Dirt & Sprague Friday January 12th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, January 12th
The guys wonder who the next Arizona Wildcats head football coach will be and how much say the players will have in the selection, plus why is the entire NBA world freaking out over a couple of Cavs midseason losses.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Dirt and spray. Ray gun went home Friday on 1080 knows and that we autumn wind is a pirates. Blustering in from season. Little rollicking song. Swaggering boy. Football Friday additional burdens parade online at continue to defend dot com and the new to. Durbin sprayed on 1080 no sale I'm. And our 2101. Here on the fan. As spring blinded everybody. Alice Brian hot streak I'm not I'm not leaving the table are you doing a par laying. I do and I'm yet you Baier asked man if you win money do another one. I'm doing another do another four team parlay on the need divisional round games this weekend okay we'll see if I can keep going all right I'll probably get a lose three of the four but what they now. That's would gambling is about Harry down he's got to look as Kevin's always told us. You just gotta win 51% of the time today only in the big woods underwent a a lot to get you and I wanna start with this on a college football OK we'll get back the NFL yeah. Didn't Myanmar to low blow. Is a name that was brought up for Arizona's head coaching vacancy still haven't made an announcement by the way on who they want higher. Some good about the that was someone's job and now to warrant is sure the players are pushing for their DC I think his name's Kevin Yates. To get to head coaching gig in some believe he's kind of a hard sell mark Lilly it's Marcel Yates yeah some believe he's kind of the favorite right now. So we don't know where they're gonna go but when king EMI to low lows name came up the navy coach. The starting quarterback for Arizona. Turns out not a fan he treated you since deleted key tweeted. I come here to run no triple option. So I don't know if if Myanmar to those gonna run that offense his whole life if he goes somewhere other than navy. But when you starting quarterback is publicly giving you displeasure. You're not off to a good start in coaching rumors now expects a house majority misspelled triple and his yeah he's a triple with two piece itself. That airs on education really kick NN Africa will take I in this depends on how much you want him. If if this is the long term answer you feel like he can be your head coach for ten or fifteen years. I don't think you panic about luckily he'll take tweets and others Chansi comes in if you get tired gets a dollar. Medically ill take changes its mind may be eight you know he's willing to change is offense around Tait not having just beat. A triple option but if you feel firmly he's your guy you you don't stay beholden to a college where this is it the NFL we'll take can be gone in two or three years that said your programs are going to be there. Is don't need to be winning games and he's gonna be gone to the next level. So you eat you don't wanna overreacted just simply want player that being said. They Kevin someone's stuff is pretty surprising to me you know the reports I was reading and he does he wants too much money for is assisting coaches. And that's what's holding up the deal at this point. It feels like it's just too good a fit I don't know why you wouldn't be able to budge with a couple 100000 dollars is not like he's Baskin. For an astronomical amount of money when that report actually my it's been a little to Fong try saying that it's not about assistant money they just might not be able to get it and an if that's the case I don't get it. That that's the perfect fit Marcel Yates the player is one of you always give players fighting for for the in house guy he cited orient. Sudden organ state at any time this happens and a coach gets fired away demo Rich Rod that's the answer the players have so not saying he can't be the solution but. I just tend to be a fan offensive minded coach and Kevin someone running an offense for Khalil tea quarterback. Terrifies me as a pac twelve fan you have to think about your long term situation. Obviously when your pick and head coach. How much does it factory in when a young quarterback that you might have for a couple of years doesn't like it. You don't overreact you dull. So if if there's thinking we want Myanmar to well that's our guy you interview and you don't even care what Cleo Tate said I'm in a transfer if you bring him in now. The bottom the I think you got to say but I know always has found a tiring yeah and myself crazy disarmed but you think your program is bigger than Cleo to eighty any seven game stretch where he was dynamic at the end of the season. And ease ease our you know he's got a special year coming up in my mind if she sticks around but it. If you interview monastic guy you want you can't be fearful of stuff like that and in the other thing too is when you go coach that way. If he is not if he's not willing to change the system. You have to expect drastic drop off like you're gonna have a lot of play a wide receivers that are there. You know if you have three and four star kids you have to expecting you can't be shocked if they decide to go piano wannabe air. The triple options horrible for wide receivers right you just have to be guided says and a team player. Not to chance the NFL. I Calvin Johnson wasn't running when he was at George attacks he was gone his or run and it. So Arizona you know that's the way they wanna go there while ago. Out of the box thinking then great go with that you just got to be prepared to lose players likely you'll tape because quite frankly not a lot of people wanna run that system. I think there are people you just got the legal fund that's the toughest part like there is already a do vocal. Thanks for coaches when they get hired may come in and they don't have players that fit their scheme we've seen that how many times or Rich Rod in Michigan is almost a prime example of it. Of the Lloyd Carr era where it was traditional. Fullbacks