Dirt & Sprague Friday June 15th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, June 15th
Swag fouls up the plan with a story about possible NHL to PDX, plus Kawhi wants out of San Antonio, where will he end up, plus Spraguin' the line with US Open, CWS and World Cup action.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right thing since 1952. Third he went full field he request that the subject's brain you're having such a good deal on golf cleats that cavity used to make fun. McConnell sends US open which edition of dirt and spray. Paparazzi by area heating cooling and don't wait for comfort with area heating and cooling go to area here in dotcom today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train him. Durbin spread on 1080 votes where. It is happy Friday a final hour you're uncertain spray your face being with a sunny Friday. Don't forget go vote on the course I pull questions actors bring on Twitter. Gotta spread line at the bottom of the hour scan trick sponsors ready sentimental freedom and we will lose some money heading into the weekend. Awesome article why Leonard some more on the US open coming here in the final hour of the show as well can I assume IA thirty to thirty voice. He's. I'll sign off can I OK okay I have something to add to this segment later on but not right now and what if I told you. It's pretty bad start you can do better why bush defied told now you know not be notified in the the right tone what if I told you. In five years. Portland could have a Major League Baseball team. It and an NHL team. Any released blood if I told you when is this coming from July 13 oh OK now I'm at that data yet side so this comes let's just let's just do it you know I was glad to help the Jose I was gonna add to his when these reports first started to surface about Major League Baseball. You you are very true. You don't you retire this he didn't like hear about it we've been down this road Major League Baseball I said there's some credibility behind it some guy named wrinkles buried writing for baseball America says it slump by intuit look where we are now we only credible okay. So I'll just throw that out there so don't be don't be guy jump on the train. This comes from a very credible hockey report about an in a Clark Rasmussen. Very credible everybody knows Clarke Els he writes for the great guy hockey today he's NHL network great guy NHL dot com Lindsay right for Detroit hockey dot net. To do great publication rocky. It's like where the people go and finalists and information about hockey it's the one stop shopping for all of your hockey news seated sect. The fourth website I visit I just wanna say the record I'm responsible for this I'm sorry this is all flags fall he found is how did you find this. And to grow I don't know I'm Twitter feeds on Twitter instant they're and I'm like way it went so I I took the click bait and on Iran and I was like. Well he didn't Cisco make this up you found this on a porn site know I do think that pop up for more Roberts than what's going. I'm here okay is solid his rehab Lindsay and this is you could fight as activated and we tweeted this give or take an hour ago. So let's let our sports fans get tight at probably one have been that what the health systems have been drydocking dot net the title of the article is NHL to Portland domain registrations. In to add it. Okay carried out what they got me a quick summary and clicking on Braden. They says I talked about a lot of rumors regarding NH a relocation or expansion Quebec is one that comes out of Seattle obviously going to the process Houston in there. The owner of the rockets is CO entertaining the notion of adding another Tenet to his building. And then there's Portland Oregon. He says moral and all the western hockey league when our consciousness in the NHL twice in recent memory goes back to the ninety's happening of course copiers go to coyotes that was bird you seem like a tank. Say brings up both of those they and he said through spokespeople Allen his stated that he is no interest in pursuing a franchise to kind of let however. If one became available for relocation he would have interest additionally. What are hawks owner bill Gallagher. Has indicated interest at NHL ownership for does he you don't know bill gallery owns the one Roxy olds like seven Cox. Hockey franchise they billionaire. Alienware is a big Edmonds an oil guy believe yes ladies and the oil rich and well aliens field. So he's got the money to pull off and he owns the winner hawks has actually Howell if you follow us closely they were terrible for a long time he bot then came in revamp the whole thing bottom and Abbas Lotta people that WH our tests we did it because he's one of the richest owners. And western hockey league. In Indy brings up this brings us to be batch of ten Internet domain names registered on Thursday by the Portland what are pox. Took an important rocks on Thursday yesterday. But these domain names they own the rights to them. The domain names are CD XNHL dot com. NHL team PDX dot com NHL to Portland with the number two. NHL in Portland dock on an NHL to Portland with the TO dot com all of those. We're bond purchase and now owned by the