Dirt & Sprague Friday November 17th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, November 17th
The guys get the view from Vegas with Dave Tuley of vsin.com, preview the Ducks-Wildcats match up with Justin Herbert expected to start at QB, then we Sprague the line against the listeners.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Durbin spray. Spray gun Flint mall Friday on ten Nady goes and that we autumn wind is up pirates. Blustering in from season we'll. Rollicking song he's been so long. Swaggering voice. On Friday additional burdens birdie. Driven by aggression Chrysler dodge Jeep rammed a short drive from anywhere visit dog aggression dot com durden sprayed on 1080 goes to a room. This final hours or spray on a Friday right here a Portland sports theater 1080 the fan it was a follow on Twitter entered spring we will. Fight back lasting into the final hour we got a straight line coming up at 230 already got a couple of takes sponsor is ready CP in Portland is tendons and I'll be year listener ticker this week I do is always that the opposite of Sprague I gotta give CP shout out to I think he he text and after my parlay pick in the NFL -- -- tanks have picked the saints and instead I think the bills are welcome new saints won 47 attendance the way it's meant. And speaking and that's a good transition yeah ended Dave Dooley is on Twitter at do you from Vegas ESPN job we always enjoy a Janning gambling with Sam and Dave thanks so much time and we appreciate it and I sort of start which is how crazy this year's been mean and you've been around this this industry for a long time. Is this like the wild this year especially in the NFL the you can remember of upsets whining and people just not knowing what the hell's gonna happen. I EL one correction I'm I'm no longer with the world by a meter. I'm I'm with decent outcome knows them mustard. Judge you aren't sure the SIN dot com guide him. But but and the yet but a crazy year but in reality. It's using like this happen I mean they know a lot of times. I mean you know people elect solid trend and it received underdog covering them they'll and a partner are the favorites are winning. Over or under and read here altered its all time. I mean they almost always. Revert back towards 500 point. And you know yeah we've seen that this year the underdog in the owners. Started I didn't you know back in September and Bucknell yeah coming into this week. The over under in the NFL where exactly is 72 over them. The need to under it and to push as well the understood though one game lead now India over in the dirt unite chain. And that with a favorite Steelers covering last night the underdog will only lead this sudden need 69. I was seven pushes so deadly in the books make their money from the big and so they they like to see you in those kind of trending belt so. You know I'm just kind of serious Dave look at it from your perspective. Where it feels like the last three or four years. Sports betting in lines and all of that I mean it's it's mentioned and everything you got broadcasters Brett eased into it occasionally when he called games. You got Michael's still doing it you see it all the time on some of these sports highlight shows it just feels like that is always something brought up. In court in a corporation with with the game. What sucked then like to watch the evolution of people go from its taboo don't talk about it too. Now it's in every conversation. Yeah I mean I'm I mean personally I lumbered. You keep me employed for one thing I'd but yeah. I mean definitely yield fifteen years ago especially and even ten years ago it was still hope Abu. Yeah that you would not even get you know much of a point spread and yet yen and even. They'll Chris Berman who would be picking you know picking gains. With the swami segments. I mean they would still point to put in the air road toward the side and light in the corn you know according to spread. And you know they would always say about how all of this Nicole tumultuous back to that it would be an acute take the points and other gun. Northern India higher scoring game. You know truth be over so yeah I mean it was always still that stigma against sports betting. But yet it's been great to see that evolution. Which again that led to word you know I did get. The deadliest impact in 2011. And restarted the obvious Tian chart but and now we obviously airborne doing it and a you know we're gonna see if we knew the federal ban overturned here in two months. Am rob or that that's for assurance I would Dave Tilly of decent doc on DS IN dot com a view from Vegas. Is great to the follow on Twitter and yet it's been switching to the college football world a little bit. Some of those. Future lines we always like to look at and others not any out right now in Vegas in terms of Kosovo playoff matchup just 'cause there's way too many scenarios. That can play out at this point in the season but. We rested you had a couple lines of curious treating our