tight ends understand our notion you know it's as he is traditional offense is you can get. They went with Rich Rod and it took him a couple years because he had to completely revamp the entire roster yet to go Robert crew completely new players. As you got guys playing out of position got guys do a sudden they're uncomfortable with so you have to be willing to take that short term hit if you hire a coach like that. Because there would be at that talent doesn't exist on Arizona's roster may be some players can translate but not album will be able to and I've always said this about the triple option. It's fictional look at Georgia Tech it can work at another power high school. Putted Paul Johnson is a prime example that I don't know how much she won his first two years after the look that up you get out you go look at Georgia Tech year after year after year. They've constantly been in the mix for ACC championships they've appeared in ACC championships they played. And a New Year's six bowl game there are relevant program they're not a pushover and it's really hard to game plan for when it's the only time you face at all season. You see this with teams like navy that you begin Notre Dame trouble because Notre Dame doesn't prepare for. Maybe put a little package and in the summer but did you wait and then all of a sudden you got five days to get ready to prepare. For the triple option it's not the days of old gray everybody ran at cell. I think if you bring at a coach and he can recruit players to that system as we see what Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech there's no reason it could work in the pac twelve. His first year taking over after I Chan Gailey was a way. Nine and 411 and 36 and 78 and 57711. They had a three in nine years yeah team but they probably lost all of their talent as they won the orange won fourteen right. And then two years ago nine and four. This year they did finish five and said yes they've had two or three losing seasons and for the most part pretty stable program that you have a level in season seven win season eight when seasons that's much more stable than Arizona Meehan and that's organ state I'm saying give me that please and that was the reason why isn't it was floated an organ statement on higher with or without opening game. Is that what they'll run the triple option what you got to lose it it's unique in its tough for teams to game plan against it and has he shown at Georgia Tech when you get that right group of players to comment and run it efficiently you played in Orange Bowl and you complain in Orange apple yeah because I and so tough to stop highest ranking they got the AP was eight yeah season and fourteen. I don't know man it doesn't feel like it's enemy it be me in my to low low but. You know Bruce Feldman is reporting that it is Marcel Yates the DC is the leading candidate and he expects their announcement to be in 48 hours and it's game changer. You know might Marcel Yates is a guy. I'm nine and try to pretend menuing up Marcel Yates maybe he is a good coach I vitality of the Gideon opinion on him rice and coordinator verses if it is Myanmar to low or someone I'm gonna kind of be convinced in my in my head that they're going to be have a formidable opponent in the pac twelve. And I'm a little worried about him maybe Marcel you eight get some there but. Right now I don't know enough about and how that opinion it's more of an unknown as if they hire Kevin someone to me they're the favorite impacts of south next year. They are I had I don't know holly haven't you USC is too many questions what guys are replacing going in the NFL draft chip Kelly's company UCLA. As scary long term but we don't know what is quarterback situations like he's replacing guys is law and other young on defense. Utah might be a good team but I would take a little Tate run and Kevin some offense over anybody in the pac twelve south on paper is someone doesn't get this job and they go with somebody else. I'm kind of convinced he is waiting for much bigger jobs can be you know like I did enough for Dane down and I don't know you fill in the blank of somebody in ninety and hot seated at the pro clay Helton. I'm going for US teacher may be clay on the as a terrible year this year that job comes open and they wanna go get him he could NSA we've seen coaches do this I think it's a Smart route to go. Jim Kelly's latest example of it where I'm sure he had offers last year if you get fired from the niners are teams sniffed around and he said now work for ESPN for a year you make a decent chunk of change talking football Richard good out. And and then you can white you had your pick of the litter so maybe Iraq maybe Arizona just isn't the job he wanted. Arizona State felt like a good fit in every laughter and they just won and Herm Edwards from whatever ideal that was a back door deal was strange the whole time. But I yeah you do question it is if you're Arizona and you're not aggressively going after him and the reports are untrue and it's not just simply about assistant salary because that was. It felt like it was a match made it habit of him in Arizona recruiting the southeast recruiting California recruiting taxes. Running an offense like that in the off seniority of the players built innocent disable offences Rich Rodriguez there's no overalls just in new coach continent into a new guy called plays. There's no transition there and in it felt like it was too good to be true I would question Arizona if they're not aggressively going after him if you predicted who they pick who do you think they're gonna go with at this point I'd probably say Marcel Yates. I would. Don't think it's the best of the bunch but I don't homicide fires of wildcats and maybe it does and is on owning about. Their defense was. Okay. After eight the bank and the last time I've ever watched him play it was in the bendable game and got shredded by Purdue or can roast a organ you're on fifty Tom. It was bad that was rivers for Christmas Day back and won by like 2421. Or something. Now we'll say 48 hours what Bruce Feldman is