Portland. Hawks Portland winter hawks which have people wondering. Would you play here let's hockey. Who has runny very if successful franchise. Even at a lower level a to WHL. He's a forward thinker. So why what does it hurt to spend ten dollars for a domain name for a billionaire and it's nothing less is get ahead of it exactly as he's in state and bring in a team here now. I won't completely prove who it in here is why. I do a small shot of happening right now could change drastically and two weeks who knows. I actually like his chances to make it happen if he truly is engaged in wanting to make it happen now he does it need Paul Allen. You know the motor senator was bill as the rose garden and immediately it's pointed out in you've heard it a million times. You know it's built for hockey sight lines the most it's a perfect hockey arena it is but guess what he does it need Paul Allen he doesn't need demoted senator. He's got a building. That nobody wants to tear down. And if he's a billionaire he wants to make it happen how much money will he have to put into the memorial coliseum to make that just a perfect hockey rink. For what they want. Well you tick them pay NC now so you have you have and you that you use right now all right during the basketball season is that is leverage against them Mota Saturday doesn't want to let you be attendants enable goal will bad the question about as honest I would say screw you Paul Allen I would go memorial coliseum you put the money and morrow and now you've got a venue for your hockey team it's going to be decent. You've got to use it for concerts which you already do that as well. You're already housing basketball tournaments their high school term in success at a rock that's due to dad's millionaire who loves hockey. If he wants to make it happen any nosy can get money from it. You put money into the arena you make that up to date you go get your expansion franchise if the NHL in Seattle are so willing. And boom there you go you have to separate venues future. Offer to differ pro sport the only question about the arena is how much they can expand the seating capacity to reach the NHL's minimum. Which I minimum number I think it's around 161000. What does that glass household right now for basketball fir the blazers forever it was 12100666. Standup kind. Ball hockey obviously there's few receipts down low so it's somewhere around 1110. And a half to eleven so I needle up it by five or six I don't know if there's enough room within the space plus you're gonna want a redo the concourses and make it up to date in terms of concessions and everything that you have I don't know what there's physically enough room them. Inside the the windows Sturm to do that. Jay you're gonna renovate the inside you are spending a lot of money but in the deck concourse is massive TO INS a lot of space and have the money is not problem I think you could. Cut the concourse down loose seats back and that is we're getting on weights doing this it let's don't fund my time and I felt for your little can get my guys yet but I'd apologize to everybody listening it's my fault I guess the point is that due to billionaire if he wants this to happen he already has an arena that they would I. Actually love for him to renovate. On Larry ran out the coliseum for a target dates every year anyway and the expansion fee is not a problem. Yeah I'd be intriguing part is is you have a money got behind it you know the website domain name what you said is right is that you mean he's just get on front of missing case and I get ever happens I never had heard about Gallagher is interest in owning an NHL team that's the I think every team he owns as a minor league team. Carry on some teams internationally as well yes so all and that's where I I never heard of as intensive or interest in buying and owning an NHL team but he has the money to do it whether it's coyotes and the coyotes Arenas situation isn't. Any closer to being solve all know edit there's a lot of amounted there's still I know the hurricanes are believers still in a bad says situation Calgary has floated about potentially leaving because they want every time there's some site they like that they wanna do but for summaries and it's not work and with the city year. The province on it just has our handouts other there are options out there for for relocation and in the NHL and once think it is a goal in his favor at least wins Paul Allen potentially. As a second they already work together I mean there his team already rents out the mold a center Aaron they already have to pay a fee for letters found say OK I know they have to pay for. Now they are they pay for senate again to dig itself there's some brick Caldwell others some responsibility because the the arena whatever the operating Arenas saying I think that's Paul Allen so their responsible for some maintenance and upkeep announcer thanks so there's some given taken back and forth but I. He ounce the he ran is that only promised he would put him on in a coliseum and I you know it is different buildings for the different sports is the parking gives you the game going on on the same night. Be admitted the scheduling snafus but yeah occasionally a blazer