Dirt & Sprague Friday May 19th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, May 19th

The guys are surprised by the most played youth sport in America last year, try to name all the teams Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown a pass for in the NFL, Sprague the Line, and predict no changes in the outcomes of this weekend's NBA Playoff games.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for take some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Did you ever find drugs for any attractive when he put on interest in playing Oakland. The whole foods you Danks has been consistent. This is dirt and sprayed oh yeah. And it goes through one time. I got out where sandy dirt Johnson and Brendan Fraser. There I was just gonna say that durden spray is gone 1080 dynamite Dravid money and broadcast crew was really fight off those prayers and and this final hour on a Friday welcome back and there's this break on 1080 to fans. Give us a follow on Twitter at there's this break low volume back also want to minarets and eighty the fan. Coming up here in the final hour of the show's bad news for spurs fans essentially. Bottom of the hour we got a straight line already got some good sponsors covenant pro. Who sponsor and Spragan line today sentiment of 55 real fighter read those 230 probably lose some money who knows it's got some horse. Racing clean up horse racing about honest again we did. Since it. Are dropping go to for horse racing M for a couple of guys who have some sun and be right now I think hold it together pretty well on the show. Yeah I mean ninety billion up the window and it does seem at times to me it's daydream and Darren segments. To. Keep it serious here one more hour an hour work week I do wanna start with this cell and you didn't. Send your guests into the bridge for Beers Tex I'm 55305. Question for the two of you fine gentlemen. Do you think you can guess. The most participated. Team sport. In 2016 in America for kids Anthony Weiner is love life at. Now. Not quite. Day care. Basketball. Camp it's against layered I would say soccer it's a soccer on. Now I know is this this is somewhat sheeting. But. The most played team sport and ninety doesn't sixteen according to these sports and fitness industry association. Was baseball and softball. Baseball lovers yes it was a bunch of guys it's men and woman so as minimalism as tech need to difference. They basically segment boys soccer is in Baghdad baseball and softball was the most participated sport in America and to does this how he was splits. Of softball the baseball. They did not break down those numbers it was just overall numbers outages are playing baseball and softball more than anything I'm more than anything else but this is a huge deal. It. Yes because the numbers were down for quite a number of years and now they're back on the rise is a huge jumps from for the two sports. Some have from Major League Baseball there's senior vice president youth programs Tony Regan is. Canines at an air did you hear is declined declined declined to see our numbers where. They are it's exciting it's really exciting we're not just going to rest on our laurels are going to keep pushing and trying get more kids playing. Baseball. This is they're they're crediting a big part of the end at least Klebold initiative which they launch a couple of years ago when they're trying. Basically the goal is to get young kids are planning in the baseball again. And it's been on the decline since the 2009 season that's kind of right around the recession member of the day economic class baseball one of the more expensive sports to play. All the traveling nickel is on the equipment that it takes the time that it takes to play. An app ever since 2019 basically the numbers have gone down. And now they're extremely back on the rise in the last two years to being the most played sport for use in America well you know. If he's wonder how that's going to Corley for them long term on it's always good now and soccer gets this a lot which you know swipe our guess is that that's a great guest. I go to that is the sports like that and we all it feels like everybody that's a big sports fan played those sports but at what point did you stop. And that's rating based must continue to focus on is not only push it at the really young youth level is keep it going because I know quite a few friends of mine we did Little League did did die at the farms she did the majors. And any middle school and football starts kicking in basketball gets a little more serious and not everybody plays high school baseball so. It's just about continuing to push past not only the the 78910. Year old is. It's continue continue pushing them when there 141516. Out seventeenth but if your parent. And you're one of those parents that says you know elect if you're gonna be active in something and give yourself the best chance to be successful attic. Baseball's one of the sports that you would preach