listeners of obviously the iron ball's gonna be huge between Alabama and Auburn so what is Vegas thinking about that and then. The big ACC title game we know it's going to be Clemson and Miami the winner likely into the got a ball playoff how does Vegas feel about those two big games. You know yelling dimension has the potential college plant maintenance curbs and I. I have I haven't been opening jet and the Internet polls because at the books. You don't like heaven better go to the park re arming bout of being burnt Kirk don't come. Don't come along and being taking place so they're whole album those blood yet Alabama in the three point favorite over Auburn. The Iron Bowl next week and now obviously there continued through what they do this week although in the double expected two win easily. So illnesses and any major injuries human should be looking at land to be about three and get in the public pride that a three and a half. I'm just to you know Alabama have received the more popular vote. Oh batting team and then make fun in the five point favorite in the potentially receive checks you can get an order. You know Dave you look like a league like the MBA and they've already had the referee scandal with pulling sin and betting and in that regard. We see team's tank albeit in a different fashion but they tank for for lottery picks. We've seen different variables that can throw things off I got the wizards owner. I just came out the other day and yet a really good comedies that what are we afraid out and I've debated this with folks a lot to some troll let pro sports gambling happen. Our sports gaming in general. What are what are people afraid why is this still at this point. Well I mean I think differ a one time I think you know their resume. You may be a religious reason anger we'll work through the moral or do sports betting her or any kind of gambling you know for that matter I mean. You know we definitely yeah so we're real. Gambling and end of that it was a legal and then you know New Jersey on the hilt and correct said he 1979. And you know that we started you know giving the expansion from there. But it is. That is slow process. And so. It's. Again I think it's definitely much better when it's all your local school board regulated. And you know questions like merchant donkeys and and that there's going to be when there's big money involved there are the of people trying to imagine cheap. And all that kind of stuff but again when you have the in the regulated betting environment where you'll be out maker. The last thing they wanted in the kick game to belittle them are gonna get burned the most. So audience what they're getting the cannot force you suspicious activity. So I think you did much better. When it's above board and you know we see obviously in. Look developed countries around the world that Hamels works. Betting but surely and the courses also and candles to and having to get over the Wall Street to soak. Yeah but I think you know. Having it out in the open is that is much better than the alternative. Timely Dave to leave decent dot com the SI and dot com a view from Vegas. As Israel follow onto it what's it like to bend what's it been like to work from Roethlisberger. Owed them and it's been great one of the biggest thriller got back in April. A first come out on his show he you know he introduced me by saying that. Used to get his college football minds from my column in the daily racing form your back or you know he was down one cell and you know. Back in the you know it's 20062007. That arranged without those pretty. Nicole and could hear and so yeah I mean yeah obviously you know well these big. Ning Yang ya activity and all the you know the intellectual property goes into it. And so I mean he and he's obviously you know great faced to put on this again as you know pushing toward the militiamen and making more mainstream. Well he also he had a tweet like a week or two ago that went pretty viral he's got a beef with RJ bell let's was the story line that. Actually it's funny someone showed me debt. Yesterday. And I build the first sight seeing the and then he he and we were stunned that I hadn't seen this and end and it was at the data on it and I realize it was November 1. And that's when I pretty much shut myself off from everything on Twitter. And they'll also the day when people come up. Undefeated World Series better now the around. It's been met humans from our company was the working on that story and but I had been an advocate for the Breeders' Cup that a coming weekend. So I I honestly I united turn up my Twitter and in while adding that the problem going on that day. And I totally missed that little ones so that yes. My dad Dave till late great stuff has always been as a memorial memorial or a travel more we do a better and segment every weekday. I know this is kind of inside info and and you do that on your website and you got subscribers is there one line this week that you're really you're really ion is