Dirt & Sprague Friday January 12th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, January 12th
The guys marvel at the money being paid to Mark Helfrich and Will Muschamp, plus West Point throwing cold water on the Vegas Golden Knights amazing expansion season in the NHL, and then we Sprague the Line on this weekend's NFL Divisional Playoff games.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is a football Friday addition of durden sprayed yeah. Poetry and each season and made us question been striking dirt and. Ray guns would most Friday online at 1080 the fan dot com and the 1980 defense. All I know where. Jim that's the bigger problem dirt demonstrated on 1080 those trim. There is this fun. Our Bertans Craig on a Friday of your Fridays are on loan and severe weather is Joseph pro sports entertaining the fans who does follow on toderat to strangle falling back. A couple of more questions up today. Didn't go ham on first and I sent out many area and it's I had deleted and just NN. Cautioned against Twitter poll that is if he did Friday mentality I LS the first response to get to say my wanna look at not having the falcons and rams playing in this week and I'm fat and may build a Staley simple questions today I didn't bring this up in the last segment and a carrier ring went on JJ Redick podcasts yet they went. On a whole flatter known dinosaurs tang and it's weird he only she thinks this. That there that's flat because he did research on in its ground and stay Graham is how he that's how I came to his tallies in the earth is flat and I believe re sir you can't believe JJ Redick. Affirmed to him the JJ Redick does not believe in dinosaurs correct me if I'm wrong key vote he told that erratic I believe I believe JJ Redick told that to carry the eighties with -- doesn't think dinosaurs existed my dad doesn't mean dinosaurs existed reality I always argued with this about him well liberalism of the bones has made in laboratories. He's not an I it's what he says this is like rock shaped and weird for her boots. We igniting you you sense of our answers I'm trying to think what he said. All we argued about how old earth is okay he thinks it's like. Yeah he's he's going on the short span 3000 years old yet been around for a little bit and I can't require his explanation for why dinosaurs didn't exist in mice and what about the loans he goes. Who's to say those are really bounce. I go but they they piece them together and make animals. And creatures. And he doesn't buy it. Are the big conspiracy largely what I would say is. My dad is a throughout his religious person you find out can I think a lot of that stems from religious belief a press. Clearly had for him not anybody else for him we used to walk with dinosaurs you know. Its existence not quite what the Bible says. We we just the only existed we start any now apples and on now bad things for example in the semi do it here. Yes that happened I didn't see carrier ring that's three does is researches on NC Graham and JJ Redick said he does not believe in dinosaurs eaters of the MBAs got tackled for. They do you guys know how many games South Carolina won last year I ask you right now which on the hot seat what was their record this past season. Bonus. South Carolina game. It was seminary games I don't know this is a phone seven or rates lag. Really in a bowl game they weren't a ball game room and am probably seven and six. They nine and three jokes on you Vietnam have been yes I don't know of the nine wins came in the bit must habitable and Lebanese man wins again they won nine overall. You know at that resulted if you're the head coach the South Carolina Gamecocks. Several results inning as little paid eight. Will Muschamp. Yes Will Muschamp. Today received a six year to 48 point two. Million dollars contract extension to beat Anchorage South Carolina he's fifty and eleven into you it is there. Six year deal man. Am I missing something here now owned I I think you are you know those they did you miss and it will must champs and technologies again and when I guess. You know what else they did. They raise the salaries for almost every assistant they gave a mobile data Google hired you guys it'd pay big steal other coaches. They gave almost every single one of their assistants new deals and raises I want award for that company. That's sounds like a phenomenal place to be employed. Well you're okay your average up now but give give big tab extension and a lot more money on top of what is what's. Good for South Carolina do they think they should be winning national Jimmy Sims or is nine wins like what they expect can you count on nine wins that every year on who will must know no xenon. The number nine is for season now I need you Florida. And that one good year he did. In the near the end that when you have one here with a really good defense. If I say I think 89 wins every scene a year a South Carolina that should be years that should be your target isn't like our recruits in that area Spurrier was a great coaches out but I wanna see like what was the norm for him because the norm for MEI guys are not to accept that right if you're gonna said that standard there's not many coaches ago probably live up to that South Carolina I think he had three or four years straight of ten wins South Carolina he was 86. And 49. He won three straight games of 113 straight years at eleven regenerate years whatever else they just could knocked on the door when an SEC title a couple of the I mean he was mainly like a seven. 