Dirt & Sprague Friday May 19th, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, May 19th

Sprague marvels at the brilliance of Costco, Over/Under win totals are out for college football teams, the guys break down the Pac-12 schools, and we find out how little the guys know about Canadian geography.


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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Because it on the. This is dirty and spray it. Point 63. Which endangered Johnson and Brendan spray. Third and spray gun 1080. Rowdiness well. A two inside. 1080 the fan braid in spring alongside as always Andy bird Johnson in a stab him. I'm gonna start up with a really I'd take a wake up from me today costs go. But is the greatest. Story. Ever. I agree a 100%. I realize this two days I agree 100% I'm actually in the process of getting a a Costco card. Oh are you I've made the executive decision that at this point in my life I can afford the what is it like fifty bucks a year yeah it's not just a dollar annual membership eight dollar annual membership or eagle VIP for 55 who would you give would VIP membership tell me more I have it and we didn't go enough to really notice anything. Now you don't get like extra discounts like an extra 5% off I'm sure you do is I just don't know about it a Safeway club card we get a discount on the executive that's why we went executive when a bus sounds cool it's like I got the executive cost that's actually pretty close at a cooler car designed it's black is it that goal didn't yeah I'm way better than the regular yeah I've made that made that executive decision because a load up on like groceries and foodstuff from Roscoe and you're good for like a monkey freeze the need to load up on toilet paper it's worth it man so I realize two days ago the the ability that they have on mean now as a grown up like you could see this somewhat when you're younger and you go on with the parents yeah go with it and yeah. But when you start shopping there regular basis as a paying member. The ability by that store. To get you to purchase almost double of what you originally wanted to going in you go moments absolutely things that you don't need pointing case I went in last week's for serial. Teenage daughter. Well like lotion okay I'll medical time out and say this the U problem because if you just need those three things you don't go to Costco narrow yet you do because now the peanut butter price value what you get is better than the groceries to do it makes sixteen tabs appear butter they give you two huge -- I've -- saves you a lot of mile I don't ladylike got peanut butter in like February and I just got done with a first couple the other talk about a the cupboard and then cereal I mean it's two boxes cereal and one for basically the price of one boxer regular store. And the need Lohse in because a big tumble lotion. And I locked out there with light bulbs you know batteries have a book and I of course I got the things I wanted muffins. And those frozen spinach ravioli is that they sell that are just remarkable. And you look at the bill and it goes from what Ijaz the to over 200 dollar joint well and they did this to me again and I almost made the biggest purchase ever. I kid you not. I almost walked out of there was standup -- ports you almost added yeah I was -- straighter and yes to have him on display now you would be a standup paddle board guy it was raining but it would be a huge thing but I had just saw the weather report for today in the rest of the week I domesticated cattle boards are offsetting a stand about a young or youthful -- stand up talent and not until going owning a stand up out aboard how often do you stand up paddle board is that worth the purchase that's what I went around thinking about the whole time I -- -- -- his one time it's not an apparent golf clubs a little golf in 34 times a month this is -- not that far from what is ahead Blake welcome odd to have lakes not a part of this is a great idea in principle but not seriously how many times would you go stay in about a board across something were three Macs and Thomas's dissent a -- aboard got past. Right up until I saw a budget that does it sets like guard. Not as wind but to how much is it cost to rent a standup paddle board for an afternoon. I'd like thirty dollars an hour outcast. Spiegel for a couple hours but there's not gonna sixty bucks the problem is there's not one out by wears white artist saying I had lake at least I haven't seen the store okay sent out you go ten hours and pay for it right yeah that's the point. See when I'm sands a long days in a battle boarding swipe cards didn't when I'm put downing your tougher on the stand up panel wanted to dump all over your standup paddle boarding dreams I'm just wondering if it's cost effective to actually purchase said stand up probable well the other problem was I do I don't have Iraq's an app data racked in my car and I don't have anywhere to put in my garage so I'd have to get those overhanging. Racks that you know two of them together and they can be put up there if you blessing why are you buying gasoline and 55 gallon drums it cost goes Sprague worry about what my wife and do it. Wary about what my wife and do it's what I have to that's the mentality I have when I wanted to source opera. That's a fair I mean would