there one you can give us. Although I don't think it took to playing them against Mississippi. For people that you're betting irritation that teens forced thirteen. I really think that. Definitely this should be the favorite. What two and a half a look at the at screen now and it's it's fiction movie and a mis speak during the two and one and a half. But I think it could have been ambiance Mississippi's Leo let your child. OK there you go a nice little tip from listeners Dave duly visa dot com BSI and dot com a few from Vegas at a view from Vegas on Twitter Dave's face a much of the time in we always appreciated and add things you're talking a little gambling with us. I didn't read it. And I really can't. A good Dave to leave view from Vegas and everything is balanced out the NFL he says as a man as a ministries were still miss the text but it and quite as trays is yet I am may seem to I think some people have written about that how it's like. Not his outlandish says it it feels but. This year feels especially difficult and a and it's been a crazy here column like gambling would try to make some picks again coming a bottom of the hour we'll Sprague the line. And now we'll see as Franken be listening this week's review our listener and he got three vexing when Colin Angle against Sprague finals 32 final 1080 that's the number to do it. Iger takes rate listeners by the way at this point here they are beating you. Not much but listeners slightly ahead of you. There eating meat because of a push and let let that be known beating me because of a push rays and any money Sprague is three and six the listeners are 35 and one. I'll push AKA lead cell listener Colin Gibson pics and get those they sponsor Israelis do it coming up. Bottom of the hour I do wanna take a look at that Oregon Arizona game at a decent all the showdown and the fact of this week India think Loren can slowed down Khalil tape. And just never being back how much does that change the perspective of the season for organ we'll talk little doubt about that matchup next containing the threat. I was pregnant line coming up small and it's already got some think sponsors Rolen and keep coming at 55305. Also we need a listener to Colin and keep the winning streak alive against break 5032 final 1080 is the number to do so to get three takes you want a roll let's. And I drank it when does that somebody ate it really would be funny to get somebody on the horn and they just picked every take that I have. But the other we just wait for you to make your makes it lets Rangel first okay I'll take the opposite of that I'll take the opposite of that to the opposite of that. So while we need to listen to Collin hasn't follower doing that now this year and dad Neil list of travel three to 50. On city I do also like any quick shout out because this is kind of pretty this is rapidly approaching and it is going to be next Tuesday and it is our annual. Civil war football party it's going to be from Florida 7 PM this coming Tuesday the 21 of November. It's going to be a big Al's out in now Beaverton any skybox lounge Isaac it's it will be in their do an air show live will be there are dusting Qi L be there. You gonna be saddens and put all BIP's bill swan tech Josh Wilcox and more. Representing of course both he ducks and beavers you can use their full swing golf simulator. Food coarse light specials raffle prizes including civil war tickets PK eighty tickets sign footballs photos in Jersey's. And the tickets are all are only ten dollars and eighty cents at 1080 the fan dot com or wrapped Adori got to be 21 years. Old to attends the bigger town excuse always is highly recommended and we can't wait to see out that are coming out going to be a good time and dom I'm I will be wearing a cheerleader outfit there was a a minor issue in acquiring the cheerleader outfits and hopefully spray can acquire this weekend and I will be our centers for me to pay off. My civil war bad from a year ago but speaking of a team it's going to be playing as of Worley the organ ducks back in action against Arizona they had their bye week last week. But they take on Arizona just a Herbert is going to be back and in that this red swung pretty quickly in this ball game because it was basically an even some places didn't even offer the line. Herbert denounce and immediately organ is made a favorite football power indexed. Gives them a 63%. Chance on to win this ball game and I think this is one that for a lot of folks have been saying this season would be different if ferber was playing. EUU gonna have an evidence came to points who have organ comes out plays well looks good against Arizona this week you know I would actually still make. Argument even though it went up to organ minus two and half with Herbert news I still think this is a it's a minus three I still think this is a pick them to people. You would why would you take a minus three you either batted down or you batted up map point. Three to me is systems say OK well the