and a hockey games and that's why I sometimes share an irony here are they reaching peak attendance for the the playoff games when rocks now all know the world that you had thousand well if you add an NHL team looking to double that Mariah you would get you know DN 1510019. In the coliseum and he had 191000 in the Melissa that's a bit of I didn't want to bring it close to 40000 people down their thoughts the view he's going to be when we give baseball first they'll have that site down and in the shipping yard area right terminal to go V Max over their cica park down that area water taxis water at Saks. It good news quietly. A kind of narrowed the list down today did you see the news the ESCO site at Portland diamond project been on got sold. It did that was done a real estate developing company outbid them for 33 million dollars the ESCO site is no more eight option for the Portland I'm product school they're gonna build on terminal two and and it's going to be an NHL team here which we named team should be but I around now. How we live in such hypothetic city. I saw this is real man I saw this today and I usually if I could believe sly yard dump this one on us on a Friday a busy Friday at that this isn't like a slow Friday we have a lack on but I cannot help bring it up so if you just missed it let's go out there. The winter hawks have indeed purchased a number of domain names. An alliance with the Portland. NHL team and a bill Gallagher who is a billionaire owner of the parliament rocks has indicated interest in NHL ownership so something to keep your own blood if I told you. They're both come at a Portland. In five years. That's how good are his greatest regular I would do it at the bottom of the hour did you think sponsors symbolism money going into the weekend but that's a start back in the choir Leonard situation and how terrified are we at least super team in Los Angeles that's next on the fans. It's great ally. Line coming up at eleven minutes. It's a thing get the ethics sponsors them. We never talked about stuff Mike busy either he had Mike Davies all jacked up. Steroids are now all yeah. JA ID SC Mike Bibby as an adult NBA player he Lizzie Liz skinny. It's one thing to put on a little muscle and maybe be sure and pounds different this dude is like sixty pounds bigger with muscle yet Yemen soon a my baby pictures Google that bad boy it is. That is something else and was not expecting now in my baby zero muscle definition when he plays she's got side by side picture yeah and then he had won yesterday at the gym he did you could. Forward whoa where'd that come from more surprising him or him getting buff the way he did or white Sammy Sosa. I'd probably have to go with skin color on video with gamblers season and you see someone they pop back out is a different skin color. That your different race. Went what went on there. That one probably would surprise me more. As I mean you go to the gym conceivably you could take steroids and give bigger animal like it would media as for steroids at this point in his life. But that is a little more feasible denied you know changing skin colors. Yet okay Touche check and from blocks. As amazing and explain how wanna meet. I was right Rabbani our but the big news of the day we talked a lot about it the first hour we had Matt Moore on he missed it will lob podcasts here after the show. If the news out of San Antonio folks down there had seemed now for a wild I think it was gonna get ironed over NBI right Popovich is gonna sit down why letter doesn't see here's super Max signed it up. Not to case I say downs sure Ronnie. At the first report a lot of other folks jumped on board after he did takeaway Leonard before evens it out with Popovich and the spurs. Has indicated he wants Saudi wants to be traded reportedly to Los Angeles that's his main. Destination. But this is the NBA offseason is great and it would've been great whether or not quite as sad and wanted to stayed. Or leave but this is just like the icing on the cake and what's going to be a fascinating couple months yet a lot of move. And I think is in gonna transpire here for the MBA. You know before we. Completely dived into the lakers having a super team because we've seen some people on attacks line are ready like god area. The lakers very well could win a super team Gina by Saudi very cryptic tweet the other day that said never underestimate. That is all and then a couple days later we get this news from cool why LeBron is probably the favorite team to land with the lakers Paula George said ties the lakers for a year now. That they had the makings of a potential super team. But let's wait till they get it before we declare the NBA this or that are also wait till we see that team on the cork his number the last time they had that team it was Coby. Dwight Howard and nasty Nash and you're gonna win the NBA championship tend to believe we got. Far superior talent with that group and or this group then that that would be Dak group but. I I this is why I like the NBA I understand why people don't but this is a part of it mandate to see off the court drama. And speculation. They thrive in the summertime they really did not playing any games based arrive in