Dirt & Sprague Friday January 12th, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, January 12th
Sprague is a little to excited over having Alexa in his house, and the guys dig into the NFL Divisonal Playoff matchups and see if the Jags or Titans have any chance of pulling upsets this weekend.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's time for him. And as they say in tents and go home. Gibbons for. They had flag they have talent. They had had been beat good students branded and she would most Friday online at continue to spend dot com. Durbin stray dogs and Navy SEALs and other. Right in his twelve votes to win the rose city it is time for during spring don't Portland sports leader. 1080 the tambourine and spraying in Peter Johnson along William happy Friday everybody out there of the day's going well. I. I officially join club. Lucky you 2018. New team new jury will club or UN I am in club Alexa. I haven't elects at my house now elects. Did the recipe for chocolate cake if you're an electric here's the recipe for chocolate cake your elects a guy unofficially elects a guy yeah I have one it's an echo dot. OK so it's not the big big one that got these smaller ones yeah it's important impact one not trying to overcompensate for anything I know light cam question question for people who have Alexis in their life. How many months does it take for you to stop using it. Hours at a friend of mine and he was like tweet about it and had breakfast is so cool look at all the things I did do dad went three months then you're done for months to make it five months will because at some point you'll stop using Alexa now. I just I guarantee Renault it would you'll forget about it it'll get lost in the shuffle your day to day life no way is via another thing sitting in your house I'll tell you why won't that might play music occasionally we know we like to play music in our house guided him. So it links to my cell mar my my TV and it links to another Amazon speaker that we got so I have three speakers in my house that links to Democrat that's nice and so when I say play. The BG's pandora radio EG's. Is condoned BAG's Andre now is trying to go on nuclear. Sterilized and it'll play throughout the whole house. It's critical errors at the office scenery is doing CPR yeah they say in La Hoya theater style as a tray in order for our free ride in Canada that's the rounds because the other thing too is. I don't know wide majority of people do when they buy these Alexa things. I'm not one that's gonna use it for everything I'm not gonna act like I'm missing hearing go give me the recipe for. Child Maine you know we also you have to have the food at your house I'd. Right in LA BC indicating cooking if you don't have the food is great what do you run in the grocery store and all the let me give you an example. I'm leaving the sun river tonight yes you articles telling him I was packing my bag and I'd I'd him iPhone around is dead. And I said Alexa what's the weather and sun river this weekend. Brought it up. Thome night day temperatures. Wind to me all that crap contract. So it's little things midtown guy. Say there is a fun feature with that it's you gotta download the skill I think it's called because Alexis have these different skills moon in missile generator you can get roasted by your Alexa now. Is it does make fun yes yes you sale excess. It generate missile and scene guess yes she does not willing and Jack like YouTube because it's a joke. Generator to might are loves to do jokes are for kids and really enjoyed it via the wife and I just like. I don't wanna do this you know on Natalie that's my question do is at what point does become annoying because the kids use it so much in the daughter begins just asking nonstop questions to relax are you trying to prove to mile lacks Jennifer put I'm just trying to poke holes in your excitement sure I'm you know I get it day got a Little League got a little quick immediate high after elects a purchase and somebody said ours is. It dirt Iran it's like having a radio or someone they're in destroyers to the question basically I don't need your funny more I feel like people did the same thing with iphones when series' first came about. I that was a big deal like Taylor to even talk to somebody in your phone they Siri what's the deal with this like we all have that in our pocket we basically haven't Alexis began with. What was alas you actually use series. I'm telling you should download insult generator I'd I did that one time and she said you really want this thing to make fun of me it's literally in this and so pale likes it she's pretty clever she said reborn in a highway because that's for most accidents happen like hole let's thanks laurel and that's sentence content I actually am I have no shame remains I've never used Siri right. Using Syrian Alexa are completely different things. I find them to be drastically affect. My phone is in my hand yes. Like people use Siri just to do joke stuff. Siri where can I bury a body. Siri. Still be some good about cookie monster any cages some math equation or something people really more like. Siri but Obama I never saw people really doing that no lettuce is different. I agree with you there I'm just saying it was an immediate like reaction I look how caucuses were already use Siri we can ask all sorts of questions and you could say mean things and you can 'cause Sadr and she is funny responses and it was. I somebody text that it took me a month and then I stopped using mine that's fine but I know other people that haven't even used them for over year and value is it's a speaker and so you got tackled for what I set I I don't