better quarterbacks can play they still not sure who's gonna win this game. And you know even though I picked Arizona I still think this is a coin flip I get the just and Herbert makes things better for organ offensively. I don't need to hear why I know it I've seen it. But he's been out a little bit now that there's a little bit of I deem rust factor that I think is gonna play play a smaller very tiny part. For at least a series may be too because you get out there and that's different thing going in practice when nobody's rushing yeah. And you're having to make reads we DBs on your receivers. And eight because of that reason even with Herbert back. I think this is a a coin toss game I I'm picking Arizona. Because even though the defense is improved for or again. I think organ is in trouble if they go to possessions without doing much. Maybe they under hits here and Diebold defense is step up and slow losses are now that happened I would too. But we seem weird things happen but overall even with just in her event I I still think it's too much offense that Oregon defense set to Maine to. Yeah I NN that seven that they'll run in this game that is 7677. Somewhere in that range and I I would be shocked if he don't hit the over in this game just because. I mean the offense is under playing obviously but then. Other defense is that they're going against and it that's the line and area and I'll be a bit and really Jersey lowering to share this again because. They're rush defense has been pretty good this year they're one of the best rushing defense is in the conference just statistically when you look at it. Given up about a 130 yards on the ground believe right now the only I units Bennett matter like washing his seed Washington. And that might change with us is a little bit definitely Bryce love renal growth but. It would when you add in the aspect of the zone read in Cleo Tate now athletic he is it's not your traditional run game and I think we've seen him go against defense is Washington State sticks out in my mind. A group that had a great run defense he ran all over it wasn't a problem. Any disease one of those special talents that. And just like slowing him down not even the question edges are I think this game completely comes down to. Justin Harper and the organ offense I know they're going to be able to run the ball and Arizona as you look at their rushing totals even Alaska police and have been losing. They ran the ball well against Washington State they ran the ball well against Stanford they ran well against UCLA even Washington. Are they had a season high against washing and now Washington up until that point they just control they had no balance so. I think it comes down just in Herbert if if you can have the same rushing attack he's had Alaska last couple weeks. And you can get back to being be passing offense that you wore. When he was playing him when he was healthy. They can take advantage of Arizona defense but this one. Eight it budget and you said Alex sometimes we go into a ball game thinking how it's gonna be high scoring and it doesn't live up to act and I. This is one especially with the organ coming off a bye week in the way Arizona's just rolling over in Tripoli right now. I just I would be shocked AppleTV scoreless then did. 35 points he had taken the overall that it takes you hope for in this I think it adds I think it's early to. I think gorged and it's a big plays early I think we'll say it's gonna roll around. I this is going to be like 20/20 four at the half in your well underway to hitting the over well I mean we know how much of a wizard an incredible Jim Webb it's been this year. Third this is a game that I I think has a lot of intrigue in this may be the game that ends up costing you your defense of coordinator because if he comes out. And that defense with an open week last week had enough time to prepare and come up with a good game plan to slow down colonial Tate. And limit them offensively. I don't know why some of these you know not the biggest jobs in Kosovo why some of these other jobs. Won't come calling to Jim Leavitt to be to head coach at sixty years old even take the USC game. USC. Went out to a pretty sizable lead against Arizona I turn it off and I was over exactly and Khalil Tate finally got it going prod him back I believe they tied the game before the trojans ended up winning it by fourteen so. This is just one of those weekends where you might be right we had the over and we hit it quick. But also what is Jim Leavitt going to be able to do with what I think has been a pretty impressive front seven performance from them this year. Now it's just it's it's fun to have a game that it it. You don't women abort it loses its its eighth territory lose you lose you lose it's that's gonna be the outcome there's no excuses there's an old. I'll falling back on and on a reason while organ Lawson. And that's and one of the tough parts about the year is I just I really wanted to see how they stacked up