the summertime I would almost say more so. Then the first round of the playoffs. And the first two or three months there season M the offseason drives a lot of what field so much interest for this league. This is great I love it I I think most of us love that we just don't want to admit it that's why teams he is the number one website out there. We love the Gaza would love the dirt the NBA gives you play any of it. Coli Leonard being unhappy with the spurs and ultimately coming this conclusion doesn't shock me. What does surprise me is him not giving Popovich just that meeting before making this announcement that chance before leaking the info because probably this is a lot for him. In his career helping develop showed him the championship way with Tim Duncan and him winning a title against LeBron in the heat. I guess I'm just shocked even though they. Of fort leaking this to the Chris Haines the sham issue Ronnie is Jabari young's before doing that you couldn't sit down we'll pop for one hour. And say look I feel this way pop says how he feels all right can't come to a conclusion here where I'm not gonna change how I feel I didn't trust the medical team etc. Daniel leak it. This is a little un spurs like and quite frankly I'm wondering how surprised Gregg Popovich in the spurs' organization are. Having to deal with this whole story line throughout the entire season and now offseason they haven't had a superstar like it is now Manu came in as a sleeper pick and gloomy blows up. Tony Parker comes in gloomy blows up Tim Duncan drafted gloomy blows up. David Robinson in their tenure in this Ryan. They have not had a player like this in this guys breaking the mold of what San Antonio spur basketball has kind of Dan. And I think a lot of was maybe should've seen the writing on the wall when Tony Parker was speaking out when managing nobody was speaking out and Popovich was speaking out. AJ comes ahead now and now you going to an offseason with a lot of intrigue and people wondering what is is gonna mean for the future of the league yeah funny subplot of this too is LaMarcus Aldridge. She feel what's it cuts the in this news today like. He's all alone vitamin an eyelash heard this I've never gonna win championships not quite he's going to be on his own in San Antonio. The other thought I had but this is well I was adamant all season. No matter how San Antonio felt about Cole why in his toughness or his ability to battle through an injury. They handled this terribly. Terribly I you know I don't know if it was just the eagle over the spurs in this kind of sub doesn't happen to us or he would never actually wanna leave San Antonio. Dated a terrible job of managing one of the best players in the NBA whether you book what do you buy into his concerns are not. You can't have a player come out and say my injury was worse and I am I was back quicker I didn't need this much time are words is dealing with the guys on our roster we don't know yet to talk to his camp. There there are a lot of public shots thrown throughout the calendar year which is why I always felt every time a story come up some people laughed at it. Usually when there where there's smoke there's fire was something like this who people are you with the patriots at some point it's gonna come collapsing is there's some beef. Clearly some signs this offseason and then pointed to something serious going on there. That was my and that was my thought process all year and now here re our need to need to give Popovic a chance to win him ovaries says no I'm not here I want gone. Good point that I signed by the way you bring up the pats we keep comparing the two and missiles and says funny how both teams are going through difficulties we keep in the player's happy. This is this is why it's rare to see a franchise. Have such a low long run of success nobody is immune to another gossiping now to remember at the end of the day nine nobody is immune to it. I would counter though the spurs saying he should they have their own shots in the media probably not Tony Parker's comic was idiotic I dot. And many Ginobili was kind of vague and kind of left him out there to dry right you could go about that differently my problem though with cool why. Is cool why clearly felt a certain way about his injury. The spurs doctors told them one thing. He kind of fell I think physically another. Right and I think the mix of his camp you know that what is that his uncle or whoever that is in his camp term he's got voices that he didn't have before. Really shouting to the mountaintop about what he should be and where he should be. And that is new. And to that I would say I don't know how a spurs. Treat that differently now you can go about not releasing things in the media. Bly having to deal with extra more people that are along your superstar. Nothing prepares you for that it didn't help the issue deal was he got low ball twenty million. And now he's willing to forgo always super Max contract just to get the hell away from yet. So I see what you're saying about the Thomas the media but I also would challenge Kauai and see how does any team. A voice. That's tough to combat as is true and most fights and both sides are to blame there's