for you after Sherry you weren't predicted to play but if you're kids really get a baseball football basketball we need preaching based. All the most he would manual and so he had just a couple of more numbers Fauria just to show and I'm jamming Terry CDC missing year old how it you're in your own counsel didn't let us know 55305. Maybe you pushed her kids and playing baseball or they wanted to play baseball. I'm curious your thoughts but casual participation in this Porsche and an annual growth. A six point 5% over the five year the last five years it showed a growth of over 10% over the last three years. And they jump from 2015 in 2016 was an eighteen point 1% jump sets a pretty sizable job which is why it's now the most participated sport. Among kids and and there's two things that I think of that are huge positives from this wind when it comes up. One is I think they're clearly not there out of baseball's doing is on the run had baseball's benefiting. From the lack of participation in utes football like got put those stories will do all the time is what type the numbers will come out. But participation in sports like pop Warner and and contact football for young kids. It it's decreasing rapidly. Not the point and I think it's gonna kill the game of football anytime soon. But there are kids that I think are looking for other sports to play so clearly baseball as as I'm sure soccer and basketball of had the benefiting from it which I think is a big deal. And the other when it comes to my mind just in terms of of this being good for the game long term it's something that we talked about earlier in the week or maybe it was last week when we discuss hockey in why more people don't watch hockey what do you get into is akin to when you watch as an adult. 'cause it has everything we like in sports right excitement fast pace hitting contact all that stuff. In one of the points you brought up which I that was a great point was I didn't play hockey as a kitten. I'd I know the rules I don't know how it works I didn't really get connected with the sport I can sit down and watch him but. I don't have that kind of childhood. Reminiscent memory when I watch it. And this is big because I think what you're cultivating hopefully not every one of these kids is gonna grow to be a diehard baseball fan the rest their lives but. The more you get kids actually playing baseball the more they understand the game. And the less it becomes this I gotta say your watch a four hour game because you could understand the nuances. And exactly what's happening which I hope translates into more eyeballs in the sport long term. You know another thing that to me it's it's a mixed bag but it benefits baseball. What are we have a basketball we have LeBron you've Golden State before LeBron Angolan state you have LeBron and you had Colby knew how LeBron. With the heat and had the spurs with Tim Don King yet Shaq didn't. They had a good stretch in the NBA where Anderson right net. Name brand faces name brand players and great phenomenal teams football same thing everybody tends to love football that is a big sports fan. And you look back to 2009 when he dropped off and now it's it's popping back up. I think is a couple things benefiting baseball I think you've got a guy like price harper that's all over commercials in interviews and being written about. Mike Trout gets brought up quite a bit I don't know how famous are a much she resonates with with kids that don't watch sports and every day. And then you add that with parents and how much more interested in the game they might be. If you go look at regional networks for baseball. They are through the rules they are highest rated in each market now nationally. It might not be getting close to it to basketball or football. But in regional areas those numbers are tremendously. Big. And maybe this house to do with a team like the cubs suddenly winning the World Series everybody's start route in. You're a teenager 78 years holding your dad's been a lifelong cubs fan. He had now not to root for in your lifetime. And now his team is to the World Series so what are you doing you're watching the cubs are now following the cubs Red Sox same thing for them before they won it in 2004. And went on to win three titles. In a span of of what was it six or seven years so. I think they're benefiting from big name players now start to pop up more. And more understanding Bryce Harper in what he is and yelled contracts are coming in from those guys. And just popularity with certain teams like the Chicago Cubs were these kids they're young they're impressionable. They're doing what they're their data or their mom or their parents alike and for most people it's football. A lot of people it's big name LeBron James type players. In baseball you can have a mixed bag of team and guy. Yeah a couple thoughts here at the average for appears tax on 55305. So he's in my son's fifteen months old like a minority trying to teach him