not only is a football team. But just in our like we had yogi Roth on earlier in the show any bees said you know pac twelve coaches fear him more than they fear. Donald Rosen it would rather prepare for. Those two guys and Jess and Herbert all but even for him and his development as a second year he hasn't played good defense is he sent my death. It's it's unfortunate because that was the step I wanted to see him take was he was able to shred bad defense is last year in any played poorly against the good defense is which is expected. With a young quarterback he's not gonna get that Arizona's defense Sox but. It is not have a guy like that out there are just changes the conversation it changes the landscape so just for the simple fact that he's back Arizona's running older people. Really fired up for this game this week well I nominate a little selfish on you big guy and you want Oregon to win and clinch that bowl eligibility but man if they don't. That's of the civil war that he does eligibility for them does a lot of pressure to be on the support you no doubt sort of five invited they win this weekend. They get to bowl eligibility. If they do not it comes all down. Comes down to be civil war the following. Weeks or should be if almost 4 o'clock in the pac twelve network organ in Arizona just Ann Arbor back. Sandia and if a ball game couple and a quarterback all right let's once a money Shelley spreading the line around according to fix sponsors ready sentiment. 55305. We also need a listener to Colin and makes picks against Franken on. And a couple people of Colin but in tower out I don't power up man Colin make depicts 5032 final 1080 I just gotta have three takes. Elegant spray all the losers beat in so far so join in the fun let's beat up on spread a little bit. When some money next. Reagan did that Reagan yeah. Spragan and that I didn't. That's right folks that is straight line rented by thirty for thirty wants than it was thirty to thirty broke two pro athletes the ease Brennan's brakes fixed odds of them listening to ideas. These regular lime Reggie by Brandon is beard keep trying one day of it there. Annexing it to see it is what it is train line Red Sea by the San Diego Chargers 37 fans can't be wrong. Don't have 37 fans after this a soldier screen vibrancy by Geico. Listen and learn how in fifteen minutes you can lose 15% of your income here our bags. Three alive rescue by the NFL limit later when playing week old interviews or why not eliminate teams so after others already have. It is a Lauren is seconds but we got to listen and it's ready to rock and roll and he's got some good picks and M were fired up to here and we got Mike in Vancouver on the line so the listeners at this point of the year and are 35 and one Sprague is three and six cell. I'll Mike McMahon we're gonna start with you what is your first or gambling pick the weekend. You can just mentioning it again and exploration and you actually minus seven and I. You're an independent and trying and don't appear. I'd like that I like that Jacksonville minus seven and a half back Cleveland spray were you gone. Did you might what do you do and take on my opinion as long as I and I'll say this though Smart man right there you always been against Cleveland at least you know you'll probably win that game all audible out of that one but I'll go with a different take. My first because our college football what. I towards guys last week in Missouri was going to roll Tennessee I'm stupid for not put me in my three takes that I'm right the Missouri train if you look at Missouri football. They have been unbelievable. The last four weeks in scored. Let's see 685245. And fifty. Yeah that is Missouri unbelievable right now. Meanwhile Vanderbilt they play Vanderbilt 593834. In 57 that's what they've given up in SEC play its Missouri minus eight at Vanderbilt give me the tigers minus the eight okay emissary minus eight at Vanderbilt against ray lime rides you buy that root canal I had this morning painful but not as painful this breaks pick hi Mike where we don't take number two story this week. In my country that you might want to. And yeah. This would imagine you gotta be Candice did you mention. Yeah income and I have got to keep wrote. Did you did you just completely. And a and they you'll back Eliza Manningham as we get into golf on view as the niners. You can get beat by eleven by Kansas city's going cheese minus ten and have spread wearing on down I don't know how to feel about this one might feels like he he stole my shows she'd hear he's taken my takes a really like that as well. I'm I'm gonna stay amateur go to the NFL and I'm actually an eagle is one of the bigger games. I'm gonna judge here I don't have anything against the spread nothing to back this up I'm just going got I think the rams going to Minnesota. And they get a win I like Sean McVeigh preparing for that viking defense and I need a great job adjusting to the Houston. Pass rush said they had. A medical Ramsey