you like bathing in gasoline made we are if Phillips Teva despray counseled kids are gone for the weekend I was trying to tell you look what goes down in our house annuity and taken it up and he does run a little over your head likened sites held Georgia bald head and in my vastly I want lotion yeah I know in body lotion yeah I get really dry ice assuming it's warmer out but he too. Now is a no win job on the winter drag on and on a summer drag I can't believe you've never been battle boarding I know I've honestly never been standup paddle boarding so good and avid sounds great spots a blacks. You two pulling it I'm just appalling actually buying up that's it one more thing you get as stowaway in the what did you spend a year polls show activity doing yesterday what was your peak. What was the big thing on the to do list for mr. Brennan's fray after the show I clean my house for four hour okay and what was articulating your house was also cleaning your garage correctly from Ron a big chunk of it yes. Hillary get a plea Tuesday in a battle boards I just what you got to install racks above this is all the seal its big products yet so all eyes see who don't go through this problem. It looks all of your garage we all know what at some point in our lives were ever at a lake together. You'll be asking to borrow my standup cattle oh I absolutely will not. Scene out here and a good point or just go by yourself to those like inflatable raft things you can inflated. On a raft of some paddles now judging and I was only doubles you yes yankees he would play doubles dig deep lady too easily to get punctured on a piece of all those costs are compared with 300 dollars for state and Apollo those can. How many are now they're just forget purchase one every year yes he did did Stucco is somewhere in the winner and then it gets punctured and then you're screwed for spring when you wanna did it if I wanna take my life are my daughter on one of those with me it's got to hold the body weight that's over a 100 dollars for 1 am. If he gets deflated I got to buy another when suddenly I met experts point out standup. And I let's find out what's on tap for today show. I'm not paid to. Brian there's a lot of sporting and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what sun turnout Ford by intelligent brewing company. Or that the breach on Jenny do you. He's brought Jonathan back pelican brewing company and now we like to pass along cool fun things treated you if you're headed to the gorge. Today. A good weekend to go to the gorge pelican mice do their tap takeovers there's one happening at liberty tax works 517 east second street in the towels from seven and nine tonight. We've recommended pelican many times over not just because the our client of ours the because we generally do drink pelican. So if you're out of the gorge you're gonna be in the Dallas had to liberty tab works from seven and nine it's gonna be tapped takeover by pelican but we got a lot to get to on today's. Friday show isn't a good day for Jimmy Buffett I'm ready for a beer yet you'd give me paddle board of beer with Jimmy Buffett summing up live and get life. We'll talk some college football and as some over lenders were released for a lot of teams Oregon State not mentioned enough. There what's up with that died and get it but I'll give you an idea where I think Vegas is going to lean with their over under win total. So we'll get to that we've got some blazers mock draft. More more people continuing to updated in changing its. We'll pass along the latest names. We're gonna play a fun game and hockey actually. Got us to play this fun game. At 1245. Ran a play name that Canada. And we're as I've I want listeners to play this game that does play with us this this came out because you're talking about the two teams that potentially could meet and we'll Annika final. Swagger says Lula photo and none Nashville and we were saying yeah probably not gonna get good ratings and I made the comment how many Americans even know where we would love or Ottawa kids yeah. And you gave me a blank stare and I said well if the you know late inning about Canada. This city but you know anything about Canada I admittedly don't know much about candidates a swagger we're gonna play game was why guard a candidate who is a curious to know how many of these I can get to our legal unlike capitals went what are we don't ruin it Don lemon at him he's got his little method of madness took a don't go live by the way I play with us if we play outside martyrdom you are in Canada. So we'll play that fun game we'll talk about Paul George because the pacers are in a blazer LaMarcus Aldridge type situation and they may have to make said decision. After this weekend we'll explain why NBA writers impacting MBA players salaries. Big changes in ESPN the end of an era. For a lot of people and kind of like last man standing you know Tim Allen Cilic got canceled. There's going to be some really upset people and we'll talk about that's. Major League Baseball and the US numbers that are coming up through the ranks. And of course we're gonna spread the line at 230 a did you face sponsors ready so that's what's on tap and its front two on the stand by pelican brewing company born at the beach online at pelican brewing. Dot com Roger actor and sprayed at the leader Johnson an act