to throw lefty well done that's apparently went right there. Citizen my daughters played softball for ten years it's her passion and the coaches are getting better at fostering athletes and so being crabby old farce. I'm trying to get my kid into T ball she you don't want to. She won't take in the baseball I don't see like other sports she likes basketball and likes soccer M soccer I think is a really fun for kids dizzy just running around it's chaos means organized case skill set I mean what is kicking the ball is capable I mean yes he said that death natively -- As is in my life and I named our son Eason league courage him to trials for its coincidentally he's settlement baseball with a name like that. Unemployment some recent high school senior about to graduate it was a three sport athlete growing up playing baseball football and basketball. When I got to high school was forced by coaches and choose one sport because a single sport is basically year round so it's tough for kids these days. Keep playing multiple sports that's sad school your round programs. Well did you base baseball's bait I mean I remember back to my high school baseball days you played in the spring there was a summer league team he played on and then lot of guys I didn't because I played football a lot of guys played fall ball there was winter conditioning guy it's I think a lot of sports are year round. It's not it wasn't forced in my day and if that's the case and it's foresees stays that's really sad. I imagine it's forced though. Yeah he's a nose for it coaches were saying you got to pick one I get a coach tell me that in football. Lab is playing basketball but. He didn't want me to play football yes he did mommy get injured but he can't flay didn't foresee annulled like I mean there's a little pressure their best game week we don't have to mess up my leg up I can't play basketball camp don't screw it obvious what do you think this means long served for the game of baseball it is Melanie study outs according to these sports and fitness industry association. They say that baseball and softball combined to rank as the most participated team sport in 2016. In the United States. Which had goes against the trend of a lot of folks saying this or is dead somebody with a money tax have you told your daughter you get to steal bases. That's come full circle right there yeah. That is coming full circle focus a let us know 55305. Or read some some your thoughts on the other side also Ryan Fitzpatrick is off the scrappy did you know he threw as many interceptions as two games last year. As Colin captain nick is thrown in the last two seasons. But doesn't matter the boxer gonna table play some fun. Ryan Fitzpatrick fact team nexus well on donated ten. They get those six months is ready. Straight line coming up at the bottom of the hour and lose money this week. Good point the average for Beers tech signed who say he spreads dot pull a Lloyd McClendon. Talladega super bases to snag second base walks off the field screaming at everybody grabbed the first walking into the dugout at a. At some good thoughts coming any optimism or tell him last segment about idea participation numbers being way out there and 18%. Jump in baseball and softball from 2050 to 2016. Making it the most played sport a lot of people Chiming in about that one sport thing. I think I think I don't know what that Indianapolis and have one kid they got strong arm by a by a bad coach he's got a really big jerk coach that he had to deal yet again and Kevin takes its allies go baseball coach against OSA rules to require out of season activities we actually encourage kids played multiple sports. Some likes sounds like decade has played. Our had some bad coaches on and on Allen to a small school in eastern Washington and I was approached to play track along with baseball last a baseball coach. The that would be a case is on his jockey riding the bench for the entire season. Well a lot of that because that would make sense because it's the same season. Yeah Alia that does drag any easier I'm not saying that's how you respond as a coach but it's one thing. You know there's a lot of times where you know the baseball coach might also banned the bill. Summer coach fur. Legion ball or whatever it is in and have led you know he might be the other coach so. There's an incentive if you continue to play for him now you play your way seek you know. In the starting lineup or your gonna get. In a preferential treatment as opposed to if you go play football basketball track soccer whatever else you have and so while they may and you know they can't come out and say. You know no you got to play this if you wanna play its bomb and a coach this other team in the club team in the off season I'd love to see it come out it will work on this that and the other thing might think that goes on a lot. Same way in soccer tip. Yeah now and I don't know what numbers are on this is is this kind of I just a stab in