no doubt about it and I are fighting. And now you your fiance gets in your ear about mean in you and our relationship. As co workers ending your set your ways of listening to your fiance. What can I do about that. You know it's tough to fight that battle racked I'm with ya now also assign a logistical as a shock how do we feel about a Laker super team what he nodded. Is this I need it I love LeBron and you guys. Are you rooting for LeBron and he's a Laker days this is tough man this is doubled it today had a close up the show what your thoughts on Kohl eyeliner and it is free agency can always Janet tried 5305 but we got to lose some money man. Going into the weekend we got to spread the lies he's just think sponsors said we will read them on the other side gamble on sports bid for good spring and allow. Again and bring in the guy. I think in the based rail lines sponsored by a certain spraying hours three bringing us holds with NHL Portland and Terry has downloads francs picks. Yeah. Streamline rusty live Fox Network US open Tiger Woods. And it got McIlroy on hand them now now you mountain you dump you had a dollar. Really an NBC Paulina than. Yeah I. Her holy Saunders. Why. Not that again. But I'm liking. But The Who just happens spray on its regular lime brought to you by the last day of school weight. Now I don't have a baby sitter. You don't men don't. Straight line Reggie by soccer bro like soccer players breaks pixel flock to. Now more shots. Trail Brad you by the US open there is something worse than the first two rounds breaks picks and easy man needs food down about it spas Braylon Brad Dubai the porn site X and XX where you get all of your NHL breaking news. That's the only reasonable solution or swagger in Detroit hockey club dog days and destroyed a hockey detonate hand because we know so that it up pop up at five never mind what website where you're an original line of I'm not gonna tweaked his salary is your browsing history again on checking out Detroit hockey broad dots. It's going on here this. More questions and answers straight a lot of rented by Lamar ball why we need to trade for all these guys lakers already got the best player in the NBA just likes breaks the best any camper. Yeah baby but us we got here. We got a key elements of one that one might be too soon I wanna get to that story next week so he was asked about it and I have a guy next week you we haven't done it because I want more information on it's been a while the last three days now. One more before we get to Jason's cradle I'm rented by a jacked up Mike Indians breaks faced a break your bank account he will break you like this. Probe he doesn't that guy he looks like the broke guy. Mike Bibby. She looks like the broad against us embroiled Perot does doesn't it adds a look like Brad there and I we're Miguel in this weekend or a few different. That's year but primarily staying with the in the the two weekend. Spore is now we could do World Cup spicy in a little bits of these days despite some things and now okay you get some money line bets on Iran over the weekend sure is held down but I did find the college World Series adjusting to bad you Gamal and on your team. Wall yes I am I'm actually gonna take them to win there are seven to four odds right now so not to dress but not horrible. Two win the holding there are favored North Carolina Florida. Even though I believe it's them that that is the number audiences haven't enforced iPods and asked so organ state there and then a Maxi and into a par lay play. With Washington and organ state on Saturday. To both win now OK I liked and by early Washington as the worst odds to in the whole thing he's okay. But I neighboring neon newcomer first time there Canas should surprise team beat cal state for a tonight get wrapped right so how many Washington Oregon State in the college World Series Saturday partly play. And then take the beavers to in the whole enchilada. And get their third championship. Diller for the US open. And I'm really like it one guy. And I'm sorry I have to do this in the world Dustin Johnson is leading. He is four under Ian Poulter is to wonder. Slice guard picked Dustin Johnson and enter into jock I have no choice but to just jump on the river real boring train so I know that on Ricky. The yes gimme Rickie Fowler to get his first major championship and have a storm comes back yeah eyes on fourteen right now as these two parties six shots off the lead right now he's got under for the day one under for the day six shots off he's got five more holes drive makes a noise here on the back nine I'm gonna take Rickie Fowler I think he gets his first major I think DJ has a little bit of a down Saturday. And whoever else is up there I think Rick he's gonna make a move I think he's gonna finish at one over at the worse today. And or simply find himself in the position of being two shots back. On Sunday and capture that first major championship I like it let's do it Rickie Fowler man now as my pick let's doll. I'm that it that's what got you wanna do soccer. I know if you guys wanted to bat soccer. Years you guys know I'm up for it you're the World Cup browse woody got the Argentina Iceland tomorrow morning and we