mean alarm clock anymore it's my alarm. I sent it to I said last night I said wake me up at 455. In a book out and it woke me up with the music channel I wanted from pandora staying alive. And live and I woke up my guy got to stay alive. I gotta get going every down. I think what meant do bullets 109 either technology stuff blows me away and the latest when I heard today this dish by. I currently this honor in this because lady in the office breed told us that there is a a whole foods slashing Amazon up in Seattle. Well it's the same thing yet because they own each and in on market with the stuff camp tried here. So they're not trying you just find out yeah I mean aside as a kind of blows me I cemented this is widespread knowledge maybe it's not that there is a whole foods that you can go in they have the technology in there when there's no check out there's no scanners. He put the stuff in the bag you put the stuff from the car you walk out and as you walk out of the check out is scans everything in your car in immediately bills your. Credit card or your Democrat or whatever while it charges your count the amount of things that you perch I love it that I loved me. Away I I'm all about it I cannot wrap my head around how that technology works. He sympathetic part of me. Is terrified of that and how many jobs are you cutting him a lot of jobs count once they take over the whole industry on those checkers are done but Tim from a convenience standpoint. To shop that way so much better. No line to stop. Get out. On a charge. In and out there's so much quicker I'm all about now also less human interaction too for people who are not fans of human interaction how easy Namibia her without walking feel I have the that's an interesting movie. Are you pleasure model militants via. He falls level this phone. The other cool thing too about it is Amazon is already here for most households I think we're gonna get to a pointer where it's gonna be more. It's getting closer and closer to universal. Whereas ease Alexa things are running their house for us. Alexa. Set the temperature to this in this election turn my lights off Alexa blah blah blah blah blah I have the apple my phone. It's moving closer and closer to that Amazon's taking over the world were all well aware of it. And I I just think you should. Get on board it's I'm not you know I'm gonna kind of find out as long as I can't think that's the most practical use though is where you can use in the home like in the lights make the temperatures ray I'd lock the door you know whatever the cases rice is this is gonna go too far man I'm Tanya do you do you added. Fight back against technology arena where my immediate terminator in my yes my and a lack some fatal Lexus like now I'm not a lock payment or you're staying inside it Brandon you're not going to work. He leads to often becomes like a nagging wife what worries me about technology and we can get packed. Those you know the Russians maybe they Acura Lexus it is understandable why not fake name on mile exciting given my real name somebody said it's thirty transmitting photos from inside your house in a nice house Sprague ought I think. People think this is conspiracy theory. And I I really don't I buy into this. The government's listening to us they are using this crap and a there's no other explanation for certain ways of conducting advertisements and stuff it's I can talk about I tell you is I talked about and I quit with my wife was attacked and we were in the kitchen. And I said you need some night well. And I'm not kidding you I brought up instead Graham about ten minutes later. And in my scroll feed he had shows and I quell that is shows up it's not explain that to me an Evans and me all the times legit with FaceBook answer is a ramat you know I really like I was just looking at that garage is talking about that than it showed that people have big problems I'm not out there murdering anybody I pay my taxes I got nothing to hide. You wanna see what I am watching what I'm looking forward you wanna try to help me without advertises that way I don't care. I thank the people who do god has done hands are the ones who really care about let's get out I'm just saying I don't personally need technology to turn my lights off for me that's cool I can walk around my house are go to sleep turn off answers not a big deal yeah I can double checked to make sure my doors are locked in Italy last year drunk for the to a metro hundreds of years I can maintain that I tell -- -- get we need a robot elects to do everything for us quite convenient also some degree have a good point how many people were listening potentially at home and their Alexis are going off because of the number of times we said. Alexa in this segment Alexa. Because I've heard that right is another thing on on when the commercials show up on TV people's Alexis go off. Honestly South Park did an episode of with a lacks as in the Google homes. And down people are watching episode were pissed off and actually had unplugged their Lexus and everything because car he would say later when the characters. And it was fired off people Lexus in their home well you know they meant to do that all definitely man two yet for sure it was great. So got a dog out now on marketing and Alexa. I'm old now Amal now I don't mean I have like did this somebody to extend them the main reason they haven't is for the Bluetooth speaker and I just did get a Bluetooth speaker got a Bos one that's perfect goes in the kitchen. Like staring in play music homer hanging out stuff it's like aren't that's all any I don't need to talk to Bose a blows what's the weather outside help put my head