Dirt & Sprague Friday May 19th, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, May 19th

Should NBA media voting on the All-NBA teams have that much power over the contract value of certain players, What should the Pacers do about Paul George, is there a consensus on who the Blazers will draft at 15, and Mike & Mike with an awkward announcement about their show ending.


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is stirred and spray poster got fired. He's your job going Ireland. Just stay away from. The Sports Radio continues stay and now with dirt surface which can be Dirk Johnson and Brendon Frey. Just call him great suggestion made Craig durden spray. John Kennedy. You know unless it. Welcome our sued dirt is right. Here on 1080 the fan if you missed any of the first hour check it out 1080 to pin dot com let's glob tires podcast. Prince of NBA staff to get to hear any second now we'll cycle the blazers draft an updated theme month. For the blazers going into their draft picks. And I don't know it's exciting for people mock draft fever. William the mock drafts up there is a common theme now with all these mock trial I I guarantee is not gonna be exciting for anybody and now we'll explain what that means. Will get to some Paula George stumpel George says he's making his decision of what he wants to do long term this weekend. So that puts the blaze and the pacers and any somewhat blazer like position when we had the LaMarcus Aldridge free agency conundrum. Won't get into that and an end of an era at crunch time that we will discuss also a shout out a press do this in the first hour shout out to. One of the biggest ones we have. Key Sprague against me spring line against me any lost so he paid up is bad today with a sale it's bad news the what was the bet. He said the blazers were gonna push the series to six and there was additional beer bad that they get swept optimistic. Thinking and yeah are no Leahy said he game and I didn't buy it and said all right will do the ban on again or not and then if they sweep all added a six pack so he brought in a six pack and a sandwich forming. So appreciate that. But I want to add. Did to this story you think it's fair for writers to dictate financial terms for NBA players no not at all because as it is now and as it has been and the writers' voting on all India eighteens. How big impacts on players' salaries and how much they can earn with extensions. Point in case two players. Gordon Hayward. And Paul George both left off of all NBA teams. Paul George when I kinda get Gordon Hayward one you lose me I thought he was going to be an all NBA player for sure. He wasn't. Both are left out. And to give you example what I'm talking about. Because they didn't make all NBA. Before they were eligible for an extension. The year prior they lose around seventy million dollars on what they could've made if they would've been all NBA you may remember this somewhat. Damian Miller. Cashed in last year you know because he may all NBA. Then sign an extension and got a thirteen million dollar race it's a it's a big difference. How the MBA does decide I just don't understand it doesn't make any sense to me. I you know we can all sit here and debate who belonged on first team second team third team luck guys got snubbed their what guys you know should have been on it but. Everybody's gonna have a different opinion on that there's no clear cut answer its media members who watched a lot of basketball give a map but. There's no clear cut answer on who the first team second team in third team in the NBA are. It when you tied this much financial incentives into awards like that and granted it's not just that it's NDP defense player of the year. Are you all those kind of things are tied into these extensions. You're you're you're almost going against what you tried to do. And making it lucrative to have guys stand there on market. But we'll get to Paul George at some point because there's all sorts of rumors swirling about where he wants to go where he wants to play it is you want out of Indiana. This is gonna cost the pacers whether they had a chance skate and I don't know. But they offered him seventy million extra in there and their long term extension for him which. Maybe that makes a difference between Paula George staying in Indiana are not maybe it makes a difference for a guy. Like Hayward to stay in Utah onset of leaving as a free agent because up. It's going to be a similar deal elsewhere I'm not could get that extra seven whatever it might be million in incentives I don't understand how the NBA does this and it makes absolutely zero sense to me. Yet you explain a little deeper the designated player exception permits a team to sign a player on their second contract to a Max deal above the typical rate for their service time. There are a couple other things that have to be added though the player must earn like I mentioned and all NBA selection the previous season. And the player house to have been drafted by his team or acquired by trade. While on the rookie contract. So that's what I mean by Paul George and Gordon Hayward and all NBA selection would make George eligible had he been selected. For extension worth. Up to 200 million dollars. So designated player exception are extensions skis may. Are worth up to 35%. And a cap. Which by the waist and a jump to a out 401. Going and. Actually is that they