saying so we can going to weaken and find out on Saturday. Or Sunday people used to downplay NFL taint NFL teams doing this. But it is quickly been the difference between winning and losing. And we'll tell you what it is next on ten AB the fan. You know there is. You can take this even a year 23 years ago. You lawyer Sports Radio hosts and all the different markets this one. Big cities NFL cities. And something you'll talk about in the offseason hey this team's sign this player hey this team's got this player and that player. And usually they consensus reaction and opinion you would get. It would be well congratulations you won the officers at the offseason winner means nothing does that mean anything. Kevin Clark of the ringer who covers the NFL. Rotor really in depth piece about this. This opinion pass to change and if it doesn't I'll tell you right now if you hear this opinion this summer. You are easier you're listening to people that are not reading up and following this this trend is changed the last 23 years are admittedly put myself in this category. I brought the Philadelphia Eagles ice and I liked the Eagles to potentially win their division. I do not think they would have this kind of season and with cars humans probably be a Super Bowl favorite at thirteen and three but there additions they signed have helped them tremendously. So no longer does the opinion well they only when the off season that doesn't mean anything. That doesn't hold water anymore this is a trend that has now been Bok because of the way the salary cap has been set up in the NFL. And you look and a handful of teams. In this league. And it's been the difference the titans patriots rams vikings. Panthers in jacks and all spent money. Six of the top 102017. Spenders in free agency. All made depose see all of on the play this is now turn into a somewhat. Diluted. Obviously more downtrodden version of what NBA free agencies about me MBA your free agency you win it. A lot of times you can actually have a chance to win it negative could swing things immediately for you the NFL this never used to be. A big deal at all people would laugh at the offseason winners now you look at the playoff teams you look at the way this out recap to set up. We're not laughing anymore when you win the set when you're in an offseason it tends to ball very well this has been starting last two years away it's interesting because he aegis you go or the evidence points you in M prior to do is run we've been on the evidence pointed to had not translate I think the prime example that for everybody is the dream team Eagles from that offseason they have and they went unsigned. Nnamdi Asomugha all bunch other guys and it was. An active member who used the phrase there is a new readers somebody else in this a dream team for the most talent is one of the NFL is an instance young. Or was it Mike Vick it. Is one of those one of the players on the team and they said again this this is a dream team and they fell flat on their face they spent all that money didn't work out in a firing in theory that's what Jim Kelly go there. And and you I think the other example that allows him fully years. One of the bigger spenders in free agency has been Miami Dolphins has been a ton of mine that Ndamukong Suh contract they gave them. And hasn't translated in a playoff to bill appearance yet I did. Went all the data last year they lost to Pittsburgh glass accord Iraq that's right he got hurt this year but that was the other one that he will point to insanely didn't it didn't meaty a deep wrong but now it is is starting to change in in fillies I think a good example of they mail those moves in the offseason and I kind of chuckled atom they either build or something but that the hype train moves so fast sleep for Philadelphia. Bet you'll mills spew your are you got to be aware of it it's you know the the masses are grass is sometimes and everybody Fella there are jump financially because they were spending in free agency. And I had this mindset of not that doesn't mean it I just as you wanna offseason doesn't hear what a bunch of games. And I think their one of the favorites to win the super wal. Carson once dozing at her yeah. The Cleveland Browns president Joe Banner said quote it's the biggest untold story in football with the excessive amount of some available cap space close to a billion dollars. Some teams can't mentally keep up with it. Like there's so much money for the league. That these teams. And a flailing out free agency because they don't know how to handle their salary and that is Bennett is like going crap now I spend my money but where do you disperse your minority though it did in the one team I'll keep an eye on that especially this off season. Is San Francisco out severed Cisco has I don't know if that's number one but they have one of them the highest amount of it is number one at the most salary cap space in the league they're gonna resign Jimmy Rob Lowe. And Genesis about replacing other polls that they have on the roster but if you had a quarterback situation solved. You feel good about your head coach especially the way he ended the year you feel good about the staff in place in John Lynch's ability. To find talent draft if you're able to go signed two or three swing players in free agency. You won your last fight that immediately changes the outlook for the niners next here yet this is from Clark's fees the ringer Docomo to weed this out to show page at certain Sprague before the cap rose the book on NFL free agency was that it was usually a bad idea. SI wrote just three years ago that some big spending teams had learned that shelling out tasked the players. Where nearing their thirties can end up backfiring spectacular fashion. That is changed and quickly all the room to spend this change the way teams think about money multiple league sex coaches and experts told me. It is changing the way teams are built at an unprecedented. Pace and turned free agency from last resort into legitimate team. Building strategy. Get this we all million big quarterbacks and you brought Jimmy GQ. This is Carmen