Brandon Sprague do we have any. Questions now we have not. I'm sure they're pleased to be got nothing I'm lazy PO last night on and as the poll question about Canadian geography but you shot it down. You want me do a FaceBook post on job one and have fun would that be annoying thing about Canada 55305. Yeah it's. A top America I think what people say to that I mean c'mon. They like maples are upright coming up next. One problem in one sport doesn't seem to be one in another according to sports fans why is that. We'll discuss and tell you what it is after this break on 1080 defense. Am not the the question dirt just. Why don't we continue to hard won security problems in the NBA history. Thought we'd don't care about it at all in college for. I I I honestly don't have an answer for I don't think anybody can really answer that we love college football love it. A lot of it has do with going to he said universities the family ties play there's local everybody has a local rooting interest in college football that's not necessarily the case MBA because there's 120 division one teams in football. And 32 teams in the NBA but even if you took Portland you know he took to fan base year predominantly. 9899%. Blazer fan. You still get a very Deaton down well we're never gonna win the NBA has no paired Wii's we have no chance without an ecstatic yet assure you I mean. And that almost exists really in in this state when you look at the two teams in our goggle back to my thought process went organ was in the national title against Ohio State Lamar go to quarterback with three years ago now. My thought process was a better when this one because if they don't if you can't win with a guy like Mario and up are you ever got to win one. And they ended up getting ran out of the building in Dallas. And and there's there's that that sentiment that sinks in a little bit like how many things have to go your way. Just even beyond into the gift organ had to get a once in A generation player even. What the best player might be in the history of football program Mario and Heisman Trophy winner just to get back to that point of being in a national title game. And even that wasn't enough to push him over the topple over and Ohio State with a recent. I asked the question just about parity in how we view college football vs you know just the NBA and again we don't have any NBA this year we know it's not good in the playoffs. Once again the over runners were released. On today from Vegas and with each college football team not everyone but you know the main ones that that are in the headlines and in the national games except Iraq. It's the same teams as every year. I bet you can guess the top four teams you may not get all four in the first four gases yeah I bet she gets the first four in ten guesses I I would gas Alabama's for sure number one depth. Ohio State yeah probably number two. I'm gonna guess USC's up there with the expectations around them. Oklahoma may be up Florida State. A very guns and maybe slipped off a little bit and there's audience I promise you know you're close to that I mean it's the same teams over and over and over. And I eggs I was looking at it and I just dated back I just pick a random there's no reason I think this year I just wanted to go back quite a ways to defuse this. And I chose 92 I just shows you 1992 for seriously no reason at all. If you would be MBA there have been in the we see the NBA has had. Ten different teams win the championship since 1992. College football's had fourteen different teams win the national championship since 199212. Of those college football team's twelve. Of the NBC. Yeah okay so. Eighty plus percent of those teams. Are from the SEC the back nine non SEC teams winning national championships and and since 1992 Lehman a non the nine non SEC teams I'm sure there amid you're looking at Florida State Clemson Ohio State Michigan Nebraska US seed Texas Oklahoma Miami Miami yet. That's it that's it pitcher James everybody else's SEC bam has been having this incredible run of dominance. Is that stat a couple of years ago like eight straight years there at the end of the air out of the BCS yeah I was Florida state of finally ended it before the college football playoff start when James was sent to Auburn. That was the first non SEC team in eight years to do it then Ohio State once it was back to back years and then immediately Alabama came back and won the title teachers think about two of Auburn if Winston doesn't lead him down the field and that's find alternate was winning that football comfort wins it did eight straight years. It's just remarkable man and the Perry thing is it's always been on where. You have to acknowledge Jimmie does now parity nobody can dispute that. But you do look at this thing like college football and for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be a big topic conversation yeah I would I think this is our love of the sport of college football's there and it's so much higher I think just from me a nationwide perspective then then the MBA you look at steal it. It every week that the ratings are high. You're always gonna watch and and the pageantry is there in terms of your always gonna follow your program you're always gonna follow your teams and that there is no parity we don't often bring it up sometimes when things like this