89 never tell and they had a stretch in every 11111 elevenths so yeah I think if you're when an eight or nine games every sillier your happy at South Carolina. I just I eat in get it with a big gear may be a major recruiting class or the momentum is clearly buildings with a new young head coach. Nine and four hits his six year extension that's enough to South Carolina I guess I mean good firm. Good for him get it Kia I don't people make money Iraq I don't do read it at all I would love to see like a rented. Message board about South Carolina Will Muschamp like are they like it up today like yes we locked him up guys siren or is okay. Hey guys I hate to report this. They signed Romans ten to six year extensions he's he's back are those six years in life to go that long. Night your buyouts just bigger. Reminded me the orient situation would help rejuvenate just randomly extended him after the national title game I. Well and seaweed as a Mario the first maybe now I can't let that held him an extension outlets decided up and what's even with even with health rich. Even though I didn't think he was a great coach. I have to give the benefit of the doubt here they went to the title game they were at least an open champion even with Mario would. I was extremely confident in them you still had no choice because you sit there go will you went to the national championship game. They're not gonna win the SEC is South Carolina with them now there and they at least not Alabama's side but now that Georgia is looking the way they're looking. Now they lost to Texas a and M. Saint Louis it is today beat by Georgia 24 to ten they got smoked by Clemson. On the end of the season I believe that line as there may be at the beginning of the season 34 to ten was the final back in males a loss to Kentucky this year. And you're right they did. Beat Michigan in the out apple when he six. 290 neighbor five and three in the ACC second place in the SEC says that's saying much because that was ahead of Kentucky Missouri Florida. Vanderbilt Tennessee Tennessee about what was oh and eight in SEC play we know the SEC is why. Crazy irrational fan base is right everybody feels like to us in the West Coast thinks they should be winning national championships. Maybe just listeners right. South Carolina equals Arizona State nine wins would be great. Eight acceptable yeah Annan was younger heavily for their fan base I'm disabled for helium a six year extension don't you wanna see a couple of years of eight or nine wins was deal up so. I don't think so. The ethnic people as a nod six years from 19 win season. As I was busy I will say one man and on South Carolina tonight to a whole segment on the gamecocks I did see this I thought physical. They hired. Marcus Lattimore as an assistant coach. But that was critical number their horrific injury he had he was gonna be is studded the and a site was so much fun to watch there. And they brought him back and he's kind of rejuvenated his life after the injury. Imagine what that's like to go threat at that was cool to bring him back and he's from South Carolina who played their obviously so that was a gorgeous one of those talents that is certain things don't happen you just wonder where you'd be in the NFL right now yeah how they're being one of those 97 on things it's an ISL has called any marginal is reopening the Dallas the opening Beasley like a 97 on as what they call it before that. And I'm never going the year that he was a senior in high school and Robert Woods was there Teddy Bridgewater was there. Are a couple of minorities who loves that civil houses there he was a lot of fun to watch I didn't never saw him come and by the way you watch him in high school did not look like it was gonna translate to NFL quarterback. But they did that easy easily the best player there. Marcus Lattimore yeah he was a phenomenal town some psych you know he gave the NFL tried in the niners take demy that I understood it at a flier on him after the injury but somebody had. In the ring a piece or done something he'd been mentally it just wait on them. Let's talk I cannot semi easy go through it that's that's our. I'll by the way speaking of coaching salaries. This came out today errant Sorensen I believe as the person who first reported at and Wyndham wondering what Mike Riley was gonna make it Oregon State we got our answer today. His his salary this year LSU. 50000 dollars. Jeff 5000450000. Dollars or dollars. It's gonna onset is Nebraska buyout so instead of making a 170 among can make a 165000. Dollars per month. From Nebraska from his I think it was five or six million dollar buyout. So so he's hurt all right he's an agreement money's going to be fine and and somebody I think it might have been Sorenson she did like a big threat on Twitter. She pointed out the average pay for an assistant head coach. It's 48. 