road dog plus the two and a half plus some policy Vick right there in Minnesota thanks by ally Diego LA LA in the big lead days spray live rats he by pushing for the playoffs because when you're 35 and one loan your better than three and six. I or Israel has begun the week. I know that I can tell all right initially also got a big old neighborhood not go to Obama can do bearish judged solely on how it got in Orlando where it's supposed to be blowing at a chemical on the ball. Is more likely to weigh in that situation and a bearish camp and I cannot. Wow OK there's the bullpen in the retail bears plus three gets to join our eyes it was an aspect kind of feel like this is kind of like kissing your stepsister but I have to do and I have Kansas City as well against the giants that I. They've lost three of their last four games and now they're sitting back listening to how Pittsburgh and New England are the cream of the crop the AFC. I watched this small chunk of that giant niner game they are purposely missing tackles. He's right they have weighed on big Mac to do he's a lame duck coach they don't wanna play form she stole 38 to thirteen might you might wanna goes which epic now because. You do the opposite way. For assets that elected Jacksonville and jump scare free a man might give Vancouver patent expert on any given some breaks as anybody. Like in Vancouver's I'll recap the ethics here a moments a straight line rent to you by Milli Vanilli after talking to Matt Boland yesterday's Sprague is taking Arizona over Seattle. Keep listening to certain Sprague lives. And trail Laver unsealed last screw it name Fei sponsors want to be associated with sprigs picks. Thank you vibrancy by Washington State the only thing worse than a degree from theirs for eggs eggs com and come. Rain shine to his harmonic through college straight line right to buy insert Graham when you miss the audio on how to lose money you could see a picture as well. Great. That's great collaborative at a Cleveland Browns in inning better the bad is good. Oh and other cougars shot straight alive and that's runs by Washington State. Even a dog can make better takes than Sprague like it can get a degree from Washington State it's cold blooded. This is a good point though. Meet in him out a lot of the same picks. You know for push this weekend there can be me from my concern back next week is like hand combined body and there is always exciting and I told him you gotta be scared when you when you get the same pick his radio be scared man is the possibility opposite ends the way it works. So I here's a quick rundown of where these guys are Golan Mike you wanna make over. Is going Jacksonville minus the seven and a half against Cleveland in the NFL I love that I would think about buying it a point down just to save your hide but I love the pick okay is going Kansas City minus that ten and a half on the road against the New York Giants big spread but hey the giants are just got awful this year not that it matters you get in now it's down to ten but not that matter and also know this this is a bold pac man Chicago plus the three fresh off a loss and on the Green Bay. He's taken them bears plus the three against the lions at home but this is sub 500 Sprague docking not a big fan of that pick but hey again sub 500 for a solo mine and prayers go line Missouri minus to it against Vanderbilt because say who doesn't wanna watch Missouri and Vanderbilt this weekend. You're taken the rams here's your bold pick of the week the rams plus two laughed at Minnesota I think they're gonna win out right and then your taken assault achieves minus ten and a half at the giants. You don't have a apex. I do I had audible audio. Have two of the same takes December because Jacksonville and and Cleveland was a pay ExxonMobil out I I really do like the rams pick I think that's going to be a great football game. I know we got some biking fans at text ends of the my idea. But I do think John McVay being ready to prepare for that defense. He's just he's a next level guy he's the next level thinker. And I think you're gonna have what it takes you to going there put pressure on case keen on. May Kim throw bad interceptions like you did a couple times against Washington. And adding I have what it takes to us to score some points on that viking defense and get a W. Al candidate Australian lamb we do it every sing half. Today attitude dirty is submitting Texans Sprague came take his Doe's correctly. Solid shot like that they before we get the final segment getting to the weekend three. There was a bit of a local news we have not talked about yesterday yet today. Hit the Portland Timbers parting ways. I was the curious. I was I was adjusting to not expect to see that this morning about that poncho as our allies then until I was like oh. And I take for good tactic IQ report situation I do what's your take Aaron have an opinion about it. I'd I mean he's good he's a great coach sure. But an Irish first in the conference