out the window and see if it's raining beat but coup if you could hit both. When they member they just remembered like what you like and stuff that's a little creepy. But hey they're program that follows India and a I can handles Obama round I will admit this the the weirdest thing that I've done with this thing in this very short term that I've owned it. I did today I. I say good bye to it which was weird year already become nice now it was in your finished Jim tell you I love you I said Alexa turned off have a good day one of these guys think realizing what NIC have a good day and she goes. Is she turning on Jews. You Irish it thank you you as well I'm Mike. This is going the wrong way you're gonna bring in Alexa one of these days doing three man show three person show. Alexa what was the score the 1981 AFC title game that I can't remember that. India hot take when your second jury duty mean Alexa it is during an Alexa I'm a jury duty she DeBoer codes for the afternoon at. Yeah my back against technology man. That's my message of the day are we worried about Amazon. Yes Amazon's I'd take over the world are people worried about that though I think like a lot of people are in on it they bottled foods they have grocery stores were you just parked how would you look at your card you walk out they charge you. When he charged with zoning is not on that item by how I fight that. I can test it while I. I thought all my Christmas presents from Amazon it's easy it's SE very convenient and wonderful. You just show up and it's on your doorstep. They're taking over the world I'm terrified of on the early on the grid that this is gonna happen to like ten years from now people are going to be sit around say you know others that one got that one time that said fight back against Amazon's policy you're gonna be the guy doesn't he got die in the robot left on the crazy guy make independent stated seizing cabinet nobody else does. That's my role in society can maybe it is maybe is happy football Friday we got a good show today we've got spray line at 230 we got to win some money. We got the divisional round talk about. The Oregon Ducks have nothing in a road win last night as a nice sort of guided down in Arizona did you watch it I watch a decent chunk of it and then the rest of it was a watchable because college basketball is on watchable at times the officiating lists. They're all kinds of product to is not very products that nobody arrests like that it says it's a perfect storm for put obviously by beavers were up to half an Arizona which was cool. Arizona's 179 of the last 281 in Arizona on the ducks by the way have one of those wins. And now we can come back it was coliseum against her with some rest calls on to say that impacts of officiating I got a stack into friend of the show Kyle on the upper finally end this morning. He brought to comply the attacks of rest I don't know if it's just us overreacted because we watch more football and basketball in this area but it feels like it stands out. Head and shoulders above the rest of the conferences in terms of just terrible officiating Vienna may be at its awful. It's really hard to watch yeah it can be hard to watch no doubt about that all right so let's get this done let's start with the the NFL divisional. Match ups Mario Brady. Portals pig and at 18 am breeze. Are you jacked for the division around 55305. Dirt and sprayed with you on 1080 to fish them out the. They got some people out there with the younger fans next line. Third raid against the scenes and and rather the dirt yields together have an honorary old there was a movie in the eighties about. Automated houses and robots being programmed to kill the homeowners. This is some X machine access and got going on effect after. What's crazy like the other headline I saw this morning was GM is planning on having all self driving cars by 2090. Thomas vehicles will be the future that terrifies me do why. Having assault travel it's something malfunctions. Would we act like technology is perfect like one little spark blows. And I just sitting there taking a nap on the freeway what do you goes haywire what do you think your odds are. Of autonomous cars. Verses human car he now think the chances of somebody running into me probably better with. Human humans yeah the chances of me running ended in the some things. Is higher with autonomous cars you never that road trip to Phoenix yeah I guess is not falling asleep at the car the car. I didn't let nobody saw sleep your final matter you know this hasn't zawahri road trip she falsely from time to time to put somebody in leg like that that one of the bigger problems I think we haven't as a country we just went through this and our election is hacking hacking into our technological sir right after. What does somebody can Hackett of these autonomous cars just make a lot shut down at the same time will run into each other OK 09 miles an hour and that's there's a video of some suggesting that hey I like OK I'm not controlling the car editions or on off funnies just Ambrose at all Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin drive under par 55 the crime and sounds like a cool car it. If that's the problem with what you guys are saying is is kind of a problem with this conversation. You're going to the deepest darkest hypotheticals instead of being a eBay your Assam and it goes they're what is this is the right way to go Donny and hypothetical. It's believed kin have yet people deal right there and it happened I could go home video by a drunk driver eight can happen we still drives we don't talk about those I wanna be in control my own destiny and a lot of robot to