come out with a over under is we do but. Might even next year likely yourself an organ organ state sand shoes like next year let's say organ state towards the end of the season it's week nine in year three and five. You still would go to a game at Reese are you still to be pumped to go watch them play Washington or Washington Stater. UCLA or US whatever team it is it's on their schedule that we are still going to be exciting golf. Same thing goes for ducks fans and the attendant slipped off a little bit last year but. But say organ going into week nine is is you know five and three. There's still going to be exciting you're still going to be going to still going to be watching that it says. I think there's unique factor of only having one game a week of only having that this season B twelve games or thirteen if you count. The conference title games in the fourteenth for a bowl game it's it's kind of a short snapshot that may be in a sport like the NBA when there's no parity. You don't necessarily feel like you have to follow for 82 games knighted in night out or the national TV gives throughout the course the regulars if you trimmed I know it's. It seems impossible because you do have a 128 FBS division one teams vs thirty in the NBA. If you could trim the bulls. To only ER handful of teams able to make the balls you have the playoffs and and you get the non playoff bulls. If you're able to cut I wonder if that changes anything. So take let's take no issue. Always she was one of those programs curious is trying to build it up but right now you're just hoping for six to just get back to a ball game. What if you cut out like six and sixteen state may get. C have noble appear Jim nothing to brag EC coaches do this all the time. They get their programs has a sixth and sixth and neighbor who have been global for five straight is a great you were 500 feet. You were above you are below you were just square even right there. And you made some irrelevant bullet nobody cared about a winner that would change things at all in terms of the way we we look at it may work is so different because of the emotional time. That is is isolates accidentally got this average repairs Tex I'm 553 of tries to inform bad teams the rivalry game can make the whole year. I tell much excitement was there in the orange state Sammy is going into the offseason for forty year huge because of the win against organs to be organ and that was the this statement when of your season due to beat your rival you and industry comes out of many years it was. You lost the civil war in a row and you went on it was upbeat going into the off season. It's is it's such a different animal and and it is funny that. We go through this every year in the NBA it's always brought up we just did about a half hour radio on it yesterday of look at how Golden State Cleveland haven't lost its third straight year that they're gonna be playing in the finals. It's a foregone conclusion and has been since the offseason and last year's NBA finals. And what's at Cleveland came back in one we always complain about parity in other sports and we usually celebrate and ends. Reward sports that have parity with excitement and entertainment and we love the NFL could you never know who's gonna win our hockey fans love the Stanley Cup final as you can have an eight seed come out of nowhere make the Stanley Cup final. They caused the budget done haven't they've never really had it adds it I think it is. Probably the B clearest example when you count the number of teams that play division one or if you just wanna count how are five schools it's the clear eggs eggs clearest example of haven't have nots. Then nothing's gonna change there. Alabama's not going anywhere it's not like it's a waiting for LeBron James to retire. Or you're waiting for the warriors to have to have the salary cap situation that they can't afford to pay all four guys in the past he's not going anywhere now Alabama's not going to Wear. It Jamar bus stays in Michigan are not going anywhere clay Elton has a good year USC's back to being the dominant program they were in the two thousands and have been for for 3040 years. Texas can get back Oklahoma is always it's the statement of teams. You're in and year and you know it's funny about that is. 88 brings me back to an opinion that I wanna say it was jump Jed Gillis had this a couple of years ago. And you know he's always been about paying athletes right he doesn't like the way that the NCAA and how that amateur ism is set up. And he makes fun of it all the time one point he had somebody tweeted him. We yeah but if you allow Olympic style payments you wait to see how much it's gonna destroy something like college football. In shape goes like last in those. How always act any different cities like college football is now it's bam all it's the same 56 programs and new nobody else and so what Alabama's going to be in the console a playoff necks or 'cause they're paying their players they're gonna be there either way yankees like people bring up organ ranked as the film night wolf we'll I had open checks he can pay everybody however much you want. You don't think that there's boosters from Panama that would collectively come together and AM and you think those players would wanna play for Nick Saban suddenly. But the whole Palin thing is stupid because