twice during his five years that learn MLS cup just two years ago at a several writers have pointed out that covers soccer because I've read two of them. This is a great job. Played in this innings he has Libyan national coach right. Yet it's a different scene of that in your lineup angle of it because he's not gonna take any other MLS job. I wouldn't think so the only thing. And I don't. The only thing the timbers really haven't done that if you looked at some other MLS franchises. In the italics the NFC Toronto. Is Joseph spanned this huge huge money. On and a veteran. Who played in Europe you haven't seen the David Beckham come through. Even I mean Lee reds will lose their central defenders the captain of the team and in orchestrates the defense he wasn't that high profile name. You know you haven't seen that come through so I don't know with there were opportunities at some point they Taylor wanted to get one of those guys. Or if it's the other way where. Maybe the team wanted to do that to bring a little bit more cash days some some headliners stuffing too was saying no I wanna develop this young grouping get him to play together. And have a team and not just have somebody that's playing up the string for year to use out of you like soccer. Coach is go through rather quickly. I think that's pretty much in any sport now mean the NHL's worst in itself fire and I gotta say 'cause Asif five games in now five games in in two weeks before the playoffs start out. If you're empowering them soccer would be. Probably just barely above the NHL but those would be at the bottom might even college football. You see people overreact but it's easy after like two or three years. The NFL kind of the same saying unless it's an egregious a lawyer O and sixteen or maybe one in fifteen. And then even the NBA I mean we've already had like Earl Watson got fired. Three game after three series games was anybody else knowledge just are a lot I don't think so but that doesn't happen as often as you think so down. And now now I just sad that it was interesting isn't a left on a good note like everybody wished him well there is state. And now the old saying out there AME. I've never been to a timber games you know had a Monta added the analyst Gary has no I mean I was in the I was there further for the last playoff game in the post game minute and there was certainly adding get any indication any vibe that. There was other things going on a trickery in the text machine come on guys don't turn us into. Say this the huntress deference to Graham somebody simply played a map on interview for a third time he's done talking. If I just basset Ali and sound that's won a title in the last four back to my eyes to what I wanna WH a championship you're gonna go all sports levels I was gonna be like a funny tweet last 99 but. I am on my. Soccer guy get upset even notes that show you inaudible the product is passed along timbers and I can't import parting ways so I certainly at I would think it's a pretty attractive job in the MLS this war is all we Eddy Arnold in Columbus or Portland orient well but also in terms of you know the roster that you would be inheriting in. The fans support all and act. And timbers takes you to be the other LA soccer coach and Will Ferrell could be your honor that can be cool he should just cut that team himself to barrel by kicking and screaming how many people would show just to say the sol Will Ferrell and I would do I would decent in himself the coach put on the tracks it like he did in the league expresso machine on the sideline they're building that stadium right next to the US the coliseum gas was it again it looks really cool. Will Ferrell. Reconstruction. Either it's not soccer. Are let's wrap up the the show and I give you a weekend preview lots going on end as some final thoughts on the big games ahead. Talks among weekend preview next on any the fan. Right fist bump in Atlanta the weekend it's up to do it every Friday here on there is brag. As he gets it coming up in eleven minutes. Come full circle answer simple questions for you today we had two of them after the spring on Twitter. First what is Marcus Marianna a top ten quarterback in the National Football League 63%. Say no way. 37%. Say yes he is. Pretty wide gap but some surprise on us and it was 37% and so CD's of it as a right now you would take him over you could name ten guys who would rather travel markets Mario right now well I'll say this it's easy to say. Another person because so before taking night by you'd get done like this 78910. Range and you're starting to get debatable quarterbacks. Can you guys that are hit many eyes same be hit ms. category while I dialed that Roethlisberger I know that their they're playing good football right now I still don't think he's. He lost to Maine I don't know how much I trust that come post season he's old he's at the back end of that he's like this seven range and then you get to 8910 to you debating with the markets Mario and I think