take in Argentina I mean c'mon. Would that and I shot ma if it settles. You're gonna tell me that Iceland is really gonna pull this upsets stuff again what's the money line. Let me see me second it was a hot juicy Iceland action. Am as Ronald being used to play for Argentina and he was Brazil and yes that's Brazil South Africa team let's see ice needs. Iceland right now is plus 950. Or. Minus 300. In the draw is plus 400 Vegas is screaming to use this has no chance of inland body cannot imagine the payout on that saying that everybody gets mad and Vegas is a five bucks Argentina a year rich man but Vegas in these situations. Is they're they're looking right at you they are the data they're saying hey. Going to bed. Don't take my car. And you know what you're doing you're being the sixteen year old son goes. Can have our eye on Campbell and years you're attempting yourself to wanna take the car keys knowing. Knowing that they're probably gonna try to ban you from driving for about 34 weeks golfer I don't think you could draw might not be a bad play on the that's not our share in Iceland Iceland winning that money line c'mon a car plus 950. Now plus 400 they'll. I can see I could see a one all draw there they get their one goal lead has played defense pretty big pretty much the analysts say so messy and Renault are gonna have draws in their first match Federer Elaine Jordan one of that now George what do one Pelé would of one Jordan what do scored four goals DM writing would have. Arizona got would you if that out yet and I am pat summit that the Kansas breaks gondolas CEO two in the college World Series. He's taken Oregon State and Washington to end tomorrow double play tomorrow right Huskies but imagine it's back to back its organs saved first in Washington and you have Rickie Fowler in the Richard foul on the US open you know Lanny Colin on the hot giants and Dodgers series this weekend sure is no architect no money a lot of bets now. And who should I bet on the found out I might kitchen for the Dodgers at some of this weekend if you're seeing just lost tomorrow on Gloria just broke his hand it is so he's out for two months. Is regular hybrid Cuba pay Sodini a lot of it to make sense of these race picks. Asked if his tribunal hobby and perhaps you buy beef Taco Bell sounds good at first but I always does that. Winning in the end. And women in order to do is to be candid talk about you can't you always over ordering Taco Bell. Those five dollar boxes zoom man you end up you are like six things you can check out what the thought. The last 20 can I have followers talk is it's sitting gays in the I'd Chiluba. There's Jason DA cannot be messed with beamed to read maybe some of those cinnamon Fries tossed in a degrade had spite they need to sell that spicy sauce they put on their case of the CI SI. This. Our eyes. If you apply well okay. How about this like heaven full circle in a sell those very lines magistrate lab rats you vice breaks daughter who channels are in our in Bethany between bouts of glad to Romania. It's all played. And dead drag Larry. Well done so and the mailman summit on our dark statistics. She's a nice trail I'm Rajiv and Mike Bibby if his tank top don't fits breaks takes you must acquit now I'm not a bro. By the way Cleveland Tyler just weeded out that he's telling beaver nation that it's my fault if they don't win because they just picked a reverse jinx is alive you would think that the reverse jinx a goalie with the capitals not so fast my friend yeah. I know. It I didn't write that hi there you go straight in line every Friday at 230 eyelids close up the week if we have time trying into the story of the girlfriend denied the boyfriends college acceptance we announced please do that yeah we get to that. Just says yeah went to hell go there because of the show next on him. They don't system literally in the region every Friday right here on the fans' eyes ensued coming up top of the hour proper is back today apparently is he'll. Slide. The you're our guy miss and one last month let not this past Manila the minute before I was out says you were out sick and national team and he's like. Sick is sick. And I go he that that SOV misty today and he goes who get sick now. It's sick of this time of the year this time a year not buying it and then he proceeds the next week to misty. Happens man happens in a something nasty going around right now yeah I had it was again five or six day I probably should even have been your last Tuesday or Wednesday I just don't like miss Joe's I just can't doom if I have throat issues or like headache issues right. But if I had a stuffy nose and cough Latimer I can come and do three hours radio yeah get everybody else sick who cares. Rickie Fowler by the way in just birdied I believe fourteen so he is now one over par and five shots off lead. Going into the weekend in my buddies fencer text Meehan told me to tell you that they do sell apparently the case India sauce and bottle formed from Taco Bell lights. So I'll just put that on your radar it exists. I just get to this story shall have a close at the show I need funny yet sad in tariff trying out this concert in Montreal gazette. Not lying they do they do sell