saw that coming everybody thought Denver was guttural the giants the giants to win lose there were banged up to now receivers did not conference in Bonn they went into one. That was a shocker and that's the fun part about the NFL but what's the ramifications for Denver. If they win this week the foreign to their half game out of first place in the AFC west or half game behind five into Kansas City. And if you have one of those games in college football. But what's going on this week in Washington State they they they'll lay NA act now they finally lose that game. Now all of a sudden everybody dumps on its original belong in the playoff conversation you lose one more game your season's over it in terms of reaching the highest level. Of expectations. And and that's writing to the college product I get it I mean you're gonna get out available people out the spread of the Alabama Tennessee this weekend. It's 35 that adds huge. But you're also getting at Auburn and LSU you're getting it Washington and Arizona State you're gonna get Oklahoma and Iowa State and when you get those games at age is it it makes a lot of fun and I that's a sushi rice and more as a college guy but. It is somebody keep reminding cozy up to our ratings are down I think people are picking Intersil football fan and and you are the boycott crown of I don't wanna watch this anymore because guys protesting. May be your leaning more to the college sport as a listeners. Are suggesting to some I wanted to point out you go vote after spray on Twitter I appreciate the thoughts of the text 55305. College or NFL mitigates that. A little bit more on later in. The show me a one hour down two to go lots to get to the next hour. Hobble look ahead game six of the ALC yes convert Landers save the day for Houston a does it did anyone enjoy watching Alonso ballgame shut down as much decided Manhattan's crime. What does Iran. I just didn't enjoy it now look at that I gonna grammatical error there not aka pass and I yeah why I enjoyed and I hope people enjoyed it too because it was fun. Went to restore all the facts wealth makes his picks against the spread to do that coming up at 115. And then orders are down and LA Oregon UCL Aiken the ducks bounced back in the score points can UCLA stop them should be if someone but he thinks gonna happen or to UCL a takes off. The second hour next on 1080 the fan.