it's. It's an open ending conversation I don't think it's a definite that he's outside I also enjoyed Reece Franklin the FaceBook posts today FaceBook dot com back Celeste and named the fan about markets Mario. Tasking the comments rather entertaining. Yet you like the question that I posed for he's scared he's friend Julie knows it he's a bus typical organ bus. Worst performance I've ever isn't a football game I enjoyed Allan really the worst not that. He's a ducks of course he socks had been had to pick sixes and a five day game against Jacksonville like six weeks ago at I think that was worse than afford take night at. Another tell list dot in the NFL somebody. We talked about him earlier in the show I had some economy of beaver home because in my thoughts and Marcus Mario and a about. And it now Mariano he's he's like Jesus of football and scalp act often key to ease a sign player he should be a start link that's not a conversation the conversation is just. Where is not right now his career as one of those top ten guys interact that us and everybody has rev and I feel like he's got a lot of Flacco enemies and more athletic but some games he impresses you and other games you kind of just wobbly sharing his shoulders and we also asked a question today enters frank who is more detrimental to the NFL Roger Goodell or Jerry Jones. 52% while the Jerry Jones. I Jerry beat Roger Roger Goodell 52 to 48 was the final percentage of put that one up a little bit later in the show that's quite the story of the track in the coming weeks. I did see this before we talk about AM little weekend preview I wanted to passes along data was ingesting. So Michael Vick remember he filed for bankruptcy back in 2008. He was going to it'll jails stuff and obviously I went to jail for like 550 days or so. So he found through a bankruptcy he did not file for. Chapter seven he filed for Chapter Eleven. Chapter seven would have allowed him to liquidate all his assets and basically get out without having to I am paying more money yet DN wanna do that he wanted to pay back every penny they Odeo quota at the time. A when he filed for bankruptcy saying I don't wanna stiff people who never stiffed me. And so he went on this whole five year plan to have a resurgent budget and slowly start paying stuff back. As. I believe it was yesterday morning he made the final one point five million dollar payment to his creditors yesterday. He paid back his debt in full. He owes seventeen points are not quite the hundreds that he would seventeen point six million dollars it's that's how much debt he had he paid back seventeen point four million. If there's anybody has handled. Being cot being a scumbag. Going through everything that he went through the right way. It sent his example and many as a somebody as a management of financial management for medical in this article. For the company W was working with Cink high paying 99 cents on the dollar which he did is remarkable. It happens maybe one out of a hundred cases in very easy for him to file. Chapter seven out and say here take the car take this house take that and then how many keep all the money in my bank account I. Again I think each candidate the right way the best possible way you can handle laughter. Being and making so many egregious mistake might not see help because he came back the end of Sony signed a big contracts and he made a lot of money in there to undermine our contract he did an idiot too we had big deal that route that he wasn't in Philly. When Len Donovan McNabb went down. Or let mailer is Kevin Kolb but that I Cameron who was but he landings have got hurt at any kind of got phased out and they went cob and then six easily took it over because well haven't tried it and it tipped a cover and then Vick got her nanny goat and a full cynical anti. And I quarterback musical chairs are but thought I'd pass that along I thought it was it just think the one thing I do know about tomorrow's slate of games. Tomorrow socks and trials of that day of college football tomorrow is a great data if you wanna go to a doctor beaver game last may and now we worry about missing an inning you're not missing a thing only game on circle and early in the morning Diane Michigan and Wisconsin. That said. Wisconsin is seven and half point favorite give or take. Yeah now sack a look it is a great weekend and NFL's if you're one of those people like me you he had to kind of pick which state when I just rest on a couch all day goalless Sunday. All right they go for the most biblical showed a little weak. High school football the fan tonight against more playoff action quarterfinal action number 2 o'clock must number 10 central Catholic though I like it. The visit Minnesota atlas truck tires broadcasted it in the standout comes redefine it after his pregnant rats and eighty the fan as well bunch against teed them all out. I was a little show would talk to everybody Monday at nail. Have a good weekend animal is next listening to 1080 defame.