greeted as the minutes part of the CBS in the you know somebody's asking business on them firm for having it be in their consciousness and end their contract it's in the CBA related this applies to all players. The thing that see this is a tough part for me because I don't like that outside noise affect salary. But you and I have that. So why guard has that. People listening right now whether your your your. Owning a business you're working with the company you're a salesman. We else in some way are impacted by things are almost out of our control. And to meet even though we are talking about huge substantially different money seventy million mean what is that like to me. It's just kinda how it has to be because who's gonna vote there. You're not gonna trust the players for all NBA these are the same players that hutchings Harden was more of an MVP instead of current caddie here. Think these are the same players that let jealousy. And and why is and you know. Yeah well ideally what I should understand that get in the way and if we're gonna go coaches. I mean it coaches know the game out as well as anybody are you gonna trust that they're gonna. Not have anybody left off and I snubbed off their teams I guess I just don't understand the necessity of having an incentive like this in the contract like does have a BM Max offer for teams because all NBA is a pretty big deal. Like when we go back on these players' careers were gonna say I don't tread on all star and a they all MBA and let the all star won for me to be ridiculous too because a guy like Coby. Gifted to him last year to be a starter be in the all star game at all but he gets because it's his last series Coby. We're gonna look back in we're gonna say twelve time all star win every year is one of those years basically shouldn't count but it will. Yemeni estimates SNL make way more money her way more than enough money don't try to make missiles are millionaires are much when I try to make you feel sorry for these guys with the the people I feel sorry for the home town to get affected by. Yeah if Heyward ends up leaving Utah this is going to be a part of it. It tells Paula Georgia's got no matter what whether he could see action seventy million or not he wants at Indiana and he wants a fresh start but. It is this like say this happened with a dialect LaMarcus Aldridge rate wasn't voted first team all league. Our second team all NBA whatever it might have been any didn't get that extra incentive in his deal with the blazers and that was one of the reasons he left Portland we would hate this kind of stuff so I I guess he just need to come up with a different way to. And reward guys for these kind of awards because I get it is it is a big deal with you what an MVP award in the NBA it's a huge deal. Defense a clear idea is a big deal first team 1713. A number one Willard made it lesser that was a big deal for blazer fans likely to that finally did make an all star team but he's recognized. It's one of the best players in the NBA top ten player named BL would you just have zapped. Good chunk of money tied to it for something that is subjective and media members to vote on I I agree with you that it's fair to have the media members do it to the players the coaches. Because they watch more basketball and anybody every NBA team plays every NBA team there in every building you're gonna watch throughout the course of the year. Every guy play against a team that you're covering it just. To have that much money tied into a subjective vote to make a whole lot of sense to me was there anybody you thought I should have been on this that you thought could habit or was snubbed. I saw one article actually on SB nation Lula was snubbed as not he was an all NBA guy last year and his numbers went up this dirty wasn't he was second team I mean see the second to last year he had better numbers this year and he wasn't on a third team this yeah I know people would point to team record but they were still playoff team. So yes. It's always hard now you know you can look at certain guys that I I never really trying to get that upset about these kind of votes. I I genuinely agree with from an agreement on for the most are the only one that release I got to meet with somebody not voting LeBron James first team all NBA. That's that's like not giving Ken Griffey junior first the hall of fame I seriously he had and one of the best statistical years of his career he's not for steam on yet that. Why no we played the dream on Clinton the report and dream on all bent out of shape that played in May get. I genuinely do believe the writers to a pretty damn good job on this and the writers themselves admittedly. They don't like that everything hinges financially for these players on their vote it's a lot of pressure. It's not like they're just sit there Willy Nilly go and I saw him plain and played a minute take him these guys sit down and they spend significant time. On who they wanna put on these is 'cause they understand the financial impact it has on players like Paul George. And Gordon Hayward so. And be writers continue to have an impact with contracts the way to see BA was negotiated. With the designated player extension right coming up next let's discuss Paula George and what Indy should do because he's going to decide his fate this weekend. And we can relate because of what the blaze went through with LaMarcus