policy he's the former CEO of the 49ers in their heyday like when they were really winning yeah he was on 957 to gain in San Francisco and here's what he said on their show. If I were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room. And I would bring a large. Jar of Daschle I would say. To the agent on the other side I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right thing please be gentle. That was his that was what he would say if he was negotiating with Jimmy to rappel as agent for new battle. Because you know how valuable. These quarterbacks are and you mentioned the salary cap dirt they can give him a big contract and still does spend a pretty decent chunk a change. And tried around this team out because they have some pieces in different spots and from the job is seeming more town if you wanna be legit contender. But because of how valuable the quarterback position is a guy like current policy who go multiple Super Bowl winners. Says there's no other option you have no choice she discount I gotta take what the agent says and okay. He kill -- just produce but for being gentle as what he said that there's two other and there's two options and Yemen at quarterback situation like that and I did say go the Redskins route or your franchise sagging year after year and you don't wanna commit long term. Or you can build around us you know we've seen Oakland do that we saw Miami do it. They saw San Francisco to do with cabinet resale what you produce we feel like you're the guy for the future Morgan even that long term contract extension. I would be shocked if the 49ers and a franchise tagging Jimmy Rob Lowe. You don't wanna build any animosity for the next couple years. And when you have bad. When you have a question answered I think it makes you it makes it so much easier to go out and insolvent you're your other issues because you don't have to worry about that year after year. That's of the Washington has dealt with long term contractor tag okay when he tagged. There's one chunk of your salary cap you know what that's gonna look like next year. The year after that in year four of that possible deal. If you aka Jimmy grapple for six years you know what I kept it's going to be every single year and it just makes it that much easier for you lot make other boots yeah one GM wanted to stay anonymous former GM said dad he took over a team and he wanted to build up cap space. The problem the idea was that unlike in previous errors eventually everyone had tapped space. So we we have long been Sany here on Sports Radio you read about it over the past couple years. It's no longer the case man when your team's spends money allotted time and this is a great example for this season. You spend money. And you can fix your team real quick you no longer have to just be beholden to the draft and she contract's. Cap space flexibility. Is a lot easier now that the the cap has gone out. One I'm glad one of the sand takes an enemy of the team because it brought it up. That the Green Bay situation they they fired Ted Thompson it was a general manager for quite some time. And I think one of the knocks on him was always it'd go on spend a ton of money in free agency they weren't gonna go out and Andhra they they were a draft and develop team. That's the way they went about things and that was their model and they never went away from it and now that you see is blue print from other organizations. They have to re sign Aaron Rodgers at some point you got to the rookies are gonna have to resign but. You've seen the blueprint other teams have put forth that yet eagle make one sign that can change everything in Green Bay. As a team has been close they've knocked on the door they have the best quarterback in the National Football League but they haven't toppled down. I think the new general managers gonna come in with a fresh mind sets. Free agency and you kind of wonder too for teams that didn't make it might be close yeah packer fans are taxiing in right now maybe is the Packers may be. I forget the name of the guy they just hired for GM but may be this offseason. They're right you already have your quarterback does he wanna new deal more money yeah I think either up this year it's gonna be next year they're gonna have to given that fact contract. But you're gonna give it too long and then you still look at other pieces around and you say all right here we don't now let's spend a little bit Motley it's been a little bit of money. And your right back in the conversation it's. It's funny reg reading this piece asserted the innately and that. It's turning into the NBA we're spending money doesn't punish teams united translates to more win the ashes of the blazers. To me says this newest only signing free agents from other teams over thirty. That might be the case the Steelers but the Steelers and patriots. And even the pages they spent money on Stephon Gilmore this offseason gave an epic contract. You take some of those teams. The Steelers. I won't name the Packers would have been in the post season with. A somewhat crappy roster be primary Roger on May enable those teams builder Cora through the draft and in Pittsburgh landed lady on dole. Antonio Brown that Roethlisberger in the draft none of those guys were super high draft picks and that's. That's the quarry their football team and draft like that that really matter what you do in free agency you're gonna be good either way. Now so it's a good piece Eileen argument yet if you get a chance go check it out ringer Docomo weeded out again with the show page actor and Sprague. I saw that a couple days ago and I was like man. Six of the top ten spenders and seventeen ended up making the postseason what a difference is. In the NFL. We were supposed to talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers. You wanna talk about them Marty wanted to leave him bell is living on bell here it's your turn it's an interesting Bolivia does have this weird for me in Pittsburgh and I don't know if people are buying what he's silent right now. Not also the time to me Google's comments on. Afghan text