you worried about. I don't know whatever integrity of the game hat is insane these programs and that program. We'll take a step back and these ones will take a step right whereas I disagree with that'll hardly it's Aurilia a point where there's no parity. Right and one thing that I would say and we had a listener Texans something along these lines. Is I guess in college football one other thing that would separated a little bit from the NBA. Is there are things that you can be proud of the it's not a championship like a penalty necessarily have that the NBA and a deal that eagle putt banners up for an appearance in the Western Conference finals. We don't celebrate division titles in the NBA the blazers have a banner of the Western Conference finals for an appearance don't think. Or is that for money one hobby just winning Yahoo! and resident Bob Briggs went yeah yeah jetlag get my habit I've got division titles up though. Which are I mean there are element MBA and and they are now yet now they are venues to be necessarily but now they are red but in and college football I guess that would be one thing that would separate a little bit as a listener brought up about the pac twelve this. If you win the fact all the to big thing they give it to go nine and three knew when the pac twelve you can win a national title. But there's a proud moment there is a Spaniard going to a featured U2 or three Carlos right leg as an ornate and when they won that the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin that was huge but that was. It didn't matter if it was a national title game not just winning the roles bull was a huge moment. And I guess that the big time bowl games I guess can separated a little bit that you don't have to just be a champion to be proud you're. Siegel and think about from the blazer two because that listeners right now lot of respect. We we do have some excitement for the blazers for next year do we not with market's coming back healthy we do yeah so there's moments like dapper phrase at Milwaukee the boxer mean they push Toronto and almost upset damage they've got the Greeks freak. You have examples of some teams not very often that you get some teams are going to an offseason. Out of the first rounding in four games or six games or missing it but they're still excited about the young talent coming back. So college football over rider's meeting get to the the pac twelve over renders I'll give you all the numbers that they released for the pac twelve schools no organ state. But I'll give you a pretty good idea where Vegas probably has the Morgan state beavers will tell you where organ is Washington and all of that is next. Coming up then 912 minutes we'll play our quiz game of Canada. Jason Zweig and will be the game show host less about what that one that was inspired by Ottawa. And Nashville two teams that could meet in the Stanley Cup final. Hot take on hockey. Part of hockey that I. That's tough for me. Is just the luck involved with the game. Not to say those guys are not out there fast. Tough there's there's balances they'll happen better yet a thousand the puck back somehow and I might dammit I Anaheim won the game in overtime last night we didn't watch Corey Perry threw it towards the net that deflected off a that's the factor though I think exists in a lot of sports no doubt it does like I I even I mean is drug run of soccer before the shutting it exists in soccer and I'll even say that it exists in a sport like baseball. But you could have a guide right you don't have a dominant pitcher and have been a number eight hitter run into a fastball hit a three run home run. Is that still lucky TU adversaries because when you weigh out the probability of that actually happening throughout the course of the year it's it's statistically no lag. You see all sorts of weird you know all you. Pitchers throws a great page in the battered just you know cues it off the end of the bat and inches you know drops and in no man's land. On exit you know right over the shortstop center some like that. This goofy stuff you know rips one down the line defenders the rights by hits the bag. Yeah yeah I don't doesn't like that does happen but I yeah I was watching that the end of that game in and watched a national lose in overtime and it we came in we tell about that game and how. Ratings for Ottawa in Nashville would be an and that led to Canadian quizzing so we'll do that at 1245. I want to give the over under is because they were released today for as many tactical teams as we can now organ state is not listed here. I don't really know why. They have Arizona listed at five and a half these are the over under this water outfits you know it is where money comes in on our people betting Arizona football. I would imagine more than I mean there in Phoenix which is closer to Las Vegas and stroke that's our room. So while let's go to analysts here with a scope kind of we see a Disco with the teams that I see so UCLA over under UCLA somewhat of a surprise healthy Josh Rosen in his last year. And Jim Moore on the hot seat somewhat and UCLA's over under is six. It take you over on that I'm pretty confident UCLA this year as long as pros and stays healthy Vegas jurors how confident. EI Ed it's all about health for me and frozen salty that team can go seven and five he's that good of a