that's next on offense or. You know there's one thing that staking out at the Bridgeport bees text line it kind of feels like. Feeling towards this. They're an agreement with what you said dirt and just need to think about it's not the contract specifically bled. How this affects the future of the league with teams and keeping guys and how much money you're making it's it seems to. Out of productive right I mean the whole goal of the new CBA was to allowed teams to offer their guys. You know what X amount more money to try and keep them in their home markets he didn't have guys that are Jason and for some players that will mattered for some that have wall but. When you did add this on top of their. But what this could be the difference between a guy like Hayward leaving Utah it could be a blessing it is the difference but it could be a factor in Paul George leaving Indiana. 'cause he just lost out on seventy million dollars and an extension that he can sign you out so Paul George is one of those players like we talked about that missed out on all NBA so seven million dollars not his. His decision though to stay in India or leave it may be decided already. He released a a statement from his eyes team that he's gonna take the weekend with a title of this as said the weekend to come to a conclusion on what he wants to do in the future. Most covering the league think when you say that you or he decided what you wanna do. Yes thinking of the proper way to release the information to be two days off figured out and so called George who's going to be eligible to opt out of his contract after next year and be a freeagent. The pacers have to make this decision. If he's not willing to sign long term with you which it doesn't feel that he does he's gone. East I'd start trained him don't you because the number the blazers they were in this position with LaMarcus they were winning. So was tough for us to sit here fans is sit here and say yeah trade LA because you also had a statement from him did Joseph Freeman. If felt like maybe. You'd sign a long term and everything's going to be okay the last thing you want is for a player to just leaving get nothing in return adding there's two different disease. Differences between him. And and the markets low markets at least had gotten to the second round up an apology or has been deep within the last two years of Portland they beat Houston and have first round series and the reason they lost to Memphis was because of injuries that was a great team in the first half of the year in and a lot of guys got banged up and it derailed. So I think I think they were on a better path to to have decent success in the NBA and you mentioned the comments like he said he wanted to be in Portland he said this is where he wanted to play. And it's tough to drag out like that evil wheels up and take him at his word of he said he wants to be the greatest blazer of all time while we go out trade him right now so. I'd say it's always toy toy with a guy like the markets but that would have been really tough to trade in this is a no brainer for Indiana. He's gone he beat in there was a lot of friction of that relationship between heaven Larry Bird at the trade deadline he thought it was gonna be moved he didn't end up getting traded in. I think Indiana's gonna look back on Madden and wish they would have pulled that trigger. Because at this point when the reports come out and as you're saying he's saying he's gonna decide over the weekend. When the reports come out that he's gone and I'm leaving after next year in free agency his trade value or whatever is left of that trade value is gonna shoot through the floor. Why would you be willing says it is sacrificing. A huge amount. For a one year rental a blazer fans have been doing this I get a pie in the sky and and I loved up Paul George and Portland and in half and it happened in first off and second off why would you be willing to give up say you know this player that player this player in 31 round picks. For a guy who's going to be your one year bounce. It's MA makes reporting he's hell bent on making it to LA he wants to be a Laker and some folks have said well maybe the lakers should trade the number two taken just get it over with. Why would they do that. If he's already openly coming out saying ominous sign with the next off season. Why would you betray the number two tickets unfortunate but Indiana Sansa really tied behind their back yeah I don't the lakers would need to do that the only. And you just wonder how many more years is his body gonna hold up was that lay get a hold because he played remarkably well this year considering a gruesome that injury wise. But another year older more mileage on the body we just don't know what it's like forget it goes through that maybe they feel like they can speed the process up. Give Paul George in at least be a playoff team and at a guy maybe like long's a ball to their already pretty young nucleus. It's your any this is a no brainer. It is calling everybody up yesterday. And saying what he gimme for Paula George what he gimme for fought George the problem to the you're going to encounter. Is unlike you being two years out and thinking ahead. You only have one season with him. And if he's not willing to sign which why would you ever amounted to a team instead of taking free agency I would. Now would take that every time now all I want all