palladium bell is you retire early and assign a long term what's better for Pittsburgh I'm about that neck or. And I get 130. At some what I do on a rant about the cavaliers. Ever Dylan and again the media and now this is the second time this season we've done it and the media gets really bored I think you can tell that. I know 82 games a long season ended you wanna react to stuff but the love of god just stop people. Stop that so we'll talk about them at some point I guess as some other coaching notes coming up also in the final hours somebody got an extension in the SEC today at. We know how much money Mike Riley is making now. Interesting number not a number I thought about now either end out organs still lunch and a father rest their stance and again some of those great line coming up. At 230 but. It you get this you get to the point and the aussies in the NFL where is the question becomes who's gonna hold out who wants new deal who's not gonna play next year we go to that every single summer Aaron Donald camp chancellor. It's it is a new polar air you know even late Nobel himself and we've seen this time and time again in the offseason. You don't often see it come up for a divisional round playoff game but that was the case this week in Pittsburgh Lamy on bell. Who still does not that long term contract extension he was franchise tag. This past season and he's playing on a twelve point one million dollar franchise tag. If they attack him again next to that number will jump north of fourteen million dollar about fourteen and a half million. But on the divisional round week as they're getting ready for practice he was talking to reporters about his contract situation. And he said quote I hope it doesn't come to that but he doesn't get an extension but I definitely would consider it saying he would consider not playing we're sitting out and retiring. If the Pittsburgh Steelers don't come to an extension agreement. And they attempt to franchise tag him for they can second consecutive year and he was asked what he wants the Steelers to do. He said value me get the numbers straight exactly where we want them. I'm not going to settle for any thing I know an ideal I know what I bring to the table I'm not going after getting the ball 400 times if I am not getting what I feel valued at. This is the off season I'm no problem lay beyond all saying it this is that to lie in somebody's interviewing him on a radio show what he's saying this stuff. Amen to your value you've killed it in your tenure in the NFL and you're worth every penny. And you know hopefully stay healthy long term and I understand is his stance. Why you say in this stuff a couple of days for a divisional round playoff game yeah and you know a lot of you'll. Point that out like there's a time and place even if you're asked the question I think you say yeah we'll talk about that kind of stuff has got contracts that vastly about the jags who got the jags this weekend but it also kind of strikes me is a guy that doesn't care at all. About the team aspect in that regard like I'm not saying he's not a good teammate to other people. But he's pretty self aware and obviously thinking about this to the point where he doesn't care about the hole getting ready for game and whether that's a good timer bad time he comes off to music got its fed up with it. Ex fed up with not getting what he feels is his and I think the player that really take put him over the edge on this. Was Dovonte Freeman because Dovonte Freeman got paid in Atlanta I am not that Atlantic contract and people look around lingo. Was lady I'm now gonna get that contract allies he not get the extension he didn't he got franchise tag no troubling still nice to change. And they did ammunition David salmon they offered him a long term contract extension it was worth up to reportedly thirty million dollars in the first two year. But it felt her because he didn't feel like inside his home is full skill set and that's the hang up in this. Is that he wants to what he wants it to take into account is is receiving abilities that he wants that to be tied into the deal that he's not just being paid. As the premier running back in the NFL but you also have to consider his minus it's of value meet value waiting to as a receiver and get this this number blew me away and it makes sense when you read it. A but it really stands out so he has played 62 career games than that he has met amassed a 7996. Hole yards in 62 career games up. That is the most over that number of game span in the history and National Football League since the 1970. Merger. Outpacing Eric Dickerson who held the previous record of 7842. Yards. This year he carry the ball 321 times for almost thirteen hundred yards. He cut 85 passes for 655. Yards. 9/11 total touchdowns and got through this is a unique contract situation is because if he's just simply rushing the ball for thirteen hundred yards every year. You say shut up we gave you the money of a top running back you take it. But when he's putting up receiving yards and 7060800. Yards every single year he's an integral part of the passing game. I I understand where he's coming from a wanting it to be valued more. Well yeah hopefully you wonder if he's gonna hold strong to his word like if he's a got a guy in and you have financially he's OK name is Jimmie Earl K he doesn't. Need to play football for money he plays it because he loves it. All right be prepared to live up to your word then is it about money or is it about principle here now obviously it's about money because once that deal but. This is almost like oh look what I've been doing for you and this is what you think of me. The franchise tag is one thing it's another to get that contract acting just making guys day and make you feel so much better about where he said with a franchise. You take out 2015 because you only played six games yeah. He's been a top 34 rusher every year in the NFL he's only 25 to some as young talk about a Mikey thirty only 25 you could give this cap a four year deal a three year deal and pay him pretty lucrative get out of love you wanna