the dark of gassing bite you feel like the whole. Specialize Asian thing has been cut a little bit like it maybe it's drop there's a feel of that and again I don't have numbers to prove this it is. It feels like four or five years ago specialize Asian was a huge concern in sports. Whereas maybe it is shifted a little bit I opened as miles west I was layoff plus an oped by uniting special is Asian is dumb this down especially at that age they how many guys are gonna go on to be pro or even played college well you might as well just enjoy added as well as their point out. Some coach thank urged multi sport athletes because I credit soccer is the reason behind my good foot footwork when I played baseball basketball when I was still competing. Agree I mean Egypt there there's different athletic skill sets succumbed when every explored that a deal played in your name robbing yourself of those skill sets all. The other thing coaches at the collegiate level professional level they also lights is. You know yeah you develop other sorts of physical you know skills agility score nations but. If you are significantly better one sport that you dominate but then and another you're not the premier guy you're more of a teammate at the right rotator. And Euro take coming off the bench or not right exactly now you have the mentality and you understand you know either you've got to work harder. To get whatever you get in that sport than you do may be in a different one I think coaches appreciate the mindset that it develops of in all work ethic and things. No matter how gifted you might be at a particulars. Or I I know there's so many two sport guys that dominate both for a lot of high schools but liked is a reference different athletes are free gasoline is my high school we were so bad in almost every sport. But football players were almost some of the best basketball teammates to have because you're playing with eleven see your job is a lot more important and you understand how much your Indo you have role that has not played yet hours less basketball we go to these summer leagues you go to these camps are these offseason. Open gyms. Basketball such. Arrow more individuals selfish sport for some kids that if they don't play other team sports yet they don't get as mean mean mean not Wii Wii Wii and that's why a football players make for really good teammates. And of course she do you have year your freak athletes out there that dominate both but that was that was kind of my experience is football players. Hamels rather played basketball with him because they understand hey maybe I can't score media I can't shoot. I've got a big body Al. A galloping and I'm gonna grab a rebound and outlet pass and everybody else be out on the run exactly gather you learn those good teenage rates. Couple of the thoughts years and he said 24 years old I regret never playing baseball funny got into that love the traditions clouded the NFL and NBA just don't have. And I might have been my biggest regret was not playing baseball I don't and the high school level com. I I was never great hitter 'cause I was really scared getting hit with a baseball. I'm a pretty decent health feels there you are you're good you're good beer league softball field I like playing out the field to center fielder straight chase balls down I feel like should commit no I never. Played Little League I would go to my friends cares for summaries and growing up those were the coaches that seemed to be the biggest courses that suits for summaries and I was never I was never that big to play football I played soccer grown up played basketball. And I love baseball was always you know just whatever with friends spread I would go to a cup their Little League games and those coaches seem to chassis be in wound too tight for. Kind of yes and and I'm like I think I don't wanna deal with hi I'm sitting that's the case of every spore that bad coaches Ronan and I had everything I was blessed that great coaches grown up I'm still untouched by high school coach is to this day bock and passion about the great football baseball could still talk to them all these years later. But even arrived at the younger level that was my way you know with other sports that he did he just had a bad coach it's gonna force you out of that you're not to have that same love affair. That is if you add some lay that that made it fun and enjoyable yeah park rose Little League like when we are playing at the the burn side field I don't know if the burns I feel the still there. We have some nightmare coach parent situations going on just. An app so yeah we kind of got sidetracked there but baseball pro. Participation way that's good news for the game of baseball. Did you see Ryan Fitzpatrick landed a job yes I did. So he listed as a great headline proud of my favorite headline of the day is says that Ryan Fitzpatrick who's thrown Lauren receptions in two games and talent tapper it hasn't two years. Signed for three