these teams to come to my a a state. And pitch why should be the face their franchise yeah I would love to do that. You don't sign an extension the only. Guy that I can think of top my head that agreed to do that was catalog that was going to play with LeBron James as he knew that make championships even if that was being in Cleveland. So teams are gonna have to really consider you want Paula George. And it's not the lakers willing to give up the farm. What are you gonna give up what are you willing to give up is really worth it long term in do you think you convince him not to stay we your team verses the lakers in. If the rumors are true that he's hell bent on going to LA. What team is willing to take on a one year rental as anybody I DC these trades in baseball sometimes and especially as the season gets the halfway point. Enola guys in the last year of his contract I'd look at the cubs with a rolled his Chapman. They give up a lot to go their oldest Chapman yelled to win a World Series ball bounce in free agency went right back to New York so you see you often see those kind of trades. And Major League Baseball you don't often see them in the NBA and I don't know that it would be hard for me to envision a team. That would be willing to do that just give him one year as a let's see what we can do maybe he's enough to put us over the top if not. Oh well we're gonna lose him in in free agency but in order for that kind of trade happen. I think the asking price for Indiana's gonna have to hit the floor because if there's Alaskan for all these huge offers for Paul George which they should causes great player who. But the values gotta go doubted in my reached a point where they say. You gotta get something out of him that there's nothing worse for the organization to go through. And we just throw went through his blazer fans and to lose an all star caliber player for absolutely nothing in return and that's what steering the pacers in the trade is somebody asking about the. All NBA his contract if he can opt out of this for 2018. Obviously so that's eligible for that extension and assign a new deal if he opts out is he eligible for that tell all NBA money. He is put it I mean if you read every report it doesn't matter for him now he wants to be a Laker team he's from the Fresno California area and Fresno state. On he's he grew up close to LA. There's all of these articles out right now via Google Paula George he wants to rewrite the history books he wants to bring the lakers back. He understands like c.'s Kevin Durant he's going back down thinking about his career and how he'll be viewed as legacy and the lakers thing is a big deal for him. Well an idea what sort of things with this he's another casualty of LeBron James. You know that the pacers had some great teams and day without LeBron maybe make it to an NBA finals pushed him December pushed him to seven games when he was in Miami and they had some good runs item and remembered some other pieces there just. He's another casualty of LeBron we saw this with a lot of guys in the Jordan era that he just couldn't get over the hump he couldn't win a title because of Michael Jordan and that's the way it's been in the east and house we couldn't. Get over that hump and again it's as a fresh reminder that even with the new CBA like Adam silver in the league can try to do everything they want to keep players in their home markets to keep the parity. Level and in trying people you know organizations relevant. Guys are still they do it they want because financially they can make so much money elsewhere in a comedy commercials is Paul Georgian poison a couple of right now is an a couple of they show young by the way Joey yeah joy young tennis it is like there is a guy it's pretty funny Aziz and as scary commercials he's got endorsement money all over the place so that even the incentives of the new CBA. Is not enough to keep him in Indiana you could try all you want but there's only a certain number of guys are to be willing to stay in those middle to small markets for teams that are roughly around 500. Have a chance about winning a title most guys are gonna wanna chase you know. Funny part of what he said he's a victim of LeBron James right let's LeBron dominance. That could let go under the last guess who's on that side. It's called C warriors Manchuria worried about LeBron I did it. OK now I had a who heard about Golden State and I I think there's a questionnaire of what ends first their salary cap situation. Being able to pay everybody. Or LeBron James dominance. I don't know but what's the over under on that what would you or would you bet would last longer in the NBA I. Because I was able bet against LeBron probably see the salary cap would say LeBron last longer because he's one guy and it doesn't matter who's around him. Yeah that's a tough thing somebody saying as a thunder fan I just went through this Acadia switch my position you have to trade. And that's the thing is like even go back to TV. Nobody saw that nobody really got to Golden State rumor daddy being pumped out Randy were a 31 in the Western Conference finals there's a difference there between handle on what he's doing a Paula George. Whose team would 42 and forty was the seventh seed yes Canadian goal and Oklahoma City get to the finals and be called states he's not leaving for Golden State but that's something else to bear in