being control my life and how many years live. Blake get off your eye on all natural your own destiny that's the point and a thumb drive and I can control and oh yeah and were about a LL know oncoming traffic joke is if you touch me gave Jim Bob from Mississippi is on a lengthy road trip with a semi truck and he falls asleep you're not controlling Jim Bob. Going into that rail. Yeah no I answered a message car accidents don't happen with humans I think year I think you are downplaying I'm Bret. Of technological failure you sounds I'm. You downplay Al Franken nights a not so I don't think gunmen that's I don't want to somehow this is a report from the guardian Angel for a job rated. AN CJ that's right Tesla driver killed wall using auto pilot while watching Harry Potter how'd that happen and I one witness says they'll use I don't know enough about Tesla but. Are their cars fully autonomously garments are we two point we should be on I five and is. In a button and stop paying attention. It just feels like the answer for everything in our society is more technology it I was straight over port deal today what's wrong with that. That is not good saves are human race it could but it could also the rail us crashes into the cyber wall and everything after that we've done this segment before. Technology will it save as or kill us. But there was that I was reading a report the other day about how concerned parents are there is now like a new form of therapy. Four teenagers in like high school aged kids who are addicted to their cellphones. I yet that's at a Virginia that a real fan out and that's more technology distressing numbers are under. As we grow up at an age we're not in enamel like I'm about her 29 years 31 were were relatively young especially considering. Most of our demographic but we still grew up in an age were technology wasn't that widespread we were young I do not a cell phone does -- night at a high school we grew up with -- odd people older than us are gonna laugh at this but we still we grow up a VCR players and cassette tapes and you know that dvds were the coolest thing we need lady's house once and it was CD players were crazy negative for CD player that was not the walker Allen it's a little desk and that was bad ass he can use that thing. But now it's completely different because all people vulnerable in this era are all you know as technology you know why phones when your four years old you can sit. Parents use it on airplanes Jiri take the iPad distract your kids for like four hours now the becoming addicted to it he went Jesse not looking at all. Pay attention that was the problem with I don't feel like at some point at this pace and I'm on in the technology advancements that are being made in my continued backlash against Saddam it'd be like cousin Eddie at the border Sunday get aggressive with a long beard. Akeelah and the machines are taking over I got abducted by US. Every idea crazy but then he saved the world they need that he did this and tried in that some bits that's when I'm trying to say not common. Let me ask Israel clearly the NFL ansari had derailed today I'm totally derailed on technology today well it's an interesting conversation with everything that's coming out. What would you place a ban on let's act like this is a roulette table and guys will do what you're not supposed to relax you bet read my guess is do that plate numbers are correct. You have to play one detail you have to play the world is better off. Without technology in trusting man. Or you have to play the world is better off developing technology on the staff. But there's the in their risk there of what you're saying it's it's tough to drastic one but it's out there that major wine dad you cannot argue against his medical advancement. What are the medical advancement that is come with technology is the only thing in my mind that props it up from not just derailing us as a human species that. So for that. And for that reason alone all say it's. 60% good. 40% that because of their lives that have been save but medical advancements but the rest of it it's all bad it's a data dealers are all humans or were addicted to our cellphones we set on our callous and get fat wash Stevie we are doing that before technology into that is technology that was the beginning of technology what are people doing before TV though they were listening to radio shows have their locker Ambien family working outside the engine. Literally sit around the radio and listened to the radio right some people had -- before radio what would what would people do chop trees down for fun like that's right we act like that's better yet life expectancy was like thirty years younger hint. Medical advance that's again a day right. And trade on the medical advancements with speaker I technological. Age. A mobile are meant that there is a sweet spot there is as you remember having to spend all we can making mix tapes I do I remember having to sit next to my radio. And hoping it would play the song I really wanted so let me order that record and a it was a big deal mixed tape cat was did you read the Penney catalog I did get the petty panel my mom was convinced I was stealing my mom I don't know what it is that this company's saying I get eight CDs rates and it's right. And I chipped it off she give me eight cents to stamp cost more than the DMZ TDs and I did eight CD's like a week later. It's amazing. There's there's parts that the diamonds after the old school go back to that good old days. No in the manufacture. An accurate read that when he got broken up prominent technology it's all aimed at making life easier instead of making life better. Well