million dollars at bank. I do wanna put a fun game curious because on this. Can you name all the seven teams that Ryan Fitzpatrick has now played for. Jets yes Houston he asks are you counting used our champion that are now. It's up is the seventh okay Tampa other cities Athens jets. I've buffalo yup yup. That's four was he 49 and was not a 49 charger was not a charger. Do I don't know if I can get past Seattle nagged at one point it was not a jaguar you're closeness in division. India to Tennessee Titans. All that I am I do remember that case that's five the other two ones in the NFC west. Air and I don't remember this when it all Iranians. Now I don't are not at all rounds in the dangles. Far right that I had out and what that might have been before or is that when his first draft and they did it again given he's thrown in buffalo the boxer is seventeen the jets the rams and Bengals bills the titans and Texans are the other ones and he has a chance to become the sixth quarterback in history the National Football League. To attempt a pass throw pass for seven different teams. They traded take gas and the other guys are only five guys have done in the history league plummeted they throw a pass for seven different teams amenity one that I know who is on this list because US he had seen his name. Yeah Steve Allen LC bono's on the list and a but sixty to Burge John usually just for ever heard now Jon Kitna now Jon Kitna didn't attempts not really might have played for seven different he's made an attempt to pass for seven different teams ma'am. Jeff George. Jeff George. Mad about a guy given himself as it is a concussion. Al Gus Frerotte restaurants on the okay that's too. And this is how many of them are there has five of them. A lot of what exactly are we going here I mean this is so these guys goodies that far back but the other ones are seller Ellen a guy does get uniting against a cat so deterrence think war Jeff Blake. Yeah I have three team blade really obvious when I read it. Vinny Testaverde damn man style Vinny Testaverde should got that in an inning and the last one Chris Chandler. Chris Chandler play for that many different teams played an attempted a pass for seven different teams. Those are the only guys and his release of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Goes and you know Winston gets down replays Garber salmon attensa past. He would become the sixth quarterback in history the National Football League to attempt to pass for seven different teams. He may not do that well I mean Winston's not going down right yeah I've garbage time has you know always chance. Well people would point to Fitzpatrick on the cap predict he would just point two. Sty Ole. And taking three million vs how much does kaptur an equal on that's an easy thing to to bury I think for people that. Detractors or. People are the opinion neck captors and being left out of the NFL. People would probably point to that three million Fitzpatrick willing to do that. He'd be a back up he's not gonna push Jane is because of course you're not to replace teams with tapper nick or Fitzpatrick anyway. And Fitzpatrick the vet you want a locker room goods that guy Brandon Marshall swears time. So that's what you would point to for the wise Fitzpatrick get a job and not content. That's a thing man it's a thing for people that they go he signed Tampa Bay Buccaneers can make three million dollars in series tomorrow receptions and two games last year to cap as in the last two years when your deal over three million dollars I get those fake sponsors are ready who is sponsoring spreading the lie in this week's element of 55305. We'll lose some money next spring you know. Reagan that you bring in the last eight. In an address folks it's a Friday it's 230 that means it's time to Sprague. Line I screw that up solo. Bad last week he did on your own act as I went solo and swipe card since they're done now we just laughs rule number 68 start making excuses. Says the guy who skirted up multiple times and meet here planning a champion no excuses let's. Never leave a fellow crash earlier hit. Is that your face buzzes into 55305. And he scrolls point. These beginning it's great line ruts you buy Canada we're not just America's hat. It's even an impact not just men and straight live rats he buys breaks daughter vote. If you had just center to toss go you and had to battle board's final. It's gonna enjoy these stories and she's older. I can be worked out an ice cream store around and tell the story I used seven job in sports radio and I made funny you steal stuff is kids. Straight alive rusty thank Pasco providing spray was gallons of lotion for the back of his van parked across from the playground for years. It's okay we'll aim. Many Anthony Weiner here sheer brutal for our programs are all round wired arm. Frail vibrancy by Antonio Cromartie is the fertility service defying the laws of modern sciences 2015. I got fixed and still had three more