mind here. And the poor Paula George when finally a point George. He wants to go lakers that's great he wants to be the guy that revamp some okay. Are you going to be able to do that your career. He is he's much older than a lot of their core pieces. You get a pretty big disconnect there of where they're uses and where he is in his career may be that's a good mix to have. But in terms of getting as Golden State Houston or San Antonio. I'm not seen it so we'll see what Indiana decides to do Paula George says he'll let you know after the weekend. His future. Plans are coming up next. We haven't talked blazers so let's get to an update on the blazers where they're looking in the draft there's a common theme right easing. But we're not sure it's that exciting we'll tell you what it is. As have been silent for a Friday welcome back at 134 Fridays ago well there's right here on sending the fans. Eleven ten minutes the end of an era in our industry. Talk about that place and audio for him. Kind of a big deal to me even though I didn't listen to show as often as I got older I neither but it is a big deal on our industry would talk about it coming up. Participation numbers are up for the sport we get to that it's at the top of the hour. It has spread the line at 230 don't forget that were we losing money on this week in the ditch your fake sponsors radio spreads line. Coming up at 10230 but you know it says it's Abbot here it is for folks who are not in the NBA playoffs are who have been eliminated. It is officially mock draft season I'm friends mock draft c.s and I know you did a segment on this last week but there have been updated mock drafts in the last week. So let's go through who've been with the blazers are going after and there are two common themes are good buddy Casey old all. And forwards center dot net put a list together a basically all the mock drafts that exists put it in one article god bless she case which makes it a lot easier to read that really appreciate that Casey there are two themes here and a little these teams get anybody excited okay and remember the blazers have 31 round draft picks. The two themes are day every single one has been taking a senator. And. Foreign flavor lot international banks showing up on the blaze. There's not been this is assuming they keep all three this assuming they keep altering. Is that excite mean new rule played Elena stash of Spain Italy for three years and bring them over like Victor clip they're not really know unless he's Arvydas sabonis. Yen and even then he came over too late to be up that I know we speed that process up but. There's a lot of speculating where Portland goes there are some names though that are being thrown out. Then I do like I know the common theme is the senator we are ready governor pitch if you wanna save back up center's important. Not to sell Falco had died doesn't get me excited as of lay's family is your back up center right now I don't have one Meyers Leonard Scott who has your back and setter irony iron. And Jesus if he's healthy if he sells these in last year's jets and expiring kind checking get off books though he's also a 610. I mean backup center. Yeah that's not much of a back and alana I don't know I'm that's not is that a huge impact TU. No vs the Ford position to go along with a murky story good three. Tennessee dad that gets me a little more excited verses saying oh great we picked up a back up player or guy we're not gonna see for three or four years yeah one no one name that shows up a lot on these lists and and asked for last name pronunciation here Ike. On a bog to on a blog view the FB is AF freshman senator I UCLA he averaged a whopping four point seven points and four rebounds per game last year. Usually is the project. Though raw blood that drive he's athletic in all you're looking at a rim protector first Lotta people that have the blazers taking aim at their fifteenth pick and that may happen the one name that I've seen because I did the signal last Friday the what I mainly focused on was draft express I just I think they do the best draft coverage for basketball stuff. The one team EC outside of draft express. Is out today is maybe John Collins yes he's the way on goers showed our Laporte yup and he's a wanna see 610610. To 25. Offensive player he went from averaging seven point three points and shooting 54% from the floor as a freshman to nineteen points and shooting 62%. While playing in the ACC last and some of you may have seen him play our game as he was in that that one and done NCAA tournament game Danny Manning took them. And they end up losing to believe USC. And the first opening round game see you may be somewhat familiar with seeing him play he's more of the defense of guy go that's what I like about him. Okay there's a guy name Isaiah heartened sign he shows up quite often from Germany played in maybe he was on the world team in the ninety hoops Summitt cramped and his dad played her ago Oregon back in the day yen to the names that are showing up often is well on one of these guys you're relying on them dropping the other one will be probably available is he's the kid with tattoos. I don't think so he played in this year right yes he was left deem the bill left handed Dirk Nowitzki had a guy kept jacking up three's against a lot here. So. Notre Dame I don't remember we just sit there what is. Will know we have quite the story