Jim Freeman money maybe you do. A man what he's what he does for your franchise in big Ben's up and downs and he's out the last couple of years early in the season. Outrageous is up at fantasy football guy. He CE probably single handedly won my fantasy title for me this year and are dirt Sprague think I want our league. And it was probably because of Lee beyond value games are you getting 3540. I just icy production from a guy like and I get the running back in your nerve is in far off a cliff and people mention a drug test dean in the suspension. What he means to that team though it's it's dean changing. It really is on also I mean it's taken a consideration where you go the next simply years what Ben Roethlisberger. But right is up their age he considered retirement this past offseason he decided to give it another go here they are. On the got a chance potentially win another Super Bowl together but I'd rather -- like he's got five more years left he is his clock is ticking and I expected to come to an end. Sooner than leaders of your brain and a new quarterback in and he wanted to try and keep this thing going with the Antonio Brown. On and Annie Le beyond bell now offenses the key figure that you can have a quarterback come then and have success right away because he can throw the ball to Antonio Brown. Because again handed out lady on bell. I don't like the timing of this and all I never like to question teammates in what their what their interest is because it we're not in that locker room and it's hard did. Hard to determine where his heart is that where his mind is that so I and I look I will send not a huge fan of the timing. But. He's one of those guys that I do kind of buying into. Negative and saying if you don't Sammy too long term contract extension on knock him play next season there's a lot of guys he just kind of chuckle and say coming. At some point you're gonna come back I did that kind of came chancellor when he held out one at a new dealing missed the first two games felt like it was just a matter of time. I don't I don't get that sensibly be on bell he strikes me as a kind of guided you dole. Find the amount of money that he wants and your return down at any large contract extension offer. He clearly wants more than that he backed it up he went out the doubled on a cell phone won your franchise tag turn down the deal had another phenomenal season. I he he's strikes me is a guy that's gonna put his labors mouth as it has not. Now we're from having tall and half million dollars next young gun on the. Sit out the season yet he won deals is about the Steelers I would wait till Big Ben makes his own this. The problem is you're not gonna get that freedom. Because then ran it lately even have been rough is very retires this year then EE Kim is saying he's not a sign of franchise tags at US allies worry he's not play next year for dissent you won't find out what he has on his well the prop the the other thing too is he would be losing a year. Of his career it would be Wendy playing so there'd be no damage drag bodies of maybe that many people view that as a positive and long term yeah. But lady on bell is one of those you can't argue the numbers and impact he has a new team. You know I'm not saying without him they have no chance of contending I'd never that far. But he is one of them more special players in this league for what he can do both. In the back feeling coming out of the backfield as a receiver. It just feels like that's a team that probably should just say you know what you're right what you meant to us years three years. Now to go for medio beads you figure out a way to load that contract out to what he likes. And to where the numbers not ultimately gonna live up to what it says. You know you see this with with contracts all the time where. 75 million low and enjoy yeah its front loaded with signing bonus and first two years and right arrest is just. You have to hit this this that he can be released and some guys that's in that ends up happening to him but. I don't manna from the Steelers. And Alec what they've done the last couple of years haven't won a Super Bowl but you go to doing without Aveion bell. That's kind of a terrifying experience who is always a back of the secular congress data from my pits bridging it I had lymphoma in his season did initially go how he wanted to do so. If you can't just assume everybody's gonna be the next Lee the armed Al his skill set is very rare. And he's just a guy that I think personally good for him for standing up for interesting timing with its don't like that it. Good from for standing up for what he believes he should be one higher paid players at his position as. I made a lot of money am happy or IMAP got a good Sam Leno really need to play football right now I'm displaying 'cause I love it now I've done everything but on a Super Bowl I don't care about the money aspect of it I just want to be valued around if I'm playing. This game I wanna set standards for all the other running backs behind me tiger early Ezekiel Elliott Melvin Gordon guys like that. I'm a guy they can kind of look at I feel I can do it a minute position. Where I can do that and I'm going to do it now he be heard the same criticism that were bringing about why would you say hey it is during a divisional round weakened. Not wait potentially for the off season or when you're eliminated or when it's all over. To have this you dress and on Twitter eats weeded witnesses yesterday I'm trying to when he Super Bowl I could care less about what happens after this season my biggest thing I'm focused on. Is this team I'm on right now playing for them with my Brothers and bringing back he's seven answering what happens next here. Is he relevant. To Michael's we dress and near the criticism and down he said that's always focus on was the only places they got they like even that that game against Jacksonville's defense. I mean we solid Ben Roethlisberger did the first time you played Jacksonville's defense not having lay beyond bell this week if he was banged up again in the playoffs when he gets that defense. And