player I know the first couple games in Belgrade from last year. But yes sixes and and not making a bowl game with frozen plains Hogan de Louisiana and I happen I mean if they're at six and six item. I'd imagine that that's he's gone from more he's absolutely gone if they if they if that's there and you look at their schedule they got Texas say -- and then on conference again but I teams in LA it is you don't have to go to Texas sand and so you get an at home I was airs it'll be running down roses thrown exactly the and on conferences or Hawaii in Memphis they get organ at home which is a benefits have you have tough road trip to Washington Utah you gotta go on the road plan but you saw him for missing a lot of guys on defense yeah I'm not saying you sailors have to go attendants do but they were forty last year haven't -- only play and for so games but it's hard for me to not see them get new -- seven when I mentioned Arizona at. Five and a half you wonder Rich Rod finishes with a five win season. What is Arizona's side to do there today just keep them and say look he's a good coach she's just got us a way out of this. Because Greg Byrne was eating at hired and he's gone he's in Alabama now. And we know how these CDs operate sometimes if you're disappointing. They wanna go get their own guys Arizona five and a half. That's the moved analysts here we've gat what this. Did you call favorites were Washington and USC get there at nine and a half that I'm Utah's at six and a half Washington State's at seven and a half. And it's like mentioned USC Washington nine and a half each. Stanford eight and a half seems pretty money out that threat about over Stanford easier and and year out and you said or in your guests was organ seven and Matthew were pretty damn close its organ eight the over top eight for organ as a novel and gamble on the over sex smells like a push it does -- -- because I've looked at a successful season for them as Satan for which as well have what it put the over under seven and a half. To lay some money on the old for I'd not confident enough until I see them played to add to throw money on them going nine and three next season with some tough road trips and there. As I mentioned to UCLA got to go to Washington. Angela Stanford on the road again you got Nebraska which is a decently tough nonconference game as his Wyoming they might have the best quarterback in the country. On their team and we laughed at down but. Nine wins is is too much to expect in year one that that is right on the money as a push if not the under at seven and five if you lose from those close games Colorado is at seven and a half forgot to mention that one. The buffaloes member Stephen Montel is going to be their quarterbacks he was the one that got the win in oxen this year he looked like a really good players even as a freshman. So there's some of the over under is in the fact well I did that really existing ones for me and they're gonna be the team to follow all year is USC USC is the third highest are tied heading for the third highest over under in the country and not to say that's not. Fair and and those should be the expectations with a quarterback like Sam Arnold. Number what happened the last time they went into a season like this like it was a foregone conclusion two years ago the USC was going to be in the national title game it was done and it was psyches is gonna lead them there is gonna happen. And things just unraveled quickly and it's it's amazing how much expectations can change things from a fan perspective like if they go eight and four USC fans gonna be happy this year. Miss the over under by a game and half the schedules somewhat tough they always. The decimal nonconference sold Arnold's grade they caught fire late at the end of the season they won the Rose Bowl an unbelievable game. A when they beat Penn State led. Their back to now being that team that everybody expects a lot from yet and people wondering where's the beavers that they were not put into this this release of over under is my guess though and I'm sure at some point we'll find out what it is. If our big TS the over under that Vegas sees for organ state and Gary Anderson. I'd I'd say it's right where is on his at five and half where you you view that's a tough number to them by may be you can go to your first bowl game with Gary Anderson. I just can't imagine it being higher than that -- a note on not at all it's going to be hired private house and that number Timmy is right where it's again I'm not confident out just like organ with the eight I'm not confident enough to take organ state to went six cents a big job to go from forward the non conference is winnable. I I will just because I'm I'm putting faith in -- gluten kid but that's it for me yes six to gamble and enacted you've never seen play football exactly ends the same exact Garretson it's is it would be the same as a young gambling on a coaching never seen coach a game and attract woman really attacker beds as those are really tough numbers from both Oregon and Oregon State is that kind of is to teetering point for both their seasons yet so the over under is I I'm with the on UCLA by the way. I kind of want only some scratch on over six is too low I exe Rosen winning seven games yeah I'm out. He stays healthy he's one of the best quarterbacks in Wisconsin