about Isiah hardened stack I believe this is the kid this is a story that we heard I don't want to name the writer just because this is. The story hasn't happened yet now there's a story about him. And people wondering who his parents are. Oh no this is an hindered this guy other foreign guy OK there's an it was German about this kid's German heartened Stein's German. Oh shoot. Okay it's him. There is a story a writer told us about there are questions that he's. Whose parent is a father basically that they don't think the father is the fog and I believe there's a story that may be written on him coming out on the undefeated about this yet it there was a teammate of a father who. So keep your eyes out for that story really got a story a follow poorly at two of the names that are showing up and one of them you're relying on and a drop TJ leaf few folks think he can dropped to fifteenth. Alfred seed and I that kind of seems believable ABC's believe. That's more believable then I saw one or two that had Zach Collins droppings of Zach Colin does Jack Collins is at fifteen. Hate him. It big they got to straighten them out but he is. Ball skills as well work at offensive end is unbelievable series to get stronger and not foul so much but. What were your starting and as a young as he is. Yeah if he's at fifteen. It's taken now in and he'll learn. Yes I was somebody checks into the average for appears to accent sounds like a bunch of tall like guys again yes and most part for the aussies other the senator read Creighton there on a few on the edge yeah that message pat has been on it. The senate from Texas has been I'd Jared Allen's been not a bunch so I let him I've seen I saw two or three games with him. Not the whole games but I sauce two or three games with him this year he's he's pretty. High energy guy could ask lettuce says some still raw of those some of these big guys a lot of these big guys are Cecil rough ending April California twos on Arab I've been around I've been around the three position seems to be in this draft there's a few at the top bands and then there's a big. Void until you get other late first round or a lot the second round and I mean all those guys from Oregon and it may be a reach. What do you believe our what do you think on Nam sin Darius form wealthy the South Carolina kid that led his team great kid ma'am he seems like he may have a little dog get him yeah and be one of those really any kind of players lay's defense and gets in your face it was a ton of fun wants maternal and I'll watch him announce final four game against guns values. It was a stud and a quick was at the com I didn't mention something about the blazers may be interviewing him. That's another player you're going three rout. May be season named to look for for them whether that's at fifteen or they keep the pick at what is between money somewhere in that range. Yen and yeah I think he brought it up at the start of the segment nearly everybody having them take a senator at. I Gavin that is in the back of sinners and he Myers owners not the entries is not as a cardinal work you have to finally get rid of that contract if he's back to Portland next year got help solve but. So backup center is is a necessity for this roster I'm surprised that so limit the amount mock drafts that have them going there with that picket fifteen. Alan on a fifty is the most valuable pics of you are gonna be trading some of these may be fifteen is the most likely one they gets dealt because it's threaten middle the first round. But you what you would think I'm with you that that somebody that can play defense need to plug in as a wing player Libya of a bigger necessity in the short term. As a Gatti monotonous at reliant on on being a huge impact but somebody that can server role in the short yet just give me a guy that's gonna be in the line up for them whether that's Collins whether that's the other conference kid and Jimmy somebody out there alongside Dirk gates and dump on your contracts with the draft pick him so we are officially in a mock draft watch territory Casey old old weeded out today if you're curious to go I'd check it out he compiled all the latest mock drafts they get a bunch of new ones after the lottery was finalized and he put them on a when she did it any kind of gives you a glimpse of what people think the blazers are looking for somebody text in you know can't attack is a three takes move up by six us know what teams not gonna take that in this draft. Any other text that I wanted to address it what about trading up for his sacked Collins if he's hot commodity. You gotta be careful when you trade up I don't know if there's a player outside the top three that you wanna. True generally you're ready to use your draft assets to move up a couple of picks or would you rather use him to get rid of bad contracts 'cause for me is still getting rid of bad contract I Tito exact Collins is were trading up four he's got potential but no I would rather get rid of bad deals before I traded up to go get him. I I think CJ Lee for dialing back and be there going to be a busy month Mandy were about tell what little over a month away. From the NBA draft coming up there at the end of June said the mock draft surround and the blazers have there's two teams about them they're going after his center everybody thinks and a lot of European guys people who think they're gonna take what those late first round picks. Especially OC would Neil shade as participation is up and one new sport to talk about back coming up at the top of the hour but. A staple in our industry is breaking company announced it was awkward. We miss it that's next time crunch time on Tenet. Pressures on the Astros difference in the past messages execute in crunch time it was prelim heat wind this greatest feeling. News that's the lowest I won't be its current stutter. 