40000 dollars. So even with the coordinator money being warrants that now and weighing the top of that scale but think about it if he's an assistant head coach I think this kind of clears up what his role list. He's not coordinating office now he sees AZ now is an ambassador he's innocent guys that are yes. Recruit some locally but I don't think he's gonna be got it's on the road very much. No I think though I think the recruit there the guys that are on the road constantly. Evaluating Dell come to him to help evaluate the talent. Because his five for finding the diamonds in the rough and understanding. I think that's great yeah is better than most in so. These young to go gators the guys who are relatable salute players today in and have the energy to be constantly on the road. They'll work through paid so and so coach told me about this. You know does Mike Nolan does he know the program all of those sorts of things in held just kind of be the elder statesman there in the facility to. Just clean his wisdom on and things to be Mehdi watch out. Or and this is on into their like hey you know and I'm getting a lot of money from Nebraska don't eat up a big chunk yeah I'm surmise and stuff as I don't know airmen and now this is the average. He's as what that job is I don't fifty K man he's going to be a town nightly that's fine I just hope he talks to him. Mark banker Mike Cavanaugh and Brent Brennan. Before we get the final judgment on talent and migration. Unsung heroes of sauce and very unsung hero poker some. Perry now 50000 a year for from micro bodily organ is still waiting on to hunt finish out their staff info at him Phil Hamilton sponsor of the Mario Chris of all is said they need to hit home run hires. Well it hit home runs with their coaching hires Oka and especially the tenth assistant that's his take on what what holes to they have what they have a head coach. They have a defense of coordinator they have an offensive coordinator they have a defense of run game coordinator and assistant coach and salvage an able receiver coach Mike Johnson. He orders still to safety coach and they just tired Dante Williams is outside linebacker coach and now they have felled. The great mustache and Georgia as there are strengthened is unknown running back coach and had a running back coach. We're not sure if they're gonna hire an offensive line coach or not because crystal ball said he still wants to have a hand and that's on maybe just bring some Mahan oversee it but he still coaches at. So we'll see where they go there and they have not use that that tenth assistant yet so still some hires to be made for organs have an update John that. But the Feld saying is officially talked about a few days ago the guy with the great mustache from from Georgia. And conditioning coach sound that we death I would pass that monologue. A couple of nuggets for the the next segment Elena get to a we have a dispute between a professional team and a college team that is going to be intimacy outlays out. A tryout for Monday Night Football so we'll have to watch and see how it goes. And the lakers situation is getting extremely messy all those coming up next also don't forget spray maligned. Bottom of the target your take sponsors and 55305 lose some money together. A court order spraying on 1080 the fan. Israel wants the money we are would do that coming up bottom of the hour for spring in line did you think sponsors its. Speaking rather metal AMP one rinds and density when in walked round a facility. This was ranked among Brad Bryant on said he was neck deep watching film before Christmas already Dell or any data and. In small. Rye bread and what you do around here at Needham Brandon. Isn't as some teasing him as great. Big game in twenty minutes. Our. Guys shoot the breeze is saying. So I I like that Texans get out underwear he's going to be gearing gave Zia from the press box that you try to keep in the press box you don't put him by John Smith on the sideline now on the Yemen a year you can be can be and your eyes you guys seem to be adds that guy. I don't know if you want him running around onto the field for the game you know does that just keep up the box and kind of be in the background the background ranked. A couple of stories on a sneak in here and three of these AM my attention Hamels start with a leveled a dispute over a trademark. In this kind of flew under the radar yesterday. I find stuff like this for the interest think of what it means for the team that involved. So the gold denies it widow of the Vegas golden knights are frank probably don't want the NHL they are the new expansion team and National Hockey League are they still winning games like coming Goodyear leading their yes it isn't there having infant like no this is their app is unbelievable well there's an odd sharks think McCain out today saying I just tracking teams in the NBA NHL and college basketball like the winner sports. If he were just doing a bets on Moneyline it's. They're the team that is one you the most money ahead of the pistons by almost a thousand dollars because they're they were dogs or friend there expansion to know nostrils to win. But there's an issue here and that issue is their team as the Las Vegas golden knights is another team with a nickname the golden knights. Army physical nights right tax so higher than bringing this it's not like to suspend unknown fret not two and a half years they have been threatening to file a trademark claim over the last couple months because Vegas used not only basically the same image of like a night helmet in the same colors attentively when you do golden Knight it's hard to speak differentiate only have lights shining golden knights right so David threatening a threatening a threatening. Just a couple of days ago army filed. A trademark claim against Vegas and it's going they've kind of formal notice India opposition with the US trademark trial and appeal board. And the whole thing you've got re but it takes issue with the logo the