I'm around more with the he's sniffing around a potential upset covering the spread know that he changes. Everything can control the game. Draw a line of scrimmage and cold weather as defensive coordinators what it's like to prepare for lazy on bell and then not get ready for lithium he's dynamic and you saying he's got a hold out we'll see if he stays true to it and we'll see if it distracts Pittsburgh all sorts of distractions around the Steelers have feels like every year in the playoffs some seed this year. They can rise above its forays suitable pace of coaching notes in the college football world coming up. At the top of the hour how much money as my brownie got to make this year and somebody got an extension today. I'm wondering if anybody can tell me what his record was this past season well played a fine game also. The cavaliers are fine stop it next on the San. Pressures on the Astros difference in the past messages execute in crunch time it was preliminary heat when. This greatest criminal element of news that's the most awarded its current stunner a look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch. Who is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Snake drenched I'm rented by crunch fitness always 995 months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership you can find out more about restrain an accountant. And Chris icons. And loans added that. Right no days off can all go to senator on the weekend some of those grind. We're doing it against Greg. It's time sent Tammy air what time is it it is time a year of hardball time surprisingly this is the second time it's happened this year cash. Rarely question the Cleveland Cavaliers. Can name when. In the NBA now idea that just risen context in this if I say that he Internap following the NBA might think well after I but the cats really sucked to have this conversation right. The 26 and fifteen. And or two and a half games out of 2 seed in the Eastern Conference dramas find while on display and they did they are three and seven in their last ten holes for the last ten or not ready so below one that's ringing the alarm the Cleveland Cavaliers are done stick a fork in on it's that time a year and this is now. I say the eighth consecutive year we've done this the with a LeBron James team at some point during the regular season saying they're done. They don't have a chance why we do this I don't know I've been asking this question for the years now my only answer to that. Question is Fordham. It's just shut your nose or talk about what here's my problem there's a lot to talk about if you said right now brain and sprayed you lost to radio show. But we've got you a jog your covering the National Basketball Association. And I'm freedom report in diameter line in the NBA there's a ton of things to talk about now I know listeners right now they just love football honored to be his basketball fan you probably laughing to car what they claim a dead. That's fine. For the ones out there that follow it. There is a lot more to talk about in the National Basketball Association. Then LeBron James and account struggling. In games. In the regular season their meaningless and generally very meaningless meeting that January game when you hear LeBron talked about it. He he openly admits. I mean where I think yesterday he said doctor jackal mr. Hyde. Great what is to get to the finals I think you're you're still getting. To the doorstep of owning another trophy now you're not gonna get through the door because the Golden State Warriors are the best team. May be a league is ever seen be assembled. But. This whole notion that we have to. Use. Three hours of programming in and Riley's pieces about LeBron in what's wrong in Kevin even. Just shy guy. Shot. Off. Have we every. Finds less than a month away Ryder rat the we're sitting here talking about agenda was what's wrong abroad it's what's going out. What's the real story 871 of the best years of his career which is crazy. And his occasional mileage and have we ever done this with a team. New England gets this from time to time but they don't get it every year they got hurt a couple of years ago and there's a chilling examples they got it a couple years back erected double anomaly and Ethel Polley also Brady village actor Don and then even this year I went I went down that road guilty of that but knowing the but the way their plan defensively at the start of the year. How to turn this around there's no way the defense is terrible who went down that same rabbit hole. Capital unseeded is C playoffs outside of that. There's not many teams that I can think DeVon history and I know spent two and now the Broncos we did it with them in Miami Amer doing it with them. The same situation in Cleveland maybe it's just a LeBron James staying and we feel like he can't keep this up year in year out. But every single year you can go back in just look at the archives of NBA stories of them going through a rod. LeBron James doing something weird on instead grammar Twitter. That having an all team meeting or he yells at the guys on the bench like he did last night it is CO last night to play into Ronnie had smoked. He took over huddle or lose yell on it guys ticked off about the way they're applying and every single year when that happens we rush to this now they're down they're not gonna get. Even I Larry goal at this morning on bulletin lingo. Says not only is this the year it does it happen and they're not good defensively they can't do. We've does this for seven consecutive seasons and every single year he ends up in the NBA final the only good part about it is at some point all these people are going to be right because LeBron James carries some maybe that's a you're just one way or eight years and I subway you're just waiting for the year you can get it right. It's like predicting the bills and niners' go to the Super Bowl every year hopefully at some point and happens. There is a chance they tried to do this this season with Golden State. Early early on Golden State came at a daily struggle a little band hospital games at left