995 per. Why would you ever pay more for a gym membership yeah. Thank dredged I'm Retief thank Frenchman is always an I 95 a month so why would you ever pay more afraid gym memberships. Reunited glorious us into this morning. No not today and I think to today out now erratic no days off at. One gone running after work sure here it's really hot and it's Vegas wedding and. They get slighted who picked up at the top of the hour. Participation Japanese pork. Also maybe at some point the fire alarm to play the play a fun game around Ryan Fitzpatrick he got a job. Even though his total lot interceptions. He still pulling. He's gonna get paid pretty well to be pretty bad. They went up but the president of an era in our industry. And now we haven't talked about this we have talked about the general theme of yes he had now for a while and an uneasy today that the major layoffs came league we opened the show without we discussed it just kind of future. Of sports entertainment but. In our industry and there's not many shows that have me a better reputation Horry longer standing rhyme and then Mike and Mike Mike and Mike have been around for almost twenty years 1998 is when they began to believe they started broadcasting on ESPN. As assembled cast somewhere around 2005. And this is it for them ESPN announced that Mike and Mike will be breaking up neither of them are getting fired they're just going their separate directions. A sounds a Greenberg's due to be doing his own television show Angela will remain on the radio which tree we go but. They made the announcement the other day on their show and this is what it sounded like. We heard by now we announced yesterday is something that had become. Or probably heard by now we announced yesterday is something that had become. The worst kept secret in the entire world. And that is at some point toward the end of this year we're gonna bring an end too well at that point have been an eighteen year run. For the two of us doing the show together we will have plenty of time to talk about that over the rest of the year. To be clear for those of you didn't hear the announcement yesterday neither of us is leaving ESPN and federal both still be here with you every single morning just doing different shows. Going forward for Meehan and what I'm going to be doing I'll have plenty of time to talk about that as we get closer to the day for today all I wanted to say. Is that this experience has been by far. The best thing that has ever happened to me in my professional life. I don't expect anything I ever do to be this much fun again and I'll be grateful for it for the rest of my life. Again we have weeks and months to continue talking about this so. I don't think that there's any reason to go more deeply into it than that but that was the first and foremost thought on my mind today Mike pattern. Download and listen it created this has been the worst kept secret for a long time last year and a half have been somewhat interesting if not. Eyebrow raising as well. Four for me it's not my story to tell. It's this is and I'm gonna continue doing this this exact same show it's for. Others to tell who made this decision and I'm if they want to tell how they wanna tell itself. Not my story to tell so basically as as green he said the show go on for awhile we don't know how long into this year. And then as I started new show we're trailing girl who I've known for years I've done. Football with since 2003 and my son might so I mean how how could I not be excited about that it's it's the same game it's changing teammates. We'll be I'll be on the exact same radio airwaves the exact same all the different ways you can. You can get to show while will still do it suffered at the after the new year it'll go to ESP into every the way he'll be able to consume with the same so. A look I look forward to that you know we've or you change teammates kid you move on and that's how it goes in the world of sports whether it's on the field or or talking sports and and I look forward to lock. To the new show went with Tre Mike I think it's going to be a lot of fun we're not gonna reinvent the wheel boat. We'll turn the real little but that's for sure guys are trading at the daily upgrade talk about it. Obviously we've got a lot of time left down to work our way towards that. So if DNC the video we thought it was copper they did look at each other one time that they make eye contact in the middle have during that entire SoundBite in obvious similar it's pretty clear that that goal looks unhappy about what's going BP he's frustrated he's not the only one to did you see the Twitter rant that his son went on his son that he's not doing the show with but he is no other son yet is uncertain it's gonna be part of the show my junior I believe his name but Jake Bolick is another goal would kidded you on Twitter. And just had a field day with the EST any culture we did some peoples and is of very