coloring scheme to name. And a and the fact that they share the name with the army's parachute. Team soul. Potentially the biggest nights could have to change their aim at the chance to just Vegas nights with that. They went to stay happier adding it would have to change of the coloring scheme and the logo those are two of the biggest disputes that they have accomplished because they're the golden knights they pick the same exact color scheme is army or what it's like black gold silver and grass a little red throne there's little red the only one army doesn't use what if they just drop the golden in the name but keep everything the same so there's Denton nights that I logo is still the same with the same color. It's gonna cut down at ten. And our claim does armies had its trademark they went to this name because of a pair shooter I mean I think great universities should be filing a lawsuit against Damian Miller more than I think army should be up this upset about it. Ask him to drop the golden knights in dispute tonight's keep everything the same. It's very easy to tell the difference as is insisting it's not like it's the exact same logo and a it's close it's not the exact same. Yeah this is by the way that the Dow hockey team responded with a pretty snappy statement. An understatement there is a stupid that said we are not aware of a single complaint from anyone attending our games that they were expecting to see the parachute team a nine professional hockey game. Let's look snappy response they have to respond to believe by February 19. To be official. Authority that we'll see this goes as I've kind of stuff interesting I don't know why. You wouldn't have been more create ever come up with something on your own why would you do this at your Vegas. I get it has got a big deal to three years after the A has announced what it is is their first year and actually client is there for sure being on the eyes the first years selling merchandise for your selling tickets this is their years and expand what an army think it was going to be I don't know and that's a valid point. Now doesn't change the fact that he used the same name the same logo in the same colors owner of the team is a graduate of West Point and he was intending only isn't yet. He literally stole this and now I get an hour. Our side you dissuade my point I'm going army ominous start a Major League Baseball team call the Portland docs green yellow and get Donald Iran around the sideline. What do you think happened here sounds really good but in my opinion this just like that is that is why there was like he's a gradual as point might ladies and there's try to stay honest to a big weekend. It as a trade. Are there you can't do that pay homage went to donate every year to administer it can't do that it's dole this is even act has given Diane and I embassy Vegas hasn't changed her name to be a funny starts there organization they are having a great year it's been the story of hockey. It's a lot of fun if you're just in the kind of underdog roles there they've been fun to watch it at army files a lawsuit against you. You're almost kind of a jerk I feel like initially for fighting against these are going against the US army yeah but. The island what do you say Communist DS and everything with the thank you for your service yet every time hearing if I completely disagree I think they're full of crap. Thank major service every paragraph and request that they filed its say and at the end but. Bigotry service. I'll let you know an innocent and I wanted to bring up a key guy you usually don't wanna wants to probable I don't ever watched the problem don't care working listeners saying they're the black nice not to golden knights army alarming is the black knights element is as the nights apart but they've filed a trademark about the name logo and the color scheme. South I'm all kinds of confused in my what is ominous. I usually don't watch the Pro Bowl because it's insists meaningless entertainment and as a matter at all but here's a reason potentially wanted this year. ESPN is going to audition. Mac hassle back. It's been an embolism and a football and a freeze and launch and now I'm was sprayed on the soccer is bring in and out. I mean that's great format and hopefully it goes through he's had a tough life. You know. Since they're gonna make him the money and I've football. You know color guy I'm gonna watch Monday Night Football. And current so dumped all of that segment I mean it segment that he did this have to three minutes to go on the clock bringing it up we talked a lot about Tony Romo when he was hired everybody that. That was just excited their pants about Tony Romo was different she unseated a long time number one color analyse whether you liked him or not it was yes you have media experience you experience whatsoever as a lot different that's a that's never called a game. You knew Matt Hasselbeck was probably a finals right leg when this first happened that I believe and scrutinized set NASA back would probably a good choice until the master. Springer is a big deal you threw cold water over and are you gonna waste any time watching the Pro Bowl. I'm curious what he sounds like yeah now wait for money and as much a quarter of the game always fraud is when they call one of those games much recorder that game thought it was an I game score again. Readers what it sounds like. Let's oppose one of the only games one and multiple authors and