is he what is the injury thing you can do that with a lot of teams like USC wood nine and a half he needs it that sounds right what Donald goes down the trial and I started behind him I think it's cliche but about the old and I'm not want to bet on a back up to win ten games then so entries at a plant for a lot of teams are you take any over the understood that organ. I if I had if you if you put a gun in my head and said put some money on and I don't have to go that Kraft I'd take the under. Together I'm not nine is tough men now with with the Nebraska non conference game the Wyoming game that I'm worried about a non conference that you mentioned dead. Road trips to Washington to Stanford UCLA. And I studied him bringing up playing you toppling Colorado on the road. Nine wins is it a big 093 manatee an awesome first year for tiger but I'm not lane going on and real quick Washington State Washington seven and a half of the tubes nine and a half for the dogs I take the overthrow Washington State in the under from Washington's seeding to exit date India I think Washington the only reason Washington would get there is of this because of their non conference they play nobody again. Yes there's three automatic Lindsay go out when six games in the conference at the right there at nine. You get one to swing your way you go ten but so they're not in the playoffs and design wins and get in a playoff. No I wouldn't think so I think of anybody makes as it makes it this year at USC live up to the hype then there's the over lenders from Vegas on the the pack. Twelve teams organ set at right back at eight skis and are coming up next we're gonna played a fun quiz game inspired by hockey. Called name that Canada you can participate at the Bridgeport appears tax on at 55305. And our host Jason Zweig guard will get this going next on the fence. Welcome back again 1248. Here on 1080 the fan coming up in twelve minutes. Thousands we'll talk about writers impacting NBA players as we saw this last year here in Portland press. We'll get to Paul George. And how he's in the LaMarcus Aldridge. Situation with the pacers went pacers should do. We'll get to some blazers draft stuff. And an end of an era. In ES pianist and upset a lot of people. Like a lot of people because they're not paying attention to it yet the man when it comes it's going to be a big big deal for them so we'll get to all that in the second hour. But tell we were talking very briefly hockey league before the show. In their series Ottawa is up in their series against the penguins'. And it very well could be Ottawa in Nashville which would be a ratings nightmare for hockey. People would still be really into it that like the sport because Nashville's the eight seed not a was kind of the feel good story. But it inspired us to Dan quiz each other Canada. Yeah so where are Siena played you can play along at 55305. We're gonna play the fun game of name that. Canada a great sounding game president without our host Jason so like I genuinely curious and Noelle. To figure out how much our listeners know about Canada with a don't cheat don't Google gonna get not not totally not cheating just. This is great what do you know about K I don't think people milling about Canada I really don't. I don't I don't know much Florida's front of Canada that are from Canada or maybe from me you know those orders state under months Washington. I probably take Canada us. Theory. For them I take her acting wields great candidate for granite yeah there are punching bag we have a blame when you think Canada most in front of the blame Canada. By the way we have a listener. Named Morgan that is saying tearsheet. Has won an actual game of jeopardy together a one time jeopardy champ and they're trying. It thus I don't think it is as simple boy didn't even know auto woes was the national capital yes the cap capital city of Canada. Like of the whole country old country like Washington DC being yes yes that is the photo that's why they're called the senators. Okay. Right I'm always laggards as it. So there are ten provinces and three territories in Canada that those that's how they have divvied up. Equivalent to our states if you wealth and how many they have. Ten provinces. Quite regal Arizona's fifteen. They're a lot bigger lead. But uninhabited. Area to area up north by the North Pole yes they go that they go to San all right so it was. If I did give up Robinson territory. How many capital cities of those provinces do you think you can name well let's find out. Playing name that Canada. Maybe you wanna go from from the obscure first and give yourselves a chance you you wanna get some confidence let's get some confidence he'll all right what we will start out there and with the British Columbia. Our friends right to the north about five islands north of the capital city. For the province of British Columbia that is with. That's with a cannot displays in that area Dominic go to Victoria. When I know it. Yeah Victoria of Victoria's on my bucket list and I've heard Victoria aren't you still gorgeous they're on Victoria are on a Vancouver Island into on the big area Ireland. Take the ferry over you know I drilled through one of the great great day trips if you drive up to Port Angeles. It just take it over for the day you know any meth for your car or anything like that walk off