I think that's a valid point I would agree. And disagree with that it's not about just enhancing its about getting us the point we don't have to do anything where we where we become vegetables were no longer driving in two year low listener earlier said this is turning into law Lee yeah they're permanently inability to use our brain anymore now you're a movie about an ally. Now in your morning commuted his get a kick back watch a movie watch them Netflix shell watched live in the neighborhood that your network or maybe on my car getting emails written in taking care business while on the way and I have to pay outs in the evening yak is everybody's gonna be doing that on every New Hampshire area would be proud and for the show ever gonna watch some new thing on Hulu make you feel better than a bottom book I still buy books Canada's maybe I love holding a book in reading the book and makes me about it. But since there's any machine holed it for army turned the page forming for that priests. As I and a said Noah yeah I'm timeout I still wants a book. So it actually holds it forming. Is not a user and instead it would Dicker saying like it makes it better but it's also making a sleazy right hold netbooks too hard and laying in bed reading before you go to C. My hands are getting slower all right let's let's move on from this technology conversation a lot of really fascinating dots by the way it's Centex on a 55305. On this. A lot of people are in on technology and a lot of people don't like it. And are concerned about where it's taking us. I'm an event on the technology since you guys selling old timers are being the eighties as the golden age of basketball towards better than LeBron. Now Acxiom ops in that conversation but that's neither here nor there let's get the NFL divisional round matchups. All right are we excited we jacked and the guys bought beer. Soda pops you chips. Does around about the next. 1234 on the fan. NFL divisional round this weekend. It pretty Jack Florida or is the other matchups not quite as exciting for you not quite as exciting for me this weekend. And that's just in and not saying they can't turn out to be good games but is just the the on paper look at them and and there's only one that really stands out to me that I believed. Has a great chance of going down to the wire me in a close game and and that's New Orleans. And Minnesota doing all easily games are gonna blow I think there's blow up potential on the other three games have Tennessee Golan and knowing Manassas in tall task for anybody it's a two touchdown spread. Jackson on the road against Pittsburgh Blake corals threw for 87 yards against buffalo can he do any better than that on the road against Pittsburgh. And any Eagles would would play when they falls is a huge question mark so I'm crossing my fingers the opposite and all those happen and we get great games going into the fourth quarter Bernanke of three of the. For a blowout potential this weekend. Yeah maybe you do maybe you don't I I can even honestly see the game year identifying is the best as blow up potential. That might seem knots but if you join Minnesota's defense can stymie the saints or maybe the saints going there Dick smarting from going. And keep him struggles. That wouldn't shock me either one day I was thinking about. I T know I've been kind on this Jacksonville Pittsburgh game all week yet you that are your eye on that game it's an interesting one to me and I continue to see more more comments radeon bell we'll get palladium bell day. And all of what he said yesterday. I'm Theodore Jackson on I'm wondering. Is that better for them to lose this game for the long term future vs making a name of C title game. Because they might be in a Tennessee Titans situation. If they win this game. Can they really. A place like portals yes if C title game with them. But if you lose and he had his round one performances and obviously prodding him play wealthy lose again right right it's easier to go well Leo okay thank you Blakey our backup quarterback now or. Thank you Blake goes somewhere else and would would get a new guy. I wonder long term for Jacksonville because they have a young defense mixes in good bats. Letter for now at the rookie they got solid wide receivers. Often sublime plays good. I whatever it's better for the long term to lose this game. And that is eventually question almost goes back the same thing we had about Tennessee last week when they won I came it's like well does this mean Malarkey stick around long term is that bad for Mario and a it's hard for me to see them staying would blink portals the next couple of seasons even even going into this offseason and I I just. May be management wants to trust him maybe comes on throws for to learn fifty yards in in his impressive and they winner or lose a close game and that's enough for them. But the up and downs and he's had this year. The terrible performance in the wild card game against buffalo and also the fact that I think it could it has a chance to be an interesting market for quarterbacks this offseason we know Kirk cousins. Is likely get a hit free agency Washington's in my trying to keep a month long term deal to knock it attacked him again. So he's going to be on the open market from bidding Jackson does not a ton of money to spend that's their problem but. House a look at Alex Smith as a potential replacement a guy they showed this year still can play at a high level and always that is woes in the playoffs and and maybe they wanna swing higher than now but. It's is he's a guided you go back to for six weeks of the season we are having an MVP conversation about him. And then also