experienced. He does not believe in any other method of birth control. Straight line Brad you've a every guy that didn't play baseball and says I would've made a pretty good outfielder. I would have I would make it out pilgrim. Floyd you back the and so he really they would get your good purely Jacqui again thanks so dearly great debt to sub ball the beer in your hands read your mind. Grassy by staying in your lane I tell you had to bet on it you do is do it Demi. Tonight you'll follow up show all day talking about how you told me to stay in my lane and act outraged a a and did invent and bite you want another time because that's what's gonna happen. On one show for sure it was great alive Reggie by sprigs park rose sweetheart look at Sprague was big so I can rob his ass again says now it's time I'm. Its regular lab rat Dubai men's pinky rings disappointing fathers everywhere just likes breaks picks. Regular lab rats you by the sport of curling it's the only sport every coach would tell you. Play at a few seconds for digital. About endorsements she's when you curl on ice though get a grip on the ice again. That would be of your broom is the place to curl in Portland yes there is there's one in Beaverton it's believes all the evergreen curling senator association gives a rulings can he play a drunken game of curling at some point to why did you need to learn how to do it sober for 'cause that's don't like yeah. I don't be that don't font management currently active shuffle board before you go toolbar now. Well why yeah rollicking you said I'm random go infer snows here I'd go there anything Winston the little shuffle board. Markers I had to throw all the flurry down. Ball leverage what's it called the stone to start people playing down face first on the other side of the. I'm like what am I worried about here. The Russian roulette. So I guards is tiger must seriously hurling is I think this needs at the Wal-Mart before every year losing Texas we sprayed line rusty by the dean of Pennsylvania college breaks daughter is not only the deemed she's also student. Yeah okay who are losing money honestly Campbell lol read the rest of on the other side let's go to the horse he race we got some Preakness Stakes after this week getting smaller track to spy a little bit for the horses look at you with a smaller track knowledge you had almost dreaming winning last week and just pulling away from everybody my by my boy Irish war cry was hanging tough and then told the way and Irish or cry it was with some somewhat of a disappointment but always dream and obviously the favorite going into this because it's two weeks after the derby. Right now Ford F five odds. Is our fourth five is the Moneyline I should say for always dream and I'm not gonna go with the favorite. I'm gonna go with one that actually didn't do too bad at the jury. It's a horse that placed and it's looking at Lee. Ten to one knots look and act. Leave a good flame throwers looking at replays last current SP horse race so there's my horse pick for the preakness on caddy and my other two take some polling in these three. Amigo the MBA artist and a hockey. I would want him one hockey last week that a mistake and I. Well there's significant hockey news trying Johansson is out for the playoffs suffered a thigh injury that will require that. She's more parliament rock he's a leading scorer Eagles or for national predators former winner Hough. Duties of winner he's gotten sent her on their number one line a act like everybody listening knows all the way to proxies in the NHL is killing him for Nashville doesn't. The winner except like eight guys did anything with the first round and they are fifteen or sixteen right now in the NHL but this one of the tunnel that's been playing Iowa or your local products I'm sorry I do I go to games some times was I don't know that. Name saw stick in the NBA I'll start with us San Antonio in Golden State thirteen three E. Coli Leonard is still listed as questionable. That doesn't matter to me Jimmy Golden State minus the sixth based San Antonio quite like they did in game two I was only minus six after washing away San Antonio's play without -- well but doesn't sell exiles I was gonna play it abolished or questionable Tracy needs is out of how many times a year honoree does name in this series seriously in a game other than him being injured non okay exactly that doesn't matter based on dream on clay staff in TD. Give eagle on state minus the six. In the second pick or the last pick I should say the third pick. Cleveland Boston it is Cleveland minus five and a half again don't expect Boston to lose by twenty plus points in play the way the did. But gimme LeBron minus. They they're trying to get a suite two so give me the cavs minus five and a half in team to. Taking a favorite spread lyme Reggie by big bowler brand loyalist 500 dollars on shoes he could just take advice from Sprague. Straight line giving you better Brad giving you their odds