enter the only stand alone so you have to wash there's no other option Sunday sun and financial balls limits aren't as good though only options that you there's no other. There's an affable Tony Romo can sneak into the background on Sundays on CBS multiples minus football you have to watch Matt Hasselbeck every money if you're watching game. Curious what does it sound like. Commentator and his act I I I was I was drown and Al drew last 23 years I was watch that game not really listening and he was. What I know I said this is go around the the MBA rolled today. As this is not a good look from Los Angeles Lakers. A Brian when horse is doing an interview. On national radio show and I had this blondes a ball. And Luke Walton stuff has not gone away because nobody has publicly come out from the lakers organization and supported. Luke Walton and lawns ovals woman became us and I'll play for anybody and this is leading folks around league team believes that. Not did not at Lamar ball called it or that he has the voice but that he has. She he shined a light on an issue inside that organization that they do not trust Luke Walton and there's now anonymous sources out there saying they're wondering at what point do they fire him and make. Says dale their next head coach. Sounds like a really. Well run organization. This is probably what 22. Weeks after Kyle coups and a publicly stated that the support and back Luke Walton. Organizations eating everything it deserves that's that's based have you yet. Have fun you have followed the search is how fun with the backstabbing the league team. Good luck. I'll see how this works out for you you've got some promising young talent. Our segmented Jerry West and truth serum and sit down with him and get his thoughts on what happened after you know what what. I mean think about he was the architect of their dominance. As GM there have been executive or whatever and just to watch what it's turned into now. I thought it would it change to you with magic and pulling no not the same old stuff. Kind of message this sent to a young team to Lamar Balkan pulled the strings behind closed doors you know I'm wondering the leaks coming from. I'm wondering if it's our it. Our old Vegas buddy Jay Mohr. So little fun fact. He dying piece for one Jeanie buss yeah we don't know I didn't brag about that at Vegas and I mean Jeanine good idea I'm. And so I'm just wondering if Jay who likes to have fun and tock. Is sitting down at dinner and LA and saying things to people who try shouldn't be about what their thinking internally. And the cat out of the bag a little bit there is this also be leaking this why would pulling the wanna do this why would magic be dumb enough to do that NASA's Babylon NN NA AA it's been growing too because the lakers have done nothing to come out and support them well they haven't come odd indeed any public regard instead. He's Diller acknowledged nothing's gonna change there was a brief little statement but outside of that. That's all that's happened everybody else's locker Massa Alonso has done is he mentioned coups McCain amounts of or behind the guy's not going anywhere he's our coach we play for him. Nobody else as a Brian when Norris today. He said quote whatever you wanna say about Lavar ball. He is smoked out the fact the lakers do not support Luke Walton that's now crystal clear there are guys out there wondering openly to me executives coaching agents who are the lakers going to hire. As their necks think coach because that has been revealed there here they do not have unconditional support for Luke this is cynicism wish they give Barry Bonds on trees Durham. Chesley would you want trees are the most. I mean really think I need a week and for that that's a tested tough to answer off the cuff. As a lot of and you want to know what it what what went on there is a lot of questions and can go athlete coach. GM. Now that's going on in La La land so looks good for the lakers right now they won't support Luke Walton and against Lamar ball was right after all they don't want him to be their head coach and does about that bad but for the organization hey let's win some money sprayed line is next interface sponsors and 55305. We'll do that next guests this. Reagan and regularly. Right in and Reagan and a straight line rent you my laundry detergent pods of no and we are not meant to be eaten us. No that's a mouse does that either that's a thing now be Hillary laundry detergent ponds kids swipe card aged kids. Yeah let your kids as friends to eat laundry detergent pods eat these tide pods. But they think they're like candies or something thorough and it's like a challenge they guy Eagles laundry. Trail I've antibody undisputed national champion UCF nines don't give up Alabama were carted maybe next year you can even win your division. Spring and vibrancy by mark Alpert and we'll must chance agents are negotiating skills can help cover up some of your terrible Sprague picked financial mistakes. Spray and lion abroad do you buy like. Do with the reads pray it'll time do you buying. The Phoenix sunshine even spray stubble thick skin can't mess up the good times the sunshine. Very alive regiment Cleveland Cavaliers yes Priscilla around just like he pesky Sprague picked. Let's forget your straight line Reggie by holy crap I make more money than my granny does now. So. Or ray lab rats you by air cells macho man mustache wax strong enough to hold a fake smile on your face when