the game changer done done it's overdone make case Diaz tonight. And 2013. They acted applied for a full two year scholarship to complete his bachelor's degree at whole burn. Conservatory. Of music in Los Angeles every student at the school. Receives a full scholarship including tuition room and board as well as money for meals and other expenses. Worth roughly 50000 dollars per year is a pretty prestigious thing to get into these all these excited that's right jealous. If accepted he would study under this teacher who is considered when he was and clarinet player who apparently. And this teachers consider one of the best clarinet teachers on the planet. And you're just basically accepted out of too many applicants to choose from you know laughter effective. On clarinet you know. He's really get instrument Barack Obama jerk. So a month later this kid sending emails he's trying to get dreading it and try to get him. So they sent him an email back in it so they congratulations. Your and then welcome body welcome to the program. The only problem is. He never got the email. Jennifer Lee a fellow student at the school that he was that. Previous to this application process was his girlfriend neighbor dating and they were basically living together rapid time he trusted her he let her uses laptops he gave for his passwords. She's sobbing email. That he was accepted into this prestigious program scared that he would move away and perhaps no longer being a relationship with her she deleted the email off. Sent there is a conservatory of music an email saying that he will not be attending pretending to be him saying I am going elsewhere I will not be attending your school. And then she sentiment email pretending to be this famous clarinet teacher under a new address she established for herself saying that he had not been accepted for his. So he doesn't get to go do his dream. Because this woman. Or this young lady he realized by the way months later at long after the relationship could come to an end so the relation and I'm not working out. And she still do god. This one this drives me crazy he took her court. He suitor for 300000. Dollars in general damages including lost reputation plus one loss of educational opportunity and loss of two years of income potential yes he also added 50000 dollars now because that's what he wasn't a tarnish Indiana and they they ruled in his favor the court ruled in his favor as they should that's what a Psycho. As fat why would you think you NL. And then they would never find out about any follow. It. If you would find this out and processed through her brain and came reportedly does seem now pretend to be the teacher and then it's all just gonna go away. You've got to be an utter idiot to think that's how it's going to be a good friend of getting that judgment. That's a Psycho woman and yeah people are texting insight tell run for your life her name is aide Jennifer leaves said. What was her name. You gotta be I hope her name is out there are no guy yelled Jennifer yards that are Jennifer Lee a fellow music student they're at McGill music together apparently it's another university or sometimes the worst thing you ever had happened to you with the next. I don't think I have anything close to this. No all I had I had one that had some soccer is not an ax let me. In I think that it happened and she had stalkers tendency. Yeah I would show up in places and it would be able all we're here what's going on this is a little weird. I had one of those but never a bad ex girlfriend moment like that no I never experienced anything. Even within the same universe is this. That's another level of desperation. And pettiness. And selfishness. Tell you. Big guy he won the -- the settlement down at least is getting some money and this well at 300000 coming from though I know it's going to be probably come out of her checks that history am how long Zach and it take you know much is he ultimately really get enough ways yeah hat tip to Ontario Superior Court Judge David L Corbett her Roland there I'd favor of recognizing that somebody was psychotic well done man well done. US open World Cup cultural series this weekend. Somebody's in all Jennifer's or Psycho. And a listener says my hometown is where the Chicago Bears go to training camp might experts all of the autographs and pictures that I got from all the players love. It's Brian Urlacher. Room. That's a different kind of burned from my girlfriend that you don't want. No birds are good no burns are dead now burns. I was generous today shakes out and should a guy kills Rickie Fowler the wanna watch one ovaries on the fifteenth hole trying to get a little bit closer Dustin Johnson you leader. The odds on favorite coming into the tournament he'll take the lead lightly into the weekend at four under Poulter hang around some other guys under par as. Well that I don't trust those closest to miss sitting at a show less rubbed tires podcast 1080 the fan dot com is where you can find it we'll tweet it out. Factor in spring and that taint in the sand as well we will talk to you Monday at noon have a great weekend happy Father's Day to everyone out there. Number one is next you're listening to 1080 the fan.