of taking the preakness despray spore sure isn't winning. Anglican at least we can at least very elaborate about the NBA playoffs spring cleaning time for the lawyers we cast the look at their brooms out we know exploring that we need to ratings please watch us here this. These these straight line right to that robbers due when addresses dumbest breaks picks were your choice. That's solid and well. Go to forever 21 it's its regular I have a lady there's a coworker of bars she's rocket Iran pre today she's romping around and around utterly her name is Ashley you got to know romping in Iraq she's romped in all black romper spray and directed by first century bank and bank so secure not even James Harden can pay to have it robs. Sets like now most obscure trade like Reggie by a root roadkill cafe killing grill a steak. A lot like out. And gridlock. Yeah it's not just red dirt it's like ally drag it doesn't go deeper shade of red wouldn't know it as big gets to black eventually if it's a lack bad don't go to a snow day it was black it may just shiny morning Allen just to get hung up on these. I forgot about that yet 26 is ran it 405 north is red I five north is dark red eighty fours or soon to be read. Ended 20584. Merger is darker and of course I've tried south because. God knows nobody's ever been able to explain why the Wilson no exit is the point now. I've fives out suicide they'll act as. Is Brett edit shows damage productions going on out there embodies balance and at 2 o'clock on a Friday does it under a bus has anybody been able to explain why the Wilson elects its stops everybody Anna Maria Bob. Now I'd I'd I'd there's no logical expo and I understand why did. Chokes down their 217 dumps saying you get past Bridgeport to a five dumps and we should be going. Bo once you get to Wilson bill so it's four lanes to the 20. Meet point to his old negated sentenced fifty now it's stupid so throughout their stuck in traffic at least it's a sunny day. And at least he gets and Rebecca black coming up so are all those windows download the folks who stuck in traffic with here at she's cabinets. She's pregnant alive and excitement brought you straight line Rajiv by Jeff lucky. People don't forget who put. A that's it's a government and a style of hockey right now OK we'll head of the NBA weekend is it the same as usual. And Rebecca black next dump him. Strides this Buffett your lane of the weekend that's how we do every Friday Rebecca black welcome back into 48. Of the people stuck in traffic and XT enjoyed that. Many editorialists and value windows down can't hide your love for Rebecca black. There wasn't a little low softball softball tournament started today good looks at the ducks and beavers both participating in a ducks are really really good and I think the beavers are they the top overall seemed they get that done. Any number three nationally C of their hosting their regional. A new gene tonight they'll take on. The University of Illinois Chicago plans Oregon State's up two zip on James Madison right now going to be third inning. Awesome I love a good that's the beavers that started today I did see one other story. Get this there is a class in Iowa they wanted to get out of their final exam. And the teachers are big Green Bay Packers fan okay. And she said she would allow her class to forgo their final exam. If one of them got a retreat from Aaron Rodgers. Kids is to discuss Colby they just did as a cub in it out of the kids brought that up to the teacher they say Kobe did it can we do it. She city I love their writers why not Rogers obliged he quoted and said I'm sure a sports lit final. Is very important. But your ego has tech pay it forward Friday at. I think got a high school class out of their final act as an athlete you know if I was a pro athlete I'd be looking for stuff like that my timeline you go past all the idiots that are Kanye choke artists in Europe bombing you're not worth the money. You find those kinds of thinks hey I need this read tweets I get a free milk shake from my dad yeah. You've got to play you've got to admit yourself for milk shake go for it right away update on re tweet did you see the Wendy's story and member of the nuggets didn't hit the retreats required he did not well I thought he did. No he just became it became the most to re tweeted tweet he beat Ellen DeGeneres is racked up more than that sell feet yeah finished with. Three and a half for four million nights so I think I think Wendy's said well that's pretty good though eighteen million retreat is dumb yes the never gonna happen. Income but I think he got his notes Carter and Carter got his nags. So good Carter gift card ma'am good for Carter I am mile one week away from heading to Lake Tahoe for a bachelor party summit BM preparation mode for the next 67. It. Yeah I've had some I've had some warnings that have not been sent my way I've never been the Tahoe before so this is going to be a new experience for me via the