you sound like a little girl on the inside and after actually putting money on a Sprague picked. Thus began here straight line sponsored by Samantha technology never looked so sexy I'm liking I like to. Stabilized us about Crawford where else could a guy who can't dress and make poor decisions the other radio but enough about Sprague will miss Alex. We try to get on the showing burned he did GM and ice that is censoring a lab rats he about a sea dogs we need a wholesale change to. Bailout reds about a Las Vegas birdied nine needs nothing says Vegas I boogie nights. Evidence of more let's get into some gambling takes eagle with this week I'll start with the game present Lisa my interest. Despite having the local time Marcus Mario now go to new England and Tennessee and right now it is New England minus thirteen and half. So Vegas thinks they're gonna in my two touchdown. I do to. I never would look like or feel comfortable with this number I don't care I'm come on the play at this getting on my smaller bets. But I am going to I'm Elaine and lay the the New Haven where independently went out thirteen and a half snowing and icing New England wins by at least two touchdowns ago Dirk to touchdown guarantee here rang. This smells and feels like in New England. 38 Tennessee thirteen type game. They slow on down they shut him down. And they make a statement with the ESPN story and they get ready for the other conference championship game I'm a New England minus thirteen and half okay. My next picks Atlanta silly every. Really really wanna do this and take Philadelphia. Due led. I'm not going to I mean and or it and yeah it did three and after bidding what you're looking at. Mom but if you're gonna go for if that's where it is that's what the biggest concerns is right now. Q fours and the interesting number that leaves me a little worried but I think the falcons to cover. I think Philadelphia is actually gonna keep this pretty close love a good ball game. But eventually. Inland as talent is going to win out. I just don't find the complete blowout that other people do in Philadelphia I think it's gonna be a little of the struggle form a defense is going to be flying around. And it's not like Atlanta was perfect against the rams a member. Greatly benefited from two special teams blunders and without those you just kind of wonder where the LA rams are. In that matchup so I would take Atlantic and that number OK I'm in my last because I only have three. I'm actually gonna do it to eighteen tees have been on this for three days now. And right now Jacksonville as he seven point underdog Pittsburgh seven point favorite. And dad New Orleans. Is right now 85 point dog. I'm gonna tease. Pittsburg. And the saints so what he's gonna do. Is it's gonna take the saints. To eleven plus eleven and can take the Steelers down to minus one and a half. Now we need you would tease. You do it tees because you're willing to give up some money. But cheered hoping that it's kind of like an a no brainer so it's Steelers minus one and a half saints plus eleven is ninety's I'll crack. By some points there less the beauty of my bookie now because player Allison known as it was to be plug in them but that website that I use. Let you do it Caesars par lays it Sadr I'm sure five dimes does the same thing but yeah. Give me some freedom a straight line proudly sponsored by Tonya Harding school of professional competition we can handle Brandon. If need be. Just pregnant line. Rajiv by the guy who slapped Harvey Weinstein can I get a picture but Brandon. Concentrates. Now we see that guy I did city and it's that's business as the Europe Isa as I was raised. Aziz Braylon rented by Lexus Sprague is a desperate for winning week he's now relying on artificial intelligence liking trail I'm rusty by blade morals getting more of his takes a brand and Sprague does out straight line right see all right. Straight let Reggie by the Tennessee Titans think you Brandon for reversed teasing us to the Super Bowl you're welcome. Iranian Lyon writes about the probable pointless and disappointing just likes breaks pegs. Which. Probably disappointing straight line rescue dialects that even I have a better winning percentage that Sprague I'm liking. Cracked. Sees realignment Steve they pac twelve fan aren't as any of football is is every bit as good as pigs pigs are a Gator fan my parlay this weekend I'm going to go with the exact opposite of what I did last on all favorites I'm going to do a Ford team parlay with all of the Faber. Is doing a news conference income. And everybody said last week I'm taken New England minus the thirteen and a half to cover the spread and probably 28143117. Summer and that arrangement. And I it's it's hard for me to see Tennessee hang around. I and the second half Atlanta I'm taken now minus the floor in taco we want about in a close game against the rams the rams had Jerry golf and tiger early. Philadelphia's playing with nick falls gimme Atlanta to win and cover the spread and taken Pittsburgh I don't trust like portals further than I can throw me in 87 passing yards against the Buffalo Bills. The Steelers are at home look at the running game going with lady on bell and they will cover that spread. Minuses seven and I love the vikings and in their healthy the only one guy was another injury report this week and I we really help them out a lot. Newer ones on the opposite end they lost one of their best offensive lineman last week. The