scratching your head. The data and do it to the extent they do this with LeBron James led teams because primarily. I think they know how idiotic it is any with a broad teams we should know that it's idiotic. The Golden State goes up another level like oh that's right pissed off Kevin Durant Klay Thompson's staff very dream on green. Yeah we can't go very far with this with Cleveland. It feels like with Cleveland for some. It's LeBron right now and nobody else. All due respect Kevin Love he's fine MBA player yes but this hole he was the best power afford the NBA has easily been proven and that was incorrect. He's a good player. Not great player so people mainly view Cleveland has LeBron and boss I'm just looking at their team page yeah the only statistical category he does not lead them in his rebounds. That's Kevin Love Kevin Love is averaging more Reba CE sinister outside much it's only one point six more per game this Timmy is his best year of his career I I've why watch this guy and I'm as big a LeBron finished you'll find out there. I'm nick right level abroad fan I just don't talk about why he does. I've I've never enjoyed watching him more than I have this year based on what he's doing he's turning his game around because he understands. Father time is coming forum. And tonight we'll the jump to the gym and dunk on everybody. Three point percentage. Assist numbers up. Everything you need from the older issue veteran player in this NBA nowadays. He's improving and getting better and why because he knows is is gonna last forever he knows it might be just this season last and then Boston comes calling next year. With their young nucleus SE Gordon Hayward back exceeds how did you copy may be whatsoever that's incredible roster Ainge put together. But man is he fun. Because this is an MVP level season and I get they've struggled to come against I don't need to wake up and hear about the end to a bronze Iran and China. The other part of this today cracks him this story is a retreat Ike I dole gambling on Derrick Rose is not a good thing he's only played seven games this year. But at some point they're expecting him to be back. And then the other aspect of it Isiah Thomas is only played in four games is here. That was what take up Africa and he trading carrier and Fred I know they got Crowder back and deal as well but. They made that trade it to get Isiah Thomas is a dynamics glory and a great year last year and he's coming off the surgery. He's only played in four games and we wanna give them a couple weeks to see how we moves into the offense now we works alongside the book on and what kind of numbers he can put up when he gets his feet back underneath him like he's still playing pre season basketball. Is only started three games so far he's settle on a minutes restrictions so yeah other struggling. Don't wanna see him at full strength before it pronounce it dead like maybe if Isiah had been playing his entire time and arrogant smoke like this then maybe you wanna go down that road. But the fact that he's already played only played twenty minutes a game since coming back because that's the bit after they're putting on him. How we see him get to close to thirty minutes a game in them. Judge clears Steve Kerr talked about this one time about the bulls teams and Howell. He said the sacking year. After their 96 season and it's 72 intend their second season was a grind right each 172 games you won a championship. To grind they got through it may be the jazz. That third and final one. Even Steve Kerr is talked about like she Vicky is kind of convinced when you listen to way he talks about it. That if they have to go to seven games he doesn't mean he beat did you eat Keating's Utah wins game seven is listed as the fatigue bills bodies back was immediate Clinton movies and I got through game six Jordan. Was older and not quite as Jordan issues he once was just the way that franchise was set up in game six going into potentials seven. It didn't feel right but he even talks with the bulls of the season. Where you win you win you win you win. Eventually like winning gets boring and every night is you're not as up as you were the previous. I think that happens to all the great teams and all the great players LeBron still putting up dumb numbers producing at a high rate every single night. But from time to time his team has breakdowns is they don't communicate well in defense of breakdowns. This is what the NBA is and quite frankly for all the revisionist history people this is what the NBA has always been. You just have nights and times where you go through it. And for LeBron in the jazz it's what it is like I get it it's LeBron. Clicks. Talks all all that stuff that you need in the media industry. You get it with a broad it's boring to talk about the spurs and LaMarcus Aldridge with Gregg Popovich. It's. Pouring more people get annoyed of Lavar ball Luke Walton Luke Walton might be getting fired now. That's a little more like eighty but still they're there's a lot of other things you could be addressing in the NBA but it's LeBron James so wanna. So they've lost three. Those stops on the alarm folks Christ ever NC back French and as always not 95 a month why would you repeat more free gym membership to find out more about our spring and summer job. I Chris I come lasting into any file harm our show you some final thoughts on the divisional round matchups. The class this weekend we got to spread the line coming up bottom of the hour signatures take sponsors in a 55. Real final reads and give you are gambling picks for the weekend we might get into that we'll marble walled situation because there's only loss shootout at and it's not looking good. For that organization but I do wanna start witness. Some coaching notes in Kosovo because we know how much money Mike Riley is making it might surprise you would tell you what that is organs still looking. For some final staff members in an SEC coach got an extension today and I'm wondering if anybody can tell me what his team's record it was last year. Floated final article in order Sprague on 1080 the fan.