another one I don't think this is the right answer but another name that will be out their potentially. Is an adult in Cincinnati and they got title AJ McCarron conundrum on their hands re trying to get out of its deal he's. You know he's he's filed a grievance against them. Bodies try to become a free an estimated eight Frankie McCarron army material is is the answer them so I'd say that there are answers out there. For the let another blueprint that you could follow. Is to go around of the Houston Texans a team that did not have a top fifteen pick last year they had a good defense and place. And they identified their quarterback who wasn't going to be a top five guy and they went up and got a big trade up. And they went and got to show Watson and it worked in May be may be an acre mayfield is a guy they want again if he sit there. At fifteen or sixteen and draft is there any quarterback. That you just named that of Jacksonville has right now. You me you would pick them to be an upset Pittsburgh Alex Smith. So that Alex Smith you would be coming in on the include 'cause bill's gonna win this weekend out way out about when I just I think it's for vesting of the NFL's and that's a that's a tall task but I would give them main aim an absolute punters Asia helper. Yeah I was a number that analogous spread would be as high of Alex Smith was their quarterback legal but look at the numbers he put up last week against Tennessean and but those against public morals did at home against buffalo right is not even close so they have a great defense they have weapons they have Leonard Fernandes the all league piece of their missing. I N I senator doubly so they have Kirk cousins. My favorite the AFC next year as not in close to your favorite absolutely. You bring that dynamic on the thrower in that offense with the best defense the National Football League and character's name is a top ten statistical quarterback you pair that with the best defense in the league. I know for best but the close out there and the mixer clinic out there one day one beer or one see in that category. There's not many teams they can say that best top defense and it in a juggernaut that's how many team to give you that and his listeners as you NI and Jack's. Though and move on from late morals win or lose can you say Alex Smith Kirk cousins yeah. Another one quick side knew whatever her down Robinson now earns or Q and cold before they played was bored holes I'm not a bulls fan but just saying. Another person. Would Jackson on Tom Coughlin may be ancient Eli. And other for supporting you I Manning is well organized of their that you quarterbacks from Minnesota because of tees Keenan can get to a Super Bowl yeah. I don't know what Minnesota how do you not active keen on the reins next year given how he played for most of this season there's a there's a number of options out there I'm not saying they're all head and shoulders above bore holes I think there's questions about. Bolton there's questions about bridge what bridge what presently meaningful football two plus years no other clinch his first pass their one passing through a pad and uphold for the I hope because back went out in on SA and all those are. I easy candidate to borrow so that one Goodyear where everybody found out about those Jacksonville wide receivers nobody can take that away from of the problem that I have when we use that season. Everybody is written about this that was all garbage all of that in absolute garbage time and they were down big defense is lax to Heathrow bunch of touchdowns in the second half does he still need to go out there in and throw the passes Serb led. When you're doing in second and third string teams because they're up 21 to when he points late in the second half. It's hard for me put a lot of stock in those stats Sam Eli Manning would be a big swing. That mean your really. Your reach and not say it can't work we've we've. Differ a little bit on our Eli Manning takes this year I don't think Eli Manning has it and you think he's out and he's done and I think right fit there's potential there. But I would exhaust other options before Lannan on. Kirk cousins once that long term quarterback contract. Alex Smith is on his deal. You can may be trade out because you know Kansas City and Michael Holmes that your dad liked best bad. Because now you have a quarterback on good value to miss contracts pretty good and he's proven that except Iraq. Vs Kirk cousins I know you love him but. Yeah franchise to gonna ask themselves this summer to I wanna give this guy five years six years whatever lands a paean. A hundred and blank million dollars making when he 21 million per season he won't make the most money in quarterbacks. He'll be pretty close they'll. Because numbers and team brass are desperate well that's sub par would Jacksonville too is financially they're pretty strap and they've they've gone out spent on the defense but I. It's it's igniting a blueprint is there for them to fall in night either almost point two. This team all laws Seattle pre Russell Wilson. You you could see the blueprint bear the defense was good he had Marshawn Lynch or run all over people. You give made a brief appearance in the playoffs you know before Russell Wilson got their. Tarvaris Jackson clearly wasn't the guy and they landed Russell Wilson and look how it changed everything forms so maybe go on the drafters there rod Alex Smith as the one your stop gap and they gave mayfield the let him Sander. Whoever ends up BN on eyewitness said a man I think you plan might as Indy would allot and wants is another area uses in a prime example that a team it's had a great defense we