elevation apparently plays into the drinking aspect of things. As are many folks have told me so I'm mama to be doing some Olympic training in the next 67 days. Should be a lot of fun that is he started the summer of dirt ash are part I'm a little worried for you because. When your friends credit needs where. Can't do that we used to wolf but you're sitting there saying like I'm not prepared to drink I come out of fraternity its eight year old enough to know you probably shouldn't be drinking that way now. Now that I still doing it I feel like the right choices are not being made it but oh the right choices will be made next weekend 'cause I yeah I prefer life. But that's Tahoe is beautiful too the only hope overall day dad know some some guys are taking it seriously they're like they're going gung ho leg virtually to again let's do this thing have blacked out my bachelor party. That yeah I was ball lacked I chased a homeless man that's now part of it that's like you're 21 birthday. I gets on its on you like the party's being thrown for you and everybody's focus and attention is on you that you're good timing getting drugs. Long as you have at least one friend there at that you know will take terror view. That won't beat the you don't have bunch a guys that are you get a way to pass on go like magic marker on your for a bachelor party though right now. But don't be that kept a seventeen guys Ross stand and nice seven making his. Fareed I mean that's a death freezing that's see that's where that stuff tends to happen to somebody like kind of throws out the idea and yeah a mob mentality takes over so. You got a one guy looking out for your also spending the weekend there. Verses I just did like one bachelor party can't get it want to see ya gonna have to learn how to get the danger ain't was consistent Bradley you like to enjoy what they're gone bottom boats or if you're playing golf for whatever you're doing yeah Ali and he's learned. We got to see out of malice and out C thirty years Xperia considered on a I can other womb do and that's. Somebody said they're going to tell for the bachelor party here's a preemptive all right feeder. And by the way you said you chased a homeless man I was blackout drunk I honestly don't call what happened. But my buddy showed me the video and I started pertaining to begin here plane. And I saw honest guy and I just started screaming he's greens got up he ran I chased him and I started laughing to take you five years to get there. I know it took me quite a few shots a lot of MS. Im mad I know I was a nineteen yeah and I wasn't my drink of choice it was lose contraction cops Tara that's the spotted bodies. We unite Somalia but needless to say black bear diner breakfast was slack where diet sodium good the next had answered yes I gotta I gotta -- a party in Taiwan next weekend and in two weeks after that I got about the party in New Orleans you got a busy summer this week as you had this done this year. Yeah I do ma'am we'll see we'll see if I can survive take couple NBA games going on this weekend funny after a night off from back in action tonight cavs and Celtics can anybody talked me into this being a competitive ballgame. Not gonna be mean though. No and no efforts at all none no bounce back from Boston old I mean a zodiac. Not lose by twenty years only elevates scores thirty. Now Yahoo! doesn't form a camp. So are we expecting more of the same guys who over the weekend to get Golden State San Antonio tomorrow as Fred mentioned at point spread is six and outline and then Sunday. The Eastern Conference finals shifts to Cleveland for game three we expect to both teams is continue to roll yes. I know you're trying to extract time a little bit I like I got ninety minutes left here and I'm not just saying. I gonna happen. You know what this is a weekend where you could probably nor vote those. It was just really enjoy your weekend it's gonna be flipping nice nice commend the hockey could get interesting now the Dan Ryan Johansson south for the rest of the playoffs yet Murray and that tonight than penguins have. It's a flurry out. That doesn't think for him it's a yard work done barbecue have some piers Anthony and outside man. Play some golf the Stennis not only via absentee standup paddle boarding and a late Emmitt hit the links on Sunday I think nice together when he's Moreland. And I. Buddy's birthday thrown their winery hopman was the with the parents tomorrow because a lot of friends and from point that out I didn't I think every time to Kelly it's my buddies. A does that. If people Sammy. It's Timmy I've ever seen him I would bet is that get this second. Thought that I have for us folks we kept it together pretty well for three hours revving sound and be starting at like 10 AM this morning and I hope everybody has a great weekend Isaac rap looks. Ready to go into the future but it. Like its pilots active Monday at noon have a good weekend I'm what is next it was intent needed him.