running game grating giggle against Carolina and they're pretty fortunate to enact game Carolina could not convert the red zone they had to kick four field goals and they miss one. And Carolina dropped a touchdown. Yet it was still only a five point game in the end yeah gimme Minnesota minus the problem taken all the favorites well I think the Minnesota minus five is a pretty good one nominally more than three Betsy or just time is against us like the vikings to win. I do god I think their defense is nasty now car. I like it there you don't solid sprayed line sponsors this week folks solid deadlocked c.'s this week are that this event keep going back to back. Yeah mom pulled for anybody who organized and they. Don't benefit from you losing your money so I'd like to see you when it as a friend and all the favorites with we got to takes it to mess them up after this break. Until there are wrap up the week also the blazers. Back in action tonight there in New Orleans can they get back on the winning SATA thinks next on the fan. Very office governor land of the weekend. Happy Friday everybody Isaak ensued coming up top of the hour. Yes that we brought the last segment this is a saying now and these like challenges get started on social media for kids I don't know where this stuff comes from and why everybody runs with a but the latest social media challenge for youngsters out there is eating laundry detergent. I there's been some dumb ones before there are all pretty dumb. This was like cow tipping in my generation yanks have this in like conduct real knowledge. And I guess account this thing off an 800 pound cow turgeon had a few. There is a doctor that McClellan is saying the membrane around it when it dissolves can 'cause central nervous system depression can 'cause you to get sleepy it can burn your mouth esophagus and list. Yet not a great idea but in this article Umbria and there's an all sorts of teenagers who are like put this stuff on Twitter great for future employers by the way that's got to really found in the job market Sunday. There's one girl who'd waited yellow ever just get the urge to eat it iPod music video of her just straight up but wanted to about the need it. There is another Rosa ever unless you time tide pods of that I'm the only one who will actually do it again a video for eating said tied bod. And then man gentleman who is baking a pizza. Any Bates is pizza. Would iPods on top of it. Are there is able for a nap now here. He said I ripped up plastic you forget pineapple in 2018. We've Clinton tide pods on pizza. I don't know what to do if my kid gets involved in the dumps challenges on the Internet. When even say the only thing that I can think of that was around like swagger mentions cow tipping. I think when I was younger it was like the beginning kind of of the of the jackass kind of stuff and kids would go out and do. In a push yourself and shop think are right you try to do those kind of videos crazies stones and got us of the that was stupid. But eating tied ponds we did the breathing thing. Ours was the bend over three hard for like thirty seconds and and stand up hold your breath pressure hands against your chest and knocked you out. That was the cool thing and we like saint nick I follower yeah. Yeah and then with people would records you had neglected to do easier. It's as an out man you're only out for like three seconds and that was the thing and you wake that Catholic and Helen I'm get this nineteen year old mark. Told CBS news he knew better what did you do anyway. A lot of people gorgeous ass do but I was there how why are you going to do that no one should be putting an inning like that in the rounds you know. East of the he did it on there. Dear lord social media challenges man can take over the world ends my kids are stupid the last one to its hat. There's been a handful of the met there is the cinnamon challenge from an ass cinnamon challenge and it's like died from the cinnamon challenge that it really I thought so I get the guiding some religion died from it because you can't. In jest that makes its elements like close up her throat. Yeah I don't you don't like swallow right and that's of people were trying to do and therefore somebody choked on it. That's the latest one you can go look up pictures online you just search on Twitter there's kids all over the place the grosses one of the sponsors the pizza one because it straight up frozen pizza pan. And it has pods on top of it and then it's the after picture of it cuts. And you could see elected green and white stuff and blue stuff all spread around the top of the pizzas like another topic yeah melted on top of the pizza vessels that are saying that. Ten kids a boarding guy and seriously. And another kid smoked it. Well you duels here is parent and I don't know I mean I think so wired this is up your kids out in terms of age I don't even know what you say how do you deal with this. You wanna say obviously want them believed and a Laviolette speak your mind there don't be an idiot you also don't want to provoke that individual to tell you. Yeah. At its fifth you know they had it's. I don't ever been interested in tasting laundry detergent the only thing the only the only trend that I ever found funny and this was existence. The at my peak drinking age and they came about was icing giver ice people. As the game he's playing college where you would high age old smear you try to smear not vice somebody's