delay and proud member of the western hockey they did yes. The reason I know it's a lawyer Gloria is because I once I did something in the Seattle on radio. And they had the winner games going on trial for me. And I said yes you can go up to. British Colombia's capital just write up this is a and and a lot of people call me LA moron so let's let's show our quick snapshot of the text line. We had three people get four or five people guests Toronto. That's wrong side of the country. Inside four people and everybody else against Vancouver we don't have one person against doing all right so you're liberal listeners who are all right our listeners back up. Willow will sort of stay out here to the west had Alberta. The province of Alberta. Is that we are thought Alberta was the city. Home knows the Providence. Come on springer Montreal. Gotten. It is Edmonton it is Goodman says I. That's exactly I don't Barack skin tissue loss no Karzai how far north to Calgary. It's slightly North Dakota north to Calgary a bit. That's way up and out of we have one person I'd guess a red everybody else's I guess in Calgary Calgary all right one furlong okay all right next up. Manitoba. Minute Robbins of Manitoba. Houses and city you have heard enough yes. You should damn you should come on us as Sunni and it's Canada. Manitoba I'm gonna go where navy any city any city in Manitoba and I'll give you half point to. God the only ones coming in my mind is the inappropriate when Regina. Acknowledgment of that's for Winnipeg is yeah I always thought it was above New York. When I was a man is showbiz on our right now in the center over the Dakotas right there okay. Let more whip that's a good look for people people know Winnipeg if they're cheating or they're getting better as soon as I did not know what Winnipeg where that was. All right god next up is that the central time zone or they go their own time zones in Canada. There's one. Area that's in their own time zone that is really goofy because it's on a half hour and I don't understand it. We'll start about them his knuckles in Manitoba. Moose jaw lose jobs. Tell you how people effects and added I'm just real all right let's go to Saskatchewan. A little sister that's a lot of minutes trying to help you out Sprague says dad to one. Regina yeah. Man I don't know if he's gonna get one. We we had a lot of fun on the show one time with Regina. We did. Because I'd never heard of it. Data knows a thing in swagger but in the updated the winner hawks are playing the Regina pats and I asked her safety CC four and 88 said he say that. Editors are left to TA ending they've been around for a little bit like I may never heard of Regina pats out done. From our cholesterol I think we can help you out Ontario. This is a big sit Ontario. Big city Toronto ego. Let's see what else might he know. Okay of the province of Quebec. If if if if a. Kind of a trick one and play in it's so good they named him twice. Remember that updates and ain't so good. They may give it up later Victor only beef up. Not on a literal plane that right now that would go to David of where. Now Victoria. Quebec city are you said Victoria Quebec Quebec city our city as the capital of the province of Quebec. How about that it is both they city and a problem yes. There's a part of me that city you're going. I sound like a more on the there's another part because you know like there's a lot of people probably don't know some of the stuff. So I'm okay. I the other one I think you might be able to get here is Nova Scotia. Almost eleven even think I Nova Scotia. The capital of the province of Nova Scotia. You think I can get this I think you've heard of the city. The arrest of him not a chance at the rest of Palmer those in the hinder lands again fills what. The air with the vikings and only a fitness have cars that are sporadic at times I I don't know. Halifax. Tax Halifax Nova Scotia Nova Scotia I know but Halifax not ringing a bell around ten. As name that Canada ask you about what three for seven there I think to the ones we got to there is still in northwest territory in Canada. Yeah there's three territories of territories above the provinces the Yukon Territory. The I got a pronounces out and out sent out none of boot. Territory none of hoot if none of boots territory in the northwest territories. Yukon Cornelius on it. All right thank that was that was actually a fun insightful game on Canada name that Canada by those Jason's why guard. Thank you we will taxing it at 55305. And I take pleasure in the fact a lot of people got those guesses wrong as well I just so we educated some folks on the a wonderful area that is Canada I think we did I know their prime minister. Just denied Trudeau Trudeau. Eight crazies let's that is their prime minister he's a good looking tat they had the picture with a bunker trump. Among can trump was given them the good the guys. Well that was all think when he was in DC yet you got her starent Adam was a good looking cat a lot of women are cuts Darren Hayes got it ended down coming up next. They loaded second hour the end of an air at ESP NN. The blazers interest in the NBA draft. What the pacers should do with Paul George as a big decision is a looming. And is it fair for riders to dictate how much money NBA players make all of that is next hour to dirt spray on 1080 the fan.