just got Santa mr. quarterback misses a quarterback to get Watson and only got her but if he stays healthy. They're probably everybody's favorite to go on to win the AFC south this series was that dynamic. And it changes the direction I think there's pressure on them though because. He don't want this one go to close like you can't keep his defense together with a lot of money you have tied up and it just not gonna work is some young guys a contract situations come up. He paid some big free agents it's just not gonna work for 567 years. You got a little gap year William a dynamic defense in your letter Fran and money cheaper rookie contract that you really trial evil you wanna go all in. Listener asked for draft seen Emery Eli Manning with the vikings geno was nine Khloe to not even close I hate people disagree with me I think he lies on well that's an extreme example like Blake morals and Eli Manning's interest in me this year played portals is not a good UN and it was awful he meaningless and avoid boorda's is due for 87 yards. A playoff game true. Very Charles. You know Manning answered pre stinker but he pretty big stinker is the season to 87 yards and a playoff China and Albany new rules are usually or Jacksonville I now you're right perfect weather 65 degree weather was son now is going into seventy degree Pittsburgh is skittish credit now planet the unfortunate part. Of injuries for us is playoff football fans next on the fan. Told 47 a Good Friday is going well enough to sun river tonight. Watching these games and sun river and keep Hubble dragon man horrible bragging litre at that spread money go to senator ever for the weekend living large in my friends somewhat less time and I writes why are some of us have to work this weekend at. Are you guys getting paid for your work. That's not the point you make an extra money if it's not that I'm not make I'm losing money the you're making more than I'm losing. Jessica ran away a strike ground and away you get those group deals on some of those houses sometimes and I Don Jones and senators are some of the time yeah I'll have a nice holes that don't act don't get sick with the kids and only kids or shake everybody's got the flu an army will nervous like a bunch of Hitler died from the flu this year it's intense. A suck up what I think couple of people boarding pass away. Not this year yeah I heard rising I got back your item meeting yes you have to work. And I got back here at the station at like 6 o'clock and I grabbed something tonight I win home. Some term prime time. They were doing in the club and they were to Muster a 21 year old Kia or something like that died of just the flu procedure normally you hear young kids and young kids are really bad and then older people and I think that's always the concern window of this illness right your sweet spot when you're supposed to be healthy it's no good man a snow again. We're talking NFL playoffs. And I was thinking about this on the drive home are the drive in dirt was. I love the NFL playoffs more than any other format like basketball's my first love is a sport I love the NFL playoffs the most I just think it's perfectly done yeah. I know Mario does your boy a lot of people's boy in his sport Nim as he has a day to clear the worst team in this post season. And you look it just some of the other matches we have I started thinking about. How different playoffs would be. As fans or how much more exciting it could event I give you a Baltimore in. Over Tennessee. Baltimore now England that did do a lot from it because Baltimore's offense is terrible right date. OK idea is similar to more playoff it's kind of scary right and not this year I would've gotten this job I think Tennessee is a better chance to win the ball morning like that even I think Tennessee be bald smarter in the rated season. That the one that I would make the argument for there. And a completely changes the landscape it is the Packers and their routers what about the chargers. I thought about them too I'd rather see the chargers at new England and the titans loaf. Come on that yeah I mean I've yeah I have a better team. It'd make the playoffs. Right because there are doing this dream is to field goal and that's on the that's a terrible team column cost cities it's obvious kickers is it is I is it that Tennessee is the worst in Tennessee did beat Jackson only seventeen Jackson will play everybody and they beat him I had to have beaten twice this year's so far year did you know I tried to fight against my narrative here when I Houston. I imagine if they had so allow it they say the injury only missed a couple of weeks he came back and they've found their way whether they won the division or not. A Minnesota had a special season are you picking anybody to be Green Bay in the NFC because I'm not. I eighty Minnesota because of that defense the defense is tough there's no doubt in they would probably have to go to Minnesota to win that game. But Aaron Rodgers would be head and shoulders above the rest the quarterbacks in the NFC and Roger Brees had a great game but he's 39 years old. The running game didn't help them now this is a whole new challenge for him. Going against that Minnesota defense and one allowed us buildings in the NFL yes is sometimes injuries can. Some ID real legs almost more entertaining for us and what I'm still in on the playoffs is weakened by. I was thinking man Shawn Watson would have been so much fun chargers. Are they good. Are they gonna blow and that's why I'm out of said the chargers on man because I know with the chargers are maybe they win one game they're not going on our run it's the chargers it would choked away