belonging wherever it may be in if you played abide by the rules. Whenever you found said smear not Smirnoff ice. You had to take it. Get down on any wherever you were up. And shut the entire thing and so you put it people back tax they'd open it when they get to class and up to Tug in front of the whole class or. Locking her however the case somebody would come home would put one on their bad enough to drink one immediately. That one was always a fun game harmless 'cause it's Aaron now fights as fired anybody. Ending dangers when she gets like oh my god that's the tenth when I found today you guys or injure two ally's cousin just did this he has a roommate he went to college with the Minnesota. And he was on sap chat and he snapped TV you started finding music all my guys get nice to all over the place and he kept participating though he got to do you got to play by the rules add modified NIC that is Mironov tries to get a get down on an Indian targets like holding up a circle with your fingers -- done and I look at the well you're ways. See that somebody some I am 53. When I was a teen are there was to eat a package of pop rocks and yeah Coke ready fast that was kind of a thing for me to you know were different in days of a thing for us and have people used to say try to give them to the birds because they wanna make birds explode. Ex Eagles. Yeah. As a via. Just in south married up that's latest trend from teenage kids committees that is the machines making up social challenges to kill the dubbed. Last inning I heard that a letter and thinning of the hurting the blazers are back in action tonight what we know about the New Orleans pelicans this year NBA expert they are 22 in twenty. They're kind of like the blazers this sounds like Anthony Davis might not play tonight yeah not shocking in the Davis missing games DeMarcus Cousins a real problem form. Rajon Rondo. Is getting dime after dime. But their like the blazes they're not a good matchup for Portland for whatever reason and drastically this is built on big man problems. But they're just kind of one of those teams are thorn in the side and maybe they can get this done New Orleans is in particularly. Hoss style home court advantage form but they're kind of like the Portland trailblazers. Not not good. Not bad enough in their teetering right there in the playoff picture now the only thing game and half above the pelicans on their right there next to each other mustangs doubling to 22 in nineteen New Orleans is twenty and twenties so their their right next to each other New Orleans is the eight seed pro and a couple of spots ahead of and it it shows you how tight that gap that is that we can get funny you know focused on where there around and that five seed. But you realize in the New Orleans beat the ASEAN close it is so they played Orleans tonight the basketball power an excuse me 60% chance they are three point favorite allowances. In this game tonight. It did you know Washington. No I probably lodge I'll probably miss most of the game because I'm leaving for sun river abouts. I'm curious to see out of the woods at timberwolves game is a Saturday or Sunday. Saturday Sunday Sunday I'll watch a dialogue flip to that doubles game and after the playoff games are kind of wrapped up does that. Then playoff games earlier on Sundays and the second one starts at 130 or whatever yeah. Will remember too the last time they played the T wolves they outplayed them and they should've won that game I don't believe they shot very many free throws that was a game that they complained about in Ellis he will shut up a bunch of free throws in Portland shot nine. And they barely beat Portland he won by one's ethnic accident. Whenever I happen to good old cocaine man's. I quite enjoyed that tax. That was. More upset about your kid shot in laundry pods or locked in on like a kid duo line. Laundry pods. Probably laundry pods. Probably. Are definitely. Slot you're eating laundry. You want you know little lie you're eating Thai I now I know I'm not advocating for drug use here I'm just saying you're on a way you're eating tide pods what do you get that at least he gets up and out the other one. He did not out of this one thank you pass out makes tongue burned adds burn your esophagus. Sounds like a nice little Saturday night right there. I've never looked inside my washer watched my clothes got washing gone. Iowa's second try that and I use doesn't buy this rush right now a lot of those pods from my dishwasher never once as I crossed my mind. Many analysts think CI because my dog probably Wednesday but. Senior getting more upset about tide pods I probably we get more upset about that cuts down. There's. It's. Jim Jim PT's is definitely laundry prosecuting uses damned things on the little pockets it's predators gets corporates and god you are right there you go a little Friday show to Vista the other less front tires tied Castaneda the fan. Dot com and and after Sprague an entity the family treated out as well divisional round playoff games can't wait can't swagger the pilots call tomorrow I'll be gone when our team tomorrow busy Sprague and sun river. Monday is a holiday but we will be here we will be you're doing it live shows and you're out driving around to join the day off for your work. Let's not give breakdown all the exciting action. From the weekend thanks to be a part of our Friday we'll talk to you Monday at noon number one is next in listening to 1080 the fan.