dumb decision ESPN equally treated it went from sad sad. Retreated as somebody said just like politicians ESPN management is out of touch with listeners. IE he tweeted out a graphic of a couple of dogs at a computer. With the can I mean say we have no idea what overdoing. And a couple more tweets at love greeted tweets about how stupid ESPN is from breaking up Mike in my called good all going as planned guys and then. At ES PM I allowed its lead that you guys are idiots now or do I need to wait a year. To announce that. So collect not happy about it it is it is aiming these guys have been around eighteen years should of people texting in his side that never listened to on that there's a reason Iran free teen years they were the morning show on national ESPN radio whether it that everybody has likes and dislikes in this industry. I get that some people like the national people especially national people but an interesting end of an era and made. A move that we'll see how it works out for ESPN to give Greenberg his own TV show and put trailing go with Golar. But trait wing go replacing my Greenberg to me. It was already very very football centric I'd imagine they go just a little more they push it. Because he's such a football guy and at least what he does it ESP yen. I think you're gonna be AOK to me there's not really concern there this was a show that it this is one of the firs were three initials for me personally that I used to listen to when I was a lot younger. On the other I got you know I he had your likes or dislikes are to realize what else is out there sure. But I wonder about the TV part for Greenberg. Greenberg amazing obviously incredibly town that goes without needing to say that assured they're giving him a two and a half hour morning show. What's the expectation there yeah I do is it does this personality do it trail watch on TV. He's not driving me to tune in now with its on OK I may leave it on but I'm not actively seeking it out. And that's what they've done with the ESPN if you go look at the blocks programming starting with that. It goes Greenberg and then first dates and and god knows wide and it's going to be will Mani and Pablo Torre and then they're gonna do this six and you know they're they're making these blocks programming around like seven people. Arm of the seven people how many do you actively go seek out. I don't know expecting very for everybody but to me I don't know what an expectation will be will Mike Greenberg in a morning show like if ratings heard a big deal. He and I guess now you're going against Good Morning America and today and all those other morning shows people are gonna choose that. David some elves then OK good like DSP and doing that just two and a half hours at that's a long time for one got to be doing a show. Yes and he said you need a good show with a hose like Greenberg and you get a lot of good guess he'd watched that somebody said in a hot take care Mike and Mike her breath of fresh air. A shot I never really peg them as hot take guys some go crazy when they don't go a manager is yeah and is sometimes they argued too much inning for the flavor of some folks but. Somebody said they need apparently the girl Libby somebody like Katie and only give what is Katie don't want to release she's a fox is still a fox is being tried to jitter I have seen rumors that sage Steele is so. Going to be a part of that program in some capacity not sure what cancellations mum. I don't I since it was pretty things I think she's okay the idea I said this before. Both for the whole hot take care started with skip Bayless. Cold pizza was a good show to make great job it was sports century. News see like did your fluff interviews your funds dobbs you'd bring up certain topics. I mean if you can get that maybe that's what they're aiming for with Greenberg. Probably check it out down but again adds what's the ultimate goal for that show if its ratings. I just don't know if you should have that expectation that. Is that there was interest in an enemy there really I mean I'm Polynesian radio shows out there a longer tenure now the Mike and Mike. Kennedy NASA principal. From a sense not even princess of restart it was him he has Og my mad dog and I absolutely did they break up 2000 sat right so he's only been alone since 2007. Maven later that still. So does that mean as a nominee shows have been around longer and might in my decision new eighteen year run for them is over Greenberg said TV goal it was still did a radio show. A litre lingo he didn't sound too thrilled about it but it dictates of the thoughts on that Kennedy the Fam I urge me on 55305 of the text that we always. Appreciated Chris seventy bankers fitness always not 95 months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership you can find out more about her spray an average out. At crunch dot com busting into in the final hour initially it was bright line coming up on the hour each think sponsors ready CU we're losing some money on. This week able look ahead to the weekend in the NBA playoffs very little hope with the news that came out of San Antonio today. Tackler Ryan Fitzpatrick into played some fun trivia games around him as he was signed. Off the free agent wire to enable will start with a sport being left for dead. In some recent news that may suggest otherwise that source the final hour don't bode werder spraying on 1080 the fan.