game they had their chances late nearly went to Kansas City got smoked. Because I wanted to vision outside that's on them that they've missed a kick and act game. They got their ass kick it has to take early in the season assured her name is the playoff by one game also every team has little miscues like that Seattle has the budget kicks it blew that Jacksonville game as well if it out they did that's I've not not have said the chargers are the ravens are Nen Green Bay yes Houston absolutely yes it would what's gonna happen if Tennessee does when his littlest grass cat. Holy Moly. You're gonna be your words their my friends. Why and when everybody. Value you've got a little more out of it worst team in the playoffs now. Natalie beyond it is they are right. Of the groups we have they just beat Jacksonville. Can city. I didn't know a week seventeen I'll just beat Jacksonville okay. Thrown out out there. Okay and I instill before I am I'm willing and able to make this statement I wanna see how Philly looks in the Playhouse and hopefuls are you right to die and we Tennessee because of Mario and only. Absolutely count absolutely I still think they're I mean that this this spread is intriguing kidneys correlate touchdown if you don't fourteen it's it's right there in that mix of ads. You know I did it teeter on a blog. Norton a new England and have a great defense. So that's doing any keys be wandering but you are there is the upset angle for the patriots where they had a week off the pissed about ESPN. Read the article on him and then they're gonna play good football game like New England did we have to remember New England really struggled last year in their divisional round game on their way to the Super Bowl. But it was Houston's number one defense they gave a really tough time there if you say it had any semblance of an offense last season. They could've won that divisional round game they just were they when Emma Brock Oz Weiler Tom savage whoever the hell was. And in and it didn't kill the Brady was awful that divisional round game yeah name bring up another good point like Aaron Rodgers if the if he was healthy. And then how about the Eagles even with wins the Eagles and Wentz is clearly taking out Eagles of the winds way to win no doubt the way they were planned. Mister mister Dotson says Maher. You know going to the ball baby on the ball and it's nice break will be using words like Jamie has come and ask. It was done he has speed that wells spray it is and don't need that now doesn't taste good ally did it I'm sorry. I do I am curious for people what where their rooting interest in his match up wise we're just not in matches but I'm always somebody that I I firmly believe I didn't have this the national title outside of just not liking Alabama. But I didn't have a hard case because I just was so bummed out about that be in the game and it took away from the enjoyment for me. I always have to create in my mind are rooting interest in the playoffs in the super people whip it whip my teams and it's obvious that you're rooting for your team. But if you teams not in there I have to find that cause to get behind and I move on if they lose is because I have to have that emotional connection of the game and it's an easy one for me this. Mine is too but I'm I'm afraid to say because I think fans will buy into the Sprague jinx on not gonna do it oh god I'm not gonna do it I'll deal of the I'll be the bigger man here and not say and not tell you the team that I am actually rooting for in this in these policies Arquette also in my mind's Minnesota. Here's his tail now gather gonna lose now and it's for anything say anything deep and get it luck. Gave him a look caddie now pulled from Minnesota to get there at the top playoff losses that they've had Blair Walsh missing a PAT to lose to the Seahawks. Far referral and an editor deception and overtime. The announcer losing his mind all the way back was in Morton Anderson and Gary Anderson knows their kicker in 98. He like didn't miss a kick the whole season. I was Morton Morton Anderson yeah and didn't as a kick the whole season miss one in the NFC title game to lose if I was a good pass offense we never seen any NFL they finally lose that game. That's an easy rooting interest for me and they played a suitable hole. I that would be really fun to watch and see with the dynamic would be like that's critically your pawn from Minnesota man I'd. A sign making trance that you're on form. I don't I'm not gonna say with T-Mobile I'm floor of that but united Zeta. I'm glad. Deep give me guys have to listeners now at. Listeners now now listeners did just got to get that feel like damage is yep they're gonna miss it today in overtime to lose the saints this weekend that's all Sharaud. And I'm hoping that doesn't happen hey loaded second hour we are more football to get to lay beyond bell. A little upset when his current standing with Pittsburgh any voiced his displeasure this week going into the Jacksonville game. About where he stands with the organization so getting to that we've got NFL. There's something different in the NFL that is changing. The way eighties teams are making the leap from non playoff two playoff. And it's something that most people never bought into in the past but his drastically taken. The way of putting teams in the policies we'll tell you what that is about. And we've got the Arizona coaching news. We'll take not necessarily happy about one name rumored. Some people think they're going to be naming that coach soon to be a lot to get to in the second hour dirt and spray will be back with more on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.